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Dear Friends,


I would like to start my message by paying homage to Late Mr. Awanish Kumar Dev, General Manager HR, who lost his life in the unfortunate violence at Maruti Suzuki Manesar plant. We wholeheartedly condemn this violent act and pray to the almighty to give strength to his family and bring peace to his soul. The quarter gone by was filled with many uncertainties and complexities both domestically as well as globally. Fuel price hike, low economic growth rate, drastic fluctuation of the Indian Rupee, increased FDI limits in key sectors are the main factors that have affected the Indian economy in several ways and shall continue to do so in the long term. Experts have expressed mixed opinion over diesel price hike. Some of them say that diesel price hike will lead to decrease in sales in automobile sector whereas some believe that hike in diesel price could encourage buyers, who have been deferring purchase, to come back to the market and demand of petrol cars could improve. There, still exists a huge gap in petrol and diesel prices. To me, the hike in the price of diesel was inevitable and is a step in the right direction. The cumulative Domestic Automobile production data for July -September 2012 shows negative growth of 2 % over the same period last year. Passenger Vehicles segment had a flat growth and two-wheeler segment recorded a negative growth of 2%. The DK Jain group registered a sales growth of 10% and our flagship company Lumax Industries Ltd posted a growth of 12%. Friends, as is evident from the above figures, the Indian Automobile Industry is going through a turbulent patch. However, the recent bold policy measures announced by the government are aimed at putting the economy in top gear and expected to revive the investor sentiment in the economy. Many experts have labelled this period as the second round of reforms for the country. With the various bold initiatives taken by the government to revive the economy and the approaching festive season, I am sure that Q3 looks promising. All major OEMs are preparing for the up-coming festive season and a lot of hope for the revival of the industry is being pinned

2 - 3

around this festive season. Fabulous offers are in store by the OEMs to lure customers and increase market share in their respective segments. All the above factors are part of the external environment, which we have no control over. We need to focus on our internal environment, where we can make a difference. I am glad to inform you that Lumax DK, Pantnagar has challenged the JIPM TPM and has successfully cleared the first stage of assessment. I congratulate all the team members for this achievement. Also, post the successful launch and implementation of SAP in Lumax Industries Limited, the Lumax Auto Technologies team has also taken up the challenge to implement SAP and Go-Live from April 1, 2013. I wish the team the very best for this journey. Friends, as you are aware, the industry and your group is passing though testing times, therefore I, on the pretext of repeating myself,would request all of you to please focus on existing resources and utilize them to the fullest. Any new investment on CAPEX should be done if imperative. Focus on Quality and customer satisfaction always should be our differentiating factor vis-Ă -vis competition. We need to stand united in these times and I am sure we shall sail through them as we have done in the past. In the end, by the time this edition of Sagar reaches you, the Diwali festivities would be in the air. I take this opportunity to wish all the readers of Sagar and their families a very Happy, Safe and Prosperous Diwali. May this festive season bring a lot of joy and hope to all our lives. God Bless!

DK JAIN Group Chairman

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Plant Visits & Happenings Bajaj Auto Visit

Hero MotocorpVisit

Newly joined GETâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s in Bajaj Auto Ltd., Pantnagar visited LDK Pantnagar for our Work Function and Procedure Awareness training program on September 4, 2012.

Mr. C.M. Sharma and Mr. Pawan Kumar Singh from hmcl visited Lumax Haridwar plant on September 4, 2012.

Toyota Kirloskar Supplier visit

4 - 5

Toyota Kirloskar Suppliersâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; Association members visited Chakan Plant on September 14, 2012 for Quality Improvement Initiatives.

Stanley Visit Mr. Hirooka, Sr. ED and Mr. Masuda, ED visited Chakan plant on September 4-5, 2012.

Toyota Kirloskar Supplier visit

During the year Lumax-Dharuhera plant was selected as Model Plant by the â&#x20AC;&#x153;Toyota Kirloskar Supplier Associationâ&#x20AC;? and a plant visit was scheduled by the members of the association on August 17, 2012 for following the best Manufacturing Practices



Van Campaign

Van campaign organised by Lumax After Market Division at Hubli, Mysore-Bangalore, Mangalore- Udupi in July 2012 to educate retailers about the details of auto electrical /filter products at their door step.

Inter Mace Cluster Tops Competition

Dr. K. Kumar (Executive Advisor, MACE) awarded 1st prize to Lumax Industries and Infinity Polymers (Tier-2) team, for winning the “Tops Competition” held at MSIL on July 12, 2012. in Productivity Improvement category.

6 - 7

EFFI CYCLE EVENT was organized by SAE & MSIL on July 14-15, 2012 at Chandigarh. Mr. T.P.Singh & Mr. R.D.Ghosh of Lumax Industries participated as Jury Members.

Mace CEO review at Lumax Gurgaon

Recognition of the suppliers done by Mace and Lumax, for their achievement in various fields.


TPM initiatives

Under the guidance of Mr. Prahlad Achyute, TPM Consultant Lumax Dharuhera, Bawal and Chakan plant has started TPM practices.

QAV Audit Mr. Vishal Rastogi & Mr. Sanjay Bisht from Hero Moto Corp visited Lumax Industries Pantnagar plant on August 25, 2012 for QAV Audit.

Accredition Mr. Vikas Arora of Lumax Tours & Travel was elected as IAAI Delhi state office bearer.

Tata Motors visit Mr. Kailash Vishputey and team from TML Pune (SPD Team) visited Lumax Pantnagar on September 25, 2012 for initiating Super Market Concept for spare parts.


JIPM – TPM Award Lumax DK Auto, Pantnagar in pursuit for continuous Manufacturing Excellence has challenged the JIPM (Japan Institute of Plant Maintenance) – TPM (Total Plant Maintenance) award. »» JIPM auditors Hisayoshi Matsuyama san and Yoshitaka Murase san from Japan along with CII team conducted the first stage audit on July 26, 2012 at Pantnagar plant. »» Lumax team was led by Mr. Anmol Jain, Sr. ED, Mr. Sanjay Mehta, Sr. VP, Mr. Sandeep Tyagi, Sr. GM and Plant Head. »» Lumax DK, Pantnagar has successfully passed the first stage audit.

8 - 9

Lumax Opto Electronic Division

Mr. Y. Hirose & Mr. T. Akiyama from Stanley Electric, Japan visited Opto Electronic Division of LATL, Manesar on October 11, 2012 for Audit.

SAP Kick-Off Ceremony

Mr. S. Takamura & Mr. S. Saito from Alps visited Opto Electronic Division of LATL, Manesar on September 7, 2012.

Quality Awards Lumax Industries Ltd. participated in the 9th Quality Circle Competition organised by ACMA held in Delhi on July 21, 2012.

Pooja ceremony took place on the occassion of Kick-Off ceremony for SAP Implementation at Lumax Auto Technologies on September 29, 2012.

QCFI Gold Award to Lumax Industries Ltd.

New Innovations Reverse lamp Gear Shifter

Head Lamp

Number Plate Lamp

Tail Lamp

Head Lamp

High Mount Stop Lamp Tail Lamp Reflex Reflector

Mahindra “Quanto” Head Lamp

Yamaha “Ray”

Tail Lamp

Gear Shifter


Indicator Head Lamp

Maruti “Alto 800” Tail Lamp


Bajaj “Discover 125” LICENSE LAMP


Nissan “Evalia” 10 - 11


Auto part makers go on global cruise Business Standard


ew Delhi: At a time when weak macroeconomic conditions have set alarm bells ringing among stakeholders in the domestic automobile industry, component makers are scaling up exports to bail their way out of trouble. While automobile lighting systems manufacturer Lumax Industries has been introducing new product lines to sustain business on foreign shores, Anand Automotive is working with collaborators Behr and Mahle (Germany) to double international business to Rs 1000 crore by decade-end.

Lumax Industries have added on to its portfolio to sustain global business. “When sales of existing products slowed, we expanded into new product lines to boost business”, said Anmol Jain, senior executive director. The company, which exports components to the UK, the US, Spain and Germany, estimates the share of exports to grow to 10 per cent from the current five per cent by 2017. Europe, itself mired in a slowdown, continues to be the largest export market for Indian component manufacturers. As much as 35 per cent of all auto components are exported to Europe. Vinnie Mehta, executive director, ACMA explained, “While Europe is sluggish, Germany, a key export market in the region, continues to be stable.”

Lumax scales down investments, growth estimate on Maruti issues New Delhi : Automobile lighting systems maker Lumax Industries said it is scaling down investments and may miss the growth target due to workers’ agitation at Maruti Suzuki India’s (MSI) Manesar plant.

“For this fiscal we had planned a Rs 100-crore investment but we are refraining from going aggressive on that, the growth of the passenger vehicle industry was mainly driven by MSI and Mahindra & Mahindra, but with MSI having a tough time no one would like to risk investments on the growth of just one company (M&M). ” Lumax Industries Senior Executive Director Anmol Jain told reporters on the sidelines of Automotive Component Manufacturers Association of India (ACMA) annual convention here. “We had made that investment predominantly for Maruti but since they have had a lockout, our margins have been impacted as a consequence,” Jain said. Jain said that last fiscal the company had invested Rs 125 crore of which Rs 90 crore was in capacity expansion. Commenting on the growth prospects for Lumax Industries, Jain said, “We envisaged a growth of about 25% at the beginning of the fiscal. At present we are growing at 12-15% and that is where I expect to close the current fiscal.” The company had clocked Rs 1,850 crore in revenue last fiscal.

12 - 13

C S R As we all know that the DK Jain Group has adopted three schools as a part of CSR activity where the education of all female children in nursery is supported by the group. Apart from this students are provided with the starter kit comprising of school bag, pencil box, lunch box, water bottle, umbrella etc. In addition to this the group supported schools in building infrastructure. Prayag High School Dharuhera was provided with power generator and in Major Biharilal Senior Secondary School Manesar, flooring was done in eight classrooms.

Beyond Work Independence Day

Blood Donation Camp

Celebration at LDK Pantnagar on August 15, 2012.

â&#x20AC;&#x153;Blood Donation Campâ&#x20AC;? (jeevan raksha) was organised with the help of IMA BLOOD BANK Uttrakhand at LDK Pantnagar on August 18, 2012.

Vishwakarma Pooja Vishwakarma Pooja was organised at LDK Pantnagar on September 17, 2012.

Celebration at Lumax Chakan on August 15, 2012.

Celebration at LUMAX PCNTDA on August 15, 2012.

14 - 15

Meditation Programme

A meditation programme was organized at Head Office-Mayapuri on August 27, 2012 conducted by Mr. Gyan Amrit Rajiv Nair from Osho Dhara to improve health, peace and happiness.

Family dfork Mr. C.P. Dubey (Lumax DK, Pantnagar) blessed with a baby girl Eshita on 02/09/2012

Mr. Avanish Mittal (Lumax Inds., Pantnagar) blessed with a baby boy Madhavan on 18/08/2012

Mr. Satendra Singh (Lumax Inds., Pantnagar) blessed with a baby boy Deepak on 11/09/2012

Mr. Sandeep Patil (Lumax Inds., Chakan) blessed with a baby boy Jai on 13/04/2012

Mr. Satya Prakash Das (Lumax DK, Pantnagar) blessed with baby boy Anuj on 20/05/2012

Mr. Amit Pal Singh (Lumax DK, Pantnagar) Blessed with a Baby Girl Aaradhya On 17/08/2012

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vc Hkh gjh Hkjh /kjrh gSA Åij uhy forku gS A ij u I;kj gks rks tx lwuk A tyrk jsfxLrku gS A Mr. Arun Malhan ( LIL, Gurgaon) Weds Ms. Rashmi on June 26, 2012

Count till date 63 Mr. Mukesh Singh blessed with a baby girl Riya on 13/07/2012 Mr. Amit Pal Singh & Mr. C. P. Dubey planted a sapling for Nanhi Chhaan at LDK Pantnagar.

Mr. V.P.Singh Head HRD LIL Pantnagar

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