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Palazzo Pants...

Hate speeches all the way...


May 2 - 8, 2014

Woman The Lost Spirit?



Narendra Modi

the ‘elderly’ youth icon!


e benchmarks are different with expectations touching the roof. Surprisingly, Narendra Modi has emerged as a man with the vision and he has mesmerized the youth with his ideology of a strong and well-developed India.

-by Needhi Gandhi sn’t it quite a strange thing that an elderly political leader with a white beard comes out to be the most favorite leader among youths of modern India? And that too when his close competitors are quite younger than him? When Narendra Modi becomes the most liked political face among people of the age 18 to 35, it definitely shows the maturity and depth of the thought process. After Narayana Murthy Infosys and Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, he becomes one more ‘elderly youth icon’! e rise of Narendra Modi is not just a fluke. He has been in the politics for more than three decades and the transformation of a wealthy state into the wealthiest state is not a coincidence. Demonstrating phenomenal growth in a backward state is easier than showing it in a prosper state. e benchmarks are different with expectations touching the roof. Surprisingly, Narendra Modi has emerged as a man with the vision and he has mesmerized the youth with his ideology of a strong and well-developed India. Today’s youth sees an end to the dynastic ruling under the cover of democracy that has hampered the prosperity and growth. His ideas of active participation of youth in the development, keen focus on the governance, and exploring the growth > Turn to Page : 3


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May 2 - 8, 2014

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May 2 - 8, 2014 From Page : 1 ...opportunities in each sector have mesmerized the biggest chunk of voters that can make or break the government. Old styled Indian politics is facing jerks and irks of change with the active participation of the young people. ey have been looked like the game changers and they are capable of changing the fate of any political face irrespective of the stature. In this situation Narendra Modi is considered as an unarguable leader among all, especially in the generation next. He has been able to engage and attract the young supporters with his matured behavior of looking at the young generation as a ‘power pack’ instead

of ‘vote bank’. With an emphasis on recognizing youth as an important stakeholder in the na-

tional development, he brings a fresh perspective in front of people. He has been looked as a person who ‘walks the talk’. He proves the progress of his home state in the form of statistics; those are not just a few digits on a piece of paper, but a hard core reality. Central government agencies like the Planning commission and the ministry of finance have validated them. With such concrete evidence, he becomes a symbol of development and prosperity. He believes in the decentralization of economic and political powers. Due to his focused approach towards resolving the problems of youth by ‘empowerment through action’, he has attracted the young blood. As a strong believer of Swami Vivekananda, he


country where every third person is a youth! A country that will become the youngest country in the world by 2020! A country where the generation next would be contributing 2% of the total GDP! The things seem to be quite exciting. Yes, it is India, the fastest growing economy of the world is heading to become ‘Youngistan’, but the road is not that smooth as it appears to be, there are many pitfalls and speed-breakers. Since 20 percent of the total population will be living on less than one dollar per day and maternal mortality is still the main reason of death among young women, gigantic efforts will be needed to correct the situation and utilize the colossal potential lying underutilized. Uneven distribution of resources and regional disparities are creating unrest. The benefits are not getting distributed all across the nation. However, today’s generation is capable of coping up with the stress and frustration. They believe in direct confrontation with issues instead of beating around the bush. They want freedom from corruption, unemployment, inequality and any sort of discrimination. They want creative opportunities and exciting challenges.

Politically matured Gen-next knows the importance of politics in a democracy. Hence, they don’t want to run away from it.



is generation looks at the things with a different perspective. is generation has grown-up without any prejudice and hence, it is more open and liberal towards socio-political aspects.

knows the unexplored potential of the 65 percent workforce below 25 years of age group. is generation looks at the things with a different perspective. is generation has grown-up without any prejudice and hence, it is more open and liberal towards socio-political aspects. erefore, Narendra Modi wants to leverage their strength by focusing on the development, a single point agenda! Gandhi philosophy and massive corruption, between equality of rights and caste based politics. They are standing on a crossroad where different paths are going in different directions. Yet, they are capable of finding solutions for their problems.

Breaking strings of taboos Today’s youth does not believe in the old taboos. They want to get rid of the preconceived notions about caste, religion and sexual behavior. They believe in individual freedom and respect personal space.

Combating the cutthroat competition

a NatIoN oF youNgsters Rather, they want to be a part of the reforms. Being techno-savvy generation, they leverage the Internet for triggering the change. They observe carefully before making an opinion. They are mature, aware and are intellectual too.

Superficially happy-go-lucky They look careless, rough ‘n’ tough

and casual. In reality, they are incredibly serious about career planning and their future. This is the strangest aspect of their personality.

Muddleheaded with confusion This is perhaps the most confused generation so far, between westernization and core Indian values, between

Overpopulation adds fuel to the fire and they have to be ready for fierce competition in every aspect of life. Overseas job opportunities opened new windows of prosperity, but economic slowdown and changes in the US policies reduced the inflow. India is going through a great transition and youths are the torchbearer of the reforms. With an immense spirit of fighting against the odds, they are heading to change India. Youngsters have all attitude, knowledge, skills, and are smart enough all they need is an extra effort to nurture the surroundings and raise their voice against issues that need to be addressed, coz youth have power to drive the change.




he temperature in the city is soaring with each passing day and there is an increasing demand for water, 'the elixir of life'. J Syamala Rao managing director of Hyderabad Metropolitan water and sewerage board (HMWS& SB) says “ere is an increasing demand for water, we are doubling the trips of each tanker to quench these needs.” e water board on a given day operates 700 payment tankers and 135 free

tankers approximately. ese tankers supply water to about 4.5MGD making transactions of about 60 crores per annum. e price of payment tankers supplying drinking water to industries, shopping and commercial houses is slightly increased from Rs.515 to Rs.700, because of increasing expenditure. e HMWS& SB has directed tanker owners to increase their trips. However prices of domestic tanker remains unchanged at Rs. 400. Tankers which were making six trips are now making any where between 10-12 trips and will continue to do so for the month of May. Bookings should be made through Metro Customer Care (MCC) on 155313. Non-MCC trips will not be entertained till MCC trips are met.

May 2 - 8, 2014

Hate speeches all the way... D

elivering hate speech is a trend that is catching up with our politicians. It appears to be the ‘in’ thing in Indian politics. India is going to face historic elections, in such a scenario hate speeches are also a part of their canvassing. Politicians try to provoke general public with emotional speech where they dig at other community, rivals on the basis of race, religion, caste etc. e reasons vary from banking on votes, to gaining publicity. Every media house flashes the news about ‘hate speech’. is brings the party as well as the candidate nationwide recognition. Take for instance the case of MIM leader Akbar Uddin Owaisi. Before December 2012 the popularity of the party was limited to Hyderabad. But a public meeting in Nirmal in Adilabad district, changed it all. e party is now famous in the entire nation. Same is the case with Vishwa Hindu Parishad leader Praveen Togadia, Congress candidate Imran Masood. ese speeches bring them to the front page of every newspaper and they are also flashed on all news channels. ey become household names. It is one of the publicity stunts, to stay in news. Cases were booked against these candidates and they had to spend some time behind the bars. But the conviction is not good enough to send a strong message. Candidates are not learning their lessons. With election fever in full swing, it only added to the list of hate speakers with the recent being Bhartiya Janata Party’s Amit Shah and Azam Khan from Samajwadi Party. eir speeches are strong enough to stir up communal riots. People turn sentimental when it comes to religion. With these speeches they plan to touch the emotional factor of their community. Before coming to power if they speak about ‘taking revenge’, ‘wielding weapon’ ‘cutting into pieces’, what will be the outcome once these candidates who are good at spewing venom come to power? One can expect disastrous effects. e candidate might really care for the

-by Syeda Zahara Jabeen


Politicians try to provoke general public with emotional speeches where they dig at other communities, rivals on the basis of race, religion, caste etc. e reasons vary from banking on votes, to gaining publicity. Every media house flashes the news about ‘hate speech’.

people but these speeches may instigate communal violence and spread the feeling of hatred which is unhealthy for any state. We have a history where many innocent lives were lost in communal clashes due to dirty politics. For political gains if a candidate makes false promises it is acceptable, but spreading ill feeling and encouraging violence among people is a condemnable act. Attacking on one individual is a different matter and hitting on an entire community or religion can have dangerous outcome. Maintaining peace and order in the state should be the first priority of every candidate and not

disturb it. e Election Commission's move to ban Amit Shah and Azam Khan from holding public meetings, for their respective speeches is a welcome move. It is true that the Article 19 (1) (a) of Indian Constitution guarantees freedom of speech and expression. But it is subject to certain limitations which are contained under Article 19 (2). Our politicians seem to be aware of the former and ignorant about the latter. Political Parties should unanimously come up with a manifesto to stop these verbal attacks, and spread the message of oneness.


May 2 - 8, 2014

Young India decides the fate of politics this election -by Needhi Gandhi


he coming elections can be termed as a turning point in the Indian history with maximum number of youth voters craving to change the government for the betterment of all!!! e coming elections are different in many ways from the earlier ones. Mimicking the US general elections, first time in India a party is asking mandate in the name of one leader who will be heading the government. First time in India we see fierce media attacks on personal issues instead of policy matters. First time in the history, there is a total absence of third front and there is a direct battle between two political alliances. Above all, there is one more peculiarity that is getting ignored by every political party.

e power-packed youth More than 65 percent of the Indian demographic pie gets shared by youth voters, making them the biggest ‘vote bank’ in the conventional political jargon! Isn’t it quite strange that this mammoth chunk has not been focused by anybody and the old stalwarts are still fighting on the stale issues that they have been relied for time immemorial? Certainly it is, but today’s youth knows their strength and understands that they can be the deciding factor for the fate of the country. e aspirations, needs and problems cut across vivid equations of re-



ligion, caste and language. Problem of unemployment, problem of social unrest and problem of safety and security disturb them equally. ey share common thought process and face the common issues. No wonder, they look forward using their votes for a fundamental change without getting contaminated by the loud discussions on baseless issues.

e clever youth e smart and clever youth of India comprehends the stark truth hidden beneath the brazen double standards. e false aggression during sponsored media debates has lost the charm and the socalled road-shows have become a mockery. ey want real action on the real issues and just feel disguised about hero-worship.

Loads of jokes and videos getting shared on the farcical speeches and remarks of political leaders underline the dismay and frustration in their mind. It is clear that the upcoming elections will be contested based on ideologies and not idols. Generation next knows that political leaders have immense power of spinning the truth in their favor. Hence, it will be like living in fool’s paradise to discount them in the coming elections. Irrespective of socio-economic status, they are asking about the tangible and intangible issues that pinch them. Political campaigns have been extended much beyond the helicopter rallies with a ‘managed’ crowd. Young generation needs concrete answers about unemployment, health, security and education issues. ey are least bothered about the caste/religion based politics and simply ignore issues like secularism and pseudo-secularism. Emotional platitudes are no longer going to misguide them from the vital issues. It is a reality that the gen-next is least bothered about a protagonist. Hence, it will be a devious attempt to attract them based on the charisma and persona of political leaders. Capability of solving problems would decide the direction of Indian politics henceforth. In this backdrop, the coming elections can be termed as a turning point in the Indian history!

amoji Film City which is famous among film-makers, will find more ai and Asian film-makers thanks to the Asian-India Free Trade Agreement that is to be signed soon. To make Ramoji Film City easily accessible to these countries we need direct flights to Hyderabad from major Asian cities. is Guinness World record holder film-city will be a good option for ai film-makers because of similar culture and atmosphere. Indian government’s plan to implement ‘visa on arrival’ policy for Asian countries is

likely to attract more businesses and tourists to the city of Nawabs.“As of now there are only a few foreign filmmakers who have set up in Ramoji Film City, but with FTA we are expecting more business” said Rajeev Jalnapurkar, vice president of Ushakiron Movies, the operator of Ramoji Film City. It is also a good option for tourists as a fun park. is film city was inaugurated in 2003 and it attract more than 1.2 million visitors every year. With each passing year it is only becoming more popular. It was set up by Ramoji group in 1996 is spread across on 2,000 acres. It handles about 100 film shootings every year. is locale has five luxury hotels and is equally famous for conferences and weddings. Different Indian language’s films and TV serials and commercials were shot here including in Hindi and English.



arents always play a vital role when it comes to the decision of selecting the child’s schools and colleges. This is the second most important decision they make, apart from the decision to have a kid. In today’s scenario, parents have to start this analysis and research work well before the academic session begins as the admission procedure for a particular session usually starts at the month of November of the previous year. They have to go through the rigmarole of filling up application forms, attending interviews

May 2 - 8, 2014 school/college for their kids is the academic track record of that particular school. In this respect, one should try to analyze the track record for at least 4-5 previous subsequent academic years of that school. It should be noticed carefully that there is a consistency in the results of the academic sessions; i.e; if in a particular session, the overall percentage of marks in board exam is 80% and in the preceding year it is 60%, then it implies that there is lack of consistency in results and parent should be more cautious

Useful Tips to pAREnTs

foR sElEcTion of scHools AnD collEgEs foR THEiR kiDs and finally the anxious wait for the final shortlisted candidate names. Since this is seen by many parents as the first and most important step for a good education and subsequently good career opportunity for their child, so selection of best schools and colleges for their kids have become a top priority for parents now. The first and foremost thing to analyze before choosing a particular

before admitting their kid in that particular school. Nowadays, most parents want that their kid should be engaged in some co-curricular activities other than mere studies at school. In this respect, the school /college should have the provision of co-curricular activities . As such, a thorough analysis should be done either from the school’s website or from existing/past students about

the opportunity and encouragement a kid can have from the particular school. Not the least important is to find out how near the school/college is from your residence. The proximity of school/college from the place of residence should always be a key factor for selection of school/college for your child. If the school is far away from your residence, then both precious


rom a college student to an IT professional, every one curses the city traffic. Ever wondered where does the traffic come from? It comprises of every individual, including you. What makes the Hyderabadi traffic the talk of the town? Reasons are many from a VIP convoy, to bad road conditions, to various constructions, to violation of traffic rules, the list is endless. If a VIP wants to pass from a particular place all the vehicles are stopped till that convoy passes. In other countries even a governor drives his own car sans a convoy to reach his destination. Poor maintenance of city roads causes massive traffic jam as well as health problems. ere were cases in countries like U. S. where motorists suffering from backache due to bad road conditions demand compensation from the authorities for not maintaining roads. India is a country with different cultures, religions. Every other day we have a festival which requires procession on roads. Be it Muharram, Ganesh

-by Syeda Zahara Jabeen Chaturthi, or Guru Nanak Jayanti each of these require long religious processions leaving the traffic at a snail’s pace. Come elections and the situation worsen. On the other hand our Hyderabadi Nawab’s are also a major cause of traffic jams. ere might be a ‘free left’ for motorists, one


In 2013 around 25-30 students were unable to appear for EAMCET exam as they were late by few minute because of 'traffic jam'. Khaleelullah Hussaini, a corporate trainer recalls ‘‘I missed my internal exam as roads were blocked for a VIP convoy. By the time I reached college it was too late’’

c o u l d hardly utilize this facility. is is also a traffic rule which many people violate. ere are vehicles which simply block free-left, leaving a long tail of vehicles honking. But now because of RTA's efforts it has become a bit easier to take a free left. Road rages also block roads. Road rage are a cause of violating road rules and not respecting fellow commuters. As Hyderabad is developing rapidly there are construction works going on 365days a

time and energy of your child is wasted during the course of journey which is not at all desirable in today. It is also important for a school to have a healthy teacher-student ratio especially in the lower classes. If the ratio is not satisfactory, then it is not possible for a teacher to provide individual attention to every student and subsequently your child may suffer due to lack of interaction and communication between students and teachers. A last but most important criterion is the financial criteria. Today private schools/colleges charge a hefty amount from the parents, which may not be possible for all of them even if they wish their child to get admitted to that particular school. year, sometimes a flyover is under construction, or foot over and now the metro rail project. ere is cable department, water department, sewage department who needs to dig up the road to maintain their respective works with ‘inconvenience regretted’ boards. ese works leave only little space for vehicular movement. Besides this there are commercial complexes that don’t have their parking lots, forcing visitors to park their vehicles on roads. ese parked vehicles cause inconvenience to motorists. Illegal parking is major concern in lanes as well as on busy roads. Various stalls encroach our city roads. All these are reasons enough for traffic jams. RTA as well as civilians are responsible for terrible city traffic. ere are many possible ways to avoid traffic jams to an extent. Authorities should ensure that every commercial complex have their own parking space. ere should be a good parking system which can keep traffic jams at bay. Civilians should not go out of their way to take out religious processions. No religion should cause inconvenience to anyone. Most importantly follow traffic rules and respect fellow motorists.


May 2 - 8, 2014

Igniting Engineering Minds…

-by Smart City Career Desk


riends, “Global workspace’’, “Global Citizens” are the buzz words of today’s work environment as demographic boundaries getting blurred, the engineers of the ‘net’ generation have an advantage of working for the global economy. ey are blessed with access to real time information about all the technological developments happening around the world. e opportunities are plenty in the new economy of global engineering. ese opportunities come with their own challenges. e competition is now international. e engineers need to come out of the national and the cultural boundaries to become a true “global engineer “and survive in the competition and win. e survival skills for the ‘Net’ generation are to be understood and mastered to become a successful in this global scenarios

Shift is happening: e major concern is new generation students are challenged with preparing for the jobs that don’t exist today, using the technologies that have not invented yet, to solve the

problems they are not aware of !!!! Here I would like to mention a quote from Swami Vivekananda on self-responsibility “Whatever we wish to be in future can be produced by our present actions; so we have to know how to act” . As we understand, Engineering is all about planning and executing with welldefined processes to produce an output that has predictable behavior. It is a discipline. Being engineers, we should inculcate the same in our lives as well. Referring Ekalavaya’s parable, I would like stress on “Self learning Skills’’, students of any persuasion has set themselves up to become experts on a specificskill and get ready for Global phenomena.

laborative way by understanding certain techniques of ‘Just in time Learning’ and ‘Collaborative Learning’ and working in groups as a team. Performing the scholastic activities in groups and working on a group project and understanding the ‘Spirit of Social Entrepreneurship’ is a way of mastering these skills.

Skills required for becoming global engineer: e seven survival skills for winning in the market place and becoming a successful engineer are : 1. Critical inking and Problem-Solving 2. Collaboration Across Networks and Leading by Influence 3. Agility and Adaptability

4. 5. 6. 7.

Initiative and Entrepreneurialism Effective Oral and Written Communication Accessing and Analyzing Information Curiosity and Imagination

Mastering these skills : ese skills can be mastered in a col-

Reinforcing this fact , SMART CITY in association with Navtarang Career Training, focused on skilling engineering students for their future with a three day workshop . e three day workshop emphasizes on this and motivates the budding engineers to understand their responsibilities towards themselves, to the society, to the nation and to the mankind as a whole. is will help the budding engineers to shape their career . Our three day program ‘IgnitingEngineering Minds’ helps in understanding and adopting these techniques. For details Contact

cHAin EffEcT of UnEMploYMEnT M

ore and more city youth are indulging into chain snatching. The surprising aspect is these are young ‘graduates’. Some of these youngsters hail from well to do families too. Unemployment is the major cause of this menace. Youngsters with a professional degree are also biting the dust, due to unemployment. If you are lucky enough to back a job, you will not be equally lucky to get a good pay. It has become extremely difficult to find a job, even those who were working were given pink slips thanks to inflation. As these young guns cannot land a job they end up with committing crimes. This becomes their bread and butter. Some resort to the crime because of influence of movies and some wants to make quick money to lead a luxurious life. Movies like dhoom, where the criminal rides high end bikes, is always scot free giving the cops cold vibes, influence youngsters who consider it to be thrilling and cool to indulge in such crimes. Many youngsters these days want to sport branded clothes and flash swanky gadgets, and ride high end bikes, which is not pos-


-by Syeda Zahara Jabeen

"According to city police commissioner gold is an easy way to convert into money that is the reason why chain snatching cases are on rise."

sible with the pocket moneys they get. Besides this there is always pressure from peers for outing, hotel-ing, etc. What best way than to steal and make easy money to ‘enjoy life’? Once you have snatched a gold ornament it is easier to either sell it or mortgage. There are many gold shops and pawn

centers which don't ask for any documents or photographs. It is a win-win situation for both the buyer and the seller, as these youngsters offer these ornaments at much cheap prices than the existing one. This money will be more than enough for the youth to throw parties, buy expensive gifts for

their girlfriends. Drug addiction is another dangerous dimension for the increase in such crimes. All these are reasons enough to provoke them to indulge and make 'easy' money. It is the responsibility of parents to keep a watch on their children. They should enquire into the ‘sources’ of their children’s income, which is becoming more than enough to lead a luxurious lifestyle. But it is for these youngsters to understand that reel life and real life are poles apart. There is no short cut to success. Hard work is the key to success and a respectable life. Crime invites trouble and embarrassment. If caught one may land up in jail with criminal charges that are good enough to ruin one's career.


SuMMer Trend

May 2 - 8, 2014

Palazzo Pants


alazzo pants for women first became a popular trend in the late 1960s and early 1970s e style was reminiscent of the wide-legged cuffed trousers worn by some women fond of avant-garde fashions in the 1930s and 1940s, particularly actresses such as Katharine Hepburn, Greta Garbo and

Marlene Dietrich. During the 1960s, some upscale restaurants resisted modern fashion trends by refusing to admit women wearing trousers, which were considered inappropriate by some proprietors. is posed a problem for women who did not want to wear the skirt styles that were then in fashion. Some women opted to circumvent restaurant bans on women in pants by wearing palazzo trousers or culottes as evening wear. e new trend, palazzo pants, are elegant and feminine and, because of their wide leg and light fabric, they’re perfect for keeping you cool on hot summer days. Palazzo trousers are long women's trousers cut with a loose, extremely wide leg that flares out from the waist. Palazzo trousers are popular as a summer season style, as they are loose and tend to be flattering in light, flowing fabrics that are breathable in hot weather. Silk crepe/crape, jersey and other natural

fibre textiles are popular fabrics for this design. Palazzo trousers are less frequently seen during the winter months, but they may be found in wool or heavy synthetic fabrics as well. Palazzo pants are easy to pull-on and go, provide balance and flatter wider thighs and hips, and create the illusion of a maxi skirt while keeping the freedom

of pants intact. An ideal pair of Palazzos should skim the floor with heels on. Wear fitted tops or tuck your top in when wearing Palazzos as it gives the illusion of a taller you. Your tops can be colorful to balance the look. Wear wedges heels to add height. Accessorize with contrasting jewelry for jazzing up the outfit.

Lakme Fashion Week Summer Resort 2014


nushree Reddy show cased her new collection 'e Tale of a Bow' at Lakme Fashion Week Summer Resort 2014. In this season also she went ahead with her pastel palette. e show kick started with singer Shibani Kashyap walking the ramp in a pink-white salwar with gold and silver appliques. Show stopper Illeana D Cruz made heads turn in cream lehenga combined with peachtoned embroidery blouse with sequins. Anushree's collection included anarkalis, blouses, lehengas, dresses and gowns using fabrics such as mulmul, tulle, chanderi, malkha, kota and satin.

May 2 - 8, 2014



Nagarjuna Meelo evaru Koteeswarudu game show

Nagarjuna Meelo evaru Koteeswarudu game show

rajinikanth's Vikrama Simha telugu Cinema Music launch

Vikrama Simha curtain raiser launch at Prasad i Max

BN reddy award to cine producer BVSN Prasad

Cine hero raja weds Amritha Vincent

Cine heros Surya and Karthi at Polling Booth in chennai

Pawan Kalyan with Modi at NDA political meeting

Sachin tendulkar with wife at polling booth in mumbai

Smita press meet about Modi suport Wake Up india video

femina Sparkle fest 2014 fashion Show

the President, Shri Pranab Mukherjee administering the oath of office to Shri Justice rajendra Mal Lodha, as Chief Justice of india


May 2 - 8, 2014

Adolescent love, a troublesome situation to deal with... K

ids must understand that the feeling of love during adolescence is not actually love. It is just an attraction. A teenager falling in love is perhaps the most disturbing things to deal for parents. Counselors and psychiatrists feel that the traditional methods of dealing with the issue are not appropriate. e problem is more multifarious and complicated than it appears. It needs joint efforts of parents, teachers and subject matter experts.

e deception of affection Kids must understand that the feeling of love during adolescence is not actually love. It is just an attraction towards the opposite sex that gets aggravated due to hormonal changes in the body. Teenagers go through a plethora of physiological and psychological changes that cause an

-by Needhi Gandhi explosion of emotions and feelings. is is the age of giving the right shape to the career by concentration and perseverance towards studies. ese are the most crucial years that can make or break the future. Hence, it is important to come out of the fictional world and face the hard truth. e world of TV serials and movies is far away from the reality. Kids do not understand the actual meaning of love and dedication. ey get dragged away with the so-called teenage television programs and movies that glorify the sense of frantic affection as love. It triggers a series of emotional conflicts in their minds and leaves the kids in utter confusion. Infatuation is a volatile state of mind and not a true love. Fuel gets added to the fire when the relationship breaks. ere are cases of ex-

treme disappointment and anger when kids turn violent, either with themselves or with the others. Both situations are equally terrible. A break-up in a relationship is not the end of the world. ey should not make it a larger-than-life issue and move forward with enthusiasm and zeal.

e role of parents ough most of the parents show a feeling of helplessness and dismay in handling the situation, in reality they have incredible control over the situation. ey should be attentive and sympathetic about the mental state the kids are going through. However, anger and frustration are always the first reactions.

It is quite understood that they are worried about the future, but it is important to be calm and balanced. As per experts, dealing with the adolescence love is like treating the symptoms instead of the disease. e problem has to be tackled when the kids enter in the adolescent years. ey should be told upfront about the physical and mental transformation. ey should understand that all this is quite natural and there is nothing to hide about it. e problem needs a lot of determination and positive approach. Confrontation and friction make the situation irresolvable. A matured behavior is expected from the parents.

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May 2 - 8, 2014


rom ancient times to the current age, the spirit of a woman is captured in movies, songs, books and sayings however, the true freedom that a woman is enriched with in a society has lost its meaning over the years. They are considered weaker than the other sex and are often discriminated especially in India. However the reality is far different women today have stood up too strong and are surpassing the expectations in corporate worlds, educational sectors, business and in every other sector. Why do women always have to make the sacrifices? History has proved that women have sacrificed their dreams to ensure the society that they live in or the people around them are happy. is in itself is a beautiful quality that a woman has but is sadly exploited and taken advantage of. Women are as equal as any other beings in the society. However, this freedom is often not given to them and they are forced to live a life that is written by the opposite sex or by society. In India, women are often stopped from pursuing higher studies and are instead trained on how they need to become a loyal housewife. Why deprive them of the right to education? A woman’s intent to make sacrifices and


The Lost Spirit? to compromise everything that they truly seek and dream of for the people that they love. To quote examples, women in the corporate world often give up their professional life to transform into a loving mother with impeccable ease or a women changes her lifestyle to become a suave lady as per the needs of her partner or husband. They have this special gift to change personalities in a very short period with no regrets. Women also have the patience to raise the child with the sweetest of love form the first step. However this unconditional love that they have for everybody around them is not relished or respected and is on the other hand mocked and taken advantage of. Even in their deepest of sorrows, they have the strength to smile and overcome them and move on regardless of all obstacles that come their way.

Men should feel blessed that they have women around them to make these sacrifices for them and who make these sacrifices for the sole purpose of keeping them happy. However, this love is still disrespected and it’s painful to come across instances where they are further exploited and forced to make more sacrifices. Yes woman are complicated because we juggle different roles. Respect the women around and ensure that they are given the equal rights to live just like any other human being! It’s time for men to understand woman and her multiple roles that she

4 Organic food is fresher: Conventional food products are always accompanied by synthetic preservatives that help them last longer. Organic food being free from them is always fresher and thus tastes better too. 4 Protecting the environment: Con-by Ananya Mukharjee ventional system of production of food always result in pollution of all sorts. These synthetic materials which are used as fertilizers and pesticides are non-biodegradable substances. They are not processed by nature and they cause soil pollution by degrading it and finally when it enters the water table it pollutes the water also. 4 Organically raised livestock are not introduced to medication: Any bacteria when countered by an antibiotic, tends to build antibioticresistant strains. When livestock 4 Less use of Pesticides: Pesticides are which are raised to be a food prodchemically produced poisons which uct is treated with antibiotics or are meant to kill pests. Unfortugiven steroids or growth hormones nately, when these pesticides are they develop these antibiotic used to produce the conventional strains. When we pick up these disfood products they not only kill the eases from these bacteria we tend to pests but also harm us too. These be unresponsive to the antibiotic poisons cause severe health probtreatment since its already been lems when they enter our body. In done on the livestock. addition they also destroy and deWhether Organic food is more nutritious grade the soil on which they are than conventional food products is still an used. Organic farming thankfully is issue under study but no one can deny the free from this menace and this is its obvious advantages of these products over chief advantage. its conventional counterparts.

Stay Safe, Stay healthy and enjoy your day


e have always relied on the conventional food products for our everyday appetite. However, with the increase of artificial additives, which are synthetic and contain a lot of chemicals and pesticides the need of the hour is to find an alternative which is free from all these synthetic influence. Organic food is the food products that are produced by organic farming. The term “organic” basically describes the methods by which agricultural commodities are developed. To be certified as an ”organic food” a company has to attain special licenses and meet all the rules and regulations that are set by the governments and international organizations. Organic food industry is a heavily monitored industry and the food production is heavily regulated. Organic food has to be farmed and grown in a safe natural soil, which is free from the influence of any synthetic, artificially processed chemical. These are different from conventional products as the use of synthetic fertilizers, genetically modified organisms and seeds, petroleum based

fertilizers and other artificial products is completely prohibited. Organic livestock used in the process must also be given organic food. These animals, which later turn up on our plates must not have any antibiotics, steroids or any growth hormones. Certain organically produced fertilizers may be used but that too under limited conditions. The main motto of organic farming is that food must be prepared by nature and man and his technologies are not allowed to play master.

The Benefits of Organic food:

plays and yet perfects in everything. All woman need is encouragement be it be in pursuing education, working in office or doing part time jobs or doing anything that she loves to. Can we break the mould and give freedom to woman who deserve!!


MoVIe reVIeW

May 2 - 8, 2014

2 tight Slaps on the hypocrisy of Indian culture D

-by Ananya Mukharjee

o you love me?

Yes. Will you marry me? No...at’s impossible. is conversation is one of the most common conversations that happen between a couple. Love, a matter of the heart cannot be calculated or controlled. You can’t teach yourself to fall in love with only one particular kind of person. And in Indian society love isn’t important at all in marriage. You must belong to the same social class, the same religion, the same caste and so on for your elders to allow you to marry. Love, nope who cares about that. Two States, the movie based on the bestselling novel of Chetan Bhagat puts two tight slaps on the face of this hypocrisy of Indian culture. Two states is a romantic comedy based on two graduates from two different states studying MBA in an IIM who fall in love and finally decide to fight society

and its norms to marry each other. e movie is set in IIM Ahmadabad where Ananya Swaminathan (Alia Bhatt) and Krish Malhotra (Arjun Kapoor) bump into each other in the college canteen and become friends. eir friendship slowly gives in to romance and they start rubbing off each other, and generate some electricity while they tumble in and out of bed and class. It is at this point they become serious and decide to arrange a meet of their parents in the

post graduation ceremony. But alas, the union of “chicken” and “sambhar” isn’t so easy. at fact that they love each other doesn’t matter as their parents are adamant to not take a step outside the societal norms. us Krish and Ananya begin the painstaking task of winning over the hearts of their families. It is here the movie stretches a bit long as Krish moves to Chennai to convince the Swami-

nathan family. A few social aspects are touched quite nicely in the movie. e evils of dowry have plagued the bridal family for years in India, and the director Abhishek Varman has done a fine job in trashing the system in a fine comical manner. Traditionally, Indian women have always been subjugated in society and Krish’s family portrays the pathos of married women in our society. e soundtracks composed by the trio of Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy are not at all disappointing and the fresh voices along with the soothing music and refreshing lyrics make this album a treat. What is best for bollywood is that both Alia Bhatt and Arjun Kapoor rise above the flaws of the movie. e newest couple of the silver screen is a refreshing duo and complement each other nicely in this semi autobiography of Chetan Bhagat. While the director addresses some important social problems and trash them with subtle sarcasm the Madrasi vs Punjabi battle often feels too monotonous at the later stages of the movie. Chetan Bhagat’s story is set in 1995 while the movie is being made two decades later. At some points the story fails to overcome this generation gap. All in all, this story of romance coupled with witty satire and drama is worth a trip in the weekend.

The Rolling



ollywood stars might be making the headlines for abusing drugs, but besides them, a significantly large number of Students and young professionals are hooked onto substance abuse. Reputed colleges in Hyderabad are increasingly becoming hubs of drug abusers. In the name of lifestyle and ¬peer pressure, the number youngsters falling into the vicious cycle of drug consummation in Hyderabad is alarmingly increasing. eir addictions include cocaine, heroin, ganja, charas, hasish, ecstasy and LSD. ese drugs are easily available in the Hyderabadi market as the drug enforcement officers are busy impersonating the sleeping beauty. However, they wake up when their charming prince (media) comes to find them. Moreover, it is easy to ‘get high’ any-

where and anytime in Hyderabad as the city police department is busy troubling civilians for not insuring their bikes. While addiction is completely a psychological thing, abusers are citing irrational reasons for not quitting their deadly habits. According to psychologists, it is just the desire to continue to

‘trip’, but not the addiction itself that is stopping them from giving up their habits.

In fact, peer pressure is just a proximate cause, but not the actual reason for prolonged abuse of substances. Abuse starts because of friends and it sustains because of them.

A research carried out by a city based anti-drug NGO shows that most of the teenagers take advantage of the freedom that undergraduate college life facilitates and start abusing drugs as a leisure activity. Intermediate education in Andhra Pradesh is more or less a jail system and teenagers, frustrated by two years of rigorous illogical education by corporate colleges take out their vexation by getting high. Many adolescents live with a misconception that smoking and drinking act as a social lubricant, but they are blind to the fact that smoking leads to drinking, which graduates to smoking pot and they fall into a never ending vicious trap of addiction. Someone has to educate the city youth about the dangers of drug usage before it is too late.


May 2 - 8, 2014

latest buzz in techno world!! google glass, the goggle tV, the new Moto X, the touchless sensation in the media Smartphone with ultiamazing portable world mate voice recognition device to help surgeons


oogle Glass is nothing but a portable computer system with a screen, microphone, camera and audio transmitter. It has to be worn on the head and can be controlled by voice commands. During a recent research, it was observed that the device is a revolutionary tool for surgical settings. e research was conducted in a well-known hospital where a surgeon wore the device daily for a period of one month. Sufficient data were collected to analyze the effectiveness. Researchers were highly impressed by the amazing usability for video/still documentation of the procedure, telephone calls or web search for vital information during surgery without engaging hands. ough everyone overwhelms about the effectiveness and utility, there are concerns for data security. Some doctors are skeptic about the fact that it connects to the Internet cloud (either through wired connection or Wi-Fi) for fetching data and here lies the risk. Data streaming through Google servers can become lucrative for hackers or malicious programs. Internet experts suggest that a few enhancements can be made in the system to access the data in an encrypted way which is quite a popular practice in the virtual world. An exclusive data streaming from authenticated server could be another alternative. With these minor corrections, it can help surgeons greatly during the surgical process.

su Do Ku solution

CrossWorD soLutIoN !



oogle is habitual of creating sensations in the market. It is one of the most innovative companies that enjoy being the torchbearers. Nobody raised an eyebrow when the news flashed r about Google working seriously on Android OS version for a television screen. People have become habitual about such sensational news from Google! e new OS will work relentlessly on the television screens, according to the news that was said to be leaked accidently sometime back. Screenshots also appeared along with the news flash. As per experts, the firm which is developing the software had given an attempt earlier with the television stalwart Sony on multiple models of Google TV boxes, but it failed due to technical reasons. Verge is the company that is collaborating technically with Google in this ambitious project. According to the company, Google is attempting for it with full determination this time and absolutely confident about the success. Google is already in touch with multiple developers for development of applications dedicated to set-top box interfaces. Experts reveal that these applications will be in the form of scrolling cards and greatly smart and sleek. ese cards will represent TV shoes, gaming consoles and movie screens. Most astonishingly, it will be possible to toggle between handheld device and television screen seamlessly.


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aCross 1 practicability. 9 sidearm. 10 cottage. 11 tina. 12 sable. 13 knee. 16 execute. 17 collect. 18 one-step. 21 climate. 23 tram. 24 baron. 25 Zeus. 28 uttered. 29 archive. 30 tread the boards. " DoWN & ' ) , - $ ! / 1 ' ') '( @ $ '/ $ ' )" 1 push the 0boat out. 2 andante. 3 thaw. 4 compare. 5 bucolic. 6 Lett. 7 trainee. 8 relentlessness. 14 musty. 15 elvis. 19 exactor. 20 plaudit. 21 chorale. 22 atelier. 26 urea. 27 echo.

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( $ '!







hile the new sensation Moto G captures the Indian mobile phone market with a smart ecommerce model of Flipkart, another genius is on the way in the form of Moto X. Moto G is certainly good with excellent features in a budget price. e features of Moto X are equally impressive, in fact better than that. With a 4.7 inch display and neat design it fits well in the hands. e most amazing part of Moto X is the unique touch-less control designed for a single hand usage. e screen is super smooth and it is super conveniently easy for handling. Moto X brings a mixed bag of features with enhanced power and powerful camera. ough the price tag is around 24000, buyers won’t mind in spending that amount. e display of 4.7 inches offers density of 312 ppi for a breathtaking crisp and sharp reproduction of text, images and videos. ough the screen is a little bit reflective, it is easy to see clearly in the sunlight as well. Touch-less control enables users to perform multiple tasks with the peculiar voice control. It is quite easy to open multiple apps and users can experience the real fun of a Smartphone. Voice recognition helps this model standing uniquely in the mobile world.

star voting


PoP corn

May 2 - 8, 2014

su Do Ku aBout tHIs PuZZLe : Sudoku - also known as "Number Place" - is a logicbased, combinatorial numberplacement puzzle. the aim of Sudoku is to enter a number from 1 through 9 in each cell of a grid, most frequently a 9×9 grid made up of 3×3 subgrids. each row, column and region must contain only one instance of each number.

solution in 13th Page


aCross 1 9 10 11 12 13 16 17 18 21 23 24 25 28 29 30

Mostly training and skill show how easily something can be done (14) Admires new weapon (7) Company chief ordered to get a small house (7) A fool rejected turner perhaps (4) transaction includes black fur (5) endlessly show respect by going down on one? (4) Cut head off...cut head off exotic flower first (7) Get together for prayer (7) A very short dance? (3-4) the weather worried tim and Alec (7) transport for vagrant mostly (4) embargo on nobleman (5) God whose reflection is seen in canal (4) Spoke but spoke indistinctly first off (7) He worked with vicar to keep records (7) Deborah started changing act (5,3,6)

2 3 4 5 6 7 8

aries Horoscope (March 21-april 19) :

oday you might find yourself longing for some spots of colour in your life. Find out the ways in which you can make your life more T interesting and fun- filled. Do not stress over unnecessary things and do not worry much. Taurus Horoscope (april 20 - May 20 ) :


o not spend too much. Keep control on your instinct to buy useless things. is is not a good time to spend excessive amount of money. Expect to spend quality time with friends and family. Give some serious efforts to make the close ones stay special as they might be in need of it. Gemini Horoscope (May 21 - June 21) :


ou will be optimistic too and will only see the bright side of all the scopes that is going to come your way. But take all the business related decisions carefully in a calculated manner to avoid unwanted problems. Your financial status looks stable.

cancer Horoscope (June 22 - July 2 ) :

oday is favorable for you. If you have had some business related anxieties, the calculated risks of yours will start to pay off. You T have worked hard for a long time and your hard work and efforts will reap benefits today. Leo Horoscope (July 23 - august 22) :


inancial stability will make family life peaceful and happy. Apart from that give your family much needed time. Do deal with your partner gently as your partner may be sensitive to what you say. Virgo Horoscope (august 23 - September 22) :


oday is a very good time for those who work in contact with the public, customers or spectators. You will know how to make use of every single opportunity that comes your way in the most efficient way possible.

solution in 13th Page

Libra Horoscope (September 23 - october 23) :


his is an excellent time for love. You are in top for this, so take the inihead, showing persistence (14) 3 56 tiative and go ahead without thinking twice. It will be beneficial for you Damp has to destroy finally (5) 7 $ 0 0 Launch sailing vessel and celebrate lavishly to follow your instincts, as they will lead you towards the right direction. the King lives – that’s crazy! 4)4 (5) 4) (4,3,4,3) ' 8 ! one demands former thespian (7) Composition by an italian poet (7) Scorpio Horoscope (october 24 - november 21) : ) # i put lad off with praise (7) ! Melt some of the path away (4) # ! " radio for match# (7) ! Piece $of music for choir at end of$ Announcer on the ( $ #9 $ $ ou will be in the best form to complete all the pending tasks, which your # get% tummy&$ perfomance (7) rustic leaders of British union ache (7) profession requires you to complete. Someone’s attitude might baffle you ! ' & $ #$ ( 22 Studio is refurbished late – that’s right (7) Permit takes time for Latvian (4) : product (4) # 7 0 * + and shock you. ose who are single may get involved with a person of totally 26 river associated with a ,waste Apprentice from)Aintree messed up (7) ! $different ! 27 Copy Spain and Switzerland, love (4) # background. Again advanced smaller sum to / 0 $ 4 , $ ## $ ## # # ! Sagittarius Horoscope (november 22 - december 21) : ! . # ! 3 # ( / 0 + )1 hings appear to be good in the sphere of relationships and work today. ( & ; 0 < = > ? ( ' & & ! You will get great opportunities of making new friends around you. You Neeru's off ') & # ! # 0 '" 8 $ ## ! ( will also get great scope of interacting and making a good impression on imWhite And ' * ' : # $ # # portant # '( . # people who comes in your life. Black ! '/ $ # ## ! Designer ' 2 '' $ #$ < = ! 0 ! capricorn Horoscope (december 22 - January 19) Half Saree )" 3 ', 0 $ (4)4, '! > 4 0 ou will be the center of attraction. However, do not get carried away

DoWN 1


14 15 19 20 21


New Arrival

Neeru's Yellow Designer Suit


too much. Stay humble and modest. That will help you. Romantic encounters look promising. Do not hold back your honest feelings. Your hard work will be noticed and approved by all. aquarius Horoscope (January 20 - February 18) :


oday is favorable on the intellectual front. You will be associated with some famous personality in this time span. All obstacles and hurdles will come to an end by unexpected help. You must stop squandering money, as this is not a good time for this. Pisces Horoscope (February 19 - March 20) :


ou may feel like breaking away from old habits and customs and you might find happiness in the most ordinary tasks. People will seek your advice and approval. Love is on the cards. Some significant changes are going to take place in your love life, which you should look forward.

Printed, Published, owned and edited by PSC Naidu on behalf of Navtarang Corporation Pvt. Ltd., & Printed at Karshak Art Printers, Vidyanagar, Hyderabad and Published at flat No. 404, Golden Apts, Goutham Nagar, Malkajgiri, Hyderabad. rNI No : aPeNg/2013/53529


May 2 - 8, 2014

The woRld’s besT Chiplevel Repair

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May 2 - 8, 2014

Smartcity weekly issue38  

In this edition of SMART CITY Magazine read how Narendra Modi is a quick match for India. If you are planning a holiday abroad then this edi...

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