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issue no. 12 april 2013

A Note from Your Smart Girl Sister, Emily Raleigh I think a Happy Birthday is order! Smart Girl’s Guide is officially 1!! On another happy note, it looks like it is finally spring! I’m all about the spring cleaning, but one new way I am cleaning out for these warm months ahead is getting rid of all the cold things in my life. No, I don’t mean cold like my big puffer coat or my boots. I mean the cold, negative things. We all need to take time to clean out our lives of negativity because the reality is, negative energy leads to negative outcomes. Use this issue as your guide to detoxing your life. Learn how to feel confident in your appearance, rain or shine with Gabbi’s article (page 27) and Megan and Maurissa’s style picks (page 22). Find motivation to live a healthier lifestyle with Annie’s piece, complete with 10 simple steps (page 42), which I will definitely be using. Detox your life of negative people with the help of Maggie (page 39). Discover inspiration through Montana’s article with the amazing, Lauren Galley (page 56), and Tori’s article on Rachel Carson (page 61). Lose the negativity in your life by finding an opportunity with She’s the First, as told to us by Mollie (page 47). Go to town spring cleaning but while you’re at it, don’t stop with your closet. Clean out your whole life of negativity. I’m using this spring cleaning to start saying “no” more often and to rid my life of all negative vibes, whether it is people, bad habits, or thoughts. As Smart Girls, the only one stopping us from accomplishing anything is ourselves. By knocking out the bad vibes, we are a million times closer to reaching our goals. Plus, and more importantly, we will simply be happier. Who doesn’t want that? Happy April, Smart Girls. Here’s to spring cleaning and only positive energy! I’m pleased to present to you Issue No. 12. Thank you for being with us as we grow into the magazine for superstar girls. I hope this issue inspires you to find your inner Smart Girl power and be all that you dream. Emily Smart Starter

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She’s the First

A Pope’s Story My Pope Story

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Lauren Galley

Rachel Carson

Spring Has Sprung #EarthDay Ace the Interview How to Look Good No Matter the Weather

college spotlight | 62 University of Kentucky

hello from home | 66 Hello from Arizona

smart girl’s reviews | 73 songs of spring playlist | 76 dear smart girl | 77

organized | 31 How to Never Forget Anything

polished | 34 The Makings of the Elegant Email

secure | 39 Detox Your Life

healthy | 42 10 Steps to Finding Motivation to Make Healthy Choices 3- table of contents

the guide girls

Hannah O’Boyle Pennsylvania

Dorothy Walton Alabama

Sophie Raleigh New Jersey

Emily Smith Clemson University

Monica Murphy Saint Mary’s College

Royar Loflin Virginia

Mimi Warnick Pennsylvania

Megan Becker Michigan State University

Annie Phelps Rhode Island

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Amber Ausley Megan Rogers-Reilley University of Alabama Illinois

Maggie Chaquette Rhode Island

Gabbi Oppenheimer Illinois

Emily Raleigh Tori Wilbraham Fordham University Saint Mary’s College

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o a i C

! a l l e B

ith m S ily m E f o d l r o e w h t & e m Ro o t me o c l e w

The Smart Girl believes that life is one big adventure and that is the perfect way to explain our cover girl's life: adventure. Meet Emily, a Clemson University junior majoring in chemistry and studying for a semester in the most iconic city in the world. Join us as this Smart Girl takes us through the beautiful city of Rome, telling her unique story along the way.

7 smart girl’s guide

8- meet our cover girl

y l i m E Age | 20 (my birthday is April 14th!) School | Clemson University Major | Chemistry, minoring in Vocal Music Favorite thing about Clemson? | We call ourselves the Clemson Family for a reason.The moment I stepped on campus I got an overwhelming feeling of comfort and support and it was mostly because of the kind and friendly people that call Clemson their home. Whether it’s at a football game, in class, or just walking around campus, you can feel the support of your fellow Tigers and you know they will always be there to help you out and have fun! 9- meet our cover girl

Favorite thing about studying abroad in Rome? | I have a huge interest in ancient art and architecture so I think my favorite thing about Rome is its timelessness. It’s thrilling to just walk outside your door and realize you’re walking on the same streets the ancient Romans did two thousand years ago. I also love Rome because all the amazing sights are basically in one area so you could be walking by the Pantheon and suddenly find yourself at the Trevi Fountain! It’s really a magical city suspended in time. Favorite travel destination | Not to sound repetitive, but I have to admit, I have found Rome to be my favorite place on earth so far. Fun fact | I make a mean gluten-free chocolate cake (with peanut butter icing I might add). Celiac women unite! For anyone looking for the recipe, consult the “Gluten-Free Baking Classics” book by Annalise G. Roberts. It can’t be beat. And everyone else: don’t be fooled by the gluten-free label. My best friends (who are not celiac) swear it is the best homemade cake they’ve ever had. How on earth are you surviving in Rome gluten-free! Rome is a little tricky when it comes to eating gluten-free, but a little book called “The Gluten-Free Guide To Ita-

ly” and the internet are a Celiac’s two best friends. The book recommended a pizza place just 5 minutes from my hotel and it is literally the best pizza I’ve ever had. They have a whole gluten-free menu with pasta and other fried snacks as well! Needless to say, the staff recognize me now. Also, all Italians know about gluten-free food so you just have to let them know and they are always accommodating. Otherwise, I just get things that are naturally gluten-free such as the incredible and always available meat and cheese plates! So you are a sorority girl! I’m a part of Sigma Kappa at Clemson and have been since first semester freshman year! Greek life is relatively big at Clemson, so I thought it would be a great way to make friends and meet people since I didn’t know anyone going to Clemson from home. I’m very thankful for all the opportunities it’s given me such as participating in philanthropy events and responsibilities in being a part of a group on campus. I also met my amazing big sister/ best friend at Clemson through Sigma Kappa so I wouldn’t trade my experience in my sorority for anything.

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“I believe that using your skills and knowledge to genuinely help others is the best way to spend your time and energy.�

11- meet our cover girl

What defines a Smart Girl?

I believe life is all about balance and I think a true Smart Girl tries her best to balance all the aspects of her life and herself emotionally, physically, socially and spiritually. A Smart Girl is pragmatic, caring, empathetic, studious, social and above all, humble. In my opinion, people who brag and put themselves on a pedestal don’t understand what being smart and successful is all about. I believe that using y o u r skills and knowledge to g e n uinely help others is the best way to spend your time and energy and that is what a Smart Girl strives to do each day.

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13- meet our cover girl

Hidden talent | I can quote the entire movie, Sleeping Beauty, from memory. I’m a Disney girl at heart! What inspires you? | I am really inspired by people who are passionate for life in all aspects. I’m especially inspired by musicians because they pursue their dreams in spite of all the hardships that go along with a life in the music business. Music is a huge part of my life. I’ve been singing and playing violin since I can remember so I greatly admire performers and artists who give their lives to their passion. Who is your Smart Girl role model? | My greatest role model is my mother. She is the strongest, smartest, most loving and genuine person I know and I truly want to be just like her when I grow up and become a wife and mother. Even my close friends come to her for advice, love, and of course, her amazing cooking. She can hold her own in any situation and is never afraid to speak her mind. She has always taught me to hold honesty and integrity in high regard and I attribute all of my social and intellectual skills to her lessons throughout my life. She is always there for anyone that needs a helping hand, and with two daughters and 4 stepchildren, that is a constant burden that she bears with grace and humility. To keep it short, I couldn’t be more grateful to be the daughter of such an incredible role model and, to me, she really is the epitome of a Smart Girl. Have a cover girl idea? Send us an email and let us know! This is YOUR magazine and we want to hear your ideas. Email us at 14- smart girl’s guide

Lilly Pulitzer Chiquita Bonita


To celebrate the launch of the new and improved, Smart Girl’s Loop, our birthday issue of Smart Girl’s Guide, and just because we love our Smart Girls, we have partnered with Lifeguard Press to give away a Lilly Pulitzer Chiquita Bonita USB! This will be the perfect accessory for the ever approaching finals season. Enter by clicking here or heading to! sponsored by:

A Pope Story by Royar Loflin

design by Emily Raleigh

16- smart girl’s guide


n March 12, as 115 Cardinals began the 2013 Papal Conclave, the world, along with 1.2 billion Catholics waited anxiously. On March 13 at 7:06 local time, one day and five ballots later, white smoke billowed out of the Sistine Chapel’s chimney, which signaled that a new pople had been elected. Jorge Mario Bergoglio, the Archbishop of Buenos Aires, Argentina and fellow cardinal, had been elected as the 266th pope of the Catholic Church. He has chosen the papal name of Franciscus, or Francis, to honor Saint Fancis of Assisi, who is the patron saint of animals and the environment. In this case, it was chosen because the new pope is especially humble and concerned about the welfare of the poor. Pope Francis holds many “firsts”: the first Jesuit pope, first from the Americas, and is also the first pope from the Southern Hemisphere. The Society of Jesus, or Jesuits, are a sect of Roman Catholicism known for evangelization and ministry. They operate in 112 nations on six continents, mostly in education, research, and hospitals. For example, College of the Holy Cross, Georgetown, Fordham, and Boston College are all Jesuit-run. He is also the first non-European pope since Syrian St. Gregory III who was elected in 731. Pope Francis was born in Buenos Aires as one of five children to a railroad worker and a housewife. He decided to become a priest at age 21 and was ordained in 1969. In 1998, he was made the Archbishop of Buenos Aires. The Archbishop is simply a higher ranking bishop, of which there are only about 5,100 in the world as of 2009. In 2001, Pope John Paul II appointed him to the College of Cardinals, a.k.a the people with red hats who elect popes. He was given the title of cardinal-priest to San Roberto Be lla rmin o . When Pope John Paul II passed away in 2005, Cardinal Bergoglio was considered a frontrunner for the papacy, and an unverified diary that appeared after the 2005 conclave confirms this rumour, as well as that he had dropped back after the fourth round of voting. 17- the smart girl is...aware

When Pope Benedict XVI resigned on February 28th, speculation had already begun about who would be the new pope. Many papabile frontrunners were Christoph Schönborn of Austria, Odilo Scherer of Brazil, Luis Antonio Tagle of the Philippines, Peter Turkson of Ghana, Marc Ouellet of Canada, Péter Erdő of Hungary and Angelo Scola of Italy. The media added to speculation, and Bergoglio was considered as a possibility, but some worried that since he had come so close to the papacy in 2005, his “moment” had passed. On March 7th, work on the chimney that would keep the world briefed on the happenings inside began. On March 12th, the 115 electors of the 207 current Cardinals began the Conclave. Those who are 80 or older are unable to vote. On the first day, only one vote was taken, and as a result black smoke was released. In the morning of the 13th, two rounds resulted in black smoke as well, but after the fifth ballot, Habemus Papam was announced and the 266th pope had been selected. Inside the Sistine Chapel, ballots are given to the cardinals, who write “Eligo in Summun Pontificem” (or “I elect as supreme pontiff” for those of us who need to brush up on our Latin). Once each cardinal has voted (not for himself), they walk to the altar in order of seniority and place the ballot in a chalice. If two-thirds vote a cardinal, he becomes the pope. The black smoke comes from the burned ballots mixed with a chemical to produce black smoke. Since life would be boring without a side of controversy, it is reported that Francis opposes same-sex marriage as well as abortion, which isn’t surprising to Catholics. However, he has clashed with the Argentine government over gay marriage as well as distributing contraceptives. He also was present during the Falkland War, which is still a very touchy international topic, and was directly accused of kidnapping two liberal Jesuit priests, which he has since denied. His papacy will also face serious issues such as settling the recent sex abuse cases and corruption that have surfaced in recent years, as well as bringing in new Catholics, especially in America. Habemus Papam, y’all!

18- smart girl’s guide

My Pope Story by Tori Wilbraham

design by Emily Raleigh

19- the smart girl is...aware

February 11th had started out like any other day while studying abroad. After four and a half hours of class, I left looking forward to

a few quiet moments to sit and take a breather. As I crossed over the busy Vittorio Emmanuelle, I noticed a large crowd in a café. This abnormal collection of people caused me to question and ask, “What is going on?” When I returned to MY room, my roommate’s face dropped in disbelief. Breaking news had just come from Vatican City, one mile down the road. Pope Benedict XVI had announced his resignation. In my three months abroad, I could never have imagined that I would be here during such a special and historical time. Having attended Catholic schools for my entire life, events like these are usually observed from a television screen far away from the center of it all. The election of a new pope is not typically celebrated immediately because generally it is marked by the death of the old one. However, this was different and I was going to be able to experience it all and be a part of history. One month later, the Sistine Chapel had been closed and the Conclave had commenced. The first vote came around seven o’clock on Tuesday March 12th. Much to my dismay, I was unable to attend, but fortunately for me the smoke was black. On Wednesday morning, my friends and I were ready to wait all day in hopes of seeing the white smoke. With our “Pope Bag” full we ran down to St. Peter’s square with flags, food, and umbrellas in hand. Unfortunately, it was quite rainy down in St. Peter’s. After multiple interviews and even appearing live on CNN news, the smoke was imminent.And as expected, it was black. Even though we did not have a new pope just yet, the excitement was still very present and infectious. Around four, we ventured back down to Vatican City ready to stand out for a few more hours in hopes of seeing the white smoke this time. Walking down, I kept questioning, “Maybe it will be tonight?” But no, the second day there was no way! When there was no smoke around five, hopes of a new pope being elected that night dwindled away. Thinking about standing out there another day became a reality. However, to our surprise, the night changed. 20- smart girl’s guide

Around seven o’clock smoke had appeared. I said confidently, “It’s black.” However my roommate screamed, “That’s not black. That’s white!” And at that moment, we knew that we had a new pope and that we were witnessing history firsthand. In pure jubilation and joy we made our way through the throngs of people to the front of the Square. We were even able to find one of our Seminarians to join us on this special occasion. As I stood in St. Peter’s Square that night, time stopped. In that moment I witnessed a universal community celebrating the election of a new leader. Staring at the façade of St. Peter’s for over an hour waiting for our new pope, in retrospect it only felt like a few minutes. With the bells ringing and people crying in joy, the stormy skies had cleared and the roman stars had appeared. As one friend exclaimed, “It’s like Heaven.” There are no words that can adequately describe the whole experience. And no matter what I say or write, I will never be able to fully capture the emotions and emotionality of the history that those in St. Peter’s Square experienced that night. The only thing that I know now is that I was meant to be here in Rome during this very special time and that I am extremely and eternally blessed to have been a part of it all.

And as it was stated, the night was truly like Heaven.

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20 - smart girl’s guide

21- the smart girl is...organized

22- smart girl’s guide

23- smart girl’s guide



Ways to Look Great

No Matter the Weather

by Gabbi Oppenheimer design by Abigail Slone



Ulta | $3.99

Target | $19.99

DSW | $49.95

Victoria’s Secret | $34.50

Ulta | $7.99

Ulta | $29

Gap | $39.95 28- smart girl’s guide


pril’s the month of unpredictable weather. One minute it’s raining, the next it’s sunny, and you end up having no idea how to put yourself together. Never fear, ladies. Your survival guide is here.

1. Boat shoes. I love love love my Sperrys, mainly because they are so versatile! They work with any outfit, from skinny jeans and a cardigan to a floaty skirt and a tank top. They’re also waterproof (they’re made for use on boats!!), so you don’t have to worry as much about avoiding those pesky puddles left by April showers.

2. Go natural. I am not a huge fan of my natural hair. I’m just not. It’s super

super curly, and I think a polished blowout looks much better on me. But if the weather is unpredictable, you can bet the curls are coming out. Think about it logically: If there’s no telling what the weather will be like, there’s no telling what your hair will be like after you subject it to the elements. And in my opinion, there are few things worse than having a slightly frizzy, crumpled looking blowout. Air-dried locks reminiscent of summer days at the beach? Much better. Instead of your usual hour-long process that uses seven different products, use a dab of smoothing serum and let the waves and curls fly.

3. A light jacket. Nobody wants to be cold from an unexpected drop in

temperature, but no one wants to be boiling hot in their jacket later in the day when the thermometer climbs back up. A thin jacket provides just the right protection from the elements, and it’s lightweight enough to throw in your bag if it’s really not needed.

4. Simplicity, simplicity. It’s an old Transcendentalist philosophy (remember

that from your English classes?) to simplify and streamline your life. In weird weather, it can be applied beautifully to your outfits and make-up. Keep your face clean and fresh looking with a sweep of bronzer and some mascara. As far as outfits go, I love to rely on floaty blouses and fitted blazers with leggings or shorts once the weather gets warm. Both outfits can be easily tweaked to include accessories or different shoes, and the blazer-blouse combo solves all your temperature issues.

5. Brighten up! Spring is my absolute favorite season for fashion because

it’s the return of fun, lively colors. Don’t be afraid to color block, mix and match patterns, and add an accessory that’s got a little “WOAH” factor. You’ll be the perfect complement to sunshine, or a bright spot in an otherwise dreary day. 29- the smart girl is...stylish

Want to find your

smart girl strength?

Support our Smarts Sharer, Monica Murphy and download her Beautiful YOU App today! Click here for more information.

o t w o h r

neve forget

g n i h t y n a ps}

ste le p m i s 5 {in

by Dorothy Walton


he Spring Semester seems far busier than that of the fall! With so many sports taking place and activities going on sometimes it is extremely hard to keep up! In the spring time I have to have reminders in order t get just about anything done during this hectic time! By staying extremely organized, I am able to get task done quicker, get more done, and have more time for myself. I have five helpful hints to hopefully better organize your life and make more time for yourself!



ou probably spend a lot of time at your desk typing, writing, and brainstorming. It is easier to complete all of those tasks when your desk is clear and your supplies are easily accessible. Have pencils, pens, and any other desk essential in a drawer separator. I usually use separators that are made for forks and knives but quite honestly they work the same! The specific organization of your desk is up to you but I do have some recommendations of what to keep on hand! Make sure to have a stapler, tape dispenser, paper, paper clips, post it notes, binder clips, and writing utensils ready for action so that you do not have to get up and search for those items once you sit down to begin a task. Organizing your life seems tricky but if you start at the place where you spend the most time, it will become easier!

31- the smart girl is...organized



nother great way to organize your life is by creating to-do lists. Whether you have an ongoing weekly list or you create a new one each day, it really keeps task in perspective. I prefer making a new one daily and including academic, social, and personal tasks all together. If you wanted to you could break up your list into those categories but again it depends on your preference!


here are few better feelings than crossing off tasks on your to-do list! I like to have a notepad that travels with me so that I can write down new assignments or activities wherever I am. For me, that means it travels to school in my backpack and when I get home it is out and in sight when I begin my homework. This to-do list notepad does not take place of my agenda that is separate where I write out due dates and assignments for classes and my daily to-do list includes what must be accomplished by the end of the day. If you prefer to not have both an agenda and a to-do list, you could easily combine the two supplies if it is more convenient for you!



f I had to guess you have your phone with you pretty much all the time! I know I do so don’t be afraid to admit it! If you have this device with you all the time then why shouldn’t it be organized as well? This may seem silly however; I really find it useful so hopefully it inspires some of y’all as well! For noniPhoners I am not sure if this will make sense but most phones have similar capabilities so the terms may be a little off. What I like to do to begin organizing my phone is to organize my apps into different photos. I am not a fan of 4 pages of apps that are just scrambled around and hard to locate! Instead, I have my apps separated into categories that include: School (anything school related), Social (Facebook, Twitter etc.), Entertainment, Noise (YouTube, Pandora), Resourceful (Shopping Apps), and Fun (Games). By having lots of different folders, I am able to keep all of my apps on the same page without them looking cluttered! Another way I keep my phone organized is by dividing photos into different folders until I am able to upload them to my computer. And if you are the list loving type like myself, I find it handy to have ongoing “Notes” on my phone that help to remind me what I need to purchase, Blog Ideas, Songs I like, and everything in between! 32- smart girl’s guide



ot only do I like to know what is going on during the current week, but I also like to see what I have planned out for the months to come! The best way to achieve this view of your schedule is by using a calendar! We have a family calendar that allows us to know who has what going on on which day. I have my own personal calendar as well, which helps me to plan ahead. I keep soccer games, blog posts, appointments, Smart Girl’s stuff, and everything else on this calendar so that I can plan activities when I know that I don’t have prior engagements! I recommend keeping a family calendar as well as a personal calendar so you can easily plan and schedule around other set events.



astly, organizing your email is extremely important as well! I stink at keeping my email organized but feel so accomplished and am able to get things done faster when my email is organized. I recommended flagging or starring any need to be responded to and then deleting any that are junk mail. It also helps to make folders within your email account to keep important mail saved and easy to locate. Organizing your email can be a little tricky especially when you check it on your phone but by separating things into categories you will be able to retrieve older mail quickly! I hope these tips prove to be useful in your own life and allow you to complete tasks quickly and on time!

33 - the smart girl is...organized

emails that

the makings of the


email by Mimi Warnick design by Julia Mattox

In today’s technologically advanced world, our main way of communication is email. We email our friends to catch up, our teachers to ask a question, or colleagues that we work with. No matter the reason, we are emailing a lot! When emailing like anything else, there is a certain etiquette that goes along with it. Most people have lost this Internet etiquette, and we as Smart Girls need to bring it back! Here are simple steps and a little extra advice on how to write the elegant email.

take note:

dear: Make sure you are always addressing your recipient a p p r o p r i a t e l y. Always start with Dear….., Hello….., To Whom it may concern…..

the subject: Every email you send

should have a subject, no exceptions! The subject informs the recipient of what they are about to read or if they should even spend their time reading it. Make sure your subject covers what you have written in your email.

short & sweet:


To end the perfect email, make sure you have an appropriate signature. Signatures can range from Sincerely, Thank You, Thank you for your consideration/ time, Hope to hear from you, or Hope to work with you in the future.

There are two types of email: original content and follow-up content. An original content email is the first thread of the email. The original content sets the tone and subject for the rest of the conversation. Follow-up content is when everyone involved with the message responds.

An email should not be more than three to four paragraphs long, and it should get your point across quickly. A long, intimidating email might make the recipient only skim through your email, which might take away from the original message.

Editing: Make sure you reread through your email at least two times! It is very unprofessional to have multiple grammatical errors in your email. Everything you say and write in your email is a reflection of you. You do not want the recipient to think less of you because you forgot to spell check or add a comma.

34- smart girl’s guide

35 - the smart girl

The Smart Girls Group is about to make some BIG moves! Get in on the action with a summer internship! We are looking for interns in the following areas:

Web Development, Design, Photography, Sales & Marketing, Film, Editorial, Management, Finance, and Social Media You will get awesome experience in your field of interest, leading projects and teams. Plus, you’ll get to work with our staff, all of which are girls in college! And the best part? You can do it right from home! Yes, all of our internships are virtual.

For more information, send your cover letter and attached resume in an email to Make sure the subject line is the department for which you would like to intern!

x o t

e D

Your Life by Maggie Chaquette design by Abigail Slone

When is the last time you did a total detox? And no, I’m not talking about those silly detox diets that are terrible for your health. What I’m talking about is ridding your life of the toxic things and people in your life—they bring your mood down, make you more pessimistic, leave you stuck in a rut, and ultimately stop you from leading the happy, full life you are capable of having. Sometimes it’s hard to recognize when you need to detox, but in reality we should be detoxing as often as possible as it helps our emotional and mental state. There are several steps necessary to get rid of the “toxins” in your life. The first is to recognize what they are.

Then, YOU have the power to stop them from influencing your life. Start by detoxing your social media. We all have those friends and followers on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, you name it, whose posts are annoying, overwhelming, unnecessary, rude, degrading, and incessantly whiny or ungrateful. Unfriend, unfollow, or block them unless it’s absolutely crucial for you to be in touch with them over social media. Chances are, it’s not and they’re only clogging up your newsfeeds. Do a total detox of your friends’ and followers’ lists. It clears up those posts about things you just really don’t need to see or hear about, it will make your own page more fun and enjoyable to go onto (no comments about

how “cute” you look on spring break, or ents told you it might be a good idea, or what a “fun” get-together you threw on Fri- a club you’re a part of because you know day, etc.), and it will also make it easier to just your dream college likes students involved keep in touch with the people you really need in it, if you also don’t bring your best Smart Girl self, energy, and enthusiasm and want to stay close to. to every meeting or event, don’t stick with Spending time with activities you don’t Next, detox your bedroom. It may sound it. just drains your already busy life and silly, but having a “toxins”-free room, where enjoy away time that could be spent trying you probably spend most of your time takes and actually exciting. Who sleeping, relaxing, and doing homeowork, something new knows maybe you could will significantly reduce end of finding something your stress and put you in amazing like SGG as a better mood every time Em ily did! you go in there. Get rid of any mementos of bad vaAnyone who constantly cations, or school years, or complains about anything anything that haunts you. even remotely bad in their Place photos with friends life, or who makes you feel and family around the bad about yourself and is room in albums or on a unsupportive, is someone corkboard so that even in you need to rid of your the worst of times you’ll life. This is probably the be able to remember the most crucial area to detox. happy times you’ve had. Negative people slow you Finally, create an inspiradown in achieving your tion board with pictures, goals, affect your energy quotes—really anything level and stress, and hold that will help you get you back from opportuniout of your rut and remind you of all the ties for success you and happiness. By releasgood times ahead. ing them, you will be able to follow your and be ambitious. Plus you will This post-detox action will give you the dreams relationships with people who supconfidence to go forward strong and reach build and encourage you en route to becomthe goals (fitness, travel, school, etc.) that port ing a better person. This is also the most lie ahead in your future. difficult part of your life to detox. Some of most toxic people in your life may be As Smart Girls, we’re all very busy and in- the closest and oldest friends whom you volved in extracurriculars and volunteer your never dream of detoxing. In order work. However, just because it might look would truly better yourself, though, it really is good on a résumé does not necessarily to to rid yourself of them. You must mean it’s good for you. If there’s any activ- necessary this immediately. It may seem rude, ity you do that you really dread, move on start the easiest way to do this is to not anfrom it. Whether it’s a sport or instrument but phone calls, texts, or emails. You can you’ve been playing for 10 years, an organi- swer for being distant, but do not feel zation you volunteer for because your par- apologize guilty. After all, you are not the cause of

the problem. You are, in fact, the solution. If they truly care about you, chances are, they’ll ask for an explanation, and feel free to give one. It’s important to remember, though, that any explanation and action you take while detoxing of negative people should be done with the utmost grace

ly doesn’t suit you, or may put you down for your weight, height, personality, etc. As hard as it may be, block all their negative comments out because what they say is not true. You are beautiful because you are you. Respect who you are, starting with your body. Embrace your entire being and

“You are beautiful because you are you.”

and love. Make it clear you have the best intentions. Also, tell anyone you’re detoxing your life of that if they change and are ready to be more positive and supportive that you may be open to rekindling the relationship. Although it may be difficult, you will see in the end how much of a difference not being surrounded by negative friends, classmates, and coworkers makes.

Finally, detox yourself. If you accomplish the four above detoxes, you are well on your way to doing this. There are really 4 main steps to detoxing yourself. One: Reduce the amount of conflict in your life. Try to avoid the topics and people that you always fight about; it only adds to stress, and nobody likes to fight. Two: No more non-stop negative self-talk. Be done with saying “I CAN’T do that (whether it’s make that starting varsity spot on a team, get that A on your exam, etc.) because you CAN do it. Stop underestimating and shooting yourself down, because right now you’re being your own worst enemy. Three: Treat every day as the first day of the rest of your life. When you stop believing everything that happens in your life is “the end of your life”, you’ll be able to look forward to the future. Seeing every day as the first day helps to let go of all the toxins that previously made you think life was over. Four: Treat yourself with respect (including your body). Toxic people may tell you that a certain color or style real-

don’t let the toxic thoughts and actions of others permeate your mind. Although you may not realize it, these “toxins” in your life are most detrimental to your own confidence. They make you feel downright terrible. You aren’t happy, you don’t have a good outlook on life, you’re sluggish, you’re irritable, you have the weight of the world on your shoulders and no matter what can’t shake it. All the extra baggage that comes with the toxic things and people in your life are locked into your environment and the inability to unlock them makes you feel insecure, stressed, and incompetent. This just keeps adding up, pound by pound, until you lose who you truly are and feel like a failure. By getting rid of the toxins surrounding you, you will find your own confidence. All the pessimism, anger, and depression people heaved on you previously will bring optimism, happiness, and energy. Undoubtedly toxins will creep back into your life, but you now have a strategy to lose them before they really affect your confidence and well-being. Detoxing will lighten the burden on your shoulders and allow you to move forward in a positive direction. Start to detox your life, and start to again feel like the smart, secure young woman you are.

10 STEPS to Finding

Motivation to make

HealthyCHOICES bydesign Annie Phelps by Abigail Slone

42- smart girl’s guide


Set a Goal


Make a Motivation Board

Maybe you want to fit into that new pair of shorts for summer, or you want to be able to run a mile in under 7 minutes, or do a 5k. Figure out what it is you want – that makes it easier to push yourself, because you have something to work for. Print out healthy recipes, grocery lists, quick workouts, motivational quotes, and inspirational people. Make a collage on your closet door or make a poster board and hang it up in your room.


Find a Fitness Role Model


Get Rid of Processed Junk Foods

Read about them; find out what kind of exercises they do and what kinds of food they eat, and more about their life story. Do not attempt to be this person, but instead use them as inspiration to work harder.

If you only have healthy food, you will only eat healthy food.

43 - the smart girl is...healthy

Create a Workout Schedule


If you have a schedule that is easy to follow, includes workouts that you love, as well as rest days, you will find it so much simpler to have time to work out! The key is to be organized and manage your time – but we all know you can do that! Include hard workouts in addition to workouts that are a little easier on your body. For more information on making a workout schedule, see next month’s article.

Read Up on Important Health Topics


Ever heard of red 40? It’s a dye used in some foods, such as fruit snacks, and many research facilities have linked it to cancer. I would never have known this if I had not read some articles on it. When you know more about something, you will become more passionate about it. Know- i n g more about your health and some of the things you put in your body will make you more aware of your health and healthy choice making.

Try a New Sport


Try out for a sport at your school, or try an intramural sport, or just pick up a game of soccer every couple days with your friends. You don’t have to know how to play it – one of your friends can teach you or you can read up on it! Sports are a great way to meet new people, reconnect with old friends, as well as stay in great shape.

44 - smart girl’s guide

8 9

Join Forces with a Friend Tell a friend about your healthy lifestyle – they may have the same goals as you. Talk to each other about healthy choices you have, or haven’t, made. You can help each other succeed!

Read Archive Smart Girl’s Guide

Reread the stories of our cover girls – they are meant to be role models to you. Reread some health articles – you may find new motivation in them! Reread the sports articles – they may lead you to pick up a new sport. Our magazine is meant to help you year-round, not just the month it comes out. The magazines stay on our website for a reason! Smart Girl’s Guide

issue no. 4


Don’t be Afraid to Slip Up

The reason many people slip up – and often times give up on their goals to make healthy decisions – is because they are afraid to make a mistake. Do not be afraid to make a mistake, it just means you are trying. Remember your motivational quotes and you fitness role model. Believing in yourself and being optimistic are the absolute best things you can do for your health.


We have BIG things coming for our high school and college programs. Want to get involved? Join the Camus Executive Board for the summer!

For more information, contact our Campus Correspondent, Megan!

Join the Movement That is Putting Girls Education First.

by Mollie McLaughlin

She’s the First is a non-profit organization that encourages education for girls in developing countries and helps them become the first in their family to graduate. The sponsors of these girls in return learn valuable life and work skills for they are challenged to host creative fundraisers and lead campus chapters. She’s the First and founder, Tammy Tibets, won the People’s Voice Awards and a $50,000 grant and was honored at the DVF Awards on April 5. From educating girls’ in developing countries to challenging young Americans to step up and lead She’s the First is shaping a generation of educated women and strong leaders. I sat down with the Smart Girls of She’s the First to hear what they had to say about how She’s the First impacted their lives and why you should get involved, too. 48- smart girl’s guide

After interning with She’s the First in the summer of 2012, Brooke began the process of establishing an STF chapter at Rutgers University. The internship was Brooke’s first and the experience provided her with the necessary professional skills she now uses every day as an intern for Cosmopolitan Magazine. Brooke is currently working on getting her new club up and running at Rutgers in hopes of sponsoring girls! What got you interested in STF and what inspired you to get involved? All my life I’ve been fortunate enough to go to school. Not all girls in the world can say that they’ve had this opportunity, and that’s something that needs to change. There’s millions of doctors, lawyers, teachers, journalists just waiting to be discovered, but certain restrictions keep them from even obtaining a high school degree. She’s the First sponsors girls education in the developing world, and gives them the chance they need to achieve their dreams. That to me is beyond inspiring. What do you personally do with She’s the First? I started as an intern for She’s the First in the summer of 2012. Ironically my internship at She’s the First was my first internship! (It doesn’t get much cooler than that!) I was working on everything from social media to creating videos from an intern’s perspective. Being one of two interns gave me the opportunity to 49 - opportunity of the month

to work on a wide range of different projects, and it really made my skill set incredibly versatile. I am also the Co-President of the Rutgers University Campus Chapter of She’s the First. We’re still working through the application process to become an official club at RU, but my Co-President and I were so excited to get things started that we already had our first event. What was it like interning at STF? Interning at She’s the First was a life-changing event for me. I walked away from my internship with a wealth of knowledge, and feeling armed and ready to conquer the world of communications. It almost felt like it had been my fifth or sixth internship. Leaving with so much experience, I felt a newfound confidence in all of my skills. But it didn’t stop there. I became part of a family. I was constantly surrounded by the most passionate and inspirational women, and believe me when I say it, that energy is contagious. What are some events STF does? Any personal favorites? I attended my very first She’s the First event within days of starting. I began just in time for She’s the First’s benefit concert, Girls Who Rock. Girls Who Rock will always be a personal favorite for me. After being in the office for only a few days (and writing blog posts, working with the PR team, and taking care of other miscellaneous work to prepare for the event), it was quickly the big day. My emotions were torn between nerves and excitement. But once I got there, I soon realized it would be a night I’d never forget. Aside from Girls Who Rock, myself and another intern also helped to coordinate She’s the First’s involvement in The Young Women’s Leadership Network Schools Summer Camp. It was extremely inspiring working with such motivated girls. We taught them everything from the fundamentals of reporting/blogging to the creation of magazine beads, which we would later sell in hopes of sponsor a girl. 50- smart girl’s guide

What are your favorite She’s the First memories? I like to call Summer 2012 my summer of firsts. First internship, first trip to the Shake Shack, first time off on my own to conquer the city…the entire experience was truly an unforgettable one. I’ve met so many people that have changed my life in ways that I could’ve never imagined. Just being able to work alongside Tammy Tibbetts everyday served as such an inspiration to me. She’s so passionate about what she does, and I admire her so much. I’ve truly been blessed to cross career paths with her, and getting the opportunity to work with such a role model of mine. What do you think defines a Smart Girl? A Smart Girl is one who takes pride in her own smarts, and never gives up on her dreams. Although it may sound cliché, one of the biggest issues I come across are girls giving up because they think their desired industry is too hard to break into, or that they’re already stamped with limitations as a girl. If you’re a girl who’s ever doubted herself, just remember, nothing is too hard if you want it bad enough. Nothing is too hard if it’s your dream. If we’re lucky, we get 100 years to accomplish all that we wish during our time here on Earth. So why not make the best of it while you can and shoot for the stars? Smart Girls don’t let the unknowns of the future stop them from achieving what they’re destined to do. Smart Girls use their smarts to find ways around the obstacles in life, and by doing so, inspire others with their Smart Girl spirit along the way.

“As the Executive Producer for the GIRLS WHO ROCK 2012 concert, I am truly grateful for what an incredible experience it was. We raised over $30,000 to sponsor girls in India, and it was so empowering to be able to know you had a part in giving someone the gift of education.” 52 - smart girl’s guide

Mileva started a She’s The First Chapter at her school, St. Mary’s, after discovering the organization for a college paper about girls’ education. Today, Mileva heads the chapter, running fundraisers and creating awareness about She’s The First and girls’ education. What got you interested in STF and what inspired you to get involved? She’s the First first caught my attention because of its focus on young women, not only with the girls in the international partner schools, but with the campus chapters as well. She’s the First really focuses on getting people involved in creative ways, whether its baking cupcakes for a cause, participating in a 5K, or using the power of social media, and I really felt like I could make a change. Especially as a student at a women’s college, the issue of girls’ education is very important to me. I see the benefits of educating women each and every day I am on campus, and felt my school could really become passionate and work to support girls’ education with it’s own chapter. How did you find out about STF? I first got interested in STF while researching girls’ education in developing countries for my final paper in my Gender and Women’s Studies class. I found the She’s the First website, and was immediately drawn to the organization. What inspired you to start a chapter at your school? From the moment I found the She’s the First website and saw how many campus chapters there were across the country, I felt inspired to bring it to my own campus. As a women’s college, the students here appreciate and understand the immense benefit of educating girls, and I knew that starting a chapter at my college could hold the potential for great change. From the moment I first reached out to students and faculty on campus about how to found a chapter at Saint Mary’s, I received such generous support and an outpour of women who wanted to see this organization brought to our school, that I never even second guessed the possibility of not starting our own chapter. 53 - opportunity of the month

What does your chapter do? We creatively fundraise and raise awareness for girls’ education in developing countries on campus. We hold bi-monthly meetings with our members to discuss upcoming events, new ideas, evaluate what we have done so far and see where we can take our chapter next. What are some events you do at your school for STF? In our first year, we have successfully held a Tie-Dye Cupcake Bake Sale, raising $300 which has supported a year of education for Parbati, a 12 year old girl at the Kopila Valley Children’s School in Nepal. We also held awareness events, such as a screening of the powerful documentary Half The Sky. This semester we are planning to have a yoga + froyo fundraising event this month, and host a screening of the documentary, It’s A Girl, on campus. My favorite event is the Tie-Dye Cupcake Bake Sale. It’s She’s the First’s flagship fall fundraiser, with all campus chapters across the country selling cupcakes for girls’ education during the same week. Everyone loves cupcakes, especially tiedye cupcakes, so it’s a great way to get people involved and the aid in the fundraiser. It’s also so exciting and inspiring to see the success, the smiling faces, and the delicious cupcakes being sold by campus chapters across the country through the power of social media.

ing, and an inspiring mentor. She has allowed me to grow within She’s the First by becoming the Tumblr Editor, she encourages me and drives me with her passion and warm heart, and I am so lucky to know her. What defines a Smart Girl? I think a Smart Girl is someone who knows what she loves, and pursues it. A Smart Girl is passionate, and not afraid to express that passion. And that passion can be anything, there is no set identity or criteria for a Smart Girl. She loves and loves openly, and pursues her dreams no matter what. One of my favorite quotes, and I feel it really applies to The Smart Girls Group, is “Let the beauty of what you love be what you do.”, from Rumi. I have this quote printed and framed near my desk as a reminder that as a Smart Girl, I am finding and pursuing my passions, not just letting them exist as dreams, but bringing them into reality. Want to get involved with She’s the First? Check out their awesome website!

Do you have any favorite memories? Every chance I get to email or Skype with Tammy is a favorite memory. From the moment I became involved with She’s the First in helping with the social media campaign for the Seventeen Magazine Pretty Amazing Cover Contest for STF star, Lindsay Brown, Tammy has been incredibly warm and friendly, encourag54 - smart girl’s guide

We are hiring! Ever dream of being the Editor-in-Chief of a magazine? Now is your chance! We are looking for a Smart Girl to join our staff as the Editor-in-Chief of Smart Girl’s Guide. We need someone who is creative, has a passion for The Smart Girls Group ,and is well versed in inDesign, Photoshop, and Illustrator. Interested? Email Emily, at, with your resume, a brief cover letter, and examples of your fabulous work!

47- smart girl spotlight

Smart Girl Spotlight:

Lauren Galley Interviewed by Montana MacRae design by Abigail Slone

Smart Girls everywhere hope to have a positive impact however small, on the world around them. They have love drive and passion in every aspect of their lives, in everything they do and our Smart Girl Spotlights every month are no exception to the Smart Girls everywhere. Our Smart Gir Spotlight this month is Lauren Galley, who started Girls Above Society, has accomplished her dream o modeling and acting while graduating high school at 16 and currently attending college.

46 - smart girl’s guide


t, e, g o rl d f 6

49- smart girl spotlight

How did you come up with the idea for Girls Above Society? Being an actress and model, I have seen a numerous amount of young girls fall into the trap of anorexia, insecurity, and confidence issues. I realized that they didn’t really have a platform to go to in order to discuss these problems with someone relatable and similar to them in age. My passion is helping other people and making a difference, so I decided to create Girls Above Society in order to provide girls all over the world with mentorship and confidence building skills.

What is the best part of being the founder for such an-and-coming organization? The best part of helping these young girls is seeing the look on their face when they realize they are not alone. I have had several girls approach me and tell me that I truly made a difference in their lives and that they have a newfound self-confidence. The knowledge that you have changed someone else’s life for the better is truly the best feeling in the world. It is also amazing how much I learn from the girls. Social Media and it’s effects on today’s society is rapidly changing. Tweens and teens are exposed by these outlets more now than ever before. I continue to learn the difficulty young girls are facing in regards to their self confidence and being able to stand up for themselves due to society’s expectations of them.

Who was a Smart Girl to you when you were growing up? My mom was and still is a “Smart Girl” to me. She has always supported me one-hundred percent in anything I want to do. I know that if I ever need advice or guidance she will be there for me no matter what. Having someone in your life like that is a blessing that a lot of people take for granted. There is a great amount of young girls out there who don’t have a Smart Girl to look up to. I am trying to change that!

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? In five years, I see myself graduating from a university with a degree in clinical child psychology. I will also continue pursuing my acting and modeling career. I can see Girls Above Society having made a difference in the way that society looks at the idea of our appearance and “perfection.” My goal is to have great teen mentors in every state representing “Girls Above Society” continuing a movement with “Girl Talk.” 58 - smart girl’s guide

If you could meet one person, who would it be and why? If I could meet one person, I would choose Meryl Streep. Her talent on-screen is unbelievable and she has always upheld such a positive image in the media. I feel that she would have a life-time of wisdom, not only in regards to acting, but also about life in general. I think sheis a beautiful role model for young women.

We all have those days when we feel overwhelmed with everything going on. How do you handle those days?

I try to balance my schedule as well as I can to avoid getting too stressed out. For example, if I know I have an essay due on Monday, but I am busy the entire week prior, I might start on it two weeks early to ensure it is finished. However, if I do find myself feeling overwhelmed, I sit down and do something that I find relaxing for a few minutes. For me, that might be catching up on my favorite shows or calling my friends to see what they are up to.

You went to college at the age of 16. Would you please explain that experience to us? My transition into college was actually really easy for me. Having taken AP courses in high school, I wasn’t overwhelmed by the workload and I only had classes two days a week, so if anything it was easier!

How do you balance all of your work with Girls Above Society and school? Sometimes it can get pretty challenging to keep up with everything, but I have discovered that as long as you set a schedule for yourself, you can keep from getting stressed out. The weekends are typically the time I spend working on the film series for Girls Above Society, modeling, and acting. Weekday afternoons and evenings I devote to catching up on my school work. I love to interact with my followers on Twitter and other social media sites in the mornings, and also throughout my evenings when I get the chance. I have to make myself put down my phone sometimes....that Twitter can be a little addictive!!

59 - smart girl spotlight

What is one thing you want to see happen in your lifetime to occur to teenage girls? I would love for the new trend to be loving yourself for who you are inside, not the outside. Instead of obsessing about what your hair looks like and how much you weigh, I think we should obsess about what goals we would like to accomplish in life, what kind of a difference we are making in the world, and how we affect others.

What is one piece of advice you I would remind you not to let what others say get you down! All that matters is what you think about yourself and the positive influence you are having on others. Who knows, maybe the “bully” is just a girl who feels insecure and wants to make friends but doesn’t know how! It is important for every girl to find something in life that she is passionate about. Whether it is something artistic, athletic, or scholarly, finding what you truly love in life will surround you with peers that you have something in common with. This will provide for a positive and fun youth!

What do you think defines a Smart Girl?

A smart girl is someone who doesn’t let the media and society define who they are and what they should look like. She makes a positive influence on every person she interacts with and is an encouraging role model for her peers. A Smart Girl is someone who learns from her mistakes and the challenges she faces in life, and uses them to inspire herself and others!

Want to learn more about Girls Above Society? Go to

60 - smart girl’s guide

an or H e art

E le by

Rachel Carson

a smart girl of history

The Smart Girl of History of the month is



none other than the great Rachel Carson. A leading scientist, environmentalist, and writer r it g i s te e Rachel Carson is remembered as one of the most n D · by significant scientists of the twentieth century. Without T m a o r h i W i l b r a her, our environment and the call for preservation would not be the same. Her preservation efforts and dedication to helping our planet for future generations makes her our Smart Girl of the History. Born in 1907, Rachel Carson had always been drawn to the beauty of nature. In 1925 she graduated from present day Chatham College, an all women’s college, and furthered her education by graduating from John Hopkins University with a degree in Zoology. In 1936 Rachel Carson was the first woman to take and pass the civil service test, which gave her a job with the U.S. Bureau of Fisheries. Hired by the U.S. Bureau of Fisheries, Rachel Carson wrote radio scripts. This job started her long life of scientific writings in at the time a mostly male dominated world. During the 1940’s Rachel Carson’s love for writing took off. Some of her noted works include Under the Sea-wind, The Sea Around Us, and The Edge of the Sea. These three award-winning publications brought Rachel Carson to the forefront of naturalist and scientific writers. However, Rachel Carson is most noted for her publication of Silent Spring and the legal movements that accompanied the publication of this masterpiece.


Silent Spring discusses the major side effects of using the pesticide DDT. This pesticide was used widely throughout the United States during and after WWII. This misuse of pesticides was not only hurting humans, but also causing malformations in eggs of certain wildlife birds. In large part due to the Publication of Silent Spring, President Kennedy put a ban on using the chemical DDT. Rachel Carson died on April 14, 1964, but her legacy lives on. Thanks to her conservation and environmental work, Carson’s message is still relevant in our lives today. This Earth Day please take a moment to remember Rachel Carson and the contribution that this Smart Girl did for us and how we are called to preserve our earth for future generations. 61 - smart girl of history

by Kati Fisher design by Eleanor Harte

I was ten years old the first time I dreamt of college.

I think growing up, kids have their own idea about what they want their experience to be like. I dreamt of red brick

buildings, prestige, reputation, and a sense of home. College is the time in your life where you will find your independence, experience new things, meet so many people, and enrich your mind. At ten, we have no idea what our life and future will hold. We have an idea of what we think college is, but it isn’t until much later where our dreams find focus and we find our true home. From the moment I heard, “Hey Miss Kati!” in a perfect southern accent, I knew that the University of Kentucky was for me.

62 - smart girl’s guide

The University of Kentucky,

though it may be more northern, is a SEC school and with that comes the pride and tradition that southern universities are known for. Between Greek life, tailgate season, basketball games at Rupp Arena, participating in Dance Blue, spending weekends at Keeneland thoroughbred racetrack, and everything in between, UK is a tradition and a lifestyle all on it’s own. The Big Blue Nation, or BBN, is among the greatest of all college traditions. With over 28,000 students, both undergraduate and graduate, UK is the largest state university in Kentucky. The class of 2016 posted a record breaking 4,600 first year students for the university in the fall of 2012. Out of the 4,599 other fellow students, I have been fortunate to meet some of my best friends in just eight months.

When I decided to go to UK,

I started looking at the course catalog, trying to figure out what I wanted to take and ultimately what I wanted to major in. Within the university, there are sixteen colleges and ninety-three undergraduate programs. In high school, I was an English enthusiast; I love the written word and expressing thoughts through words. Upon visiting campus, I learned more about a major called Integrated Strategic Communications and realize that this is what I wanted to study. With ISC, I can write, but I can also explore marketing and communications. It’s a major with a lot of opportunities. The university has a wonderful staff; I have yet to come across a professor that isn’t willing to help you in anyway possible. Not only does the University of Kentucky offer a great social experience, but also the education received is top-notch.

As far as classes, all students must meet the UK Core Requirements, most of which can be

completed by sophomore year. Depending on which college and major they decide, students will take a course load between twelve and fifteen hours a semester, on average. Prerequisites are met usually before the start of junior year for major programs. A class can range from fifteen students to two hundred, it is all dependent on the class and the level of that class.

At UK, recruitment for sororities is the week before the first day of school.

For four days, girls divide their time between thirteen great houses. For some, the decision is easy; for others, their hearts are torn on the final day. No matter the experience, there is no better feeling than running from Memorial Coliseum to the house where all your sisters are anxiously awaiting you. After four long days of running in heels, sweating, and smiling, I found my home at Alpha Phi. Along the way, I had started to make friends with the girls that lived on the floor of my dorm. After eight months being a member of Alpha Phi, I can honestly say that I have found sisterhood; I have found a home within the University of Kentucky and with that, incredible friends that push me to be a better person.

63 - college spotlight

Dorm life comes with so many stereotypes. From roommates to floor mates to RAs, it

Navigating through UK and the traditions has

been an experience all on it’s own. In Indiana, the dress code for football tailgates consists of jeans and a t-shirt; in the Bluegrass, you better have a blue dress and cowgirl boots on. Needless to say, I was scrambling to find a blue dress the Friday before our first home Saturday football game! There is always something to do, whether it be studying at the library, heading to Keeneland to watch horse racing, participating in Dance Blue, our 24-hour dance marathon to benefit children’s cancer, or hanging out with your sorority sisters, there is always something to do and always someone to do it with.

Three months after packing my bags for Lexington, my first visit home came at

Thanksgiving Break. My mom asked me during that trip, “Do you regret your decision to go to UK?” and I could honestly answer no. The University of Kentucky is my dream school and I am living my dream college experience. I am very blessed to have this opportunity and to be apart of the BBN. The students of Kentucky are the most dedicated and loyal fans; we are the heart of the Bluegrass. I can only hope that other girls are as passionate about their college as I am UK. Indiana may be where I am from, but my heart belongs to my new Kentucky home.

64 - smart girl’s guide

Kati and her sisters

all has a label. At UK, there are twenty-three dorms on campus, spread across three neighborhoods, North, Central and South. South campus is the most heavily populated yet North campus is closest to the classroom buildings. Currently, the housing situation is growing even more. More dorms seem to be popping up along campus each week. For me, dorm life has had its ups and downs. I have found a sense of family in the girls I share a floor with. We were there for each other at the biggest transition of our lives thus far. We laugh together and we comfort each other. When May 3rd arrives and I have to say good-bye to these twelve girls, I will be saying good-bye to a special time in my life. There will no longer be Bachelor Mondays, or running down the hall to talk to one another. Living in the dorms offers the opportunity to connect with people in the same situation as you; some may disappoint you, but some will be unforgettable. I personally have met wonderful girls that have turned into wonderful friends that I will have for a lifetime.

Have you seen it? We launched our first promotional video! Check it out HERE.

And please pass it along to the Smart Girls in your life so more girls can join the sisterhood.

57 - hello from home

Hello FROM


66 - smart girl’s guide

59- the smart girl’s reading club


f I wake up before 6am, I am greeted before the most beautiful of sunrises atop Camelback Mountain, where I can look down and see the entire Valley surrounding me. Though I’ve traveled much, I have yet to find a view as striking as the sky’s purple, pink and orange hues as it meets the morning fog. When I tell people where I’m from, I’m usually told “Oh, my grandparents have a house there,” or “My dad went golfing there once.” The Grand Canyon, Sedona, world-renowned spas and golf courses, an amazing array of international cuisine and one of the most diverse populations in the United States.

Welcome to my backyard:

Phoenix, Arizona. 68- smart girl’s guide

69- hello from home

I haven’t always been a fan of Arizona. In fact, I cared so little for it that I couldn’t wait to leave the heat behind for college two years ago. Looking back, I laugh at the very thought of it! I was born and raised in the Bay Area of San Francisco, California, and my parents moved my family down to Arizona in the early 2000’s. Growing up, I was always so confused of the whole “White Christmas” spectacle that I would see on Christmas movies or by the idea of having to wear more than a winter coat to go outside. Life was good in the city. Phoenix is a wonder of a metropolis, where most suburbs are no more than a 45-minute drive from downtown by freeway. Home to four and a half million people, the Valley of the Sun is surrounded by beautiful mountains which divide the major metropolitan areas. As it’s own sort of plateau, Phoenix is fortunate enough to have a grid system which makes the entire metro area a breeze to drive through. I grew up in the northwestern side of the Valley, and in my 10-year tenure in the Valley I have witnessed its rapid expansion as tens of thousands have moved here to reap the benefits of a great climate. Phoenix is a great place to grow up (and live) for many reasons, primarily its weather. While the summers do get very hot (an average of 105 degrees in June or July), the fall, winter and spring have very tem-

perate climates with the coldest days at 50 degrees and no need for snow plows. It’s a dry heat, so perfect tanning and outdoor weather, which means that your outdoor time is maximized and most shopping centers and schools are exposed to the sun. Some of my dearest memories as a child include going to the Phoenix Zoo during Christmas time for “Zoo Lights”, which is an experience unique to Arizona because only the weather there would allow for such a feat. Voted one of the countries best zoos, The Phoenix Zoo sits on the famous Papago Park, 125 acres nestled between the gorgeous red rock mountains. Because it doesn’t snow in Phoenix, nights in the winter time can be spent at the zoo, as it is lit up and exhibits are opened to the public as well as trails and different light shows- all to be enjoyed at a crispy 60 degrees (sweater weather! Need I say more?). If you drive an hour and a half north of Phoenix on the I-17, you pass the great pines in Flagstaff, which is usually covered in snow year-round due to it’s elevation. Flagstaff is home to the Northern Arizona University, one of Arizona’s main universities, as well as a small town feel to traditional Arizona. Another 30 minutes down the I-17 and you arrive at Sedona, one of the most beautiful sites in the world. Should you wish to continue your journey to the Grand Canyon, that’s only another hour away.

70- smart girl’s guide

The natural beauty of Arizona is unparalleled, but my own short explanations can never do it justice, so I’ll go onto the next best thing, which is the food. Phoenix has some of the best world cuisine menus of any cities in the United States, so you can rest assured that your taste buds will not be unsatisfied during your stay here. Mexican food here, though, goes beyond any burrito or taco you have had before. My favorite place is the Barrio Café downtown, where guacamole is seasonal including either pomegranate seeds or cranberries, and is made to order. The Barrio Café is located in the newer and urban region of

downtown Phoenix, which has a very big sustainable and vegetarian-vegan-organic scene. Every first Friday of the month, local artists and musicians line the streets with very unique and interesting pieces as well as live music. Green café, also downtown, has one of the best vegan menus I have ever come across with it’s cute sister dessert joint, Nami, right next door. Nami offers an organic ice cream treat called the tSoynami, which is a made-to-order soft serve without rival. For the best chai in the Southwest, head on over to any Cartel Coffee Lab location- some of my favorite times are spent down at the Cartel by

71 - hello from home

ASU, sitting outdoors on Mill Avenuethe ultimate Smart Girl’s college street dream! Of course, any stay in Arizona would be incomplete without the shopping, spas and golf. Scottsdale Fashion Square is the largest shopping center in the American Southwest with over 200 stores including Barney’s New York, Neiman Marcus, Anthropologie, and our favorite: Tiffany’s. Anything your heart desires can be found at FS (as known amongst native Phoenicians), and should it not be found, down the street is the Arizona Biltmore, where Saks and Vera Bradley welcome you with open arms. A golfer’s paradise, Arizona is home to over 300 of the U.S.’s top golf courses, with all sorts of landscapes at your disposal. Some of the most noteworthy ones include The Phoenician, Boulders, Wildfire and Troon North Scottsdale. As for resort spas, you can never go wrong at the Phoenician or the Arizona Biltmore with their spa packages and great teas. All in all, Arizona is amazing, and you must all go at some point i n your life, as the Grand Canyon is one of the few sites to see that does not disappoint! Whether you’re a snowbird and looking to catch some Vitamin C in the cold winters, or simply want long to drive down Route 66 with the top down and see some historic roads and cowboys on horses with bolo ties (yes, we have that too) f ly right down for a great relaxing and worldly time in the Valley of the Sun!

smart girl’s reviews


a documentary by Roko Belic review by Amber Ausley

This month I chose to mix things up and review a documentary. I don’t know why, I have just loved documentaries recently. Through dealing with the stress of midterms and living so far from home, I stumbled upon “Happy.” This documentary undertakes the monumental task of discovering what really makes people happy. Belic travels from the swamps of Louisiana to the slums of Kolkata, and everywhere in between to find the secret to bliss. While you will have to watch the film to find out what Belic learns, the film reveals the insignificance of what modern society bases the foundation of success on.


After finishing the documentary, I couldn’t help but have a more optimistic outlook on life. The most But pervasive theme throughout “Happy” is the imin the course of portance of friendship. For this reason, I don’t making my happiness film, think there is a more fitting film to debut for The Smart Girls Group. Health, success, I learned something simple but and ultimately happiness all stem from completely illuminating. Research close relationships with people. At only showed that just about all happy people just over an hour, “Happy” is perfect for have strong relationships. They are healthier a weekend movie, something to watch as a family in the evening, or even and have happier children. They are more likely something to recommend watching to find a creative solution to a problem and to in class. While documentaries are not help a stranger in need. Happy people have fewer everyone’s cup of tea, “Happy” takes conflicts and are less likely to commit crimes, a very storyline, straightforward, enjoyable approach to explaining an is- pollute the environment or go to war. In other words, just about everything I cared about, sue that impacts everyone. everything I wished I could change in the world, was improved with being happy. -Roko Belic 73- smart girl’s reviews

One Way or Another

by One Direction

review by Megan Becker

This fun take on an old song by the British boy band from X Factor, One Direction is not only is a catchy and chart-topping song, but also goes to a good cause. Red Nose Day 2013 is a fundraising effort that benefits the homeless and those suffering from Domestic Abuse in the United Kingdom as well as in Africa, where they work to provide clean water and malaria prevention techniques, such as life-saving vaccines. You can purchase the iTunes single and music video which will help provide them the ability to continue helping affected individuals!

The Great Gatsby

by F. Scott-Fitzgerald

review by Megan Becker

If you haven’t already read this book, now is the time! With the Warner Brothers movie starring Leonardo DiCaprio coming out this May, you will definitely want to immerse yourself in the 1920s New York lifestyle that Fitzgerald writes so expertly about. The story is based around the enigma Jay Gatsby and is narrated by a newcomer to New York, Nick Carraway who is a charming character. This book is a classic for a reason and something every Smart Girl should read!

Minnie pants

J. Crew, $88

review by Megan Becker

Priced at $88 dollars, this versatile dress pant is PERFECT for a Smart Girl. They are thinner through the leg and are the modern dress pant. I wear mine with flats, heels, and tuck them into boots for a more “class friendly” look. They come in lots of fun colors and really do go from interview ready to casual errands and/or school. They are stretchy and come in all different sizes! I would definitely head to your closest J. Crew to check them out! HAVE A PRODUCT THAT YOU’D LIKE US TO REVIEW? CONTACT MAURISSA, MAURISSA@THESMARTGIRLSGROUP.COM 74- smart girl’s guide

Get in the Loop! Smart Girl’s Loop got a MAJOR makeover! Go check it out and join in on the fun! Comment, contribute, and be inspired by articles from your Smart Girl sisters!

75 - smart girl’s guide

by Sophie Raleigh

Dear Smart Girl by Monica Murphy

People in today’s world have forgotten what it means to be thoughtful. As Smart Girls, our thoughtfulness towards others must shine in all that we do. Young leaders who serve with passion, humility, hope and newfound wisdom constantly inspire me. My good friend, Deserea Jones, is one such leader and a “smart girl,” who has impacted my life with her constant thoughtfulness. Most importantly, she has influenced her community, nation and world. Deserea has traveled the world and spent half a year in Costa Rica. A recent graduate of college and just 23 years old, she is the founder of a program called Make a Statement, which focuses on youth leadership. What inspires her you may ask? She was raised by her father and was homeless at one point in her life. But even when life seemed dark and hope seemed lost, someone believed in her and, above all, she believed in herself. No matter what circumstances were happening around her, she made the choice to keep going. Now, as the oldest of seven children, she understands the importance of being a good role model and leader for young people, especially those who have been through similar situations. She aspires to create powerful leaders for future generations by bringing out the greatness that is within every individual, one statement at a time. Deserea shares, “I just want to give back and implant great morals and values that someone gave and implanted in me.” We all have smarts to share with the world, and with self-belief, we will continue to be world-changers. For Deserea, empowering young girls is especially important because they do not have many positive role models to look up to. In closing, Deserea shares, “Be the best you that you can be.” In your every day life, how are you extending your hand to another? This is where true thoughtfulness is formed and where great appreciation blossoms. Much love to you beautiful, Smart Girls, Monica Murphy

77- dear smart girl

Goals for the Month Well ladies, it is that time of the month again! Remember, this month is all about cleaning out your life of all negative energy! I am smart. This year, I will share my smarts with ____________ by doing ____________. April showers may bring May flowers, but this April, I will bring ____________ into my life. As spring begins to show it’s light, I will start spring cleaning by clearing my mind of all barriors that I myself have established solely out of fear. The barriors in my life include ____________. Healthy choices start with motivation. I will keep myself motivated to make healthy choices by ____________. I am a part of the Smart Girl sisterhood. This month, I will show my SGG sisters some sisterly love by ____________. The negative person/people in my life is/are ____________ and I will get rid of her/him/them by ____________. I will organize my life by ____________ so that I will never forget anything. The Smart Girls Group is all about inspiration. This month, I will be inspired by ____________ and I will be inspiring by ____________. Just like She’s the First, I will be my own “first” by ____________. Smart Girls don’t alway see just how much they are cabable of achieving. This month, I will help ____________ see how much potential she holds. Smarts Girls look towards the future and sees what she can do now. In the future I want to ____________ so this month, I will ____________. Upload a picture of your Goals of the Year to Instagram and tag @smartgirlsgroup! Your picture will be in our next magazine!

78 - smart girl’s guide

Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

On April 1, 2012, we launched our first Smart Girl’s Guide. Never did we expect the sisterhood that this would turn into! A big hug to all of you for supporting us! We have a few people we especially thank for making this issue a reality. Emily Smith, for being our first cover shot in a different country and simply because you are the most cheerful cover girl ever. Thank you for allowing us to travel with you. You were beyond sweet and we cannot wait to get you involved in SGG! Karla Moreno, for saving us. Literally. We love you. And thank you for opening our eyes to the beautiful Phoenix, Arizona. Can we visit you?!?! Lauren Galley, for being amazing. The more we learn about you, the more we are astonished. Thank you for helping spread the girl power. We consider you a very special Smart Girl sister! Wendy James, for always being the Smart Girl big sister and giving us advice on all things advertising. Kati Fisher, for being our eyes into Kentucky. Thank you for showing us around your college world! We are thrilled that you love UK! Brooke Sassman, Opal Vadham, Mileva Brunson, and Tammy Tibbetts, for making our first Opportunity of the Month one of the greatest articles for Smart Girl’s Guide yet. You all are true representations of what it means to be a Smart Girl. All of the Smart Girls within The Smart Girls Group, for continuing to support and contribute to the entire community, whether it is on our chat group or through sharing your smarts. We are all so lucky to have each other. Finally, thank you to all of the Smart Story Spreaders. You are connecting the Smart Girls of the world and for that, we are all forever grateful. You are helping create a sisterhood of future leaders who will have a positive impact on this world. Thank you so much. Thank you for a fantastic year of Smart Girl’s Guide publications. We cannot wait to see what this year will bring!

Be Smart. Share Smarts.

“One of the most courageous things you can do is identify yourself, know who you are, what you believe in and where you want to go� -Sheila Murray Bethel

Smart Girl's Guide Issue No. 12  

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