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Car leasing means leasing vehicle for a fixed term at a pre agreed amount of money. It is very often offered by dealers and car leasing companies as an alternative arrangement for car purchase. It is mainly and widely used by business houses as a mode of acquiring vehicles for business purpose. But the car is also required to be returned to the leasing company after the term is over. Car leasing business is most common business in UK and there are a lot of companies operating in the market.They specialize in cheap contract hire special offers and business contract hire. Their websites are updated every day with cheap offers and deals every day. These companies are in constant negotiation with finance companies, dealers, manufacturers and suppliers so that they can offer the cheapest deals possible.

Car leasing can be done both at the personal level and at the business level. Personal car leasing is a flexible leasing agreement between the leasing company and an individual. It does not include the ownership of the vehicle. The customer can use the vehicle and also has to maintain it. The lease company is always the legal owner of the car and the client is the registered keeper of the car. More and more businesses are going for leasing to finance their new business vehicles. It is a simple and straightforward way to use a new car without having to pay a huge chunk of money to purchase it. It is extremely popular because it is hassle free, balance sheet friendly, provides the client better cash flow with no concerns of depreciation or disposal problems of the vehicle at the end of the lease. A basic lease ensures payment for the use of a new car on a monthly basis from two to four years and when the contract expires the business house very simply returns to the car to the leasing company. There are many benefits of business car leasing and these benefits are as follows  

Low initial outlay. Normally it is just three to six months in advance. Budget accurately with fixed regular payments. No risk associated with depreciation or no hassle of disposal. The car needs to be just handed back to the leasing company after the lease contract expires.

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100% tax relief on a wide range of contract hire vehicle. Road tax is usually included for the full term of the lease and fixed cost vehicle maintenance as an optional extra. Essential road accident assistance comes free with the contract. 100% VAT may be recovered on commercial vehicle leasing and fixed cost maintenance.

These business car leasing companies also offer exclusive contract hire. But the services they provide are also an extremely attractive feature. Their staffs are well-trained, cheerful and adequately experienced. They help each and every client to go through their contract and help them with the paper works.

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Car leasing a viable option for businesses .

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