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TOUR INFORMATION TRAVEL ENTOURAGE 2013 1 Artistic Director 2 Performers (1 male and 1 female) 1 Technical Manager/Technician 1 Tour & Production Manager Total: 5 People PROMOTERS’ OBLIGATIONS Please contact us to express your interest in programming ‘Within This Dust’ and we will be delighted to discuss price packages and performance options. Contact: Emma Jane Beatt: Executive Producer Tel: 07809 378 303 or 01382 819 576 Email: TRAVEL AND TRANSPORT 5 x standard train tickets from Scotland to performance location. Local transport costs between accommodation and venue. ACCOMMODATION AND SUBSISTANCE Accommodation [preferably B&B] for 5 company members based on a sharing basis i.e. multiple double rooms for 4 company members plus 1 single room.

Technical Requirements Within This Dust Tour 2013 Choreographed by Thomas Small 1 Male Performer, 1 Female Performer Triple Bill comprising of 2 solos and 1 duet, also a short film and animation. There will be a Pause after the first piece and an another after the second piece. During the first pause, music is played as part of a sound installation. There is an exhibition of images and company info including a DVD to be played in the foyer/bar before, during and after the show. TV and DVD playback required for this. The piece is performed in costume. 4,000 pieces of paper provide the setting for the first piece. This piece also uses talcum powder and requires the dance floor be cleaned and mopped during the first pause. SPK will provide a snow machine to be hung USR between the two upstage LX bars in venues that can accommodate it.

Staffing It is essential to pre-rig for this performance, if this cannot be achieved please contact SPK to discuss. The technical manager can operate lights and sound if they are positioned together. The performance requires 2 people on stage during the show to reset and mop the stage in the two pauses. In a flying house 1 flyman is required to operate tabs and fly the full black on cue.

Setting – venue to provide Black vinyl dance floor, full black and 4 sets of black legs. White cyc or BP screen to show film on, full black to be flown in or drawn across on cue.

Projector – venue to provide Venue to provide a projector, focused onto white cyc or BP screen. SPK will provide films on DVD.

Sound – venue to provide CD Playback required and onstage foldback.

Lighting – venue to provide 41 circuits required in total (27 @ Floor, 3 FOH and 11 Overhead) 8 x side lighting booms required ( 4 per side containing 3 lanterns) Lantern count – 29 Wide Profiles, 6 Parcans CP62, 3 Parcans CP61, 1 pair of Birdies (to be mounted on the floor) 6 2kw Fresnels. Hazer Machine required to be positioned Up Stage Left in wing. SPK do not tour colour. Lighting can be simplified if necessary, see focus notes or contact Emma Jones.

Accommodation 2 dressing rooms with showers Rehearsal space if available Access to Wi-Fi for all company personnel 1 parking space for a transit van (if this is not possible please let us know before get in of nearby secure parking)

Contacts Sheet Emma Jane Beatt Executive Producer T: 07809 37 83 03 E:

Thomas Small Artistic Director T: 07515 34 03 34 E:

Allan McIntyre Assistant Producer T: 01382 819 576 E:

Yolanda Aguilar Learning & Development Manager E:


YouTube Channel ! Photography in brochure by Maria Falconer and Dylan Drummond

Within This Dust 2013 Tour Brochure  

Tour brochure for promoters interested in booking Within This Dust touring programme by Smallpetitklein Dance Company.

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