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After the long wait, at last Ford's compact SUV Ecosport has arrived. Detailed excerpts of the test drive report

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04 smart drive june 2013

editorial Status of living


Baiju N Nair Chief Editor

comment me

e had envisaged a Metro rail in Kochi, much ahead of Bangalore and Chennai even dreaming of it. As usual as ever ,while we are still at the starting point,the metro trains have started running over there in full swing.The yankee doodles adorning the Delhi high command chairs, aren't much delighted to see Kerala getting more prosperous,faster, for reasons known and unknown. And our khadi clad jesters, jetset to Delhi with 'just done' promises , to reach, at madam's Janpath back doors, to wait and return hopeless with preposterous excuses. Either they need to use their diplomatic traits well or take cue from the others returning home with hands full of fulfilled promises given to their voters.Even the pretermitters at the Planning Commission cannot be handled by our netas. We voters, are nincomcoomps, only know to wonder and fold hands when we see them back. Any how, now the woes of our metro dreams are slowly giving way to hopes for a better tomorrow. A salute to Mr Sreedharan our redeemer! Mr Sreedharan, has promised us, to go to any extent ,to accomplish this fantastic project before the deadlines. Since he is not a politician ,and is a man of words, we have hope and a smile in our hearts.We keep our fingers crossed. It gives me immense relief to see the gunda private bus services disappear from our roads for ever. Much more worth mentioning.. the troubles of the daily life,such as the crammed stinking buses, morning and evening, the disgusting auto drivers and their abusive language, the late punching attendance, the delays etc.. will see an end. You can reach office fresh ,energetic and on time save much on your travel expenses and time. You feel good and positive, your brains work well.. what a relief !my God! Life style of the malayalee is escalating with Metro, world class shopping malls, improved roads, a/c buses and lot more. Way of life is altering beyond recognition to world class levels. Yet are we changing in our attitudes?Looks are deceptive for sure when it comes to the malayalee's culture perspective. However stylish we may be, our attitude is yet to make a drastic shift in many ways. With all

this astonishing rapidity of growth, we still are primitive in our thinking and behaviour , whether we are at the classy malls, or metros ,it's too sad that we do not change.We cannot be decent , patient or complacent. I make it a point to use metros while I am abroad. And I have used almost 15 metro trains, in London , Europe, Far East including Cairo. The train stations, generally used by the major population of a country, is the right place to feel the pulse of the culture and civilization of a country. I found everywhere people very disciplined and patiently queueing up to enter through the right and exit through the left even in the peak hours. The insides are neat despite the heavy rush, no littering, only hushed talks and every one in their own world, not bothering others standing along with you, no pushing or back pinching. They make us too, feel good,to be one among them.I was surprised to experience the same even in Cairo too, as they Egyptians are almost like Indians in their

barbarianism. Two weeks back I happened to travel by Delhi Metro and was totally disappointed to experience our people behaving in the most uncivilized way. Every one was pushing each other to enter and exit. They were crammed like roosters in a bamboo basket ,at the door as in the private buses. We need to change for good.. our attitude need to get well tuned with our civic sense. Not the life style alone, but the thinking of sense of belonging too with our country need to get into our blood stream. Reverse gear: The foreign tourist whom I met in a coffee shop commented about us."I have never seen anywhere in the other parts of the world, like you Indians who give such stark shares as if their eyeballs would pop out. Why so friend?". He was much disturbed... this is a undiagnoised mental disorder of us Indians. Something wrong with our motor nerves or neuron deficiency in the brains?

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Way of life is altering beyond recognition to world class levels. Looks are deceptive for sure when it comes to the malayali's culture perspective. june 2013 smart drive 05

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r Although I do have all your monthly issues from launch,its my first letter for you.I'm impressed in your mag 'coz comparing other mags of same range you keep a high class of printing quality & much more news & updates. I'm fond of editorial,roadshow,tra velogue,news updates and test drive of bikes(not much of cars) I'm astonished in MAY issue 'coz of biker'stravelogue special feature-aeroplane hotels (Oh...I luv to've one like that;)you )you mae me a little bit confused this time through the test drive of Ninja 300,since I was confused between DUKE200 CBR250. Congrates for your dedication in bringing authenticated and variety contents. smart SMART DRIVE...... Seby Seban,Thrissur

comment me

Feature on aircraft hotels was excellent...

stands a step ahead of others,by r I am an ardent car lover; but presenting enthusiastic feature on was not much familer in handing the latest auto news.We wait car in a proper way.Knowing mt impatientely every month to get interest in cars, my cousine ask the magazine. Thank you smart me doubts, which i clear it for drive for keeping such high them from the information standers given in your magazine. Hari krishnan, They all are amazed at my Roji- Hydrabad knowledge on it. I really And the winner is... didn't drive but i have become a hero on their r Dear Mr. Baiju, eyes .Thanks smartdrive May 2013 Vol 1 Issue 9, Johns Raj , Editorial “Those who passed Kottayam on” – an excellent write-up. I am a regular reader of SMART DRIVE. r Glad to catch hold on an engWhen I started to read this lish automobile magazine from month’s issue starting with the kerala. It's really exciteable to editorial, I couldn’t wait to write read such an article in simple lanand let you congratulate for the guage. we are proud of the same. excellent write-up. You have The team of smartdrive really described the fact about the crazy

Pradeep Paul, Ravipuram

drivers of Kerala (bus & tipper drivers). It is hard time to act/ react and change about Swami Vivekanand’s vision of kerala drivers being crazy. Regards, Seethy Farhaad | Showroom Manager, Indus Motors | Thevara | Cochin r I would love to know about automatic transmission in cars. Hope you will publish article related to the driving. pros and cons and mainteance etc... in your magazine Sankaran Nair, Athiramangalam r Hi smartdrive team, Both baiju n nairs and naveens editorial are excellent. Please give more emphasis on Public transport, Cycles, Less Pollutant Vehicles, Arun Thadhaagath, Ambakamed r Dear smartdrive, I have not come across features on car servicing in your magazine. Kindly give information on servicing with respect to the handling of oil,break fluid,special care to be given in all aspects even as per kilometer drive etc... Hope you will cosider and do the needful Anu Varghese, Kolancherry

JUNE 2013


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mumbai monorail

updates This Month

India's first monorail will roll in Mumbai this year

regional & national

bitz Indus tops

Consecutively for the 7th year, Indus Maruti bagged the no 1 Maruti dealer award india. Last financial year recorded a sale of 37,800 Maruti cars, which means one car in every 14 minutes. 2012-13 proved them lucky to hold the No 1 dealer award, Platinum dealer award besides another 8 awards to their kitty.

bye bye fabia Czech car maker Skoda Auto India has pulled the plug on its premium hatchback Fabia Launched in 2008, Skoda Auto India sold about 45,000 units of Fabia, so far, in its six years in India, the monthly volumes of Fabia came down to 115 units in April 2013. Successive price cuts over the years to boost demand have seen this car shedding almost 40% of its initial price tag since its launch in 2008, squeezing margins. The Fabia’s relatively low level of localization of parts has made it very expensive to produce .

NEW BRIO Honda has formally announced the grand launch of VX Trim Brio into the markets after the unexpected success of their first premium hatchback Brio. The new model VX promises value added paraphernalia such as driver seat height adjuster, rear windshield defogger etc. This variant has two models with automatic-manual gear options with the same engines of the former Brio. 08 smart drive june 2013


THIS YEAR M umbai is getting ready to add another milestone to the history of India. Our country's first Monorail will flag off from Mumbai by end of this year. The Maharashtra CM Prithvi Raj Chavan has promised the Mumbaikars a smooth ,comfortable and speedy daily commutation with the start of Monorail. The 3000 Crore budgeted project will bring relief to the thousands of daily commuters of Mumbai who depends solely upon the unreliable

train,bus,tram services ,traffic congestions,bad roads etc for their travel. The project will be completed to cover the whole Mumbai traffic network within three to four years. The 19.54 km distanced Chembur to Wadala, which faces the maximum traffic conjestion, will have the luck to kick start the first green flag off very soon. The Pink and Black colors used on the monorail will certainly create a spirit of positive energy to the commuters.



mall is beautiful; so is the new low cost variant mini car Datsun K2, which is the latest entry car from the FrancoJapanese auto giant . RenaultNissan,which is their baby, has already marked it's place in the Indian Car market.The Tokyo brand Datsun will certainly give sleepless nights to the small segment cars such as Tata Nano, Maruti Alto, Hyundai Eon, Chevrolet


Spark. Early 2014 will herald the entry of this 3 lakh priced hatchback beauty to the Indian markets. They claim to

be less expensive, robust, durable yet trendy designed with an unique character. The success of Renault- Nissan's compact SUV ,sedan segment has inspired the birth of DATSUN to kick off with small car segments. The new car from the DATSUN stable is certainly not to be a stripped down version of the existing Nissan cars, but a separate brand focussed solely on practicality and affordability.

Toyota Corolla's new model will unveil this june. Company has announced the launching through their facebook page.

ofc Smart Drive W 19.7 x H 26.4 CM

Vertex - 6676 ` 289.00 Clr: Blk, Brn, Cpr, Mhd Vertex - 6666 ` 289.00 Clr: Blk, Brn, Bge

Vertex - 6675 ` 249.00 Clr: Blk, Bge, Grn, Red

Walkie - 2231 ` 199.00 Clr: Blk, Brn, Ogn

Arcade - 3315 ` 245.00 Clr: Blk, Brn, Mos Vertex - 6671 ` 279.00 Clr: Blk, Brn, Cml

Verrtex - 6685 ` 299.00 Clr: Blk, Brn, Ogn

Verrtex - 6695 ` 279.00 Clr: Blk, Brn, Grn

Slickers - 8820 ` 449.00 Clr: Blk, Brn, Cpr, Mhd Slickers - 8801 ` 379.00 Clr: Blk, Brn Escoute - 400 ` 319.00 Clr: Blk, Brn, Grn

HAMMER / JULY - 2013

Slickers - 8805 ` 399.00 Clr: Blk, Msd, Grn

launch LAUNCHES & EVENTS This Month

national & international

Mahindra Bolero maxi truck

From the Kerala launch of Bolero maxi truck, along with Ankit Taneja, (Sr. Regional Sales Manager, M&M Ltd.) & Mr. Arun Malhotra,(Chief Sales & Customer Care Officer, M&M Ltd.).

 Indus Motors Indus team receiving Maruti Suzuki best dealer award from RC Bhargav Chairman, Suzuki India

Trissur Motors

Inauguration of Trissur Motors dealers of TVS Motors, by Trissur Mayor I.P Paul. Basheer Mooppan, P.G Satheesh Kumar, Bijusree, Harish Nair, P. Bhaskaran along with.


Bajaj Pulsar has million fans in Facebook

Popular Hyundai Calicut

B.S. Seo (M.D Hyundai India) inagurating Popular showroom in Calicut. Saju K Thomas, Y.S. Lee, Sujith Chandran seen along.

 Polo GT Launch of automatic VW Polo GT in Delhi. Aravind Saxena (Managing Director, VW passenger car, VW group sales India Pvt. Ltd.)

Audi car carnival

Audi Kochi and Sobha developers jointly conducted Audi car carnival in Trissur Sobha city grounds

Benz A Class: Pre launch function of Mercedes benz A class was held in Rajasree Motors Kochi. This is the cheapest premium hatch in Benz models 10 smart drive june 2013


harley davidson

updates This Month

Harley Davidson, is facing a down trend in the market, due to price fluctuations.

regional & national



orld's prestigious emperor of two wheelers ,Harley Davidson, is facing a down trend in the market, due to price fluctuations. The

US company has decided to pull out it's six international models off roads. The world famous signature two wheeler FLHR ROAD KING included, XR1200X


HONDA's new generation two wheeler HONDA CBR 400 has been launched in the Japanese market in high spirits with total acceptance. Though the launch was announced well in advance, it could not get zoomed on the set time. Honda genre has 400R, 400F 400X models with parallel twin, motor based liquid cooled engines similarly what the 400cc too has. 400 cc is an important factor for the exemption on taxation and 12 smart drive june 2013

licensing regulations.Yet the price of CBR 400 is approximately 3.25 lacs. The 400cc motor shares the 470 mm's bore but drops stroke from 66.8 to 56.6 mm. The engine is visually similar to the 500 range models,clearly sharing clutch and generator covers with cases. The 400 will make 47 bhp and 31lb/ft of torque. It has a fully LCD digitalized meter console as in the 1000 R models. The rear carries a prolink monoshack while the front is featured with telescopic forks and the entire frame is in diamond design which gives an alluring look and hence the heart throb of the youth.

SPORTSTER,FXS SOFT TAIL BLACKLINE,ELECTRA GLIDE CLASSIC, ROAD KING CLASSIC will soon bid good bye from the North American roads. 5 models

have already signed off from the Indian market. Maybe they will reincarnate as some better and cheaper models soon, for the worldwide bike lovers.



hat do you think of a headlamp on your vehicle that would cancel the rain while driving? During rainy seasons, road accidents are quite rampant ,whatever may be the car one drives.The visibility is so poor , light in headlamps dim that makes driving difficult too. INTEL, the famous IT brain, which never entered to experiment in the automobile world , has entered with a BANG. They


have come out with rain user friendly head lamps. Though almost all the other major IT companies have invented several automobile useful products, no one thought of such a product which cancels the rain and the fog by emitting powerful light through the headlamps and makes visibility clear for the drivers.During rains, the sensor in the headlamps makes the rain disappear and makes driving easy.

Latest model of mustang will hit the market by 2015. It will carry 4 cylinder ecoboost engine.

\nßfpsS kz]v\߃ km£mXvIcn°m≥ ]Ww Hcp XS amIn√

hml\˛Krtlm]IcW hmbv]

 btYjvSw sXc-s™-Sp-°phm≥ 1 h¿jw apX¬ 5 h¿jw hscbp≈ Ime-b-fhv - I - ƒ  sI.-Fk - v.F - ^ - v.C - .bpsS  anX-amb ]eni\nc°v  eLp-hmb Pmay-hy-hÿ F√m imJ-I-fnepw e`yw.

]c-am-h[n hmbv]

15 e£w

TOLL FREE HELPLINE : 1800 425 3455

Ph : 0487 - 2332255. Fax : 0487 - 2336232. E-mail:

news Autoworld

world this month

Apple car maps redefined

New versions of car maps are being redesigned. Few version of Apple's iOS mobile operating system will be in the car which can access hands free turn by turn spoken and visual navigation while driving. SIRI is a special mode for i phones,which allow the driver to access iphone without touching it and will be fixed on the dash board .

The Police

Millionaire I s it a story? No, it is a true fact. Count your stars to be born in Dubai and to become an ordinary policeman. Any police in Dubai is eligible to drive super cars. Do not

grin. Dubai Police owns almost all the super cars available like Aston Martins, Bentley Continental, Chevrolet Camaro, Ferrari F, Lamborghini, Mercedes Benz SLS etc.. And a

new Aston Martin 77 too has been bought by them. Only 77 of there are produced so far. Wanna know the price of an Aston Martin only 20 crore a car.

Plane Bike A German bike fanatic Frank Ohle took 18 months to redesign his bike Red Baron and recreate it to a Plane Bike with a 150 hp, 9 cylinder Rotec radial R 3600 chopper's engine. The body of the bike is in proportion with aircraft engine.

14 smart drive june 2013

Autoworld news


The Italian car makers celebrated their 50th anniversary, which falls on the founder's day in May ,in grand style. The fighting bull was the theme for the celebrations. 350 Lamborghinis present at the venue, added power and grandeur to the party. The main attraction was the 22 year old youngest Lamborghini driver.

a super star inside home.

What's a super star doing inside the famous architect and designer Holger Schuber's home in Los Angeles ? And that too a Ferrari 512 BBI car? His 1200 ft living room was converted into a 16 feet high garage for his beloved Ferrari to rest. The bridge which he built from outside his gate to the garage , for his car to roll in smoothly , was asked to get demolished by the authorities, as it was causing inconvenience to the commuters. He coolly spent another 1.50 crore$ to remodel both the house and bridge for the sake of his car. It took a long time to finish the work

new corporate logo for nissan

Nissan Motor corporation has introduced a new logo with a steel-blue combination denoting the union of Nissan Company and the Nissan brand, to be in one single emblem. The earlier had a red logo with only Nissan on it.

Not a Range Rover Evoque This is certainly not a Evoque but an Indian vehicle only. Tata-Safari decided to drive to Delhi's Big Daddy Custom's parlour for a make over. They did a remarkable job..Safari drove out as Evoque. The front bumper became Evoque replica with LED daytime running lamps,new replica tail lamps, and Quad exhaust are the replaced parts. The interiors have been fully done up with red leather to give a rich look like Evoque. The front mistakes for a Evoque for certain.

june 2013 smart drive 15

test drive Ford Ecosport

new breed Hurray! the long awaited Ford Ecosport has arrived. This compact and affordable SUV is going to create tremors and stay here for long.

16 smart drive june 2013

spec ford ecosport

Engine 1.0 L gtdi max power 125 ps@ 6000

rpm max torque 170 Nm @ 14004500 rpm

wheel base 2520 mm LENGTH 3999 mm

Text: Baiju N Nair


ord Ecosport SUV--Ford's innovative new entrant in the compact crossover segment has at

last arrived.. Smart Drive was invited for the test drive in Goa. Since the last two years I ,as

width 1765 mm height 1708 mm

KERB weight 1259 kg ground clearence

200 mm price 7-10 lakhs, (Estd)

an auto journalist, had to play the limits of tax rules. role of a weather forecaster, by saying "may be" or" may not be" LOOKS to the many car enthusiasts, who This red little riding hood is visukept pestering me about the ally efficient with trendy looks ergonomics of this compact SUV. and tech savy features which cerFord Ecosport has been tainly will floor the car enthusicleared to land to the Indian asts especially the youth with market arena now. guaranteed takers. The delayed entry was due Ford's massive signature grill to many reasons related to the , with the high bonnet line,well many corrections in the making, balanced chassis, sporty as they not only thought of the hatchback,The sleek head marketing perspective but also lamps,the circular fog lights on with the consumer perspective the flat bumpers, The small lower too. grill is trapezodial. The wiser I , along with few automobile hood sweeps into the sculpted journalists , are now in front of body lines.and surely classifies Grand Hyatt Goa, about to it under the SUV variants. ford get into the Ford Eco With 200 mm ecosport ground clearance , sport cars for a long 200mm haul test drive. I am 3999 mm length , 1708 ground clear- mm height and wadquite excited! ance, 3999mm ing depth 550 mm Eco lenght and ECOSPORT 1708 height sports is wrapped into a The era of small segment compact and efficient suvs have began Renault vehicle, yet looks classy with Duster, Mahindra Quanto, it's kinetic designing. Premier Rio, Vauxwagen Cross The narrow sleek head lights, Polo are only few to mention ,lots flared and multi spoke wheel more to arrive soon onto the arches with 16"inch tires, beautiramp. ful alloy wheels and oblique tail Ford Ecosport is going to be lamps all contribute to make it the winner star amongst all the quite sporty. others in this segment. Moreover The shoulder and waist line the attractive price makes it flows from the front fender to the more dearer as ES enjoys tax tail lamps touching the tail hanadvantage over Duster, the main dle giving it a look of real style. rival, coz of it's length being 4 Moreover tail gate handle is fitmetre, which comes within the ted with a button to

- Nice positioning of the spare wheel

june 2013 smart drive 17

test drive Ford Ecosport

Eco sports is wrapped into a compact and efficient vehicle, yet looks classy with it's kinetic design. electronically unlock the boot. The plastic cladding beneath the front bumper is visible on all four sides of the car. At the rear, the C pillars and wrap around rear screen design is commendable. The roof has a grab rail. The spare tire placed on the bonnet's center stage gives Eco sports an extra punch. I would swear and endorse 18 smart drive june 2013

ď ˝ 326L. boot space

that Ecosports is an uniquely the handle, the doors open for cute ,compact SUV heartyou. The inside feel is quite throb in India, unlike any snuggy as the seats are other such SUVs presdashboard positioned at a comfortently on the ramp. able height with much The black leg space and suffiand titanium color gives the cient head room. INSIDE Ecosports has a key less inside a noble The rear seats can look. entry facility. Let the keys be folded 60:40 to create remain in your pocket. A 705 baggage space behind. gentle touch on the tiny switch on The quality and standard of

the inside materials and accessories has not been compromised in anyway. The black and titanium color gives the inside a noble look. The dash board though gives the looks of Fiesta, it has a different placement.The weather control and the start-stop switches are placed at a easy reach. The number pad is soft touch one. Blue

test drive Ford Ecosport

tooth connectivity and the music system both are excellent. The safety measures have been given due priority. 7 airbags, ESP, ABS, emergency brake light, 3 secs hill launch assist and another very important addition is an emergency Assistance feature comes with SYNC. It is designed by Microsoft which makes it unique and the first time being introduced in India . During any emergencies, while the airbags open up,the system sends voice message with blue tooth connectivity ,which automatically reaches to the emergency numbers needed such as Police, Ambulance, Hospitals etc. and reaches the spot with the assistance of GPS

bhp model which impressed me a lot while test driving. It gave good ground clearance, and high power. The turbo lag was minimal from the low 1400 rpm higher up to 4500 rpm which gave peak torque of 170 Nm. Ford has presented Ecosports with the most compact turbo engine petrol variant. Couldn't believe that I was driving a 3 cylinder engine. It was a remarkable performance of the engine and driving experience, through the busy city and the narrow side roads. Though the inside was noiseless, the outside was a bit noisy during the quick acceleration.

ď ˝- Side view mirrors that are apt for SUVs


Ecosports has three engine options . The one ltr Eco Boost petrol, I.5 ltr petrol/diesel segments. 1.5 ltr petrol engine is 110 bhp. 15.6 km/ltr mileage. This engine model has a 6 speed automatic transmission variant too. 1.5 ltr diesel engine is 90 bhp. 22.7/km/ltr mileage. Out of the three, the one ltr Eco Boost Engine is the STAR. The petrol model is housed with 3 cylinders and has manual and automatic transmission variants. It also has 125 patents on it's own. Smart Drive was given 123 20 smart drive june 2013

sd verdict

ď ˝- Dashboard resemblance fiesta Excellent design, eligiable for the name compact SUV

Price may increase, due to the importing of ecoboost engine

The price range is expected to be below 10 lakhs. Indian car enthusiasts always welcomed quality cars of affordable prices with maximum utility. I am sure that the Indian roads will be swarmed with Ecosports very soon.

test drive Chevrolet Enjoy

- 7 seating comforts 22 smart drive june 2013

- wooden finished gear knob

-i phone charger - at rear

spec Enjoy

Engine 4 Cyl Displacement 1248 cc

max power 77.5ps @ 4000rpm max torque 188nm @ 1750rpm

Transmission 5 speed mt length 4305 mm

width 1680 mm height 1750 mm

kerb weight 1345 kg wheel base 2720 mm

price 5.59 - 8.14 lakhs (exshowroom Kochi)

Enjoy to

the max Text, Photo: Baiju N Nair

T Chevrolet Enjoy enters the arena to turn Ertiga green with envy. Joint families are going to enjoy fully with the new Enjoy. no doubt...

- Not much about the dashboard

he late opprobrious name ENJOY! Sanjay Gandhi had foreSMART DRIVE had the priviseen the threat to the lege to test drive the diesel 74 economy of India,due to bhp engine model ENJOY in Delhi overpopulation which would and the sincere review is given scale heights within a span of fifty below. years. Food, Housing and THE TAG LINE --- FIND Clothing would be a big hazard to NEW ROADS the economy of India for this number predicted. He introMaking the extraordinary ordiduced family planning schemes nary is what Enjoy is all about. which were not much welcomed. ENJOY is a proper 7-8 seater His aim was to bring down the multi purpose vehicle brought it population rate to 2% from the in line with the family look to anticipated 4%. His HUM DO appeal to the traditional family . HUMARE DO was accepted only Though it carries the Maruti Ertiga by the educated S.Indians and the look alike features, it certainly rest of India believed in HUM DO would give shivers to the Ertigas HUMARE CHAAR whether povand the Nissan Evalias which are erty or not . Though his family the direct rivals, for many reaplanning programs had sons. It is significantly difgood intentions to curb ferent from the other in enjoy Front grille the population growth, cost effectiveness , with chrome the forceful sterilizadriving agility and fuel lines and a tions among the illiterefficiency. large Chevroate villagers and Let us evaluate the let logo in the unmarried youth made worthiness of this MPV , centre. him scornful and disrefor the Indian family to spected until his untimely really enjoy ,as promised by death in 1980 June 23. As foreChevrolet. seen, today, ie 2013,the population has touched 112 crores. Every LOOKS N STYLE sphere had to find appropriate It may have the looks and size of solutions for problems related to Ertiga, but in reality, it is longer, issues with reg to food,shelter, taller and spacious. The increased travel etc.. length endorses more leg space And thus enters the and kneeroom in all rows espeCHEVROLET'S gift to the large cially the third row which creates family,joint family segments ,with a claustrophobic feel in all such a frugally priced multi purpose other models but not in this, as mini van, ENJOY which is the large corner butterfly windesigned to be safe and secure, dows on the last row , creates a with a promise to keep the honor spacious look with good visiand respect of the meaning of the bility, for the rear side.

june 2013 smart drive 23

test drive Chevrolet Enjoy

sd verdict

While the length of Ertiga is massively grandeur in spacing. 4265mm, height 1695mm and The top end variants have bucket width 1685mm , ENJOY has seats, in both rows with enough length 4305mm width 1680mm head and leg space,which holds and height 1750mm.The wheel you well and offer sufficient lower base of the vehicle is 2720mm back support which is very imporwith ground clearance of 165mm tant for long and enthusiastic The boot space is decent for 195 drives.The driving is smooth in ltrs for it's space efficiency. urban areas, twisty roads In style ,it is a mini van.The Two air bags, rear roof a/c front and rear looks well mounted for the second balanced., Bonnet is row, air volume control enjoy compact in size. The Top end model switch for both the chrome surround front and rear rows have bucket seats, in both meshed airdam, inte.with beige and black rows with eno- color scheme, spices grated leaf style fog ugh head and up the interiors. lamps ,front plus rear leg space a/c makes it stylish and The steering wheel is elegant.The front end feaa tad over sized with no voltures a smiling grille with three ume controls on it as in the chrome lines and a large other car segments foraying into Chevrolet logo in the centre looks the market. Though the dash quite sporty. The rear end carries board is not stylish but have been large vertical lamps which gives optimised for maximum space the vehicle a matured look. within..There is a music system Another feature is about the but not a blue tooth connectivity. doors which opens outside, The inner mirror provides a wide unlike other such vehicles which field for clarity of vision. has sliding doors. Despite all these small drawbacks,once your family is inside Enjoy, enjoyment is INTERIORS guaranteed. Don't feel put off judging the outside to the inside. Open the large doors,step inside, and the ENGINE inside is mind boggling. It is taller Enjoy has come out with the 1.5 and boxier inside, giving an overltr diesel and 1.4 ltr petrol engine all ambience of the cabin options with impressive

- Body coloured mirrors

- No new look door handles

24 smart drive june 2013

technological features. Power is sent to the rear wheels via a 5 speed manual. The 1345 kg vehicle could be handled very well to roll on smooth and light on the roads as the pick up of the accelerator was amazing, gear and clutch light and quite commendable.The power suspension set up is quite soft and hence humps and bumps are not felt. Moreover the engine feel is robust, steering is light, low speed ride is cushy, and suspension noiseless. Mc Pherson struts with multilink coil springs used in the suspension makes the driving safer and smoother. The pick up of 20 secs to reach 100 kmp mark. The top speed is 160 kmp to 175 kmp for the diesel and petrol versions. With a power output of 76.4 bhp at 1500rpm to 450 rpm and

Sliding doors make entry and exit easier than other MPVs

ENJOY is a pure MPV. Though it does not have the finesse of Ertiga, it can give better results than a bigger XYLO or EVALIA. If one is looking for a budget people carrier with abundant space for seven to eight people, ENJOY can literally live upto it's name and price. With all it's innovative inclusions and low pricing, ENJOY will surely hit the right cords with the family commuters and other car enthusiasts to make the drive enjoyable as promised by CHEVROLET ENJOY!

powerful torque of 188Nm at 1750rpm is fantastic.


ENJOY comes with a six spoke 14" alloy wheels. The wheel arches extend and lets the wheels flaunt the right way on the roads. Tyre measures175/70R14,tubeless and 14x5J in size. price(lakhs): 1.4-LS (P) 8 seater 5.59-, 1.4LT 7 seater 6.43, 1.4LTZ 7 seater 8 seater 6.81, 1.3LT 7seater þ7.56, 1.3LTZ 7seater 8.14

The quality could have been better for dashboard

- Rear looks as any other MPV

w w w. d v a p p a r e l s . c o m

blend of comfort and style.

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Tumult Apparels, Perambur, Chennai - 600011. E-mail:


Enhance your confidence

AUTO TEST guide dRIvE Vw polo gt


PACKED 26 smart drive june 2013

spec vw polo

Engine 4 Cylinder Displacement 1197 cc

Max Power 103 bhp @ 5000 rpm max torque 175 Nm @ 1500-4100

wheel base 2456 mm gears 7 Speed Automatic

Tyre size 185/60-R15 Length 3970 mm

price Rs 8.13 Lakhs (Ex-Show room, Thrissur)

Width 1682 mm Height 1453 mm

ď ˝- TSI Engine

Polo Gt arrives with an introduction to a new premium automatic hatch back segment other than the older automatic hatch versions

ďƒ’Text: Manu Pramad Photo: Lalu Thirumittakodu


utomatic car driving can relax your mind and muscles,as many other things in the world could be more blissful than blipping your own downshifts while heel toeing in a car. Gear changing at the right moment and rev matching a downshift is only a

small part of speed. Honestly, the rest comes from an understanding of the vehicle dynamics and spatial intuition. Sudden changes from conventionality do not get accepted easily by Indians, however convincing it can be. Years back gearless scooters miserably failed to

take off but gradually it became a premium hatch and a tough hot favourite. Time has changed. miss for your eyes. The aerodyTechnology is ruling. Manual namic design , the chrome fingear box may become like the old ished trim on the front radiator film camera.The digital camera grille,badging of GT and TSI on was scorned at when it showed the rear and front, black-grey up,but it proved better and got combination and leather upholaccepted . The same as with the stery inside gives it a luxury look. iphones and ipads too. Leather covered gear The same is happening with knob,steering wheel, hand brake the car culture about autolever and black shade in matic cars too. The autoheadlamps makes it vw polo the matic premium luxury mind blowing. The Polo's 1.2L. cars have been engine gener- sporty interiors endorsed well by the have a great finish. ates 105 PS @ 5000 rpm elite, but the middle Plenty of chrome class ,have yet to come accents on the interior to terms with automatic and exterior and center transmission due to the disconsole. Dual air bags on appointing performance and the front, a/c air vents are of economy of similar variants in high quality. Drilled aluminium Hondas, Skodas, Fiats and Tatas. inserts for brakes and accelerator Counter intuitive or not, the pads are the highlights of the Polo GT SI with it's classic interior. The conspicuous looks,price and quality as a absence of Volkswagen and Polo hatchback premium family car, is badges is noticeable. The knee going to change the perspective room in the rear is cramped and of those all who were not in hence a draw back to mention. favour of automatic cars.Let's Yet overall it is graceful in looks. take a look at Polo..


Not much changes have been made on this new version of Polo from the old manual variant of Polo. This is the best styled


Polo GT has a 1.2 litre turbo charged petrol engine. Though the engine capacity is not commendable, it gives the power of 1.6 Polo engine.It gives out 105PS june 2013 smart drive 27

test AUTOdrive guide Vw Polo gt

of maximum power at 5000rpm driving is worth mentioning. I and 175Nm of max torque can turn to mathematics for reasbetween -1500-4100rpm. No surance when it comes to the such petrol hatchback in engine and fuel efficiency any other car segment output . I set my sceptiVW can claim such fuel efficism glands working polo ciency as Polo GT. The You just fly off overtime. No doubt. credit is given to the 7 in S with it's This small superremarkable charged car,once speed DSG gearbox. handling. driven, anyone will never Test Drive would want to try a manual The ride quality of GT is superb car. My endorsement is only and composed. The D and S modjust an example. els in GT are counted best for Vehicle provided by: Phoenix cars Indriving. The power play is fully dia Pvt. Ltd. Tcr,+919526202022 expressed in the S -sports model, but mileage advantage comes with D model. You just fly off in S with it's remarkable handling.The amazing climb rate to 0-100 needs only 9.7 seconds. The modified suspension certainly supports the delightful drivability and performance of GT. The quality and feel of operating levers,suspension, buttons, horns and gears is ubelievably pleasant and smooth. The mileage is around 17-18km/l which consid- Climate controls as in Vento ering the power and smooth

Polo assures of quality handling and stability

Is'nt the price of Polo GT marginally over priced

- Slight increase in legroom

sd verdict

 Commendable bootspace

 Smooth and comfy steering 28 smart drive june 2013

 Black bordered headlights

Undoubtedly Polo is a leading player among hatchbacks. I give 90% grading for performance and power. It is certainly a bit disappointing not to get a lesser model for a lesser price in the automatic. Though the on the roads price is 10 lacs, it is Hook, line and sinker. you are in love with Polo.

nostalgia Ariel NH 350

oldmo n

30 smart drive june 2013

o nk Ariel 350

Ariel NH 350 nostalgia Text, Photo: Jubin Jacob


am a bike freak and believe in the philosophy " A good long ride can clear your mind , restore your faith , give you independence and power." I love to try out every bike possible and give it a fair hearing before I make my own judgement as an auto journalist.British bikes always fascinates me.Triumph BSA, Norton are few among them. British bikes hold an important place in the motor bike history. They carry a majestic aura. Ariel may not be a familiar brand name among the bikers. But when I got a chance to test

The carburettor is Amal mona bloc.

ride Ariel's 1957 NH series 350cc bike I didn't give a second thought. A little bit of homework was only needed before I mounted on it. Ariel company was started in 1870 by James Stanley and William Hillman in Birmingham.U.K. The first production was tires for horse carriages, which later branched out in making bicycles and thereafter motor bikes. In 1905 Charles Sangster took over the company and brought out a two stoke, 3 skid gear model bike, naming it Arielette which became the favourite of many bike lovers. During first world war it had

Test ride of Ariel Nh 350- star among the British classic bikes... Through the moments spent with the fifty year old stallion

- Handle bar of Ariel

 350 cc engine

june 2013 smart drive 31

nostalgia Arial NH 350

 side profile reminds of Bullet to be closed down to kick start again by his son Jack in 1918. Later, Ariel was taken over by BSA. The famous Ariel Hunt master was born with BSA engine. For a change, I decided to go for a night test ride. I found a funky , fully closed and robust

-ariel logo

- antique ariel bike in Briton 32 smart drive june 2013

two wheeler waiting for me. I almost mistook it for BSA B33 or Royal Enfield. The slanting head lamps on the front looked funny, but the light fell directly on to the road. The solid rear, the rounded front mudguard and the

- 50 year old ariel brochure

suspension telescopic forks which are placed like two guards on both the sides give it a macho look. The Ariel logo is stamped on the rubber padding on the fuel tank. The carburettor is Amal monobloc. The four speed gear box along with the twin shock rear makes it quite sturdy as in the Bullet. The brakes are 7m SLS both front and rear. The 347 cc long stroke single engine is placed

beneath. Oil reservoir is placed separately as in BSA. It has comparatively a tiny swing arm and small shock absorbers fitted behind. The exhaust pipes too are the same as in the bullet. I would call it sharp, solid and smart. I kick started the engine and looked once again and made sure I was on the Ariel and not the Bullet. The feel of the power was of 50 years put together to me. As the gears kept changing, speed mounting and my heart pounding with happiness, I felt like riding a latest bike variant and not the legendary Ariel. As I glided through the streets and galleys lighted with sodium vapour lamps, I decided to add Ariel to my ever growing fantasy collection of bikes. All the noise and thunder of the bike warned me not to go ridiculously fast to get my aural kicks. Thanks to Vishnu of Thuravoor in Kochi who owned this bike and auto mechanic Pradeep Chandran of Classic car collector who handled the restoration work of this antique bike.


AYE AU special feature auto rickshaw

ď ˝ Lambretta Lambro 34 smart drive june 2013


auto rickshaw special feature

Text: Jubin Jacob


ost of the foreigners American missionary , got a three who visit India , wheeler made in order to go include "auto rickaround with his paramour. true shaw travel" in their or not?. It seems that was the travel planner. They share their beginning of a three wheeler cul'something different' experience ture. Maybe the manually pulled with travel magazines. This is not rickshaws would have gradually the latest news but of few years reached to today's auto rickback. Wouldn't an elephant shaws.. ride be more amusing Story 1: Piagthan a rick ride news? piaggio gio Ape What could be the ape inspiration behind the The story begins by the The Italian term Ape' jolly good ride in an end of 1940. The means" Bee" auto for a foreigner? economy of Europe Just a curiosity to search went topsy turvy after on this ,led me to turn the world wars and the car back the pages , to get to the market crashed miserably. roots of this three wheeled Four wheelers and cars charmer. I reached the records in started vanishing from the marthe library , of Piaggio Ape of kets as there were no buyers. It Italy, who brought this idea to was a question of survival. Either India. The Japanese word save or perish was the mantra in Jinrikisha means mode of human the hearts of car manufacturers. powered vehicle. 'Jin' means They had to cut down on prices human and 'riki' means power or find out some other ways for and 'sha' means vehicle. Jointly it making low cost vehicles. Enters, is read as Jinrikisha.. In 1860, an Coridino di Asario an aircraft

Autorikshaw is a common man's mode of travel like trains and buses. It would be interesting to go insearch of the history of this three wheeler to the foreign lands and its evolution

 Ape A

june 2013 smart drive 35

special feature auto rickshaw

ď ˝ Tempo Hanseat

Hanseat auto reached Indian markets in 1958 through Firodia Ltd, later which became Bajaj Tempo and now Force Motors. designer with the idea of a three vespa which had funny looks. In the beginning, the suspension wheeler he had conceived . That was the Ape' , the god father of was fixed on the left side which the Ape' auto rickshaws that fills later went to the right side . Again they changed it to both the roads today. The Italian term Ape' means" Bee" . I sides. This was the lambro grandpa of the modern remember reading API, imported autos. Though Ape' some where Vespa, Lambretta kits another auto model and assembled was used mostly as meaning "wasp." it in it's Chen- pick up vans later it turned into passenger The first Ape' had a nai factory. vehicles by designing load carrier fixed behind a Vespa with the mud guard with canvass covers on the in the front fixed with head lamps. top. This attracted the attention of foreign markets to reach The old brochures of Vespa carrys pictures of other models such there. The 125 cc two stroke engine Ape' models were in as Tri vespa, Vespa car which were fixed with wooden cabins in much demand till 1952 .Then came in Ape'B with 150cc engine different dimensions. It was designed with petrol tank and and a pressed steel body. The front pivot pin spring shock starting lever on both sides of the 36 smart drive june 2013

absorbers and the torsion bar nylon bush suspension did not satisfy the users. Ape' The later Ape' versions made considerable changes in the suspensions which gave powerful pulls to make both the drivers and travelers content. The first models had 3 speed gear box which gave way to 4 speed gear box in the later models. 1956

saw more and better changes. The closed cabins with 150 cc engine enhanced 5% engine oil usage along with the petrol. It even had an electric starter as option. 1971 saw Vespa being taken over by Bajaj co. in India. Bajaj Bachraj Trading Co. played an important role in the autorick world which we will explore more

ď ˝ Tempo Hanseat

auto rickshaw special feature in our next editions.

Story 2: Hanseat auto - the Eetie

The chief editor of Smart Drive during one of his North Indian travels happened to get scared seeing this weird looking three wheeler.. He cursed the person who designed this . He found the cabin stuffed with people, some hanging out with loud noise and smoke fuming out and fitted with big tires. this was Hanseat auto. This German made tempo, Hanseat auto later became the property of Daimler Benz and Hanomag. It had life only until 1956. This was the reformed model of E 200, 400 and 600. The snout nosed front engine wobbler had a very peculiar way of operation. The drive power would come through the chain on the front wheel. Hanseat auto reached Indian markets in 1958 through Firodia Ltd, later which became Bajaj Tempo and now Force Motors. 400 cc twin cylinder two stroke engine Hanseat auto had 14 bhp till 1978. 500 cc Lambardini diesel engine, single cylinder 9 bhp took over and blessed hanseat auto to carry more than it's capacity.

ď ˝ Piaggio Ape A Most of the vehicle's engines have been replaced with Greave's multi purpose engines now. The drivers claim that it even plys without petrol, diesel or kerosene , even soap water would make it go. The funny gear shift pattern intrigues

us. We can see the drivers using martial arts on the 4 speed gear box to keep Hanseat auto under control .. This was Bajaj tempo's first vehicle and later only the Matadors and Vikings appeared.

Story 3: Lambro where are you?

Lambro belonged to Italy. This 175 cc was the 3 wheeler format of Lambretta. The 50's saw Automobiles of India Ltd co also known as API, imported Lambretta kits and assembled it in it's Chennai factory. Later Scooters India bought out Lambretta. API renamed their scooters as Lamby The simple design of 175 cc Lambo had a proper luggage space behind. It had a front engine with small wind shields and the head lamps placed on the trapezodial embosing . The kick start 175 engine was placed below the driver seat Kerala roads enjoyed Indian Lambros for almost a decade. With the rush of newer models of many companies, Lambro has become extinct. The down fall of API started in the 80's and even the Lamby Polo of 86 could not save it. The late realization for innovation according to times was futile and by 93, they admitted defeat. After API, Kerala Auto Ltd( KLL) tried to resurrect API's 175 version in revised forms such as pick up vans and passenger vehicles. The petrol engine was replaced by diesel engine with 360 cc, single cylinder of Greaves engine.. These are the stories untold.... we shall meet you in our next edition with more Bajaj stories on the past and present.......

ď ˝ Lambretta Lambro

june 2013 smart drive 37

Modification Maruti Esteem



38 smart drive june 2013

Maruti Esteem Modification a dream personified... you could not mistake it for the latest model of lamborghini murcielago but this is our very dear Esteem turned super car. in looks and sound too... more about this stud

B O...

text: Eldho Mathew Photo: Lalu Thirumittakodu


ne of the most legendary names in motors is Lamborghini. Any car lover would secretly dream to include a Lamborghini to his fantasy collection, jokes apart, at least get a chance to date this beauty queen. Car freaks of any age small or big, young or old.. all may not differ to agree to this alluring temptation. This is a true story of a middle class youngster who not only dreamed of driving a Lamborghini but made it possible to have a dupe Lamborghini in his garage. He made the impossible ,possible. The passion and love for cars made this youngster choose automobile engineering as his study and earn a diploma. Sinto who lives in Edapally,Kochi, nurtured a ever growing fantasy in his heart to

welcome such a beauty into his life. He didn't think of the emerging economies or his status quo of having a meagre bank balance, he still went forth. He knew his limitations very well and didn't give up this idiosyncratic character. He started his journey approaching all the big car workshops within India and abroad to see if he could pick up a scratch to start with. All in vain.. He din't give up for a dime. His passion was so strong in his psyche that he even went to many Lamborghini 's showrooms, service centers and exclusive workshops to touch,feel and learn about different models of Lamborghini . After office hours he would go to several auto mechanics who would give him such dirty looks but he shamelessly and

june 2013 smart drive 39

Modification Maruti Esteem


his is the dream success story of a youngster who dreamed the impossible and proved that nothing is impossible if determination, hard work and perseverance accompanies your dreams. Sinto has 1987, 2000 model Contessas,to give company to his Lamborghini. Very soon we may see many "made over" luxury sedans and suvs on Kerala roads fulfilling dreams of the many car fanatics.

The 19, 17 inch tires along with its alloy wheels resemble lamborghini murcielago tire size. The view from behind endorses the quality of the make over

ď ˝- Esteem Murcielago fusion relentlessly did much research in the design and engine and it was the curvaceous and hot Murcielago which gently glided into his heart. He knew very well he wouldn't be able to own her yet he got the vital statics etched into his brains. He had real plans- un revealed. he waited with total patience and perseverance. After his return from abroad, he continued his mission of search and research to get a proper mechanic who would imbibe his desire and fulfill his long cherished dream. He won. His search ended up at St Antony's workshop in Kochi. He found his messiah in Antony, a car mechanic and the owner of that workshop. His enthusiasm and mad passion inspired Antony to take up " Mission

Lamborghini". They both put their heads together and drew a design for this dream car. Sinto's next mission was to find a suitable car for the makeover. Out of many, he chose Tata Esteem which very much would gel with Lamborghini's body style. He spent Rs 50,000 to buy a 1995 model full option second hand Esteem. He was excited. He was confident and convinced that his dream was safe in Antony's hands. Antony didn't disappoint him though. Sinto had resigned his jewellery show room job abroad for 2 years, to be back at home and see a Lamborghini in his garage. It took one and a half year for the makeover. The chassis and engine is Esteem's. Antony along with his assistant Rajeev designed

40 smart drive june 2013

the outline of Lamborghini on a metal sheet. The front to rear bumper was thus formed. Though the perfection is not fully satisfying, the body lines and the rear Lamborghini. and mirror console bumper works, camouflages the covered by a a Lamborghini Esteem for Lamborghini. sticker. A large LCD display supThis finished made over ports the reverse cam. Imported Lamborghini can only be categofiber- glass materials are used . rized under the fully cusThe projector head lamps, tomized segment of luxrear glass ventilation, ury cars as ninety per17",19" tire alloy wheels murcielago cent of the car parts along with the powerIt can be are hand made. The included only ful engine and fully interiors and exteriors customized exhaust in the fully are Lamborghini borhas tuned and turned customised segment rowed. Antony has done Esteem into a cute and full justice to Sinto's dream; sweet Lamborghini. Nobody no doubt. can mistake this car for The interior has the same Esteem or any other.. It is just a color combination of Lamborghini . made in Kerala.

ď ˝- Fiber-glass combination window glasses

Trading Corporation


Buy Y o Press ur High u r e Wa & Get a Car sher Care K Worth it Rs. 15 0


Air Compressor







Powerx Trading Corporation

Door No. 869, Chittoor Road Ayyappankavu, Ernakulam Ph : +91 9400114488, +91 9142775492, +91 9142877754

special feature Highest motorable roads

top 10 highest motorable roads


the top

42 smart drive june 2013


ountain Passes matter whether frozen snow are always freezes, you, the oxygenmysteriless terrains suffoover the cates you, the low ous, fascipressure drains out top Top ten highest nating, mystic and all energy from motorable roads your nerves.. yet.. dangerous, yet allurin the world ing and inviting. Any the maddening one who loves advendesire just gives you tures and a mind to conpower to win. We are quer, always opt for mountains just going through few of of heights. The higher you go the amazing passes which man the adamant the mind searched, discovered and becomes to go more higher. No conquered..

Highest motorable roads special feature

- Khardungla pass: The highest way



he KARAKORAM PASS is 15397 ft high mountain which connects Kashmir to China.The pass is in between two mountains in Karakoram range. The range is barren ,without any vegetation. The snow caps gets disturbed due to the strong south dry winds, blizzards rampant and even

animals do not survive.The highly dangerous caravan pass, was the ancient connecting point between Leh and Yarkant. Nobody dared to try their adventuring luck through this path. But a Swedish dare devil Robert Shaw , took risks to go ahead and show the world what Karakoram is.

- World's highest cafeteria - Khardungla pass

- Karakoram pass

- Cycle passenger from- Karakoram pass

 june 2013 smart drive 43

special feature Highest motorable roads



he gateway to Marsimik La Pass is Phobrang in Ladakh at an elevation of 5582 ft. It is the Swedish adventurer Swen Hedin who was able to measure it's height as 1834ft after his third attempt. This pass is seldom a visitor's delight but the adventurous bikers always hold this pass close to their heart to try out. This pass is close to the famous saltwater lake, Pangong , (where the hindi movie 3 Idiots was shot) . One third of this lake is in India and rest part in China which is at an altitude of 4250 mts. One need to cross the Indo-Tibet border to reach this pass and moreover drive 32 km along the

dirty roads. Cameras are not allowed and the higher terrain is airrarefied. Only prayer flags are seen and no other sign boards around for directions. It was Sonam Paljore who cut pathways and he had conquered Everest in 1983. Only few of the mountain passes are explained here. There are many more which are discovered and yet many more to reach upto. The quest for search is not over and will never end too. Let us too be inspired to reach these mountains at least once in our lives by reading what those who have gone before us has laid for us to follow the foot marks they have left for us

- Marsimik la pass



ne of the highest passes on earth is the Tanggula Pass in Tibet which ascends to a mighty height of17,582 ft. above sea level.The highest railway station in the world is this pass, breaking the record by Peru's La Galera station just by 255 m. This is the most adventurous peak for the mountaineers and has been regarded as the a place

closet to heavens. The QinghaiTibet highway reaches it's highest point here at a height of 5231 mts and it was inaugurated in 24 August 2005. The railway is at the height of 5072 mts and the Qinghai-Tibet railway is 1972 long with 45 stations along the way . .The northern source of Yangtze river flows below.



t 18253 ft height, Semola Pass is arguably the world's highest motorable pass. Situated in Central Tibet. it gives an access to Chang Tan region. The roads of semo la this mountain region pass are in deplorable There is only conditions and few one bus service minibuses keep plyweekly. ing.The roads are occasionally repaired to maintain it's historical impression. There is only one bus service weekly. To avoid the muddy roads to the South of the country, to reach Western Tibet, this pass is used. The bus takes 150km speed to reach the height of 1500 mts. This pass is also used to reach the Kailash Mountains .

- A view from Semola pass

44 smart drive june 2013

- A

Highest motorable roads special feature It is the Swedish adventurer Swen Hedin who was able to measure it's height as 1834ft after his third attempt.



ucanquilcha pass is located in Antofogasta region in Chile reaching out to the border west to Bolivia. World's highest Sulphur mines are here ,owned by the Carrasco family. The highest

motorable pass was closed when the mining stopped in 1990. The Illamas of the mountain animals were used for transportation of food, sulphur etc.. to the mines around 18000 ft high. Aerial cable was used to lower sulphur buckets.


T - Ojos del salado


T - A rare view from Semola pass

he highest active volcano in the world is located on the ChileArgentina border, 20 km south of the road that crosses Argentina -Chile border. It is in the Andes Mountains which is also the highest mountain in Chile. The mountain has very dry conditions with snow ,only remaining during winter,due to it's proximity with Atacama desert, which is the planet's driest desert. Neverthless,there is a crater

lake at a elevation of 6390mm which gives it the credit to be the highest lake in the world. Though the bikers love this terrain for biking, the roads are blocked by mud slides, belts of sand,rocks and glaciers, yet there are lunatic bikers who have gone above 5500mt. In 2010, April 6th, witnessed six German cyclists touching 6085mt and smiling off with triumph. It is a dream of every mountaineering biker/cyclist to conquer this peak.

his is one of the highest mountain passes in India and the third highest motorable road in the world. It is part of the route to the 134 long Pangong Lake from Leh, former capital of Ladakh. This is named after the sadhu or the wandering monk- CHANGLA BABA to whom the pass temple is dedicated. The nomadic tribes of this dry icy region which is 17590 ft above sea level is collectively known as Chang Pa.

 june 2013 smart drive 45

special feature Highest motorable roads

ď ˝- Altitude board



HARDUNGLA means PASS OF LOWER CASTLE and is the highest motorable road in the world. It is at an elevation of 18380ft above sea level. Though India Govt and the army claim this pass for this record,

some other passes khardung nearby neighbouring have come forward countries. Indian la pass such as Karakoram army takes the credit Indian army takes the credit pass, Marsimikla pass of building smooth of building etc.. roads for Khardungla The traditional trad- smooth roads and opened it to the ing was done through the public traffic on August silk route, between Ladakh and 27, 1973.



ith an elevation of 17577 ft, Tanglang La is the second highest pass of India in Ladakh, located along

ď ˝- Tanglang la pas 46 smart drive june 2013

the Leh-Manali highway in Himachal Pradesh in India. Tanglang can be reached via 21 Gatta loops or hairpin bends.

Windy storms and snow storms block the high passes. Hence roads will be closed during those times. Despite the difficult roads, climate rarefied altitude pressure, tourist throng to visit this pass. Oxygen has to be used due to acute mountain sickness. There is sign board marked with the altitude and a temple of attraction.

Ten ft of snow during winter, snow flakes during summer and snow capped peaks all around makes this pass alluring but to avoid dangerous expeditions , the pass remains closed most of the time in a year.

PUNTA OLYMPICA A bus ride from Huaraz to Chacas over the 4890 mt high pass will teach and reach you to Punta Olympica to that height from sea level. This is a drivable pass, though a very narrow, dangerous muddy road. But the fantastic snowy mountain peaks through which the drive takes you, makes the difficult drive spirited. The dirt roads are in good condition upto 31 km . until reaching the mining area of Pompey before reaching Punta Olympica. The snowy mountains of Contrahierbas,,Ulta gives a spectacular view enroute Punta

Al Yamama Trading, PO Box: 2945, New Industril Area, Ajman-UAE. T: +971 6 7481244. M: +971 50 6502575. E:

Trust India Inc., Malayil Rd, Kadampuzha, Malappuram Dt., Kerala. T: 0494 2617700. M: 9846 840 841. E:

MARKETED BY: Trust India Inc., # 36/1912 A, Sebastian Road, Kaloor, Cochin - 17, Kerala. T: 0484 4066376

changes when Perfection meets Quality



special feature Ital design

the ultimate

designer About a Kind of people in the design industry who designs from Pen to car and from tractor to train... They are called Ital design . About that passionate company in design

ďƒ’Text: Baiju N Nair


nly a top level talent and creative genius can turn your dream automobile design into reality on the roads. We all get wonder stuck watching the mind blowing Maseratis, Chevrolets,

Mahindras with such fantabulous designs flowing away to glory on the roads and wish for one. It is not an easy task to create such unique and different, new design for every car on a regular basis too. It would be

48 smart drive june 2013

interesting to read more about the famous car designers in Italy. The Ittaldesign in Moncalieri ,Italy is the first and best car designer today available.


Studi Italini Realizzazione Prototipi S.p.A was started by Giorgetto Giugiaro and Aldo

Mantovani started this design studio in 1968 which later was converted to Ittal Design. Ferdinand Pish, , the founder of Vauxwagen company was an apprentice with Ittal in 1972. Ittal indulges in many areas of product design , project management, styling, packaging, modelling and prototyping. In 2010 Audi bought

Ital desIgn special feature

that would be interesting to know about. Alfa Romeo, Alfasud, Alfetta, Aston in 2010 audi Martin, Audi 80, Bugatti, bought over Chevrolet, Daewoo, 90.1% shares Lamborghini, Renault, and bought it Fiat,Lotus Espirit, Morris out. Ittal, Seat, Toyota, Hyundai, desIgnIng.... Volkswagen, Maserati and many To start with few car companies more to follow. over 90.1% shares to buy it out. Ittal later took over Designo Industrial company which is a design company in Spain.


This 100 billion company has 800 employees.


The design does not end with cars only but also have Lamborghini tractors, Refrigerators and even pens too. Dn't be surprised. Even passenger trains have

ďƒ˜ june 2013 smart drive 49

special feature Ital design

The design does not end with cars only but also have Lamborghini tractors, Refrigerators and even pens too.

ď ˝- BMW M1 designed by Italdesign not been spared from being designed. Nikkon cameras, decorative doors chairs and tables, glasses to cutlery have been well designed by Ittal.

Own cars...

In between, Ittal got so tempted that they designed cars for themselves too. Four prototype cars have been designed by Ittal. Astek, Maya, Quarant, Parker are the ones who have not entered the market. They took part in the Geneva auto show and caught much attention. Maybe we will see much more designs from Ittal on unexpected areas.. wait in anticipation 50 smart drive june 2013




Text: Eldho Mathew Photo: Jinson Abraham


oyal Enfield Bullet is just an 'OK GOOD' bike in the eyes of the common man .But for the real bike fanatics, it's a deeply embedded emotional connect with the power machine. . Moreover it's all about pride and

52 smart drive june 2013

passion to the obsessive youth who become super celestials once in the saddle of the rasping engine. OBOY ! and that's power, man! Bullet still reigns ,unchallenged, despite other

competitors with newer variants , escalated prices of bullets and demanding market with limited availability. Hence modification of Bullet never would be a temptation ,as owning a bullet was as having a six pack to show off.

Bullet 500 MODIFICATION This is an uniquely different modified Bullet unlike the common Chopper, Cruiser modified versions of Bullet

But the new generation has got it all in their brains. They look for changes and challenges. It may begin with redefining on his own self, his beloved bike or car . His bike could be a make over to any Chopper, Cruiser models. And such is a bubbly youngster Abith Nasser of Kochi who stunned me with his modified Bullet. He believed that there is always a risk in trying something new. He was not disappointed when his modified bullet came face to

face with him. The immaculate looking two wheeler confused me for a Offroader? Or a Tracker? or a Roadster? no, not all .. then what?. It was a fusion of too many bikes in a single one. I went bonkers... It was a real stud. All eyes from every corner were only on this marvel! Over for a cup of coffee , Abith explained to me how his cranky brain's design for his 2011 model 500 classic bullet ,was translated into this well sculpted unique style of metal at a workshop in Cochin. He approached Ricky Boy and Akhil, the owners of Riot Piston , a two wheeler customization workshop who took up this difficult challenge . The redesigned Bullet was almost near to

ď ˝- Dragstar look alike under the multipurpose vehicle perfection of Abith's dream.. The segment, but the looks will 1.50 lac Bullet was used for betray your eyes. quite a while before the BULLET The newbe killer changeover. He then 500 look of Nahal gives spent another 98000/ 2011 Royan full credit to the for this trackster tourer Enfield clasand named it RAHAL sic 500 bullet extensively modified and in house improved which is an Arabic turned Rahal stroke engine.. It term meaning " Wan helped the bike reduce 30 derer" after the mod. kg of weight, which in turn The uniqueness of this bike is has given significant improvethat it is a collage of Tracker, ment in power and sudRoadster, Offroader and Tourer. den pick up for the bike . In real, it may not be classified


june 2013 smart drive 53


ď ˝- Looks are deceptive skull headlights and the parkThe transplant for the headport of engine along with the newly lights which is the trademark of equipped NDK Iridium spark Bullet ,has been completely replaced with the tiffin box plugs,K & N extreme power filter head lamps that gives an has enabled in giving peak power delivery to the over all fit and finish RAHHAAL whole vehicle. look . RAHAL which The wide handle Rahal gives 30 is an Arabic bar which gives the bhp, unlike the term meaning Bullet's 27 bhp. The Bullet the typical " Wanderer" original tires and rims demoniac look has have left to remain the been reinvented by a narrower and lower handlebar same to avoid vibrations during the riding. The motor is that makes it more precise to responsive all round, posing with steer apart from making it's ergonomics more compatible for the a perfect off roader look, though it has made shorter than the origKerala roads . It certainly deploys inal height of Bullet. The cluster of a demure style to the iconic star

ď ˝- Simple yet strong from rear 54 smart drive june 2013

ď ˝- A cool sly look after makeover Rahal. The last lap of make over was painting . Red color was chosen and the custom mixed five layer paint gave the bike a gorgeous and desirable WOW look ;but the view side on that is simply stun. The seat has been give a stripe design which looks quite elegant. The meter clusters along with fuel gauge, engine signal and side mirrors have been hidden well without breaking the rules. The rear of the modified Bullet looks very simple. The Indicators, , filter box and the triangular boxes fitted on the sides have been eliminated and a small circular light has been replaced with the tail

lamp. A leather bag has been attached to the side to give Rahal a personal feel. The quintessential love for his bike which has made Abith decide for this change over was quite a risky affair. While it remains out of it's depth compared to modern bikes, the modified Rahal brings RE 500 Classic Bullet to the 21st century. One could wish if our super star SRK would take a ride on it and zroom to us singing 'Challah Ki' as in 'Jab Thak Hei Jaan...' where the lines carry hidden feelings of a wanderer....... Thanks To: Abith, Ricky, Akhil

celeb's choice vijayaraghavan

cars of diony ďƒ’Text: Naveen Bhaskar Photo: Jamesh Kottakkal


o not mistake Dionysia for some place's or person's name. It just means festivals of God Dionysius. But this Dionysia

56 smart drive june 2013

was the abode of the maverick of Malayalam theater Mr N.N Pillai The iconoclast who made people laugh and think through his satirical stage shows. It was

like a pilgrimage , to his home Dionysia in Kottayam. Though my mission was to spare some time with the busy actor Vijayaraghavan, son of Mr N.N Pillai, I was given the task to get hold of him and take the cue on his choice of cars , which my Magazine Smart Drive was

vijayaraghavan celeb's choice

Imphala, was not so pleasant to go to college. He used to feel embarrassed to face his friends. Though he was a hero among his peers, he would feel alien getting out of this large car in front of his friends. One day he took courage to express his anguish on this issue to his father , who refused to accept his request for a smaller car. He told his son that Imphala was a car of prestige and pride especially, as he was in the theatre world. If he could afford to own a helicopter he would have it land on

The versatile actor of Mollywood, Vijayaraghavan and his never ending passion for old and new cars...


interested in. As soon as I entered the gates of Dionysia, I could feel the spirit of N.N P all over the place. Mr Vijaya Raghavan welcomed me and we exchanged pleasantries which gradually led to our conversation to cars. He opened up a

top of his house. His father's philosophy on life was quite different. Nobody could read his mind fully. The masses enjoyed and welcomed his sattire which never spared anyone. NNP trained his son to save Rs 50 out of every 100rs he earned to celebrate life to it's full merit. The son grew up to keep up the pride and fame his father earned by becoming a versatile actor in Malayalam films. He never went overboard to collect cars to his kitty to show off. An Audi Q was quietly lying in his car porch like a meek kitten.

Drama Journey memoirs:

page from his nostalgic memory pad.His reminiscences of the first car his father had bought was still fresh with fervour. Those days Imphala was a name to reckon with. It was a superstar then. Going on and off the narrow muddy lanes, in this larger than road,

Their vehicle with the pointed nose was the one used to transport the drama troupe all over India. VR would always sit adjacent to the driver and meddle with the steering and gears. His father would never encourage such mischief. But most of the time after the tiring work the father would be dozzing off on his return journeys. Once


june 2013 smart drive 57

celeb's choice vijayaraghavan

Though I adore my Audi Q, I still prefer my Innova for long journeys for it's comfort and safety. I still have not given off my Innova. I strictly avoid night drives and leave the job with my trusted driver.

during a return journey, he made a wrong gear change during a curve and it was almost a hit and run accident. But he later proved his driving expertise,in an emergency, and that was the ultimate test of endurance. He was given full approval to sit behind the wheel.

Meenakshi chechi and Herald.

NNP'S fascination for imported big and exotic cars was famous. We too loved Imphala along with the De Solto Diplomat. We treated all our vehicles as our family only and even gave them pet names. Diplomat was our dear Meenakshi. Though we persuaded father to sell off the bigger cars for smaller ones, he refused to relent. He was very upset and asked us to bury him and his cars together when he died. But he bought a standard Herald to cheer us up. By then my entry into films was happening. Besides father bought a Toyotta which I drove to the film location of 'Pinnilavu' which was an exhilartaing experience. The Tata Estate which I had bought was quite dear to my father until he passed away. I used to be crazy after fancy car numbers. My Tata's no was KL 5 C which many had noted as an actor's car no. Later I sold it audi q3 to someone who used to frequent Audi Q is the almost all the bars in this car. Public beauty who endorsed my status as an alcoholic, captured my mistaking me with the car no. After heart... this, I never went after fancy nos. As the Imphala and Diplomat too gave me enough headaches and my craze for foreign cars too disappeared from my mind. Though I adore my Audi Q, I still prefer my Innova for long journeys for it's comfort and safety . I strictly avoid night drives and leave the job with my trusted driver. VR shared another episode with his father. During his college days he went on a hunger strike following the gandhian way to get a bike. His father totally ignored it and only after marriage VR bought a Bullet. Recently I asked both my sons why they never asked for a bike and they answered that for both NO and Yes the result would be the same . It would be a never.. never.. VR has a role of a Gandhian in the latest movie '101 weddings' which he was about to leave for when I bid adieu to Dionysia. remembering NNP's lines " A curtain behind me. a floor to stand on, you in front of me and a play with me". 58 smart drive june 2013

career & study sjcet


dreams ďƒ’Text: Eldho Mathew Thomas Photo: Aravind G.


he term Engineer means " make things happen" High skilled jobs increase the possibility of innovation and growth of the

economy of a country. Even though the literacy rate in India hovers around 80%, the engineering professionals in all streams are only 4%. In the past 60 years

60 smart drive june 2013

though a considerable improvement in education has reached the primary level, beyond that no significant development has happened. More of quality vocational and educational institutes have to be established to guide the Indian youth to choose the right

career as they have no clue to about what they want to do in life. Engineering profession is a versatile and rewarding career. There is a growing skill shortage of trained engineers across all engineering related fields. From information technology,

sjcet career & study

- Main enterance of SJCET It was established in 2002 . with different streams in BTech Engineering such as Mechanical, Electronics and Communication, Applied Electronics, Computer SJCET Science, Electrical, The first Civil. Other than these Engineering college under courses, M.B.A, M.C.A,M Tech in the Palai Advanced Production Diocese, Management, VLSI Computer PG courses are also available. 120 students get admitted every year for the Mech Eng. stream with 60 in one batch. The Mech dep. is well equipped with the latest technological paraphernalia, lab and highly qualified professors. Several seminars, international meetings and workshops with training programs held in the college help the students to be qualitatively excellent when they pass out and go in for - In the project room with Prof. Babu Sankar - GSLV Rocket model jobs. All parameters set forth strictly by AICTE are met accurately by the college. The facilities state of art standards are carEngineering colleges more than a professional institute, plays an important and ried well by the heat engine lab, role in the growth and development of a country hydraulics lab, cadd lab, mechanical workshops,, machine shops etc.. Since Mechanical engineers play a pivotal role in the commermedical sciences, mining, buildmodern infrastructure and job under the Palai Diocese, run by cial and economical developing, shipping, building roads to promises. the Christian missionary Fathers. ment of a country, much imporspace travel engineers are essenSt Joseph's College of The patron of this college is tance is given to the design, contially inevitable. They work to Engineering and Technology, one the Palai Bishop Rt. Rev Bishop struction, operations, commerce, make things happen. of the top ten engineering colleges Mar Joseph Kallarangatt. maintenance training areas. Many engineering colleges in Kerala is in a beautiful village Dr P.J George is the Director An exclusive workshop have started with the intention of Choondal in Palai . This college is and Dr C .J Joseph the Principal is set apart for maintaining carving skilled engineers with the first Engineering college of this college.

june 2013 smart drive 61

career & study sjcet


The 60 feet tall GSLV rocket model is an attention seeker

ď ˝- New generation diesel engine's mega version

Mechanical engineers play a pivotal role in the commercial and economical development of a country, hence this stream of study holds much value and importance

the six departments of materials, fluid mechanics, hydraulic machines, electrical and electronics, computer machine tools and heat engines. The automobile lab is well equipped with automobile engine and automobile projectors. Since automobile industry runs short of qualified technicians the college is encouraging that area of studies and training. Probably that could be a reason of having exhibited a giant size diesel engine to welcome guests at the entrance of he college. Another attraction is the 60 ft high GSLV rocket model which was designed by a professor who

ď ˝- Modern lab with state of art facilities was an ex ISRO scientist. The college has a well equipped library with about 20,000 books and around 60 national and international journals. Leaders are selected from groups and leadership camps are conducted. Apart from the curriculum studies, spoken english, and personality grooming is given due importance. Hostel facilities for girls and boys are

62 smart drive june 2013

provided . As soon as one enters the campus, the greenery around and the gentle hill breeze welcomes you. The college trains the students to be in tune with both the nature and self. Since the college is managed by the Christian missionary Fathers, proper values, ethics and principles are imparted toward the self disciplining and character formation of the students. It is quite evident

looking at the students when you come across the campus. St Joseph's College of Engineering and Technology Palai, "make things happen" as the right meaning of the term" Engineer.". and that is why they stand apart from other such colleges. St. Joseph's college of engineering & Technology Choondacherry, Pala 04822 239301

tech AUTO





Drop box is the most popular online cloud storage solution. This is a simple way to keep files in order between you, ipad,iphone desktop etc. Music, ebooks, video, notes to all types can be transferred from computer to the ipad through drop box. This is a free application on registration with free 2GB storage space. Extra space can be paid and bought. you can transfer files from anywhere and saved up in drop box.

This is an application that helps to keep notes on important matters. ipad users find this application quite useful for taking notes, photos, videos . Conversations can be recorded and stored at the same time, the back up can be saved in the internet and accessed from anywhere in the world. Many can send messages to the same note book at atime and exchange notes, It is compatible with androids and windows.

Snapseed is a very accepted ipad application. It is a powerhouse of photo editing and most popular among photographers. This application offers very efficient photo tools with Nik software. It can produce quality images, make changes on the ipad itself Snapseed is a easy photo processing application. Color changes, framing in different shapes and styles can be done with this application which is free.



This is a digital solution for organizing documents. The application helps to fax, scan and send files . Text matters, news, photos and pictures etc. Can be scanned and stored and also converted to pdf files. This can be used as a portable scanner. Power point presentation is also possible. Cam scanner helps for quick search ,take printouts via network and emails. Free application is allowed.

You can call, chat and share in your ipad. It is much helpful application for social networking. It is faster and quicker. Group messaging, photo sharing are easy with this application. Android too can be turned into walkie talkie. Audio, video and files can be transferred. Group chatting, broadcasting , mail voice chatting is enabled this with application. FB chat, MSN, Yahoo messenger is also made possible in this app.

ďƒ’Prepared by: Anoop Chandran

june 2013 smart drive 63

biography ayrton senna

f1 legend Ayrton Senna da Silva, who won three Formula One world championships was killed in an accident while leading the 1994 San Marino Grand Prix. He remains the last driver fatality in Formula One ďƒ’Text: Laila


yrton Senna was truly a FEARLESS WARRIOR AND WIZARD OF SPEED... THE FASTEST EVER! 65 POLE POSITIONS, 3 WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS, AND A TOTAL 41 WINS IN 10 YEARS..unmatched by any other F1 drivers in the F1 history. On the 1st of May 1994, the world lost a hero... He, Ayrton Senna, captivated our sense of adventure , passion and romance in the sport of Formula One and did so whilst effortlessly leaving 46 smart drive june 64 april 2013 2013

rivals in his wake.His pole position record especially in his early F1 years leaves no doubt that he was the fastest ever, and essentially ,that is what all racing drivers yearn to be. All F1 drivers are great drivers in their own way, some a little more than others but Senna was not their mould; he was far more nearer perfection. He was a humble, kind and generous man. God must have thought him too good to be a mere mortal and took him away. Though F1 is world's most expensive high profile sports, it is

watched by billions of people all passionately loved them. around the world by the "When you are fitted in a racrich,famous,poor, literate and ing car; you race to win ;second illiterate regardless of age and third place is not enough" color and creed. Sunday He told in an interview... f1 T.V show is set apart Senna was undoubtAyrton Senna edly , one of the greatfor this only by viewwas truly a ers all over the world. est drivers of F1 fearless warri" The danger sensation or and wizard history,until his is exciting.The chaluntimely death in 1994 of speed lenge is to find new dan,at the prime age of 34 gers" His words and that too on the race He was born in Sao Paulotrack which he loved more Brazil, on 21 March 1960 to the than his life. He was a pious, wealthy and aristocratic parents cultured person with a sincere Milton Da Silva and Neide Da heart and faith unfeigned . He Silva. . Though christened as became the youngest world Ayrton Senna Da Silva,, he was champion ,holding seven wins affectionately called Becco. He and pole position to 60 which had a brother and sister too and was a remarkable achievement

ayrton senna biOGrAPHy at 31. His driving brilliance was at it's peak during the rain races. " Fear is exciting for me" He told his father at a very young age.. His father had already perceived in him at his tender age of four ,the excitement , expressing his interest in toy cars and all latest cars and car racing. Besides acknowledging his talents to manoeuvre the four wheeled vehicle with ease and power, unlike his other two siblings. At 7, his father allowed him to drive a jeep. At 13, he started KART RACING and winning, every following year. His competitors were much elder to him and that winning gave him confidence to conquer more and gradually to switch over to racing on the tracks. He had total support from his father and a spirit unquenchable to achieve more on the race tracks. "You touch the limit, something happens and sometimes you can go a little further.With your mind power,your determation,your instinct and the experience you can fly very high"He wrote in an article... Senna was a depot of unlimited power on the tracks. He carried reckless boldness during his races. His relentless and tireless spirit never let him down against his rivals. He moved to England in 1981 to start his single seater racing to win against seniors.His parents wanted him back to take up the wealthy family business in Brazil, But the pressure to join up for a race with Formula Ford 2000 and a prize money made him to relent. He changed his name to Senna and thereafter started his

Little becko in his kart

domination on the circuits for Ford, Mercedes, Lotus Renault, Vauxhall Nova, Austin Rover metro 6 R4, Ford Sierra, RS Cosworth, Ford Escort, Benetton,Honda, Maclarea's 1993 car, Porsche, William's FW 16 car etc.His temper led him to many problems with his team mates and sponsors, neverthless he was the darling of the masses at the Europe,US circuits. He got into the FW16, to zoom off to his third and final race of the 94 season, the San Marino Grand Prix in Imola Italy. It was a bad start as he found the performance worsening and complained about his engine.. During the qualifying sessions, his team mate Ruebens Barichello suffered a broken nose and had to be declared a casuality. During the second qualifying rounds, his Austrian trainee team mate, Roland Ratzenberger was killed on the tracks in a slip off and it shocked and emotionally upset Senna. The disastrous race was flagged off.. Senna retained the lead from Schumacher, but there was a startline accident.A Benetton-Ford and Honda crashed against each other killing few fans and policemen. But the race continued and Senna set a quick pace with the quickest lap of the race to supercede Schumacher. The fatal 7th lap led the car to leave the track at around 330km/h hitting the concrete retaining wall after the brakes for

2 seconds. Within two minutes of crashing ,Senna was pulled out of the car by the medical team to find his heart beat in poor state with much blood loss. Though he was airlifted to the best hospital , his brain was found inactive and declared dead few hours later. The Brazilian Government declared Senna's death as a national loss and a national holiday for three days of mourning was pronounced. He was given an honorable funeral with 2500 policemen , leading motorcade were seventeen police motorbikes. 3 million people flocked to see him for the last time and offer their respects, to the Morumbi Cemetry in Sao Paulo. This great man was concerned over the poverty widely spread across Brazil and had donated about 400 million of his personal earnings towards charity. None knew about this before his death. Senna always felt his means of self discovery was through driving and racing as his metaphor for life. "The harder I push, the more I find within myself. I am always looking for the next step. a different world to go into where I have not been to. Grand prix is a lonely experience in driving but very absorbing, new sensations happening to hunger for more and more. and that is my excitement, my motivation." He had many business ventures with his own logo SS... SENNA da SILVA..... Senna brand on apparels, watches, bicycles, and boats . He owned several SUVs, helicopter,Duccati bikes, and a private jet. He introduced AUDI into Brazil and was planning to start car imports after this last race. In a weekend when motorsport was thrown into despair,it lost one of the greatest kings it will ever know. For the Brazilian,living the emotion of being a Brazilian, you live with Senna everyday... That was the power of Senna who blazed like a meteor through the European circuits. The flame flickered out but the light of his name will prevail for ever in every heart of the FI Fan...

BeIng seCOnd Is TO Be THe fIRsT Of THe Ones WHO lOse

formula One World Championship career Nationality: Brazilian Active years:1984–1994 Teams: Toleman, Lotus, McLaren, Williams




(1988, 1990, 1991)


Wins:41 Podiums: Career points: 610 (614)[1] Pole positions:65 Fastest laps:19 First race:1984 Brazilian Grand Prix First win:1985 Portuguese Grand Prix Last win:1993 Australian Grand Prix Last race:1994 San Marino Grand Prix

Senna's grave, with the inscription "Nothing can separate me from the love of God"

april june2013 2013 smart drive 65 47

MY choice me & my car fiat punto

Mr . Afsal

Proprietor, Global Hearing Aids

Fiat Punto 2009


model Santro Xing My first car was a second hand 2005 Santro Xing . I used it for one year. It was compact and handy. The mileage and compatibility Santro gave me will always stand much ahead of other such variants.

Why this car

After many test drives, I chose Punto. As a perpetual traveller, I find Punto very compatible and obliging to all my driving requirements. I have traveled 1,20,000 km since the last three years.Though the ground clearance is not up my expectations,long drives are satisfying. I have no complaints with regard to space or power.

To the car aspirants

Punto is any time a sure shot for car lovers who travel a lot. Safety aspects are guaranteed. Punto can be a reliable and good companion especially if you are a perpetual long haul traveler.

Dream Car

Do I have such a dream? Maybe a Audi Q7. It is a favourite. Not thought much yet. Certainly the next buy will be a SUV. Mahindra XUV 500, Fortuner will be my priorities.

AUDIO SERVICE (SIEMENS) 66 smart drive june 2013

Technology advanced Hearing Aids High Performing Highly Reliable Hearing Aids No More Intrusive Background Noice Feedback & Echo Wireless technology Automatic Adaption Facilities Natural Sound Balance Small and Very Deep in canal technology Speech Enhancement Spectral IQ

r u o y Grab ies cop today



SMART DRIVE Manu Pramad Cross Roads Media

31/586. B 2, second floor Sub Editor Excel dream home Nambikodath road Vyttila Kochi- 682019 Ph.0484 4000855


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advertorial Red Rooster

WroomiNg Bee...


t must be quite interesting to watch bikes wrooming off like lightning on the roads, or movies with sounds of bees. Won't you be interested to find out more about this science of bee sound? Have you heard of performance tuning? You must be wondering if this is ' just fixing' a free ow exhaust pipe to make such deafening sound means tuning.. No.. not at all. Tuning means overhauling your bike in totality to tune it into a total quality powered bike. A professional technician only may be able to tune your vehicle according to many

parameters set forth. New cables make shifting, braking made smoother, replacing air filters and spark plugs, changing of engine oil are some tips for fine tuning of a vehicle. Red rooster is a well established name among the car lovers who genuinely care for their vehicles. They have entered the two wheeler's world for giving professional servicing in tuning the bikes. They handle the top end bikes and performance bikes in this respect. The main changes are done on air/ power filters. They use only class products of BMC air /power filters. As air and oil ratio plays an important role to enhance the engine power , these filters give guaranteed results. Iridium spark plugs are used along with RRP plumbing and jet kits for best results. Several international brands are used according to the suggestions of the expert panel of professional technicians and technology from Red rooster. As a human body needs periodical checkups and medical help, so too is with your dear vehicles for long life..

-for more details: +91 9731866339

68 smart drive june 2013

Nippon advertorial

Lead kindly light.....

Led lights

Lighting kits for Toyota, Hyundai are available in Nippon


roper Lighting for vehicles during drives are most essential as safety measures. The looks too matters a lot with the lighting paraphernalia on the front, rear and inside. Whenever a modification is planned for a vehicle the first step begins on the lighting design.. The Nippon group , has taken steps to fulfill your heart's desire with regard to total make

over and restyling of your dear car. They have started their new Nippon Performance and Restyling division to convert any old vehicles to new generation designed cars and lightings of all types for different models of cars. Lighting kits for Toyota, Hyundai Volkswagen are available in their shop. Latest and wide assortment of

headlights, LED lights, bumper and corner lights sign lights ,fog lights, liner lights etc have been well stocked for your choice. Affordable price ranges, trustworthiness gained with many years of service makes Nippon your most reliable and guaranteed shop. june 2012 smart drive 69

advertorial SSPL & KL-7

amplify drive C ars mark pride and prestige to it's owners with it's luxurious accessories. S Drive is a company which fulfills this dream for

the car enthusiasts. They are the manufacturers for info- entertainment accessories. High end music systems, DVD players, LCD/LED screens, Google maps are a few to mention with. All

their products including roof mount, head rest, monitors are of international standards, uncompromised. . Their large network proves it too. cars can become luxury branded with SDrive

products. Though there are many other such companies, SDrive has already become a brand name among the car lovers for their world class quality products and service rendered.

serving people


is a name to reckon with in the second hand car market. Like the name, they are different. Their philosophy ,for helping a person to sell his car, is quite appealing. KL "s motto is Trust and 70 smart drive june 2013

Reliability. KL7 do not buy and sell. They just act as the agent for both the buyer and seller. On registering with them, they inspect the car and rectify the problems by giving technical advice to the seller. The buyer can fully trust KL7 as they make sure to exhibit only

properly maintained cars in their show room. They make arrangements for the buyer seller meet to finalise deals. They help the buyer to get loans if needed. The most important and difficult step is to get the documentation completed with the RTO

office. KL7 assists to get it done. The service charges for the sale of a 2 lakh car will be Rs 2000 and above 1% of the sale price. The office is on the KaloorKadavanthra road , adjacent to Kathrukadavu bridge. for more details : 09061770077,0484 2124404







To read the digital version, Log on to






Lateral G-force





Lap Time



Sector Time



Timing Sector


Sector 1



Sector 2 Sector 3 Circuit



Safety Car Light Panels

Run-off Areas


Gravel Traps Start

…��ˆ ‚� ��

First Grand Prix

LAP RECORD R Barrichello (2004)


MOST WINS Michael Schumacher

70 14 307.104km TOTAL LAPS


72 smart drive june 2013





�‚�ƒ„ � € � � € � �‚� … �‚�

� € �

�� ‹�€






rought back for the 2010 season after a one-year absence, the 2011 race will live long in the memory as the longest grand prix in F1 history. Perhaps more pertinently, the outcry which greeted the removal of Montreal from the schedule should ensure that F1 won't make the mistake of forgetting the venue in a hurry again. Since 1978, every Canadian Grand Prix held has been on the ĂŽle Notre-Dame island. Located in the Saint Lawrence Seaway and across the river from the city, the track circles the lake used for rowing at the 1976 Olympic Games. Originally entitled the ĂŽle Notre-Dame Circuit, the track was renamed the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve in honour of the




Medical Car

4.361 km 1978 1:13.622






In 1999, three world cham  pions crashed out at the   ��� ��   ­ corner.





150 3



Speed Kmh


‹ƒ ‡‡

�Š�Š �‰�

legendary Canadian One famous the � € � driver - who Žƒ�Š Œ��Š feature on�…Š won its inaugural grand prix circuit is the 'Wall of Champions'. after he was tragically killed in a Exiting the final chicane onto the qualifying accident at the Belgian pit straight, a wall runs tight to Grand Prix in 1982. the track which has ended many Two of the best overtaking drivers' - and champions' - races spots on the circuit are the over the years. In 1999, three l'epingle hairpin at turn 10 and world champions crashed out at the final chicane at turns 12 and the corner. 13 at the end of the back straight. 2012 PODIUM However, also look out for action at in the opening complex of corners along with turns six and eight as the track twists through the park. Ideally for these types of corner a high-downforce setup is required to aid stability under braking - the track tests brakes to 1.Lewis 2.Romain 3. Sergio their limits - and for traction on Hamilton Grosjean Perez the corner exit. However, a back McLaren- LotusSauberstraight of over 1km means that Mercedes Renault Ferrari 1:32:29.586 +2.5 secs +5.2 secs set-up is a delicate balancing act.


The home of British motorsport, Silver-stone. Brought back for the 2010 season after a one-year absence, Montreal circuit never ending stories of F1


5.891km 1950 1:34.908 TRACK LENGTH First Grand Prix

LAP RECORD F ernando Alonso (2011)


MOST WINS Alain Prost

52 19 306.198km TOTAL LAPS


30 JUNE 2013




he home of British motorsport, Silver-stone hosted the first ever round of the World Championship in 1950 and, having come back from the brink in 2009 and secured its future on the calendar well into the next decade, it is rightfully seen as one of the sport's crown jewels. A trade-off for securing that long-term future has been some major redevelopment work around the circuit in recent years, with substantial changes to the track made and a new pit and paddock building constructed. The Silverstone Wing - as the new pits are known - was a key factor in pacifying Bernie Ecclestone's longstanding criticism of circuit facilities  particularly the small garages, dated media centre and tired   hospitality units. That said, the new  'Arena' section of the track has received   mixed reviews. The old Abbey

chicane was one of the best overtaking spots on the track, whilst the sight of cars darting under the bridge and taking a flat-out righthander as they entered the complex was arguably the highlight of any visit. The race had already long secured its place as of the most prized assets on the F1 calendar. The kind of passion generated by the loyal and knowledgeable British fan base, and the rich history attached to the event. 2012 PODIUM

   1. Mark 2. Fernando Webber Alonso Red Bull Ferrari  Racing+3.0 secs Renault  � �� � 1:25:11.288



3. Sebastian Vettel Red Bull RacingRenault +4.8 secs







 †­­Š „‹ ­ ‚

‡‚ ˆƒ�…




 ‰ ‚ ­


ƒ„ƒ�… ­ € ‚ ­ € ‚ ƒ„­  †


1. Nico Rosberg 2:17:52.056 2. Sebastian Vettel +3.8 secs 3. Mark Webber +6.3 secs


1 Sebastian Vettel 107 2 Kimi RäikkÜnen 86 3 Fernando Alonso 78 4 Lewis Hamilton 62 5 Mark Webber 57 6 Nico Rosberg 47 7 Felipe Massa 45 8 Paul di Resta 28 9 Romain Grosjean 26 10 Jenson Button 25 11 Adrian Sutil 16 12 Sergio Perez 12 13 Daniel Ricciardo 7 14 Nico Hulkenberg 5 15 Jean-Eric Vergne 5 16 Esteban Gutierrez 0 17 Valtteri Bottas 0 18 Pastor Maldonado 0 19 Jules Bianchi 0 20 Charles Pic 0 21 Max Chilton 0 22 Giedo van der Garde 0



1. Fernando Alonso1:39:16.596 2. Kimi RäikkÜnen +9.3 secs 3. Felipe Massa +26.0 secs




1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11



Red Bull Racing-Renault 164 Ferrari 123 Lotus-Renault 112 Mercedes 109 Force India-Mercedes 44 McLaren-Mercedes 37 STR-Ferrari 12 Sauber-Ferrari 5 Williams-Renault 0 Marussia-Cosworth 0 Caterham-Renault 0

june 2013 smart drive 73

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 ‚�‹ �

RAIN GUA R car care Vehicle protection

ďƒ’Text: Eldho Mathew Thomas


ainy days can be refreshingly romantic and welcome after the scorching summer heat.Do not expect your dear cars to carry the same feel ',as rainy days with wet

roads are not their cup of tea. Cold and cough accompanies rainy seasons for human beings as cars too experience seasonal car ailments , such as unexpected breakdowns on the roads,

74 smart drive june 2013

skiding, accidents, collisions with other cars on the wet roads at stretches, which are quite prevalent. Accidents occur in abundance during the monsoons. A little timely attention and care taken for your car will help motoring safe to enjoy the rains without cursing your bad time.

Prevention is better than cure.

Following are few important tips prudent for your car care before the monsoon season steps in. A complete check up and servicing for both the driver and car would be ideal before the rains.


Vehicle protection car care need to reach your destination. Wet roads are not place to rush with wet brakes.. Drive along central verge only. The puddles ahead covered with water may not give you any idea about the depth and width .. Intermittently applying brakes and swift steering can be handled gently to avoid unexpected accidents, skids and jilts.


Check tires and change if it has reached it's maximum usage as promised by the tire company. Since tires are expensive, even after the expiry date, one tend to pit the driving skills against other drivers coming opposite, or get tumbled over on slippery roads, which may lead to total life and car loss especially during rainy seasons . Tires need to be in good shape with enough thread depth to get proper grip on soggy roads. Check tire pressure and inflation of your tires from time to time. Proper tire maintenance provide the added traction you need on twisting roads. Timely wheel alignment and tire check ups are very essential for safety and longevity. Brake dust+ water+ days of

being properly functional. Defog the clouded windshields caused by humidity by turning on the front and rear a/c defrosters. Check the radiators regularly Accessories along with the hoses for leakages Brake maintenance should be Most of the cars have wipers given priority. Periodical checkrubber blades that get spoilt in ups by qualified technicians of the heat. It is essential that the caliphers and discs used in your car should be mandatory. proper wipers are replaced before driving into the rains. Make sure you top up the brake Wax polishing of the cars fluid on the right time. Since with good brand is strongly there is possibility of water enteradvised , before the monsoons, ing the brake system during long in order to prevent humidity drives in heavy down pours, on the wind shield for slow down, check the rain clear vision and brakes in between the Low speed drives and if brake smooth driving. and pace is power is less , accelerideal to ensure Instead of impatient water not to driving and speeding ate the car, holding enter the up, avoid heavy traffic pedal brakes to warm engines up the disc drum in blocks and choose other shortcuts. Don't you think it order to dry the water would be wise not to take within and proceed. your car out during heavy down Lights may be insufficient pours, unless it is an inevitable during heavy down pours, as the situation to do so. wet roads absorb light and make May the romance of the rains visibility poor for the driver. Fog remain refreshing and inspiring lights cover only kerbs and not to us rather than leave pangs of distant objects. Turn on headsorrow by our own carelessness lights and use low beam lights. for not following the rules of the Hazard lights and park lights are car care during monsoons! strongly recommended. Make sure of the indicators non cleaning= corrosion of wheels. Have zero compromise service.

Welcome Monsoons... Rainy days are always troublesome and cumbersome for all cars. Prevention is better than cure. Taking proper precautions before monsoon can save tensions, money and time for your car


Let go of your ego with your high speed and drive slow as the rainy roads can be overly slippery. Maintaining a constant low speed and pace is ideal ensuring water from entering the engines through the exhausts. Give your self more time than you may

june 2013 smart drive 75

2773 2773 1968 2967

V6 V6 4 V6

204 204 177 245

28.5 28.5 38.7 51

82.93 NA

2967 2995

V6 V6

445 296

51 45

127.49 94.69 122.46

4163 2967 4134

V8 V6 V8

372 246 350

45.3 56.1 81.6






45.01 45.43 50.86

1968 1968 2967

4 4 V6

211 170 240

35.7 35.7 51

NA 56.28 89.60

2995 2967 4134

V6 V6T V8

333 240 340

44.9 56 77.5

30.50 34.59 81.01 102.03

1995 1995 2993 3999

4 4 6 V8

174 174 243 414

35.7 35.7 55.1 55.1

42.95 46.42 42.95 55.60

1997 2993 1995 2993

4 6 4 6

184 202 184 243

27.5 45.9 38.7 55.1

109.07 97.75 120.91

4395 2993 4395

V8 6 V8

407 313 407

612 64.2 61.2

97.79 94.96 106.69 141.47

2993 2979 4395 5972

6 6 8 V12

245 321 407 543

55.8 45.9 61.9 76.5

26.01 28.05 33.56

1995 1995 1995

4 4 4

150 177 177

20.4 35.7 35.7

46.63 53.36

1995 2993

4 6

184 258

38.7 57.1

NA 79.79

4395 2993

V8 6T

407 235

61.2 53

76 smart drive june 2013

Torque (kgm)

43.24 50.43 36.60 51.95

X6 x Drive 40 d x Drive 30d X6M CHeVroleT AVeo 1.4 LS (P) 1.4 LT (P) beAT 1.2 PS (P) 1.2 LT (P) 1.2 LT (Lpg) 1.0 (D) 1.0 LT (D) CAPTiVA 2.0 LT (Mlt) (D) 2.0 Extreme (D) 2.0 LTZ (A/T) (D) Cruze LT LTZ M/T LTZ A/T oPTrA MAgnuM 1.6 LS (P) 2.0 TCDI LT (D) SAil u-VA 1.2 (P) 1.2 LS (P) 1.3 TCDi (D) 1.3 TCDi LT ABS (D) SPArk 1.0 LS (P) 1.0 LT 1.0 LS (Lpg) 1.0 LT (lpg) TAVerA Neo 3 (10 seat) Neo 3 ( 7 seat)(C) Neo LS (10 Seat) Neo LS (7 Seat) Neo LT (8 Seat) Neo LT (7 Seat) (C) fiAT grAnde PunTo 1.2 Active (P) 1.2 Dynamic (P) 1.4 Emotion (P) 1.3 Multijet Active (D) 1.3 Multijet Emotion (D) 1.3 Multijet 90 HP (D) lineA Active Fire (P) T Jet Plus (P) Active Multijet (D) Emotion Multijet (D) forCe MoTorS forCe one


32.6 32.6 32.0 51

No: of Cylinders

168 168 140.8 241.3

98.66 NA NA

2993 2993 4395

6 6T V8

306 235 547

60.0 53 69.3


1399 1399

4 4

94 94

12.95 12.95

3.94 4.70 5.05 4.79 6.07

1199 1199 1199 936 936

4 4 4 3 3

79 79 79 58.5 58.5

10.91 10.91 10.91 15.2 15.2

NA NA 25.14

1991 1991 1991

4 4 4

148 148 148

32.6 32.6 32.6

14.09 15.30 16.22

1991 1991 1991

4 4 4

145 145 145

33 33 33

7.61 9.71

1598 1991

4 4T

104 120

15.09 32.10

4.26 4.82 5.38 6.80

1196 1196 1248 1248

4 4 4 4

86 86 78 78

11.3 11.3 20.5 20.5

3.64 3.94 3.92 4.21

995 995 995 995

4 4 4 4

63 63 63 63

9.2 9.2 9.2 9.2

7.35 9.18 8.98 9.11 10.72 10.98

1994 1994 1994 1994 1994 1994

4 4 4 4 4 4

105.3 105.3 105.3 105.3 105.3 105.3

26.8 26.8 26.8 26.8 26.8 26.8

5.18 5.42 6.99 5.89 7.18 7.56

1172 1172 1368 1248 1248 1248

4 4 4 4 4 4

67 67 89 75 75 90

9.76 9.76 11.67 20.07 20.07 21.3

7.29 NA 8.34 9.76

1368 1368 1248 1248

4 4 4 4

88 88 92 92

11.7 11.7 21.31 21.31


4 4 4 4

Price (Lakhs)

Torque (kgm)

1768 1768 1984 2967



29.21 31.31 31.37 51.90


No: of Cylinders

Audi A4 1.8 TFSI (P) 1.8 TFSI (P) 2.0 TDI (D) 3.0 TDI (D) A6 2.8 TFSI (P) 2.8 TFSI (P) 2.0 TDI (D) 3.0 TDI (D) A7 3.0 TDI 3.0 TFSI A8 4.2 FSI 3.0 TDI 4.2 TDI Q3 2.0 TDI Q5 2.0 TFSI (P) 2.0 TDI 3.0 TDI Q7 3.0 TFSI 3.0 TDI 4.2 TDI bMw 3 SerieS 320 D Base 320 D Luxury New 330 D M3 (Conva.) 5 SerieS 520 i 525 d 520 d 530 d 6 SerieS 650 i Coupe. 640 d Coupe. 650 i Conver. 7 SerieS 730 Ld (D) 740 Li (P) 750 Li 760 Li X1 s Drive 1.8 i s Drive 20 d s Drive 20 d(Exc) X3 x Drive 20 d x Drive 30 d X5 x Drive 50 i X Drive 30 d

Price (Lakhs)



Vw Polo gT

yAMAHA rAy z

rs.8.13 Lakhs

ex-showroom Thrissur

rS.49,420 ex-showroom kochi

2499 2953 2953

4T 4T 4T

143 153 153

33.7 38.7 38.7

7.64 9.34 9.49 10.23 9.49 10.53

1499 1499 1499 1499 1498 1498

4 4 4 4 4 4

107 107 107 107 88.7 88.7

14.28 14.28 14.28 14.28 20.8 20.8

5.86 6.56 7.07 7.54

1596 1596 1399 1399

4 4 4 4

99.6 99.6 67 67

14.8 14.8 16.3 16.3

3.98 5.22 4.98 6.22

1196 1196 1399 1399

4 4 4 4

70 70 68 68

10.4 10.4 16.3 16.3

20.60 21.40 27.74

2354 2354 3471

4 4 V6

177 177 271

22.2 22.2 34.5

4.17 4.66 5.16 5.44

1198 1198 1198 1198

4 4 4 4

88 88 88 88

11.1 11.1 11.1 11.1

7.33 9.10 9.85 9.95 10.69

1497 1497 1497 1497 1497

4 4 4 4 4

114 114 114 114 114

14.9 14.9 14.9 14.9 14.9

12.87 13.92 14.71

1799 1799 1799

4 4 4

130 130 130

17.5 17.5 17.5

23.15 24.65 25.42

1997 2354 2354

4 4 4

143 167 167

19.3 22.2 22.2

6.15 6.40 6.72

1198 1198 1198

4 4 4

89 89 89

11.2 11.2 11.2

5.26 5.64

1495 1495

4 4

95 95

12.7 12.7

Torque (kgm)

20.11 21.60 23.40

Dlite ERA + Magna + Sportz Dlite (lpg) Magna (lpg) elAnTrA VTVT S VTVT Sx CRDi CRDi SX i 10 1.1 Dlite 1.1 Magna 1.2 Magna 1.2 Sportz 1.2 Sportz A/T 1.2 Asta M/T 1.2 Asta A/T 1.1 Era (lpg) 1.1 Magna (lpg) i 20 1.2 Era 1.2 Sportz 1.2 Asta 1.4 Sportz A/T 1.4 Era CRDi (D) 1.4 Sportz CRDi (D) 1.4 Asta CRDi (D) SAnTA fe 4x2 M/T 4X4 M/T 4X4 A/T SAnTro GL non A/C Gl Plus GLS GLS (LPG) SonATA 2.4 GD i M/T 2.4 GD I A/T VernA 1.4 VT VT 1.6 VT VT 1.6 SX A/T 1.4 CRDi 1.6 SX CRDi 1.6 CRDi A/T JAguAr XF 3.0 (D) XF 5.0 portfolio lAndroVer diSCoVery 4 3.0 V6 SE 3.0 V6 HSE rAnge roVer eVoQue 2.2 Pure (5 door)


32.7 32.7

No: of Cylinders

139 139


4 4

Price (Lakhs)

2149 2149


Torque (kgm)

11.99 11.91



Engine: 113 cc, 4stroke Max.Power:7.1 Ps @ 7500rpm TORQUE: 8.1Nm @ 5000rpm Smartdrive rating

a-z car specs

Vehicle market is down

No: of Cylinders

Engine: 1197 CC Max.Power:103 bhp @ 5000 rpm TORQUE: 175 Nm @ 1500-4100 Smartdrive rating

Force One (6 Seat) Force One (7 Seat) ford endeAVour 2.5 L 4x2 (D) 3.0 L 4x2 (D) 3.0 L 4x4 (D) fieSTA 1.5 Ambiete (M/T –P) 1.5 Titanium (M/T-P) 1.5 Style (A/T –P) 1.5 Titanium (A/T-P) 1.5 Style (M/T-D) 1.5 Titanium (M/T-D) fieSTA ClASSiC 1.6 Lxi Classic Solid (P) 1.6 Cxi Classic Metallic (P) 1.4 Lxi Classic Solid (D) 1.4 Cixi Classic Metallic (D) figo 1.2 Lxi (P) 1.2 Titanium (P) 1.4 LXI (D) 1.4 Titanium (D) HondA ACCord 2.4 MT (P) 2.4 AT (P) 3.5 V6 std. brio E M/T S M/T S (O) M/T V M/T CiTy Corporate M/T-P V M/T V A/T V M/T Sunroof V A/T Sunroof CiViC 1.8 S M/T 1.8 V M/T 1.8 V A/T Cr-V 2.0 2 WD (M/T) 2.4 AWD (M/T) 2.4 AWD ( A/T) JAzz Jazz Jazz Select Jazz X HyundAi ACCenT Executive Exe LPG eon

Price (Lakhs)


april 2013, saw 1,99,496 vehicles registered in india. a sale slump of 11% than last year. so far 8.88 lakh cars have been sold out.

2.89 3.33 3.64 3.93 3.46 3.91

814 814 814 814 814 814

3 3 3 3 3 3

55 55 55 55 55 55

7.6 7.6 7.6 7.6 7.6 7.6

12.92 14.17 13.33 15.13

1797 1797 1582 1582

4 4 4 4

148 148 127 127

18 18 26.5 26.5

3.84 4.33 4.52 4.83 5.41 5.59 6.34 4.47 4.66

1086 1086 1197 1197 1197 1197 1197 1086 1086

4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4

68 68 79 79 79 79 79 68 68

10.1 10.1 11.4 11.4 11.4 11.4 11.4 10.1 10.1

4.92 6.05 6.51 8.01 6.17 7.29 7.76

1197 1197 1197 1396 1396 1396 1396

4 4 4 4 4 4 4

83 83 83 98.6 88.7 88.7 88.7

11.6 11.6 11.6 13.9 21.4 21.4 21.4

23.86 26.04 27.02

2199 2199 2199

4 4 4

194 194 194

42.9 42.9 42.9

3.05 3.74 3.97 4.17

1086 1086 1086 1086

4 4 4 4

63 63 63 63

9.8 9.8 9.8 9.8

19.11 21.23

2359 2359

4 4

198 198

25.5 25.5

7.35 8.29 10.26 8.60 10.08 11.59

1396 1591 1591 1396 1582 1582

4 4 4 4 4 4

105.5 121.3 121.3 88.7 126.2 126.2

13.8 15.8 15.8 22.4 26.5 26.5

58.43 81.08

2993 5000

V6 V8

271 385

61.2 51.5


2993 2993

V6 V6

245 245

61.2 61.2






june 2013 smart drive 77

2.2 Dynamic freelAnder 2 TD 4 SE SD 4 HE rAnge roVer 4.4 V8 SE 5.0 V8 Super Charged rAnge roVer SPorT 3.0 V8 HSE 5.0 V8 Super Charged MAHindrA bolero SLE SLX ZLX SCorPio LX SLE VLX M/T VLX A/T THAr 4X4 CRDe 4x4 Di VeriTo G2 (P) G4 (P) D2 (D) D6 (D) XuV 500 W6 4x2 W8 4X2 W8 4x4 Xylo D2 D4 E8 E9 reVA Std. E2O T0 Classe QuAnTo C2 C8 MAruTi AlTo Std. Lxi K 10 Vxi K10 AlTo 800 Std. LXi A-STAr LXi ZXi eeCo Std. (5 Seat)







2179 2179

4 4

148 187

42.8 42.8


4367 4999

V8 V8

309 503

71.4 63.7


2993 4999

V6 V8

245 510

61.2 63.7

6.63 7.15 7.31

2523 2523 2523

4 4 4

63 63 63

19.8 19.8 19.8

8.60 9.92 10.89 11.67

2179 2179 2179 2179

4 4 4 4

120 120 120 120

28.5 28.5 28.5 28.5

7.26 5.27

2498 2523

4 4

103.5 63

25.19 18.25

5.33 5.61 6.19 7.20

1390 1390 1461 1461

4 4 4 4

75 75 65 65

11.2 11.2 16.3 16.3

12.34 13.95 15.06

2179 2179 2179

4 4 4

140 140 140

33 33 33

7.50 7.92 9.53 10.87

2489 2489 2489 2179

4 4 4 4

95 112 112 120

22 26 26 28

4.03 6.70 7.50

Ac Elec. Ac Elec. Ac Elec.

13 kw 19 kw 19 kw

5.3 5.4 5.4

6.32 7.89

1493 1493

3 3

100 100

24 24

2.53 3.40 3.53

796 998 998

3 3 3

47 67 67

6.7 9.18 9.18

2.94 3.33

796 796

3 3

48 48

6.9 6.9

4.03 4.62

998 998

3 3

67 66

9.18 9.0






78 smart drive june 2013

A/C (5 Seat) Std. (7 seat) erTigA LXi (P) ZXi (P) LDi (D) ZDi (D) grAnd ViTArA Manual (P) Automatic (P) kizASHi Manual (P) Automatic (P) oMni MPi (8 Seat) LPG (5 Seat) riTz LXi ZXi LDi VDi SwifT LXi ZXi LDi ZDi SwifT dzire LXi ZXi VXi A/T LDi ZDi SX 4 VXi M/T ZXi A/T VDi M/T ZDi M/T wAgon r LX VXi VXi ABS LXi lpg Duo MerCedeS benz C-ClASS C 200 Elegance C 200 Avantgarde C 250 CDi Avantgarde (D) C 63 AMG (P) ClS-ClASS CLS 350 e-ClASS E200 Avantgarde(P) E250 CDi Avantgarde (D) E 220 CDi Elegance (D) E 350 CDi Avantgarde E 350 Coupe

Torque (kgm)


No: of Cylinders


Price (Lakhs)


Torque (kgm)


No: of Cylinders


Price (Lakhs)


A-Z CAR SPECS 3.66 3.53

1196 1196

4 4

73 73

10.3 10.3

6.36 7.91 7.84 9.17

1373 1373 1248 1248

4 4 4 4

93.7 93.7 88.7 88.7

13.2 13.2 20.4 20.4

23.86 25.84

2393 2393

4 4

163 163

23 23

16.92 17.93

2393 2393

4 4

126 126

23.4 23.4

2.79 2.83

796 796

3 3

35 35

6.1 6.1

deAlerS direCTory Audi

0484 2705589



0484-4147777 bMw

0484 2803500 VTJ HYUNDAI EKM


0484 4230423

0484 4009966 CHeVroleT




0495 2383680/81

0495 2743963



0484 2703245/46




0471 3257777 benz

0474 2707980

0481 2564743



0487 2381501

0484 2706432



0491 2572861

0495 2767155 HinduSTAn





0471 6050500



0495 2367600 HondA

4.54 5.48 5.63 5.97

1197 1197 1248 1248

4 4 4T 4T

84 84 74 74

11.5 11.5 19.37 19.37

5.13 6.00 5.83 7.12

1197 1197 1248 1248

4 4 4 4

86 86 74 74

11.6 11.6 19.3 19.3

0484 2306411 0491 2572167 fiAT


5.17 6.67 6.99 6.31 7.75

1197 1197 1197 1248 1248

4 4 4 4 4

86 86 86 74 74

11.6 11.6 11.6 19.3 19.3



0484 2555055

0484 6606660



0484 6602000

0481 2361150



7.78 9.27 8.69 10.24

1586 1586 1248 1248

4 4 4 4

103.2 103.2 90 90

14.79 14.79 20.39 20.39

0487 6457777

0495 2462199

3.83 4.34 4.66 4.63

998 998 998 998

3 3 3 3

67 67 67 67

9.18 9.18 9.18 9.18


1796 1796 2143 6208

4 4 4 V8

186 186 204 457

29 29 51 61






41.36 45.68 41.82 NA NA

1796 2143 2143 2987 3498

4 4 4 V6 V6

183 203 170 228 272

29 51 40.8 55 36.1

0471 2310745


0484 2705547



0471 6627200 ford


0484 2551310

0497 2717171 MAHindrA



0484 2304567

0495 3300222



0481 2566326

0487 3300222



0471 2501564 KAIRALI FORD TCR

0484 2537542 0484 2537543

0487 2388797





0495 2326060 VolVo

0491 3251011



0484 2666689,2668846 HyundAi

0477 2252082




0474 2731320

0484 4040404 PHOENIX CARS CLT


0497 2837071 MARINA MOTORS CLT


0495 3300000 MAruTi Suzuki

0474 2554234


0471 2554234

0495 2765285 POPULAR TVM

0471 2343493 INDUS COCHIN

0484 2358587 INDUS TVM

0471 2445774 POPULAR COCHIN


0483 2734676 BRD CAR WORLD TCR

0487 2424373 POPULAR CLT

0495 2370007 ABT CLT

0495 3929423 HAR CAR KANNUR

0497 2766477 SITARAM PKD



0477 2265565 POPULAR KTM

0481 2560492 SARATHY KOLLAM

0474 2729618 KVR AUTOCARS PMNA

04933 236000 AVG KTM

0481 2560492 SAI SERVICE KOCHI


0471 2374999 SkodA MARIKAR SKODA EKM


0471 3299455 MARIKAR SKODA CLT


0484 2347999 VISION SKODA CLT

8606986652 MiTSubiSHi GEO MOTORS KTM

0481 236325 GEO MOTORS EKM

0484 3202366 GEO MOTORS TCR



9995066666 MARIKAR TVM

0471 2740505 renAulT RENAULT COCHIN

0484 4141666 ToyoTA AMANA CLT

0495 3000333/111 NIPPON EKM

0484 4445555 TATA

0484 2701533


0471 2417733 forCe


0484 6602000 HYSON MOTORS TCR



0484 2336227

g-ClASS G 55 AMG 134.70 gl-ClASS Grand LX (5 Seat) NA Grand Edition Exe. 71.81 Grand Edition Luxury 76.44 M -ClASS ML 350 CDi 67.04 r-ClASS R 350 CDi 59.86 S-ClASS S 300 L(P) 85.20 S 500 L (P) 111.49 S 350 CDi L V6 (D) 99.96 Sl-ClASS SL 350 NA Mini Mini Cooper NA Mini Cooper S NA Mini CooPer CounTryMAn Mini S Countryman NA MiTSubiSHi CediA Cedia 8.31 eVoluTion X EVO X 50.00 MonTero 3.2 Di – D (A/T) 41.70 ouTlAnder 2.4 MiVEC (5 Seat) 20.73 2.4 MiVEC (7 Seat) NA PAJero SFX DS 4 NA PAJero SPorT 2.5 Di (D) 23.21 niSSAn eVAliA XE (D) 8.85 XV (D) 10.42 MiCrA XE (P) 4.37 XV Primo (P) 5.94 XV (D) 6.18 XV Primo (D) 6.84 Sunny XE (P) 6.18 XV (P) 8.19 XL (D) 8.45 XV (D) 9.86 TeAnA XL (P) 22.01 XV (P) 25.93 X-TrAil LE (M/T) (D) 22.97 SLX (M/T )(D) 25.55 SLX A/T(D) 27.44




V6 V6 V6

224 224 224

52 52 52









3498 5461 2987

V6 V8 V6

272 369 210

35.1 51.5 49.1





1598 1598

4 4

1172 181

16.3 24.5

















2360 2360

4 4

167 167

23.05 23.05









1461 1461

4 4

85 85

20 20

1198 1198 1461 1461

3 3 4 4

75 75 63 63

10.6 10.6 16.3 16.3

1498 1498 1461 1461

4 4 4 4

97.6 97.6 84 84

13.6 13.6 20.4 20.4

2496 2496

V6 V6

180 180

21.2 21.2

1995 1995 1995

4 4 4

180 180 180

32.7 32.7 32.7

1173 1173

4 4

75 75

10.6 10.6

7.93 8.86 8.66 12.11

1598 1598 1461 1461

4 4 4 4

104 104 85 110

14.5 14.5 20 22.5

14.01 15.12 15.47

1461 1461 1997

4 4 4

105 105 135.4

24.4 24.4 19.3






6.13 5.71 6.13 6.84

1198 1198 1461 1461

3 3 4 4

75 75 63 63

10.6 10.6 16.3 16.3

5.07 6.89 6.65 6.29 8.20

1198 1198 1598 1199 1199

3 3 4 3 3

75 75 105 75 75

11.2 11.2 15.6 18.3 18.3

14.78 15.79 16.30 19.44

1798 1798 1968 1968

4T 4T 4T 4T

160 160 110 140

25.5 25.5 25.5 32.6

7.18 8.46 9.47 8.47 9.09

1598 1598 1598 1598 1598

4 4 4 4 4

105 105 105 105 105

15.6 15.6 15.6 25.5 25.5

14.86 18.53

1968 1968

4 4

110 140

25.5 32.63

10.26 15.65 14.56 17.37

2179 2179 2179 2179

4T 4T 4T 4T

138 138 138 138

32.6 32.6 32.6 32.6

NA 8.17 8.61 9.35

2179 2179 2179 2179

4T 4T 4T 4T

118 118 118 118

25.4 25.4 25.4 25.4

4.22 NA NA NA

1193 1193 1193 1193

4 4 4 4

64 64 60.9 60.9

10.2 10.2 10.2 10.2



Price (Lakhs)


Torque (kgm)


No: of Cylinders

5439 2987 2987 2987

PreMier rio GX GLX renAulT duSTer RxE (P) RxL (P) RxE (D) RxZ (D) fluenCe E2 M/T (D) E4 M/T (D) E4 A/T (P) koleoS 2.0 A/T (D) PulSe RxL (P) RxZ (P) RxL (D) RxZ (D) SkodA fAbiA 1.2 MPi Active (P) 1.2 MPi Scout (P) 1.6 MPi Elegance (P) 1.2 TDi Active (D) 1.2 TDi Scout (D) lAurA 1.8 TSi M/T Active (P) 1.8 TSi A/T Ambition (P) 2.0 TDi M/T Ambition(D) 2.0 TDi L&K(D) rAPid 1.6 MPi Active (P) 1.6 MPi M/T Elegance (P) 1.6 MPi A/T Elegance (P) 1.6 TDi M/T Active (D) 1.6 TDi M/T Elegance (D) yeTi 2.0 TDi 4x2 Active (D) 2.0 TDi 4x4 Elegance TATA MoTorS AriA Pure 4x2 LX (D) Prestige 4x2 (D) Pleasure 4x4 (D) Pride 4x4 (D) grAnde diCor CX LX EX GX indiCA eV2 Le eV2 Xeta GLX (P) eV2 Xeta GLE (LPG) eV2 Xeta GLS (LPG)

Torque (kgm)


0491 6455555


0481 2309455/429 VolkS wAgen


No: of Cylinders


0487 6457777

a-z car specs

Dzire marching forward


0471 2490527

Price (Lakhs)



Maruti's Dzire creates history by selling 19,446 units in this april, by only a marginal difference than alto. Dzire takes 9.7% of the indian car market.

june 2013 smart drive 79





134 14.48 114


140 140 140 140

32.6 32.6 32.6 32.6

168 35.7 168 35.7 168 35.7 278


74 74 105 75 75

11.2 11.2 15.6 18.3 18.3

104 104 104 104

15.6 15.6 25.5 25.5

163 215 304

40.8 42.8 44.8

163 215

40.8 42.8



215 238

42.8 32.0

Due to space limitations, certain Models and Variants haven't been mentioned here.

79.33 220 45.41 94.3 57.73 124.6 52.84 124.6 54.62 144.8 40.87 99.3 61.25 134.6 69.19 149 72.46 178.6 83.99 220 87.77 199.5 117.32 199.5 356.86 249


20.4 20.4 20.4 20.4

No: of Cylinders

102 102 102 102

bike BAJAJ Avenger 220 DTSi Discover DTS Si Discover 125 ST Discover 125 DTSi (Disc) Discover 150 DTSi Platina Pulsar 135 LS Pulsar 150 DTSi Pulsar 180 DTSi Pulsar 220 DTSi Pulsar 200 NS KTM 200 Duke Kawasaki Ninja 300R Hero CD Dawn CD Deluxe (Spoke, Self) CD Deluxe (Alloy, Self) Splendor plus Splendor NXG (Self) Super Splendor Passion Pro Passion Pro (Disc) Glamour (Drum, Self) Glamour (Disc, Self) Glamour PGM-Fi Ignitor (Drum) Ignitor (Disc) CBZ Xtreme Hunk Impulse Karizma Karizma ZMR Honda CB Twister (Kick/Drum) CB Twister (Drum) CB Twister (Disc) Dream Yuga (Kick/Spoke) Dream Yuga (Kick/Alloy) Dream Yuga (Self) CB Shine (Drum) CB Shine (Disc) CBF Stunner CBF Stunner PGMI-Fi CB Unicorn CB Unicorn Dazler 51D CB Unicorn Dazler 61D CBR 150R STD CBR 150R DLX CBR 250R STD CBR 250R STD Tri colour CBR 250R ABS CBR 250R ABS Tri colorur Royal Enfield Bullet 350 Electra

Displacement (CC)


Price (1000's)


a-z bike specs Model

Torque (kgm)

No: of Cylinders


Price (Lakhs)

4WS M/T (D) 23.66 2982 4 Innova 2.5 G (7 Seat) 10.80 2494 4 2.5 G (8 Seat) 10.85 2494 4 2.5 VX (7 Seat) 14.43 2494 4 2.5 VX (8 Seat) 14.49 2494 4 LandCruiser LS 200 200 Premium(D) 101.01 4461 V8 LandCruiser Prado 4x4(D) 65.25 2982 4 Prius 1.8 29.75 1798 4 Volkswagen Beetle 2.0 (P) 21.24 1984 4 Jetta 2.0 TDi Trendline M/T (D) 15.06 1968 4 2.0 TDi Comfortline M/T (D) 16.55 1968 4 2.0 TDi Highline M/T (D) 18.21 1968 4 2.0 TDi Highline A/T (D) 19.07 1968 4 Passat Trendline(D) 22.25 1968 4 Comfortline(D) 25.56 1968 4 Highline(D) 27.57 1968 4 Phaeton 3.6 V6 (P) NA 3597 V6 Polo Trendline (P) 4.71 1198 3 HIghline (P) 6.29 1198 3 HIghline 1.6 (P) 6.49 1598 4 Trendline (D) 5.84 1199 3 Highline (D) 7.42 1199 3 Vento Trendline M/T (P) 7.39 1598 4 Highline A/T (P) 9.79 1598 4 Trendline M/T (D) 8.65 1598 4 Highline M/T (D) 10.29 1598 4 VOLVo S60 D4 Kinetic (D) 27.96 2000 5 D5 Summum (D) 34.60 2400 5 T6 Summum (P) 36.72 2955 6 S80 D4 Kinetic(D) 35.21 2000 5 D5 Summum (D) 42.00 2400 5 XC 60 D5 Summum (D) 41.43 2400 5 XC 90 D5 Summum (D) 49.05 2400 5 3.2 (P) NA 3192 6


eV2 LS (D) 4.21 1396 4 69 14.2 eV2 LX (D) 4.97 1396 4 69 14.2 Indigo e-CS GLS (P) NA 1193 4 64 10.5 GLX (P) 5.09 1193 4 64 10.5 LS CR4 5.76 1396 4 69 14.2 LX CR4 5.97 1396 4 69 14.2 Indigo XL XL (P) 6.12 1396 4 99 12.6 XL (D) 5.93 1396 4 70 14.2 Manza Safire Aqua(P) 5.67 1368 4 89 11.8 Safire Elan (P) 7.25 1368 4 89 11.8 Quadrajet LS (D) 6.08 1248 4 89 20.4 Quadrajet Elan (D) 8.24 1248 4 89 20.4 Nano Std (P) 1.57 624 2 37.4 5.2 CX (P) 1.90 624 2 37.4 5.2 LX (P) 2.15 624 2 37.4 5.2 Safari STORME STORME LX 10.38 2179 4 140 32.0 STORME VX 4x2(D) 13.09 2179 4 140 32.0 STORME VX 4x4(D) 14.41 2179 4 140 32.0 Sumo Gold 3.0 CR4 CX (D) 6.20 2956 4 83 25.5 3.0 CR4 LX (D) 6.60 2956 4 83 25.5 3.0 CR4 EX (D) 6.91 2956 4 83 25.5 3.0 CR4 GX (D) 7.55 2956 4 83 25.5 Vista Safire 65GLS (P) 4.77 1172 4 64 9.8 Safire 65GVX (P) 5.01 1172 4 64 9.8 Safire 90 GZX (P) 5.53 1368 4 89 11.8 Quadrajet LS (D) 5.19 1248 4 74 19.3 Quadrajet ZX (D) 6.50 1248 4 74 19.3 TOYOTA Camry W1 M/T (P) NA 2362 4 167 22.5 W2 A/T (P) 24.44 2362 4 167 22.5 Corolla Altis 1.8 J (P) 11.92 1798 4 138 17.6 1.8 GL (P) 15.01 1798 4 138 17.6 1.4 J (D) 12.56 1364 4 87 20.9 1.4 GL (D) 15.93 1364 4 87 20.9 Etios J (P) 5.62 1496 4 90 13.4 VSP (P) 7.27 1496 4 90 13.4 GD (D) 6.86 1364 4 68 17.3 VD (D) 7.97 1364 4 68 17.3 Etios Liva J (P) 4.74 1197 4 79 10.6 V (P) 5.72 1197 4 79 10.6 GD (D) 6.15 1164 4 68 12.2 GD SP 6.48 1164 4 68 12.2 Fortuner 2WD M/T (D) 22.38 2982 4 168 35 2WD A/T (D) 23.39 2982 4 168 35


Torque (kgm)


No: of Cylinders


Price (Lakhs)


a-z car specs

1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 2

19 7.7 10.8 10.8 13 8.2 13.5 15 17 21 23.52 25 33

36.92 97.2 1 41.21 97.2 1 42.72 97.2 1 44.74 97.2 1 46.45 97.2 1 51.30 124.7 1 49.38 97.2 1 51.40 97.2 1 53.09 124.7 1 55.11 124.7 1 62.19 124.8 1 56.80 24.7 1 58.81 24.7 1 70.77 149.2 1 69.61 149.2 1 70.29 113.2 1 79.40 223 1 99.67 223 1

7.7 7.7 7.7 7.4 7.7 9 7.8 7.8 9 9 9 11 11 14.4 14.4 14.4 17 17.6

48.85 52.46 55.66 48.79 50.31 52.36 56.08 59.28 NA 60.80 68.77 70.81 71.85 125.34 126.38 155.92 156.95 182.48 183.52

1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1

9 9 9 8.5 8.5 8.5 10.3 10.3 11 11.6 13.3 14.3 14.3 17.5 17.5 25.8 25.8 25.8 25.8

1 1

19.8 19.8

109 109 109 109 109 109 124.6 124.6 124.7 124.7 149.1 149 149 149.4 149.4 149 149 149 149

98.63 346 110.32 346

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80 smart drive june 2013

15.2 17.3 17.3 8.2 7.5 8.2 8.4 7.6 7.6 10.8 12.1 12.1 14 14 14 17 7 8.2 8 8 8 8 8 8.1 8 8 10.06 8.6 8.6 5 5 8 7

Due to space limitations, certain Models and Variants haven't been mentioned here.

600 570 600 570 490 570 570 570 530 430

575 700 560 650 512 1020 1014


413 555

600 680

570 540 453 585 660 683 510 550

625 680

560 540 701 690 440 490 405 460 433 490 507 306 530 618 570

700 370 630 10000 650

335 363 648 390 648 390 648 390 300 400 300 400 500 700 320 370 313 360 568 568 460 460

780 780 720 720

Super bikes Aprilia RSV4 Dorsoduro Mana Tuono Bajaj Ninja650 R Bmw Hp2 sports Husqvarna K1300 R K1600 R1200 GS R1200 Adventure S100RR DUCATI 848 1198 Diavel Diavel Carbon Diavel Carbon Red Hyper motard1100 HM 1100 S HM 796 HM 796 S Monster Multistrada 1200 Sports Classic Streetfighter Harley Davidson Fat Boy Nightstar Nightrod Heritage Classic Roadster Sportster Ultra Classic Electra Glide Honda CB 1000R CBR 1000RR VFR 1200F Hyosung GT 650R GT 650N ST7 SUZUKI Bandit 1250S GSXR0.001200 Hayabusa Intruder M 1800 R Intruder M 800 YAMAHA FZ1 MT0.0001 VMAX YZF R1

Torque (Nm)






Bhp/Power 477 517 477 510 430 510 490 490 525 450


8.3 8.3 8.6 8.6 13.8

SUPER CARS Aston Martin DB9 Coupe 2.21 cr 5.9 V12 DBS Coupe 3.08cr 5.9 V12 Rapide 2.55 cr 5.9 V12 V12 Zagato 6.50cr 6 V12 Vantage S Roadster 1.86cr 4.7 V8 Vantage V12 2.25cr 6 V12 Virage coupe 2.55cr 5.9 V12 Virage volante 2.74cr 5.9 V12 R8 Spyder 1.48cr 5.2 V10 RS 5 Coupe 74.59 Lakh 4.2 V8 Bentley Continental GT 1.94cr 6 W12 Continental 1.80cr 6 W12 Mulsanne 3.00cr 6.8 V8 Bugatti Veyron Grand Sports 16.00cr 8 W16 BMW M3 Coupe 81.04 lakh 4 V8 S6 M 1.30cr 4.4 V8 Ferrari 458 Italia 3.09cr 4.5 V8 California 2.68cr 4.3 V8 FF 4.12cr 6.2 V12 JAGUAR XKR Coupe 1.11cr 5 V8 XKR S 1.52cr 5 V8 LAMBORGHINi Gallardo spyder 2.50cr 5.2 V10 Aventador 3.69cr 6.4 V12 Maserati Grand-cabrio 1.76cr 4.7 V8 Grand Turismo 1.60cr 4.2 V8 Quattroporte GTS 1.76cr 4.7 V8 MERCEDES G55 AMG 1.30CR 5.8 V8 SLK 350 68.46lakh 3.5 V6 SL 63 AMG 1.64 cr 6.2 V8 SL 65 AMG 2.40 cr 6 V12 SLS AMG 2.47 cr 6.2 V8 NISSAN 370Z 57.17lakh 3.6 V6 PORcHE 911 Carrera 82.00 lakh 3.6 Bxr0.006 911 Carrera Cabriolet 93.06lakh 3.6 Bxr0.006 911 Targa4 96.53lakh 3.6 Bxr0.006 Cayenne 58.05lakh 3.6 V6 Panamera 1.04 cr 3.6 V6 Panamera Turbo 2.07 cr 4.8 V8 Boxster Spyder 65.11lakh 3.4 Bxr-6 Boxster S 69.03lakh 3.4 Bxr-6 ROLLS ROYCE Ghost 2.50 cr 6.6 V12 Ghost EB 3.88 cr 6.6 V12 Phantom 3.50 cr 6.8 V12 Phantom DC 4.65 cr 6.8 V12


19.8 19.8 27.2

super bike specs Price (Lakhs)

Thunderbird 350 127.78 346 1 Classic 350 117.37 346 1 Classic 500 150.21 499 1 Suzuki Hayate 43.60 112.8 1 Hayate (Self) 46.40 112.8 1 Slingshot 49.90 124 1 Slingshot (Self) 54.58 124 1 GS 150 R 69.90 149.5 1 TVS Apache RTR 160 68.65 159.7 1 Apache RTR 180 73.65 177.4 1 Apache RTR 180 ABS 83.40 177.4 1 Max 4R NA 109.7 1 Star sports 38.60 99.7 1 Star City 43.20 109.7 1 Jive NA 109.7 1 YAMAHA Crux 37.80 105.6 1 YBR 110 44.70 106 1 YBR 125 50.95 123.7 1 SZ-X 55.09 153 1 SZ-R 59.50 153 1 FZ -16 70.02 153 1 FZ-S 72.20 153 1 Fazer 77.49 153 1 YZF R15 114.99 149.8 1 Scooter HERO Pleasure 42.57 102 1 Maestro 48.27 109 1 HONDA Dio 48.36 109 1 Activa 51.28 109 1 Aviator STD 51.94 109 1 Aviator DLX 57.35 109 1 Mahindra 2 Wheelers Duro NA 124.6 1 Duro DZ 48.56 124.6 1 Rodeo 49.41 124.6 1 Flyte NA 124.6 1 PIAGGIO Vespa 125 SL 62.44 125 1 Suzuki Access 125 52.20 124 1 Swish 125 53.20 124 1 TVS Scooty Pep + 38.90 87.8 1 Scooty Streak 40.50 87.8 1 Wego 48.40 109.7 1 yamaha Ray 46.90 113 1


No: of Cylinders

Displacement (CC)

Price (1000's)

super car specs

17 lakh 12.0 lakh 11 lakh 13 lakh

999.6 1197 839 997

177 130 75 130

115 115 73 101

4.57 lakh




25.7 lakh 18 lakh 21 lakh 23.20 lakh 10.81 lakh 17.68 lakh 18 lakh

1170 900 1293 1600 1170 1170 1000

106 100 176 161 111 111 194

118 105 140 175 120 120 112

13.94 lakh 17.35 lakh 17.06 lakh 22.06 lakh 22.43 lakh 12.60 lakh 13.60 lakh 10.28 lakh 9.10 lakh 11.99 lakh 16.83 lakh 11.06 lakh 15.85 lakh

849 1198 1198 1198 1198 1078 1078 803 803 1078 1198 992 1099

135 171.1 163 163 163 96 96 81 81 96 150 92.9 156

96 131 127.5 127.5 127.5 103 103 75.5 75.5 103 118.6 92 115

19.03 lakh 10.26 lakh 19.55 lakh 20.07 lakh 7.74 lakh 7.17 lakh 36.06 lakh

1584 1200 1250 1584 883 883 1803


120 107 111 117 70 131 151

10.20 lakh 13.30 lakh 18.60 lakh

998 999 1237

125 125 172

100 100 129

4.75 lakh 4.60 lakh 5.96 lakh

647 647 678

73.6 73.6 62.5

60.9 60.9 57.3

8.80 lakh 13.75 lakh 13.00 lakh 13.25 lakh 8.88 lakh

1255 999 1340 1783 805

99 191 197 125 53

108 118 154 160 68.4

8.70 lakh 10.50 lakh 20.00 lakh 12.50 lakh

998 1670 1679 998

151 90 199.3 189

106 150 166.8 118

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june 2013 smart drive 81




t is common for people to look at shattered remains of the helmet and say "OMG it worked". Unfortunately it is a sign, your helmet failed. The statistics of people dying in bike accidents in India presents staggering figures. About 398 per day x 365 days. The lady behind her husband's bike finds pleasure(?) holding the helmet tightly.It's a reflex action to fix the helmet onto the rider's head, if the shadow of a police falls anywhere within their sight and take it back when they pass by the police. Is this the role of a dutiful wife, supporting her beloved husband's probable casualty? May be the

Naveen Bhaskar

Driving Lessons

During a meeting conducted for road safety, Mr Ayappan spoke on the consequences of using cheap cardboard helmets, light weight helmets, duplicate makes, plastic helmets bought from pavements so dangerously unsafe.

children could ensure , the father wearing the helmet before he leaves home. Fathers won't refuse children , It's just the psychometrics between them. It is common for people to look at the shattered remains of the helmet after an accident and say " OMG" it did work! But it's bad sign, your helmet failed as, it is of poor quality. Helmets are used as panacea for accidents; not to break but to protect. This was a piece of advice I overheard, Mr Ayappan, giving the youngsters appearing for their driving test. Ayappan is the vehicle inspector of Guruvayoor range, whose warm and polite approach to whoever comes to him has earned him much respect unlike the others of his clan. His advice:, as a question is enough to change your life so is an accident too

enough to change your life! The egocentric malayalee never likes to give heed to advice. Human rationality is conditional and limited in situations like this and dislike of helmets is more a dislike of being told what to do. Their arguments are fallacious. During a meeting conducted for road safety, Mr Ayappan spoke on the consequences of using cheap cardboard helmets, light weight helmets, duplicate makes, plastic helmets bought from pavements so dangerously unsafe. Those who met with accidents wearing these sort of helmets either died instantly or lived as dead for ever. He explained that helmets are designed to structurally fail past a certain amount of force preventing it to the skull like the bumper bar on a car. He spoke on how small mistakes lead to serious casualties. For eg. usually drivers remove the foortwear, while driving, in front of his seat. It may slip under the brakes due to the motion and may disable proper braking when necessary during sudden brakes which may lead to unexpected accidents. Recently, during a Congress rally, a lorry barged into the crowd and killed few and many were hospitalized. The reason? The driver who used to keep a piece of log, under his seat to rest his leg, slipped off under the brakes and couldn't apply proper brakes and lost control. Yes, a small piece of wooden log changed his life. To put brakes on the Malayalee arrogance, narrowing the roads and lanes could sub consciously make him drive with caution and it is known as " traffic calming'' in Europe. Ayappan suggested with a smile May be these tit bits of advice for attention may sound silly. But it leaves big impressions in our hearts to be reminders not alone to ourselves but also for the safety of our family as well others on the roads too. Ayappan sir's such orientation classes could be followed by all R.T.O offices . I strongly endorse this. His testament on how to drive safely has to be saluted! Salam sir...



82 smart drive june 2013

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