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Ylang Ylang

essential oil of the


believe that to “ Ibealways the best, you have to smell like the best... ” Lil’ Wayne

We’ve always loved Ylang Ylang. It’s one of our first fragrances we used in a body oil when we started EO® as a private label product for Bloomingdale’s. We loved the scent, gorgeous, complex and floral.

For a fragrant and sensual massage add the following to 20 mls of your favorite EO® base massage oil:

 2 drops EO® Ylang Ylang Essential Oil  3 drops EO® Vetiver Essential Oil Ylang Ylang is the reminder to love. To be  5 drops EO® Sandalwood Essential Oil present and enjoy the moment at hand.  2 drops EO® Orange Essential Oil

We have loved this essence since day one (that’s 20 years ago), and it still reminds us to be here, now.

summer SOLSTICE The summer solstice is a time for celebration. The longest day of the year. It’s summertime, school is out and warm weather is here for a spell. Our thoughts turn to beaches and parties, barbeques and visiting families. Long light and warm air.

smell like the best...

naturally Our products are scented with pure essential oils because they smell great, because they’re aroma-therapeutic and because they won’t irritate you or the people around you. What if we all cared about our health and the health of those around us? Essential oils are the answer.

father fathers share their thoughts about what it’s like to be a dad.

“Not really a surprise, but I love that my sons have their own interests now and then they come home and share these experiences with me and I learn new things from them. I love that they introduce me to things that I did not already know.”

“The adult world is very loud and scattered. Being a ‘good’ father has forced me to slow down, listen and love.”

“The intelligence of my kids, and it’s great!” “That I now live in a way that will leave a legacy for my children to follow and the way they encourage me every day.”

“The biggest surprises for me have been: How quickly the first five years of my daughter’s life have flown by, that I can survive on 4 or fewer hours of sleep per night on a consistent basis, how expensive it is to raise a child and that I appreciate and understand my parents in a way “How much he looks like me.” that I never had before.”

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Summer Solstice - Issue #05  
Summer Solstice - Issue #05  

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