Excerpt from EL GOLPE CHILEÑO by Julien Poirier

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BLONDE SADIE The sea’s galoshes the seal’s blatant cleavage of crystal bread the headless knight that pigeons dub pigs of red porcelain in Loch Ness wreaths baby waves a scepter at parallax abacus pooled blues still broke heart broke slowpoke roads in skinny soap shot to hell blue jeans in the garlic press buckshot swallows and viziers counting rice by gaslight like a whale in fruit screwtop the thumb’s sweet adept astronomical croupier in a life boat multiplied by sirens blonde of cracked mirror gemmy little folds in the dynamo whisking toucans through pisshole hoops the very slow crow doing time in monochrome with apricot brain spaghetti western Niles and Mississippi sequels running Lord through traffic’s mansions teams of Belugas playing knickknack backpack in galactic Morocco beetle crepe in starlit bistro humungous hairy cook in apron popping corks from fizzing blossoms

with cigar-chomping pet opossum on Saturn’s waterwheel it’s all Blonde Sadie’s rage Blonde Sadie the Berkeley City Council Whisperer who pierced my brain with balconies —Julien Poirier from El Golpe Chileno (Ugly Duckling Presse 2010)