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PROCESS IMPROVEMENT WITH ENTERPRISE SPICE Univ. Doz. Dr. Ernest Wallmueller Qualität & Informatik – www.itq.ch

Switzerland / Europe

presented at 5th WC on Software Quality 2011, Shanghai, China, October 2011

E. Wallmueller - www.itq.ch


Ernest Wallmüller

Ernest Wallmüller Education

Thesis in computer science (Informatik), J. Kepler University, Linz, Austria; habilitation in business information system, author of several books, Researcher and lecturer at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, University Zurich and Salzburg and Linz; ISO 9001:2008 Auditor, Baldrige, EFQM, TPI, CMMI Assessor, iNTACS certified Principal Assessor for Automotive SPICE & ISO/IEC 15504 membership in IEEE, ACM, SwissICT, GI, and Software Test Austria as well as in the international Enterprise SPICE Standardisation Project .

Professional Career

„Drive change actively!“

Research and development in the area of software engineering at J. Kepler University, Linz, Austria and at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) Zurich, Switzerland; Manager at SBG (UBS) Zurich; Senior Consultant at ATAG Ernst & Young in CH, A, D, and UK; Principal, Process Coach and Manager of Project Quality Office and Quality Systems at Unisys (Schweiz) AG; CEO and Senior Consultant of Qualität & Informatik, Zurich since 1997.

Key Activities Quality / Proces Engineering, Project and Risk Management, Audit / Assessment Services and Organizational Development.

E. Wallmueller - www.itq.ch


What is Enterprise SPICE? •  Enterprise SPICE® is an approach for improving enterprise-wide performance using a single integrated best practice model called Enterprise SPICE. •  ISO/IEC 15504 - This framework can be used by organizations involved in planning, managing, monitoring, controlling and improving the acquisition, supply, development, operation, evolution and support of products and services." •  Download Enterprise SPICE from www.enterprisespice.com Enterprise SPICE ® is a Registered Trade Mark. E. Wallmueller - www.itq.ch


Best Practice Models and Standards in the last 20 Years

G. Fessler, SQC, 2009 E. Wallmueller - www.itq.ch


Our Solution Integration and Harmonization: We propose that various models, standards, approaches be integrated and harmonized into a single enterprise model ‌ called

Enterprise SPICE

E. Wallmueller - www.itq.ch


Input Baseline

ISO/IEC 15504 Part 1 Concepts & vocabulary Part 2 Performing an assessment

Part 4 Guidance on Using Assessment Results

PAM based on ISO/IEC 12207: Software life cycle processes Part 5 An Examplar Process Part 6 Assessment Model An Examplar Process (for ISO/IEC 12207) Model Assessment

Part 3 Guidance on Performing an Assessment


International requirements for process assessments, process reference models (PRMs), and process assessment models (PAMs)

PAM based on ISO/IEC 15288: System Life Cycle Processes

Part 8 (for ISO/IEC 15288)Process An Examplar Assessment Model (for ISO 20000)

Automotive SPICE

Normative E. Wallmueller - www.itq.ch

Enterprise SPICE

Automotive SPICE – a sector-specific PAM used by the automotive industry 7

Structure of SPICE Conformant Models 5 Optimizing 4 Predictable

Process Attributes define

Capability Dimension (how well we do it)

•  •  •  • 

3 Established 2 Managed


1 Performed 0 Incomplete

Purpose Outcomes Base Practices Work products

Process 1

Process n

Process Dimension (what we do) E. Wallmueller - www.itq.ch


Overview of the Model Enterprise SPICE provides the process dimension of the Process Assessment Model Categories: 29 processes in 4 categories: •  Governance/Management – processes that set direction and oversee execution of other processes. •  Life Cycle – processes that cover typical life cycle of a product or service. •  Support – processes that contribute to success and quality of all processes. •  Special Applications – provide ways Enterprise SPICE processes might be implemented for a particular application. Note: This construct is an innovation introduced in Enterprise SPICE 9

Enterprise SPICE Architecture Governance/Management Category (9 processes) Enterprise Governance Investment Management Human Resource Management Enterprise Architecture

Business Relationship Management Supplier Agreement Management Tendering Project Management Risk Management

Special Aps (1) S A F E T Y

Life Cycle Category (8 processes) ……………………………………....…..Needs………………………………………… Requirements Deployment and Disposal Design Integration Design Implementation Operation and Support ……………………………………….Evaluation………………………..…………..

Support Category (11 processes) Alternatives Analysis Measurement and Analysis Quality Assurance and Management Change and Configuration Management Information Management

Knowledge Management Training Research and Innovation Work Environment

and S E C U R I T Y

Process Definition Process Improvement 10

Example of PRM Process Description 1

Example of PRM Process Description 2

Example of PRM Process Description 3

Use of Enterprise SPICE Live Process Is subjected to

Identifies changes to

Identifies suitability of

Process Assessment

Process Improvement

leads to

leads to

may lead to

Capability Determination plus Maturity Determination of an Organization (ISO/IEC DTR 15504-7)

E. Wallmueller - www.itq.ch


Where do we stand and where should or want we to be? What is the status and conditions of our business processes?

What does the competition? the market?

Self or external Assessment Gap Analysis

Business Needs and Goals / Objectives E. Wallmueller - www.itq.ch

Norms for Comparison

Targets? Performance? Processes? CLx or MLy? 15

Support for Assessments •  Internal process improvement: internal assessments to understand process capability for improvement purposes •  Independent capability determination: external assessments/evaluations of process capability for partner or supplier qualification or general benchmarking

E. Wallmueller - www.itq.ch



E. Wallmueller Getting Started-with www.itq.ch Enterprise SPICE-Ibrahim, Wallmueller, Menezes

SPICE 2011


How Do you use Assessment results ? Usage of Enterprise SPICE for: •  Internal process improvement: internal assessments to understand process capability for improvement purposes

•  Independent capability determination: external assessments/ evaluations of process capability for partner or supplier qualification or general benchmarking

•  Process definition: using process information as guidance for defining processes

E. Wallmueller - www.itq.ch


Process Improvement - 1 Process Improvement Goals: the enterprise determines its needs, goals, improvement directions and priorities Enterprise SPICE helps •  provides good or best practice guidance for performing business processes •  several processes focus on process improvement •  measurement tied to business needs is emphasized throughout

E. Wallmueller - www.itq.ch


Process Improvement - 2 Some Enterprise SPICE processes that support process improvement •  Enterprise Governance: for establishing high level goals and objectives, including those pertaining to improvement

•  Project Management: for managing the process improvement effort •  Quality Assurance and Management: for checking compliance and identifying improvement opportunities

•  Measurement and Analysis: for analyzing measures relative to goals •  Process Definition: for establishing and communicating process assets •  Process Improvement: for typical process improvement steps and activities

E. Wallmueller - www.itq.ch


Business Process Modelling? Enterprise Management

Product Development Lifecycle

Supply Chain – Order to Cash

Business Support E. Wallmueller - www.itq.ch

Do you have your own model?

Customer Relationship Management

It is a challange! 21

Process Improvement - 3 •  Enterprise SPICE does not define the process – You and Your process teams do it! •  Making it yours –  Add Role and Structure: role assignment, organizational structure and specific work products need to be added to Enterprise SPICE guidance –  Terminology: terminology needs to reflect the terms and usage in your enterprise

E. Wallmueller - www.itq.ch


E. Wallmueller - www.itq.ch


Enterprise SPICE Future SPICE Transition •  ISO/IEC 15504 is currently transitioning to ISO/IEC 33001-99 series of standards. •  Conformant products (e.g. PRMs and PAMs) developed by the community can be submitted for endorsement as Publicly Available Specifications (PAS). •  Enterprise SPICE model is conformant with ISO/IEC 15504-2 requirements for PAMs •  It is anticipated Enterprise SPICE model will become part of the new ISO/IEC 330xx series E. Wallmueller - www.itq.ch


Contact Information For latest information and free download of Enterprise SPICE visit www.enterprisespice.com Questions and Information via wallmueller@itq.ch E. Wallmueller - www.itq.ch



E. Wallmueller - www.itq.ch


Useful SPICE Links •  •  •  •  • 

www.isospice.com www.enterprisespice.com http://www.spiceusergroup.org http://www.itsmspice.com http://www.automotivespice.com

E. Wallmueller - www.itq.ch


Courses 1. Enterprise SPICE for Executives/Managers ~ ½ day Overview focused on benefits, costs, and the role of executives and managers in process improvement using Enterprise SPICE

2. Enterprise SPICE Practitioner Training, Understanding ~ 2 days Covers all aspects of understanding the model

3. Enterprise SPICE Practitioner Training, Using the Model ~ 2 days Covers all aspects of using the model in detail

4. Process Improvement with Enterprise SPICE ~ 2 days Focuses on the process improvement process and the process improvement processes in Enterprise SPICE (e.g., Process Improvement, Enterprise Governance, Project Management, Quality assurance and Management, Measurement and Analysis, and Process Definition) and on using Enterprise SPICE for process improvement addressing especially the information from topic 4 below

5. Internal Assessor for Enterprise SPICE ~ 2 days Describes selected informal assessment methods that can be used with Enterprise SPICE

6. External Assessor course (based on ISO 15504 conformant method) ~ 4 ½ days This should include methods for multiple certification vs various Enterprise SPICE source models from a single Enterprise SPICE assessment

E. Wallmueller - www.itq.ch


Enterprise SPICE Certification •  Certification services from (accredited) bodies through –  PATHFINDER assessment and –  Certification of process capability or –  Certification of organizational maturity

E. Wallmueller - www.itq.ch


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Process Improvement with Enterprise SPICE  

Presented at the 5th World Congress Software Quality 2011, Shanghai, China, October 2011 by Univ. Doz. Dr. Ernest Wallmueller Qualitä...

Process Improvement with Enterprise SPICE  

Presented at the 5th World Congress Software Quality 2011, Shanghai, China, October 2011 by Univ. Doz. Dr. Ernest Wallmueller Qualitä...