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Freestorm visual collaboration solutions Only from SMART ™



visual collaboration solutions

Freestorm brings together five key components of successful visual collaboration to transform the way you do business

Intuitive displays

Turn virtually any environment into a dynamic collaboration space.

Powerful collaboration software

Dispersed collaboration options

Comprehensive services

Industry compatibility

Capture ideas and share information like never before.

Enable remote participants to fully contribute to the visual collaboration experience.

Ensure peak performance through education services, software maintenance and support.

Elevate the software you use every day with interactivity and ink capability.

There’s a better way to work together With Freestorm solutions, people collaborate in visual and interactive ways, whether they’re in the same room or in workspaces around the world. Because our solutions are designed to streamline the exchange of information and boost productivity, they can benefit virtually any organization. They have been implemented by businesses in various industries, from architecture to manufacturing to telecommunications. We’ve helped our customers find innovative ways to make more informed decisions, reduce costs, engage clients and stakeholders, and train personnel – all by making it easier to share information and communicate ideas.

“SMART Boards have changed our meetings. Everyone in the room can quickly understand what the issue is and collaborate on resolving it.”

“Our new SMART collaboration capability enables people to meet, regardless of where they are in the world, and interact as if they were in the same room.”

Dan Gramer, National Manager, Integrated Building Solutions Turner Construction Company

Bola Oshisanwo, Director, Agile Development Center British Telecom

Transform the way you collaborate with Freestorm visual collaboration solutions

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Ready for a change?  
Ready for a change?  

Freestorm™ visual collaboration solutions. Only from SMART.