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hey smart girl! A N O T E F R O M E M I LY

Oh my gosh, it is finally here! The relaunch is finally here! I am filled with great pride and joy as I flip through the pages of this magazine, admiring the beautifully designed spreads, the stunning photography, and the honest words of my Smart Girl Sisters. When this started, I wanted to see a magazine that was fully catered to Smart Girls. It would be inspiring, motivating, and helpful in all facets of life. As I look through this issue, I see that dream come into fruition. From articles on technology to trailblazing to trends, Issue No. 14 is brimming with quality content that will help every superstar young woman, as we say, “Live the Smart Life.” Part of our mission here at The Smart Girls Group is to redefine what it means to be smart. With 4 smart girl’s guide | SEPTEMBER 2013

our #TheNewSmartGirl campaign, we sought to challenge the image of the Smart Girl. When reading this issue, I encourage you to do the same. Young women hold an unbelievable amount of potential and this magazine--and this entire sisterhood-celebrates that. I am thrilled to introduce you to the bigger, better, and most importantly, smarter Smart Girl’s Guide. Be Smart Share Smarts,

Emily Raleigh Founder & Smart Starter @emilyeraleigh



For the first time ever, we are featuring a Smart Girl Sister. Meet Quincy Bulin!

56 THE SMALL TOWN GIRL’S GUIDE TO TRAILBLAZING Because every Smart Girl can be a trailblazer.


Ellora Israni, Co-founder of She++, tells us why now is the time for girls to get into the tech world.


A letter encouraging girls to make a difference regardless of their age, from The Blind Side’s Leigh Anne Tuohy

70 HELLO FROM AUSTRALIA Take a tour Down Under with Smart Girl Gabby Turner. COVER PHOTOGRAPHY BY KATE PETRIK.

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“How many people do you walk by every day that are Michael Ohers?” Leigh Anne Tuohy SEPTEMBER 2013

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Haley Royar Loflin covers some of the summer’s biggest international news stories.

What affirmative action really is, how it helps women, and how it hurts us.




Everything you need to know about the United States’ current immigration policies, and where they are going.




Tori Wilbraham tells us everything we need to know about the Supreme Court Judge who changed women’s history forever.

YOUR GIRLFRIEND’S CLOSET 28 Be just as smart with your style as you are with your finances. 3 girls show us how they did just that.


“Books and pens are our most powerful weapons.”

Fashionable pieces that are sure to get you back in the swing of classes.



Because what says Autumn more than a day at the orchard?


Summer’s sun is about to set, but lucky for us, we have smart pieces to welcome in the cooler weather.

Malala Yousafzai


14 6 smart girl’s guide | SEPTEMBER 2013


Anne Kiersky picks her favorite fall trends, perfect for Smart Girls.







8 easy exercises that you can do even in your tiny dorm room!

Busy girls deserve healthy choices, too! Brittney Peters shows us two easy recipes for even the crazies of days.




We’ve all heard of them, but what are genetically modified organisms?





Land the internship, get into college, and more with these tips on making a great impression when interviewing.

CULTURE & LIFESTYLE PICKS Smart Girls from all over the world weigh in on the smartest things to do in September, from farmers’ markets to films.


Check out Girl Up, our Opportunity of the Month, and learn how this organization is empowering the Smart Girls of the world.


71 SISTERHOOD SMART GIRL SPOTLIGHT: 66 EMILY-ANNE REGAL Learn how one Smart Girl is stopping bullying through her non-profit, WeStopHate.


Take a look at the life of an Indiana University Smart Girl, Marisa White. SEPTEMBER 2013

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AMBER AUSLEY smarts sharer alabama

HALEY ROYAR LOFLIN smarts sharer virginia

JENNA FRATELLO smart selector new york

MONTANA MACRAE smarts sharer maine

MEGAN ROGERS-REILLEY smarts sharer illinois

SOPHIE RALEIGH smarts sharer new jersey

GABBI OPPENHEIMER smarts sharer illinois

BRITTANY PETERS smarts sharer california

8 smart girl’s guide | SEPTEMBER 2013

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ELEANOR HAR smARTy pan massachuset

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MIMI WARNICK smart-perator pennsylvania

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TAYLOR SASSMAN JULIA CORBETT BRIANA PAPAROZZI QUINCY BULIN head of smart shooters head of smarts sharers head of smARTy pants head of smart selectors new jersey new jersey south carolina texas

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SARAH GOULD LONG smARTy pants georgia

MAGGIE CHAQUETTE smarts sharer rhode island


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Ellora Israni

Co-founder of She++ “A Smart Girl is one who empowers herself with the confidence and skills to solve the problems she sees in the world.”

Article: Why Girls Should Be Computer Scientists


Leigh Anne Tuohy

The Blind Side’s Inspiration, TV Star, Difference Maker “In my opinion, “The New Smart Girl” is someone who can slap on sparkly jewelry and great shoes and hit the door, knowing she has the ability to empower others and make a difference. She recognizes the fact that everyone has value and it does not require a cape nor a tiara to be a leader! She demonstrates daily through her own unique gifts and talents that everyone deserves to be loved and have hope and opportunity.” Article: Dear Smart Girl


Carol Ciriaco

Girl Up Advocate “I believe that being The New Smart Girl means that you hold your head high and persevere with integrity, embracing the world and letting the joy that comes from your vision and purpose overflow into all parts of your life. ” Article: Getting Down With Girl Up 10 smart girl’s guide | SEPTEMBER 2013

join the SISTERHOOD A UNIQUE SPACE WHERE YOU CAN INSPIRE AND BE INSPIRED. Our sisterhood seeks to unite, inspire, and empower the next generation of superstar women through our vast array of products, resources, and opportunities fit for passionate game-changers like you. Welcome to the one-stop-shop for Smart Girls. For more information, click here or email to get involved today.


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OPEN DAILY 10-10 12 smart girl’s guide | SEPTEMBER 2013


smart news

All About Affirmative Action

We have all heard about it, but what is the bill’s affect on women?

Why Girls Should Be Computer Scientists

The rise of technology is here, but where are all the women? Ellora Israni explains why you should learn computer science now. SEPTEMBER 2013

| smart girl’s guide 13

a summer catch up on by Haley Royar Loflin

UNITED STATES: EDWARD SNOWDEN In early June, a high school dropout-turned-CIA worker-turned Booz Allen Hamilton defense contractor, named Edward Snowden, fled to Hong Kong. After his passport was revoked by the United States, he moved onto Russia. His cause? PRISM, a surveillance system operated by the National Security Agency since 2007. It is bipartisanally supported as a national security measure under the Bush-era Patriot Act. Snowden leaked classified documents regarding the program, which also identified major public companies like Microsoft, Verizon, Yahoo, and Apple as all participants of data tracking through the program. After early rumors of his departure to Cuba, it was revealed that he was in fact living in the transit zone of the international terminal. He has put in requests for asylum in many Central American countries, with Venezuela, Bolivia and Nicaragua all saying they would accept him. In late July, he applied for asylum in Russia, which would give him permission to leave the airport and stay in Russia. Stateside, the United States has charged him with espionage but unfortunately has no power to get him back on U.S. soil.

SOUTH AMERICA: ZETA DRUG LORD CAPTURE Miguel Angel Trevino Morales, also known as “Z-40,” was captured by Mexican Marines on July 14, a significant win in the Mexican drug war. The U.S. State Department had offered a $5 million reward for his capture.

ROYAL NEWS: BELGIUM KING & IT’S A BOY FOR KATE AND WILL On July 21, King Philippe I ascended to the Belgian throne after his father, Albert II, announced two weeks earlier that he would abdicate the throne due to age and health. The new king will be tasked with trying to move the country forward as the small country is largely divided among regions and ethnic groups. On July 22, HRH Kate Middleton delivered a baby boy named Prince George of Cambridge, weighing 8lb, 6oz.

14 smart girl’s guide | SEPTEMBER 2013



Former South African President, Nelson Mandela, celebrated his 95th birthday in a Pretoria hospital, where he is still recovering from a June lung infection.

MIDDLE EAST: EGYPT Mohamed Morsi, Egypt’s first democratically elected president was ousted in a coup d’etat on Wednesday, July 3. The Constitution was also suspended and the military was put in charge. Mr. Morsi was put into protection as thousands of Egyptians celebrated in Tahrir Square where some had been protesting since the beginning of that week. Adli Mansour was named interim president, a low-key long time judge who was appointed by Morsi himself to the head of the Supreme Constitutional Court. He is expected to do well in leading the country through new parliamentary elections, as Gen. AbdelFatah El-Sisi, the top military officer, noted he will “establish a government that is strong and diverse.” Look for Egypt in the coming months to see how it will fare through new elections and the writing of a new constitution.

MIDDLE EAST: MALALA On Friday, July 12, Malala Yousafzai celebrated her 16th birthday by speaking at the UN Youth Day in New York City. In her speech, she advocated education for all and noted that, “Books and pens are our most powerful weapons.” She closed by saying, “One child, one teacher, one pen and one book can change the world. Education is the only solution. Education first.”

Image courtest of

After her speech, a letter from a senior Taliban official was made public. In it, Adnan Rashid urged Malala to return to Pakistan and offered that the Taliban wants women to be educated, but in accordance with Islamic law. While this can’t be taken as a sign of acceptance by the Taliban, it does show that there is hope for education, and girls’ education in the Middle East. For now, Yousafzai and her family are living in Birmingham, and she is in contention for the Nobel Peace Prize. SGG


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We get it. It’s hard to keep up with politics, not to mention actually understanding what is going on. Have no fear, Karla is here to explain even the most complicated news stories.



ndocumented immigrants are now estimated to account for almost 5% of all residents in the United States, and with job issues, a stagnant-growing economy, and border security, citizens have demanded that their elected officials take action in reforming our current failing immigration system. On June 28, the Senate passed a sweeping immigration bill: The Border Security, Economic Opportunity, and Immigration Modernization Act headed by the “Gang of 8”; a bipartisan group of senators led by Senator John McCain (R-AZ) and Chuck Schumer (D-NY). The bill is comprehensive: addressing the needs of immediate national security, while also fixing the broken immigration system itself. The measure would include

16 smart girl’s guide | SEPTEMBER 2013

a 13-year path to American citizenship, and would raise the current cap on visas granted for high-skilled workers, while creating a new visa program for the vast amount of lowskilled work that is sought by immigrants. On border security, 20,000 additional border agents, 700 miles of additional fence and $3.2 billion in technology upgrades would be included as an amendment to allow for job creation and protection that border states had anticipated.

Undocumented immigrants would have to meet conditions to first become legal residents including background checks, and backlogs of taxes in order to be eligible for citizenship. While many Americans have expressed support for this bipartisan bill, it is not expected to pass in the other legislative branch. The House of Representatives, such as Speaker John Boehner (R-OH), has sworn to not bring it to a vote because he believes it would not have the votes necessary to become a bill. A separate bill would then be drafted, and voted on in the House. Should it pass, it would then have to be voted in the Senate.

“The nation is looking

to Washington for a solution to an issue as old as their nation.”

So, what is the holdup with passing this bill? Republican leaders believe that the Senate’s bill offers a “blanket amnesty” for immigrants by allowing the path to citizenship, which they would not include in their own bill. In classic parliamentarian fashion, Democrats have sworn that they will not pass a bill which does not have this amendment. On the executive end, President Obama has promised to not sign a bill without a path to citizenship, and was a supporter of the Gang of 8 bill which had passed the Senate. Obama is under pressure from his campaign promises to have immigration

reform be a priority within his first-year in office. Regardless of political camp, the nation is looking to Washington for a solution to an issue as old as their nation. A long fight is expected in D.C. this fall, so tune into your local TV station to see an issue which not only impacts the 14 million undocumented immigrants, but the other 300 million Americans as well. SGG


| smart girl’s guide 17

all about




Images Courtesy of [from left to right],,

By: Quincy Bulin

The Ghana government recently brought a bill on affirmative action to the attention of its ministry. With this bill, 30% of all government employees will be required to be female. Not only is this incredibly progressive, but it confirms what everyone from Sheryl Sandberg to Beyoncé (“Who runs the

To some, it may not seem fair: Many will claim reverse discrimination. They may also ask, what happens when females are being hired just to make quotas? I have a theory about that. A businessman came to my school for Career Day last year and told his audience something that surprised us

affirmative action in the United States was really supposed to be more of a temporary thing. The bill is supposed to open the door for the oppressed, but not exactly usher them in. If you ask me, I think that is just fine. The bill has empowered women and helped both genders realize our potential,

world? Girls!”) has been telling people for years: The extra “X” chromosome truly does make a difference. What exactly is affirmative action? Basically, minorities of all kinds, whether it is in regards to age, color, disability, gender, national origin, political affiliation, race, religion, sexual orientation, genetic information, or veteran status, receive preferential treatment to promote diversity. Colleges and places of employment have been endorsing this system since the induction of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. We females owe a man named Howard W. Smith a huge thank you because for 20 years, he worked with the National Woman’s Party to secure Title VII on the bill; you know, the one that says sex discrimination is illegal.

all- A woman is ten times more likely to be promoted at his company than a man, simply because she is a woman. I don’t mean to say that he has to stick to a quota; it is actually quite the opposite. Women, he said, are much better at managing teams than men. They are also more driven because they have

has it not? But every day, our gender is coming together to start and run companies, attend the Ivies, and create new inventions. We would like to open the door for ourselves now, thank you very much. The fight is not over yet, though, in the United States or (especially not) otherwise. Even though statistics support the idea that gender gaps are becoming smaller, they are not yet small enough. Let us at least stand as an example for third world countries like Ghana that are desperately trying to cultivate the next generation of great female leaders.

18 smart girl’s guide | SEPTEMBER 2013

“Women are better at managing teams than men.” had to work harder to get to where they are and thanks to the maternal instinct, way more nurturing. The more there are women on the workforce and in universities, the more people will start to realize that there are several advantages to hiring or accepting a female. According to Santa Clara University,


you’re invited to The Smart Girls Group’s #TheNewSmartGirl Twitter Party!

SEPTEMBER 2 AT 8-9PM EST celebrate the relaunch and join in on the conversation, using the hashtag #TheNewSmartGirl stay smart, @smartgirlsgroup


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Ellora Israni, Co-founder of She++

Why Girls Should Be Computer Scientists Meet ELLORA ISRANI, Stanford University senior & Co-founder of She++, a movement that is reinventing the image of the computer scientist and lowering the barrier of entry to tech. YOU STARTED A REMARKABLE ORGANIZATION THAT IS EMPOWERING GIRLS TO GET INVOLVED IN COMPUTER SCIENCE. ARE GIRLS NOT INVOLVED RIGHT NOW? WHY? Girls are involved, but not to the extent that we could be. Right now women earn about 15% of computer science degrees, which is not great given that (a) we earn 60% of all undergrad degrees and (b) we are huge consumers of technical products. 20 smart girl’s guide | SEPTEMBER 2013

As for why, two reasons. First of all, the social concept of a computer scientists especially polarizing to women. Our stereotype of a programmer in this culture is either the antisocial, nerdy, sits-in-thedark-drinking-Red-Bull (usually male) geek, or it’s the fratty ‘brogrammer’. And neither of those appeal to women, because they don’t fit in with our concept of being a woman. We don’t want to be those people, so we don’t aspire to be computer scientists because the stereotypes seem inextricable from the field. This is this issue that we’re trying to address with she++. The second is structural. If you look at schools in many other parts of the world, they teach math, science, and often programming to all students from a young age. Girls and boys get exposed

to computer science early-on, and thus they don’t have the same gender gap later on that we do. Here we don’t introduce programming to most students until college, and even then it’s an elective. We need to get more girls and boys learning to program early on (and for girls, that’s coupled with getting them to play with engineering toys, read engineering books, etc.--because that’s an exposure that young boys actually do have). We need a major structural overhaul to our education system, but this is clearly going to be a slower change. WHY SHOULD GIRLS BE INVOLVED IN THE TECH FIELD? HOW CAN THEY BENEFIT? Technology controls our world more than we even know, and it’s the people who control technology that will therefore be the most successful. As a feminist I would hate to think that girls and women are being left out of this momentum because of a psychological—and it is psychological, no matter how much the last century would have liked us to believe it’s biological—barrier. TO BE FULLY INVOLVED IN THE TECHNOLOGY WORLD, WHAT KINDS OF SKILLS DO GIRLS NEED TO LEARN? You definitely need a technical background. I firmly believe that whatever you’re going to do in the tech world-whether it’s being a software engineer, or a product manager or marketer or recruiter--you should have a background in tech. You don’t need a full-blown degree in CS, but you should definitely have a consciousness of the world you’re working in. But it’s more than that. The

best software engineers I know are those who can work comfortably on a team to brainstorm and execute upon a project, who have great ideas and the charisma to convince other of their greatness, and who are compassionate with regard to the populations their products are serving. Being a good programmer is necessary but not sufficient in being a good technologist. WHAT KIND OF THINGS CAN GIRLS DO WHEN THEY KNOW HOW TO CODE? Whatever you do, knowing just a bit of programming will make you better at your job. The bottom line is that our world runs on technology, so it’s the people who know how to run technology themselves that will be the most successful going forward. People around the world are learning to code—people like me and you but also people you’d never expect, like—because it’s so essential & impactful. HOW CAN GIRLS GET INVOLVED IN THE TECH FIELD? WHAT RESOURCES ARE AVAILABLE TO THEM? The great thing is that technology education has been democratized in the past few years. Online platforms like Codeacademy, Coursera, etc. make it free and easy for anyone with a browser to learn how to program. Technology is used by the masses, and now the ability to learn how it works is too. I’d recommend taking an online coding class, but also seeking out a mentor via the she++ mentoring program (click here). It helps to have support, of mentors and peers, in pursuing technology, because it is by no means easy. SEPTEMBER 2013

| smart girl’s guide 21


The best thing girls can do is to take advantage of the fact that the world is rooting for them.

WHAT SORT OF CAREERS ARE AVAILABLE IN THE TECH FIELD? There’s the obvious choice to be a software engineer—which I actually believe is one of the most exciting and impactful ones you can make—but within tech itself there’s also design, product management, user experience, and more. Almost all tech companies have sales, marketing, legal, and policy sides, and if you want to work for a tech company in any of these functions you’ll probably win a lot of respect for understanding the product with a technical background. WHAT DO YOU THINK IS THE MOST EXCITING THING GOING ON IN THE TECH FIELD RIGHT NOW? HOW CAN IT BENEFIT GIRLS? I think the most exciting thing, for women at least, is that the big names in tech are starting to realize, and be okay with vocalizing, that the paucity of women in tech is a real issue. We have some really important technologists speaking out about this, and that’s going to go a long way in making sure women are getting 22 smart girl’s guide | SEPTEMBER 2013

what they need to break in to technology. The best thing girls can do is to take advantage of the fact that the world is rooting for them, and take the initiative to grab whatever support they need-because it’s out there!--in getting involved. YOU ARE CERTAINLY A SUPERSTAR SMART GIRL. WHAT ADVICE DO YOU HAVE FOR OTHER SUPERSTAR SMART GIRLS WHO ASPIRE TO BE LEADERS IN THE TECHNOLOGY SECTOR? Fail forward. I think one of the most important life lessons that programming teaches you is how to fail. Programs aren’t supposed to compile on their first runs, and it’s the really good programmers who know how to take this in stride and learn from the process. The most valuable leadership lesson I ever learned was, similarly, how to learn from my mistakes. It sounds cliché, but if you want to be a leader you’re also going to make a lot of mistakes, and it’s how you grow from them that defines your success. SGG


| smart girl’s guide 23

Sandra DayaO’Connor smart girl of history by Tori Wilbraham

This month’s Smart Girl of History is a standout woman who has paved the way for women in the world of law and justice. Sandra Day O’Connor was appointed as the first female Supreme Court Justice in September of 1981. Her appointment to the Supreme Court was monumental for all American women and allowed her to finally give 24 smart girl’s guide | SEPTEMBER 2013

a female voice to the American judicial system. Born on March 26, 1930, Sandra Day O’Connor grew up on a cattle ranch in Arizona. In her memoir that was published in 2003, Lazy B: Growing Up a Cattle Ranch in the American Southwest, Ms. O’Connor talks about

smartnews her life and growing up in the open world of the American southwest. Ms. O’Connor went on to graduate from Stanford University in 1950 where she later went on to study law. However, finding a job as a woman in the legal field was not easy. It is said that over 40 law firms refused to interview her simply because she was a woman. Eventually, she did take a job for the county of San Mateo taking no salary. Six months after graduating Law School, Sandra Day O’Connor married John Jay O’Connor, III. After spending a period of time working as a lawyer in Frankfurt, Germany, Sandra Day O’Connor moved to Arizona where she settled. There, she worked as the assistant attorney general and started to make her way up in the legal world. In 1969 she was appointed to the Arizona State Senate where she would be reelected twice. In 1974 O’Connor ran for judge in Maricopa County. In the 1980 election, President Ronald Reagan promised to appoint a female to the Supreme Court. With his victory, he knew that Sandra Day O’Connor would be the woman for the job. She received unanimous approval by the Senate. In September of 1981, Sandra Day O’Connor was the first woman to serve as a Supreme Court Justice. Sandra Day O’Connor is often noted for putting aside personal beliefs to uphold the constitution. In cases such as Roe Vs. Wade, O’Connor is often remembered for supporting what she

believed to be constitutional, rather than her own personal feelings. In 2000, O’Connor was a vital vote for the Bush vs. Gore case where an election recount in Florida was demanded. O’Connor has unfalteringly stuck to what she believes to be constitutional over her own personal beliefs. During her time in office, she also battled breast cancer. However, this did not stop her. In 2006, Sandra Day O’Connor retired from her duty in the Supreme Court. After 24 years, Sandra Day O’Connor would be remembered for the tough decisions that she had to make and for sticking to the constitutional beliefs of this country. As the first female Supreme Court Justice, her legacy for women is one her greatest gifts. In a time when women were not permitted to do such things, Sandra Day O’Connor showed the world that she could give a female voice for the United States Judicial system. Currently, Sandra Day O’Connor lives in Phoenix, Arizona where she has written a few books. She also received the Presidential Medal of Freedom from President Barak Obama in honor of her service to this country and her great legacy. For all of you smart girls aspiring to enter the legal world, make sure to always remember this stand out women of history and to thank her for her pioneer work in a field that was only for men. Without her perseverance and willingness to stand up for what she believed in, this world would be a much different place. SGG SEPTEMBER 2013

| smart girl’s guide 25

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smart style My Girlfriend’s Closet Who said fashion can’t be green, inexpensive, and stylish, all at the same time? Our Smart Girls show you how it’s done.


| smart girl’s guide 27


my Girlfriend’s


As much as we all like to look our best, we can’t break the bank. Luckily, we don’t have to. Welcome to the new style section of Smart Girl’s Guide, where we will feature articles that encourage girls to be just as smart with their finances as they are with their fashion.


photography by kate petrik

irst up is something called, “My Girlfriend’s Closet,” the Smart Girl way to do a clothing swap.

At one point or another, we all find ourselves in a closet rut: we have clothes, but we don’t necessarily like them, yet we don’t have the funds to redefine our wardrobe. That is where My Girlfriend’s Closet comes in. The first step is to get a few of your friends on board. Tell everyone to

28 smart girl’s guide | SEPTEMBER 2013

collect the pieces in their wardrobe that they would like to give away. Then, get together and swap clothes! Now, you get to go home with a bunch of cute new additions to your wardrobe, and the best part is, you didn’t have to spend all of your summer babysitting money! We are all about multitasking as Smart Girls, and this definitely fits the bill. Check out how Smart these high school girls look in their post-My Girlfriend’s Closet outfits as they explore their Texas hometown. SGG


| smart girl’s guide 29

30 smart girl’s guide | SEPTEMBER 2013


| smart girl’s guide 31

32 smart girl’s guide | SEPTEMBER 2013


| smart girl’s guide 33

34 smart girl’s guide | SEPTEMBER 2013


| smart girl’s guide 35


back to books





MODCLOTH | $59.99

KIKI’S | $62.34


AMAZON | $75


BY MEGAN ROGERS-REILLEY 36 smart girl’s guide | SEPTEMBER 2013


AMERICAN EAGLE | $44.95 TARGET | $5.84

apple of our eyes WARBY PARKER | $95


H&M | $12


ALDO | $110



| smart girl’s guide 37


leave summer behind H&M, $24.45


WARBY PARKER, $95 J.CREW, $43.50




TOMS, $59

BY GABBI OPPENHEIMER 38 smart girl’s guide | SEPTEMBER 2013



“This scuba dress would be the perfect way to dress up the neoprene trend.” -Anne

#trending MANGO, $24.99

THE HUT, $15 MANGO, $35

“During the summer, the “it” shade of green was mint, but for fall it will be emerald. Pair this satchel with a neutral outfit for a pop of color!”


MODCLOTH, $24.99



| smart girl’s guide 39

SMART opportunities SEPTEMBER 2013

Welcome to Smart Opportunities!


Are you a Photoshop pro? An inDesign expert? An Illustrator extraordinare? Well, we are looking for more graphic designers to join our magazine team! Please send us your portfolio in your interest email!

These are featured opportunities that we have this month in SGG, but don’t forget, there is no limit to what you can do in SGG!


Do you love Instagramming? We are looking for someone to lead our Instagram presence! Please send us examples of your stellar pictures!


Still looking for a fall internship? Well, we have a super awesome internship program (more info here) for high school and college girls. Apply by September 10th!

SMART GIRLS PASSIONATE ABOUT HEALTH & FASHION We need girls interested in health and fashion for various positions within SGG!


40 smart girl’s guide | SEPTEMBER 2013

The Smart Women’s Network supports the SGG community, sharing resources, supporting our Smart Girl Sisters, and spreading our message when appropriate. We send out monthly emails, where we list opportunities to connect with the Smart Girl Sisters as well as press opportunities. We are striving to unite the next generation of superstar women and we know with your help, we can do that. If interested, please click here.

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SMART WOMEN’S NETWORK! Send all involvement emails to


smart girl


| smart girl’s guide 41

42 smart girl’s guide | SEPTEMBER 2013

The New


GIRL photography by Kate Petrik


| smart girl’s guide 43


In the spirit of the relaunch, we wanted to celebrate The New Smart Girl, and who better than a Smart Girl Sister? For the first time ever, one of our very own sisters is our covergirl! Meet Quincy Bulin, the Head of Copy Editors for Smart Girl’s Guide. This high school senior from Austin, Texas fully represents who a Smart Girl is, with her incredible passion for sharing smarts and her dedication to impacting the world through her written voice. We are proud to introduce you to The New Smart Girl, Quincy Bulin. 44 smart girl’s guide | SEPTEMBER 2013


| smart girl’s guide 45



Quincy Bulin


Senior in high school

HOMETOWN: Austin, Texas

46 smart girl’s guide | SEPTEMBER 2013

“A Smart Girl should dare to be different. Life is too vast and unique to do the same things as everyone else.” WHAT DO YOU LIKE ABOUT LIVING IN AUSTIN, TEXAS?

In Austin, we have adopted a slogan: “Keep Austin Weird.” The city definitely lives up to those expectations! You can find pretty much anything here: an entire restaurant dedicated to fried foods, insane club sports no one knew even existed, and the best live music out there, like our annual music festival, Austin City Limits. Last year at ACL, I was front row for the Red Hot Chili Peppers! The school spirit is amazing here too, but I think that’s just a “Texas thing.” Football season is starting up again around here, and you can just feel the excitement in the air! It’s absolutely contagious.


Anything related to The Smart Girls Group. Seriously. If you need it done, I want to do it! To me, there is nothing better than waking up to a bunch of SGGrelated emails. I also enjoy spending time with the children in the special education program at my school. I really, truly love all of those kids and it is so exciting to interact with them and see how they grow and learn.


Everything. When my teacher wrote down a word to describe me, he used “amazed.” It fits me so well! To describe the world we live on is simply unfathomable- there is simply too much of it that we haven’t even learned about yet. But if I had to say one thing, it would definitely be my Smart Girl Sisters. Learning about each of them and what makes them unique is incredible!


When I think of a Smart Girl, I think of someone that is determined and motivated. It doesn’t even matter what it’s for- passion is a huge thing that is the driving force behind so much. I also think it’s important that Smart Girls are kind. I don’t think you should go through life without a smile to share with others! A Smart Girl should dare to be different. Life is too vast and unique to do the same things as everyone else.


A quote from Jessica Hische: “The work you do while you procrastinate is probably the work you should be doing for the rest of your life.” SGG


| smart girl’s guide 47

SHOP Be Smart. Shop Smart.

Introducing Smart Girl’s Shop, our new online shop selling limited edition Smart Girls merchandise. With every shirt you buy, a portion of its proceeds will go to sponsor a girl to go to school at the Kopila Valley School in Surkhet, Nepal. Click here to shop now! 48 smart girl’s guide | SEPTEMBER 2013




Dorm Room Drills Now there are no excuses! 8 exercises that can be done right in your dorm.

Get In the Know With GMOs

It is popping up in the news more and more, but what really are GMOS and how do they affect Smart Girls? SEPTEMBER 2013

| smart girl’s guide 49


dorm room DRILLS by Annie Phelps


Start standing, then turn your torso kitty-cornered and sit in a squat with your legs completely together. Jump up to the other diagonal and repeat squat. BONUS POINTS Land lightly on the balls of your feet to be quiet! You’ll find this may be harder.


This yoga move works your triceps, lower back, and glutes. Start laying flat on your stomach with your hands flat by your shoulders. Without moving your hands or lower body, lift your torso off the ground and then slowly lower it back down.


Get on your hands and knees in a table top position. Lift one leg straight behind you, bend it at the knee, and lift up with your knee. You should feel this move in your glutes. Repeat on the other leg.


You can print this page out! All you have to do is put your cursur on the top of the magazine and click the printer icon! 50 smart girl’s guide | SEPTEMBER 2013


I don’t think I know anyone who doesn’t hate these, but boy do they work your arms. Do these until failure, and every time you do that you will be able to do more the next time. Start in a raised position on your hands and toes keeping your body straight. Bend your arms and lower your body, then return to start.


Probably the simplest exercise you will EVER do! Stand up straight, and rise up on the balls of your feet. Try for 4 sets of 25 throughout the day.


These are pretty self explanatory- run in place, while lifting your knees high in the air or kick your butt. Again, land softly on your feet.


Lie on your back and raise your legs straight in the air. Lower your legs until you begin to feel it in your back, then begin to kick your legs in quick, short, powerful pulses. Keep your core active and do not arch your back.

PLANK Ah, yes, the good ol’ plank. Lie on your stomach with your forearms on the floor, palms clasping each other. Keeping your body straight, rise onto your toes and hold this position for as long as you can (Yes, it is okay if you start shaking).

SIMPLE recipes

smarthealth by Brittany Peters

for the Smart Girl on the go


A super easy and healthy snack, dessert, or breakfast!


• Greek yogurt • Fruit of choice • Granola


Just add the ingredients into a jar to create different layers. Simple and delicious!


A simple sandwich with a killer taste!


8 grain bread (or bread of choice) Avocado slices or guacamole spread Turkey bacon Spinach Tomato


Cook the turkey bacon. If you have mashed avocado or guacamole spread, slather it onto bread as if it were mayonnaise. Add spinach and then sliced tomatoes. After the turkey bacon is cooked, throw the pieces on top of the sliced tomatoes. Take the other piece of bread (with avocado already smeared on it) and place it on top. Voila! SGG SEPTEMBER 2013

| smart girl’s guide 51


Get InThe Know with GMOs by Jenna Deinzer

Food choices are all around us. We make choices about what to buy at the grocery store, where to go if we want takeout, and what to put on our trays in the cafeteria or dining hall. As Smart Girls, it is our job to have as much information as possible to make the best choices regarding the foods we consume. And we are now taking into account which food contains GMO ingredients. As our society continues to evolve, it is no surprise that even the old practice of growing and harvesting crops has changed. Today, there is a new consideration to make when deciding on a food purchase. According to The Non-GMO Project, which is a non-profit organization committed to promoting the non-GMO food supply and educating the public, GMOs, or “genetically modified organisms,” are defined as plants or animals created through the gene splicing techniques of biotechnology.

which in many cases, are created to withstand herbicide, and/or to produce an insecticide. These modifications, which would not spontaneously occur in nature, create some concerns. The fact that this process is artificial does not automatically make GMOs dangerous. However, it is the consequences of the changes that present issues. Many countries around the world even ban the production and sale of GMOs. The big controversy is the conflicting claims from GMO supporters and ones who oppose GMOs. Little or no research has been done at this time directly studying GMO consumption and its effect on one’s health later in life.

Currently, it is not required by producers to identify and label products that are GMO. Since The combination of genes from various species there is little evidence to show the consequences creates these new genetically modified products, these foods can have on our bodies, you can

52 smart girl’s guide | SEPTEMBER 2013

smarthealth avoid the potential risk with some simple tips. First, try to buy organic products. Products that are labeled “certified organic” cannot intentionally include GMO ingredients. Also, look for foods marked with the “Non-GMO Project” verified seals. Although producers are not required to label products that include GMO ingredients, The Non-GMO Project has began labeling products that are enrolled in their program, and therefore go through numerous tests and are proven to not include any GMO components.

By making easy switches, such as cooking with olive oil instead of canola oil, you will be able to avoid putting yourself at risk. For more information on GMOs and how to avoid them, check out www.nongmoproject. org. In addition to the website, there is also an app available to download, which highlights foods and brands that are Non-GMO certified. SGG

Another way to avoid these risks would be to avoid high-risk agricultural products. These products are in commercial production and have been found to be genetically modified very often, hence their name, “high-risk.” Some examples include, canola, corn, soy, and sugar beets.


| smart girl’s guide 53


In celebration of our relaunch, we are partnering with Dogeared for a giveaway! One lucky girl will win a Dogeared “Think Big” necklace, perfect for back to school season. Entering is easy, just click HERE. 54 smart girl’s guide | SEPTEMBER 2013




Small Town Girl’s Guide to Trailblazing No matter the location, learn how you can be influential.


| smart girl’s guide 55



TRAILBLAZING You are an ambitious Smart Girl, destined to do great things in this world, but why wait? No matter if your town’s population is 4 thousand or 4 million, you can be a trailblazer. Here is our guide for small town Smart Girls who want to make a big difference. BY MAGGIE CHAQUETTE 56 smart girl’s guide | SEPTEMBER 2013


railblazer: noun. An individual who blazes a trail for others. That’s the textbook definition, but what exactly does this mean, and how do you become a trailblazer? Basically, there are three steps to becoming a trailblazer -- finding opportunities, being successful, and doing big things. Within these steps lie multiple ways to guide you, depending on what type of person you are. Although it may take some time, opportunity will eventually find you -- that is, if you don’t find it first! STEP 1:

THE SEARCH INTERNET: The most accessible and common way to find volunteer positions, internships, and jobs today is on the Internet. The best way to start looking for your perfect opportunity is with a broad search. Look through LinkedIn and other well-established sites such as Search in detail for what interests you in an opportunity. Research until you find your top 5 or 6 positions, then apply for them! Once you land one of the positions, you can continue on your path to success. OLD-FASHIONED: Although the Internet is easily accessible, sometimes old-fashioned print or in-person searching can be equally effective. Look in newspapers or business magazines, on bulletin boards in supermarkets, gyms, rec centers, doctor’s offices, etc. Make contact to set up meetings or interviews to learn and talk about any opportunities you see.

smarthealth STEP 2:

TAKING INITIATIVE IF YOU ARE RESERVED: You’ve landed one of your top positions after many email exchanges, telephone calls, and maybe even inperson interviews. If you have a more reserved personality, you may not be comfortable talking to your supervisor about new things you can do, ideas you have, or projects you’d like to get involved in. Shoot them an email or quietly pull them aside when you’re ready. IF YOU ARE OUTGOING: You’ve landed the position! Next stop? Getting more experience and going farther in the organization. Your personality lends to you constantly wanting to advance in any position, and you definitely make it known. Go ahead and ask your supervisor to sit in on that next big conference call and tell them over coffee about the great idea for publicity that you came up with. Make your voice and presence known, but pleasantly rather than obnoxiously. STEP 3:

LEAN IN & MAKE A DIFFERENCE After you’ve taken your success into your own hands and achieved what you had hoped, go a step further. As Sheryl Sandberg would suggest, lean in even more and really make a difference. Use the tools for finding opportunities as tools to do big things. LinkedIn is perfect for broadening your network and reaching out to people with more experience and resources. has great blog posts under several categories that provide helpful advice in many spheres. Whether now or years down the road, the actions you take today will help you become a Smart Girl trailblazer forever. SGG


| smart girl’s guide 57


the Ace interview Summer has sadly come to an end. With the school year getting back into swing, it is time for new opportunities, which often times come with interviews! In this issue, we will be talking about how to master the interview - for internships, part-time jobs, or even that executive board position in your favorite club! By Mimi Warnick. 58 smart girl’s guide | SEPTEMBER 2013



It is important to make a good impression before the interview even starts. You do not want to be late because it might seem like you are not taking the opportunity seriously.


While no one should judge a book by its cover, the clothing you choose to wear says a lot about you. Make sure you dress appropriately! The interviewer will take you seriously if you take yourself seriously. Business casual is a must. It is always better to be overdressed than underdressed.


Keep your phone silent or off, avoid wearing distracting clothing and wear shoes you are comfortable walking it. Why? Because nothing is worse than trying to make heels “work” when you do not know how to walk in them. You do not want the interview to lose focus on you. An interview is a time for you time shine -- not your neon pink bracelet.


Speak confidently and slowly. It is hard to ignore nerves but take your time and be sure of your answers. Make sure that prior to the interview, you have done research on the school or company so you are knowledgeable on the mission and values.


Show why you want to attend the school or have the position. Show your passion and drive! Show why you are special, and what you can bring to the opportunity. Showcase your strengths, but also make your challenges into strengths too. When a person can build off their challenges and make them positives it shows that you are willing to work to succeed.


Ready or Not Here They Come! Be prepared for anything, no matter how prepared you are or how much research you have done the interviewer is going to throw a curve ball. Take a moment to think and then deliver the best answer possible. The interviewer most likely realizes he/she threw a question you were not prepared for. They want to see you think on your feet, so stay calm and be yourself.


Make sure you greet the interviewer with the most appropriate title: Mr., Mrs., Ms., Dr., Dean., President., Sister., Father., etc. Following up with a thank note or call is also important. This shows that you care about their time and the chance they gave you. It also shows you care about the prospective opportunity and want to be considered. SGG


| smart girl’s guide 59


Culture Lifestyle smartliving


Shonda Rhimes will come back with even more surprising twists this season! If you are a newcomer to Scandal, you are probably still familiar with Rhimes’ other works like “Greys Anatomy” or “Private Practice”. The show is inspired and co-executive produced by real-life crisis manager and Smart Girl Judy Smith, who worked in the White House during Clinton & Bush administrations. Scandal tracks the exciting career of a brilliant political scandal fixer, played by Kerry Washington, who creates some of her own scandal in her personal life after an affair with one of her biggest clients,

the summer of 2012 with great ratings and content, Ellen DeGeneres will be back as executive producer for the talk show’s first official season. Bethenny is most popular for being the single celebrity natural foods chef on The Real Housewives of New York. However, the Bravo TV star is no stranger to reality television, getting her start as the outspoken runner-up contestant on The Apprentice: Martha Stewart. Her new show will feature food and cocktail recipes, health and beauty tips, and “everything girls talk about when no one else is around”. Check your local listings for show times.

The President of the United States! And the best part about the new season is that there is much more Scandal to come!

Olivia Pope and Associates return this fall to ABC in the spicy poli-drama “Scandal”. After wrapping up the second season with a shocking season finale revealing the government mole as the Vice President’s Chief of Staff and the leader of secret government agency B613 as Olivia’s father, writer/creator 60 smart girl’s guide | SEPTEMBER 2013


Best-selling author, businesswoman, and reality television star Bethenny Frankel has a new talk show, “Bethenny,” which will air September 9th . It is definitely a must-see. After a wildly successful six-week sneak peek in

by Maurissa A. Walls


Smart Movies

by Maurissa A. Walls

SELENA Kick off National Hispanic Heritage Month with a 90’s classic, “Selena”(1997). This movie celebrates the life of Grammy Award-winning, Mexican American singer/songwriter, Selena Quintanilla- Pérez. Jennifer Lopez gives one of her greatest performances as the Texas-born tejano singer, depicting her struggles growing up in the 70s as a Latina in Southwest America, her incredible rise to fame, and tragic death at only 23 years old. Enjoy some of her to chart topping hits “Bidi Bidi Bom Bom”, “No Me Queda Mas”, and my personal favorite, “Dreaming of You.”

WINNIE Jennifer Hudson stars in the highly anticipated film drama, “Winnie” expected to release early this month. Hudson will play Winnie-Madikizela Mandela, South African politician, anti- apartied activist, and wife of Former South African President Nelson Mandela played by Terrence Howard. The movie will depict Mandela’s childhood, high profile marriage, and her experiences during Nelson Mandela’s incarceration. In addition to her political positions, the “Mother of the Nation” also headed the African National Congress’s Women’s league and is still an active executive committee member today. Wow, talk about a Smart Girl!

CLOUDY WITH A CHANCE OF MEATBALLS 2 There’s a big kid inside of every Smart Girl, right? Join the all-star cast of Bill Hader, Anna Faris, Andy Samberg and Neil Patrick Harris on a new adventure to save humanity from mutant food beasts before they take over the world! This animated film makes for a great babysitting activity or fun-filled outing with younger siblings or cousins. It is expected to release later this month and will be available in 3D IMAX.


| smart girl’s guide 61

Smart Smart Reads Summits

By Emily Raleigh

by Amber Ausley

by Emily Raleigh

ALT FOR EVERYONE CONFERENCE Calling all Smart Girl bloggers! The infamous Alt Summit Conference is coming to your home on September 26-28. Yes, you read that right -- you will be able to attend seven online workshops of your choice, watch one keynote, and engage in a networking meet up online. To make it even better, you will receive a goodie bag delivered to your door! This conference is perfect for the aspiring blogger who does not have the means to attend the traditional annual Alt Summit. For more information on this awesome opportunity, click here.

PBWC YOUNG WOMEN’S CONFERENCE This event, which will take place in Sunnyvale, Calif. on Oct. 1, will, “Offer unique programming By to Amber help highAusley school juniors and seniors and college-aged women expand their horizons and pursue the careers they desire by connecting them with successful, professional women eager By Rainbow Rowell to share what they know with the next generation of women leaders.” The best part? It is free! For more information on how you can attend, click here.


Smart Sounds

by 2013 Sophie 62 smart girl’s guide | SEPTEMBER



This memoir follows a newlywed woman who recently moved to Chicago, Ill., and is in the pursuit of finding a lifelong best friend. Throughout the course of a year, she vows to keep an open mind and make an effort to “date” at least 52 women. Strewn together with bits of research regarding the foundation of bonding, perfectly coupled with comedy, Mrs. Bertsche documents what she finds throughout the year -- about herself, marriage, and friendship.

GONE WITH THE WIND Although the movie adaptation does a famous job of captivating the characters and setting of the Antebellum South, it does not do the language of the book justice. Following Scarlett’s haunting path through the Civil War, Margaret Mitchell does a beautiful job of juxtaposing the burning Confederacy with a burning love story. With such a strong female heroine, this is the ultimate Smart Girl’s Read.

ATTACHMENTS This is the light-hearted story of a man who has a job that involves monitoring his co-workers’ emails. His monotonous job takes a turn when he can’t help but become infatuated with a girl in the office, especially based off of her email dialogues. The diary-like novel comically explores the importance of best friends and what really matters in relationships.

“Life In Color” by OneRepublic “Wait for Me” by Kings of Leon “Are We There Yet” by Ingrid Michaelson “Pompeii” by Bastille “Night Train” by Jason Aldean “Wish You Were Here” by Pink Floyd

Smart Events by Megan Becker

School is beginning, which means fall is finally here! The following are a few events that you can take advantage of during the new school months:



This run is advertised as, “The Happiest 5k on the Planet” – and it really is! The Color Run travels all across the country, and each place that hosts the run is given a donation to a local charity from the folks at The Color Run. How amazing is that?! At the starting line, you are all decked out in white. At the end of the race, you are covered in paint! But the festivities do not

Who does not love a fresh supply of delicious fruits? Picking apples, blueberries, strawberries, and other fruits is such a fun activity, and a great way to have a great time with friends or family. There are a lot of great websites that direct you to local pick-your-own fruit and vegetable farms. Take advantage of this while the weather is still nice!

stop there- They have an all-out color party at the end, as well. Check out to look for The Color Run near you!

Visit the website: index.htm#states.



Apart from all of the outside events that are offered during the fall, look to your school or work environment to get involved in clubs, philanthropies, and other activities. Do not want to be a cross-country runner? Look into a weekend running club. Want to give back to the community? There are so many great charities, such as Dance Marathon and Relay for Life, that not only work to raise money for willing causes, but give you great event planning and volunteer experience!

Eating well is so important, and both the summer and the fall seasons are full of colorful fruits, veggies, and unique farmers’ markets to take advantage of. Take a look at It has a running list of every market in your area, including their hours! If you are not in the mood to shop for veggies and fruits, stop by and check out their antiques and fresh flowers. Supporting your local community is a great way to sustain the area you call home, and to give back to your community.

“Belong” by Cary Brothers “Never Let Me Go” by Florence + The Machine “Yet” by Switchfoot “Stompa” by Serena Ryder “Let Her Go” by Passenger

Click here to listen to Sophie’s playlist now! SEPTEMBER 2013

| smart girl’s guide 63



Getting Down With Girl Up BY CAROL CIRIACO

Smart Girls, how many of you were once little girls with big dreams? How many of you wanted to grow up to become leaders? Did any of you ever consider for even a second that anyone would dare try to stop you? If you were anything like me, probably not; you were a girl, and you were unstoppable. Growing up in America, I was allowed to dream and pursue those dreams without restriction. Because here, girls count. They matter. Their birth, their dreams, their accomplishments—they are all recognized as critical to the success of society. Believe it or not, this isn’t the norm. Girls around the world face many challenges due to their gender that prevent them from achieving their full potential. Whether

it is lack of access to proper education, forced early childhood marriage, or even failure to be documented at birth, girls in developing countries encounter gigantic barriers in the pursuit of their dreams. A few years ago, the United Nations Foundation launched the Girl Up campaign—a for girls, by girls grassroots movement whose purpose is to use girl power to replace these international barriers with opportunities. Girl Up unites girls in over 150 clubs around the world to raise funds and advocate for the implementation of developmental programs and legislation that support the health, education, safety, documentation, and leadership of their adolescent counterparts in countries such as Ethiopia, Guatemala, Liberia, and Malawi. By joining Girl Up, you too can help a girl just like you feel unstoppable. Whether you’re in high school or college, getting involved is easy. Here are a few tips on how to get started:

64 smart girl’s guide | SEPTEMBER 2013





Join a Girl Up Club Visit the Girl Up website and search for a club near you! Better yet, get a few of your girlfriends together and start your own. Advocate for Change Send letters, make calls, and schedule meetings with your elected officials informing them of Girl Up’s mission. Get them involved in the passing of legislation that will count, protect, and educate girls everywhere! Advocate for Change Send letters, make calls, and schedule meetings with your elected officials informing them of Girl Up’s mission. Get them involved in the passing of legislation that will count, protect, and educate girls everywhere! Spread the Word Use your social media sites for good by posting about Girl Up! You can get others involved with a simple click of a mouse.




Stopping Hate to End Bullying

Learn about Emily-Anne Regal, a Smart Girl who started a movement to end bullying SEPTEMBER 2013

| smart girl’s guide 65

smart girl



by Montana MacRae

This month’s Smart Girl Spotlight is Emily-Anne Rigal, the founder and director of WeStopHate, an anti-bullying organization dedicated to making everyone, us Smart Girls included, feel comfortable with being exactly who they are. It must be working: This stellar young woman has received both the TeenNick Halo and New York Women in Communications Awards, as well as having been listed as one of Newsweek’s 150 Fearless Women, all thanks to WeStopHate. 66 smart girl’s guide | SEPTEMBER 2013

Rigal started WeStopHate at age 16 after being constantly being bullied in elementary and middle school. Because of these negative experiences, her confidence plummeted. For her, the solution was starting at a school where no one knew who she was: Rigal gained her confidence back because she was no longer being judged and the support of her friends. Who would have guessed the solution for thousands of other teens would be her starting this organization? Through the success of WeStopHate, Rigal has had the opportunity to not only magazine she intern at Seventeen Magazine but also be featured in it,

sisterhood which she described as “surreal.” It was fun for her because every day presented a new adventure and, even better, she was actually 17! A couple of other fun facts: Seventeen is the magazine Rigal grew up reading and her mentor is the one who created the Body Peace Project. Talk about things fitting into place! Several celebrities have supported her work, including the likes of Lady Gaga and Rebecca Black. She has not let her following of supporters and admirers (even the famous ones) get to her, though! No matter how well known a person is or how much we look up to them, Rigal believes that they are not statues. This young woman has truly practiced what she preaches: Anyone who knows EmilyAnne can attest to how humble she has remained throughout this whole experience. Since the launch of WeStopHate, Rigal has felt honored to have received hundreds of letters from people relating to her story or telling how they have finally learned to love themselves. Long term, Rigal hopes WeStopHate will provide safe spaces in schools for kids to be themselves without facing

judgment. She wants WeStopHate centers to be a leader for safe havens in schools. She has already been working toward this by speaking and volunteering at several schools and events that support these ideas. As a current college sophomore at the Barnard College of Columbia University, managing a successful non-profit, school, and a social life must be difficult. Luckily, she gets by with a little help from her incredible staff: When starting off, Rigal was not able to handle everything by herself. By working with such a strong team, they have helped her with scheduling and becoming more dependable in a

way she never thought she needed. It truly brings her joy being able to see the changes they are going through and implementing as a team. Rigal’s journey is a true testament to the advice she has for us Smart Girls: If you have an idea of something you want, go with it and learn along the way if needed. It is always okay to learn along the way. SGG Love what Emily-Anne has had to say and what she stands for? Learn more about WeStopHate and or check out this anti-bullying video (click here) SEPTEMBER 2013

| smart girl’s guide 67


College Spotlight

Image courtesy of

Indiana University

You can make a big school small, but you can’t make a small school big. hese last words of wisdom my high school counselor spoke to me resonated while I chose between colleges for the fall. On the fence about those details, I applied to eight very different universities my senior year of high school before deciding to attend Indiana University. As a business student, the application process was slightly different for me than for the typical college student. I applied to IU through their website and was promptly accepted due to rolling admission. A few weeks later, I was accepted to the Kelley School of Business. Deciding to attend IU was not an easy decision. I envisioned myself traveling to a big city or sporting an ivyleague jacket. However, the charm and beauty of IU’s campus won me over in the end. Bloomington, Illinois features an array of gorgeously aged trees, gardens and many quads

68 smart girl’s guide | SEPTEMBER 2013

by Marisa White

perfect for outdoor games and picnics. The college town vibe is great for finding affordable food, meeting new friends and having a true college experience. 
 As a Big Ten school, Hoosier spirit resounds throughout campus, especially during basketball season. There are a wide variety of social activities associated with the sporting events. Sororities/Fraternities may seem predominant to incoming freshmen, but if you are not interested in going Greek there is no need to do so—only 20% of our campus is Greek. Personally, I chose not to rush a sorority, but instead joined a professional business fraternity (Phi Chi Theta) and absolutely love it.
 As with any university, the key to a great freshman year is to get involved! I joined many organizations my freshman year and each one made the campus smaller while still keeping the benefits of a large student body. From my tutoring at the Chinese Cultural Center, rushing my business fraternity, taking ownership of Corporate Strategy Club and working at the Telefund, each organization led me to a new group of friends and connections.. If you want exposure to a variety of perspectives, people and experiences combined with a great education and outstanding school spirit, IU is definitely the place for you.



| smart girl’s guide 69

by Gab Turner


most people think of Australia they think of the outback, kangaroos, vegemite, and people saying “G’day.” Well, as true as that is, my life in Australia is more then just these novelty ideas. My name is Gab Turner. I was born and raised in Melbourne, Australia. Melbourne, (pronounced “Melbin”), is the capital of the Australian state Victoria, and is the second largest city in Australia. In Melbourne, I grew up in the southeastern suburbs in a small suburb called Murrumbeena with my dad and mum and older sister, Katie. I went to an all girls’ Catholic school called Sacre Coeur. Sacre Coeur is a Sacred Heart network school and gave me the

70 smart girl’s guide | SEPTEMBER 2013

opportunity to travel to the United States before I entered year 12. To many American’s disbelief, I do not have kangaroos running in my backyard and I do not go swimming with the sharks. Melbourne is a beautiful city packed with culture. One of the signature things in Melbourne is Flinders Street Station. This train station is a favorite meeting spot for many people. Melbourne is located on the Yara River. The Eureka tower is a massive skyscraper that is one of the city’s most beautiful sights! Two of my favorite pastimes are going to the theater and the footy. In Melbourne, we have many world-class theatrical performances. The Melbourne Theater Company never fails to put on a wonderful show. And you are probably wondering what the footy is, right? The footy is a nickname for The Australian Football League. No, it’s not American soccer or rugby. The Australian Football League or AFL, is a beloved

Australian sport. Although it can be challenging to explain, the main scheme is to move the ball down the field and kick it through a ring. Us footy fans are passionate about our teams as well. I am a Richmond fan! When it came time to continue my education, I decided to travel to go to Uni. Although most people stay at home and go to the local Universities, I wanted to do something different. Being passionate about acting, I auditioned to attend The Ballarat Arts Academy. I was accepted and was able to start chasing my dream. Ballarat is a rural town about an hour and a half from Melbourne. Ballarat isn’t too far away from Melbourne so when I get the time on the weekends I can get a train to Melbourne to see my family and friends and sometimes work. However, this rural town

sisterhood is much different than the urban Melbourne. In Ballarat I live with my 3 closest friends from university in an apartment above a coffee shop, just like in F.R.I.E.N.D.S, my favorite show! My university schedule is basically 9-5 classes every day. My classes involve acting classes, productions, voice classes, singing, dancing and theatre history class. University is very demanding but so much fun. At the Arts Academy we consider each other like family. Because many of us moved away from home to come here, we have grown to become each other’s greatest support system. Within the course we also get the opportunity to put on our own shows so our friends and family can come see what we do. I may have grown up on other side of the world from many of you, however I am

not that different from other twenty year olds. When I came to the United States and stayed for a month, I learned that the world is a small place and I was not much different than my American peers. We enjoy the same movies, we like spending time with our friends, and we can make anything fun! I hope that this gave you a little picture of my life in Australia. Australia is truly a wonderful place to call home. It is a diverse country offering a variety of things to do. From the picturesque Sydney Harbor, the barren outback, and my fabulous city, Melbourne, that I call my home, I know that you too will fall in love with my country. So, I challenge you all to come down under for and experience all that Australia has to offer! SGG


Visit the Islands!


Go to the musuem of Old and New Art.


Explore Newcastle!


Dive and Snorkel the Great Barrier Reef.


Take a few days to go on a hike!


Go on an outback roadtrip!


Visit the BIG cities, Sydney & Melbourne.

http://comm ons.wikimedia .org http://www.ia


| smart girl’s guide 71


dear smart girl W

72 smart girl’s guide | SEPTEMBER 2013

When I was asked to write this letter I was honored and humbled.

pletely God driven. We did not ask for this or make a to-do-list that said find

It still amazes me that people find it so interesting that we did one simple random act of kindness and our lives were changed FOREVER! I am just like really! I am just a regular person living a regular life who saw a person that needed help and out of instinct took a chance. If you’re thinking, “she’s not like me, they wrote a book about her and made a movie about her family” ...good catch... because it is not every day that your life is made into a book and then into a movie. The story of our family and what has come of one simple random act of kindness is com-

large black teenager and adopt him. We are simply trying to be good stewards of the message that everyone has value and we can ALL make a difference. There are no factors involved in giving and loving and being kind to people..... none! Age certainly does not matter. You are never too young or too old to be a difference maker in someone’s life. Yes, the movie did a good job portraying the events that happened in our lives, not only was it a cold rainy day, it was Thanksgiving, the holiday where most are home with their families. Michael was walking in a neighborhood without proper clothes when I told my husband to “Turn Around.” You know the story - Monday turned into Tuesday and Tuesday turned into Wednesday and here we are today. We all take risks every day – driving over a bridge, walking in the park – yet we do it without thinking about it. We took a risk by picking up Michael and have been blessed over and over. People say we changed Michael’s life, but in reality, he changed ours. What risk are you willing to take to change a life? Are you willing to talk to the person that doesn’t match you or the person in school that everyone makes fun of or the person in the workplace that is looked down upon?

We believe in “Turn Around” – we simply turned our car around on that cold, rainy day. Michael was considered valueless to society. We offered Michael love, hope, and opportunity. That is all it took to change his life as well as change ours. My son Michael was so close to slipping through the cracks of society. Can you imagine if someone that is immensely valuable as Michael (he just won the Super Bowl) almost fell through the cracks....who gets left behind? How many people do you walk by every day that are Michael Ohers and all they need you to do is smile at them, sit with them at lunch, talk to them in the hallway, or hold the elevator door for them? This is not hard. I’m not asking you to give up anything. I’m not asking you to spend money. I’m just asking you to treat others the way you want to be treated, regardless of what they have, what they wear, or what they say or do.

My challenge to you is when you see a person in need – an elderly person putting bags in their car, or a mother with her hands full trying to open a door or the person being bullied for example… Turn Around! Don’t just walk by. Stop, help, smile. You never know what someone else is going through. No gesture of kindness is too small. With each action, small or large, we are making a difference. Life is all about choices. Be careful the choices you make...they define who you are and what you will become. Remember also, everything matters! Every word you use on social media, your body language, your attitude, your thoughts....they are who you are to the world! You have the ability to be the person that can be a difference maker in someone’s life. That is powerful! I will tell you from my experience; it will make you a better person and be the most rewarding thing you have ever done. If

you want to share your experience with me go to I’d love to hear about them! Follow me on twitter as well and maybe together we can make a difference one person at a time! Warmly, Leigh Anne Tuohy


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Goals of the Month

We believe that if you are going to take time to do something, you deserve tangible proof that you got something out of it. That is why we created the Goals of the Month page. This page is where we tie in pieces of the magazine to create a fun fill-in that will empower you to Live the Smart Life. We leave it up to you to determine exactly what the Smart Life means to you by having the goals be fully customizable. Smart Girls are all different, so our goals are, too. I am smart. This month, I will share my smarts with ____________ by __________________. My voice is a powerful tool that can cause great change. I see __________________ as a problem, so I will use my voice to change it by ________________________. September marks a new start to a new school year. This school year, my goal is to ________________________. Healthy living is essential to Living the Smart Life. As a Smart Girl, I will ________________________ to stay healthy this month. Trailblazing does not have a location requirement. This month, I will develop my inner trailblazer by ________________________. Emily-Anne Rigal, Ellora Israni, and Leigh Anne Tuohy have all done amazing things to help others. I will make a difference this month by _______________________. I am part of the Smart Girl Sisterhood. This month, I will show sisterly love by _______________________. The Smart Girls Group is all about inspiration. This month, I will be inspired by _______________________ and inspire by _______________________. Smart Girls are ambitious girls. They look toward the future and start working towards their goals now. I aspire to _______________________, so this month, I will _______________________ to work towards that. 74 smart girl’s guide | SEPTEMBER 2013

Thank You

The Smart Girls Group is bigger, better, and smarter than ever thanks to the countless people who dedicated their time, energy and smarts to our relaunch! While many aspects have changed for the better, it wouldn’t be an issue of Smart Girl’s Guide without the Thank You page. Here are a few special shoutouts to those who made this relaunch possible. KENNETH COLE AND THE ENTIRE COMPASS FELLOWS FAMILY, who made this relaunch possible. Thank you for making one girl’s dream, 250+ girls’ reality. QUINCY BULIN, for being the perfect representation of a Smart Girl Sister. Each and every one of us is blessed to call you a Smart Girl Sister. LEIGH ANNE TUOHY, for taking the time out of your busy schedule to write such a heartfelt letter and inspire us all. Your story is beyond motivating and we are honored that you have graced the pages of this issue. Thank you for being the type of Smart Woman that Smart Girls need. ELLORA ISRANI, for encouraging all of us to become computer scientists and appreciate the value of technology. To say you are amazing would be an understatement. CAROL CIRIACO, MARISA WHITE AND GABBY TURNER, for sharing your smarts in this issue. You are all such remarkable Smart Girls, and we are so excited to have you a part of this very special issue. EMILY-ANNE RIGAL, for being a trailblazer for anti-bullying. You have inspired us and encouraged us through your remarkable story and dedication to such an important movement. KATE PETRIK, for taking such beautiful pictures of our cover girl and for our fashion spread. Your work made our issue shine, and for that we cannot thank you enough. WENDY JAMES, for never ceasing to be our big sister on this journey. You are an amazing advisor and we are so grateful to know you. And of course, we thank all of our SMART GIRL SISTERS, whose tireless efforts have made this magazine and relaunch possible. Thank you for believing in this mission and the power of smarts. Finally, thank you to all of our Smart Story Spreaders and supporters. You are uniting the next generation of superstar women and we could not be more fortunate to have people like you cheering us on. SEPTEMBER 2013

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“The minute a little girl is born, she is already the woman she will be. So to empower a little girl is to empower the woman she will become.”

-Diana von Furstenberg

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