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hey smart girl! A N O T E F R O M E M I LY


e all have those moments where we look at the incredible work someone else is doing and wish that in some way, their success or talents can rub off on us. In the meantime, we forget to appreciate the smarts, and their ability to shine, within ourselves. We all spend too much time watching. We compare how another person shines their light on the world, and then feel jealous when others applaud and even soak in that light. We want that to be our light.

motivation, but never simply watch and compare. The light that shines from the smarts in this month’s issue is truly extraordinary. From the innovative ladies of EmiJay (page 92) to the fabulously creative Camille Styles (page 74), I hope these stories help you find your light that the world so needs. I am excited to watch you shine.

Well, if we stop watching and start shining, we can have our own light, a light that can I am pleased to introduce to you Issue No. 21 of Smart Girl’s Guide. Shine on... change our lives and change the world. Once we stop looking around at how others shine, we can then look within to see the beauty in our own light. Whatever color that light may be, it is ours and it can shine as brightly as we desire. It is truly incredible what one can see when they stop comparing themselves to others. Use others’ light, even fictional characters like Hermione Granger or Skeeter Phelan (page 66), or “I Am That Girl” Founder, Alexis Jones (page 78), as inspiration and 2 | smart girl’s guide

Emily Raleigh Founder & Smart Starter @emilyeraleigh




Meet Zuri Marley. She’s taking the Marley music legacy to new heights.


What do these leading ladies have in common and why do we want to emulate them?


Sometimes social media can hurt more than it helps. Maggie has the solution you need.


Discover the world of Alexis Jones, Founder of I Am That Girl and 21st century women’s empowerment thought leader.

cover photography by Elizabeth Henson

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“We only get one chance at life, one opportunity to shine.” E r i n Tr e a l o r

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Scotland wants to cut their ties with England in a big way. T.Catherine has the story. Know the difference? Megan is here to help.

She knows a thing or two about women’s health, and just wait until you read this interview.






Tori gives us a look into this month’s Smart Woman of History.

Take a walk through nature in style this spring. Learn how from these Smart Girls.


We asked our blogger friends what their favorite picks are for May.

ASHLEY BROOKE DESIGNS 39 Ashley Brooke gave us the inside scoop on how she created happiness in her brand.

“The word ‘never’ has no place among your vast vocabulary.”




It can be hard to find the nutrients you need in a grocery store. That is, until now.

Alyssa Fiorentino


9 4 | smart girl’s guide

Gain some strength this spring with this workout, inspired by the popular insanity fitness plans.





Jessica has the answer for you!


BLOGGER PROFILE: CAMILLE STYLES She’s one of our favorite bloggers and you are about to find out why.


Learn how one Smart Girl overcame her hardest moments and how you can, too.


Meet the best friends who founded the coolest company, Emi-Jay in high school.


Check out this month’s curration of Smart Girl’s personal artwork.



Take a look at the life of a YouTube star.


Our Smart Girl Sisters weigh in on what’s trending this month.

Take a tour of this month’s College Spotlight!


Meet Cynthia Haas, college student and Chief Operating Officer behind Monique Coleman’s GimmeMo.


Take a tour of the city of romance with our Smart Girl Sister, Eleanor.



Read this motivating letter from Real Beauty Talks Founder, Erin Treloar.

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KATHRYN DOHERTY creative director new jersey

HILLARY BADGER bookings director maryland

LEAH KASHAR managing editor new york

MEGAN BECKER blog brains michigan

MELISSA RIORDAN smarts sharer georgia

STEPH JENN smA sm co n

Click here to register! SOPHIE RALEIGH smarts sharer new jersey

6 | smart girl’s guide

SYDNEY CARVER smarts sharer pennsylvania

T. CATHERINE EAGAN smarts sharer new york

LAURA GILLIGAN smarts shooter texas

MAGGIE CHAQUETTE smarts searcher rhode island

JULIA CASSANO smARTy pants new jersey

CHERIE HU smarts sharer new york

LILY HERMAN smarts sharer connecticut

NA HANIE ADENDORFF WILSON marts ARTy sharer pants new onnecticut york

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hello issue no. 20


n my opinion, the coolest thing about being a human is that we’re all so different. Each and every one of us has unique stories, thoughts, experiences, reactions, etc. No matter what we do, we will always be completely and 100% ourselves.

A NOTE FROM THE EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Sometimes I wonder why I’m not that girl. She’s more fun. She’s prettier. She has more free time. She’s going to that college with Greek life and an amazing football program. Thinking like this can be super unhealthy, especially because I’m already pretty cool. I have amazing friends who make my heart smile every time I see them. I spend my free time trying to make Smart Girl’s Guide the best it can be. My family provides me with every resource possible to follow my dreams. I’m organized, happy and kind-hearted. Just like Alexis Jones says (page 78), I am that girl, too. Our cover girl, Zuri Marley (page 44), is also that girl! So is Ashley Brooke of Ashley Brooke Designs (page 39) and

10 | smart girl’s guide

women’s health writer/body image expert Leslie Goldman (page 18). Harry Potter fanatic and Youtuber Kristina Horner (page 95) is that girl. Cynthia Hass (page 102), COO of Monique Coleman’s organization GimmeMo, is that girl. The founders of hair tie brand Emi-Jay are those girls, and so are blogger Camille Styles (page 74) and RAW Beauty Talks founder Erin Treloar (page 112). And you? You are most definitely that girl. The Smart Girls Group was created to celebrate what makes each of us unique by giving every female a chance to shine in her own way. I hope this issue of the Guide reminds you that whether you’re a Tumblr girl with a fandom obsession or the next Sheryl Sandberg, the smarts you have to share are valuable and worthy of showing off. Quincy Bulin, Editor-in-Chief @quincylauren

Shine Bright by Alyssa Fiorentino “Here comes the sun, here comes the sun and I say it’s alright.” A warm beam of sunlight is shining through your window, illuminating the entire room. You’ve been waiting months to feel the sun shine again and now it’s finally here. How will you match that strength and light? Will you accomplish a goal this month? Will you run a marathon or climb a mountain? Every Smart Girl shines in her own way. All it takes to harness your natural light is a little focus and positive energy. When you’re checking things off of your To-Do list, making others smile, and working out your mind and body, you can light up any room. On that note, make sure to surround yourself with light this month. Keep things light and laugh with friends, add whites and bright pastels to your bedroom, and get up early to watch the sun rise. Remember that shining isn’t always about being the best; it’s more about being your best. That means giving it everything you’ve got to make it passed the finish line, whether you’re in first place or last. You never give up, you smile whenever you get the chance, and the word “never” has no place among your vast vocabulary. You shine brightly for the world to see.

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join the SISTERHOOD A UNIQUE SPACE WHERE YOU CAN INSPIRE AND BE INSPIRED. Our sisterhood seeks to unite, inspire, and empower the next generation of superstar women through our vast array of products, resources, and opportunities fit for passionate game-changers like you. Welcome to the one-stop-shop for Smart Girls. For more information, click here or email to get involved today.

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smart news

The Border Battle

Scotland wants a split. T. Cathrine has the scoop on the dividing line between Scotland and England.

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Crossing from Scotland to England today is not signified by anything more than a stone wall along the highway, or a sign and a changing of the flags, similar to what many Americans would compare to interstate travel in the United States.  After centuries of violence and lawlessness around the

14 | smart girl’s guide

Scottish border, the two realms were united after James I ascended the throne.  The unification of the past 400 years, though, is once more called into question by a referendum in Scotland that would seek to make the region autonomous from the United Kingdom.  Possible courses for action currently on the table vary, from a shift in power that makes Britain and Scotland more akin to partners, to complete independence.   Yet the decision for Scotland to

split with Britain is far more than simply a domestic affair.  There are questions raised as to whether the possibly independent Scotland will find itself gravitating towards joining the European Union.  In the grander scheme of all of Europe, the growing separatist movement can have catastrophic impacts on various nations.  The Eurozone financial crisis has left many countries weak financially, opening opportunities for certain political parties to find displeasure in the current state of affairs in their home country.  Although Great Britain has found balance in a partial membership to the organization, its former territory, Ireland, has recently been one of the troublesome members of the EU economically, and predictions are wide-ranging as to the long-term effect of this merger.  Many feel that Scotland joining the EU might create pressure for Great Britain to completely convert from its use of the fairly stable pound to the currently stable, yet debt-riddled euro. Others believe that the join will invite more recently separated nations into the organization, all of which may not be as economically and politically functional as Scotland.  The effects of allowing nations into the organization that have to vie with independence issues as well as the current advanced economic issues of the EU could very well bring it to its knees, and allow the euro to cease functioning as a viable, hard currency in the financial world.   The call for separation is nothing new in Europe, and in the unification of Europe into the Union, many separatist movements are reacting to the findings that the economic unification holds

ramifications for the cultures of each region.  The Catalonia region of Spain, including Barcelona, treats itself as an independent nation from Spain, in language and culture.  

It is not simply regions of nations that are stirring in hopes of separation.   The recent events unfolding in Ukraine and Crimea are further examples of the damages that a careless separatist movement can have: Ukraine, though a fully autonomous state, recently revolted against Russia’s farreaching policies and control of Ukrainian domestic affairs.  The affair has been catapulted to the international stage, with whispers of a renewed Cold War scenario echoing in the political halls of governments across the world.   Though one cannot compare Scotland’s relationship with Great Britain to that between Ukraine and Russia, the former of which being peaceful and diplomatic in nature, the symbolism of Scotland wanting to divide from their motherland for purely political and cultural reasons is one that will resonate across Europe, from the hills of Catalonia to the borderlands that were once official former satellites of the USSR seeking to gain autonomy due to differences.

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country by telephone, television, campaign papers, and door-to-door manpower.  Of course, individuals may contribute to a campaign; you can go to any campaign website and the donation page gives you all of the information you need. However, PACs by Megan Becker and Super PACs command large sums of money, and often fund many of things you In the world of campaign finance, the practice see during election cycles, such as political of raising the funds is vital for executing a ads and campaign apparel. successful campaign. Fundraising allows candidates to reach homes all over the So what is a PAC? A Political Action


16 | smart girl’s guide

Committee is a type of organization that collects campaign contributions from members and donates them as one organization. For example, most corporations have PACs in which the employees give money to the group, and from there the PAC will donate that money to a candidate. The very first PAC was created in 1944, to re-elect President Franklin D. Roosevelt.

free speech clause of the first amendment, the federal government could require an unincorporated association that only makes independent expenditures to have to go through the same motions of registering with the FEC as a political action committee. The Supreme Court refused to take the court case, and hence Super PACs have been created.  

Super PACs are defined as an independent expenditure-only committee, which means PACs are subjected to limitations similar to they can raise unlimited amounts of money those of individuals who wish to contribute. from individuals, unions, associations, and They also need to organize and register with corporations. According to The Daily Beast, the Federal Election Commission (FEC) 10 there are between 844 – 1,063 super PACs days after they have decided to create their currently in existence. However, they may PAC in order to be legitimate. Many PACs only use their funds to advocate for or against are limited specifically by company size a candidate as long as they do not directly and ability to spend. Some companies allot coordinate with campaigns and candidates. very little to their PACs because they do not They may not give any money directly to the need to donate as much money, depending candidates. The Wall Street Journal defines on what type of industry they work in. Super PACs as “rapidly reshaping American For example, a company like Exxon Mobil politics.” This is the main difference between may have a large PAC because gas prices PACs and Super PACs. They follow the same are constantly voted on, whereas someone reporting system as a PAC to the Federal who works for a smaller company may not Election Commission on their donors and contribute as much, largely because their their activities, but are not drawn to the same business is not affected by legislation, and limits as PACs in terms of fundraising. they do not see fit to spend money on a large PAC. Whether or not PACs and Super PACs should remain or be exiled from the world of In July of 2010, Super PACs were created. political campaigns is still a widely debated The website, a go-to online topic. Should negative ads in campaigns be website for FEC related facts based on PACs allowed? Should people be able to contribute and Super PACs, defined Super PACs as, endless amounts of money to things like “a new kind of political action committee this? Does it affect the voters? It is important created in July 2010 following the outcome to be informed of what these two are, the of a federal court case known as Speechnow. differences between them, and how they came org v. Federal Election Commission.” This to be. court case discussed, whether under the issue no. 21 | 17


an interview with

LESLIE GOLDMAN interview by Erin Seglem

Leslie Goldman, MPH, is a freelance writer who covers the wide, wide world of health. A graduate of the University of Wisconsin—Madison, Goldman has written for a long list of magazines, including O: The Oprah Magazine, Women’s Health, and Natural Health. She has also appeared on the Today Show as a body image and health expert. She earned her Masters in Public Health (MPH) from the University of Illinois—Chicago. Her first book (though she’s written two more since), The Naked Truth About Women, Body Image, and Re-imagining the “Perfect” Body has earned her much acclaim for her coverage of the sometimes difficult relationship between women and their bodies. WHAT GOT YOU INTERESTED IN WOMEN’S HEALTH? I was always drawn to it but I think my freshman year of college, when I went through my own experience with body image issues and an eating disorder taught me. I wanted to 18 | smart girl’s guide

see if I could take a negative experience and start helping other women who are going through the same thing, because so many women were and are going through the same thing. That kind of got me into the body image arena. Even just growing up though, I loved reading magazines and I loved reading stories about health. But I always assumed I’d become a doctor because I wanted to help people and I thought that that’s what you do, you become a doctor when you want to help people. I never really thought I could help people in another way. HAS ANYONE INFLUENCED YOU? The one person I looked up to as a mentor was a professor at University of Wisconsin—Madison who told me that I could write for a living. It changed my perspective on what I was doing. Writing came so much more easily for me than the biology and organic chemistry that I had to take for pre-med classes. How could I make a living doing something that’s fun? IS THERE ONE TOPIC YOU FIND TOUGHER TO COVER? Nope. My job is incredible in that every day there’s something new. I’m always writing about different topics. I could be writing about changes in a woman’s cycle one day to benefits of weight lifting the next then profiling a blind wine sommelier before taking a tour of a organic produce bus that moves around Chicago. The subject of “health” is massive. I don’t really get writers block, because I always have material to work with. WHAT ADVICE DO YOU HAVE FOR GIRLS WHO ARE STRUGGLING TO DISCOVER THEIR PASSIONS? Don’t sweat it. When I think of my friends, almost no one went in to what they went to school for. What you major in does not have to dictate what you become. You do not have to become a journalism major to be a journalist (I’m wasn’t). You’ve got to

just try to follow your passion, even if it’s peripherally related to what you’re studying. There is no precise path to follow. HAVE YOU SEEN SHIFTS IN THE COVERAGE OF WOMEN’S HEALTH? There are huge changes taking place. I feel like women are really getting fed up with being lied to by advertisers, clothing companies and diet companies. They’re angry and feel deceived by airbrushed images that we’re being presented with and kind of finally making a scene about it—in a good way. We don’t want to be lied to, we don’t want to be told that we’re less than or that we’re not good enough and we need a specfic product to make us thin and therefore happy. Certain companies are doing a great job promoting different forms of beauty, from Dove to Aerie. Aerie just started a campaign to use un-airbrushed photos of women. There are artists who are coming out with renderings of real-sized Barbie dolls and there are products like Goldiblocks or other toys for girls that encourage critical thinking skills, engineering or math, and not just princesses and pink things. I definitely think there’s been huge change happening. HOW MUCH DID YOU WORK ON THE LOCKER ROOM DIARIES AFFECT YOU AS A WOMAN? It was pretty upsetting to realize, “wow, I’m talking to all these women and no one is happy with their body.” It was upsetting to hear that it happens so early with little girls. At three they’re going on diets and refusing their juice and cookies in preschool and asking for baby carrots and diet cokes when they’re barely potty trained. That was depressing. But it was also fun and exciting to talk to the women who had managed to find some semblance of peace with their bodies. It was fun getting to write a book from my heart and do the publicity tour and talk to women across the country. It is a happy book, overall. WHERE CAN YOUNG WOMEN LOOK FOR POSITIVE BODY IMAGE ROLE MODELS? You know, celebrities get bashed a lot but there are several young women are doing good work with body image. Lea Michele is a good one, she has spoken out about the pressure to get a nose job in Hollywood and her refusal to do so. Keira Knightley and Natalie Portman both have not had breast augmentations.

They’re examples of successful actresses who don’t conform to a list of traits that make you beautiful. Adele and Amber Riley show that being plus-size doesn’t define you as much as your inner strength and success and Ellen DeGeneres was a great Covergirl but she’s beautiful inside and out. Padma Lakshmi, of Top Chef fame, has a scar that she refuses to hide or have fixed, because it’s a part of her. WHAT DRIVES YOU TO CONTINUE TO DO THE WORK THAT YOU DO? First, when you’re a freelance writer, it’s a constant hustle. If you don’t keep pitching and turning in creative ideas and strong copy, you’re not going to keep getting assignments and have a thriving career. It definitely takes a lot of work, a lot of time management and drive to maintain. But it’s an incredibly rewarding career. Admittedly, it’s a fun thrill to see your name in a magazine. Really though, I just love talking to women and relaying their stories and getting them out to the public. I once interviewed two identical twin sisters for Redbook. One of them went into premature menopause, and the other one—when she was done having kids—gave one of her ovaries to her sister so that she could have kids, too. It was the first successful ovarian transplant in the United States and it was a story that hadn’t been picked up. I found them in Alabama and I interviewed them and got their story on a national level. It’s really rewarding to start a story and follow it all the way to the end. WHAT DO YOU THINK IT MEANS TO BE A SMART GIRL? I think a Smart Girl is a confident girl. She’s a woman who believes in what she has to say and knows that she deserves to be heard. She isn’t interested in stifling her voice, she isn’t interested in pretending to be someone she’s not. It doesn’t always happen early on—in your teens and early twenties you might be more self-conscious—but once you’ve grown up and found your voice, you’ll feel you can take on the world. You know who you are. You aren’t afraid of critics. You’re the person who comes out with what they want to say and really make a difference in the world.

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HISTORY willingness to do the once thought impossible has given her the title of the first woman to qualify and race in the Indy 500. Born in Iowa City, Guthrie grew up in Florida. Attending the University of Michigan, Guthrie studied aerospace engineering and eventually became a pilot. With her adventurous career, she would go on to start race car driving. In the 1970’s Guthrie gave up her piloting career and dedicated her time to her newly loved sport. She competed in NASCAR’s Winston Cup in 1976 as the first woman.


a Smart Woman of History by Tori Wilbraham Every Memorial Day weekend, the American tradition of the Indianapolis 500 transpires! As people around the country watch this exciting event, many people do not think about the women who have competed or are competing. In the late 1970’s, one woman broke through in the world of racing and became the first female to race in the historic event. Janet Guthrie’s courage and 20 | smart girl’s guide

Shortly after the Winston Cup, Guthrie competed as the first woman in the Daytona 500 and to everyone’s surprise, finished 12th. Traditionally a male dominated sport; Guthrie’s breakthrough in the world of racing had not been seen in America before! In 1977 Janet Guthrie qualified and raced in the Indy 500. This event is often seen as the premier racing event, and Guthrie would go down in the books as the first female racer. Unfortunately, she suffered car troubles on that day, but regardless she will forever be recorded in history as the first woman to race in the Indy 500. The following year she competed and finished ninth overall. Guthrie continued to compete in the race car-driving world until 1980. In 2006 she was inducted into the International Motorsport Hall of Fame. Janet Guthrie’s legacy lives on today in the world of female sports. If not for women like Guthrie, women would not be able to compete in traditionally male- dominated sports. To learn more about Janet Guthrie, read her book Janet Guthrie: Life in Full Throttle.


smart style

Natural Style

Find your style inspiration this spring in all things blooming.

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s d o o W e h t n i k l Wa


very spring, Smart Girls near and far like to get out of the house, stretch their legs and enjoy the great outdoors. This particular pair decided to venture out to the Zilker Botanical Garden in Austin, Texas. photography by Leah Goehring

22 | smart girl’s guide


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julia ann


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ETSY - THE H 32 | smart girl’s guide





HOME CENTRIC issue no. 21 | 33

Sydney Carver









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constantly be inspired and find joy in the little (sparkly) things. And as far as personally, not being stressed and overwhelmed is a full time job, but one that I am totally up for! I have found that if I set myself up for success the night before, I am in much better shape when I sit down at my desk in the morning (i.e. make my to-do list in order of priority, prep notes for my morning conference call, clean out my inbox, and straighten up my desk). I also do this for my personal life as well: before bed, I set up the coffee machine, lay out my gym clothes, water bottle, etc. and take 15 minutes to do a quick clean up. That way, each morning doesn’t feel like a continual disaster of the day before. I can’t tell you how much this helps. Also, I journal and do my devotions in the morning before I even turn on my computer; I try not to let my day get started without having carved out time to do that.

4. What is it like running your own business?

It’s pretty darn magical. The ability to build and create something that I am truly proud of is such an incredible blessing. Even though each day has it’s own struggles, it’s hard not to love what I do. I get to wake up every morning and do what I know that I am good at, and there really isn’t a better feeling. I would be lying if I didn’t say that I also really like being my own boss. When I was little, I would get in trouble on the regular for being a bit too bossy. My dad 40 | smart girl’s guide


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42 | smart girl’s guide


smart girl

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Zuri meet

interview by Rachel Wenger photography by Elizabeth Hansen

44 | smart girl’s guide

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Z NAME: Zuri Marley

AGE: 20

HOMETOWN: Kingston, Jamaica

46 | smart girl’s guide

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48 | smart girl’s guide

From a small, family-like town in Jamaica to the intense streets of New York City, Zuri has experienced it all. As the daughter of Ziggy and granddaughter of Bob Marley, Zuri has worked hard to live up to the Marley name through her singing career and remaining passionate in all things she does. YOU HAVE A LOT GOING ON! WHAT ARE YOU WORKING ON RIGHT NOW? I’m a full time student at the Clive David

Institute for Recorded Music at the Tisch School of Arts at NYU. Right now I’m working on my music and a few other projects. I’m a songwriter, so I’m constantly writing music and looking for someone to sing it. I work as a creative consultant for friends of mine because I’m very genuine and I’ll be very honest with people about how they can better themselves. I am also a part-time dog-walker, and an intern for a music blog called “Okay Player.” YOU COVER A LOT OF MODERN AMERICAN MUSIC BUT ALSO SOME REGGAE AS WELL LIKE “NATURAL MYSTIC.” WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE TYPE OF MUSIC TO SING OR LISTEN TO? I love singing and acting, and I’m influenced by all types of great people. I love to listen to underground music that nobody knows about. I can write in all types of genres, but I’m trying to try out a lot of different things to find out which genre really speaks to me. I especially love theatre music because I can use my whole body to express it. I also enjoy reggae and dance hall because I’m from Jamaica. For me, it is all about presenting quality. It almost doesn’t matter what kind of music I am performing because I just want to give the best performance I can regardless of what type of music it is. WHERE DID YOU GROW UP? I was born in Kingston, Jamaica and have lived there for the majority of my life except for a short period of time when I lived in Miami. I loved growing up in Jamaica, but I always envisioned myself being somewhere else. I always wanted to live in a quaint suburb of Connecticut, and become a cheerleader, but I am extremely homesick now that I am here in New York City. I grew up in a really small community where everyone knows everyone. There is lots of food, lots of music, and lots of issue no. 21 | 49

parties. I miss Jamaican food--fish and patty festivals most of all. YOU MOVED TO NYC IN AUGUST TO GO TO NYU. HOW WAS THIS MOVE FOR YOU? WHAT IS THE MOST DIFFERENT? It was extremely difficult and I was very homesick. NYC is a dog eat dog world, whereas in Jamaica it’s more like “I’m a bigger dog but I’m going to help you get big as well” and there’s more of a sense of family. I was so shocked at how insecure everyone is here, and what people are willing to do to get to the top. I have also experienced a lot of racism in NYC. I had a particularly bad experience one time at a restaurant. I feel like in the States, people don’t even realize they are being racist. They pick a few black artists to adore like Beyoncé, but then don’t have the same views towards other black artists. In Jamaica, we have more of a class problem than a race problem. I have become more conscious of race, and I have become more insecure about my skin color. WHAT ARE SOME OF YOUR HOBBIES BESIDES SINGING? I love cooking, and I watch a ton of food shows. I love acting and dancing because I have a lot of rhythm. I took Ballet, Jazz, Tap, and Contemporary African in Jamaica. We used to do two or three big shows per year in Jamaica, and that is something I have really missed since I’ve moved here. I am also a huge movie fan. I spend way too much time on Netflix. I also love mermaids. I use the hastag #mermaidvomit when I post something I think is cool or artsy. I love oceans and woods because of all the textures and colors, so I try to get out of the city to New Jersey or Connecticut to be around nature. WHAT DO YOU WANT TO DO WHEN YOU GRADUATE? 50 | smart girl’s guide

Hopefully by the time I graduate, I’ll have done something significant. Ideally, I’ll be doing what I love, whether it’s Broadway or making music. I want to be even better traveled than I am now because I really want to visit places that will influence my music. WHAT DO YOU THINK WAS THE MOST IMPORTANT THING YOUR GRANDFATHER DID? I really do think the most important thing my grandfather did was spread love. People would want me to say he unified two sides of the Jamaican government, but he really just spread love and made people happy. He just wanted to promote unity and good human interaction. When people listen to his music, I don’t want them to think about smoking or any of the other things he is associated with. I want them to think about coming together, like Bob would have wanted.

“I really do think the most important thing my grandfather did was spread love.” HOW DO PEOPLE REACT WHEN THEY FIND OUT WHO YOUR GRANDFATHER IS? I get a lot of mixed reactions. I go by Zuri Lyrics on social media, so only my real friends know who I am. When people find out who my grandfather is, they either think it’s cool and try to befriend me, or they just don’t care. In the music business, people think you’re ungrateful if you don’t use your real name, but they also blame you for using the name. In business situations, the Marley name gives me some form of credibility, but that doesn’t

issue no. 21 | 51

“A Smart Girl is someone who leads with her heart but falls back on her head.”

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mean that I don’t have to work for my success. I live a pretty normal life, other than the perks of sometimes going to concerts and attending events. It is truly a gift to be a part of my family, and I don’t take anything for granted. Some people I meet don’t even know who Bob is, so I like to introduce them to my family’s music because I truly think it’s great. HOW WAS GROWING UP BEING ZIGGY MARLEY’S DAUGHTER? I have been going to Ziggy Marley and the Melody Makers’ tours and concerts since birth. I loved it. My Dad, Ziggy, always told me that I was more of an actress and a writer than a singer, but I think he’s just trying to protect me. AS A THIRD GENERATION MARLEY, HOW DO YOU WANT TO KEEP HIS MEMORY ALIVE? I’m a TG-3G, a Tough Gong Third Generation. Tough Gong is the brand name associated with businesses started by the Bob Marley family. It’s not much of a responsibility to keep his memory alive- that’s happening on its own. People will always love Bob’s music. If I were to do something to keep Bob’s Memory alive, it would be more on the business side, for example, the upkeep of the brand or maintaining the Bob Marley museum in Jamaica. HOW HAS YOUR GRANDFATHER’S LEGACY IMPACTED WHO YOU ARE AND WHO YOU WANT TO BE? Bob’s legacy has definitely impacted who I am, but my other relatives have influenced me just as much. The roots of the Marley family that ran inside him run deep inside me too. For example, his wife, Rita Marley, was an incredible singer and an amazing woman. She introduced Bob to a lot of the things that influenced him and allowed him to become as great as he was. I happen to be a part of a long lineage of passionate people. The person who has influenced me most is my mother, Carleene Samuels. She calls herself Goddess Rockstar, she’s a video producer, and very active on social media. She’s much cooler than I am and I love her so much. People sometimes say, “Oh that’s totally something Bob would say.” I think the Marley genes are a kind of rumbling 54 | smart girl’s guide

within all of us like a heartbeat. Even though Bob is dead, his heartbeat continues in all of us. WHAT IS SPREAD THE SOUND? It’s a nonprofit I started in the 11th grade that spreads music education to kids and people in Jamaica who might not be interested in it. Now that I’m in New York it is hard for me to continue with it, but hopefully someone in Jamaica will take it over. WHAT DO YOU THINK IT MEANS TO BE A SMART GIRL? A Smart Girl is someone who leads with her heart but falls back on her head. Leading with your heart means always being true to yourself, and it means being unafraid and being able to say, “this is who I am.” However, a Smart Girl also must be able to use her intelligence to support herself and her dreams. Another part of being a Smart Girl is working hard because it is so important to keep working for what you want. Follow Zuri on Twitter and Instagram, @ZuriLyrics issue no. 21 | 55

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Play Hard To Get

Looking for nutrient rich foods to fight off germs, but can’t find them? Hannah has you covered. issue no. 21 | 57


by Hannah Payne


s you navigate through the aisles of your local grocery store, looking for nutrient- rich foods that fulfill each and every one of your dietary needs, you may get confused and overwhelmed. It often seems as if there is no perfect recipe that perfectly balances all of our daily vitamins and nutrientsfor attaining vitamin balance—a. And it’s almost true. Picky eaters beware! The best way to get all the vitamins and minerals you need is to take in a wide range of foods- diverse, colorful, beautiful foods. Attaining all the nutrients your body needs without taking supplement pills is very possible if you know what you’re doinghow to do it. Here are some suggestions and facts for three vitamins and minerals that enjoy playing hard to get.


is a very important mineral that provides energy and balance by circulating oxygen in your blood throughout your whole body in your bloodbody. During the times when a girl is on her menstrual cycles, iron is especially important. Girls Women continually need to replenish daily what is being lost through their busy lifestylesdaily activities and natural biology. Young women should be taking in about 15mg of iron per day to manage their energy effectively. Although iron is relatively easy to obtain through food, there are two big reasons why intake is more difficult. First, busy girls need to eat a healthy, iron-rich breakfast every morning, and most just don’t do that enough. When you don’t start your day with a primary source of iron such as lean red meat, ironboosted cereal, beans, rice, or dark green veggies, you become lethargic and unable to perform at your best. Most busy girls grab a quick bar or piece of fruit and head out the door.

Additionally, iron is becoming increasingly less prominent in the diets of vegetarians. This isn’t necessarily because iron isn’t available in a non-meat eatingvegetarian world, but because many vegetarians actually become “carbitarians”. For her health, girls that focus on ingesting earthy foods such as leafy, dark veggies and soybeans will have no trouble getting their daily dose of iron she needs. 58 | smart girl’s guide

ARD TO GET is readily available thanks to the Sun’s shining rays, but did you know that this vitamin is naturally present in very few foods? If you don’t spend too much time outdoors, it can be very difficult to obtain the proper amount that you need. Studies have shown that only 32% of Americans actually meet the DRI (Dietary Reference Intakes) for Vitamin D. Vitamin D helps spur calcium absorption and bone growth. It’s also important for cell growth, immunity, and reducing inflammation. The highest amounts of Vitamin D can be found in fatty, cold-water fish such as salmon, halibut, and tuna.


is a really important source of brainpower that you can absorb easily. The problem with B6 is that the foods that carry it lose their power when processed, and they are so important because they are essential for boosting your metabolism, protecting your immune response, and keeping healthy sugar levels. So you go to the store and buy loads of healthy plant foods, but then take them home, cook them, and kill the power. Light bulb moment! Don’t kill the power! Stay strong in the brain, strong against sickness, and strong all day long by eating unprocessed plant foods like fresh garbanzo beans. If raw isn’t your thing, If you need to eat a cooked food, the best cooked meal optionchoice to gain B6 is a baked potato and chicken breast paired with a healthy raw salad with avocado.


We are Smart Girls, we are powerful girls, and we achieve at high levels because we feed our souls with joy and our bodies with fuel that allows us to do everything we strive for. When we don’t feed our cells, we get tired and run down. We have so much to offer! To perform at our best, we must seek out fuel that will allow us to reach our potential! issue no. 21 | 59

MAY 2014

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These are featured opportunities that we have this month in SGG, but don’t forget, there is no limit to what you can do in SGG!


Love photoshoots? Are you super creative? We are looking for a superstar photographer to lead our photography team. If interested, please contact us with your portfolio and resume.


We are looking for superstar Smart Girls who would like to work on spreading the Smart Girl mission in their respective location.


If you love fashion and journalism, this is the opportunity for you! We are in need of a Style Editor for this magazine. If interested, send an email to Leah at

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with INSANITY! by Mandy Engelman photography by Liz Orsini

Giving up on working out seems like the easy thing to do, right? Spring break is over, and summer is a few months away.You probably think you have enough time to get in shape or that if you keep wishing you had a perfect body, you’d get one. Truthfully, you couldn’t be more far frommore wrong. You need to train insane in order to reach your desired results; the body you’ve been longing for wont just magically appear. Remember It’s important to love your body no matter what it may look like, but staying in shape is a great goal to set for yourself!. After all, it’s the only body you have, might as well love it! When you want to give up, remember this quote: “No matter how slow you go, you’re still lapping everyone on the couch.” REPEAT THIS SERIES OF EXERCISES INSPIRED BY THE POPULAR INSANITY WORKOUT THREE TO FOUR TIMES A WEEK STARTING WITH ONE MINUTE FOR EACH EXERCISE. INCREASE THE NUMBER OF MINUTES TIME SPENT ONFOR EACH EXERCISE BY 30 SECONDS EACH TIME YOU DO IT.

issue no. 21 | 61


Targets butt, abs, arms, and upper thighs

Start in squat position with arms crossed and touching your knees. Move arms to your sides before brining raising them above your headwhile simultaneously jumping upwards. In the air, bring the bottoms of your feet together and knees out to your side in the air. The position you create while in the air should resemble a diamond. Land with your knees in a squat position and arms out to your sides. Be sure to bend your knees to avoid high impact on your joints.

3. SWITCH KICKS Start with your legs slightly wider than hip widths apart. With your arms by your sides, make fist with your hands and bend your elbows bringingHold your fists right below your chin. EIngage your abs and slightly bend your knees. Kick your right leg to the left intoout at least a 90 degree angle while twisting your body to the right. Repeat for two minutes.

Targets butt, abs, arms, and upper thighs 62 | smart girl’s guide





Targets butt, abs, arms, and upper thighs


Start in a squat with your knees pointing forwards and your arms on the ground., Kick your feet backwards. Once in push up position, bend your arms at a 90-degree, straighten, and return to squat position. Jump up with your arms above your head. It is important to keep your butt in line with your spine while performing a push up to prevent lower back strain.



Targets butt, abs, arms, and upper thighs


1 min. 6. PUSH-UP JACKS Begin in push up position with your butt in line with your spine. Simultaneously move both legs outwards as if you were doing a jumping jack in the air. Bend arms to a 90-degree angle, rock your body forwards, hold for eight counts, and rock backwards. It is important to keep your abs engaged while performing the rocking part of this moment. issue no. 21 | 63

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Life Lessons from Skeeter, Hermione, & Matilda How to channel your favorite fictional heros.

issue no. 21 | 65

A Life Lesson

from Hermione, Skeeter, & Matilda by Mimi Warnick

66 | smart girl’s guide


oday there are many successful women that were Smart Girls in their day ranging from superstar Beyoncé to classy Princess Kate Middleton. These lovely ladies and many others show off their smarts and talents through social media. As the world is becoming so advanced so quickly, we forget about the inspiring characters written on paper and illustrated through words who have inspired us. Books and stories throughout the ages have weaved characters into our imaginations. Starting when we are in first grade with Junie B. Jones, characters become our role models. Do you ever dream you could be like your favorite book character in real life? Well I am here to tell you how!


Hermione Granger is the one and only girl in the Harry Potter gang. She is the perfect image of spunk and grace. Through the years she has proven she is just as intelligent as Harry but also puts her own spin on things because, well, girls just do it better. She has been able to get Harry, Ron, and herself out of trouble, all while being the strong, smart girl everyone admires. Although we all love the Ron and Hermione relationship, we all know Hermione could conquer the world without any man at her side. To channel your inner Hermione Granger, you must have confidence and never show any sense of doubt, even when you do not always know the answer. When in a tricky situation, whether it be an interview or a math test, breathe, calm down, and think of all viable solutions to your problem. You are bound to make the best decision possible with a confident clear head!

Emma Watson as Hermione Granger, via


Our next fiction role model is Eugenia “Skeeter” Phelan from The Help. If you have not read The Help yet, it needs to be on the very top of your to do list. The Help has many Smart Girls fighting for what they believe in. One of the main characters, Skeeter Phelan, is the ultimate Smart Girl role model. First, she believed receiving a college education was important. During the 1960s, most women did not pursue education after high school, but Skeeter wanted to become a writer. After returning to her racially segregated southern town, she used her opinions and words to make others aware of the racial discrimination. To be a real life Skeeter Phelan, you must not be afraid of believing in something most people do not. If you feel something is wrong, do not stick to the status quo opinion. You must show true leadership skills and confidence to show your opinion holds true. If issue no. 21 | 67

Emma Stone as Eugenia “Skeeter” Phelan, via

you feel something is wrong, let your voice be heard! Chances are others feel the same way you do.

find your inner Matilda, embody the saying “practice makes perfect,” whether this be practicing an instrument, a tricky basketball play, chemistry equations, or relationships. As Smart Girls, we must never give up when times are tough. We must rise to the occasion and try Our final fictional role model is one we may again. If something does not go your way the have forgotten since elementary school, but first time, do not give up; put your best effort with her fantastic recent musical, she is making in a second attempt. a comeback! Matilda has something we can all learn from and has qualities we long to possess. In today’s media-obsessed world, we Matilda Wormwood is a six year-old, brilliant sometimes forget about books and the girl. However, her home life is anything but characters who continue to teach us important loving and nurturing. Her parents do not messages. Next time you are feeling bored, do care about her, and Matilda’s principal Miss not go on Pinterest or Tumblr to be inspired, Trunchbull treats her horribly. Nevertheless, but try turning to a book. Whether the book through all the terrible treatment she receives, be an old favorite or something new, you are Matilda still overcomes it with the help of her bound to become excited by the characters... teacher Miss Honey. Although it did not come And who knows maybe one day you and your easy to Matilda, she puts in the time to nurture accomplishments could be written about a her brilliance and to get what she wants. To book!


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THE SOCIAL SCANDAL by Maggie Chaquette

THE WORLD HAS BECOME MORE CONNECTED THAN EVER OVER THE PAST FEW YEARS, FOR ONE MAIN REASON: SOCIAL MEDIA. From Facebook and LinkedIn, to Twitter and Instagram, to Pinterest and Tumblr, there are copious methods to how we can keep in touch and expand our circles around the globe. But with great access comes great responsibility. Having the profiles of you and your friends, coworkers, and classmates a literal finger’s tap away means that now more than ever, it is essential to use discretion when posting online. Equally as important is self-control. There is a tendency to overuse social media because it is, admittedly, so easy to open up an app or a new tab on your computer. Doing so can lead to extreme procrastination and even addiction, so it is important as a Smart Girl to know your social media limits.

70 | smart girl’s guide

Everyone has been there at one point or another— sitting in class, taking notes on our computer, and suddenly next thing you know you’re on Facebook. Then you click on a link to a BuzzFeed article a friend shared and instead of listening to your professor detail the differences between political systems, you’re reading about “Disney-ception” and Friends hashtags. Rather than hearing about when your next exam is, you’re your Facebookstalking the boy sitting in front of you in class. Facebook is the easiest form of social media to become obsessive with. It is a great tool for keeping in touch with old friends and classmates who have moved away or whom you haven’t seen in a while. A common use, yes, is creeping on your ex’s new flame, and I would discourage this as it definitely isn’t the best way to move on and maintain complete self-confidence.

IT IS ESSENTIAL TO USE DISCRETION WHEN POSTING ONLINE. EQUALLY AS IMPORTANT IS SELFCONTROL. Facebook is also an all-access pass to the lives of people you’ve just met or only heard about. It’s natural to want to know more about new acquaintances. However, the best way to do this truly is through talking! Facebook is a good secondary tool (but be careful not mention anything you may have learned through Facebook in a conversation…#awkward). Keeping this in mind, be careful with what you post on your

profile, and make sure your security settings will protect strangers from knowing more intimate details of your life. Instagram and Twitter seem to be less of an issue for most people; many check Twitter for a few minutes when taking a study break, eating, or before going to bed. Although, I do admit, I’ve gotten caught up reading tweets from @OhWonka and @WomensHumor. The main danger of these two channels is excessive posts. We all love the throwbacks, the gorgeous sunsets, and the yummy cupcakes, but uploading pictures of everything on the face of the earth can be perceived as overkill. When it comes to tweets, it is okay to post a couple of times a day, but not everyone wants a play-by-play of your school day or weekend activities. The best rule when it comes to Twitter is to scroll through your feed and have a few good laughs; don’t get totally sucked in! By and large, Tumblr and Pinterest are the most addicting and time-warping social media sites. Before you know it, one reblog or pin has turned into hundreds, six o’clock has turned into eleven, and you have your entire wedding planned out. The material on these sites is meant to be attention- grabbing. Take advantage of Tumblr and Pinterest to live, eat, and travel vicariously. Look to them for inspiration for DIY projects and new meals. Let them, gradually, become a virtual representation of your personality and dreams. issue no. 21 | 71


Every little girl dreams of the day… When the person with their ultimate dream job (Lara Casey, for me) finds them typing and sipping away in a coffee shop and taps their shoulder to say, “YOU, my darling, are just the type of young girl I want to mentor. Come with me.”

ever, I think it is safe to say that in our day and age, with increasingly more successful young women, many of you have longed for an exchange of this very sort—perhaps, just a little less creepy.

I am here to tell you that it is completely possible to Okay, so maybe every little develop a mentorship with girl dreams of her wedding an individual that has done, day. That statement seems or is doing, the very job that much more plausible. How- haunts your dreams.

72 | smart girl’s guide

This series will teach you exactly what the world means when it whispers, “Get a mentor!” in the midst of your college years and/ or internship experiences. It will discuss why mentors are beneficial for young women, no matter your desired profession. Lastly, it will teach you how to find a mentor and how to approach them.

Let’s get started !


AND TRUSTED ADVISOR. The idea of a mentor is often viewed in the following light. The CEO of a successful corporation takes time out of his or her busy schedule to invest in a young whipper-snapper with a sparkle in their eye that reminds them of their own young self. Mentors are seen as someone miles ahead of where you are now. This can sometimes be true.

discover us on YouTube one night and sky-rocket our cute little faces and signature hair to the top—figuratively speaking, of course. Side note: If you have signature hair, no fair. I want some!

In the real world, it doesn’t always work that way. You may not find one mentor that you will have for the rest of your life. My experience has been that it is Let me tell you a little secret. much more feasible to find a Mentorship relationships, group of people doing what more realistically, are not the you want to do, and reach singular picture that popular out to each one as you see fit culture tends to portray. (more on reaching out later). For example, all of us little baby Justin Beiber’s are not The reality of a mentor lies going to find our Usher to in its definition. They are

experienced and trusted. First, this does not necessarily mean that they are the most experienced, but they are simply more experienced than you are at this very moment. Second, they must be trusted. Remember, you are putting your impending leaps toward success—no matter how big or small—in the hands of this person’s advice. These two components are the start of a great mentorship, whether it is just one e-mail or weeks, months, or even years of advising.

Now that you know what a mentor is, stay tuned for the rest of the series! issue no. 21 | 73

Blogger Profile Camille

74 | smart girl’s guide

e: Styles


ow a successful blogger with a whole team behind her, Camille Styles started as an event planner and moved on to be the owner and creative director of camillestyles. com. Whether it be for entertainment advice, beauty tips, meal ideas, or even just creative inspiration, her blog is always the go-to place for high quality content. Behind the scenes of her successful blog, Camille stays busy with her many tasks to keep everything running smoothly. For this month’s blogger profile, she shared with us how she juggles it all, while staying inspired and constantly improving Interview by Jenna Adendorff.

LET’S START AT THE BEGINNING. WHAT GAVE YOU THE IDEA OR INSPIRATION TO START YOUR BLOG, CAMILLE STYLES? I used to own an event planning company, and while I loved planning parties for all my clients, I found myself looking for a creative outlet where I could explore my point of view. I started my blog out of that desire, as a side project that was fun and fulfilling, allowing me to express my own aesthetic and style. HOW DID YOU GET UP AND RUNNING? WAS IT JUST YOU IN THE BEGINNING OR DID YOU HAVE A TEAM? I just went for it! I did zero research beforehand and made a lot of mistakes along the way, but sometimes, the best way to learn is to just dive in and go for it! I started with my events assistant, Chanel, and over time we started putting more and more of our focus on creating content for the blog. When we’d gained enough of a readership, we decided to make it our fulltime thing.

all photos curtesy of

issue no. 21 | 75

WHAT HAS BEEN THE BIGGEST OBSTACLE OF RUNNING SUCH A SUCCESSFUL BLOG? Wishing that growth would happen faster! I’m always impatient to grow and reach more people and update our technology, but I’ve realized that all of these things take massive amounts of time and patience. The best kind of growth happens organically, over time, and if you keep doing great work and stay true to yourself, the readers will come. AS THE OWNER AND CREATIVE DIRECTOR, WHAT DOES YOUR JOB ENTAIL? I manage all of our ad sales, field press requests, oversee 76 | smart girl’s guide

a team of 5, do a lot of invoicing and accounting, brainstorm ideas with the team, meet with clients/ press/sponsors, style photo shoots… and of course, write blog posts. YOU HAVE QUITE THE TEAM. DO YOU HAVE A SCHEDULE FOR WHEN YOU EACH POST? HOW DOES THAT WORK WITH THE DIFFERENT COLUMNS? We start each Monday with an editorial meeting that’s run by our editor in chief, Lauren Smith Ford. We usually plan blog posts about 6 weeks out. This includes deciding who will take charge of each one, getting photo shoots on the calendar, and booking vendors and

interview subjects who will be part of them. DO YOU EVER GET WRITER’S BLOCK? IF SO, HOW DO YOU OVERCOME IT? Yes! I dig into my favorite sources of inspiration, like Pinterest, my cookbook collection, back issues of my favorite magazines. I also find that talking it out, either with someone on the team, my husband, or my mom, always gets me out of a rut and undoubtedly results in too many ideas that I’m excited about! MANY OF OUR READERS HAVE THEIR OWN BLOGS. DO YOU HAVE ANY TIPS ON HOW TO DRAW MORE READERS

TO THEIR BLOGS? First and foremost, focus on creating great original content that has a strong point-of-view and differentiates itself from the crowd. Then, get as much exposure as possible! Be willing to contribute to other larger sites in exchange for promotion, pitch media outlets your ideas for collaboration, and of course, be as active as you can on social media in a unique, authentic way. DO YOU HAVE A FAVORITE POST, OR ONE THAT WAS MOST FUN TO READ/WRITE? My favorite series is our Entertaining With column, where go inside the home

of one of our favorite tastemakers around the country, and interview them on what they wear when hosting, their go-to recipes for a crowd, and all their other savvy secrets for stylish entertaining at home. I always get loads of new ideas to incorporate into my own home entertaining! WHERE DO YOU FIND YOUR INSPIRATION TO CONSISTENTLY PUBLISH CREATIVE POSTS? I’m a big collector of ideas — when one strikes, I immediately write it down, email it to myself or pin it to a Pinterest board. That way, when I’m feeling lessthan-inspired, I have a treasure trove to draw from. Those ideas might come

from new restaurants, cities I visit, books, magazines, movies, the natural world… anywhere! FINALLY, WHAT DO YOU THINK IT MEANS TO BE A SMART GIRL? A Smart Girl never assumes or acts like she’s the smartest girl in the room. Instead, she approaches every person she meets with an open mind and an attitude that they have something valuable to teach. This sense of curiosity and desire to approach the world with open arms will make you savvy, happy and smart.

issue no. 21 | 77


ALEXIS JONES OF I AM THAT GIRL WHO IS “THAT GIRL?” According to Alexis Jones, a speaker, media personality and activist with the mission to empower girls worldwide, “THAT GIRL is the best version of each of us. She’s all ages, ethnicities, classes and religions. She’s got a smokin’ hot heart and drop dead gorgeous mind. She is forever a work in progress; she seeks to be confident in her own skin. She speaks her truth, sees the best in others, and is leaving this world better than she found it.” interview by Amber Ausley 78 | smart girl’s guide


WHAT IS THE MAIN GOAL OF I AM THAT GIRL? The main goal of IATG is to inspire, encourage and educate girls. WHAT SPECIFICALLY DOES YOUR NON-PROFIT, I AM THAT GIRL, DO? We have a very strong social media and online hub. We also have tangible local chapters where girls can meet weekly. The specific goal of IATG is to build community for girls. HOW WAS I AM THAT GIRL STARTED? IATG started because I was in college [at the University of Southern California] and I desperately needed something that wasn’t there, so I went out and created it. I wanted a place where I (as well as other girls) could be surrounded by other

amazing girls; where we could talk about our insecurities, discuss world issues, laugh, cry, [and] share our hopes, dreams and fears. I wanted a sanctuary where I could discover who I was and who I wanted to be.

WHAT KIND OF RESOURCES DOES I AM THAT GIRL PROVIDE? We provide not only an amazing community of girls online, but we also provide 52 weeks of curriculum for girls who launch their own local chapters as well as

issue no. 21 | 79

leadership training. HOW CAN SMART GIRLS GET INVOLVED TO SPREAD YOUR MISSION? We would LOVE for Smart Girls to engage with us online! For girls looking for a bigger commitment, it would be awesome for anyone wanting to start their own local chapter in their hometown (or to join one of ours that already exists)! WHAT DO YOU THINK THE FUTURE OF THE PROGRAM LOOKS LIKE? My goal with this program is that you could walk into any city, in any country, and plug into an IATG local chapter meeting each week. HOW DID YOU GET TO WHERE YOU ARE NOW? Lot and lots and lots of

80 | smart girl’s guide

hard work! We also have a phenomenal team of girls working with IATG so the caliber of our crew is, hands down, why we have been and are capable of dreaming so big and actually accomplishing those dreams. WHAT DO YOU THINK THE BIGGEST PROBLEM IS THAT GIRLS FACE TODAY? We are all living in an epidemic of self-doubt these days. The pervasiveness of the media’s negative effect on us is crippling to our self-esteem so there seems to be a chronic feeling of “not feeling enough.” WHAT INSPIRED YOU TO WRITE YOUR NEW BOOK I AM THAT GIRL? Just like the organization, I wrote the book because I needed it! The reality is, for a long time I thought I set

out to change the lives of girls everywhere (and yes, of course I did) but what I didn’t realize at the time was that I needed just as much, if not more, changing in my own life. It’s very humbling when you realize you have as much to learn from your students as they do from you. WHAT DOES BEING A SMART GIRL MEAN TO YOU? Being as Smart Girl to me means you know who you are and what you stand for and that you’re unapologetic about authoring your own life. Like being THAT GIRL, being a Smart Girl means that you are always working to be the best version of yourself!



A My Story Essay


by Mandy Engelman

hy would I ever let words define me? Ha, funny. I don’t let words define me. Others let words define me. I put way to much effort into changing others opinions of me that I forget who I really am. I spend my days thinking of ways to express kindness towards others. Bringing people happiness is like gasoline; fueling my body, driving me through each and every day. At the end of the day this happiness is all artificial, these feelings are fake because I am not the one who is ever actually happy. I have never been and probably will never be really truly happy because I have this thing haunting me, following my every move, wherever I go this thing is there. This thing is my past, and it is hanging over me. What I was feeling on the inside didn’t measure up to the persona I gave off. The mask on the

outside was a different color than the walls on the inside. I always said I was bullied not broken; yet I always felt broken. I was no longer Mandy. I could no longer walk the halls without fear of people believing the rumors about me. As if I ever could not worry about being bullied, this was by far the worse. The girl that I gave out wasn’t the girl on the inside, trapped beneath her skin, hiding behind a smile. People would tell me “You’re so this, you’re so that. Why would anyone want to bully you?” That’s just it. The girl who appears to be confident and the girl who appears insecure are not that different at all. You don’t like the way I look? Good thing you don’t look like me. You don’t like that I can succeed at things? Good thing you’re not determined. You see, I am me. Even though on the inside I’m hurting from all the negativity and I’m constantly second issue no. 21 | 81

guessing myself because I’ve been taught by my peers to hate who I am, to hate my body, and to hate my personality, I still own up to being Mandy. It’s easy to appear confident when you’re set on who you are and what you believe, when you’re young and naive. You’re only going to have one body, one face, one life, so you might as well get used to your skin. I hate using the word victim, because victim coincides with weakness, and if you’ve ever been bullied and are reading this today, you’re not weak. In fact you’re the opposite. If you’re reading this today and you’ve been bullied, that means you saw a better tomorrow in the pain of today. You saw a smile through the tears, you saw hope in the pain. That pain will teach you a lesson, after all that’s what life is about. Learning lesson, both inside and outside of school. The lesson to be learned from my experience of being bullied is plain and simple. You are who you are, don’t ever apologize for being the real you and don’t ever be afraid to express yourself. Know there will always be a better day. Your near future may not be full of smiles, and neither may your far. Your future will, however, hold days where you look back and say, “That is why I am living today. That is why I fought through the pain.” There’s never a need for a permanent solution to a temporary problem. Life is like a semicolon… you have the power to end, but the choice to continue. It is up to you to choose which path to follow. Just because I was bullied doesn’t mean I’m not broken or hurting on the inside. Being surrounded by hate, strength is scarce. But I’m building my story, one brick at a time. No matter what you do, what you say, or how you appear, you will always feel a little bit run down. You will always feel a little bit of weakness, a 82 | smart girl’s guide

little bit helplessness, but as long as you hold on to your past. I encourage you, no matter what you’ve been through, to forgive those who have done you wrong and embrace the future without fear of the past, no matter how ugly your past was.


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ART currated by Katie Amick

drawing by Mackenzie R., Iowa

issue no. 21 | 83

the little

CATERPILLAR In the fields of tall grass, A little caterpillar has been born. Hatched out of an egg And out she goes crawling slowly. Moths and dragonflies around it laugh And shuns her ugliness. She creates a shell to hide inside To make the laughter go away. After rainy storms and heat waves, She breaks free from the shell.

The bugs instantly saw a new bug in her. They thought she looked beautiful now. With grown wings and long antennas, She evolved into a butterfly. However, what they don’t know... Is that she was already beautiful. She learned that there was more to life Rather than judgement and cruelness. She didn’t have to listen to all of the bugs. She just had to see through their words. by Kathy Vuu

84 | smart girl’s guide



drawing by Lena Elbert

issue no. 21 | 85


shows by Maggie Royce

New Girl

There’s something totally addictive that sucks you into New Girl. This comedy stars Zooey Deschanel who plays Jess, a quirky teacher living with three guys after her boyfriend cheats on her. She has a unique feminist attitude that is surprisingly relatable and sassy! It is a feel good show that will have you laughing and quoting for days.

Downton Abbey

1912. Britain. All of the drama that comes with the life of the wealthy. Downton Abbey shows the historical side of England and all of the problems including the sinking of the Titanic, the first World War, as well as the Irish vs. England conflict. This show follows the people who live Downton Abbey as well as the servants and people of the town. Downton is hilarious, tear jerking and chances are you’ll be speaking in a British accent by the end of the first episode.

The Vineyard

Most reality TV shows are centered around Hollywood and the beadazzled Rodeo Drive. This show is unlike most out there and is about teens who work at The Black Dog, a popular restaurant in Martha’s Vineyard. At times you’ll probably find yourself rolling your eyes at the unnecessary banter but if you like reality TV, this one’s for you! 86 | smart girl’s guide


events by Rebecca Mill

Memorial Day (May 26) Memorial Day is traditionally celebrated on the last Monday in May, and for many it kicks off the summer season. Time to throw on a pair of white jeans and bring out the red, white, and blue for an all-American event! Memorial Day is dedicated to men and women who have served in our armed forces. It is a time to remember loved ones who may have passed away while fighting for our country. The first Memorial Day celebration was in 1865, following the end of the Civil War. FUN FACT: Memorial Day was originally called Decoration Day. The name was changed in 1882.

On This Day In History - May 4, 1959 On this day in history, the first Grammy Awards were held. The Grammy is an award presented by the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences. It is say to be the most coveted award in contemporary music. The Grammy Awards originated on the Hollywood Walk of Fame as the big names in the recording industry tried to decide who would qualify for a Walk of Fame star. The Grammy Award is named for the gold-gilded gramophone shaped trophy that the recipients are awarded.

The Grammy Awards are now held in January, but celebrate a blast from the past with a fun awards-show themed party with your friends! Walk the red carpet and enjoy some fun hors d’oeuvre! FUN FACT: As of 2009, 7,.578 Grammy Awards have been awarded!

SMART summits by Maggie Royce

Fashion Digital LA

A fashion and beauty marketing event held on May 7th, 2014 in sunny Los Angeles, this will be focused around the e-commerce aspect of the industry. It has a wide variety of speakers including the founder of Rent The Runway! Fashion Digital LA is perfect for anyone interested in online boutiques and production.

Alt Summit For Everyone

The Alt Design Summit is one of the most sought after social media conferences and this time, they’re bringing it to you! It’s a chance to hear from your favorite bloggers and social media gurus from the comfort of your desk. This conference is a digital conference consisting of seven classes, a virtual meetup along with one keynote session, perfect for busy Smart Girls. Maggie Royce Smarts Sharer issue no. 21 | 87


sounds by Sophie Raleigh

Good Lovin’ The Rascals Suego Faults Wolf Gang Am I Wrong Nico & Vinz For My Help Hayden Calnin See You Tonight Scotty McCreery Believe The Bravery I Love You Woodkid Little Bit of Love Katie Herzig Road to Nowhere Release the Sunbird I Hold On Dierks Bentley Click here to listen to Sophie’s May Playlist!

88 | smart girl’s guide


reads by Lauren Kirby

This is a sponsored post written by Lauren Kirby. All views are 100% her own. I’m a part of the simultaneously knowledgeable and confused generation of Millennials, and we are consistently searching for a way to plan our futures as the global economy continues to shift. This book is the first I’ve seen that truly captures the way that my generation approaches the world of work and highlights a path to transform my own work and the overall economy. The concept of the “Purpose Economy” revolutionizes current thoughts about our workforce and provides new insights into decision-making across the board. This is an entertaining read that shifts between anecdote and theory effortlessly. I highly recommend this book to anyone looking for a different perspective on their career. I finished the book energized with fresh motivation to find purpose in the corporate world. Click here to purchase The Purpose Economy.

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Calling All Bloggers!

Looking to grow your blog, get some serious PR, and build your brand? We have an exclusive opportunity just for you. For more information, email Emily at

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Ever thought of starting a business with your best friend? Emily and Julianne did! Montana sat down to ask them what it takes to be best friends and business partners.

issue no. 21 | 91

smart girl interview by Montana MacRae

Emily Matson and Julianne Goldmark were in middle school when they started their own hair tie business, Emi-Jay (a combination of their names). Since then, their ties have been seen on the likes of Hilary Duff and Reese Witherspoon. Even better? A portion of all proceeds go to charity! This dynamic duo took time out of their busy lives filled with college classes, socializing and running their own company to chat with us.

spotlight 92 | smart girl’s guide


an organization that was close to our hearts. As teenage girls and seniors in high school ourselves, it seemed like a natural fit to work with girls our own age, who [were] going EMILY: It’s such a satisfying and fulfilling feeling! There are times that it’s hard to balance through the college process just as we were. everything, but above all, running this business We worked with them to help them become confident, college-bound and career-ready has been the most incredible experience and and got to sponsor fifteen girls’ first paid I wouldn’t trade it for anything. We are so lucky to have Emi-Jay for as long as we have, in internships straight out of high school. addition to living normal teenage lives. WHERE DO YOU HOPE TO SEE YOUR BRAND IN FIVE OR 10 YEARS?
 IS THERE ANYTHING THAT STANDS EMILY: Five or ten years from now, I hope OUT TO YOU AS THE MOST EXCITING PART OF OWNING AND RUNNING YOUR that Emi-Jay continues to grow, just as it has over the last five years. I would love to see us OWN COMPANY?
 expand internationally, as well as branch out EMILY: All of it has been absolutely amazing into apparel and lifestyle divisions; the sky’s the and exciting - above all, we have met such limit! wonderful people and gotten to see and experience so many different aspects of the fashion industry; it’s truly been one big Chris McMillan was looking adventure. for a sophisticated, bow-like WHAT INSPIRED YOU TO START YOUR OWN BRAND OF HAIR TIES? EMILY: When we were in middle school we noticed a growing trend of hair accessories and decided to take matters into our hands by buying materials to make our own. Shortly thereafter, my mom’s hair stylist, Chris McMillan was looking for a sophisticated, bow-like hair tie, which we made up for him. He put one on Jennifer Aniston to wear on the red carpet and a few months later, Emi-Jay was born! YOU’RE A PARTNER OF THE STEP UP WOMEN’S NETWORK YOUNG LUMINARIES PROGRAM. HOW DID THIS COME ABOUT AND HOW DID YOU CHOOSE THIS PROGRAM? EMILY: We take our charity partnerships incredibly seriously, and wanted to work with

hair tie, which we made up for him. He put one on Jennifer Aniston to wear on the red carpet and a few months later, Emi-Jay was born!

HOW DO YOU HANDLE ATTENDING SCHOOL ALONG WITH RUNNING YOUR COMPANY? JULIANNE: It’s hard sometimes since I’m traveling a lot! My professors have been really generous about letting me turn in assignments via email when need be, but other than that I usually schedule my classes so that I can work half-days or have school only on some days of the week! WHAT INFLUENCED YOUR DECISION TO DONATE 20% OF YOUR PROFITS TO THE issue no. 21 | 93

CHARITIES YOU DO? JULIANNE: Giving back has always been something really important to us since we started Emi-Jay. It’s a major component to our company and I think we’ve just always been inspired by the organizations our parents have exposed us to growing up and wanted to make sure we could make a difference although we’re young! AS BEST FRIENDS WHO ALSO HAPPEN TO BE BUSINESS PARTNERS, HAVE THERE EVER BEEN TIMES WHEN YOU’VE ALLOWED YOUR BUSINESS LIFE TO OVERRIDE YOUR PERSONAL LIFE? JULIANNE: As far as our friendship, we’ve done a good job of juggling personal and business! Sometimes we have to work longer hours if we’re on a project or a shoot and we’ll have to miss a party or something. But work is fun for us. It’s what we love so it would be hard to say our business has ever taken over our personal life! 94 | smart girl’s guide

WHAT ADVICE WOULD YOU GIVE TO YOUNG, HOPEFUL ENTREPRENEURS? JULIANNE: Besides being confident in your idea, I’d say to definitely surround yourself with supportive/positive people! I’ve really learned to appreciate the friends and family that have always supported me and I think that’s something really important that people normally wouldn’t think about when starting a company.

Giving back has always been something really important to us since we started Emi-Jay. WHAT DO YOU THINK IT MEANS TO BE A SMART GIRL? JULIANNE: I think being a Smart Girl means you have the confidence and passion to take your aspirations/goals and do something with them!


kristina horner

For a Smart Girl, having a passion is a must. Whether it is math, sports, or knitting, following a passion makes life that much more fun. Kristina Horner is that awesome Internet girl everyone loves. She followed her passion-- Harry Potter (!)-- all the way to her own YouTube channel, where she vlogs about life’s daily ups and downs, makes her audience crack up, and of course, is the Harry Potter wiz. Interview by Leah Kashar. WHAT INSPIRED YOU TO START VLOGGING? It was Harry Potter, actually. I stumbled onto the Harry Potter community of vloggers, and I loved the idea of making videos about my favorite book series/fandom. What started as a means to geek out about a boy wizard very rapidly snowballed into something much larger. WHAT HAS BEEN YOUR EXPERIENCE WITH YOUR WIZARD-ROCK BAND, THE PARSELMOUTHS? HOW DID YOU GO

ABOUT STARTING IT? Wizard rock is a genre of fan-made music I got into in high school-- when I found out there were bands that wrote songs solely about Harry Potter, I nearly lost my mind. It was hugely inspirational and encouraged me to learn how to write my own music. The Parselmouths, which is the band my best friend and I at the time created together, was my doorway into this crazy fan culture. AS ONE OF THE PRODUCERS AND ACTORS OF THE WEB SERIES, JOB issue no. 21 | 95

up close and personal with the people my work has really affected. People have given me quite a few strange and wonderful gifts as well, which is always quite interesting. I can’t tell you how many snakethings I’ve received over the years.

HUNTERS, HOW HAVE YOU BEEN ABLE TO BALANCE BEING AN ACTOR AND BEING A PRODUCER? In a smaller budget production like Job Hunters, it’s necessary for many people on set to wear a lot of hats. We can’t afford to hire people to fill every role, so often jobs are overlapped with our amazing and capable crew. Sometimes it can be a little tough balancing all of that, but usually my producer responsibilities can be completed off set. Once I step on set for filming, there are others who can pick up the reigns so I can focus on acting. WHAT HAS BEEN YOUR MOST INTERESTING EXPERIENCE INVOLVING ANY OF YOUR PROJECTS, TO DATE? It’s quite difficult to pick a single favorite experience over the past six or seven years, because so many of the projects I’ve done have been so different from each other. I will say though, that the one place these different facets of my life all converge are at conventions. At places like LeakyCon and VidCon, I often find people and fans who appreciate numerous things I’ve done, and it’s a wonderful way to get 96 | smart girl’s guide

HOW DO YOU COME UP WITH IDEAS FOR YOUR VIDEOS? WHAT IS YOUR PROCESS IN CREATING A VIDEO? I get my ideas for videos all over the place! Part of what I like about my Youtube channel is that it’s sort of an “anything goes” environment. I take the things around me that I find strange or beautiful or interesting and I figure out how to turn it into a story. That’s all there is to it! WHAT ADVICE DO YOU HAVE FOR GIRLS WHO WANT TO START VLOGGING? This is a hard question to answer, surprisingly. I would say my best advice is to find something you’re passionate about; something you love talking about. Do you love reviewing books? Do you love to cook? Do you love telling jokes? Figure out what your niche is, and then just start! You can always learn and get better but making that first video can often be the biggest step. WHAT DOES A NORMAL DAY LOOK LIKE FOR YOU? You might be disappointed by how unglamorous it is! I usually wake up around 8 or 9, spend a bit too long catching up on all my app games, then I spend another hour or so

responding to email. After that it’s shower and breakfast time, before diving into the most intensive part of my work day. Around 11-4 is when I write blog posts, film videos, edit, etc. Usually around this time I either eat dinner or take some other sort of break, whether that be taking a walk, watching an episode of something, or spending time with one of my roommates. I get a little antsy sometimes, working from home, so when my roommates come home I love spending time with them. Sometimes we’ll spending the evening watching a movie, working on a project together, playing games or making food, or sometimes I’ll head back to my room to get some more work done. The evening will end with either more TV or reading a book, and then bedtime - always a bit too late. WHICH OF THE FANDOMS YOU BELONG TO HAS MADE THE BIGGEST IMPACT ON YOUR LIFE AND WHY? Harry Potter is the obvious answer here. I’ve dabbled in a lot of smaller fandoms, but Harry Potter and the surrounding fandom literally shaped my life post high school. So many of the friends I have now are people I met because of Harry Potter, and that’s a pretty crazy powerful thing for a book series to have done. WHAT IS YOUR LIFE PHILOSOPHY? My life philosophy is that there’s something good in every single day, you just have to find it. WHAT DO YOU THINK IT MEANS TO BE A SMART GIRL? A Smart Girl could be so many different things. I think the very base idea, to me, is that a Smart Girl is someone who wants to keep learning. A Smart Girl recognizes that there’s always more to learn, and actively strives to do so each and every day.

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welcome to

98 | smart girl’s guide


ngton College by Emma Way

issue no. 21 | 99


here’s nothing quite like walking along the Cater Walk, the main path that winds through campus, and becoming exhausted purely from greeting way too many people. At Washington College it’s simply impossible to walk through campus without seeing swarms of acquaintances. As a sophomore it surprises me if I see someone I didn’t already know. That feeling of family on campus allowed me to expand my definition of home to include WAC.

with a unique theme, like this year’s, Harry Potter. Simultaneously, alumni chapters across the country host their own “Toasts to George” to commemorate their time spent in Chestertown. It’s not just current students dancing their hearts out for George; it’s alumni, professors, parents, even our President, Mitchell Reiss. We are small but we are mighty. It impossible not to see the camaraderie between students, faculty, and staff and the positive effects it has on every experience here. I see it everyday when someone I’ve barely known before smiles at me while holding the door or when a friend of a friend makes conversation in a dining hall line. Our Birthday Ball festivities are just one example that proves how lasting and attached our community is here; we’re really just one big wacky family.

Formally my college’s abbreviation is WC, but that just seems odd and unfitting compared to WAC, which reminds me of the truly wacky nature of this campus. Traditions are a big deal here, but one in particular takes the cake of eccentricity – Birthday Ball. This highly anticipated day celebrates George Washington’s We are as serious about our studies as we are birthday with a campus-wide party complete 100 | smart girl’s guide

about being leaders. As a Political Science major with an African Studies concentration I have been in some of the most mind-bending class discussions regarding the world’s most complex conflicts. It’s no easy feat to articulate, in ten pages, all of Boko Haram’s history. The pure amount of research and essay writing required for most of my political sciences courses is something I love to hate. I walk out of the library after a new assignment with a tower of books – always eager to read them, but knowing that it’s physically impossible to read all of them with limited time. Political Science has opened my eyes to thoughtprovoking theories of policies and conflict, while at the same time has certainly restricted my ability to get the recommended amount of sleep for a college student. Even on the worst weeks – the ones with three exams and two papers due – I can appreciate the academic environment that surrounds my caffeine-induced slumber party with my textbooks. My committed professors create this atmosphere of educational support, by providing an endless stream of advice. Having a close working relationship with a handful of my professors is perhaps the best part about attending such a small school. Last spring I was flustered with what to do with my summer. No internship was really jumping out at me and I really did not want to be a lifeguard for the fifth summer in a row. On a normal day of classes, I went in to my professor’s office seeking help on my paper. Instead of actually assisting my research process, he told me that I was going to Zanzibar, Tanzania for the summer. It wasn’t really ever a question. He told me he would find all the grants I need to afford the trip and that I’d be there, teaching English, for six weeks.

I was doubtful to say the least, but willing to fulfill my adventurous desires for one summer. When would there be another time in my life when I could be as willingly broke as I was then? So I found all the money I needed throughout a multitude of grants offered by the school and boarded a flight two months later. It’s crazy to think that one single professor could change my life so exponentially, but my experiences in Africa were the turning point in my life. My first year of college was full of feelings of uncertainty with the multitude of opportunities placed in front of me for the first time. But that was all alleviated after I “found myself ” in Tanzania. As corny as that is, I have never felt more confident in myself than I do now. I came back to WAC for a second year confident and sure of myself. The end result? I was accepted with open arms of people I never knew existed. The people you meet the first week of college do not have to be the same people you spend senior week with. Not everything is great all the time and that’s part of college, not to mention a huge part of growing up. There will be papers that are insanely hard and those professors who will always refuse to give out As. Zanzibar helped me realize that feeling lost is normal and actually really great sometimes. On my mid-day strolls walking towards my school on this underdeveloped yet beautiful island, I loved getting lost. I learned so much about my surroundings and myself through getting lost intentionally. With my sophomore year coming to a close, I’ve enjoyed learning more about myself while at the same time, loved the feeling of living in a close-knit family of almost two thousand people. We may be a wacky family, but I’ve never felt more at home. issue no. 21 | 101

By Eleanor Harte

102 | smart girl’s guide


HOW DO YOU DESCRIBE YOURSELF? ynthia Hass is TELL US WHAT YOU DO. quickly on her way A baby of the world. I love people, places and to becoming one most of all, people. As the COO of GimmeMo, a youth organization aimed at inspiring, of the top Smart empowering and motivating today’s youth, Girls for us to I get to travel and meet incredible people admire. The Boston from all over the world. It’s one of the biggest blessings in my little life. I absolutely love it University student is living and would not have it any other way. the dream of so many of us: she gets to travel all the time, When I’m not working on GimmeMo, you can find me at on stage performing or mentoring is friends with actress/singer girls! I love self-expression, be it through Monique Coleman, and is the random dancing, spoken words or leading Chief Operating Officer of an summer camps! It’s all my peanut butter, jelly and jam! amazing youth organization, GimmeMo. Cynthia is upbeat, WHAT HAVE BEEN SOME OF excited, and passionate. She YOUR BEST EXPERIENCES WITH GIMMEMO SO FAR? spends her days spreading not even begin to tell you. The people her empowering message and II could have met have been the most incredible part following her dreams. Read about being with GimmeMo. There isn’t ever a on for some words of wisdom bad experience. With that, if I had to choose, my favorite memory would be season two of from this Smart Girl! the GimmeMo show where I would travel to

issue no. 21 | 103

NYC every weekend to direct and manage the show. Another would be flying to Amsterdam with Mo for the weekend, where we participated in a panel on domestic violence. These are experiences I will never get back but moments that make me believe there is no doubt that anything is possible.

beyond no other means.


I looked in. All great things come from within, there was a little voice deep inside of me that HOW DO YOU MANAGE TO DO ALL kept speaking to me, she continuously said, “I THIS - WORKING FOR GIMMEMO, just want to help girls, I just want to help girls.” TRAVELING, AND SCHOOL? I listened to this voice, quit my four jobs and You just do. When you really want something, started volunteering. From that, things you make it work. Like right now, I’m on a blossomed and the most incredible plane to California as I’m writing this and will opportunities came my way. be missing school all week, but that’s not the point, the point is we have been blessed with Listen to yourself. What’s something you’ve SO MUCH- so much technology, so many always wanted to do? Don’t know? Explore, opportunities to create and to be everything reach out and show up! Nervous? Scared? we’ve always wanted to be and more. It’s a That’s normal, just breathe and have faith. matter of learning how to manage your time. Know that fear is of the mind and can be In this life, the greatest thing you can control tamed. Replace all fear with total faith that is your mind, what you think. You are your no matter what happens you will always be thoughts so be very careful about what you bold, beautiful and brave simply because you fill your mind with. Fill your mind with the are Alive. You’ve worked hard to become the most positive of things and believe in yourself person you are, own who you are! Be YOU! 104 | smart girl’s guide

issue no. 21 | 105

106 | smart girl’s guide

by Eleanor Harte issue no. 21 | 107


hatever you want to call it, there is no doubting that Paris, France is a city full of wonder. There is so much to do. The clichés about Paris are clichés for a reason. You really can stroll through parks, pick up croissants at the boulangerie on the corner, sit in a café and drink espresso, have a picnic by the Eiffel Tower…

day I got the acceptance letter, I knew my adventure had begun.

Paris has a population of 2.2 million. It is divided into twenty districts, called arrondissements. Each arrondissement has its own mayor and its own culture. Some are more touristy and others are more residential. The arrondissements are organized in a spiral, starting with Ever since I first thought of studying abroad, the 1st in the middle and then spiraling I always knew I would go to Paris. I took outward. I live with a host mother in the 6th French in high school, but I’d never been arrondissement, which is one of the most to France. I’m a Boston girl with a heart for centrally located areas. I live a three minute cities, and my college is basically in a field; I walk away from the famous Lock Bridge, and needed to get back to the city. So Paris it was, about a ten minute walk from the Louvre. and I leaped into the process of applications and paperwork with enthusiasm. I applied Paris is famous for many things, and food is to a program called CEA Paris, and the definitely on that list. I can promise you that 108 | smart girl’s guide

much culture to soak up.

you will never find a better croissant than one you’ll find in a Parisian boulangerie. People really do walk down the street holding baguettes they’ve just purchased. Parisian cafés are found on every block, Lauduree macarons are famous for a reason, and the French are serious about their wine. In short, food is an essential part of French culture. In terms of cultural activities, I don’t think Paris can be beat. The French government places a high level of importance on arts and culture, and so most museums are free to everyone on the first Sunday of every month. If you’re a student, you get free access to most museums all the time; I don’t think I’ve paid for a museum yet! The most famous museums would have to be the Louvre and the Musee d’Orsay, which has a lot of Impressionist art, but there are many more museums that are well-worth checking out. The architecture in Paris is beautiful; there are so many old churches and historical sites that are free to visit. There are movie theatres, the famous opera house from Phantom of the Opera, shopping malls, and more. Paris is a vibrant city and there is so

From the moment I stepped off the plane on January 6, a slightly overcast afternoon at Charles de Gaulle airport, Paris has been everything I wanted and more. I have gotten to travel to five different countries, numerous cities in France, and found a home in Paris. I have made friends I know I will call my friends for life. Adjusting to a new place isn’t always easy; there are moments when I am frustrated and confused and just want to go home. But this is such an amazing opportunity that when I feel sad, I let myself feel sad for a bit and then I pick up and do something cool, like visiting the Louvre or going for a run by the Eiffel Tower. If you are considering studying abroad, my advice would be to absolutely go for it. This was the best decision I ever could have made. So the next time you watch Midnight in Paris, or The DaVinci Code, or any other movie set in Paris, remember: Paris is a real city, with all that that entails. There are all types of people, there are amazing cultural activities, and it is often exactly like it seems in the movies.

issue no. 21 | 109

110 | smart girl’s guide


smart girl I know how you feel at times. Like you will never be thin enough, smart enough, or funny enough. Like you will never meet the man/woman of your dreams. Like you aren’t reaching your goals fast enough. Like there are a million people living this thing called life better than you.

acknowledge all the things that we have within ourselves.

Please stop trying to meet someone else’s standards. Living your life in the pursuit of perfection is a surefire way to end up very unhappy. I can attest to that from personal experience. Have the confidence to pick a You’re not alone. We live in a world of “not category in life and fail miserably at it. Let enough,” that breeds insecurity and leaves it go. Proudly accept defeat. Focus all of us feeling unsatisfied. Think about the first that energy into something more valuable thought you had this morning. For many of than perfection – building on and refining us it was probably that we didn’t get enough your unique talents. sleep. We get dressed and feel like we have nothing to wear. As we scroll through If you excel at critical thinking or have an Instagram and compare our behind the in-depth understanding of politics, focus scenes to the highlight reels of our friends on that. If you can write or are passionate our “NOT ENOUGH” voice screams louder about caring for others, spend time doing than ever. It’s exhausting; a never-ending that. Find something that you love doing or cycle that will continue unless you make a that you can’t stop thinking about and block concerted effort to change it. time off in your schedule for it immediately. Trust that good things will come from it. We only get one chance at life, one We all have these little sparks of passion opportunity to shine. A moment to stand within us. With a little love and attention on stage and share our unique gifts with your spark can turn into a roaring fire that the world, and yet, so many of us spend will allow you to shine brighter than you that time worrying about how we compare ever could have imagined. to the person standing beside us. We’ve forgotten to appreciate, celebrate, and Erin Treloar Founder of RAW Beauty Talks

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Goals of the Month

We believe that if you are going to take time to do something, you deserve tangible proof that you got something out of it. That is why we created the Goals of the Month page. This page is where we tie in pieces of the magazine to create a fun fill-in that will empower you to Live the Smart Life. We leave it up to you to determine exactly what the Smart Life means to you by having the goals be fully customizable. Smart Girls are all different, so our goals are, too. I am smart. This month, I will share my smarts with ____________ by __________________. This issue is all about shinging bright. I will shine my own light with the world by __________________. Emily and Julianne of Emi-Jay have used their company to help others by donating a portion of their profits to charity. I will use my talents to help others by __________________ this month. Erin Treloar said that we have one chance, one life to shine our light. I will use this chance to ________________________ this month. Alexis Jones, Founder of I Am That Girl, has empowered Smart Girls to be their own “That Girl,” aka the best version of themselves. I will be my own “That Girl” this month by __________________. I am part of the Smart Girl Sisterhood. This month, I will show sisterly love by _______________________. The Smart Girls Group is all about inspiration. This month, I will be inspired by _______________________ and inspire by _______________________. Smart Girls are ambitious girls. They look toward the future and start working towards their goals now. I aspire to _______________________, so this month, I will _______________________ to work towards that.

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Thank You

We feel so lucky to be able to share the Smart Girl light with readers all over the world. We have few people to thank in particular for making this issue shine so brightly. ZURI MARLEY, for being the face of our Shine Bright issue. Thank you for shining your light on us. ASHLEY BROOKE, for inspiring our creative side. We so admire your knack for making products that make life happier. Thank you for bringing your positivity to this issue. LESLEY GOLDMAN, for helping women and girls everywhere love who they are, which can sometimes be the biggest challenge of all. RACHEL WENGER & ELIZABETH HANSEN, for being hands down amazing. Thank you for making this magazine possible. We are beyond blessed to have you on this team. CAMILLE STYLES, for being such a source of inspiration for all of us bloggers, creatives, and innovators. Thank you for motivating us to just go for it, whatever that may be. ALEXIS JONES, for being one of the coolest changemakers we have ever featured. Thank you for helping all of us find our inner That Girl. EMILY MATSON & JULIANNE GOLDMARK, for showing us that age is but a number when it comes to innovation and impact, and that two Smart Girls can do anything together. You two are amazing. KRISTINA HORNER, for giving us the inside scoop on what it is like to be the cool girl on the YouTube block. CYNTHIA HAAS, for inspiring us to chase our dreams. You embody what it means to be a superstar Smart Girl. And of course, we thank all of our SMART GIRL SISTERS, whose tireless efforts have made this 21 issue possible. Thank you for believing in this mission and the power of smarts. Finally, thank you to all of our SMART STORY SPREADERS AND SUPPORTERS. You are uniting the next generation of superstar women and we could not be more grateful to have such dedicated cheerleaders.

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“The things you are passionate about are not random, they are your calling.” Fabienne Fredrickson

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Smart Girl's Guide, Issue No. 21