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Aiming High - Succeeding Together

Welcome to Woodcote Primary “A happy school with a positive ethos...� Welcome to Woodcote Primary School. We are conscious of the trust you place in us and look forward to working with you to achieve our shared aspirations for your child. Woodcote is a happy school with a positive ethos. We take pride in our diverse cultural community and believe that all children can be encouraged to do their best in a positive, hardworking, learning environment. We value each child as an individual and work hard to foster resilience, adaptability, thoughtfulness, respect, enquiry, co-operation, communication and morality. We have an experienced and enthusiastic team of staff who are committed to your child achieving the highest standards of education and behaviour. We are fortunate to be a well-resourced

school set in a wonderfully green setting with plenty of space for the children to play and learn. Everyone in our school community is looking forward to a happy and productive association with you, your child and your family. Our aim is to encourage children to work to the best of their abilities, not just in the essential basic skills, but in all aspects of their learning. We enrich learning by providing plenty of opportunity for broadening children’s experiences in all areas of the curriculum and through the links made by our international curriculum. As well as encouraging intellectual growth, we will work with you to develop the whole child. By working together as parents and staff, we will ensure your child has the best possible opportunity to reach their personal best. Please visit us online at www.woodcoteprimary.croydon.sch.uk Tim Rome Headteacher

Our Promise Woodcote children flourish in a caring environment in which every child’s inherent love of learning is developed from their earliest days at the school Pupils are valued as unique individuals and encouraged to foster resilience, adaptability, thoughtfulness, respect, enquiry, co-operation, communication and morality Woodcote staff are experienced, enthusiastic and committed to working in partnership with family to ensure that every child achieves his or her highest standards of educational achievement Woodcote is extremely well-resourced, set in a wonderful green setting with educational facilities that offer unique learning opportunities Woodcote classrooms are bright, attractive and well equipped with an excellent range of reading books, science and technology equipment, construction toys and mathematical apparatus Woodcote parents are welcome and encouraged to join in the life of the school, many helping on a regular basis with a range of activities, including reading, sewing, library or trips

It’s a lovely friendly school - a nice community. The teachers are all enthusiastic and really bring the learning alive. Parent, Years 1 and 2

“It’s been great. A lovely school. It looks after the kids well.”

Grandparent, Reception

Learning at Woodcote Woodcote Primary School is a school for boys and girls from 3 to 11 years of age, maintained by the London Borough of Croydon, with a maximum of 90 children admitted to each Year Group. Woodcote teachers have high expectations of children’s learning. A balance of teaching styles is used across all year groups, including whole class, group and individual work. Teachers differentiate work, based on every child’s ability, to ensure that every child has the opportunity to work to his or her personal best. Where necessary, children are supported by teaching and learning assistants to enhance their learning or assist with learning difficulties. Children who have a particular gift or talent are catered for both within

the classroom and the wider school community. Teachers are responsible for their class for a whole year, though Year Group teachers collaborate to plan cross-curricular topics and to ensure that children in parallel classes experience the same curriculum. Classes are mixed-ability, with grouping based on ability introduced for Mathematics in Years 5 and 6. Emphasis is placed on the teaching of skills in addition to knowledge and understanding, whilst ensuring children receive a balanced curriculum. International Primary Curriculum (IPC) Units ensure full coverage of the National Curriculum. Nursery and Reception staff teach a balance of ‘Early Learning Goals’ (Foundation

Stage) and the National Early Years Curriculum during the child’s first years at Woodcote. Annual reports are issued to parents at the end of each Summer term. They cover all aspects of the curriculum and are designed to give a summative assessment of the child’s achievements and areas for development.

Subjects All children in Key Stages 1 & 2 study the National Curriculum with most subjects taught through the International Primary Curriculum. Core Subjects • Literacy Art & Design • Mathematics Design & Technology • Science History • Computing Geography • Religious Education PE • Music • Modern Foreign Language (KS2 Only) In Nursery and Reception, children follow the Foundation Stage Curriculum, which covers seven areas of learning: Foundation Subjects • Communication & language • Physical development • Personal, social & emotional • Literacy • Mathematics • Understanding the world • Expressive arts and design

“It provides a nurturing environment and I think takes care of the needs of the child and tailors the support accordingly.” Year 2 Parent

Curriculum and SEND We provide every child with a wellplanned and structured curriculum which encompasses subjects through a topic approach and as discrete subjects. Topic work is enriched by discussion and support from home. Work is planned around themes, which are published to all parents. Religious education is taught in accordance with the Croydon Agreed Syllabus and aims to enable pupils to learn about, and from, religion and human experiences.

The focused religions are studied under the areas of: Authority & Worship, Sacred & Inspirational Writings, Lifestyle & Celebrations, and Challenge Units. Collective Worship at Woodcote is of a broadly Christian nature. Children are made aware of Christian values and customs as well as those of other faiths represented by the school community. Parents may exercise their right to withdraw their child from assemblies or religious education

Special Educational Needs and Disability

affects their educational experience. Parents are consulted as soon as any area of difficulty is identified.

Approximately 20% of children have a special educational need at some time during their education. At Woodcote, we identify these needs as early as possible. We may notice that a child has difficulties with learning, or expressing themselves, making friends, behaving appropriately or has a sensory or physical need that

Parents are informed regularly about their child’s progress and are involved in decisions about extra help given to their child. The School Inclusion Manager is responsible for monitoring the progress of children with special needs and works with teaching staff to develop helpful strategies. Occasionally, with parents’

and are welcome to discuss this matter if necessary with the Headteacher.


At Woodcote we believe in a strong home / school partnership which supports a child’s learning. All children are expected to complete set homework.

agreement, advice from experts outside the school is sought, such as a specialist teacher, an educational psychologist or a speech and language therapist. Children with disabilities are fully included in every aspect of school life. Any parent who has a concern about a special educational need is welcome at any time to talk to their child’s class teacher or the School Inclusion Manager.

Respecting Each Other School Rules

Our School rules and pupils’ Code of Behaviour have been devised with the safety and well-being of every child firmly in mind. Parents are kept fully informed of any concerns with a view to resolving behavioural issues as promptly as possible.


Discipline at Woodcote rests on the encouragement of respect and care for the feelings of other people and property. This can be a hard thing to ask of children at a young and often boisterous age and we recognise that self-discipline and consideration for others are not always easily acquired. To support every child’s learning of these essential life skills, we remain firm and positive in encouraging good,

caring behaviour and manners and consistently discourage all forms of unacceptable behaviour.

Education in and for a multi-cultural society

Woodcote is a multi-cultural community reflecting the make-up of our broader society. We work to create an environment in which children of all races and cultures may work and play happily together.

Care and Responsibility

Every member of Woodcote staff is conscious of the great responsibility they have to care for each and every child in the way that any wise and reasonable parent would do.

This responsibility is taken very seriously and considered a great privilege.

“Josh has come on loads since he started. Really enjoying it, making friends and progressing with his learning.�

Woodies Nursery

“They’re thriving in their new environment. Very confident. I’ve seen a massive change in their behaviours.”

Parent, Woodies Nursery

At Woodies Nursery, our highly qualified staff, including a full time experienced teacher, are committed to providing your child with the very best in childcare and education in a full-of-fun, warm, friendly and nurturing environment.

About Woodies Woodcote’s nursery ‘Woodies’ has places for 45 children who may be admitted during the Autumn Term of the academic year in which they become four years old.

The Nursery is a self-contained unit, located on the Primary School site close to the Reception classrooms. It is fully equipped for creative activities, role-play, literacy, numeracy, science and technology and physical play.

Please note: A place in the Nursery does not automatically guarantee your child a place in Reception.

Woodies’ outdoor play area is used to broaden the children’s learning development. Visits to view the Nursery are welcomed. Please contact the main school office.

Admissions Parents wishing to send their child to Woodcote Primary School need to apply through Croydon Council’s admissions service. Please visit www.croydon.gov.uk/admissions for further information. Once you have been offered and accepted a place, a meeting is usually held in the June prior to a child’s entry in September. This provides an opportunity for parents to meet the Headteacher and Staff and to gain information about life at Woodcote School. Your child can also meet their new teacher and see their classroom. Home visits are organised so that new Reception children may meet their class teacher in the familiar environment of their home.

“It’s a very good school. I’ve had 3 children come through the school and I’d recommend it to anybody.”

PRIMARY SCHOOL Headteacher: Tim Rome Dunsfold Rise, Coulsdon Surrey CR5 2ED Tel: 020 8660 9972 Tel: 020 8668 3374

office@woodcoteprimary.croydon.sch.uk www.woodcoteprimary.croydon.sch.uk

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Woodcote Primary School Prospectus  

Thank you for your interest in Woodcote Primary School, Coulsdon. Woodcote Primary School is a school for boys and girls from 3 to 11 years...

Woodcote Primary School Prospectus  

Thank you for your interest in Woodcote Primary School, Coulsdon. Woodcote Primary School is a school for boys and girls from 3 to 11 years...