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Does your e-portfolio measure up to grow your apprenticeships in 2018?


Hello, Whilst 2017 has been unsettling in many ways for those of us supporting apprentices, the introduction of the employer levy, new standards and the fraught non-levy tendering process it’s clear that the apprenticeship brand has retained its appeal for employers, parents and apprentices alike and the opportunities for providers in 2018 will be much more settled and, frankly, very exciting for providers who differentiate themselves.

Does your e-portfolio measure up? Building Employer Courses - page 4 Smart 20% ‘off the job’ - page 5 Maths & English Functional Skills - page 6 Engaging Employers - page 7

Smart Apprentices have returned another strong performance in 2017, growing again by 65%, investing in 4 new innovative technologies whilst transforming our e-portfolio Smart Assessor to support employer standards, bespoke courses and gateway assessments.

Leadership & Management - page 8-9

With the turn of a New Year now is a great time to evaluate your current e-portfolio and ensure it measures up to your apprenticeship growth aspirations.

Not A CV - page 13

We wish you well in this exciting new world of 2018 and would welcome the opportunity to discuss further how our technologies can contribute to your apprenticeship delivery success.

A Final Word - page 15

Gateway Assessments - page 10-11 MIS Data Transfer - page 12

Forward Planning - page 14

Fiona Hudson-Kelly

Fiona Hudson-Kelly CEO

...can your e-portfolio do this?

...can your e-portfolio do this?


Building Employer Bespoke Courses Our experience of working with Nick Linford, editor of FE week, developing the innovative levy calculator FAS (Funding Apprenticeship System) has given Smart Apprentices a unique insight into how providers can develop bespoke employer courses. We’ve used this knowledge to create a purposefully designed course builder within our e-portfolio Smart Assessor. This means you can create bespoke employer courses from the standards and assessment plans we’ve imported into Smart Assessor.

Smart ‘20% off the job’ Use our innovative ‘Smart’ integrated web conference rooms to deliver trainer led blended learnng - making ‘off the job’ easy. Record the learning as evidence in our e-portfolio to comply with your ESFA and Ofsted audits. What’s more, Smart Assessor tracks any ‘off the job’ activity in the time log.


...can your e-portfolio do this?

...can your e-portfolio do this?


Smart VLE: Maths & English Functional Skills

Engaging Employers

Smart Assessor tracks teaching and learning within functional skills, helping your apprentices prepare for their exam. Connect to our Smart VLE to integrate our Maths and English initial assessments, diagnostics and resources seamlessly into Smart Assessor.

In the exciting new world of apprenticeships the most successful providers will be those who can create strong relationships with employers. In Smart Assessor employers have their own dashboard as well as their own app to keep them engaged with their apprentices learning journey.

Everything you need for functional skills, all in one place.

From electronically signing review forms, to checking their progress, Smart Assessor makes it easy for your employers to get involved.


...can your e-portfolio do this?

...can your e-portfolio do this?


Leadership & Management Smart Assessor’s management dashboard monitors key performance, giving you everything you need to stay on track. How does your e-portfolio measure up? Apprentices not active > 10 weeks Employers not logging in Apprentices overdue a review Apprentices at risk of not completing on time High/low performing assessors Apprentices off track with functional skills Forms awaiting signature Apprentices who haven’t completed their Prevent Duty and Safeguarding training Tracking ‘20% off the job’


...can your e-portfolio do this?

...can your e-portfolio do this?


Gateway Assessments Within the suite of Smart Apprentices technologies we have Smart EPA, the first purposefully designed technology used by leading End Point Assessment organisations. This partnership with EPAO’s has given us a unique insight into their requirements, from gateway assessments and progression through to end point assessment. We have applied this knowledge to create a rigorous gateway assessment giving you the peace of mind that you can evidence apprentices’ EPA readiness.


...can your e-portfolio do this?

...can your e-portfolio do this?


Seamless data integration with your MIS

Not a CV

We link customer’s MIS to Smart Assessor, which means that your apprentices are automatically created in Smart Assessor, including their profile details, ULN, course code, start date, planned end date, functional skills exemption, additional learning support and creates their employer.

Showcase your apprentices’ achievements with our modern and interactive digital CV which your apprentices can retain, along with their e-portfolio, when they have completed their apprenticeship to further their employment opportunities.

When your assessor logs into Smart Assessor their learner data is sychronised from your MIS. Smart Assessor has data transfers from any MIS, including: Pics Pro Solutions Unit-e Unit 4 EBS Maytas REMS Sunesis Rest assured, with single data entry into your MIS, Smart Assessor will always be accurate, eliminating the risk and cost of double data entry.


...can your e-portfolio do this?

...can your e-portfolio do this?


Forward Planning Everything your assessors’ need to do is located on a dynamic dashboard, quickly displaying ‘at risk’ apprentices, new evidence to review, apprentices with overdue reviews and more.

A final word,

Smart Assessor also has a ‘Course Planner’ feature to schedule reviews activities, resources and work projects so nothing gets missed.

I hope you have enjoyed sharing some of the differences between Smart Apprentices’ technologies and other e-portfolios.


The pace of change in the apprenticeship sector has been so rapid in 2017, perhaps now at the start of 2018 would be an opportune moment to surface and look at how e-portfolio technologies have embraced these changes? We would welcome the opportunity to meet with you and discuss how we can help with your apprenticeship growth aspirations.


Please get in touch with Danny Taylor, Business Development Director, or myself to arrange a convenient date and time.. Contact Danny at or on his mobile 07712 515907 Or myself or my mobile 07970 010389

Fiona Hudson-Kelly

Fiona Hudson-Kelly CEO 14

...can your e-portfolio do this?

...can your e-portfolio do this?

15 your e-portfolio do this?

Does your e-portfolio measure up?  
Does your e-portfolio measure up?