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Win a beautiful hamper for your cat and one months’ FREE food for your feline companion with Royal Canin! ENTER NOW Email with the subject line: Win with Royal Canin OR Send a postcard to: Brenda Carstens, Royal Canin, PO Box 50474, Colleen Glen, Port Elizabeth, 6018 Please ensure that you include the following information in your e-mail or on your postcard: Your name Your address Your contact telephone number(s) Your cats’ details: Cats name, Breed, Age Your email address Closing date for entries: Monday 12 November 2012 The judges’ decision is final. No negotiation will be entered into. All entries must be received by Monday 12 November 2012. Winners will be notified telephonically by Wednesday 14 November 2012.

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DID YOU KNOW? · Cats are strict carnivores and they need specific nutrients which are found in meat-based diets. · Royal Canin provides a complete and balanced wet diet range which will satisfy even the fussiest cats. · Royal Canin wet diets help promote a healthy renal system by reducing the concentration of minerals that cause bladder stones. · Royal Canin wet diets have an exceptional palatability with moderate calorie content. · Wet diets are an excellent way of supplementing a dry diet and will keep your furry friend satisfied.

Contact Royal Canin Customer Services 0860 63 00 63 or email Visit our websites or


We stock: Montego Dog and Cat food, Techno Pet Dog food Dog Matters Natural Raw Dog Food, K9 Pets - Frozen Food

We manufacture a large range of Dog beds and a huge selection of Dog clothing. We also stock both local and imported accessories, Collars, leads, harnesses, Toys, Treats and Chews for your pet.

Shop 3 Gonubie Mall Jenn Seady - 084 610 8811 LoveDogs does not support the sale of animals in pet shops – adopt a shelter Dog or Cat.

Stockists of pets and pet accessories

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The Kong – most dog owners know this dog toy by other names, such as “movie-watching toy” that actually allows dog owners to watch a full movie” or “the treat when you leave the house for the day” to provide hours of entertainment for your dog.

Your dog loves treats, and will work to get them. Many KONG toys offer the versatility of treat dispensing for extending playtime and mealtime. They are great for games chase, catch and chew, but when stuffed with kibble or treats, they are even more exciting to food motivated dogs.

Treat dispensing toys are great for overweight or bored dogs, since the pursuit of the treats encourages play and exercise. This helps to keep pets happy and healthy. It may also be used as a way to prevent dogs from eating their food too quickly.

The real secret to the Kong is embedding the dog toy with a tasty treat for your dog. KONG is a popular line of dog toys and cat toys introduced in 1976. Kongs also come in several variations for dogs of different ages and sizes. Made of rubber, they are hollow in the middle, and can be stuffed with treats or frozen to provide long-lasting distraction for anxious or high-energy dogs.

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