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Standardisation Outcomes

The introduction of the apprenticeship levy will double the annual investment in apprenticeships in England to £2.9 billion by 2019.

Distribute Results Contracts

2018 is going to be an exciting growth year for end point assessment organisations as the sector experiences an explosion in the number of apprentices enrolled onto employer standards. To help EPAOs manage the increased demand for end point assessments, Smart Apprentices have developed the first technology exclusively designed for registered EPAOs to manage their end point assessments with rigour and efficiency.

Automatic Assessor Matching

Import Templates


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Smart EPA manages every aspect of end point assessments from importing portfolios to recording EPAs, managing resources, validating competencies and conflicts of interest through to standardisation and compliance for external moderation.


Manage Resit Bookings

Smart Rooms

All these key features plus much more


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EPA Completion EPA Bookings

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Chosen as the technology partner of choice by leading EPAOs you will be in safe hands. Smart EPA - we’ve got you covered. Email to arrange a demonstration.

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Smart End Point Assessment Technology we’ve got you covered


Smart End Point Assessment


Onboarding Configurable Permissions

Configuring Standards

User Defined Lists

Resource Management

Assessor Management

Configurable Permissions | SEPA user groups are configured to deny or grant access to critical features & areas of the system, based on your organisational structure which the system will mirror. The permissions are split into three categories: System permissions Report categories Dashboard widgets Users can be setup for EPAOs, Training Providers, Employers, Assessors and optionally apprentices.

Configuring Standards | Standards are easily configurable within the system to ensure they can be delivered to meet the requirements of the assessment plan. The configuration items include: Standard Level | Resit rules | Price | Apprenticeship length | Assessment Types | Overall Grading

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Each individual assessment type within a standard can be configured to reflect the assessment plan. The configuration items on assessment types include: Min Assessor Duration Min Apprentice Duration Overall Result Weighting Grades available Maximum resit attempts Apprentice Attendance Required Resit fees

User Defined Lists | Users can customise the data which is available in drop down boxes throughout the system. Over 20 different types of lists can be configured in the system including: Currencies | Address Types | Contact Types | Report Categories | Apprentice status | Reasonable Adjustments we’ve got you covered

Resource Management | Resources can be uploaded or linked to within SEPA providing a central location for all information connected to EPAs. Resources can be associated with specific standards and/or user roles such as training providers: Resource Categories General Training Provider Docs Employer Docs Assessment Centre Docs Assessor Docs EPA Evidence Docs Apprentice Docs Assessor CPD Docs Assessment Centre EPA/Evidence Docs

Assessor Management | Set up your assessors in SEPA to manage their workload. This includes adding information such as: Contact details | The Standards they are competent to assess | Working Hours | Planned leave | Conflicts of Interest | CPD records we’ve got you covered


Step 1: Training Provider/Employer Registration Relationship Management


Managing Conflict of Interest

Contracts | Contracts can be created in the system to manage the relationship between EPAOs and the other parties in the EPA process including training providers and employers. Contracts can be used to apply discounts. Contracts can limit the number of apprentices which can be assessed.

Employer Management | Employer records can be setup allowing for the capture of details such as: Addresses | Contact Details | Funding information | Linked apprentices | Sectors Training Provider Management | Training Provider details are captured to provide the system with critical information used in the selection of EPA providers. Details available to be recorded are: Standards they deliver | Addresses | Contact Details | Linked employers

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Managing Conflict of Interest | The Assessor Management features a process to identify possible conflict of interest which may exist between the assessor and other parties within the EPA process. Conflict of interest identified and recorded into the system will be used to eliminate this assessor from completing any EPAs where that conflict will occur. we’ve got you covered


Step 2: Apprentice Registration API | SEPA’s API allows you to integrate with other 3rd party systems including:


Import Templates

Reasonable Adjustment Requests

ULN Verification

Payment Terms

e-portfolios MIS systems Sales systems Accounting systems

Import Templates | SEPA’s “Import Templates” configurable in the system allow importing of data such as apprentices. Users must define a column letter or column name within a spreadsheet where each field can be found. These mappings will then be used to process any uploaded spreadsheets.

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Payment Terms | Whilst registering apprentices, key EPA information such as the standard they are completing, payment terms and reasonable adjustments can be recorded.

Reasonable Adjustment Requests | Reasonable adjustments can be requested and processed within the system. Evidence can be uploaded to support the requested reasonable adjustments.

ULN Verification | SEPA allows for apprentices to be registered in the system, fields capture all key information such as the ULN Number and purchase order numbers for the EPA. With built-in integration in the LRS service provided by the ESFA, ULN numbers can be verified.

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Step 3: EPA Bookings

Checklist & Sign Off

Upload Evidence

Assessor Matching

Assessor Confirmation

Assessor Preparation

Checklist & Sign Off | SEPA allows for checklists to be configured and applied to each individual standard. Checklists can be used to upload evidence and ensure that the necessary parties agree each apprentice is ready for EPA.

Upload Evidence | Evidence such as a summative portfolio can be uploaded and associated with individual assessment types for apprentices. This process is made simple using drag and drop technology.

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Assessor Preparation | Assessors can review evidence submitted prior to an assessment. Assessor Matching | Once the apprentice is ready for EPA, the system will automatically match the apprentice to available assessors. When matching assessors the following information is taken into consideration:

Evidence can be submitted by the apprentice themselves or on the apprentice’s behalf by their training provider prior to an assessment taking place.

Apprenticeship Standard Assessor Working hours Assessor Capacity Assessor Holiday Assessment Location Conflicts of interest

Assessor Confirmation | Confirmation is required from assessors for all EPAs booked in the system. This acts as a check to ensure that the assessor is suitable and available to complete the EPA.

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Integrated Smart Room Technology | Smart Rooms utilise powerful new technologies for communication and collaboration. Partnering with Brother, this seamless process provides a new way of communicating with all stakeholders.

Step 4: EPA Completion

EPAs can be scheduled and completed remotely. When scheduling EPAs, if a Smart Room is chosen as the assessment location, the system will automatically check to ensure that a room is available, and if so, a link will be distributed to the relevant parties.

Smart Rooms




Comments we’ve got you covered

EPA Results Confirmation we’ve got you covered


Comments | Throughout the EPA process, assessors are able to record comments against the apprentice’s EPA. The system will automatically record the name of the user who made the comment, as well as the date and time of the comment. This ensures that all comments are traceable and can be queried with the relevant user. Grading | Assessors are able to enter the grade which they wish to give to an apprentice per assessment type. SEPA allows for a grade such as pass, merit or distinction to be recorded as well as a mark and/or percentage achieved. Overall EPA results can be automatically calculated, or can be entered manually by an administrator or assessor.

EPA Results Confirmation | Assessments can be double marked within the system, allowing for results to be confirmed or modified by a second assessor before being released to the relevant parties. During this step additional comments can be added. Evidence | Evidence can be uploaded during an assessment in order to justify the grade and comments given by the assessor. For each piece of evidence added during an assessment, the assessor must record the source of the evidence as well as add some comments explaining what the evidence is.

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Resit Costs | SEPA has a central location for managing bookings, which have been made for an apprentice and allows for resits to be booked when necessary.

Step 5: Resits

By selecting “Book resit”, the allocation scheduling process will be launched, allowing you to select a location and time for the resit, as well entering a PO number for the resit booking. Resit Rules

Resit Costs

Resit Rules | SEPA manages the booking of resits and allows you to input scenarios and rules on which resits are allowed. Resit rules include: Maximum number of resits per standard Maximum number of resits per assessment type The ability to resit passed assessments Ensure all assessment types are completed before booking resits.

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Distribute Results | The system automatically calculates the overall grade of an apprentice using our customisable aggregation tables.

Step 6: EPA Results

SEPA supports the ability to apply weighting to assessments in order to calculate the overall result. If required, overall grades can be manually input for an individual apprentice. Submit Results to EPA

Distribute Results

SEPA comes as standard with a number of email templates. The emails are triggered at various stages of the EPA process to notify the selected parties with information, such as the results of an EPA. The following configuration options exist for Email Templates:

Submit Results | SEPA will integrate directly into the ESFA to allow for the certification template to be completed and uploaded automatically. This process will take place once the apprentice has completed the EPA and has been given an overall result.

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Who the email is to be sent to What the email contains (including merge fields) Email headers Disclaimers we’ve got you covered


Standardisation Reasons | SEPA aids standardisation processes, allowing for samples of EPAs to be taken and reviewed.

Step 7: Standardisation

Standardisation Reasons


Standardisation Outcomes

Audit Compliance

A reason can be recorded against EPAs identified for standardisation. Reasons include an apprentice appealing, an assessor having been suspended, and for quality assurance.

Reports we’ve got you covered

Dashboard we’ve got you covered


Standardisation Outcomes | The outcome of a standardisation review can be recorded. The available outcomes include: Modify grades Adding comments to an EPA Suspending an assessor Request a resit

Reports | SEPA comes as standard with 20 default reports on information including: Filtered Apprentice lists Apprentice invoice data Apprentices missing evidence for reasonable adjustments Assessment bookings EPA results Reports can be scheduled to run as a single one off task or setup as recurring tasks. Parameters can be added to the scheduled report to filter the data sent.

Audit Compliance | External auditor access can be setup in the system to allow for external auditors to have read-only access to your records.

Custom reports can be created using our built in report builder. Powered by DevExpress the features available include: Charts Images Parameters

As with other user groups, access can be granted and denied within each area of the system.

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Dashboard | A management dashboard is available and can provide quick access to information such as: Active Apprentices Active Employers EPAs in the next 30 days EPAs to be booked The dashboard can be configured per user to show the widgets which are most relevant.

A final word, With any change comes challenges. Many training providers will look to their End Point Assessment Organisations for advice and guidance on supporting them to manage the transition from in training to end point assessment for their apprentices. End Point Assessment organisations that can make booking and managing end point assessments easy for their providers, apprentices and employers will be best placed to become the partner of choice. We can help you reach out to your providers, employers and apprentices, to offer them a rigorous and easy platform, where they can feel confident in managing their end point assessments with you, in the knowledge that you have invested in best in breed technology, purposely developed for end point assessments and not just adapted your existing platform in the hope it meets their needs. If you would like to discuss your requirements further, please contact John Donigan on

Fiona Hudson Kelly Fiona Hudson-Kelly CEO

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