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66th Issue | April - June 2021

























Quarterly Internal Newsletter | Published by Lumax DK Jain group


EDITORIAL TEAM: Ms Priyanka Sharma, Ms Himani Joshi, Ms Manpreet Kaur, Mr. Rahul Choudhury | SUPPORTED BY: Ms Shital Chute, Mr Bishwajit Rout, Mr Sanjeev Sharma, Ms Deepti Juneja, Mr Rakesh Sharma, Mr Mikul Bedi, Mr Shyam Tumsare, Mr Dinesh Gautam, Mr Vijay Kakde, Mr Vikas Tikania, Mr Shivanagounda Patil, Ms Manpreet Kaur, Mr. Rahul Choudhury, Mr Santosh Bangera, Mr Rana Karamvir Singh, Ms Pooja Avasthi, Ms Aishwarya Pandey, Mr Manmohan Singh, Mr Manish Arora, Mr Brijesh Devrani, Ms Gayatri Yadav, Ms Bharti Bhardwaj, Mr Asish Nainwal, Ms Arundhati, Ms Priyanka Avhad, Ms Prajakta Patil, Ms Chandra Gupta, Mr Vikas Sharma

WORDS OF INSPIRATION As we move towards normalcy, it will be crucial to reinforce our focus on digitisation, localisation, energy efficiency, low-cost automation and implementation of TPM across the plants. Impetus on R&D will pave the way for further growth and competitive advantage. This year we will engage in new opportunities and challenges and we need to prepared for it. Also, as an organisation, we need to continuously work towards environmental conservation. It is essential for us to contribute beyond our products and services and have clear goals for our socio-economic and environmental strategies. Ensuring the Safety of the employees should remain a priority to avoid any untoward situations. I would like to take the opportunity to assure everyone that we are together in this fight against adversaries.

Dear Friends, The first quarter of the FY2021-22 witnessed an unprecedented crisis when the entire country once again came to a standstill due to the deadly second wave of COVID19. But it is in these toughest of times we see how humanity continues to impress everyone with their grit, vigour and compassion. The obstacles may be several but our relentless efforts to move forward have been truly remarkable. I strongly believe that the automotive industry will continue to take the disruptions head on and emerge as the torch bearer of future growth. The signs of recovery are already visible and things will become better in the times to come. Lumax has been quick to respond to the crisis at hand and ensured setting up quarantine facilities, arranging Oxygen concentrators, other medical amenities and equipment and vaccination drives for its people and stakeholders. And I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone, especially the COVID Warriors for their unwavering support in managing the crisis.

The last year has seen many firsts at Lumax, the Townhall, Cultural event, Group Strategy Meet. These initiatives have become a part of the organisation’s communication strategy to engage and connect with all its people. Similarly, ‘Shabash’ an initiative launched to appreciate and recognise the efforts of the Lumax team members needs to be invigorated and promoted at all the plants. I would also like to encourage everyone to carry forward the legacy of the ‘75 Years of Lumax’ and continue building an organisation in which all stakeholders have absolute trust. Let us all work closely to achieve excellence and meet the ever-rising expectations of our esteemed customers. DK Jain Chairman


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Forever Etched In Our Hearts Lumax-DK Jain Group offers heartfelt condolences and prayers to those who have lost their loved ones during this difficult time. As an organisation we have lost colleagues who were passionate at their work and were respected for their relentless efforts. Their shoes will be difficult to be filled in. In this hour of grief, no words are enough to comfort their family and friends, but we all pray that the departed souls find eternal peace. Every single one of the colleagues that we lost were strong pillars of this organisation and were essential part of our journey. Their contributions will not be forgotten. We hope and pray that the God Almighty bless their family and friends with all the strength to bear the significant loss. Despite our shared grief in this Covid19 aftermath, hope, resilience, unity, positivity, compassion and humanity have lifted us all up as a society and as an organisation. History will remember us for the compassion we showed to one another, the resolve we demonstrated and how, in the face of unfathomable loss, each one of us rose as one. As OneLumax we will stand shoulder to shoulder with our extended family and fulfil our collective promise to NEVER FORGET.


KNOW YOUR LEADER 3. Being a 75-year-old organisation, how is the reputation of Lumax with the suppliers and what all we do to ensure the welfare of the suppliers?

1. Introduction – When did you join? Reasons for joining? How big or small was it? I joined Lumax in January 2015. The opportunity to work with young team of Mr Deepak Jain and Mr Anmol Jain and the seasoned professional Mr Vineet Sahni was reason enough to join Lumax. 2. How has been the journey so far? What all changes were made? What were the challenges faced? How the industry has changed over the years since your association with Lumax? It’s been a great journey working with this organisation. I started in Lumax as Head Cost Management, sometime later I was offered to head corporate materials and I accepted it. This was a new work area for me and I took it up as a challenge and was able to deliver successfully. My biggest challenge was that I came from a different business vertical and here we had multiple suppliers and it involved a lot of technical negotiations as well. A new role in a new organisation, brought a new set of professional challenges for me. With this team we have achieved many milestones.

Acceptability of Indian company by global supplier partner was very low Initially. However, over years Lumax has become a brand to reckon with supplier partners, now they are eager to work with us. They understand the Indian market and our relationship with our customers, the kind of volumes that we deal in. Many suppliers are joining us after receiving positive feedback from the market how respectfully Lumax treats its suppliers and timely payments. We have different platforms to connect with our suppliers, management has also been very supportive and is always available to address any concern - Sadbhav, annual supplier conference, Innovation Day (where select suppliers have been invited to display their innovative product solutions). Supplier portal helps monitor business real time. Regular training and upgrade sessions are organised to support the supplier teams also. We also support them when new plants are being setup along with OEMs. 4. How the industry has changed over the years since your association with Lumax? Has the no. of suppliers over the years grown or we have consolidated the number of suppliers? What is the average purchase now and how do you wish to achieve in the next few years? The industry in the past seven years has tremendously evolved and so has the company. We initiated many changes in Lumax like remarkable cost drives internally and with suppliers, consolidation, economies of scale. Adding new suppliers, consolidation of small suppliers, adding value to the existing suppliers to bring in economies of scale. Competitive edge has been created in the industry. We started with a key component polycarbonate which earlier had a single source, we invited proposal on cost competencies and received good results and as they say, the rest is history. At the Group level we have reduced the number of suppliers and increased average buying per supplier. New and quality suppliers have been added.


From Rs 1 crore per supplier to buying worth Rs 2 crore has been achieved, the next target is Rs 5 crore. 5. What are focus areas in the next two-three years to ensure that we achieve the targets set by us at the Group level? Our key focus areas are Benchmarking, Raw material Cost Reduction, Technology Advancement and Zero Defect supplies to Lumax. We are committed to make Lumax a benchmark for Indian component industry, benchmark in raw material cost percent. We aim to create a healthy and happy supplier for this we strive to keep a smaller base with larger volumes thus giving us economies of scale. Suppliers have supported as when a new plant has come up by Lumax. 6. What were challenges faced during the COVID situation in terms of supply chain? Lockdown and the period after, it were a bolt from the blue. We faced many challenges during this time like partial working, cross border restrictions impacted imports, difficulty in interstate Logistics, increase in Lead time, price increase, inventory management, due to all this customer schedules were disrupted. But I am thankful to my team who did extreme micromanagement to get the ball rolling. 7. What is the percentage of import from China? How have things changed post-covid? China still commands a dominant position wrt imports. An internal plan has been proposed and is under consideration regarding de-risking from China. We still depend on China for electronic components, but have managed alternate sources for other components from Thailand, Korea etc. Our focus on localisation is stronger than ever and we have seen good traction here. 8. Overall, what the challenges we are facing in terms of de-risking of child parts, and what is our strategy to overcome them?

just vendors and together we aspire to evolve from good to great. As an organisation we listen to the voice of the supplier. We support them and hand hold them technically and in many other areas like safety, cost control, new areas where they can evolve, set up new factories depending on their financial capability. We are a preferred customer to many suppliers now. I would like to share that we have 16 suppliers who have been with us for more than 30 years in continuity. We also have dedicated suppliers catering only to Lumax. It is a testimony of our strong bond with our suppliers. We have a dedicated supplier quality assurance (SQA) team to handholds, guide them to improve productivity, efficiency, quality. We align them with customer programs with OEMs like Maruti, Bajaj and Mahindra, monitor and encourage them continuously. Safety team has been setup and it works in areas of health and fire safety with 70 suppliers. This creates safe work places and also strengthens the relationship amongst the stake holders. 10. How aligned are our suppliers to the different ACMA clusters such as Safety, Technology, Quality, etc.? We have 17 suppliers in various ACMA clusters. Our approach towards our suppliers is welfare centric. We encourage them towards capability enhancement and technology upgrade. 11. As a Purchase head of the entire group, how difficult is the job for you? Are there any specific goals that you wish to achieve? Supply chain as a department runs in synergy with all other departments like marketing, manufacturing, finance, engineering. It is essentially team work and I have been very fortunate to get strong support all through. Sustainability, uncertainty, and end-to-end connectivity have been the biggest challenges last year and will continue to be.

We have alternate sources and are working towards finalisation wrt de-risking of child parts.

I aspire to see Lumax as a preferred customer for all my suppliers, satisfied suppliers who enjoy working with Lumax and offer zero defect, and Lumax as a benchmark for our Industry.

9. Every supplier has a journey – starting from association to building the relationship, long term partnership, etc. how do you see Lumax doing in terms of that. Are we doing good, if not what would you like to do?

12. Cost Reduction is one of the major factors to stay competitive. How does Lumax work with the suppliers to ensure there is reduction of costs without compromising on quality? Your approach towards Zero Defect Supply.

We consider our suppliers to be our partners and not

To be cost competitive each expense head as to


monitored closely. Monthly reviews are held and SQA sends quality report. Those found not at par, we handhold them to up their quality quotient. Cluster programs with OEMs provide quality and productivity improvement. A DOJO room has been setup at supplier end where all new recruits undergo 3 to 7 days training before starting their job. 13. What is the RMC reduction target and what are the steps that are being planned to ensure we achieve the same? In last 5-6 years we have significantly reduced the RMC by 5-6% on an average . We have set a steep target of 1% reduction on a YOY basis. We are constantly working towards building economies of scales, identifying alternate sources and quality material and introduction of healthy competition that works towards benefiting the organisation. 14. When it comes to materials and new technology, how closely do we work with our JV partners to localise or reduce costs? How much impact the government eco-system of self-reliance will be there on the future goals, will our net imports likely to reduce?

By 2024 all our plants will be functioning on renewable energy as per the permissible limit prescribed by the state electricity board.

We have roof top 4.4MW solar energy setup across plants in the group, have recently entered into a public private agreement to get 9MW power in Bangalore from Aril, 2022, 3MW at Pune and another 0.5MW in Haryana and one more 10MW is on cards. The second Covid wave impacted everyone. Lumax along with its 150 suppliers provided selfless support with hospital assistance, medicines, oxygen, plasma, ventilators, vaccination drive. Close to 50 families got immediate assistance. A prominent hospital was supported with ventilators, oxygen, monitors, bi-paps etc.

We have been closely working with our JV partners to identify new sources and leverage each other's strengths. These are finalised after OEM's approval. A change in raw material for dye casting has been proposed to high engineering plastics which will help reduce weight , cost and is environmentally friendly. We are dependent on imports of many raw material as they are not available in India. The Indian infrastructure needs an upgrade to offer a level playing field. 15. Today, understanding the business scenario, a lot of focus on reduction of fixed expenditure, can you throw some light on the measures being taken? Also, Renewable energy is a focus area for the organisation, how long do you think it will take us to ensure maximum energy efficiency or achieve maximum level of energy conservation? Business was hit by pandemic and uneven demand. We have worked a strategy to combat the impact and achieve our business target. These include energy, repair, inventory reduction, localisation, engineering & manpower cost reduction and productivity improvements, raw material customer recovery etc. All are working towards it. For the last three years we have been harnessing sources of renewable energy- solar, wind, hydro.




Honda Motorcycle and Scooter India Product: Head Lamp Model Name: CB 350 RS



Mask removed just for picture.


Mr Santhosh Upendra, AGM and Mr Aruldass, Manager - Supplier Quality Assurance from Stellantis India visited Lumax Industries Limited, Bengaluru for NSA audit in June 2021.


Mr Arjun Tonk, Divisional Manager (Head PPC) from Bajaj Auto Limited visited Lumax Auto Technologies Limited, Pantnagar in June 2021 to review and discuss capacity analysis.


Mask removed just for picture.


Mr Rahul Balagat, Manager and Mr Satish Srivastav, Dy Manager from Force Motors visited Lumax Industries Limited, Pune in June, 2021 for new product audit.

Mask removed just for picture.


Mr Ramdasji Wadekar, Senior Journalist from Sakal Newspaper visited Lumax Cornaglia Auto Technologies Pvt. Ltd. in June 2021 for understanding plant operations and work culture at Lumax-DK Jain Group.




Town Hall - 4 was held in May 2021 right after the second wave of COVID19 in which the Top Management shared their views with all the members.



Mr Vineet Sahni, Group CEO, Lumax DK Jain Group shared his views as a Speaker in the Webinar on the Role of Augmented Reality in Manufacturing and Supply Chain Today.

INTEGRATED IOT The key to creating smoother and safer travels lies in end-to-end solutions like Integrated IoT – believes Mr Vikas Marwah, Chief Executive Officer, Lumax Auto Technologies.



The 8th Group Annual Supplier Meet was held virtually on 19th May, 2021. The event was attended by several suppliers along with the senior management of Lumax DK Jain Group.


Lumax DK Jain group celebrated the 5th Anniversary of its Design Centre at Taiwan on 18th May, 2021. The event was celebrated virtually by the Taiwan office team, joined by senior management and other team members from India operations.



Kaizen Competition was held at Lumax Industries Limited, Chakan in April and June 2021 in which several teams participated. Team Star was the winner of the competition held in April 2021. Team Warrior became the winner of the competition held in June 2021 and Team Gold (Assembly) bagged the 2nd position.



Monthly Communication Meets were held at Lumax Industries Limited, Bawal in which members were apprised regarding the plant operations.



Operations Review Meet (ORM) is held every quarter at plant level. Started with the aim to share update on the operations and performance of the plant, it helps in engaging with the plant teams as also apprising them with the status of the operations and critical issues addressed.




Lumax Auto Technologies Limited, Aurangabad won the Silver Recognition Award in the category Manufacturing Sector Tier I - Productivity Improvement for the Project - Output / Man improvement in Swing Arm pipe through low cost automation at the 5th CII National Competition on Low Cost Automation held in February 2021.


The Moulding Department at Lumax Industries Limited, Bengaluru won the Monthly Best 5S Award in May 2021.


The Employee Award and Recognition initiative – SHABASH was launched in the previous quarter in a pilot phase at few locations across the Lumax-DK Jain Group. Several members were recognised under the Shabash initiative during the April-June, 2021 period.

Kevindra Kumar

Prabhakar Maurya

Engineer, Lumax Industries Limited - Bawal

Vikas Tikania

D.E.T, Lumax Industries Limited - Bawal

Executive, Lumax Industries Limited - Bawal


Upendra Das

Welder, Lumax Industries Limited - Bengaluru

Chandan Kumar Patra

Operating Engineer Lumax Industries Limited - Bengaluru

Arjun R

Line Leader, Lumax Industries Limited - Bengaluru



Team HR - Mr Harirajan (Assembly), Lumax Industries Limited - Chakan

Mr Dayasagar Gupta (Tool room), Lumax Industries Limited - Chakan

Mask removed just for picture.

Mr Sadik Pathan and Mr Dinkar (ST) Lumax Industries Limited - Chakan



Mr Gunamani Rout Operating Engineer

Mr Naivedya Behera Operating Engineer

Quiz competition was held during the lockdown period to keep team members engaged at Lumax Industries Limited, Bengaluru. The winners were awarded once operations resumed.


Ms Lavanya B, Graduate Engineer Trainee-Quality Department from, Lumax Industries Limited, Bengaluru won the 2nd prize at the Road Safety Drawing Competition conducted by Bidadi Industries Association as part of Safety Month observation activities in June 2021.




A employee Motivational Training was organised at Lumax Industries Limited, Bawal in June 2021 in which all departmental heads and senior management participated.


A COVID19 Safety Awareness Session was organised by Lumax Industries Limited, Pantnagar in April 2021, where the HR Head Mr Manmohan Singh and Manufacturing Head Mr Satyendra Pal Singh sensitised the plant teams on precautionary measures to be adopted and followed diligently in daily life.


TRAINING Kaizen Trainings were held at Lumax Industries Limited, Chakan in April-June 2021, where several team members participated.



NEW JOINEES MR. S.K. DWIVEDI He joined Lumax on 5th June, 2021 as Assistant Vice President and Head-HR, IR and Admin, Lumax Auto Technologies Limited

MR. MAHESH AHUJA He joined Lumax Industries Limited Dharuhera on 1st April, 2021 as Assistant General Manager in the Tool Room

MR. MEGHARAJ CHANNAPPA JAMMA He joined Lumax Auto Technologies Limited on 1st April, 2021 as Assistant General Manager in Development

MR. RADEK KREMEL He joined Lumax Auto Technologies Limited on 5th June, 2021 as Director in Engineering.



CSR ACTIVITIES FOR APRIL TO JUNE 2021 DURING COVID - 19 While in March 2021, we thought that COVID was behind us, the new financial year started on a very solemn and dark note. The rapid increase in Corona virus cases in India took us by surprise. No family was left untouched by the virus, it affected everyone, we lost close friends, families, colleagues, neighbours. The COVID-19 second wave was terrifying. During these unprecedented times, we needed resilience, patience and large-heartedness to tide over this misery and support the suffering. Lumax Charitable Foundation in this time of crisis, committed their support to implement various COVID-19 relief measures, utilising the funds to support and strengthen healthcare by distributing Oxygen Concentrators and Ventilators, participating in contribution towards PSA plants for Oxygen generation and ration to the needy. Personal protective equipment, masks and sanitisers were also provided to the schools that the foundation is engaged with.

DONATION OF OXYGEN CONCENTRATORS As the country grappled with a serious health crisis owing to the second wave of COVID-19, the organisation also deployed its CSR funds towards medical equipment at various hospitals to ease pressure.

Lumax Industries Limited, Bengaluru donated Oxygen Concentrators to Ramnagara District Health Officer through Bidadi Industries Association for the upgradation of Public Health Centres in June, 2021


EDUCATIONt Owing to COVID-19 and the lockdown, many changes were witnessed in the way the world operates and it took some time for everyone to adopt to the new normal. The Covid-19 impact was everywhere, which resulted in the closure of Schools and other educational institutions. The schools have been closed now for over a year and students are adapting themselves to attending online classes. The CSR team at Lumax, ensured that the education of the students is not disrupted. They continued to have online planned sessions on life-skills covering topics like – Effective communication, problem solving, Interpersonal relationship skill and stress management etc. Career counselling session were also conducted with the students to answer their queries and help them with choosing the right career path.

Enjoy the online sessions conducted by our partners and see pure joy and enthusiasm, that keeps us continuing with our efforts.




The second wave of COVID19 was setback for the entire nation. It hit us when we were beginning to recover and brought us back to the beginning. The wave was bigger than the first one and deadlier. We lost several of our colleagues and members of our extended family. However, unlike the first time, we knew more about COVID19 and preparedness against it did save many lives.

The steps taken at Lumax-DK Jain Group to address the COVID19 crisis involved our Doctor on board - Dr Atul Chauhan who helped steer through these rough waters. He not only interacted and addressed the queries and doubts of all the people. He was the single point contact for all the employees across the country to get responses on the illness, symptoms, do’s & don’ts, hospitalisation, busting many myths and misconceptions, etc. Dr Chauhan also conducted sessions and interacted with people to generate awareness on vaccinations and help overcome their hesitancy, clearing misconceptions.


The health insurance in the organisation was extended to include all the NEEM, Apprentices & Trainees with comprehensive coverage for COVID-19 too. Launching its first on-site COVID19 vaccination camp in April, the Lumax-DK Jain Group has vaccinated over 82% of its employees including associates and their families.


A campaign to salute and appreciate the unsung heroes, frontline teams who during the time of Crisis stepped up to support their colleagues and the organisation was held. The top management had formed a core group that met every morning to take account of activities and needs on a daily basis so as to mobilise resources at short notice. COVID-19 relief work continued during the period, whether it was Ration, Oxygen cylinders, bed at COVID relief centre for quarantine, medicines, ambulances, hospital bed, ICU admissions, plasma or any other support, the team was always available. Quarantine facilities were created at every location (Gurgaon, Dharuhera and Pune with total 24 Beds)




ENVIRONMENT DAY OBSERVATIONS GCEO’S MESSAGE ON ENVIRONMENT DAY The spread of COVID-19 has heavily disrupted the lives of many around us and prompted us to relook at our environment. Differentiate our Needs from our Wants. Like every year, we observed World Environment Day on the 5th June, which is the United Nations' primary initiative for encouraging awareness and action for the protection of the environment. This year marks the launch of a campaign for the next decade to ensure restoration of the planet Earth - Reimagine, Recreate, Restore. Today, as we all emerge from the ongoing global pandemic, there is increasing recognition that healing from the pandemic can also be associated to the healing of the planet. The recovery from this pandemic is giving each of us the opportunity to shift our focus to create a greener, cleaner environment. As we move forward, we are focused on our corporate responsibility priorities towards sustainable and renewable power generation, water conservation and other means of protecting the environment. We are moving towards electric mobility and hybrid vehicles to reduce pollution in the cities, make them greener, plant more trees around us, and clean up rivers and coasts. Let us be the generation that nurtures it. Let us be proud of our longstanding commitment to being a good corporate citizen.



“Let us be the generation that can make peace with nature and nurture it.”

Let us be proud of our longstanding commitment to being a good corporate citizen.



We spend over 1/3 of our day at our workplace, our families are always intrigued about our colleagues, work environment, what we do. Family visits to workplace helps in building bonds, mutual understanding and communication. Also promoting work life balance. In May 2021, family members were welcomed at Lumax Cornaglia Auto Technologies Pvt. Ltd.


Shiv Rajyabhishek Din is being celebrated to mark the coronation day of the great Maratha warrior Shivaji Maharaj who was crowned as the Chhatrapati of the Maratha Kingdom on June 6, 1674. The celebrations were held in Lumax Cornaglia Auto Technologies Pvt. Ltd. in June 2021 to pay homage to the great leader.

MOCK DRILL A Mock Drill was organised at Lumax Industries Limited, Bawal in April 2021 in which all the members actively participated. With safety being one of the priorities, such mock drills are regularly conducted to ensure everyone is prepared for an emergency situations.



International Day of Yoga is commemorated every year on 21st June. Yoga promotes both the physical and mental well-being of humanity and it has never been more relevant. A growing trend of people around the world embracing Yoga to stay healthy and rejuvenated and to fight social isolation and depression has been witnessed during the ongoing pandemic. The theme for this year’s Yoga Day was – Yoga For Well-Being. Yoga Day sessions were organised across several locations at the Lumax DK Jain Group in which members actively participated.


On Job Training was organised for the students of Government Industrial Training Institute, Haridwar at Lumax Industries Limited, Haridwar in April 2021. It was a 15 day programme wherein they were imparted training regarding assembly and packaging at our plant shopfloor. The 15 students who participated were trained by Lumax staff members. On successful completion they were awarded a Letter of Participation by the company. We wish them success in their future endeavours.



RTPCR – COVID19 Tests were conducted with the help of Krsnaa Diagnostics at the Lumax Auto Technologies Limited Plants in Pune in April 2021 to ensure safety of all the members.


An interactive session for the staff was organised in June 2021, with the aim to create an equitable and fair work culture. During the session grievances and discontentment at workplace were addressed.


COVID19 WARRIOR – APPRECIATION Mr Vipul Patil, Mr Kaustubh Saka and Mr Anil Jadhav from Lumax Cornaglia Auto Technologies Pvt. Ltd. were appreciated and commended for going out of their way to extend support to their colleagues during the second wave of COVID19 in April 2021



SPARSH is a unique initiative that focuses on understanding the concern areas of the employees, especially the new joinees / transferred employees to help them acclimatise and familiarise to the new environment. The SPARSH interaction with new team members at Lumax Industries Limited, Chakan in April, 2021


A simple but certainly powerful way to bring about bonhomie and spirit of warmth at workplace is to celebrate birthdays with your colleagues. It helps each of us feel a part of the teams and organisation, creating happy workplace.



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Mr Ruch Depar tm ir Chauhan fro m t he D en t esign Gurugra at Lumax Indu st m an d h Chauha is wife M ries Limited, n were s Deepik blessed ha na m e d w it h Darshi o a baby girl n 2nd M ay, 202 1.

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