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April 2012 - June 2012

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What’s Inside 02 Inspiration

04 Scaling New Heights

05 Plant Visit & Happenings

08 Awards & Appreciations

09 New Innovations

10 Training & Workshops

11 Beyond Work

13 Family









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Inspiration Dear Friends, The first quarter of the current financial year has been rather disappointing for the Indian Economy as a whole and the Indian Automobile Industry. The rate of growth of the GDP for the current year was brought down from 9% to 7% estimation. The Indian automotive industry showed a minimal growth of 7% in quarter one verses same quarter last year. Only passenger vehicles and two wheelers showed growths while rest of the segments were in the red. Top line of the DK Jain group grew by 16% and Lumax Industries’ registered a growth of 16%, whereas the bottom line of the Group fell by 0.7% and Lumax Industries’ fell by 2.2%. The steep increase in the rate of petrol has had an adverse effect in the industry. Apart from the increase in petrol price, the dollar exchange rate touched the highest ever, thereby resulting in increase of our raw material prices and putting extreme pressure on our bottom-line. Friends, the situation is alarming and asks for immediate corrective actions from our side. I urge all of us, to once again get back to the drawing board and analyze each aspect of our business critically. We need to evaluate our sourcing, processes, capacity utilization and manpower deployment. In

these challenging times, we need to be sure of any additional capital expenditure required and unless the same is essentially required, we should look at deferring the same. The new plants where we have recently gone on SOP, processes and measures should be set in the beginning itself, to have lean manufacturing and full utilization of our machines without compromising of Quality. Our adaptability/flexibility shall hold the key to our competitive advantage. Apart from our core business, I would like the top management team to also focus on new business, be it in the automotive sector or otherwise. Having a diverse portfolio is becoming essential to the health of the organization. As you are aware, the LUMAX group has ventured for the first time into electronic component manufacturing by setting up a state of the art SMT line facility in Manesar. I look forward to a new chapter in the group’s history with this division as it will cater to a wide range of industries, including automotive. Lumax started the supplies of plastic moulded parts to Honda 2 Wheeler mainly – Visor front, Rear fender, Cover H/L Rear etc. The Lumax group has plans to enter the

accessories business in the automobile industry. As you are aware, the penetration of the accessories is relatively low in the Indian automobile market, which throws a huge opportunity for the future in the accessories business. Friends, in the end, we are going through tough times, however we have seen tough times in the past and have always come out as winners. I have no doubt in my mind, that with a strong team with a mix of experience and youth we shall once again come out as winners. I personally believe that our country and our industry have a bright future in the long run and these pressure times are temporary. We need to stand together as a team in these tough times and I am sure we will come out as winners. GOD BLESS

DK JAIN Group Chairman

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Scaling New Heights Opto Electronics Division

Electronics in general and LED based lamps in particular have found increased space in the Indian Automotive Industry Keeping this in view, a need was felt to put in-house facility for PCB assembling and a capable Design team. We have up our own SMT line at Manesar for catering all our PCB assembly requirements. This is a state of the art line as we have put in best in class machines like Panasonic, Dek, Vitronics etc. This is the first time that Lumax is venturing in to Electronics Manufacturing. The division has been named Opto Electronics Division. The setting up of Opto Electronics Division will give us more room for innovation to be offered to our esteemed customers.Our in house Manufacturing, Design and Testing would enhance our control on production and in turn bring Customer satisfaction. For Business Enquiry contact.. Mr. Supratik Roy


email : +91 9873147280

Plant Visits & Happenings

SAC Meet Mahindra & Mahindra supplier Advisory Council meet. Mr. Deepak Jain is Board Member of Supplier Advisory Council of Mahindra & Mahindra

Management Interaction Sr. ED Mr. Anmol Jain visited Lumax Pantnagar on June 19, 2012. Interacted with the employees regarding the shop floor activities.

IR Auditors Visit Mr. Vaibhav Chaturvedi & Ms. Shavi Mishra from Ernst & Young visited Lumax, Haridwar on 8th May 2012.

Bajaj Visit Mr. Kailash J Zanzari from Bajaj visited Lumax, Pantnagar on May 11, 2012.

CII Visit Mr. S. Srinivasan & Mr. S. Yuraj from CII visited Lumax, Pantnagar on May 15, 2012.

Plant Visits & Happenings

Foton Motors Visit Mr. David Xu (VP- Purchasing Department, Foton India Operations; GM- of Headquarter Purchasing Department, Foton Motor) , Mr. Xiuhong Wang (Technology Director of Aullin Plant, Foton Motor) & team visited our Lumax, Pantnagar plant on May 14, 2012.

TS Auditors ( Mr. Bhavya Mangalam & Mr. Nagyendra ) from DNV visited Lumax Industries Ltd Haridwar on April 11, 2012

Mr. Hirooka San ( Sr. ED) and Mr. Masuda San ( ED) Lumax Industries visited Lumax Industries Pantnagar on May 24, 2012.


Mr Martijn Smit (Supplier quality Manager- Global Purchasing) and Mr Johan Bjerkestig (Sourcing Manager) from Scania visited at Lumax, Chakan plant on July 2, 2012.

Operations Review Meeting ORM – WESTERN REGION WAS HELD ON APRIL 11, 2012 AT PUNE

The Regional Operations Review Meeting for the financial year 2012-13 of the Lumax Group was held at New Delhi / Pune. The Meetings were chaired by Board Members and was well attended by the Senior & Middle management. MAJOR HIGHLIGHTS OF THE MEETING : • Lumax Group’s turnover for the FY 2011-12 touches the figures of Rs1,800.00 crores • Made Capital expenditure of Rs. 140.00 crores on setting of new plant at Bawal (Haryana), modernization of Dharuhera (Haryana) plant, setting up a new surface treatment facility at Pantnagar (Uttrakhand) as well as automation at Pune plants. • Projected the Group’s Sales growth of 26% for the FY 2012-13 to cross Rs. 2,100. 00 crores • Road map & Work plan to achieve FY 2012-13 target of TDP (Three Digit PBT) , PDP (Preferred Source of Customer by Quality & Double Digit PBT%) and Vision 2015 • Focus on ‘Customer Satisfaction’ and Internal Efficiencies.


Award & Appreciations

Kaizen Award As a part of continuous improvement an Internal Kaizen competition was held at Lumax Pantnagar. Awards were given to the Best Kaizen suggestion

Mr. Vivek Jakhmola, VP, Lumax receiving the award from Honda car- SPD division.

Sdyn Seminar Mr. Vivek Jakhmola, VP, Lumax attended a seminar on vibration testing and applications hosted by Sdyn on May 26, 2012.


Mr. Anmol Jain, Chairman â&#x20AC;&#x201C; CII Haryana state council & Sr. ED, Lumax industries limited led a CII delegation to meet Mr P. K. Chaudhery, Chief Secretary, Government of Haryana on April 9, 2012 at Chandigarh. The agenda covered issues mainly â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Vision statement for building brand Haryana, Power scenario, Industrial relation, Agro tech 2012. It is suggested that a joint task force be formed comprising senior bureaucrats and senior members from CII Haryana to discuss the above areas and also other areas of collaboration with the state government.

New Innovations TATA : 1.3L SDE VISTA & MANZA



















Training & Workshops

Lumax Garden

Training Session

One day workshop was organized by Marketing division dealer M/s Eastern Engineers at Kanpur on June 16, 2012

A workshop on “Organisational behaviour and interpersonal relations” was organised at Lumax, Pantnagar on Jun 26, 2012.

Mr. Anmol Jain, Sr. ED awarded the Kaizen certificates to the winner of Kaizen Competition held at Lumax, Dharuhera.

Lumax team from Bawal, Dharuhera & Bangalore plant visited Thai Stanley for Gemba on shop floor practices.

Safety Awareness

Training Session 1S activity implemented at Assembly Floor for better understanding of 1S on June 21, 2012 & more than 100 Red tag’s identified on Assembly Floor in Lumax, Pantnagar.


Training on First Aid Fire Mock Drill Lumax Industries days training on June 9-10, 2012.

conducted First Aid

2 on

A fire mock drill was organised at Lumax, Haridwar on April 3, 2012

Beyond Work Camp at Dharmshala

Tour to Moscow

Team from marketing division camped at Dharmshala on 6-7th April 2012 to review the performance of 2011-12 and to plan for achieving set targets for the year 2012-13.

Meditation Camp An introductory meditation camp by â&#x20AC;&#x153;The Art of Livingâ&#x20AC;? was organized for an hour at head office-Mayapuri. Wherein the team of Marketing, CAO, LTTL and Regd. Office participated.

Lumax Marketing division organised a Incentive tour for their dealers to Moscow from April 13-17, 2012

Health Checkup LUMAX Health Checkup at Lumax Industries Limited Gurgaon on May 22, 2012.

HR Meet of Lumax group was held on April 28, 2012.

Season Celebrations

World Environment day was celebrated on 5th June 2012 at LIL Haridwar

The fruit festival was celebrated in Lumax, Pantnagar on June 2, 2012. Seasonal fruits were distributed to the employees.

Nirjala Ekadashi was celebrated at Lumax Gurgaon on June 1, 2012.

Unadulterated Laughter

Mrs. Usha Jain & Mr. D K. Jain hosted an informal get together ( (Hasya Vyang Kavi Samalen ) titled â&#x20AC;&#x2DC; Unaudulted Laughterâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; with Mr. Surender Sharma and his team on Sunday 3rd June, 2012 for our esteemed customers.




The Ever growing Lumax Family

Master Ruhaan Sehgal (DOB; 15/5/2012) S/o Mr. Mohit sehgal Lumax, Mayapuri

Baby Pari Kaushik (DOB; 5/4/2012) D/o Mr. Sandeep Kaushik Lumax, Gurgaon

Ms. Moumita Sarkar D/o Mr. Pratap N. Sarkar (Lumax, Bhosari, Pune) got 92.55% in SSC

Ms. Sarvi Vijay D/o Mr. Sanjay Vijay, (Lumax, Mayapuri) won Gold Medal in Int. English Olympiad

Baby Arya Nandha (DOB; 27/1/2012) D/o Mr. Shibu R.S. Lumax Chakan

Baby Avoee (DOB; 18/6/2012) D/o Mr. Narayan Kalekar Lumax Cornaglia

Baby Khushi (DOB; 25/4/2012) D/o Mr. Krsushna Chandra Moharana Lumax Chakan

International English Olympiad (IEO) in Class IV

Baby Janhavi (DOB; 24/3/2012) D/o Mr.Sharad Dubey Lumax, Pantnagar

Master Aakash Dadwal S/o Mr. Ashnil Kumar (Lumax, Gurgaon) scored 10 (CGPA) in Class X

Ms. Jayashree Sonawane D/o Mr. Gokul S.Sonawane (Lumax, Bhosari, Pune) got 82.50% IN HSC Master Satyam Trivedi S/o Mr. V.K. Trivedi (Lumax, Gurgaon) scored 96.5% marks in class IV

Master Mahesh Kumar S/o Mr. Subash Prasad, (Lumax, Mayapuri) scored 9.2 (CGPA) in Class X



Ms. Disha Sethi D/o Mrs. Rashmi Sethi, Lumax, Mayapuri scored 9.8 (CGPA) in Class X

Ms. Ramya Mohan D/o of Ms. Radha successfully completed Business Management Course

Ms. Swapnal Pawar (LATL PCNTDA, Pune) Weds Mr. Vishal Patne on June 08,2012

Ms.Shital Daundkar (Lumax Chakan Pune) Weds Mr. Vishwanath Borade. on June 02,2012

Lumax Pantnagar Outing COUNT TILL DATE 61


Nanhi Chaan

Lumax Industries Pantnagar conducted an outing tour for all staff and associates on May 27th to Garjiya Temple and Corbett Fall.

OBITUARY With profound grief, we inform the sudden demise of one of our employee Mr. Vineet Moza on April 29, 2012. Whole Lumax family pray to the Almighty God to bless his soul and give strength & courage to his bereaved family




5/09/1974 - 29/04/2012


MEDIA Volume 2, Issue 5, May 2012




Starting from this month, we will be introducing our new SAENIS Management Committee members 2012-2014 in this column.

Mr. Deepak Jain, Senior Executive Director, Lumax Industries am grateful to the entire Sampark team to provide me Limited & Senior Vice President - SAENIS with an opportunity to connect with the SAENIS fraternity. I extend my regards to all the members of Northern An introduction: India Section ,who are keeping us abreast with the I was born on the 6th of April, 1975 to Mrs Usha and Mr. DK recent technological advancements that are happenJain. I am married to Poysha Goyal Jain and have a 5 year old ing across the world in automotive and allied areas. son named Khrish. My hobbies include reading, travelling Though cars and motorcycles are seen, apathetically, only as a means of transportation, as mere facilitators of mobility, they still have aspiration value for many of us. They have the power to bring a smile to the face when we procure them and when we use them.

and fitness. I speak fluent Japanese and I am a certified trainer in CrossFit.

Professional Highlights : 1. Member – Executive Committee of Automotive Component Manufacturer Association of India (ACMA) 2. Past National Coordinator - Young Business Experience in SAENIS: Leaders Forum of Automotive Component ManufacIndustry needs a large customer base to survive. In is ahave matter of greataudience, joy and honour for me orderIt to adequate this need for to be associ- turers Association of India (ACMA) atedhas with INDIA a long time. Mypoint. experience in 3. Forum Chair - Board Member – Entrepreneur’s mobility to SAE be met at afor satisfactory price SAENISneed has to been I have seen SAENIS Organization, New Delhi Chapter Businesses be extremely profitable toenriching. endure. Hence, growing at a faster pace in terms of activities and 4. Past President – HSCI Suppliers Club (Honda this price point translates to demanding cost point. programs for the members. People from my organization Siel Cars India) actively participate in the programs and have immensely 5. Member of Delhi Chapter of Young PresiHowever, these facilitators of mobility rely on fossil benefited from the same. dents’ Organization (YPO) fuels and do affect the environment in some way or 6. Member - Supplier Advisory Council of other-Vision be it infor terms of noise or fumes or safety considSAENIS: Mahindra & Mahindra erations. My vision is to enhance the web of membership and 7. Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) NIS (Sr. involvement in SAENIS in order to pass the benefit of the Vice Chairman) Thus,various the challenge for the oforganized this industry to initiatives andengineers programs byisSAENIS to a 8. Served on the board of NCR Chamber of makelarger transportation Sustainable, Affordable andbudding Enjoyset of members thereby making our Commerce & Industries and was a Special Invitee able.engineers better suited for engineering and research to CII Haryana State Council. activities in India. Whose acronym, incidentally, is SAE. Instrumental in establishing various Joint Wethat wish all theI hope, Best!!!! Ventures and Technical Agreements for the The tool is inMr. ourDeepak hands is Jain technologyand pray, Lumax Group thereby taking it to a $400 million that all of us learn to harness this tool for the greater good. enterprise within a decade of joining.

Starting from this month, we will be introducing our new SAENIS Management Committee 2012 members in the section FACE-2-FACE...

With best regards,

P Panda

Vice Chairman- Technical

Vice President (Engineering- Powertrain)- MSIL

In this Issue...

Qualification and Experience: I have a degree in Operations Management and International Business from Illinois Institute of Vice Chairman’s message -----------------1 Technology, Chicago, USA. I started my career at Jet Toy Olympics 2012of --------------------the Chicago Head Quarters McKinsey & Co. as a 2 Trade Consultant, post which I transitioned into the Face-2-Face.... An Intro of SAENIS MC Auto Industry with Stanley Electric Co. Japan, where I worked in their2012 American and Japanese Operations. I 4 Members -------------------------------moved back to India in 1998 and joined my family SAE Lumax WorldGroup Congress 2012-----------------business of Companies. I am the Senior 5 Executive DirectorCorner in Lumax-----------------------------Industries Limited. Members’ 6

a $ 400 Million Enterprise

Editorial Board : Mohit Sehgal (Editor) Salman Saeed (Sub- Editor) Editorial Team : Kanchan Arora, Savita Setia, Deep Singh, Gopal Krishan, Meena Maliyan, Bharti Bhardwaj, Kiran Joshi At Lumax, we believe in continuous improvement. Hence, we request you to kindly send us your valuable suggestions to improve further on

SAGAR April-2012-June 2012  

SAGAR Magazine From Lumax Industries

SAGAR April-2012-June 2012  

SAGAR Magazine From Lumax Industries