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When you take the right path, learning follows

Technology. It’s more than the latest gadgets in the classroom. It’s a means to an end. A path that can lead to incredible success. Improved student achievement. Accelerated ROI. Globally competitive standards. And it’s a journey that’s paved with questions at every turn. How do you connect classroom technology to learning? How do you minimize risk and maximize opportunity? The pragmatic answer – you choose a proven path. Where innovation is valued by students and trusted by educators. Where teachers are supported through professional development and community. And where products fit together like a glove on a hand. A path where classroom technology works for everyone. You choose the SMART path.

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The challenge is substantial. So, too, are the rewards. When you set out to implement classroom technology, you’re actually embarking on a journey, one where you’ll find incredible rewards along the way – rewards that change the lives of teachers and students alike. Like any new venture, implementing classroom technology requires planning and research. You’ve no doubt reviewed dozens of brochures, websites and fact sheets, and you may be overwhelmed by comparisons, promises and slogans. At this point, there’s probably one overarching question on your mind – what is the best path to success?

Look for a path well traveled Because your goals focus on increased student achievement, you need products that teachers will use and value. You need solutions that are proving themselves in classrooms right now, achieving lasting results – from improving student engagement to transforming the way teachers teach. “I’ve used the SMART Board™ for two years and believe it makes me a better educator. It makes my pupils better learners. It makes me want to teach and my pupils want to learn.” Stephen Price, Acting Principal, Bergvliet High School, Cape Town, South Africa

SMART classroom

Think beyond hardware and software

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Keep your goals in sight Jurisdictions are all unique and have their own sets of goals. So, there are many different paths to success. To start you in the right direction, your journey with SMART begins with expert consultation and advice. Are your teachers comfortable with technology? How much flexibility do you need in your technology rollouts? Are you committed to making your nation’s schools more globally competitive? These and other considerations set you on your unique path to success.

Easy to extend

Training & professional development

Administrators in more than 175 countries have chosen SMART as their classroom technology provider because they value our expertise and experience. Whether they’re from small jurisdictions in developing nations or school systems in countries where technology is part of everyday life, educators understand the positive impact of SMART solutions.

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SMART solutions

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Technology is the enabler, but experience has shown time and again it takes more than classroom technology alone to get the results you’re looking for. It takes commitment to success every step of the way – from installation to inspiration. That means teaching the teacher to use products effectively, providing effective guidance and support when it’s needed, and ensuring teachers have high quality digital content that’s relevant to the subjects being taught. It means products that integrate easily with each other and with existing technology. And what it really means is peace of mind and freedom for minds to grow and learn. Once you find a solution that embraces all these elements, your investment in technology is much more likely to pay off. Teachers and technology staff have the confidence to embrace and use classroom technology as a key pedagogical tool. And students become the real winners by experiencing an immediate and profound effect on learning.

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Easy to use. Easy to extend. Easy to implement. Build on the foundation As you set out to improve learning outcomes, you look for technology products that make it easy for teachers to engage students in new and interesting ways. For many educators, an implementation begins with the three foundational elements of SMART solutions – the catalysts for transforming teaching and learning: • The SMART Board interactive whiteboard – the touch-sensitive focal point of interactive and collaborative lessons, proven to engage students with different learning styles • SMART Notebook™ collaborative learning software – the standard for creating and delivering interactive lessons that captivate students, and the platform for our integrated software and hardware. It also connects you directly to the SMART Exchange™. • The SMART Exchange – the online community connects teachers to thousands of learning resources that help them convey concepts in compelling ways

Step into the SMART classroom “There is a consistent finding across all data that the length of time pupils have been taught with an interactive whiteboard is the major factor that leads to attainment gains.” Evaluation of the Primary Schools Whiteboard Expansion Project – Summary Report, Education and Social Research Institute, Manchester Metropolitan University. Sixty-three percent of the interactive whiteboards in the study were from SMART.

When you’re ready to build on the power of classroom technology, look to the SMART classroom. Here you’ll find a wide variety of easy-to-use products that are integrated with the SMART Board interactive whiteboard and SMART Notebook software. With the SMART classroom, teachers gain valuable new ways to assess and reach all students, streamline lesson preparation and get the most from class time. Here’s a brief glimpse of the components of the SMART classroom: • SMART Response™ interactive response systems – assess student understanding, get quick insight into learning and track student performance • SMART Table™ interactive learning center – encourage collaboration as several students work together simultaneously on the SMART Table • SMART Sync™ classroom management software – keep students focused on learning and encourage collaboration in computer-enabled classrooms The SMART classroom helps teachers expand learning opportunities and stay one step ahead, shifting easily between whole-class, small-group and individual learning environments and all learning styles.

Rely on architecture There’s a special side to SMART products that makes the technical part of your implementation extremely efficient, flexible and cost effective. It’s called SMART architecture, and it’s the behind-the-scenes technical structure that ensures all SMART products are integrated and speak the same language – with hardware and software working together. That’s why you’ll find a variety of hardware and software plug-ins that are fully integrated with SMART Notebook software, making it simple to move from one product to the next, all within one application. Technology staff find SMART products easy to deploy and maintain. Products are modular, with parts that are simple to replace. The going gets even easier with SMART’s administrative toolkit – making network pushes fast, efficient and easy to configure. One click within SMART Notebook software opens an intelligent updating tool that automatically installs and uninstalls software and keeps you up to date. And SMART products are designed to be backward compatible, to help you keep all your products working together.

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Elevate learning. Step by step.

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A solution is more than technology alone The ultimate success of your implementation depends on teachers adopting technology with enthusiasm and learning to use it effectively. That’s why SMART solutions include much more than hardware and software. Educators look to SMART for professional development, classroom content, a community of peers and complete support. These are the elements that ensure rapid adoption and maximum return on investment.

Training and professional development “When I walk down the school hallways, the teachers don’t say ‘hello.’ They say, ‘When am I getting a SMART Board interactive whiteboard?’” Christine Coleman, Director, Technology, New Rochelle School District, New York, United States

Technology can only live up to its potential when your staff receives the right training and professional development. That’s why SMART programs are designed with your goals in mind and are among the most comprehensive available – from live online training to customized on-site sessions. Teachers learn to integrate technology and digital content into their everyday lesson plans, and become proficient at using it to help students with different learning styles understand better and become more engaged. SMART training programs provide technology staff the skills they need to succeed. And administrators can take advantage of courses on adopting best practices and strengthening leadership and change-management skills.

Content and community Lessons, methodology and advice gleaned from real-world experience. There is perhaps no greater contributor to the quality of teaching strategies and digital content than your peers and colleagues. You become part of this community when you join the SMART Exchange. It’s a network that spans all continents and offers a wealth of grass roots information, guidance and content – all waiting to be shared. Through the SMART Exchange, teachers join a vibrant online community that connects them to resources like high-quality SMART Notebook lesson activities, multimedia files and images. So, teachers can easily find resources that make lessons extraordinary. These resources are available for teachers everywhere. SMART Notebook Express software, a lightweight version of SMART Notebook software, can be accessed online anytime at no cost, so everyone can benefit from the innovative lesson activities made by teachers around the world. And educators are constantly talking about SMART online. You can find hundreds of blogs, web pages and spontaneous conversations begun by teachers eager to talk about how they use SMART products to make lessons more compelling.

Services and support “SMART has been there to support us with each step. They have led us along a path that has excited every teacher and student.” Anna Alfano, Technology Specialist, Essrig Elementary, Tampa, Florida, United States

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SMART support provides you with help in every aspect of implementation, from product selection to setting up best-practice groups within schools. You can rely on SMART support to help you stay the course to continuous improvement in technology-enabled classrooms. And you can expect assistance when you need it most. Alongside our global network of resellers, SMART offers extensive support through online chats, e-mail, toll-free telephone and the Web. Plus, SMART’s warranties are among the best in the business – designed to be there for you throughout the implementation process and provide security as you grow.

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Success includes hardware, software and a pool of resources

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Why educators choose SMART • Established leadership – SMART is the global leader in interactive whiteboards • Security – SMART has more than 20 years of experience in classroom technology implementations • Quick adoption – SMART products are intuitive and easy to use • Flexibility – SMART solutions include a wide range of complementary products • Credibility – SMART products are proven to improve student learning outcomes • Efficient implementations – SMART products are built on a common architecture, so products work together, and rollouts are flexible and effective • Professional development – SMART training and professional development programs ensure adoption and success for teachers and technology staff • Content – SMART solutions include the content, such as images and videos, that teachers need to create compelling lesson activities • Support – SMART solutions include world-class customer service and extensive technical support

Choosing the right technology path isn’t an easy decision to make, especially when you consider the impact you’ll have on the future of so many students. Here are a few questions that have helped educators around the world choose the right technology provider: ✔✔ Does the company offer solutions that are proven to improve learning outcomes? ✔✔ Are educators around the world choosing these solutions? ✔✔ Does the company understand that technology adoption only happens with a commitment to professional development, quality content and support? ✔✔ Can the company’s solutions be implemented efficiently on a technical level? ✔✔ Does the company have the experience and expertise necessary to support a successful implementation? As technology-enabled solutions become more imperative for teaching and learning in classrooms, more educators are turning to the SMART path to success. It’s a path that’s been 20 years in the making – paved with proven leadership and customer loyalty. And it’s the reason most have selected SMART as their technology provider. Today, more than 30 million teachers and students around the world use SMART products, and SMART Board interactive whiteboards are the world’s number one choice1 – chosen nearly twice as often as our closest competitor. And the journey has only just begun.

Start your journey now Take the first step to engaged students, reenergized teachers and a return on investment that’s truly gratifying. Visit us at

1. 2009 Global Interactive Whiteboard Product Category. Futuresource Consulting, January 31, 2010. © 2010 SMART Technologies. All rights reserved. SMART Board, SMART Notebook, SMART Exchange, SMART Response, SMART Table, SMART Sync, the SMART logo, product logos, all SMART taglines and smarttech are trademarks or registered trademarks of SMART Technologies in the U.S. and/or other countries. MKTG-250-REV0

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Value of SMART - The Proven Path to Success  
Value of SMART - The Proven Path to Success  

Like any new venture, implementing classroom technology requires planning and research. You’ve no doubt reviewed dozens of brochures, websit...