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SMART PROJECT has been established in 2005 with the experience taken in the field of architecture and engineering. What distinguishes and makes it interesting, is the variety of projects that the company has constantly and successfully challenged itself with.

Our practice is a deeply philosophical and practical commitment in every new project; thoughtful planning and use of unique and sensible materials based on constant exploration of ideas, concepts and forms, using a specific methodology for each project – every new condition brings us to a new and unique solution.

This profile contains a list of selected references from our continuous work and dedication in the last decade.


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Design Approach

Quality Assurance

Strategies, Approaches, Methods and Tools

References: Selected List


Smart Project is a full service design firm, with experience in many different project types including: Housing, Office, Education, Retail, Mixed-Use, Institutional, Industrial, Infrastructure, Manufacturing and Health Centers.

Throughout the last 17 years, Smart Project has worked on over 350 projects and has collaborated with more than a hundred clients. From the initial engineering firm in Prishtina, Smart Project has been involved in many important national projects throughout its early years. These projects mainly included infrastructural and institutional projects, projected to assist the local economy. We have worked on several EU funded projects in collaboration with organizations such as Eptisa and Ingedia. Additionally, we have collaborated on projects with US Aid, Swiss Caritas, Strabag and Giz.

Over the last decade we have shifted our activities mainly in the architectural services, professional consulting and real estate. We now provide services ranging from the initial basic plot evaluation up to the construction supervision. At the same time, we are consistently working on expanding our area of service, having already done several projects in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Montenegro. Through our real estate and consulting services and its management team’s dedication, Smart Project has managed to attract a number of foreign investors to invest in our home country, in various types of industries.

Designs that matter impact the core of their surroundings. They are visually appealing, comfortable, flexible, secure and efficient, a pleasure to be in. Our architecture reflects the knowledge of how people and organizations use and experience space. We work collaboratively with clients and end users to create buildings that work well on all aspects. It is our commitment to provide the most comprehensive design and analysis with a high level of engineering integrity and expertise.

Problem solving includes what we do and deliver. It is our commitment to provide the most comprehensive design, analysis, and testing services with a high level of engineering integrity and expertise. Multi-disciplinary engineering methods, innovative applications, and a highly knowledgeable and experienced group of collaborators characterize the level of our engineering expertise.

In the path of expanding our services internationally, Smart Project has built a strong partnership with “WATAD” Group in offering turnkey solutions in the Middle Eastern market. WATAD Group with headquarters in Jordan, in collaboration with Smart Project is now working on acquiring high-level projects in the region.

For us as humans it is important the atmosphere and space, how it makes us feel, experiencing and seeing things. In this direction has been always our work, thinking, studying the space and its conception of philosophy.

8 Introduction

Design Approach

At the heart of our architecture is the ability to take a new look of the design issue, experienced through the eye, tactility and livable space. Our approach aims for intensive research and analysis by blending theoretical and practical issues as symbiotic forces that shape our design. With the development of rigorous criteria and methods of analysis and execution, we combine creativity, innovation and efficiency.


Quality is always a part of our commitment and process, in delivering our designs to the clients. Quality assurance derives from the interaction with the client, understanding the demands and finding out the needs during the whole process. Our program seeks out not only solving problems, but finding also new potentials.

We are currently certified and working based on the latest international standards of ISO 9001 : 2015 in offering design services, supervising and consulting in the field of engineering.

As a part of the quality assurance program inside our team, we have in place two directors as a part of the design team hierarchy. The Quality Assurance director possesses great conceptual and creative skills and is responsible for the overall quality of the projects, which is mainly determined during the first and second phases of our services. The technical director, who has a vast experience in the construction industry, ensures the projects are technically qualified and meet the latest industry standards before we deliver them to our clients.

Smart Project constantly leverages the intellectual capital of the team. This approach means that fresh perspectives and ideas are constantly applied across sectors, leading to new concepts and solutions that define the best solutions.

10 Quality Assurance

Strategies, Approaches, Methods and Tools

Having in mind the experience and skillfulness, alongside we have built a set of qualifications that are part of the quality assurance.

In order to set a working standard, we use physical models, 3D visualizations, sketches and other tools. Physical Models serve as an analytical and decisive tool to determine many parameters, at the same time having an early physical feel of the development. That also helps solving many of the issues at an early stage, eliminating any issues at later stages of the design process.

During the design development phase we work collaboratively using BIM (Building Information Modeling), which is a digital process built on collaboration. The data is collated into a common data environment where all project information is kept up to date and shared to ensure the highest level of resource efficiency.


Urban Developments

Bear Sanctuary Prishtina

“Ibrahim Rugova” Square

“Zahir Pajaziti” Square

Civic Domain

University Campus “Epitech”

War Memorial Complex

Sports and Tourism Complex

Yeonsu-gu Youth Center


Residential Complex “Grand Towers”

Residential Neighborhood “WA”

Residential Complex “Nord ”

Luxury Villa “Le Paradis”


Resort Faro dell’ Adriatico

Commercial Center “North Gate”

References Selected List

Bear Sanctuary Prishtina -

Location: Mramor, Prishtine

Services: Master Planning, Landscape Design, Architecture, Interior Design, Procurement, Supervision

Size: 16 Ha

Status: Completed

Bear Sanctuary Prishtina is located 20 kilometres away from the capital of Kosovo near the village of Mramor. The land allocated for the sanctuary by the Municipality of Prishtina covers an area of 16 hectares. The areas developed provide a near-natural habitat and lifelong home to brown bears formerly kept as restaurant bears in Kosovo and Albania. Here, the bears have the chance to live under professional supervision and in an environment suited to their species.


This developments is regarded as one of the best post-war projects ever developed in Kosovo, moreover it currently is a top listed attraction for tourists visiting Kosovo. In addition to existing facilities, a new training and educational center is available in order to improve the public attention to animal welfare and environmental issues in Kosovo.


“Ibrahim Rugova” Square -

Location: Prishtine, Kosovo

Services: Architecture, Engineering, Urban Planning, Landscape Design, Supervision

Size: 14,000 m²

Status: Completed

Square “Ibrahim Rugova” is one of the three main squares in the city center of Prishtina. It is a connecting node between many of the central neighborhoods. Green areas consist 3000 m² of the total area. It has three different sized fountains and types of shade trees. In the square, there are also applied irrigation systems that keep the water levels under control throughout the year.


“Zahir Pajaziti” Square -

Location: Prishtine, Kosovo

Services: Architecture, Engineering, Urban Planning, Landscape Design, Supervision

Size: 14,200 m²

Status: Completed

Square “ Zahir Pajaziti” is the most frequented zone in Prishtina. Various national ceremonies and celebrations take place in this square, during the whole year. It also has its designated area for different types of live performances and fountains near the Zahir Pajaziti statue.


Square “ Zahir Pajaziti” is the most frequented zone in Prishtina. Various national ceremonies and celebrations take place in this square, during the whole year. It also has its designated area for different types of live performances and fountains near the Zahir Pajaziti statue.

University Campus “Epitech” -

Location: Tirane, Albania

Services: Architecture, Engineering

Size: 14,200 m²

Status: Ongoing

The university campus is home to the famous French school of digital innovation. It is located near Tirana’s airport. The campus consists of the IT dedicated faculty and the dormitories. The tectonic articulation of the buildings is expressed through the exposed concrete and the volumetric shifting. The faculty has a great ecological performance. It features passive systems through natural lighting and ventilation with a reduction of energy by the high levels of insulation and high performance windows. Vertical operable sunshades are placed alongside the window glazing for an optimal sunlight control.

27 GSPublisherVersion

“ZOD” War Memorial Complex -

Location: Gllogjan, Kosovo

Services: Architecture, Interior Design, Restoration, Engineering

Size: 4,000 m²

Status: Competition 1st Prize, Under Construction

Humans are connected to certain locations and spaces, to not only see them, but for the meaning they hold and carry to them, meanings that create a mutual communication and dependency between the human and the built or natural context. The last war that happened in Kosovo, left many people and places indelibly marked. The conservation of such memories as narratives which create structures and other exponents, as well as the development of installations, memorials and new spaces to conserve, empower and carry on these memories to the future generations, was the main focus of our proposal for the “ZOD War Museum Complex”. The concept of an open museum, includes the formal type of a museum in an ensemble which flows together with the other existing structures inside a closed garden with an atrium and gallery.
















The first step of the design was to identify the existing samples in the context, and use them to generate new architectural concepts which are re-interpreted, where the function and expression blend together. In this case, design takes into consideration integrity, unification and balance of the old and new. The metaphorical interpretation of war, resistance, hospitality and unity of the family as well as the interpretation of national symbols, were the main sources of inspiration towards the creation of an architectural strategy, to initiate and develop the project of the Museum Complex. The main focus of the whole composition remains the flag pole, around which a water pond is developed and is revealed at the atrium above, while the complex is covered in a unified way by the space structure, that is materialized with ETFE.


Location: Podujeve, Kosovo

Services: Architecture, Interior Design

Status: Ongoing

Size: 5 Ha

The Recreations Center project combines offers for all interested parties on recreation and sports while providing infrastructure to host international sports teams/clubs during their stay in Kosovo visiting for international competitions whether for football or any other sports categories. Construction project for the center is based on European models of recreation centers which at the end is a multi functional center with all required infrastructure for its operations and service offerings to the clients.


Yeonsu-gu Youth Center -

Location: Incheon, South Korea

Services: Architecture

Status: Competition

Size: 7,000 m²

Our proposal for the Yeonsu-gu Youth Center in South Korea was based on the present conditions of the site, where the major design influential factors are the two existing bordering buildings, where the space between these two buildings forms the key passage that leads to the youth center. The strategy was to create an ageless sustainable building with joyful silhouettes and functional spaces that are built through interpretations of vernacular patterns, where the reflection of the youthful spirit that one day will fill the physical space comes to the forefront, always.

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Mixed-Use Residential Complex “Grand Towers” -

Location: Prishtine, Kosovo

Services: Architecture, Engineering, Supervision

Size: 48,000 m²

Status: Under Construction

“Grand Towers” Complex is situated in the New Prishtina Neighborhood. It is one of the first developments that began in this zone. It is positioned at the highest altitude in the city of Prishtina, which enables a wide cityscape view of the capital. The complex consists of 5 building sections, that are inter-connected through the underground and ground levels.


Neighbourhood “WA” -

Location: Prishtine, Kosovo

Services: Architecture, Engineering, Interior Design, Supervision

Size: 6 Ha

Status: Under Construction

This neighborhood proposal is located near the city center of Prishtina. There are a total of 100 houses inside the development, with 6 different typologies. In order to fulfill the needs of the residents, there is also a Nursery school, a sports center and a retail building.


Mixed-Use Residential Complex Nord -

Location: Prizren, Kosovo

Services: Architecture, Engineering

Size: 52,800 m²

Status: Under Construction

The residential complex “Nord” is a large development in a new urban zone in the city of Prizren. The focus of the design was to create more public spaces for the residents. As a result we have dedicated the central area of the plot for green areas, retail stores that lie just below the ground level as well as many other recreational spaces.


Luxury Villa “Le Paradis” -

Location: Rahovec, Kosovo

Services: Architecture, Engineering, Interior Design, Supervision, Procurement

Status: Under Construction

Size: 2,000 m²

Villa “Le Paradis” has an expanded program of use. It is designed in harmony with the surrounding nature, in a quiet remote zone. The form of the villa was created to feature both vertical and horizontal elements of composition, depicted by the white facade. The villa has also a patio, which allows more lighting to come inside and create a more attractive space to live in.


Resort Faro dell’ Adriatico -

Location: Ulcinj, Montenegro

Services: Architecture, Engineering

Size: 88,000 m²

Status: Ongoing

The resort gets its name for being at the center of the long beach in Ulcinj, Montenegro, which means the lighthouse of the Adriatic. It is at the moment, the biggest development in the city of Ulcinj. The resort lies across 12 Ha of land and it consists of 5 different hotels, 3 apartment blocks and villas. In order to fulfill the needs of the tourists, the development has also direct access to the beach with sports fields, an aqua park, an olympic pool and many other amenities.


Location: Prizren, Kosovo

Services: Architecture, Engineering

Size: 31.847 m²

Status: Ongoing

The North Gate Commercial Center is located in Prizren at a strategic point on the highway “Ibrahim Rugova”. The development contains a shopping center, the hotel as well as the gas station. It is divided into two different segments, separated by the highway in the middle. The two parts function independently and are meant to provide services for the ongoing travelers as well as residents of the nearby community.

North Gate -
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