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Grand Designs. How We Can Help. Many 21st Century homeowners now have greater ambitions to build and design or remodel their dream homes than may have been the case in recent decades. Just as the popular television programme ‘Grand Designs’ demonstrates, many people reach a stage in life whereby they no longer wish to live in homes built for other people, or even for a faceless everyman. They would like a personalised property that both reflects and defines their unique way of living. At Smallwood, we are perfectly positioned to help realise such dreams. Whether you want to erect a new glass-walled palace on your precious plot of land or to convert the ruins of an 18th Century chapel into a comfortable family home, or to remodel a townhouse so that it works better with your daily life, we can provide end-to-end professional assistance. From the moment that you conceive of an idea – or even before that, if you’ve ask us to suggest a few – we will be by your side to create the reality. We will visualise and discuss the results that you want and work with you from the very beginning to draw up architectural plans, all the time considering every aspect of feasibility, practicality and aesthetics. You may know that you want a large reception room with a fantastic mezzanine level. We look at how that could best work in terms of dimensions, desirable materials, the play of light and space, and much more. It could be the case that you long for a large indoor swimming pool, complete with changing room and adjacent sauna. We can work with you to make your ideas come to life, working out the best plans to maximise the existing dimensions of your home. Or indeed, if you are undertaking a new build, we will be the lynchpin, making the seemingly impossible possible. You dream of a home, we will take care of every detail to realise that dream. To find out more about how we can help, please do not hesitate to contact us on +44 (0)20 7376 5744.

Grand Designs How We Can Help