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End of Unit Test Standard (S)

Name 1



Name two different sources of light. i ii [2 marks]


These sentences explain why you have a shadow on a sunny day. Complete the sentences using words from the box. absorbed




transparent Light travels in that hits it is




lines. Your body is or reflected, and is not

and so light through it. [4 marks]


Materials can be opaque, translucent or transparent. a

What does transparent mean?

[1 mark] b

How is a translucent material different to a transparent one?

[1 mark] 4 Jenna does an experiment to split white light into the colours of the rainbow. She passes white light through a glass triangle. a

What is the name of the glass triangle?

[1 mark] b Red is at one side of the band of colours. List the other colours in order starting after red.

[3 marks] c

What is the name of the band of colours?

[1 mark]


End of Unit Test Standard (S)

5 Brendan is watching a thunderstorm from his bedroom window. He sees the lightning a few seconds before he hears the thunder. Why is this?

[1 mark] The time between the lightning and thunder is increasing. What is happening to the storm?

[1 mark]


6 The diagram shows the human eye.

B Name the parts labelled A, B and C A ______________________ B ______________________ C ______________________

C [3 marks] Which one of the labelled parts has the job of focussing light?

[1 mark] Which part of the eye does the focussed light land on?

[1 mark]


End of Unit Test Standard (S)

7 Jo is reading a book. Draw a light ray to show how she sees the book. Put arrows on your ray to show which direction the light is travelling.

[1 mark]


Sarah is experimenting with coloured light. When she shines white light onto a book it looks red. She wants to change the colour of the light. What can she use to do this?

[1 mark] If she changes the colour of the light, what will happen to the colour of the book?

[1 mark] Sarah takes a black book and puts it under different coloured light. It always looks black. Why is this?

[1 mark]

8J 9

End of Unit Test Standard (S)

a The diagram below shows a plane mirror with a ray of light hitting it. Complete the diagram by drawing in the reflected ray.

[1 mark] b Look at the diagram in part a. What is the name of the dashed line at right angles to the mirror? [1 mark] c A piece of paper does not reflect light in the same way as a mirror. Describe what happens to light when it hits a piece of paper.

[1 mark] d Draw a ray of light on the diagram to show how the person can see the ball.

[2 marks] e Describe one other use for a plane mirror.

[1 mark]

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