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Accelerate communication When every second counts, your technology solutions must be agile. They should offer compelling collaboration and training tools to swiftly disseminate information in a training or briefing room, or engage in real-time discussion with personnel thousands of miles away. An integrated solution

SMART solutions offer a breakthrough combination of integrated data sharing and interactive whiteboards and displays that make connecting fast and simple. With our easy walk-up-and-use solutions, there are virtually no learning curves. Easily connect multiple interactive whiteboards or displays to seamlessly share ideas and information with participants in the same room or personnel on another continent. Make notes on any screen in digital ink, even over moving or still video, for all participants to see. At the end of a session, you can save your notes with a simple touch of the interactive whiteboard or display. Whether you are hosting a training session, conducting after-action reporting or strategizing with personnel worldwide, SMART has a technology solution designed to help you meet your goals.

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Capture  a Visually engage participants

Critical training sessions come alive when partnered with SMART training solutions. SMART products bring a visual, interactive dimension offering the trainer the ability to instantly draw attention to key concepts, add crucial information, access maps and add relevant notes. Complex tasks are taught efficiently and session materials can be saved for reuse in future sessions.

Take simulation training to new heights

Simulation training becomes even more valuable when combined with the power of an interactive whiteboard or display and integrated data sharing. When simulations replace models, effective training can take place anytime, anywhere. With an interactive whiteboard or display, trainers can visually demonstrate procedures, write over animations and clarify instructions by making notes in digital ink. Plus, with the ability to add multiple interactive displays, an increasing number of participants can interact with the simulation software to practice procedures and tasks.

Break into teams with multiple displays

In a training room with multiple interactive whiteboards or displays, learners can build knowledge through collaboration and hands-on practice. Session participants can break out into groups to work on materials simultaneously. Groups can spend time on multiple displays to practice tasks, collaborate on complex problems or add notes to session objectives. Collaboration is as simple as the touch of a finger to the display, as groups slide their materials back and forth between displays.

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e  attention Share session materials with ease With SMART solutions, session information isn’t confused by handwritten notes. Participants can focus on the material while concepts remain intact and accurate. The trainer saves and shares session materials and notes with a simple touch of the finger.

Expand and evaluate learning

Computer lab instruction is enhanced when the entire lab can be managed from the trainer’s desktop. Share desktops to help the group better understand a concept. Send tests to participants and tabulate their results automatically. SMART offers tools to help you ensure participants stay focused and training time is structured efficiently.

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Collaborate  g

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  globally Collaborate with teams anywhere With automated data sharing built in to SMART solutions, distance training and collaboration is seamless. When an immediate response to a crisis situation is required, you can connect with key participants throughout the world in minutes and collaborate as if you were in the same room.

Seamlessly share information

Effectively collaborate with personnel even when they’re in the field, without compromising the quality of your communication. With automated data sharing, you can clearly explain key messages in briefings and debriefings by sharing information interactively to all meeting participants – regardless of their physical location. Travel costs are reduced and all participants can interact with briefing materials.

Easily capture and sort notes

Powerful collaboration generates numerous ideas and materials throughout a session. With SMART solutions, capture your meeting notes and materials as thumbnails on-screen. At the end of the session, you can easily sort notes into key categories and disseminate materials to participants in seconds.

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T  solutions Discover a wealth of interactive products and collaborative tools that play a crucial part in helping teams work together either at home or across distances. SMART Board™ interactive whiteboard systems • The SMART Board 685ix interactive whiteboard system can help promote productive collaboration. It’s one of the first integrated systems to combine an ultra-short-throw projector, a touch-enabled widescreen interactive whiteboard and an extended control panel. The 685ix works with your dedicated meeting room computer, enabling you to access and easily share files on your network, record ideas and decisions, save notes and distribute them after the meeting. • The SMART Board 685ix interactive whiteboard appliance-based system inspires collaborative environments. The appliance-based 685ix is the first integrated system to combine an ultra-short-throw projector, a SMART Hub collaboration appliance and a touch-enabled widescreen interactive whiteboard. The appliance-based 685ix does not require a dedicated meeting room computer. You can easily share information, record ideas and decisions, then save your notes on a USB drive or distribute them via e-mail. • The SMART Board 680i series interactive whiteboard system can improve the efficiency of your collaborative decision-making. The 680i is an integrated system that combines a touch-enabled interactive whiteboard, an extended control panel and digital projector. The system allows you to access the full range of applications and data available on your meeting room computer. You can also record ideas and decisions, save notes and distribute them after the meeting.

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SMART Board interactive whiteboard • The SMART Board interactive whiteboard combines the simplicity of a whiteboard with the power of a computer. You can control applications from the interactive whiteboard, write notes in digital ink and save your work to share later.

SMART Board interactive displays • The SMART Board 6052i interactive display makes interacting with information more intuitive. With the 6052i, your teams have immediate access to their digital files and applications, so they can collaborate with ease. The 6052i combines a professional-grade LCD display with SMART’s DViT™ (Digital Vision Touch) technology to bring you high-quality visuals and a natural touch experience. You can use your finger as a mouse or the pens to write in digital ink, open applications and access websites or other media types such as video. • The SMART Board interactive display frame breathes new life into teamwork by transforming your plasma screen into an interactive display. The display frame easily attaches to a variety of commercial plasma displays or select hard-screen LCD panels, turning them into interactive touch displays. Using your finger or the pencil tool, you can control any computer application, interact with digital files, write in digital ink and save all your work. • The SMART Podium™ interactive pen display is a presentation product that works with your computer and projector, enabling you to control applications, peripherals and lighting from a lectern or anywhere in the room. Your audience simultaneously views the content on a large screen. You can write in digital ink over text and images to highlight specific points.

SMART software • SMART Meeting Pro™ Premium software can help you accomplish more in meetings. This interactive whiteboard software application enables you to write notes in digital ink, annotate over documents and web applications, and save everything to a single file. With SMART Meeting Pro Premium, you can connect multiple interactive displays in your meeting room, and the content you display can be shared among them. The software also has enhanced tools, such as lines, shapes, text conversion and content capture. • SMART Bridgit™ conferencing software enables you to create collaborative sessions that save time, connect local and remote participants, and reduce travel. This software application enables your teams to easily access and interact with information, regardless of their location. With SMART Bridgit, you can schedule meetings and connect, share and collaborate with local or remote participants using computers or SMART Board interactive whiteboards.

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Additional training products • The SMART Response™ interactive response system takes interactive learning to a new level. You can quickly quiz, poll and assess learners. The system can automatically tally participant responses, and you can easily post results or give results privately to participants. • SMART Sync™ classroom management software takes the headache out of training room management. Control all computers in a networked lab environment and broadcast your screen, or any participant’s screen, to the whole class. Your training content is kept secure with the software’s 256-bit encryption. Add another layer of security by using the teacher authentication tool to prevent outside access to training files. • SMART Notebook™ collaborative learning software is used to create, teach and manage interactive training sessions. It offers a range of training tools and resources in one easyto-use software application, helping trainers bring together ideas and content to create effective, interactive courses. • GoWire™ SMART Notebook software auto-launch cable is the perfect solution for secure networks, guest laptops and locked-down computers. The GoWire cable is a USB cable that automatically launches SMART Notebook software, providing full access to the software and all its tools. There’s no need to install the software on the computer.

Tools for the SMART Board interactive whiteboard • SMART Recorder tool records all screen activity and audio as a digital file. Easily create content for reuse and add a microphone to record additional audio (for Windows® operating systems only). • SMART Video Player tool provides the ability to view and write over moving or still videos. You can freeze a video and write over it in digital ink and edit your notes. Capture and save video frames and annotations for use in other applications.

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Create your own SMART solution

Our broad range of products enable us to create flexible solutions that deliver lasting results – for every strategy, skill level and budget. Our experts can help you select the products that fulfill your technology needs and support your objectives.

To find out more, visit

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SMART Military Solutions When every second counts, your technology solutions must be agile. They should offer compelling collaboration and t...

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