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When she kissed me, it felt like a head-butt




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The Polygraph Times Page 2 Summer 2011

Year 3 strongly recommend you visit Wisley Gardens. These pictures show just what a great time they had!


Ready, steady grow Year 3 children from St Polycarp’s School recently visited Wisley Gardens as part of their Ready Steady Grow topic work. The children were so impressed by the visit that they wanted to encourage others to do the same! Here are some of their particular favourite areas and advice on what to do when you get there; it is only 30 minutes away! Come and visit the fantastic Gardens of Wisley. See all there is to see like the Glass House, the Clore learning centre, Wild at Wisley play area and of course the beautiful gardens.


The Glass House is full of different climate zones like the tropical dry and temperate zones. You can even venture underground and see roots at close quarters! The Clore learning centre has two huge classrooms and a garden where you can learn about plants, art in nature and can even make your own newspaper pot, and plant seeds to take home. Wild at Wisley is an outdoor play area suit-

BY POLY REPORTER able for all ages with logs and branches for den building and an adventure play area and picnic tables in the shade. Perfect for a relaxing day out as a family or a break during a school trip! The gardens are, of course, extensive and really well looked-after. There are fruit and vegetable gardens, woodland walks and rivers and lakes. Tess said: “I saw a cactus; I had never seen one before!” Ben said: “We made a fort out of logs and had a go on the monkey bars, it was really hard! Michael said: “In the tropical zone we saw a banana tree with bananas growing, but they were not yet ripe.” Hannah said: As you walk through Wisley, there are lots of gardens and plants to see on the way.” Joe said: “We made fruit salads in the fruit garden and in the vegetable garden we picked radishes and talked about what part of the plant you eat.” Dominique: “The play area was fun and the Glass House was interesting, it was like numeracy and literacy together.”


Page 3 Summer 2011 The Polygraph Times


Donetello puckers up to partner Shelly and plants a wet kiss on her luscious lips (beak)

Fast love Daddy Donetello left shell-shocked by egg’s arrival


Poor Shelly doesn’t know what has hit her as Donetello follows up his kiss with a head-butt

BY CHLOE HEPWORTH Now lettuce not be too hasty here. This is a love story. I own two tortoises, a handsome boy named Donetello and a somewhat shamefaced girl called Shelly. They eat romaine lettuce and tortoise pellets. And it appears to be a recipe for tortoise love.. As a couple, they have had their ups and downs of course. They argue just like any other tortoises in loving relationships.


But these tortoises are anything but ordinary. Donetello expresses his love by head-butting Shelly on the back of her shell. Sadly, this show of affection has cracked Shelly’s shell, leaving a scar. Donetello loves Shelly but is expressing his feelings in a ‘different’ way, according to experts. His different way led to the pair being separated by a piece of wood but somehow they must have got together. Their love has found a way.. and Shelly has now laid an egg. I will call the baby tortoise Shelletello. Shelly is very excited and we wish her the best.

Shelly tucks her egg under her front leg and heads for safety as Donetello looks on (above)

The Polygraph Times Page 4 Summer 2011


Our news team make BIG news St Polycarp’s pupils made it into the local press with our first two attempts at a fundraising school newspaper. Our intrepid reporters and photographers pulled out all the stops and their efforts paid off handsomely - the papers raised nearly £4,000 thanks to the generosity of our advertisers. Our editorial team is growing and on the lookout for the biggest and best stories surrounding the

school’s fundraising efforts. Our team made an appearance in Sir Ray Tindle’s Farnham Herald as we launched our assault on the newspaper world. The Farnham Diary gave the story prominence too. For our next edition, we want you to contact us at the address below with your activities and planned events. We’ll feature them in our autumn edition to give them publicity and improve their chances of success.


Tel: 01252 716307 Fax: 01252 717842 E-mail:

The Polygraph Times is produced by the editorial team at St Polycarp’s under the guidance of Slush Media Ltd of Farnham. All proceeds from the advertising goes to the St Polycarp’s Building Fund. Slush Media Ltd does not make any money from this operation but is happy to give its time to make it a success.

PAPER TALK: Our first edition (top right) was big news in the Farnham Herald and the Farnham Diary

Explore@FMD Farnham Music and Drama is a new independent centre in South Farnham within walking distance of St Polycarp’s school.

We offer a wide range of group and individual classes for all ages throughout the term including: Centre Stage Helping years to to develop their Helpingchildren chldrenfrom from55to to1414 years develop their musical and take part in in regular and performance performanceskills skillsand and take part regular performances to toboost help boost confidence. performances their confidence. Classes run on: Thursday 3.50 - 4.30 5 - 7 years Saturdays 2.00 - 4.00 7 - 14 years

Jazz@FMD For instrumentalists of about grade 3 standard up to the age of 16 Friday 5.30 - 6.15


A holiday workshop for children between the ages of 5 and 10 years who want to find out more about music and performance and who may want to start learning an instrument. We will be singing, learning about the orchestra, trying out orchestral and percussion instruments and performing. Thursday 18 August 2011 10am start. Finishes with a brief concert at 4:30pm £37.50 for the day BOOK EARLY AS THERE AE LIMITED SPACES!

We also offer a comprehensive range of instrumental lessons, including Piano, Violin, Woodwind and Brass. For more information visit our website or contact us on 01252 727617

Your Independent Centre for Music and the Performing Arts 78 Tilford Road, Farnham, GU9 8DW, Telephone: 01252 727617

Lip-kissing summerball a smash hit

0n Sunday 12th June the summertime ball took place. The line up was: JLS, CeeLo Green, Katy B, Far East Movement, Wretch 32, Example, Nichole Scherzinger, Enrique, Mike Posner, LMFAO, The Wanted, JLO, Jessie J and to finish off, Ne-Yo. It was very interesting when Enrique took centre stage and took a young girl named Sophie from the crowd and started to sing to her! It became more interesting when he kissed her on the lips!


Two days before the event, Jessie J fell off a platform while singing and was suffering from a ligament tendon. This made it more difficult for Jessie J to perform, but she didn’t let anybody


down her fans and sang her heart out in front of thousands of screaming fans. Nicole sang her top of the charts songs Poison and Don’t Hold your Breath. She was amazing and the crowd went wild! In our opinion JLO was not very good as she was outshone by Nicole. NeYo sang the amazing new single Give Me Everything ft. Pitball. Everyone was screaming and singing along. The Wanted were totally wanted when they sang their charts hit Glad You Came. The crowd all sang along to this as well as their other songs, All time Low and Heart Vacancy. The summertime ball was so actionpacked there no way we could fit it all in. If you want to find out more about the ball visit 95.8capitalFMlondon. Some pretty familiar faces have been spotted reading The Polygraph Times of late. They include a member of the current cabinet high-powered stuff! Plus a man known to most of the pupils at St Polycarp’s, now enjoying a wellearned retirement. To find out who these men of distinction are, Esto says turn to Page 9..


Page 5 Summer 2011 The Polygraph Times

Saddle up for charity bike ride HEAD START: St Polycarp’s Head Anne Gunn is kitted out and ready to pedal away

Head leads way in Tour de Farnham Do you want to have fun, get fit AND raise some money for St Polycarp’s Building Fund? Then pump up your tyres and soap your saddle for the Farnham Charity Bike Ride on Sunday July 3. It is a really fun event over 25 miles or 50 miles of beautiful countryside depending on how far you want to go. And if you enter as a group of 20 riders or more, St Polycarp’s receives £5 for each paying rider’s name on the entry form. This £5 bonus is in addition to any sponsorship money you want to raise at the same time. Children under 16 must be supervised by an adult at all times but there is one


FREE U16 rider for each accompanying adult. Organisers recommend that riders under 10 should be in child seats or tagalongs as there are occasional steep hills along the route. It is the sole responsibility of the named, adult rider to decide whether or not children under 16 are sufficiently competent and fit enough to complete the ride. Head Mrs Gunn has signed up to take part and is looking for others to join her. Please let the office know if you are up for the challenge. Sponsorship forms are available from Mrs Trafford.

Number crunchers win Relay Award

The Polygraph Times Page 6 Summer 2011

St Polycarp’s number crunchers won the Relay Award in a seriously difficult maths competition recently.

The competition was held at All Hallows Catholic School. Six primary schools took part: St Augustine’s, St Bernadette’s, St Patrick’s, St Polycarp’s, Waverley Abbey and William Cobbett. There were two parts to the competition and three prizes: the poster teamwork and the maths problem relay. Our team was James O’Sullivan, Matthew Fernandes, Thomas Rates and Katie Hyde. The first challenge, the poster, had been started at the school but more was added during the competition. The poster had to feature many maths



problems and their answers as well as many facts about prime and perfect numbers. When 45 minutes was up, we had a break with biscuits as well as a glass of squash, and then it began… We were split into twos for the next challenge, a relay race. No school was allowed next to each other as they might be tempted to cheat and work together.

Challenges There were 15 challenges each and each right answer equalled two points. You got two ‘lives’ for each challenge but after that you had to

II Advert 115x200:Layout 1 05/06/2011 11:49 Page 1

move on to the next question. Here is one of the questions for you to try: How many of the digits 1 are there from one to one hundred? As for the awards, the Poster Award went to Waverley Abbey. The Teamwork Award went to St Patrick’s. At this, point we would have been surprised to even come third as the competition was so tough, but the Relay Award went to… St Polycarp’s with 50 out of the 60 points. We were amazed! Everyone who won received a pencil case. We all went home with happy faces. Hurrah!

Here are some quotes from the teachers and a year nine, Rachel O’Boyle, who helped us: ‘This year, you get to help out in competitions like this.’


‘It’s a really good idea for people who are good at maths to give them a challenge,’ said Mrs Higgins. ‘The children at our school haven’t done a competition like this before,’ said Mrs Allen. ‘It’s a great idea,’ said Mrs Pollard. ‘It’s fun and exciting for the children,’ said Mr Baldwin. It was Mrs Farrar’s idea to hold this competition after two gifted All Hallows Y9 students, Jade and Helen, competed in the national final of the maths challenge.

Eating out

Olivia Coles takes you through her top local restaurants... 1. Pizza Express. This is a great restaurant that will make your time there very enjoyable. 74 Castle street Farnham Surrey GU9 7LS 2. TGIFridays. This is an American-themed restaurant with excellent service, with good food as well. You can never go wrong. 2 North Street Guildford Surrey GU1 4AA 3. Zizzi’s. This has fantastic food and a great atmosphere to eat in. Definitely recommended. 68a Castle Street Farnham Surrey GU9 7LN 4. Prezzo. If you feel like pizza but want a family meal out then Prezzo’s is the place. 7 The Borough, Farnham, Surrey, GU9 7NA 5. Giraffe. A great place for kids and adults! Great waiters and waitresses and lovely food for all the family. 215-217 High Street Guildford GU1 3BJ 6. Nandos. This is a great place to go when you need some good food. Hot and spicy but still lovely for children and adults. 11-12 Friary Street Guildford GU1 4EH


Weddings | Birthdays | Christenings | Graduation Anniversaries | Seasonal | Retirement | Corporate

For further information or to place an order, please contact Lorraine Mitchell on: T 07551 578 318 E

Give our animal reporters a call

Here at The Polygraph Times, reporters like James O’Sullivan, pictured above, are always on the lookout for good animal stories. As you can see from this edition, our pupils have a dazzling array of well-loved pets at home. They include lovestruck tortoises and cats who think they are stand-up comedians, like this ginger chap pictured right. More about him in the next edition. We aim to bring you more of their funny stories in the autumn edition of the paper. So, if your pet deserves a spot on our pets page, email us with all the details and we will make them famous!

7. The Ritz. A very high quality restaurant and lovely afternoon tea. It’s great for the ladies, but not so great for men. Lovely tea and biscuits and full meals as well. 150 Piccadilly, London, W1J 9BR 8. Lion and Lamb. One of our favourite restaurants. This has great quality and has unbelievable smoothies. Lion & Lamb Bistro 2 Lion & Lamb Yard Farnham Surrey GU9 7LL 9. Manhattan Ristorante Pizzeria Italiano. A great service restaurant for parties and meals out. Every kind of food and great pizza and pasta. 5-7 Camp Road, Farnborough, Hampshire GU14 6EN 10. Café Rouge. This is a great restaurant for all ages. With fantastic food and fabulous drinks, you can’t go wrong with this astonishing restaurant. 4 - 5 Town Hall Buildings Farnham GU9 7ND


Page 7 Summer 2011 The Polygraph Times

Great Tits get six of the best

On Easter Sunday 2011, seven baby Great Tits were born at my house. It was a nice surprise as the Hepworths had only built the bird boxes two weeks before. People have tried for years to have birds nest in their garden and not succeeded. My dad opened


the lid of the box on my brother’s birthday at Easter to find six gaping mouths and a sleeping Great Tit! Over the next few weeks, we watched the mummy Great Tit fly-

ing in and out of the bird box with food for her babies. She seemed to never stop! When we were sure she was not looking, we took the opportunity to take some pictures of the growing birds. After three weeks, we noticed the tiny birds poking their heads

out of the bird box hole. One day, one of the birds fell out and was jumping around in the garden. As there are cats and dogs around, Chloe’s dad picked it up and put it back in the bird box. Eventually on May 20, all seven of the babies flew from the box

and disappeared into the trees. We still see them all now as they have a feeder in the garden and some days they all come at once. The best news is that we now have a Blue Tit nesting in another box and she has laid six eggs. So watch this space!

Go green like we did! St Polycarp’s celebrated a successful green week by having a ‘Green’ Mufti Day to raise money for the new building. Eco Super Hero competition prize winners were announced and a ‘human tree’ was made by making a photo montage of each child in the school.

Green Week coincided with the school’s Golden Boot challenge when children are encouraged to come to school in the greenest way possible. Activities included: making musical instruments out of recycled materials; creating Andy Goldsworthy style sculptures in nature; taking

part in water-based adventurous outdoor activities; and writing projects all about the future of the rainforest and how it can be protected. Classes took responsibility for an area of the school and kept it spotlessly clear of litter. Each child made a green

mask decorated with leaves to wear on mufti day and made newspaper plant pots, planting a runner bean seed to take home, look after and nurture. “All these activities help the children to value our world and learn to take more care of it through activities linked with the curriculum and in

line with our Eco School ethos”, said Lucy Waugh, Eco Coordinator. “The teachers all worked hard to make the week a huge success and the children and parents really entered into the spirit. Many children walked or brought their scooters to school, others parked their

car near school and walked the last part of the journey or shared car journeys. “Everyone did their bit,” she said. Lucy thanked all teachers and parents for helping to make the week such a huge success. Why don’t you try to ‘Go Green’ too?

Dancing to success The Polygraph Times Page 8 Summer 2011

Eleven-year-old Olivia Coles won a place in the national finals of a dance competition after performing in Fareham at half-term. “This competition was a big one because it was a semi-final,” said Olivia. “I was nervous, because if I got through to the final this would be a big thing for me. I had no choice but to calm my nerves down. “As I walked to backstage my voice started to tremble until I saw some of my friends and then my butterflies flew away (luckily)! I was



number two so I didn’t have long to wait,” she said. “When they called my number I suddenly felt excited. Slowly but steadily I made my way to the wings. I ran on stage smiling with glee! “My music started to play. I felt at home! Being on stage, all my fears ran away. “With a blink of an eye my dance had finished! I enjoyed it so much I can’t tell you. I couldn’t breathe!

I danced my heart out on that stage and just had to wait for the result. “ All the other girls danced and then, as quick as a flash, it was time to find out the result. Without warning, the judges started to speak.


“In first place with honours and a place at the National Finals... Number 2, Olivia Coles.” “In my head I was screaming with amazement. As I ran to collect my medal I couldn’t stop smiling. That’s a great day! Don’t you think!” said

Olivia. Olivia also completed a successful audition for the London Central Ballet School. This is her story.. “As my mum and I climbed onto the train, my heart started to pound. But luckily it went as quick as a flash and my nerves calmed down a bit. “When we got there I wasn’t on the list so I was getting worried. I was so pleased when they looked me up on the computer and they found me! “The audition started and I didn’t

know anyone there at all. The first thing we had to do was do some exercises on the bar. “To be honest I don’t like bar work! Time was passing and I was smiling like mad until I had to go to the side to watch the other girls. “They were very good and I was getting worried. The audition finished and we were left to find out whether or not we got in.

return to the Isle of Wight one day. Everything they visited was enjoyed immensely, humans and caterpillars alike (a caterpillar dropped from the roof of the coach onto Mariella Steijger’s knee!). The overall vote of what was best on the trip was a draw between Blackgang Chine, Robin Hill and Shanklin Theatre. The Isle of Wight is famous for its amazing fossils, many were

discovered by the children. They even found dinosaur footprints and we’re not joking! Osbourne House was fascinating, “I saw the bed Queen Victoria slept in!” said Scarlett Tommons, 5T. Everything was incredibly posh and typically Victorian. Blackgang Chine was a fantastic experience, never to be forgotten. Overall it was a fantastic trip and everybody had a great time.

“Three weeks passed and then a letter came through the door. I got in!”

Isle of Wight week picture special Year 5 travelled to the Isle of Wight to enjoy a week of fun activities and late nights as well as learning in the best possible way. They enjoyed it enormously and here are some of the highlights of the trip. The first stop was Robin Hill, a massive attraction on the Isle of Wight. “It was amazing!” said Sam Dawes from 5T. Many people described it as breathtaking. The


children in 5F had so much to say that we couldn’t fit them all in. Here are a few of them: “I thought the bird display was amazing.” “I loved the giant bridges, they were so wobbly!” “I thought the squirrel tower was the best!” But the best comment that we had was: “I can’t choose, I loved all of it!” Throughout the week Y5 learned,

Do you need summer holiday childcare? Registered child minder has holiday spaces. Great days out in safe, family environment. First aid trained, enhanced CRB, VERY competitive rates. More info from: Catherine Jones 01252 722957 or 07545 549821 or email

enjoyed and made the most of the amazing experience. “I definitely thought it was the best trip I’ve ever been on,” said Megan Holmes from 5T. Sadly, Mrs Thomas could not join Y5 on this amazing trip as she has a young child at home who she has to look after. Was she sorry to have missed out? “Definitely!” Over the week the children learnt a great deal and they all want to

CAN YOU BEAT THE RIDDLER? Riddle 1 What is the beginning of end and the end of time and space and surrounds every place?

on but the driver managed to swerve round the dog. How did he do it?

Riddle 2 One day there was a dog sitting in the middle of the road. The road was black, the buildings around the dog were black, the street lamps weren’t on, the pavement was black, the trees and plants were black and no lights were on. Suddenly a car came driving around the corner and the dog was still in the middle of the road. The car did not have its lights

Riddle 3 What falls but never breaks? Riddle 4 What doesn’t ask a question but should be answered? Riddle 5 It is greater than God, but more evil than the devil, the rich need it, the poor have it and if you eat it you will die. What is it?

Riddle 6 One day there was a woman who lived in a pink bungalow. Everything she owned was pink: pink furniture, pink windows, pink lights, pink plants, pink walls, pink cat, pink car, et cetra. What colour were the stairs? Riddle 7 How many letters are there in the alphabet? Turn to Page 22 for the answers.. or just ask Nicholas Cooper, who set all these riddles to drive you mad!


Page 9 Summer 2011 The Polygraph Times

Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt, former Head of St Polycarp’s Mr Lawrence Henry and (inset) Year Three pupils Henri and Josephine Palmer with the Zulu chief

Snap to it

Send us your photographs of The Polygraph Times being read around world The Polygraph Times is read the world over by the rich and powerful; by foreign schools and their pupils; by decisionmakers, movers and shakers.. and former St Polycarp’s Head Mr Henry!

Our EXCLUSIVE picture shows Mr Lawrence Henry at his hideaway on a sun-drenched beach in The Gambia, reclining beneath his Panama hat with a fruity cocktail not too far away. Mr Henry is fondly remembered by all at St Polycarp’s where he worked for over 20 years.


Also reading all the latest news is the Right Honourable Jeremy Hunt, MP for south west Surrey. Mr Hunt is the Secretary of State for Culture, Olympics, Media and Sport. He obviously knows a good newspaper when he sees one.


We even have a Zulu chief reading the paper in the South African village of Kwa-Zulu Natal. These wonderful pictures show that our paper has travelled quite extensively during its short lifetime.

We want our fundraising message to spread across the world. So when you set off for your summer holidays, take a copy of The Polygraph Times with you. Have your picture taken while reading it in faraway places and exotic locations. Maybe you know someone famous - ask them to pose with your school paper while you take a picture. You can help make them even more famous than they already are! We want as many fun, exciting pictures as possible for our next edition. Email them to us soon at: and we will find a prize for the best ones.

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Reach for the sky...

The Polygraph Times Page 10 Summer 2011


A view from the Year 6 huts by Isabel Green and Catherine Sutherland. Over the past few weeks, we’ve noticed a couple of changes to the new building work. Fi Secondly, we have spotted a curved wall, which in the future will be Mrs Robinson’s office. We wonder how she is going to put her shelves on a curved wall. Finally, w

Another update in our next issue irstly, the rooms have been separated from each other instead of one big room. we have observed that part of the roof has been put into place.


Page 11 Summer 2011 The Polygraph Times

Our new buildings begin to shape UP SKY SCRAPER: You can now clearly see the angular roof of the new-look St Polycarp’s, documented in the timeline pictures below

Building works are progressing well and, weather permitting, the extension is due to be handed over to the school on October 7. The frame of the roof is in situ and will be completed in the next few weeks. Work has started on administration offices and the interior finishes have been chosen for all areas.

The Polygraph Times Page 12 Summer 2011

BUILDING TOGETHER Lottery cash has helped restore Farnham Castle’s Keep to something like its former glory

Chloe’s Castle is a buried treasure

Who would have known there was a buried treasure in the middle of Farnham! Polygraph Times reporter Chloe Hepworth visited the famous Farnham Castle this month. Chloe interviewed Mr Ted Milam, the Facilities and Grounds Manager, who has worked there for 40 years, to find out some more information about the award they had been nominated for. “Farnham Castle’s Keep has undergone extensive restoration work,” said Mr Milam, as he showed Chloe around. “The project started in November 2009 and was completed in June 2010 with the involvement of many local contractors. The restoration work centred around the removal of over 200 tons of concrete which surrounded the original 12th century Keep, which was

vation category along with entries from Leighton House and Westminster Abbey.


thought to have been a well, and the creation of a wooden staircase and viewing platform with an environmentally sustainable sourced oak framed pavilion.”


Amimation The project received £700,000 from the Heritage Lottery Fund and, as a condition, it needed to involve the community. Mr Milam explained how students at the UCA in Farnham designed and created the information boards around the Castle as well as the computer generated animation of how the Castle has evolved over the centuries which is located in the new museum. Thanks to the lottery funding, the Keep is open to the

public and free of charge to visit seven days a week. The Museums Heritage Awards for Excellence ceremony was held in London in May 2011. The Farnham Castle project was entered in the Restoration and Conser-

The original Keep was only discovered in 1958 when archaeologists unearthed it within the larger Shell Keep. When standing on the new viewing platform, you can see where the floors of the Keep would have been. The wooden pavilion which protects the remains, replicates what may have been there hundreds of years ago. It is believed that the smaller Keep was demolished by Henry II in the later part of the 12th century and the remains were filled in by a Tudor bishop. The buildings that we now see surrounding the Shell Keep were constructed from the 13th century onwards and form the Bishop’s Palace. Dur-

ing the Civil War, one of the castle’s towers was blown up by Cromwell’s troops. As the Palace was restored and became the country retreat of the Bishop of Winchester, the Keep was left in ruins and became a garden. Farnham Castle is now recognised as one of the most important historical sites in Surrey. Volunteers are on hand to guide you around the Keep and the Bishop’s Palace. The Castle is open to the public throughout the summer and it is also available for weddings, conferences and other functions. For more information visit www.farnhamcastle. com or take a trip to the top of Farnham and discover its hidden treasure. Thank you to Ted Milam for his time showing Chloe around the Castle.

FIVE STARS FOR NEW X-MEN MOVIE X-Men: First Class speaks for itself, really. First class. It’s phenomenal, the effects are wonderful, and the actual story itself is tremendous. It is set in the 1960s, the cold war to be precise, and starts with a scene borrowed from the first X-Men film, in which a teenage Magneto, still known at the time as Erik Lehnsherr, is


separated from his parents in a Nazi concentration camp. The anger causes him to use his mutant powers: the ability to create magnetic fields to manipulate metal. The general at the camp is intrigued by his abilities and forces the boy to try to

use them. When he fails, he kills Erik’s mother in front of him. It is later known that the general is Benjamin Shaw (Kevin Bacon), another mutant, and it’s Erik’s (Michael Fassbender) life goal to avenge his mother. He joins super-mutant Charles Xavier (James McAvoy) as they assemble a team of mutants to prevent the USA and

Soviet Russia from starting World War III. While this happens a gap begins to form between Erik and Charles. Also find out where Mystique (Jennifer Lawrence) comes from and her relationship with Xavier and Magneto. All this, plus more, in this great film. I recommend it!


Another brick in the wall

All pupils in 6D club together to cement their place in history on Poly’s Fame Wall

Page 13 Summer 2011 The Polygraph Times

1001479.005_RS_Polygraph Times_350x277_v1_relationships 21/03/2011 17:28 Page 1

The Polygraph Times Page 14 Summer 2011


Investment Managers…

…helping to build your future

First row (left to right): Justin Yeldham (Senior Investment Director); Jules Porter (Senior Investment Director); James Beckett (Senior Investment Assistant); David Bulteel (Divisional Director). Second row: Nick Sketch (Senior Investment Director); Brian Morel (Divisional Director); Chris Sandford (Business Development Director). Third row: Tom Squire (Assistant Investment Director); David Richardson (Divisional Director); Jonathan Wragg (Chief Executive).

Rensburg Sheppards Investment Management would like to offer their support to all at St. Polycarp’s Catholic Primary School in their efforts to raise the funds needed for the building project. They say life is what you make it. The same could be said of your future. Talk with a Rensburg Sheppards Investment Manager about making the most of your assets and savings, and you could soon see your family’s financial future begin to take shape. Our specialist teams seek the best and most tax efficient returns for you. We are opening a new Guildford office in 2011, so we will be even

better placed to offer you insight and expert advice on investments, pensions or other financial matters. We believe great relationships start with a conversation, so why not give us a call? For further information, please contact Jules Porter on 01252 733345 or email As you would expect, the value of your investments may go down as well as up and you might not get back the money you’ve put in. Member firm of the London Stock Exchange. Member of NYSE Liffe. Authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority. Rensburg Sheppards Investment Management Limited is registered in England. Registered Office: Quayside House Canal Wharf Leeds LS11 5PU Offices at: Belfast Cheltenham Edinburgh Farnham Glasgow Leeds Liverpool London Manchester Reigate Sheffield


Page 15 Summer 2011 The Polygraph Times

Happy tears flow as Poly pupils rock on with choir Poly’s pupils were among Farnham Rock Choir as they rocked Wembley in May. Sophie Alford, Chloe Hepworth, Rhiannon Jones, Anna Wasilewski and Rory Willis all performed at the famous Wembley Arena. As much as they would have loved to, they didn’t perform on their own. They were accompanied by Farnham Rock Choir, known worldwide and having sold 1.6 million albums. The choir has performed over 30 concerts including GuilFest and Wembley Arena (which seats over 10,000 people). All tickets were sold out with the entire rock choir members. There were many kinds of people there, from locals to people from Norway! There were three special guests: Wynne Evans (Go Compare man); Debra Stephenson (EastEnders) and the soldiers. All of

Puppets by Katherine McEvoy, Swifts Year Two performed their puppet shows to the class. The plays were; Little Red Riding Hood, The Gingerbread Girl, The Four Pigs, Snow White and Goldilocks and the Three Bears. We made our own puppets. It was really fun! There were lots of good puppets. It was quite hard starting to make the puppet but it got easier. We performed the shows behind my friend Lily’s little sister’s shop. Mrs Higgins and Mrs Moore made some curtains for the puppet theatre. It was so much fun!!!! If you were in the puppet show, which character would you be?

HANDS UP! Year 2 show off their colourful, playful puppets


Where do bees go when they are feeling poorly? The waspital.. or is it A&Bee?


these celebrities sang a song each (although not as good as the Rock Choir!) The Teen rock choir, which we were members of, sang a medley of Use Somebody by King of Leon, Boys and the Girls by Pixie Lott, You’ve Got the Love by Florence and the Machine and carried on with Joyful, Joyful, Something Inside so Strong, Ain’t No Mountain High Enough, Dancing in the street and Broken Glass. All of the teachers in rock choir did a song too - Robbie Williams’s song Entertain You. Some teachers cried because they were so happy for us (especially Tom, the teen leader.) We will always remember Wembley because it was such an excellent experience.

This is a list of Lucy Thompson’s recommendations for movies, TV programmes and computer games, 2011! Find out everything you need to watch for 2011 here.


1 Red riding hood (12) 2 Gnome and Juliet (PG) 3 I am number 4 (12) 4 Diary of a wimpy kid 2 3D (PG) 5 Rango (U) 6 Mars need moms3D (U) 7 Beastly (PG) 8 Hop 3D (U) 9 Born to be wild 3D (U) 10 African Cats 3D (U) 11 PROM (PG) *MILD LANGUGE 12 Pirates of the Caribbean: on stranger tides (PG) 13 KungFu Panda 2 (PG) 14 Thor (PG) 15 TRON (12) 16 Cars 2 3D (U) 17 Green Lantern (12) 18 X Men First Class (12) 19 The Green Hornet (12) 20 Rio (U)


1 Tracy Beaker returns 2 Byker Grove 3 Blue Peter 4 Sabrina: the teenage witch 5 My Parents are aliens 6 Big Time Rush

7 The story of Tracy beaker 8 Zoey 101 9 Blue Water High 10 Foreign exchange 11 The cramp twins 12 Chucklevision 13 JONAS L.A. 14 The demon headmaster 15 Wing’in it 16 Degrassi: the next generation 17 The really wild show 18 House of anubis

Wii Games

1 Mario Cart 2 Winter Olympic games 3 Fifa 11 4 Just dance 2 5 Raveman rabbids party mode 6 New super Mario bros 7 Animal crossing 2 8 Guitar hero 9 Wii music 10 Michael Jackson live 11 Sims 3 12 Wii sports resort 13 Grand slam tennis 14 Tiger Woods PGA tour golf 2011 15 Wii sports

Puppets by Austin Humphrey, Swallows During the summer term, Year Two made puppets and wrote scripts for plays. I thought all of them were very good, but my favourite play was the “Pencils and the Naughty Rubber!” It was outstanding comedy. In my play there was James, George and Charlie. Our play was called “The Three Wolves and the Big Bad Bear.” I was the big bad bear! I thought it was going to be easy to act, but it was much more difficult.

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Sad waiter comes to a sticky end



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PIZZA PARENT CONFESSES Many years ago I worked at an Italian restaurant as a waiter.

As you can imagine, the food was a delicious assortment of pizzas, pastas, garlic bread, dough balls, salads and steaks. I get hungry now even thinking of all the lovely food. It was a very busy place, especially at weekends when we earned very good money from tips. This one particular night, however, I received no tips - AND I was fired. From that day on, I could only eat at Italian restaurants as a paying customer. During our shifts, when we would bring the pizzas out to the customers, we used to sneakily take toppings from the pizzas and eat them. Slices of pepperoni were our particular favourite, with prawns, mushrooms, peppers and olives. Come to think of it, anything at all really!


Nothing was safe and one or two missing toppings were never noticed by the customers and nourished the staff through the long shifts. My colleagues and I were always careful that nobody noticed, but on one particular Saturday, an incident occurred that, at the time, was not funny but looking back now does make me smile. A customer had ordered a large pizza with extra toppings. As I picked the

pizza up from the counter to take to the table I saw a particularly juicy prawn that shouted “eat me” so I did. I picked the prawn up, put it in my mouth then carried the pizza to the table and with a smile placed it in front of the customer. As I did so, the customer glared at me then glared at the pizza and did this a number of times with a horrified look on his face.


My smile quickly turned to bemusement, then shock, then horror. The pizza was attached via a long strand of mozzarella cheese to my bottom lip! Even now I can picture the scene of calm before an angry storm of demands to see the manager; demands for my sacking, which were granted; and demands for compensation, which was granted in free pizzas for future visits. My days of free pizza toppings were well and truly over. So children, here is a word of advice. Next time you are out having a pizza, keep an eye on your pizza, but more importantly, keep an eye on the serving staff. Look out for imprints on your pizza where a piece of pepperoni or a prawn may have been. This simple piece of detective work may earn you a free meal - especially if the pizza is still attached to the waiter’s sticky lips!

Is your dad a Poly’s pirate?


School uniform was very different back in the late 1970s, as this picture of Class Two Crew clearly demonstrates

Check out this motley crew.. Aaaaaarrrggh!

SPEAK CUP: Charles McCarthy, Stuart Smith and girls with the Public Speaking Cup, 1970

Aaaarchives. I said Aaaarchives Jim lad! Why are pirates tough? ‘Coz they Aaaarrrgh! I don’t care you’ve heard that one before.. Deputy Head Mrs Trafford has turned out some very interesting glimpses into the past after a visit to her dad. His archives reveal faces from the past that may still be haunting the playground of the good old ship St Poly’s - though they may look a bit more like real


pirates by now as parenthood takes its toll! If any of your family are in these pictures, or they know someone who is, email The Polygraph Times at the usual address. We’d like to hear their stories of adventure on the high seas, buried treasure and exotic delights. Or just what they have been up to since leaving really..

Page 17 Summer 2011 The Polygraph Times


Anthea wins four tickets to Paultons Theme Park Lucky winner of our four tickets to Paultons Theme Park is Anthea McRiley of Lower Froyle near Alton. Anthea is looking forward to her day out with children Hazel and Robbie. Anthea correctly answered that there are SEVEN new rides at the park. We would like to thank Paultons for kindly donating these and previous tickets for our school paper. Paultons now has over 50 family rides and attractions including the exhilarating Cobra - the largest rollercoaster in the south. There are also over 80 different species of birds and animals at the park, set in 140 acres of beautiful landscaped gardens less than an hour’s drive from Farnham at Ower, near Romsey in the New Forest. Peppa Pig World opens in April 2011 too, a three acre park attraction with seven new rides, enchanted buildings, animated attractions and loads of play areas. Peppa Pig World will be a world first and EXCLUSIVE to Paultons Park in the UK. A must for Peppa fans everywhere! Visit to find out more. Information on Paultons’ special events and daily live shows is available at



Mrs Trafford said: “This is my youngest brother Stuart’s Year Two, called Class 2 in 1978. They had just made their first Holy Communion. In those days, all the class made their communion together. Classes were held at school during day and the service took place in St Joan’s with a ‘breakfast’ party directly afterwards in the big hall.”


Mrs Trafford said: “The photo above is St Polycarp’s winning the 1982 Borelli Cup (Schools District Y6 Football Annual Tournament). “My brother, Stuart Smith was the goalie and St Poly’s Captain. The venue was South Farnham and the person presenting the cup is the former Head of South Farnham, Mr Bravery.”




On sale every month at Farnham Maltings Monthly Market in the South West Kiln Room. NEXT MARKET: Sat 2 JULY and also at POLY’S SUMMER FAIR!

The Polygraph Times Page 18 Summer 2011


RIVER TRAFFIC: St Polycarp’s Year 4 students have a go at paddling their own canoes

We like to be beside the sea

On Friday, we went on the school bus to Littlehampton. It took us a very long time. When we got there, I made a castle with Lucas, Harry and Francesca. I went in the water. Then we had lunch. Me, Maria and Francesca chose to go on the beach. Next, we went to the Sea Centre and finally we went to the top of the tower. Emily, Skylarks When we got on the bus, I was so happy. On the way I saw a castle. After seeing the castle, we were there. Everyone shouted: “Hooray!” After that, we got off the bus and had an apple. When we had finished our apples, we ran to the beach. After lunch we went for an ice cream. It was yummy! Next, we went to the Look and Sea Centre where we did activities. We used old fashioned coins to work the slot machines. Katie, Swans

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Poly’s Year 4 students went to Thames Young Mariners for a great day of activities earlier this month. We were put into groups to do a variety of different activities: team games, raft building, kayaking and our favourite, dock jumping, where we jumped off a four-metre-high wall into deep, freezing water.


When we were kayaking, a girl in our class capsized her kayak and the same girl lost her shoe in the dock jumping! It was so funny - but unlucky for her. We also did raft building and two rafts fell apart. Obviously the ropes weren’t tied together properly! For the

team games, we all worked together to do different things like using boxes to get from one block of wood to the other without touching the ground or letting go of the boxes. We had a brilliant day and would highly recommend it for any trip.

Sport week aids new friendships No rest for St Polycarp’s students! Over the half term, three children from Year 6 were included in a sports week. The children included Callum Tod, Dorothy Usher and Natasha Willies and the week was held at Heath End school. Over the week, the children were involved in four main sports. Each day they would learn a different sport and would improve the skills in the sport that they were learning. A professional would come in and teach them the sport that they specialised in. The sports were athletics, rugby, dance and martial arts. Athletics consisted


of throwing and running. The teacher, Sue, taught the children how to jump hurdles, throw properly and run relay courses. The end result was very successful.


In rugby, the children enjoyed a fantastic game of bulldog followed by an incredible game of tag rugby. They were put into two teams and had to play against each other and score

Riddle answers! Riddle 1 The letter E. The beginning of End and the end of timE and spacE and surrounds Every placE Riddle 2 It was daytime and the sun was shining, I never said it was night. Riddle 3 Night. Nightfall and daybreak. Riddle 4 A phone.

Riddle 5 Nothing. Nothing is greater than God, nothing is more evil than the devil, the rich need nothing, the poor have nothing and if you eat nothing you will die. Riddle 6 There were no stairs. She lived in a bungalow. Riddle 7 11. T...h...e...a...l...p...h...a... b...e...t

tries. They learned important skills and rules of the games, while having a brilliant time. In dancing, the children learnt hip-hop. They learnt many different moves and even got to perform a dance that the teacher had put together. They had to listen to many different types of hip-hop music and got to perform to the different beats that came with each song. All together, it was a thrilling experience. The last day consisted of martial arts (self defence). The children learned how to kick and punch and get out of people’s grip (there were punching bags so none of the children got hurt in the process!) This was an amazing experience. The students got to see children from other schools and make new friends. They got to learn many different types of sport and the ABC of sport - Agility, Balance and Co-ordination. If you are interested in any of the sports that have been mentioned, go to the school office and request a form. All the sports were thoroughly enjoyable for boys and girls, so go ahead and start joining!


Center Parcs is a Dutch of class

This was our first time staying at De Kempervennen Center Parcs in Holland. It was a two hour drive to Ashford to get the shuttle through the Euro Tunnel. After that, there was a three hour drive to reach our destination at Center Parcs. Check-in was very easy and we could go straight into our very welcoming villa. It had modern décor and a wonderful living space. A villa for five included: 3 bedrooms; 1 twin, 1 double and a single, a toilet and wash basin, a single toilet and a bathroom with a sink. The kitchen area had a microwave, a sink, a hob, a toaster and shelves with space for food and glasses etc. The aqua dome (swimming area) was good quality. The rapids were not as long as in other Center Parcs. Near the end, there were two small flumes that only allowed one person at a time. It caused awful congestion. There were only two water slides; one open-top and the other dark. Neither was very exciting. The wave pool was vast and the waves were turned on every 10 minutes. There was no lazy river or giant slide which was disappointing. The market dome was very functional for food and drink. However, some of the shops were very expensive eg. The Fashion Store and the Souvenir Shop. Most things were over €10 and not good value for money.

Has St Polycarp’s got a rugby star in the making? Callum Jones (2H – Swifts) has been awarded the Outstanding Player of the Year award for Farnham RFC U7’s. This is the second year running that Callum has won an award, but this was his first season of competitive rugby, playing in a total of eight festivals against various teams from around the South East, ranging from local rivals Camberley to Leatherhead and London Irish. Callum won the award not only for his excellent rugby skills, but also for his general attitude towards his team mates and the opposition.

Friendly The market restaurant was quite expensive and not always satisfying. Self catering is definitely to consider if you choose to come to De Kempervennen. The Montana Snow Centre was excellent. Instructors were very friendly. You will definitely learn a lot. If you are in the beginners group, you start off with basic snow ploughs, then move on to moving left and right, progressing up the slope as you go. The café is expensive so best avoided if you are on a budget. Activities are satisfactory. There are not many water sports and it is quite expensive for diving and high ropes etc. The instructors are very reassuring. There are courts to play tennis, although you need to make a reservation. You can rent bikes for the week for a good price. The petting farm has goats and a large pig along with newborn rabbits, ducklings, chicks and many more animals. Overall, this Center Parcs is much much cheaper than the British ones. It was a lovely family holiday and I am sure many families will also enjoy it. Isabelle Cobb

Rugby winner Callum always trying it on!

Page 19 Summer 2011 The Polygraph Times


WHAT A TRIER! Callum Jones and his dazzling array of rugby medals

Callum’s team started the season well by winning their first ever tournament, the Waverley Festival. They were runners-up at this year’s St Patrick’s Day Festival, and he was awarded his medal by London Irish players on the pitch during half time, when Lon-

BY POLY REPORTER don Irish hosted Exeter Chiefs in the Aviva Premiership Match. Callum also went on his first rugby tour this year to South Wales, with other players from St Polycarp’s who play for Farnham U7’s - James Krait and Charlie Sims.


They were hosted by South Gower RFC and Dunvant RFC and were part of a tour party of nearly 700 players and families. Callum’s dad and Farnham U7s rugby coach, Mark Jones, will be starting rugby training at St Polycarp’s in September 2011. Details have not been finalised yet but this will be another great opportunity for pupils at the school to get involved in a new sport.

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Summer 2011


Paddle pupils make a splash on the River Thames

Rose loves her tennis

I am an ex-pupil of St Polycarps and in my BY ROSE DIXON time at the school I got all sorts of sports opportunities, the most important for me in my PE lesson gave me the being tennis. chance to carry on tennis as

In my summer PE lesson, my class walked to Brightwell Tennis Club and Alicia and her team taught me and all my friends the basic skills. I am one of many ex-students who still play tennis at Brightwell. Lots of us are in teams and represent the club in the Aldershot League and the Surrey League from the Under 8s age group up to Under 16s and I also play competitive singles tournaments and for the ladies team. I have recently passed my LTA Tennis Leaders STAR: Rose meets Murray qualification. This is for 14-18 year olds and trains them to assist with coaching sessions, understand the skills needed to work with children, including the safety aspect, and become a good employee and role model. The best part, however, is passing on my own love of tennis to young children and encouraging them to get better and carry on playing like I did. I now work at BrightQuad Biking • Birthday Parties well in the holidays and at Archery • High/Low Ropes • Zip Wires weekends with other former St Polycarp’s pupils Matt Barton, PJ Barton, Rachel Cauldwell, Matthew Arnold, Louis Quaterman and Kieran Press. I think the fact that E-Mail: I got the opportunity to play

ctivity Cam liday A ps o H

Choose your challenge...

Telephone: 0700 393 2610

a job. One part of the tennis leader’s job is to umpire mini matches, teaching the children the rules and how to score. I am often Brightwell’s umpiring representative at tournaments.


Surrey LTA asked me to work at some of their events too. I got an amazing opportunity to travel to the LTA headquarters at Roehampton, which was quite posh, to work at a junior tournament. While I was there I met Andy Murray, which was an honour. To be an umpire you must have a large attention span, be able to work well, and talk to children to help them understand. I’m very grateful for the opportunities that Brightwell have given me. I would not have had them without the help of St Polycarp’s and the chance to play tennis. Learning tennis at a young age has opened many doors for me.


The Polygraph Times  

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The Polygraph Times  

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