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Spring 2011


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The fundraising newspaper for St Polycarp’s School, Farnham

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WHAT’S THE LATEST? These rather young builders check out where our fundraising is up to. Full story: Centre pages


GuilFest tickets & camping

Page 16 each and every one of you!

Governors at St Polycarp’s RC Primary School in Waverley Lane, Farnham, would like to give 44,454 votes of thanks to their fundraisers. “We are over the moon that we have reached £44,454 in such a short space of time. On behalf of the whole school we would like to give a heartfelt thanks to all who have played a part in this total,” said Roger Hart, Vice-Chair of Governors. “It is difficult to mention everyone’s

By Poly Reporter

contribution here, but I can assure you that your input has not gone unnoticed and is very much appreciated. We would however like a say a special thanks to some. “Following appeals to local parishes, particularly St Joan’s, Farnham, Sacred Heart, Bordon and St Joseph’s in Grayshott, parishioners have given support to the school by taking up the

trust fund option of monthly standing order donations. This has made a huge difference to the fund, transferring £15,715 to the building project.” Local businessmen and women have donated too, including Sir Ray Tindle. Tireless work by the PTA and parents has raised £10,000. “We would certainly like to thank all those who give valuable time and effort to help the PTA,” said Roger. “Huge thanks go to supporters of

Poly’s Apprentice, including staff and parents who acted as ‘employers’! Others helping ‘maximise profits’ include: Rae Robinson in the office; Matt Jenson from the University for the Creative Arts; Kall Kwik who helped with printing certificates; The Bishops Table Hotel who donated the winner’s prize; and all the valuable advertisers within these pages.

See inside for more stories and pictures of our fundraising effort.

Menace in school



The Polygraph Times Page 2 Spring 2011



Page 3 Spring 2011 The Polygraph Times

Barkie doll

When it comes to dressing pup, Button and Maisy just love a stroll down the catwalk. Isabelle Green’s pets go clothes shopping online and elsewhere for their snappy outfits. Watch out next edition when Isabelle will explain how to dress your pets!

Polygruff Times Pictures: Sam Green

Furry Fluffy has a ball

Name: Fluffy, because she is! Animal: Guinea pig Gender: Female Colour: Brown, white, ginger Weight: 850g Height: 15cm Breed: Rex Birthday: February 6, 2008

Fluffy is a good tempered and sweet natured guinea-pig. We called her Fluffy because everywhere she goes she leaves behind a ball of fur. She eats everything from carrots to bananas! She is very large. When my mum went and bought her for my eighth birthday, the woman said that Fluffy had been sent back to the shop for bullying the other guinea pigs she lived with, so she said she would be better off living on her own. Isabel Cobb

Starring roles for your pets

Here at The Polygruff Times we are always on the lookout for good animal stories. As you can see from just this small selection, our pupils have a dazzling array of wellloved pets at home. We aim to bring you more of their funny stories in the summer edition of the paper. So, if your pet deserves a spot on our pets page, email us with all the details and we will make them famous!

Hero Smudge saves Fudge

HUGS BUNNY: Eloise Considine’s heroic rabbit Smudge and, below, Samuel’s guinea pig Fudge

Name: Arthur Age: Two Breed: Border Terrier cross Bichon Frisse Weight: 2kg Height: 60cm Pictured left is my dog Arthur. He loves running around the house chasing after the cats and when

Fudge is a 10-month-old baby guinea pig. She is caramel brown with a white tuft on her head and dark brown patches on her ears and bottom. Her favourite food is cucumber but she also loves dandelion leaves. She loves to be handled and whenever you pick her up she tries to climb up your body and tuck her head under your chin! Her best friend is Smudge the fluffy rabbit. She had a scary experience about three months ago when she was attacked by a rat and received a nasty bite to her mouth and had her ear completely bitten through! Luckily her loyal friend Smudge fended off the rat so she did not get any more injuries, she made a full recovery and nothing terrible like that has happened since. Samuel Considine

we go on walks he is very playful. He is like a hot water bottle if he sits on your lap. In the evening, when we’re on the sofa watching TV, it’s lovely to have him sitting on you. Once, when my brother and I were out with my dad, my mum went on a walk with Arthur by herself. There was a big dog

that sadly was blind. He mistook Arthur for a rabbit and attacked him. Arthur had his ear ripped off by the dog and it had to be sewn back on by the vet. His left ear is still floppy but that didn’t matter to him. As soon as he had healed, he was his playful old self again. Callum Wells

The Polygraph Times Page 4 Spring 2011


Our news team make BIG news St Polycarp’s pupils made it into the local press with their very first attempt at a fundraising school newspaper. Our intrepid reporters and photographers pulled out all the stops and their efforts paid off handsomely - the paper raised over £1,100 thanks to the generosity of our advertisers. Our editorial team is growing and on the lookout for the biggest and best stories surrounding the

school’s fundraising efforts. Our team made an appearance in Sir Ray Tindle’s Farnham Herald as we launched our assault on the newspaper world. The Farnham Diary gave the story prominence too. For our next edition, we want you to contact us at the address below with your activities and planned events. We’ll feature them in our summer edition to give them publicity and improve their chances of success.


Tel: 01252 716307 Fax: 01252 717842 E-mail:

The Polygraph Times is produced by the editorial team at St Polycarp’s under the guidance of Slush Media Ltd of Farnham. All proceeds from the advertising PAPER TALK: Our first edition (top right) was big goes to the St Polycarp’s Building Fund. Slush Media Ltd does not make any CA MODELS TCTbut Q/PAGE 93x136mm 6/7/07 amHerald Page 2 Farnham Diary news in11:42 the Farnham and the money from this operation is happy to giveAD its time to make it a success.



Become Eco warrior and take care of your planet Top Ten Eco Tips By Poly’s Eco Team

At St.Polycarp’s we are very proud to be an Eco School. This means we make sure that we recycle all our paper, cardboard, batteries, printer ink and many more items. We also try to save energy and last year we used energy than thewe yearused before!less Everyone helpsthan to keep theyear school are very proud less to be year energy the litter free and we all follow our Eco code. We want to share our top ten means we makeeco sure before! Everyone helps to keep the school tips with you.

At St Polycarp’s we an Eco School. This that we recycle all our paper, cardboard, batteries, printer ink and many more items. We also try to save energy and last

litter free and we all follow our Eco code. We want to share our top 10 Eco tips with you, so here they are.

Top Ten Eco Tips Turn down the heat and put on a jumper.


Turn off lights and appliances when you leave a room. Reuse or recycle things you no longer need. Walk instead of taking the car.



Hang your washing out to dry.

Use ‘Bags for Life’ instead of plastic bags. Compost your food waste instead of putting it in the bin. Grow your own vegetables.

Father Paul Jennings said: ‘The newspaper was a very good idea. Everyone who received a copy at church said it was a very good idea as well.’

Buy locally produced food to reduce your food miles.

Take a short shower instead of a bath.

Take care of our world, become an Eco Warrior!



Page 5 Spring 2011 The Polygraph Times

Our fundraising mascot is here! Esto is besto: Reception youngsters give a warm welcome to our fundraising mascot

Hello Esto Enter our photographic competition and snap up great mystery prizes! see page 11 fOr details of how to SEND IN YOUR PICTURES

By Poly Reporter Here he is.. Esto Fidelis, our fundraising mascot. Esto called into school just before we went to press with this, the second edition of The Polygraph Times. “I wish the newspaper every success,” said Esto. “Now I am here to help things along we can crack on towards our £150,000 target by building together.” Esto is pictured in class, left, practising with his tools while outside the busy workmen are putting in the foundations of the new buildings. “They look pretty cool in their yellow hard hats but my outfit is definitely more trendy,” he said. Keep an eye out for Esto at school events coming soon.


The Polygraph Times Page 6 Spring 2011



£40,000 £30,000


£20,000 £10,000

We’re on our way!


£13,102 raised


Page 7 Spring 2011 The Polygraph Times

congratulations: Our Apprentices receive their certificates and prizes from Farnham Chamber of Commerce President Paul Head, Head Mrs Ann Gunn and Roger Hart, Vice-Chairman of governors at St Polycarp’s

! Our Young Apprentice scheme would have made Sir Alan Sugar a very happy man indeed - pupils raised an incredible £13,102.37! On Monday 4th March, we had an assembly to announce the winners of the junior apprentice. As well as Mrs Gunn, Mr Hart and Mr Head, from the Farnham Chamber of Commerce, were there too. Mr Hart said that what we had done was ‘absolutely fantastic.’ Mr Head said that the money we have raised is ‘incredible.’ They wanted to say a special thanks to: Mrs Gunn and all of the teaching staff, all of the families that helped, Caroline Dinning. Also, Mrs Lee, Mrs Kitney, Joe Rendle, Sue Howarth Edwards, the school office and Mrs Robinson. So many children helped raise the money; approximately one hundred and thirty children took part! And all that hard work was not in vain. We raised £13,102.37! Three different awards were given, the most creative ideas, the highest raising boy and girl in each year and the overall highest amount of money raised.

By CALLUM WELLS The winners for the most creative ideas were: Kieran White and Matthew Froud selling jam, 3rd. Molly Krait and Sophia Chew selling their joke books, 2nd. Natasha Eggleton selling dressing up clothes, 1st. The highest raising boy and girl in each year were: Year 3 was Jamie Hepworth, £501 and Eliza Craig, £275.42. Year 4 was Thomas Howarth Edwards, £1,259. 34 and Caitlin Payne, £275. Year 5 was Zachary Evans, £700 and Eleanor Hart. And last but not least, Year 6 was Oliver Lee, £620 and Dorothy Usher, £1,171. The overall highest amount of money raised award went to: Oliver Lee, 3rd £622. Dorothy Usher 2nd, £1,171.70 and the winner was Thomas Howarth Edwards who raised £1,259.34. What a very tight competition! Congratulations to everyone.

and hire Picture courtesy of The Farnham Herald

by efforts of young apprentices

Oli’s got talent

The Polygraph Times Page 8 Spring 2011


Dancer wins as children shine in contest The results are in!!! After weeks of waiting and practising the finalists have been through a nailbiting month. Finalists included Olivia Coles, Francesca Lewis, Zachary Evans, Austin Reed, Ellie and Katie, Shannon, Maria and Francesca. Finally, we can reveal the winners. Runner up in KS1 is…… Austin Reed from Yr 2W playing a classical piano piece. Runner up in KS2 is……. Zachary Evans from Yr 5 Doves playing the violin. Drumroll. But the winner of The Poly’s Got Talent 2011 is…….. Olivia Coles

By Poly Reporter

from 6 Kites performing her modern contemporary dance piece. We interviewed Isabel Cobb, who came up with the original idea for Poly’s Got Talent and helped to organise it. How did you come up with such a brilliant idea? “Well I was sitting down watching telly with my family when suddenly my Mum said ‘Why don’t we organise a concert’ and I said ‘We could do a Poly’s Got Talent’ and that’s how it came to be.” How did you come up with the name? “I tied it in with Britain’s Got Talent.” Do you think it will raise a lot of money for the school? “I Hope so!” mummy Do you think the school makes... will manage to raise St Polycarp’s favourite enough for our building YAY! project? NOW AL IN STO SO “I think so, especially CK AT FREN with everything going on SHAM VILLA GE SH like the Polygraph Times, OP The Apprentice and On sale every month at Farnham Maltings Monthly Market Poly’s Got Talent! ’ Find us upstairs in the South West Kiln Room So, what’s the prize? NEXT MARKETS: 2 APRIL, 7 MAY & ‘VINTAGE’ FAIR, 8 MAY “The prize is a £20 voucher for any shop in


Main picture: Olivia Coles takes centre stage. Above: Katie, Abigail, Maria and Francesca

the country for the overall winner and £15 for the runners-up.” The winners were awarded their prizes on the performances when their parents were watching. All of the proceedings went towards the school building fund.

Journalism student Holly Moore of the University for the Creative Arts in Farnham said: ‘This newspaper will be bigger than Big Ben! Don’t forget to enter the photography competition. I took my copy of The Polygraph Times to the Houses of Parliament. Where will you take yours?’


Page 9 Spring 2011 The Polygraph Times

I SPY: Ben Kerfoot, centre, as undercover agent Oscar Cole in CBBC’s M.I. High

Picture: BBC/Kudos Film and Television Ltd/Colin Hutton

Actor Ben’s Woburn Landscapes Ltd cover blown by our spies Poly’s reporters have been lucky enough to interview the legendary Surrey actor Ben Kerfoot. Eighteen-year-old Ben is well known as master of disguise undercover agent Oscar Cole from M.I. High. Series 5 has recently returned to CBBC. We interviewed him about his life and what it is like being on set, filming with other actors and actresses. Have you always wanted to be an actor? “I’ve been taught by Tracey Linegar at Angels Theatre School since I was four and it’s always been a great way to explore my imagination. “But, I also had other conflicting interests like art. From really early on I wanted to be a wildlife presenter like David Attenborough. I guess acting caught my interest because you have the potential to do any job as an actor.” What was your first job as an actor? “When I was 11 I played a character in a series of short dramas for kids focused on bullying. I really enjoyed working on it, not just because it was my first job, but I’d

had a lot of problems with bullying myself and I wanted to push to help raise awareness.” What is it like on set? “It varies from job to job but actors are usually really well looked after on a job. I’ve always found it odd having runners grab my water, but it’s sensible really seeing as the whole crew will get home sooner if we don’t have any distractions.” Who inspired you to become an actor? “I’ve never had a central inspiration, but I really enjoy work by Peter Capaldi, Jo Brand and Michael Sheen.” Did you have any jobs before becoming an actor? “I helped out at Angels from a


How does reggae singer Bob Marley like his doughnuts? Why wi’ jammin of course!


young age but in real terms I didn’t start acting until I was in school.” What’s your favourite hobby, besides acting? “I love to sail in my spare time.” What has been your favourite job? “My favourite job has to be the role I played in Casualty. It had a brilliant crew, friendly cast and best of all I loved visiting Bristol.” The new series of M.I.High ends Monday April 4. Anne-Marie Garrett

Garden design Maintenance Fencing FREE TE QUO d to Paving Call ay Timber decking and planting T 01252 311877 M 07889 420949

Garden maintenance services in Fleet, Farnborough, Camberley, Aldershot, Ash, Ash Vale, Pirbright, Farnham and surrounding areas.



The Polygraph Times Page 10 Spring 2011


teE-HEE break: Young construction workers discuss The Polygraph Times’ coverage of the new building work, documented in the timeline pictures below

The new building work so far is coming along nicely. The digger is being used to dig up the slates of concrete used in the previous building. It is also removing wood that was the roof of the lunch box racks, some trees and last, but not least, the tiles that the old Year 6 huts used to live on. Although some parents may be concerned that it will distract us from our work we have many great

By OLIVIA COLES & NATASHA WILLIES teachers to teach us and keep us on our toes making sure our attention doesn’t wander. For five minutes during maths, Mrs Trafford let us watch the machines destroy the roof of the lunch rack area. It was very dramatic! The building work - when it is finished - will be very glamorous, a building to be proud of. Just

remember we are very lucky to go to this school! Some of the funding has come from the government but the children in our school have also worked really hard to raise money for the building work. We are very proud of our efforts so far. Further donations would be gratefully received. The Polygraph Times report-

ers Samuel, Callum and Matthew went behind the scenes and interviewed one of our Poly’s builders. We asked him how the building work was going. He said: ‘We are making good progress but the snow and rain slowed us down.’ He also explained to us that it was quite hard to control the digger but he has had plenty of practice since he had been using a digger for a

cou T wh foa hat W mo sai sai cem lov A



e he

as but ce a


Page 11 Spring 2011 The Polygraph Times

The Chief of the Zulu village Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa

Take a picture and win a prize!

We want our fundraising message to spread across the world. So next time you are off on holiday, take a copy with you and have your picture taken reading it in faraway places. The top of the Eiffel Tower perhaps or in front of the pyramids! There will be prizes for the funniest or furthest away location and we will feature the best in our summer edition. Email your picture with some location details and your name and address to Happy snapping!

All prices incl VAT and delivery

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couple of years now. They also asked the receptions who were playing with their new foam bricks, visibility jackets, hard hats and sand pits. We asked them what they liked most about building. One of them said: ‘I like the lorries.’ Another said that he liked laying down the cement. A few others said they loved everything! Another update in summer...

£237 ONLY!! Acer Aspire One Happy Aspire one D255

Another update in our next issue

Happy Netbook

Black. Intel Atom N450, 1GB Memory, 250GB Hard Drive, 6-cell battery (up to 8hours), 1.3MP camera, wifi b/g/n. Available in various colours e.g. red.

KewVisum is a trading name of Kew Computers Ltd. Unit 78 Woolmer Way, Woolmer Trading Estate, Bordon, Hampshire, GU35 9QF, United Kingdom Registered Number: 3505551 VAT Number: GB 689 4151 92

The Polygraph Times Page 12 Spring 2011


St Polycarp’s young students are aware of the differences between their own educational opportunities and those of the pupils at Ihemi School and St John’s School in Africa

Helping hands We link with two schools in Africa

The children of St Polycarp’s are very interested to learn about the lives of other children around the world and helping those that are less fortunate than themselves. We have created international links with two schools. IHEMI SCHOOL IFUNDA, TANZANIA The first school we linked up with was the Ihemi School in Ifunda, Tanzania. Our own school is set in the grounds of St Joan’s Catholic Church, Farnham. St Joan’s have a charity, Arcaid, which helps support the people of Ifunda. It was through them that we established our link with the children at Ihemi School. Parishioners Mr and Mrs Potter took an introductory letter for us during the early summer of 2009. Since then our link has gone from strength to strength. We were interested to learn that they didn’t go to school at harvesting times as they had to stay and help with digging up crops. They also had bare classrooms with little furniture or equip-

By Poly Reporter ment. They loved sport but played outside in dry dusty conditions. Although living in poverty they all seemed very happy. We all felt a bit spoilt when we read their letters. In addition to finding out about their region and sharing the similarities and differences in our lives, we decided we would like to help them by providing some equipment for their school. We had a One World Mufti Day and raised £289 to buy basic stationery. Our Chelsea coaches were interested in what we were doing and they went to Chelsea’s Cobham training ground to ask for some football tops for the children. The Walser family - whose daughter Susan was a St Polycarp’s pupil in the 70s - agreed to take the tops out with them last year. They took a photo of the delighted children wearing their Chelsea tops. Recently the Walser family went back to Ihemi School and this time we gave them our old style athletic tops. Once again we were sent photos of some

very happy Ihemi pupils. Our One World committee are devising new ways to help the children of Ihemi and to broaden our knowledge of Tanzania.

ST. JOHN’S SCHOOL BAMENDA, CAMEROON Our second link was developed with the help of All Hallows School. They had an established link with St Paul’s secondary in Bamenda. We thought we’d like to find out more about a primary school that fed St Paul’s. Then, when children move up to All Hallows, we could continue the links. Our Year 6 children

wrote many letters to the children there last year to find out all about their school, country and lifestyles. Here is what some Year Six children said: ‘Do you know what? They keep goats as pets’ ‘Sometimes they don’t go to school if they have to help their father in the fields’ ‘His food is very different to mine but he does like football like me’ Those Year 6s have now moved on to All Hallows. St John’s children have moved to St Paul’s. Some have established pen friends. Year 6 took photos of our school life and made up a photo diary which they sent to the children there. Our current Year 4 children did a big project about the weather. They e-mailed the headteacher at St John’s to find out about the weather in Cameroon. They found out it was hot, dry and dusty. One child said: ‘It’s been really snowy here, but in Cameroon they’ve had the opposite, it’s been really hot and dry’. Year 3 sent the St John’s children photos of the snowfall last winter. A teacher said: ‘It makes good sense to use our link countries. The written communication with other schools

really makes them realise the impact different weather can have on real lives. It is less abstract’. The staff at St Paul’s school wrote to our teachers and told them that the school was bilingual and that children spoke French at home but learnt in English in school so it was wonderful for them to write to English-speaking children like us. St. John’s school doesn’t have a computer so when Mrs Trafford emails them it may take months to get an answer as the Head has to use someone else’s computer in another town. We asked the Head of St John’s if there was a project they needed helping with. He said they were trying to fund some computers for the school. The One World committee thought this would be a wonderful idea and hope St Polycarp’s children can email their children. We raised £400 for their computer fund. After we have finished raising money for our own re-building project, we want to continue our fundraising efforts for those children in our link schools who are less fortunate than ourselves.

Cast the first stone Reserve your own place in school’s history with a brick in our wall of fame


Page 13 Spring 2011 The Polygraph Times

KITNEY STONES: Fundraising committee member Nicola Kitney shows one of the engraved stones and poster

1001479.005_RS_Polygraph Times_350x277_v1_relationships 21/03/2011 17:28 Page 1

The Polygraph Times Page 14 Spring 2011


Investment Managers…

…helping to build your future

First row (left to right): Justin Yeldham (Senior Investment Director); Jules Porter (Senior Investment Director); James Beckett (Senior Investment Assistant); David Bulteel (Divisional Director). Second row: Nick Sketch (Senior Investment Director); Brian Morel (Divisional Director); Chris Sandford (Business Development Director). Third row: Tom Squire (Assistant Investment Director); David Richardson (Divisional Director); Jonathan Wragg (Chief Executive).

Rensburg Sheppards Investment Management would like to offer their support to all at St. Polycarp’s Catholic Primary School in their efforts to raise the funds needed for the building project. They say life is what you make it. The same could be said of your future. Talk with a Rensburg Sheppards Investment Manager about making the most of your assets and savings, and you could soon see your family’s financial future begin to take shape. Our specialist teams seek the best and most tax efficient returns for you. We are opening a new Guildford office in 2011, so we will be even

better placed to offer you insight and expert advice on investments, pensions or other financial matters. We believe great relationships start with a conversation, so why not give us a call? For further information, please contact Jules Porter on 01252 733345 or email As you would expect, the value of your investments may go down as well as up and you might not get back the money you’ve put in. Member firm of the London Stock Exchange. Member of NYSE Liffe. Authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority. Rensburg Sheppards Investment Management Limited is registered in England. Registered Office: Quayside House Canal Wharf Leeds LS11 5PU Offices at: Belfast Cheltenham Edinburgh Farnham Glasgow Leeds Liverpool London Manchester Reigate Sheffield


Page 15 Spring 2011 The Polygraph Times

Thriller sets you Tron the edge of your seat... From director Joseph Kosinski comes the eye-popping, sci-fi action blockbuster Tron Legacy starring Jeff Bridges, Garret Hedlund and Olivia Wilde. When Sam Flynn’s (Garret Hedlund) dad disappears he goes to live with his grandparents, but then runs away because he is unhappy. Twenty years later, he lives on his own and races down the motorway on his motorbike. Every year he pulls off a daredevil stunt such as BASE jumping off the ENCOM tower (his dad’s company). When he gets home, an old friend that used to work with his dad at ENCOM is waiting for him. He gives Sam the keys for his dad’s abandoned arcade. After some persuasion, he finally decides to visit it, only to find the old place covered in dust and cobwebs. He pushes away a Tron arcade game and finds a door leading to a computer room. He accidently triggers a digitising laser, which transports him to the


CAST OF THOUSANDS: Mrs Higgins and Swifts Class include Mr Happy, Ace Ventura, Fantastic Mr Fox, Marley and Me and King Henry VIII

World Book Day picture special

Well what a turn-up for the books! Just look at all the amazing characters pupils managed to re-create in a great celebration of World Book Day. How many can you spot? How many can you name? Have you read books featuring any of these characters?

What did the carpet say to the floor? Don’t move - I’ve got you covered!

FANGS A LOT: Dracula and a wizard up to no good

Action in the playground with Year 6

Maths & English tuition


strange digital world that his father, Kevin Flynn (Jeff Bridges) created. The amazing neon lights transform the world from a dark, gloomy place to a flourescent, luminous realm. Sam’s no idea where he is, but he decides to go and explore and soon finds himself being carried off by a strange but amazing vehicle. The 27-year-old then finds the key to his dad’s disappearance: Kevin Flynn was trapped in his own digital world. Sam realises that he must escape with his dad, with the help of warrior Quorra (Olivia Wilde). Sam and Quorra embark on a mission to save Kevin. They find a clone of the businessman, who tries to stop them. TRON Legacy will have you at the edge of your seat, and thinking about it long after the credits have finished. Matthew Fernandes

The girls show off some of the books they have read

Booking now for our 2011/2012

Entrance Exam Course

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MISS PIGGY: Mrs House with Dr Who - twice! Luke Skywalker and James Bond play up to the press

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01252 727 673

Who lives in a pineapple under the sea? SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS! Year 5 line up with a cartoon hero

Sainsbury’s Farnham

The Polygraph Times Page 16 Spring 2011


Don’t miss the summer edition of The Polygraph Times We will have the latest news on all our fundraising projects in the summer edition. We are looking forward to car boot sales; salsa evenings; plays and talent contests; choirs and concerts; pulpit appeals and much more. If you have a fundraising idea, we want to know about it so contact us NOW at the address below.

Tel: 01252 716307 Fax: 01252 717842 E-mail:

Esto Building together



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Park cross

COVER PRICE: FREE DISTRIBUTION: Direct to ABC1 households PRINT RUN/CIRCULATION: 5,000 PROjECTED READERShIP: 15,000 minimum GEOGRAPhICAL COVERAGE: Farnham and villages, Hale, Aldershot, Beacon Hill, Ash Vale FREQUENCY: Quarterly/Termly PUBLICATION DATES: December, March, June

EDITORIAL CONTENT: School-related news, features, sport, letters, photography, artwork and creative writing. Leisure: book, music, TV and games reviews, opinions and comment. Content generated by Primary school pupils.

goesRATECARD to the school building fund**** ADVERTISING ****All revenue from advertising

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ARTWORK TO BE SUPPLIED CORRECT SIZE HI for RESsupporting PDF and emailed to: Many thanks to allASour advertisers Classified may be supplied as lineage or artwork as St Polycarp’s school. Your help towards our building described above. We reserve the right to refuse publication of any material fund is invaluable. deemed unsuitable for children.

20 x 3 115 x 200mm £200

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Razorlight set to shine at GuilFest

Maverick indie rock outfit RAZORLIGHT are to headline this year’s GuilFest music festival. GuilFest is a favourite with many Farnham families. It has won awards for its family-friendly atmosphere and 2011 is sure to be the biggest and best year yet. Peter Andre is confirmed to headline the Good Time Guide Stage on Saturday 16th July. With many No.1 hit singles, a multitude of national and international awards, as well as sell-out tours throughout the UK, Europe, Asia and Australia and a plethora of television appearances, Andre has become a household name. Public Image Ltd, the English post-punk outfit fronted by John Lydon, AKA Johnny Rotten, are confirmed to headline the Good Time Guide Stage on Sunday 17th July. Taking place over the weekend of July 15th, 16th and 17th, GuilFest 2011 will feature seven stages of live music,

hosting an incredible 200 acts. James Blunt is the big-name Sunday night act this year. Fronted by outspoken Johnny Borell, Razorlight are one of the key guitar bands of the last decade. They have sold over 4 million albums, performed to sell-out crowds on arena tours and festivals, and featured on the front of magazines like NME and Vogue. Over the coming weeks, many more announcements will be made about who you can see on all the stages at GuilFest 2011, including the Rock Cave and Dance Tent, as well as the top performers you can see in the Comedy

WIN GuilFest 2011 tickets!

and Theatre Tents and everywhere else. As regular GuilFest visitors will know, you can expect a massive variety of music and entertainment across many different stages at the festival, as well as great facilities such as the Kidzone - easily one of the best children’s areas at any festival anwhere in the whole country! In the coming months, the GuilFest line up will continue to grow with over 200 live acts and DJs performing. Tickets are now on sale and are available on-line at or by calling See Tickets on 0871 230 1106.

Watch out for St Polycarp’s silent auction in which you can bid for a pair of weekend camping passes for GuilFest at Stoke Park, Guildford in July. Massive thanks to the GuilFest organisers for that one!



Farnham artist in brush with horses

Page 17 Spring 2011 The Polygraph Times

Four tickets to Paultons Theme Park Valid until the end of October 2011

Paultons now has over 50 family rides and attractions including the exhilarating Cobra - the largest rollercoaster in the south. There are also over 80 different species of birds and animals at the park, set in 140 acres of beautiful landscaped gardens less than an hour’s drive from Farnham at Ower, near Romsey in the New Forest. Peppa Pig World opens in April 2011 too, a three acre park attraction with seven new rides, enchanted buildings, animated attractions and loads of play areas. Peppa Pig World will be a world first and EXCLUSIVE to Paultons Park in the UK. A must for Peppa fans everywhere! Visit to find out more. Information on Paultons’ special events and daily live shows is available at For your chance to win, simply tell us how many new rides are at Peppa Pig World. Email your answer with details of your name and address to and the first correct entry selected at random will see the winners on their way with tickets for two adults and two children. Oink! Oink!


Life - the gallery is Surrey’s new and inspiring art gallery with a focus on classic and contemporary figurative fine art and sculpture. Set in the Design Building next to The Packhouse in Runfold, Farnham, the gallery has featured a busy programme of exhibitions showcasing work from established and emerging artists since its opening in September last year. Earlier this year, Life saw the launch of an ‘Artist in Residence’ programme to showcase the talent of a local Surrey artist. Lisa Andrews was selected and has successfully developed a working studio space in the gallery. Lisa has spent her life in Farnham. She was born in Farnham Hospital, went to South Farnham School, Weydon, Farnham Sixth Form College and then studied for her BA (Hons) degree in Fine Art at the University for the Creative Arts. Lisa said: “I was delighted when cho-

sen to become the Artist in Residence. The gallery is a gem. Owners, Martin and Kerry Kelly, should be congratulated for bringing international artists and artworks to Farnham, whilst supporting local artists. “Their friendly and totally approachable manner, with none of the stuffiness often associated with art galleries, has created a unique gallery and I am excited to be working in such an inspiring environment.” The owners identified an interest in equestrian art in Surrey. Just as Kerry set about finding talented artists to provide work for an equine exhibition, local artist Louise Mizen walked through the gallery doors. “Once I saw Louise’s work, I was hooked into the theme of an equestrian show,” said Kerry. Louise Mizen works in a peaceful studio in her garden. Since her work was

first featured in the Equestrio magazine in 2006, she has been busy and successful. She has published a series of limited edition prints including reproductions of her oil paintings and charcoal drawings. Five years on, she is still gaining inspiration from her own handsome horse. “Working so closely with a young horse has given me a much greater understanding of the way a horse thinks and behaves. Leo is a very intelligent, energetic and expressive horse,“ said Louise. “My focus has moved away from doing high action subjects and more towards studying the way a horse expresses itself and communicates through gesture, posture and expression.” Louise’s oils, charcoals and prints can be seen in the ‘Equine Life’ show at Life – the gallery from April 8 until May 15. The work of eight other established artists and sculptors from across the UK will also be exhibited.

Congratulations Winner of our first Paultons Park family day ticket is Sarah Withrington of Bardsley Drive, Farnham. Sarah correctly answered that Peppa Pig’s brother is called George. Oink oink!



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The Polygraph Times Page 18 Spring 2011

Mountain climb for CRY Elese


by natasha willies & isabel cobb

Former St Poly’s student Elese Price is off to climb Africa’s Mount Kilimanjaro for charity Cardiac Risk in the Young (CRY). “I am climbing Kilimanjaro in March in memory of my lifelong friend George Weller,” said Elese. “He died suddenly on Christmas Eve last year aged just 16. I want to raise some money in memory of him as he was so fit and active and no matter what he was feeling, he would always be smiling and giggling. You knew where to go if you needed a hug too! So I want to do something for him that I am sure one day he would have loved to do himself.” Kilimanjaro is the highest mountain in Africa at 19,335 feet. A team of 17 will climb with Elese all

JOKE Teacher to pupil: What is a slug? Pupil: A snail with a housing problem!



CLIMB: Elese Price

hoping to raise £1,500 each for charity. For the climb, Elese has to take a 32 litre backpack and a 20 kilo backpack. She chose CRY because it is quite a small charity and not many people raise money for it. She trains two hours every day in the gym to get fit. Elese left St Polycarp’s in 2003 and went to All Hallows. “Mr Henry was Head when I was at Poly’s he was the best.” We told Elese to shush as we have a new head teacher now! She laughed. We will report on Elese’s climb in our next edition and hopefully have some pictures.

A man threw a lump of cheese at me. I said: “That was not very mature.”


Big laughs and an even bigger thank you to Molly Krait of Year 6 for all the joke spots in this edition. If you have some jokes to share with our readers, email them to us at the usual address.

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WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS: St Polycarp’s victorious girls team are all smiles

Good golly... we win tournament at Holly

St Polycarp’s Girls FC scored a major success by winning a spring football tournament at Holly Lodge School. The team playing were: Dorothy Usher, Grace Cunningham, Molly Kraitt, Olivia Coles, Anna Waselewski, Lucy Redknap, Natasha Willies, Sophia Chew and Katie Hyde. The first match was against South Farnham. Poly’s made a good start passing the ball and working as a team. Dorothy scored an amazing first goal. After that it was goal after goal. Dorothy was on fire! The final score was 3-0 to St. Poly’s. The second match played was against Hale. Poly’s started well but


about 10 minutes into the game Hale tried battering Poly’s defence. Our defenders fought fiercely! After half time Hale scored a brilliant goal making the final score 1-0 and beating Poly’s. The next game was against Holly Lodge. They had won every time they played so we were eager to beat them. The team started to play using each other for support. Despite maximum team efffort no one scored any goals leaving the final score at 0-0. Through to the second round we had to

Katie, Lucy and Sophia clear the danger and Anna shows off her ball control skills (left)

play Holly Lodge again! Poly’s started off well - they were determined to win and make it through to the final.. and they did! St Polycarp’s met Hale in the final. Having lost to them in the first round the team knew they had to pull out all the stops. Rapidly finding their positions, they started quick as a flash. Natasha and Olivia were the defenders. Every time the ball came near Natasha she kicked it right back down the field. Suddenly, Dorothy scored another goal making the score 1-0. Then a bit later another one went in. Hale scored one goal but the final score was 2-1 to St Polycarp’s.

Ex-pupil in swim for 2012 Olympic Games BUILDING TOGETHER

Cross country Matt is off and running Matthew Arnold (14) is a former St Polycarp’s student who is now a county cross country runner representing the Hampshire County. He left St Polycarp’s in 2007 and goes to All Hallows Secondary School. In February 2011, he came 13th in the national cross country championships. Last track season, he was ranked 14th in the UK in the 3,000 metres distance. His best achievements were in 2008/2009 where he won the UK cross country challenge and the English cross country challenge. In the same season, he came first in the South of England Championships, Hampshire County Championships and the Surrey Schools Championships. In addition, he came first in the London mini marathon, first in the national road relays, south of England road relays and national cross country relays. Asked who inspired him to take up running, Matt replied that it was his brother and sister and it is because of the excitement they experienced in the sport. He thought that local school races were an opportunity to plunge into the thick mud only seen in cross country running. Matt trains six times a week: four times with AFD and his coach Mick Woods on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday, and he runs on his own on Monday and Saturday if he is not competing. He trains at the Aldershot polo fields and Wellington Statue. Asked if he enjoyed the first edition of the Polygraph Times, he said: ‘I greatly enjoyed the first edition. My favourite part was seeing the superb future plans for the school buildings.’

Page 19 Spring 2011 The Polygraph Times

Polympic hopeful: Ex-Poly’s student Adenais Vashon with some of her trophies

Ex-St Polycarp’s student Adenais Vashon (17) is takng the plunge and hoping to swim in the 2012 Olympic Games in London. Adenais swims for Eng- By Poly Reporter land. She left St Polycarp’s in 2003 and now this is next March and attends All Hallows Sec- she is currently training ondary School. Adenais very hard for it. Another won the English Schools big competition coming Championships and won up for her is the W.I.S.E. some medals at the UK competition. This is the school games. She was England vs Wales vs also the St Poly’s swim- Scotland vs Ireland competition. ming captain. Her mum, with Michael We asked her what she enPhelps and Ian Thorpe, joyed most about swiminspired her to take up ming and she said: ‘The swimming. Believe it or environment of the big not, she trains an amazing events.’ Her PB (Personal 15 hours a week. She said Best) for the four main that she is hoping to be strokes for 100 metres is: able to swim in the 2012 Freestyle – 57 secs Olympic Games, but said Breaststroke – 1 min 25 that it is going to be re- secs ally tough. The trials for Fly – 1 min 06 secs Backstroke – 1 min 08 secs Adenais said that she really enjoyed the first edition of The Polygraph Times and that her favouWhy did the rite part was about Esto banana go to on the mascot page! hospital? Because

JOKE he wasn’t peeling very well!



Jumping for joy

St Polycarp’s gymnastics club is great fun as you can see (left) as members show off their new school competition leotard. The children are busy working towards awards as part of the ‘British Gymnastics’ programme. Once completed, gymnasts gain badges and certificates at several levels. Members also compete with other local schools. In the last competition our gymnasts won the overall prize for boys and girls. Children in Poly’s competition and display team have the chance

to show off skills to their parents as they take part in the annual display at the school summer fayre, performing on the trampet, floor and vaulting horses. Gymnastics develops strength, flexibility, balance and coordination. Children learn to work individually on the apparatus and also as part of a team. It’s a superb foundation sport developing skills useful in other sports that children may wish to pursue later on. So come along to the school gym club. You’ll be glad you did!

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Spring 2011

Year Fives out on pens..


Broken arm fails to stop our Henri

St Polycarp’s team put on an excellent display of football, winning their league to progress to the semi finals at the Year 5 District Football Tournament. The semi-final was nailbiting, with William Cobbett scoring a goal in the first half and St Polycarp’s equalising in the second. The full time score was one all. The wind was really ferocious and it was decided that extra time wouldn’t be played but that the teams would move straight onto penalties. It was very tense and both sides missed opportunities to go ahead. In the end, William Cobbett won the penalty shoot out and moved onto the final. Our team didn’t make the final but their passing, teamwork and goals all made for a superb performance. Coach Sean and Mrs Trafford were delighted with their effort and they look forward to an exciting new season next year.

Looking at upside down Henri Palmer here it is hard to imagine that he broke his arm just four months ago. So perhaps he deserves an extra special pat on the back for competing against the cream of Europe - and winning the vault for his age group! Eight-year-old Henri joined Rushmoor Gymnastics

RING OF CONFIDENCE: Henri Palmer performs on the rings in Belgium

JOKE Why did the chicken cross the road 200 times? His braces caught on a lamp post!


F-freezing r-runners 2nd

St Polycarp’s cross country runners shivered their way to second place in the spring championships held in Farnham Park recently. The competition took place with not a cloud in the sky. One hundred and fifty five boys and 115 girls took part in the 2,000 metre races around the misty, frost-covered park cheered on by very cold fami-

lies and staff from eight schools. St Polycarp’s team had a very successful morning with Sean Summers of Year 5 taking the bronze medal, coming in third position in the boys’ race and Nicholas Cooper of Year 6 coming in 7th position. Mariella Steijger of Year 5 came in fourth position in the girls’ race with April Wright of Year 5 close behind her in 7th place.

Our boys’ team came 2nd overall and our girls’ team finished 3rd overall. St Polycarp’s were awarded 2nd Place overall. Mrs Trafford would like to congratulate the children who all strived very hard to improve their personal bests. She would also like to thank the supportive staff who ensured the event was a success despite the bitter conditions.

Academy just six months ago. Henri travelled to Belgium with his club and competed with gymnasts from Spain, Luxembourg, Malta, France and Belgium. Henri competed on all six pieces of men’s apparatus; floor, vault, parallel bars, high bar, pommel horse, and rings. He did very well, finishing first on vault in

his age group. In the overall competition across all ages he came 7th on vault and 11th on floor out of a total of 29 gymnasts. This was a great comeback for Henri who was especially nervous - the competition was this January and he only broke his arm in a previous competition in October. Well done Henri!

The Polygraph Times Spring 2011  
The Polygraph Times Spring 2011  

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