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What are we? SMALL WRLD is a tech startup launching as an NFT project focusing on advancing the travel & tourism industry with scalable Web3 solutions. Offering-wise we are starting off as a blockchain-based travel agency and moving towards a vision of expanding into a notable Web3 travel software provider. Our story begins with the genesis NFT collection granting its holders access to our current and future offerings and exclusive membership benefits. (More info in pages 5-9)

why Web3 and travel? (1/2) Web3 technology has immense potential to positively disrupt the travel industry. NFTs and tokenization enable: Travel club membership and loyalty rewards that are tokenized and tied to the NFT which can be resold on the secondary market when the user no longer needs or uses them. Tokenized loyalty rewards in the form of "travel-to-earn" that can be used, traded or cashed out.

why Web3 and travel? (2/2) Ability to earn passive income by renting your travel club membership to other travelers who want to benefit from the perks & discounts during the time you're not actively traveling. Ability to book flights, hotels and experiences with faster and more traceable crypto payments. Faster and more reliable data sharing between companies through blockchain to improve things such as luggage tracking.

phase 1 - genesis collection The goal of this initial collection, consisting of 1600 genesis "Explorers", is to onboard first batch of travel enthusiasts to the SMALL WRLD ecosystem, start providing them continuous value and establish ourselves and our product before growing the user base further.

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partner rates & privileges Privately negotiated rates, upgrades and other privileges with different companies in the travel & tourism industry such as airlines, hotels, event organizers and experience providers. Updating and integrating more and more of these as a part of our genesis holder benefits is an ongoing process and our team will be listening to our community in terms of going after the kind of partners the community desires most.

exclusive travel agency offers Another exclusive benefit to our genesis holders is the access to our travel agency offerings. Through our strategic integration with luxury travel agency Adventica ( we're in a good position to start assembling unique first-rate travel packages and curated experiences exclusively for our holders both through their platform as well as our own.

Follow us on our Twitter and Discord to learn more about our partnership with Adventica.

Community full of travelers Beautiful thing about combining travel with NFTs and Web3 is the community aspect of it all. Building a warm, open-minded and inclusive community is one of our top priorities.

Being a part of a tight-knit group of travel lovers enables sharing and learning about travel hacks and amazing hidden destinations, connecting with people in your next destination prior to your trip and much more.

free access to future app Eventually our vision with SMALL WRLD is to build a fully Web3 compatible set of travel tools in the form of an app. With the app we can further increase the convenience of utilizing our offerings, introduce the tokenized travel-to-earn loyalty program and make booking trips with crypto faster and more seamless.

Our genesis NFT holders have a chance to be a part of the whole concepting and development process and will get free early access to all of the versions including the final one.

membership tiers The more Explorers (genesis NFTs) you own, the more and the better benefits you get access to both in the short and long term.

Bronze (1 NFT)

Silver (2 NFTs)

gold (3 NFTs)




Basic discounts & perks

Mid-tier discounts &

Highest tier discounts &

Bronze level loyalty




Silver level loyalty

Access to "gold deals"

1 entry to giveaways


Gold level loyalty

2 entries to giveaways

rewards 3 entries to giveaways

roadmap Phase 1 (genesis launch) Launching the genesis collection (exclusive supply of 1600 NFTs). Giving away 3x 1/1 legendary Explorers to SMALL WRLD tournament winners (Read about the tournament here!). Finalizing the terms of our first membership perks by our strategic travel agency partner Adventica Luxury Travel Inc. to make them accessible soon after the mint.

Phase 2 (summer 2022) Big push for partnerships as a main focus in order to continuously bring new valuable travel related deals and perks for holders. Emphasis on marketing & PR to grow the brand and generate broader interest within both the travel and NFT industries.

roadmap Phase 3 (early fall & q4 2022) Introducing first prototype of our tokenized loyalty program. Moving forward with the app development. Genesis holders have a chance to be heavily involved in the process by giving suggestions, testing and providing feedback. Expanding the SMALL WRLD ecosystem with a second collection. All genesis holders will get a free airdrop. Keeping on negotiating new partnerships and focusing on growing the brand.

Phase 4 (The future) Launching the SMALL WRLD app. Growing out of the NFT project narrative and moving on to the next chapter of SMALL WRLD...

the founding team Full introductions of each of the team members can be found on our Discord:

Julius brander founder

verneri brander founder

nate payne founder

omid pourmomen global partnerships