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Expanding Your Online Presence Using a Blogger Outreach Agency Internet has established itself as an information mammoth. Whenever people decide to buy any product, whether from the websites or the real world stores, they head to the web to gather information about it. The internet offers them a platform to communicate with people all over the world and take their opinions to help them decide which product to buy. We call this online word of mouth and referrals. Blogging websites are among the hottest destinations for consumers looking to gather information, facts and opinions. Blogs are one of the most trustworthy resources according to consumers. In fact they are even more popular than many of the social networking websites like twitter and Facebook. Getting people to know about your products or services is a necessity if you want to be included on their shopping list. Blogging websites and communities provide your business with an opportunity to tell the story of your brand in an engaging way. It is a relatively new media channel that can be part of your arsenal to attract your potential customers online and tell them more about your company, to ultimately drive traffic, referrals and get your brand considered for a purchase. Because blogs are more about a community there is typically a two-way conversation between the blogger and their audience. Blogs are therefore the perfect place to build a healthy and trustworthy relationship with the consumers. One of the best parts about using blogger outreach for your marketing is that you can completely pinpoint your user and target audience. Targeting your media creates effectiveness of your media spend. So blogs help you to increase your ROI and allow your marketing spend to work harder for you. Blogging websites are therefore one of those marketing techniques that let the consumer participate actively in the discussion on the blogs. Blogger Outreach Australia creates the bridge to connect all three components involved in the win process; the consumer, the blogger and the brand where each party gains and adds value. Blogger Outreach Agencies A good blogger outreach agency works hard to identify the top trending and discussed blogger communities in your particular industry. These blogging verticalsand communities are chosen on the basis of their influence, the reader engagement and the size of the community. Getting in touch with the blogger and engaging with them in an appropriate way is one of the most challenging parts of the process. Because in reality this is typically tricky or difficult to do, businesses need to tap into the blogger outreach agency network whoalready havethese solid relationships in place. By doing so this allows them to work hard on your behalf, by reaching out and engaging with the bloggers to ultimately meet your campaign objectives. The next step is to create original and engaging content about your products and services. After the agency briefs the blogger, there job is to write the post in an authentic way and ‘make it their own’ that suits their own tone of voice and style + take or add photos if relevant. The content is then uploaded on their blog so that the viewers can read and share their opinions about the story and brand. The content is then re-purposed and distributed furtheracross their various social media assets – Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, to reach out and connect with a wider engaged audience.

Blogger outreach agency therefore help connect businesses and brands to the bloggers in a meaningful way that can build brand presence, help educate customers about their product or service and ultimately drive brand engagement. It is essential that a particular brand is represented on the internet by a blogger who has specificknowledge and expertise in the area that the blogger has an authority in. It is important to note that this time consuming work of reaching out, getting the content created and delivering a campaign solution (including post campaign analytics) does not have to be invested by businesses as this overall end to end solution is handled by the blogger outreach agency. Finally it is typically the smaller bloggercommunities that have more of an engaged audience and thus will have a greater impact on the reader’s mind.

Expanding your online presence using a blogger outreach agency  
Expanding your online presence using a blogger outreach agency  

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