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City Water: Redefining Responsible Stormwater Management in the Urban Environment By Sarah Marshall

“A bad solution is bad, then, because it acts destructively upon the larger patterns in which it is contained. It acts destructively upon those patterns, most likely, because it is formed in ignorance or disregard of them. A bad solution solves for a single purpose or goal, such as increased production. And it is typical of such solutions that they achieve stupendous increases in production at exorbitant biological and social costs.� Wendell Berry, Solving for Pattern


Park + Tree Cover

Buildings: ~50%

Roads: 25%

Paved (Impervious) Area ~50%

Thesis Proposal: The Seattle Central Waterfront has the potential to lay the foundation for improved water quality in the Puge Sound. The viaduct must be removed, and the seawall must be replaced. With all of this new development, it is essential that we embrace the possibility of new approaches to water use and treatment, and lay the groundwork for building on those systems now. The next big opportunity for change may not present itself for another 70 years. The Central Waterfront serves as the most visible and public boundary between land and water in Seattle. By creating a new approach to water management here, it will serve as an impetus to improving our urban waterways.

Stormwater Systems

Bathing Facilities

Constructed Wetland: Houtan Park, Shanghai Expo: • treats 500,000 gallons/day • 1 mile long, 30-100 ft wide

Seawall Systems


Clean Stormwater: Roof Runoff

Dirty Stormwater: Road Runoff

Blackwater: Sewage






Public Ownership

Three Strategies




Pier 48 Bathing Facility

Habitat Creation

Seawall Replacement Options


‘Strolling, sitting and viewing’ ’Touch the water’


Scuba divers


Small craft boaters


Families Transient Population Swimmers

Program (Unconditioned) • storage lockers for equipment • showers (400ft ) 2

• changing rooms (800 ft ) 2

• wading/intertidal exploration zone • outdoor seating/sunbathing • deep water swimming zone • diving zone

Program (Conditioned) • 4 saunas (120 ft2 each) • administration office/reception area (500 ft ) 2

• kitchenette (200ft ) 2

• flexible program space that can accomodate group activities, camps, etc... (1000 ft2)

Thesis Presentation  

thesis presentation

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