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MOLLY FORD interview by Jenna Adendorff

Five years ago, Molly Ford started her blog, Smart, Pretty and Awkward, which features tips on how to be smarter, prettier and less awkward. It began with a Smart Girl and a quick piece of advice to share, but very quickly turned into something much bigger. Nowadays, she spends her weekdays working a digital marketing job at a dream company. She also writes a recommended reading column that’s syndicated to over 70 magazines and has recently begun a new column for Parade Magazine. Throughout her career, Molly has found several ways to share her smarts and agreed to share even more wisdom with us through our very first Blogger Profile. THE FIVE YEAR ANNIVERSARY OF YOUR BLOG WAS IN DECEMBER WHICH IS A HUGE ACCOMPLISHMENT! I READ THAT YOU STARTED YOUR BLOG BECAUSE OF A BEAUTY TIP YOU FOUND, BUT WHAT GAVE YOU THE IDEA FOR “SMART, PRETTY, AND AWKWARD?” AND HOW DID YOU GET STARTED? Thank you! I’m so lucky to have found such a great home on the Internet for the past

five years. When I started SP&A, I was looking for an outlet to write more and I thought that maybe a blog would be a good way to do that. I remember coming up with the idea right after Thanksgiving, and by December 1, I had a theme and my first post was up. I knew from the beginning I wanted to write an advice blog. Focusing on “How to be Prettier” beauty/fashion tips was my first idea, but that

type of advice wasn’t enough to cover all the topics I was interested in writing about, so I added “How to be Smarter.” Then I wanted a third topic so the site name would flow well, so I added “How to be (less) Awkward” to round out the group, which focused on social situations advice. THE FORMAT OF YOUR BLOG IS GENIUS, A QUICK TIP ON HOW TO BE SMART, PRETTY, AND AWKWARD IN EACH POST. issue no. 20 | 79

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