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J a g u a r s L i t e r a r y m a g a z i n e I n a u g u r a l I s s u e

For the last nine weeks of the Jaguars’ language arts class, students have been diving deep into the creative writing process. They have been able to let loose their imaginations and weave clever poetry, short stories and even present clear opinions about topics that matter to them. As a result, the students who chose to participate submitted the work that they felt was their

best writing. They were able to choose from prompts given in class or pieces written on their own time. All of the published submissions in this magazine are students’ original works. The students wrote, revised and edited everything. They were also able to choose the template of the magazine as well as the name, Euphoria.

great joy, excitement or well-being. While some students were apprehensive about writing, most found themselves in a freed state of happiness when given the chance to write exactly what they thought and felt about a given prompt. Their imaginations at this age of wonderment gave way for an eclectic collection of student writing.

Euphoria is defined as a feeling a

Please enjoy this inaugural issue!

Artwork by Dexaly Rivera

P a g e


The Power of Music by Ben Appel Music has the power to influence the mindset and mood that anyone, or maybe even anything, is feeling because of its tones and the thoughts it presents to the listener. However, scientists are yet to figure out why. Is it the tone of the music that makes you feel a certain way, or maybe the lyrics make you think of certain things that normally you wouldn‟t think of? For example if you have ever been in a therapist‟s lobby, you‟re likely to hear nice soft music playing in the background. That is because they are hoping that the quite music will influence you to become calmer and really think about your problems at hand. Now imagine you walk into the same office building, but this time heavy metal music is playing in the background. Would that make you feel like talking about your problems or would you just get even madder and more frustrated? The lyrics of music can have a huge effect on you, too. If you‟re in a bad mood and decide to listen to a sad song, the words inside the song might make you think more and more of your bad day instead of helping you to forget about it. Or, if you are in a good mood, normally you don‟t go and listen to a sad song because it may ruin your good mood. As you can see, the mood and tone of the music that we listen to greatly effects the way people feel everyday and might make them do things that normally wouldn‟t be done.

E u p h o r i a

T h e D a n c e r b y B r o o k e A l l m a n

The pull of my muscle The strain on my veins Stretching my body Loosening my feet My head turns Crack. The sudden bones The cotemporary song fills my mind and heart The melody flows through the room I take my first step on the tip of my flesh on my achy feet I pop up Struggling to stay graceful My toes press against the hardened block of wood Slow movements I leap across the room I go for my pirouette But crush to the floor My ankle twist the different direction as I stare in dismay I try the fight the sudden stream of pain As I get back up My red and bruised bones Ache But I don’t stop Won’t stop. As I give it another go One more time I stand up Feeling like the whole world has stop I step to position one Then back to two I finish 3 and 4 And leap I leap high With my toes pointed I land On the center of the wooden block My toes burn while I go in to a pirouette I land it My feet place firmly on the ground

P a g e

H e r D r e a m t o T r a v e l b y D a n i l y n A n d r e w s

The variety of sights she can see, Too many to name, She would love to travel to Italy,

T h e B a r k B y N i c o l a s

I r v i n g

There was a town named Kowloon Where a dog always barked at the moon. In the town of Kowloon

or maybe L.A.

The people got sick of the dog that barked at the moon.

The place can be calm and quiet,

So they threw the dog in a room with no moon.

Or loud and busy. It doesn’t even matter, She’s not that picky. But when her dream comes true,


The people had a party in the town of Kowloon under the moon. Yet the people of Kowloon missed the dog that barked at

She’ll always come home,

the moon,

Because Florida is without a doubt,

So they got the dog out of the room with no moon and

Where she belongs.

The dog saw the moon and barked so soon. In the town of Kowloon though the people first hated The dog that barks at the moon in their town of Kowloon.

P a g e

E u p h o r i a


War Never Changes

by Connor Baerhold

“Kevin!” I yelled over the bang of the guns and roar of the mortars. I sprinted across the hastily dug out trench dodging falling men and vicious bullets wising past my head. I flew down to my knees and grabbed his neck to try my best to stop the bleeding. But it was too late: he was motionless. I flew to my feet in a blind rage and grabbed my Thompson M1-A1 and jumped out of the trench spraying led aimlessly, taking a few Germans with me before I was shot in the right leg, left arm, and hip. I stumbled back and fell in the trench I had recently come out of. Just then another American solider came running towards me yelling for a medic. He looked at me and told me I was going to be ok. He began to tell me something but he was cut off by the medic asking him were I had been shot. He told the medic what he needed to know and stood up to the point where his head was almost over the safety of the trench. He grabbed his gun and staggered away with a nervous yet certain face. My fate like many others was evident. The medic then signaled two men with a stretcher covered in blood. They lifted me up with haste but with care. They began to break into a slow jog making their way to an opening in the back of the trench were a small tent was located.

“My fate, like many others, was evident.”

Once we arrived they placed me on another stretcher on a table but with less blood on it. They injected a clear liquid into me making the pain go away. I felt much better but the pain wasn‟t completely gone. I began to sit up and felt a searing pain in my right leg and left arm. The medics inside the tent turned around from his other patient and saw me. He ran over and pushed me back down and told me I must not move. I obeyed his demand and stayed were I was, staring at the top of the tent. I could hear the battle still raging from which I had come from. Distant screams echoed in my head unpleasantly. I slowly turned to look at what the French doctor was doing. He was hung over his other patient, who appeared dead, crying. He then stood back up and straightened himself back out turning towards me with another shot of clear liquid. I turned and looked back up at the top of the tent moving out my arm so he could transfer the liquid into my veins. I then began to feel light-headed and closed my eyes, hoping this was all just a bad dream and that I was back at boot camp with my brother Kevin, joking around with the other guys. I turned to the doctored and opened my mouth trying to tell him I felt really light-headed but I just couldn‟t make it out. I started falling back and my body started relaxing. I tried to resist but the feeling was overpowering. I couldn‟t move. I slowly began to close my eyes and my last breath escaped my mouth.

P a g e

C a t a s t r o p h e B y S a m a n t h a S i m o n

B y

Moving Embracing Dancing Destroying The rain is the waves in the air That causes the air to be bare Windy and wild... Goes the whole mile of turned over cars and torn down trees I sit in the middle of this catastrophe Watching…Observing… Questioning I watch the house before me playing scenes before my eyes Showing and replaying me sitting on the porch reading my favorite book, painting the house with my beloved father, running in the yard with my family... playing “Goodbye,” moans the voice in the clouds Bright silver light strikes The one place I called home Now covered in a blanket of dancing flames I watch torn but silent seeing everything I once had burn away and crumble to the ground The blanket soon disappears from the rain that falls… down… A tear falls on my torn dress as I get up And walk alone with the catastrophe that Has killed my home...

A r tw o r k b y K e l s e y S a w y e r


T w i s t e r T i m e C h e l s e y F l e t c h e r

It was a beautiful Monday morning. Farmer Johnson rocked in his porch swing, positioned at the corner of the veranda. While glancing into the distance, he slowly sipped his coffee, in awe of the November sunrise. He was dressed in a pair of old overalls, a straw hat, and muddy work boots. Farmer Johnson felt refreshed as the calm cooling breeze blew his red scruffy hair back along with all of his worries. After he swallowed his last sip of coffee he set the heated cup carefully on the plastic table beside the swing. He took an energizing breath and climbed to his feet. Once on his feet he retrieved the cup once more and walked inside. The cabin smelled of pancakes and bacon, and the aroma got stronger as he approached the kitchen. He was greeted with a comforting kiss from the love of his life, Mrs. Johnson. She quickly returned to flipping pancakes for Sophie, who sat patiently waiting to devour a sweet fluffy flapjack and cool her throat with a glass of ice milk. “Good Morning Sweet Heart,” he said with a smile on his face to Sophie. “Good morning, Papa,” she softly replied with her southern accent. He set his cup in the sink and returned outside where he made his way down the creaky wooden steps towards the red roofed barn. The crunch of the dry grass sounded as his work boots marched in pattern all the way to the barn. He lifted the latch and swung open the doors. Obviously the barn didn’t smell of wildflowers, but that of manure and horse feed. He walked down the hallway of stalls lining the left wall until he reached the wheel barrel. He reached into his back pocket, retrieved his gloves and secured them tightly on his blistered hands. He was currently working on getting Momma’s garden finished before spring. He pushed the wheel barrel out the doors and into the front yard. He started to shovel dirt from the mound into the bucket when suddenly the wind picked up ferociously. With a squint in his eye, he could see off in the distance a Kansas tornado heading his way. He dropped the shovel and screamed for his family. Once everyone was outside, they ran to the secret cellar door behind the house. They climbed inside and slammed the door shut.

P a g e

E u p h o r i a


Flashbacks of Life

by Summer Adams

As I sit on the top of a hill the clouds pass me by high above. The wind blows through my hair. As I sit, the atmosphere around starts to move as if I was in some sort of globe. An image starts to appear in the sky. I start to see me, in a little blue sundress. I‟m with my mom. We are walking in a garden filled with flowers and waterfalls. I loved my mom to death and I don‟t know what I would do without her. As the image starts to fade away the atmosphere moves again and another image appears. I see my dad lying in a recliner asleep with beer bottles surrounding him like sharks around a dead whale. My dad was a drunk. He would come home almost every night wasted. I lay in my bed as I hear the murdering sounds of my mother and father screaming at each other. The next image was a picture of me and my dad in the car on a rainy night. It made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up and I got goose bumps on my legs. My mom was away for the weekend on a business trip. I hated staying with my dad because all he did was drink. I knew not to get in the car with my dad when he had been drinking but he said if I didn‟t get in the car then I wouldn‟t be eating and I was starving. I sat silent with my face smushed against the window as I watch the rain drops slide down.

“The car slowly sinks and I can feel myself slipping away.”

The next thing I knew was that my dad had begun to speed up he got faster and faster and I was screaming at him to stop but he didn‟t listen. He was heading straight towards the dock into the ocean. I tried to whack his hands off the steering wheel but he slapped me in the face and looked at me and smiled. My dad opens his car door and jumps out of the car. By the time my seatbelt was un-buckled the car was already half way in the water. I sit there and watch the car fill up with water as I‟m screaming my heart out. The car slowly sinks and I can feel myself slipping away from my own body. That‟s it: I‟m gone. Just like that, my lifeless body floating in my dad‟s car at the bottom of the ocean. I‟m sitting on that hill and the image of my dad looking down into the water with beer dripping down his chin is staring back at me. He laughs, wipes the beer off his chin, and walks away. I hated him so much and he killed me! Why did it have to be me—the one that died? Why couldn‟t he have died? He did all the bad stuff—I never did anything wrong! But I guess heaven isn‟t that bad I‟d rather be here than with my dad and have to watch him drown himself with alcohol. The only thing I miss is my mom‟s wonderful smile. Just by her smiling it made my entire day worth living. I come to this very hill every day to see my flashbacks of life.

P a g e

L e t t e r t o a b y A l e x y s s

L o s t L o v e L u c i a n o

Dear James, Since we were young, we’ve been close and connected. So close, I guess, we never truly thought about our future. If we would be together or continue on as friends, of which was were questions I always thought. You’ll read this letter and probably be confused but I guess you can say this is what I have always wanted you to know and think about. Every time we played outside or even passed each other in the hall I knew you were the one I could love. But what I didn’t know was how to tell you or if I even should. I was a girl with my heart heavily guarded. But somehow you made your way through the tall, steal gate, right into it. Remember when we would meet at the fifth street light on Chasewood Drive? My mother found out, you know. She wasn’t upset about it though. I guess she know how I felt about you. I don’t think I can ever thank you enough for being there for me after she and my dad were killed. Taking me to that mountain every Sunday—I don’t know why but the great mountains really did have a way of speaking to me. It is as if the mountains were calling me back to them. You always told me that they would be there for us forever. You also spoke about when death approached, and that there, in the mountains, was the closest point you can be to the passed loved ones. But, can you tell me how to deal with this? I had no idea that something so big and bold could just sneak up on you. I thought we were going to live forever. Why did you go? It’s as though I am empty and alone. Without you I don’t see any point in this life. Do not worry for me. I will be with you one day when I am old and gray. Just make sure to meet me in the sky. Until then I will carry on my life in the mountains. Going through everyday missing your company, constantly having reminders and flash backs about you. Although it will be hard, I will always have my mountains to come home to, after all, it is the closest place I can be to you. Your love, Mary

G i r l

b y t h e F i g h t s D e x a l y R i v e r a


b y

A girl always waking up to the sounds of horror The horror is the sounds of arguing between her parents Her throat —in pain from the hours of tears running down her face A face—so beautiful but a heart—so broken and a soul—so beautiful Tears that may never be in peace, a tear of happiness

A r tw o r k b y K e l s e y S aw y e r

A little girl’s father walking out the door but yelling on the way Divorce is all in the air—nothing but that Never happiness, never enjoyment, never just talking with a precious normal voice A girl lost in the depression of her parents She doesn’t know what to do or where to go to just be a normal girl with parents getting along She walked out and stopped in front of the arguing “STOP,” she said, “STOP FIGHTING, I CAN’T BARE THE SOUND ANY LONGER!” Her mom started crying and her dad in shock and anger “Just stop….please just stop...” A big family hug is what was next Her dream of no more arguing is finally here But her thoughts are still, “Why is it me that had to go through that?”

P a g e


The Greatest Game Ever Played

E u p h o r i a

by Anthony Valdes

“Hello all you football fans that just tuned in! It‟s the Palmetto Panthers vs. the South Dade Eagles. We‟re in the fourth quarter and the Panthers are down by six points. Their running back, Michael Black, has been a phenomenal player this season, rushing over 1,000 yard and receiving 1,000 yards. This kid is unstoppable this season--I think that he is going to win the M.V.P award this year. But if he wants to win that M.V.P award and the championship trophy, his team is going to have to score on this drive right now. “The Eagles‟ defense has been very dangerous this game: they‟ve injured three Panthers already. Alright, let‟s get back to the game… “The Panthers‟ quarter back hands the ball off to Black. Black tries to go to the outside--he gets shut down and there‟s three minutes on the clock left. “Second down. The quarter back says hike and again he gives it to Michael. Black tries to go inside and he fumbles the ball! He tries to pick it back up but he gets crushed by the whole defensive line and the whistle blows! “Here comes the referee--the referee stars to pull people off Black. He took one heck of a hit! Michael stands up and waves to the crowed and everyone in the stand gets up and cheers! “Next play: only one minute left on the clock. Third down: The quarterback gets a short pass to Michael for a first down and it‟s complete! “First down again and the quarter back hikes the ball...throws it to the wide receiver...and it’s picked off! The cornerback runs...he‟s hit and...fumbles the ball! Black picks up the ball and runs! He is going for the end zone but he gets pushed out at the 50 yard line! What a play! “Only 10 seconds left on clock. The Panthers only have one chance to win this game. The quarter back hikes the ball…he hands it off to his wide receiver…his wide receiver hands it off to Black and Michael starts going… he‟s at the 50…the 40….the 30…the 20…the 10…touchdown!!! The Panthers win! The Panthers win! The Panthers win! “Here comes the coach, bringing Michael the M.V.P award and the championship trophy! Here comes the ESPN crew!” “Michael what are you going to do now?” “I‟m going to Disney World!” Michael exclaims.

P a g e

T h e S u n s e t M ay R i s e B y A n g e l a B l o m q u i s t

To the November sunrise we go From our veranda leads to a secret Doorway. In pitch black darkness we follow the Howl of the coyote at midnight The witch with Red scruffy hair was stronger Than ever at midnight but the Coyote was stronger that anyone The witch tried to stop the sunset But that’s when the witch went Back into the darkness of the Secret doorway at midnight.


M a k e s M e H a p p y t o S e e Y o u A g a i n B y A s h l e y R h o d e s

A girl yelled, “Mom!” She came running. Faster than she could ever run. She saw her Mom and she gave her a hug with arms wide open. Depressing. Sad. Happy. Mom ran to give her a hug because it seemed like it’d been years when it’d only been a day. They have each other. She came to her safety. The officer came over and said, “Glad for her to be home?” “Yes I am what can I do to repay ou?” said the mom. “You don’t have to repay me. This is my job.”

P a g e

1 0

My Perfect Life

E u p h o r i a

by Camille Al-Shaer

I have lived in New York my whole life so when my mom told me we were going to move to Alaska I almost cried. “Do you realize how horrible Alaska is?” I argued. “They don‟t have malls, they don‟t have parks, and I‟m pretty sure they don‟t even have people! Are you trying to ruin my life?” My face felt red and hot. I was positive she could tell how mad I was. “Well if you really want to you can go live with your crazy aunt down in Brooklyn.” she answered. My mom didn‟t think I would say yes to that because she knew how much I hated Aunt Hilda. “She‟s crazy and Russian!” I exclaimed. “But I would rather live with her than live on a frozen piece of ice with you!” I yelled and stomped into my room. “Fine call her yourself then! I am not talking to that witch!” My mom screamed into my door as she tossed her phone to me. I picked it up and went to her contact list and looked through all the contacts. She wasn‟t there. I then saw „wicked witch‟ and clicked the call button. “Hello?” I heard Hilda say. “If this is one of those pesky sellers leave me alone. I ain‟t got no money!” “No Aunt Hilda it‟s me Jess. Can I come live with you? My mom is leaving for Alaska because of her job. I would do anything!” Aunt Hilda started laughing like a maniac. “Bout time your mother got to her rightful place… home of the whales!” More laughing and I glared into the phone waiting for her answer. “Well I guess you can. But you got to pay $50.” I sighed as I agreed and hung up then started to pack up for my move. “I‟m going, Mom —oh and I‟m taking Buster.” I smirked as I heard her sigh. Two weeks later I was finally moved into my new home. I actually kind of liked it there. It would have been my dream home WITHOUT Aunt Hilda. I loved the pasture. I could train all the horses and ride them as much as I wanted. I was going to be enrolled in school the next week and I was trying to spend every waking moment I had with the horses. “Do you like them?” Startled, I jumped and turned around. It was Aunt Hilda. “Yeah I guess.” I really did not think she was nice at all. “I don‟t bite you know. Your mother may think I do but I don‟t. I don‟t really know why she hates me; I think it may be because when we were younger I was mean to her. I apologized but she still hates me.” I smiled and went up to her and hugged her. She smiled back. From then on Aunt Hilda and I were really close, she always gave me advice and I always talked to her about everything. I loved my new, perfect life.

Aunt Hilda started laughing like a maniac.

P a g e

L i f e

G o e s

B y

T o o

F a s t

b y

L y n d s a y

1 1

K i n g

Waaaah! “Congratulations, it’s a girl.” I started to think of how just a few years back, I thought it would be ridiculous to have a child. I was just a kid myself. Now at 23, I have a beautiful young girl to support and love. “Are you okay?” “What? Umm… Yeah I’m fine.” “Do you want to hold her?” As I took her into my arms, I was at a complete stage of calm and happiness. I had never felt so good in my life. “She’s beautiful.” Three years later… “Happy birthday Lizzy!” I cannot believe that it is my child’s birthday. It still seems like yesterday that she was just a baby. I cannot imagine time would have gone by so fast. “Go ahead and open your presents.” As she unwrapped her pink Barbie Jeep, I thought of how fast it really would be before she is going to be driving a real car. I am mourning the times when she leaves but for now I am overjoyed that her mother and I are able to give her what she wants and needs. I am ecstatic about her being happy and enjoying her life and spending time with her parents. Thirteen years later… “Happy sweet 16, sweetheart!” “Thanks dad.” “Do you want to come open your presents?” “Um, can I do it after school, I have a test in first period and I am running late.” “Okay, well this will be quick, just open one.” I am so excited to see the look on her face when she finds that there is a brand new car sitting in the driveway for her. I still remember she used to drive a little kids jeep and then a bike and at around ten she really liked four-wheelers. Now I can’t wait to see her driving herself everywhere and having all of this freedom. “Ahhhh! Is that, is this… mine?” “Yea, do you like it?” “Oh my god! Like it? I love it! Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, a million times thank you.” “You’re welcome, now you go on off to school now and don’t be late.” As she pulled out of the driveway, I felt a tear roll down my cheek. Just to think, I only have two years left until she goes off to college and leaves me and her mother alone in the house. I am very glad to see that I was able to give her the life that her mother and I would have liked to have as a child. I really hope that she appreciates the opportunities that we have given her in order to be successful in the future.

P a g e

1 2

The Iditarod—Part I

E u p h o r i a

by Hannah Standridge

Ever since Johnny was a toddler, he wanted to participate in The Iditarod race with his dad. His dad has competed in The Iditarod for seven years in a row. He has won twice over the years. One year, in Juneau, Alaska, The Iditarod was being held on November 22. John Sr. planned on taking his 11-year-old son with him. They only had nine huskies and they needed two more to qualify. Before the race, they bought two more huskies. When they got home, they trained the dogs. They made them jump through objects, run, and other exercises to prepare. The more they trained, the faster the time went by. Soon they only had two days before the race. It was finally the day of the race and they were ready. They gathered the dogs, loaded the truck, and filled their thermoses, some with hot chocolate and some with coffee. As they headed to the race scene, they stopped and bought a few digital cameras. They never wanted to forget the first race they had together. Once they arrived at the race, it took forever for it to start. There were introductions, sleigh checks, dog checks. Finally the host told everyone to get in there positions as all the families said goodbye. Then the host yelled, “Go!” and all the racers took off. In the beginning, John and Johnny were in seventh place and there were only 10 teams. After the teams were spread out, a little over two miles away from one another, Johnny and his dad started catching up. Pretty soon they were in fourth place. The race usually takes about 4 days to complete. The record was 98 hours and 17 minutes, but they wanted to beat that time. They didn’t stop once until the second day. They were exhausted and freezing. Johnny told his dad that he couldn’t feel his fingers so his dad stopped and took a break for about an hour. They drank hot chocolate and coffee. Then they got back together and head off. Now they had trailed to 5th place, but they kept going strong. On the 2nd night they felt they had a good lead until one of the dogs stumbled over the reins and collapsed to the ground. The father and son rushed to get the huskies up and resituated. It took about 30 minutes but they finally got it. Then they headed off once more to try for victory. It was now the third day and they were feeling a little bit nervous because they were only in fourth place again. They wanted to reach first. They planned never to stop again until the race was over. They stuck to that plan well. They were cold as ice but they refused to stop. They slowed down but never stopped. The dogs were panting like crazy; you could tell they were tired. As they slowly passed each team they inched closer to first place.

Johnny told his dad that he couldn’t feel his fingers.

P a g e

N o t b y

a G o o d C h a s i d y

N i g h t – P a r t R a s c h k e

1 3


It was a Friday night and the Lakeside Village was crowded. In the days that passed the sunsets had been going down very late. All of my friends and I were sitting by the bright shimmering lights. I looked to my left and I pointed out a rusted Chevy driving by. The guys in the old car stepped out. One had a broken leg. They kept looking at me and my friends, staring us down. They walked by slowly; they had a scent of dizzying aroma. They laughed as they walked by. It wasn‟t just a normal laughter: it was a hunting laughter. I watched them as they walked by. Very carefully I stepped up and grabbed one of my friends, Chelsey. I told her how they were watching us and that we should keep a look out for them to make sure nothing bad happens to any of us. But all Chelsey said was, “We will be fine, stop worrying!” Usually I am not the one worrying at ALL. So I could definitely tell something was going to go wrong and it would not be a good night. My friend Billy jumped up out of his seat and ran over to us. He asked what was going on but we just said, “Nothing I was just telling her that I liked that Chevy that just drove by.” Billy assumed nothing was up and quickly said, “Are we going to go watch our movie or what, we are running out of time.” Everyone answered, “Ya, let‟s go!” Once we got up to the movie stand where we were going to buy our tickets I noticed the men that were in the rusted Chevy earlier and almost dropped to the floor. I grabbed Chelsey and told her, but once again she just said, “Everything will be fine Chasidy.” But I disagreed. I stepped up in line to buy our tickets and the ticket lady asked me what movie we wanted to see. I looked around and said “Are we still going to watch the same movie?” and all my friends said yes. I told the lady that we wanted to see Insidious. Quickly the movie lady answered back, “Miss, we are out of those tickets. Would you like to watch different movie?” I turned around and told my friends that they were out of the tickets. My friends and I decided to walk around the village. As we were all walking away I looked around to see if those strange guys went into the movies or if they turned around and started watching us. When I turned around I saw the guy with the broken leg pointing right in my direction. I grabbed Chelsey for the third time that night and told her what they were doing.

L i f e

t o D e a t h b y M i c h a e l L a n z a

From life being born until death Get up and say hip, hip hooray! Now and today Look into the future You see your life Have fun throughout your days Have fun till the end of this day You see yourself shining As your life is going away.

P a g e

1 4

The Illusionist It‟s was about 2:00 on a Saturday afternoon in sunny Hollywood. I walked into the Celebrity Cafe through the rear stage door. As I walked onto the wooden stage it sounded like I was walking in my sisters nine inch heels. When I retracted my $200 dollar Oakley‟s, I realized how lit up the stage was. Well let‟s get to the point of this story. My name is Lupe and I‟m a magician. I have been requested personally by Brad Pitt to be at his party this beautiful afternoon. As I was preparing for my acts, I realized that there was a large cylinder water tank. At that moment I realized what was going to be my closing act. I‟ve barely practiced this trick. The last time I attempted this illusion I passed out and almost died because I was drowning. But the trick always keeps the crowd pondering and that‟s what being a magician is about. As I rolled onto the end of the show I started to second guess my final closing act. But I wanted to go down in history as a magician known for his tricks and illusions and not for his fear that overpowered him. Although this illusion is possibly life threatening because of the thinness of the oxygen mask, but the decision was final: I was going to pull off this incredible, near impossible, feat. My hands were sweating as I climbed into the seventy-two degree water. I was sealed into the water tank with a steel cap. A county officer named Marquain made sure all the locks were real and tight. He later admitted that he was doubtful that I was going to survive and be able to escape. When the timer started I slipped on a thin clear oxygen mask to my face, but the audience didn‟t know that. As seconds turned to minutes and a minute turned to thirty minutes, the crowd started to wonder if I was dead. In my head I was thinking that I was very much alive, right? As the last minutes pasted on the bear sized clock I urged the crowd with hand motions to hold their breath as long as they can. When I finally tapped on the glass to be let out the crowd gave me a long well earned two minute standing ovation as I crawled out of the water tank. Man I wish that thing was heated. I was even congratulated by Brad Pitt. He even said quote on quote “the next time I have a party I‟m choosing you for entertainment.” I was so glad he stated that fact.

E u p h o r i a

by Malik Zillgitt

I was going to pull off this incredible, nearly impossible, feat.

P a g e

WWII Bomb Shelter By Sean Stover The sirens are blaring and people are screaming. It‟s around 3 a.m. Hundreds of German planes are flying overhead, dropping bombs all over my town. People are grabbing their children and heading towards bomb shelters. As the last of the people get in, we are all hoping it ends soon. I read the last letter my son sent me before a German sharpshooter killed him. He was only in the army a short time. I was crying but read on and at the end my mood changed somewhat because it said the group he was with killed the sniper. Sitting here in the bomb shelter, reading that note was devastating. But I knew that the family of that sniper was crushed by the death of a loved one, as I was about the death of my son. My eyes turned red and puffy as I tried to choke back tears. Neighbors and friends were trying to comfort me. Through my tears I asked A r tw o r k b y how long we‟ve been down here. Someone said about 20 minutes. When everything S e a n S t o v e r got quieter someone peeked outside and said it was safe. We exited the shelter and were shocked. We looked around and saw buildings destroyed and in flames. It was around 3:30 now and people were crying. Some were laying on others laps trying to get some rest. But they couldn‟t. Off in the distance I could still hear plane‟s engines and bombs exploding. It went on for about another 20 minutes. While the planes continued bombing elsewhere, people went and got buckets of water to put out the flames. When most of the flames were out it was around 6:00 a.m. Most tried to get some rest where they could. About noon people are trying to build shelters and get elders and children a safe place to sleep at night fall. Others were out in the fields trying to gather crops so we could eat. Others were still putting out small fires. When a decent shelter was built people looked around for beds for the elders and children to sleep in. Others gathered the food and some clothes. Around dinnertime, everyone in the town gathered in Flint Square where, on February 29th, we celebrate the day the town was finished being built. When everyone arrived we made a large stew with corn and other food we could find. After everyone was finished we gather up the bowls and utensils. Around 8:30, everyone is tired from the long day, so we all tried to go to sleep. As I laid in bed with heavy eyelids I looked out my window and saw soldiers marching with guns. At first I thought it was my eyes pulling tricks on me but then I realized they weren‟t. I thought it was British soldiers coming to help our town. Then I saw a tank, and on it was the Nazi Swastika.

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P a g e

1 6

E u p h o r i a

Owl of the Night by Josh Thomas

The Perfect Seed by Cassidy

Once there was an owl A lonely owl It had no friends No family Nothing or anybody So the owl went outside thinking it was a dream But sadly it was a true fact that could not be changed. The next day owl packed his things and left his old house. He went to a place where he could communicate with other people. But he soon missed his old house. So his new neighbors were wondering why the owl was sad. They figured out he missed his old house. That night when owl went to sleep, his new neighbors brought Some of owl’s favorite chairs and TV’s and plates and games. Ever since that day owl lived worry free and he never felt lonely and sad again.

Falling from the Heavens, Is the perfect seed for the perfect woman, This seed grew and grew, Bending and twisting its roots, So precious and innocent when the day came for it to bloom, This tiny seed is now such gloom, Watching it grow for such a short period of time, The moment came were it held no more shine, Even though there are cloudy skies Two more tiny pairs, Fell into her care, She loved these two as much as the first, And glows as her flowers grow, Watching them follow her foot steps, Into their bright future, She cherishes every moment she has them!

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When You’re Gone By Caitlyn VanWinkle As the 1973 Dodge Challenger coasts to a gentle stop at the red light, Haylyn's favorite song comes on the radio... As she reads her book and listens to the song, she comes to realize that the song reminds of Jesse. The song progresses and she begins to wish that summer break never even started. "When You're Gone" just seems to make Haylyn think about him... The song makes her miss his long blond hair, hearing him say, "I love you", and his amazing blue eyes. At least she can text him, until she remembers that he's at his baseball game... Her awesome number 19... Haylyn's parents notice that she isn't singing. "Haylyn? Is something wrong?" her parents ask. She stares blankly out the window and doesn't respond only because she actually didn't hear them ask. "Haylyn?" they repeat. Still no response. "Haylyn Nikole Tomlinson!" they exclaim as their frustration grows. "Yes?" Haylyn replies almost too innocently. "Is something wrong?" her parents ask, yet again. "No, I'm just really into this book." Haylyn lies. "Really? Well, I would think that if one were into a book they would be reading it. Am I not correct?" her parents wise off. "Yes, you are. It's just that I'm starting to miss my friends from school. I know we've had breaks longer than this, but this time it isn't as short. I mean it's two and a half months without seeing them. Normally it's only a few weeks." she explains. "I know what you mean, but I think you're missing your best friend. Not just a friend," her parents say. "Well, yea. You could say that." responds Haylyn. Her parents look at her for a bit longer and then go back to their conversation. The song has changed, but it's still another slow song and it also reminds her of Jesse. She continues to think about him. Suddenly her phone starts vibrating. She picks it up off of the seat and smiles as she reads the screen, "New Text Message From: Jesse!" She reads the text message and her smile fades into a worried frown. The text isn't from Jesse... It's from his parents... "Hi Haylyn. You might think this is Jesse, but it isn't. It's his parents. There has been an accident... Jesse was at ballpark with his dad and brother and Jesse threw the ball too far so his brother ran to get it. Well, as soon as his brother was about to grab the ball a car was coming... Jesse saw it and ran to get his brother... The car sped up almost like the driver thought Jesse was standing there on purpose. Since the car was going about 45 MPH it didn't have time to slow down... Jesse is now in the hospital, he has a broken arm and 3 cracked ribs. We're sorry you aren't here to see him... He loves you Haylyn." Haylyn closes her book and her eyes begin to water. She slides her phone open and texts his parents back. "Oh my gosh! Is he okay?! What about his brother?! Is he alright as well?! Please tell him I said I love him too." She anxiously waits for them to text back... She checks her phone just as it vibrates. She is shocked to see that the text says, “Hola Hay.” Her smile fades as the car pulls into the Rainforest Café… She texts back, “I gotta go, ttyl bye.”

P a g e

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Sandy Darkness

E u p h o r i a

by Garret Yohn

When you strap on those boots and attach the headlight to your hard hat, you know how dangerous and what can happen when you go down into that hole. As you step down into that pit of sandy darkness, there is no coming back. One day as I was working in the mine and digging up coal, I heard something that sounded like a crash. I crawled toward the dust and darkness and looked up. I couldn't believe what I saw. The ground ceiling was caved in and caused the dirt and rock above to cover the way in and out of this mine. I crawled for more than an hour and found another flag that represented the opening of the mine. I looked up and saw nothing but dirt. I crawled more and finally found a place to rest and take my boots off. I put my boots back on and crawled some more. As I made my way down a path I came to a maze of tunnels blocked off by wood. I decided to go down the middle and break away the wood. I went down to a dead end, but noticed a small little hole and a piece of a flag on the ground. I used my feet to kick away the dirt and found jars of gold nuggets. I took a jar and left the rest for later. I looked up and saw light coming through a hole. I started to dig and didn’t stop. Finally, I was free. I got into a truck and drove back to the other hole to see what really happened. Once I got there, there were cinderblocks and concrete on top of the hole. Did this mean that it was done on purpose by someone, even one of the other workers? I saw some tire tracks off in the distance that lead out into the deserted land. I got back into the truck, turned on the a/c and start driving. I drove for a long time and the sun was coming down. I stopped and turned off the engine. I couldn’t sleep in the truck, so I found a towel to use as a blanket and ripped out the backseat for a bed. I pulled down the tailgate and used it to sleep on and to get some air. I slept until the sunshine woke me up from my tiredness. I awoke in the morning and gathered up all of the materials I used and started driving again. I came to a small town in the middle of nowhere and stopped at the local hotel. I asked for a two day fee and the nicest room they have. I left there and went to the local dinner. I ordered my favorite meal: grilled cheese and milk. Then I tipped the waitress and step outside and sat in one of the rocking chairs. There was a young girl there, and I asked her if there have been any vehicles coming though here in the past couple of days. She pointed and there they were. The company trucks the person used to get away from the scene at the mine. I went to the police and took them back to the scene. They said that this was called missed murder. Whoever it was tried to kill me, but didn’t succeed. The cops and I made our way to the hotel that the workers were at. We opened the door and saw them in the back of the lobby. The cops went up to them and asked for their cooperation. They gave the policemen his keys. The cops searched their truck and found bags of cement in the back. That was enough for them. So, they took them away in the back of that police car. I went back and got the rest of the gold and rode of back home and never set foot in another mine again.

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Road to a New Life

1 9

by Daniel Zuniga

It is 2:05 A.M. and we came together in Las Vegas, Nevada. “What’s gonna be going down Daniel? Why did you wanna see us?” Ca rlos asks during a game of poker. “At exactly 11:10 A.M. we suit up. Just hear me out, aight? No questions,” I say. “Now, with suits, bullet proof vests, boots, face masks--” I pause for effect. “I’m talking AK’s, M16, grenades--whatever you can get before May fourth.” “Well I can get all the weapons.” Jose announces. “Yo, you know me, I got the equipment,” yells Carlos. “Bueno, Bueno.” I agree. “At 12:30 P.M. we’ll head to bank one. We will barge into the front door and take the manager to the safe. They will open the safe door and I’ll grab the money. We’ll get around 10 million.” I state. “We then add bleach to whatever we to uch, and bounce.” “I’m still stuck on 10 million.” Carlos says. “That isn’t even all we will get. Now I don’t want anybody dead. Got it?” I bark. “Yeah we got it,” they say together. “Now when we’re done we head to bank two. There, we will go through the same process, but get 50 million! We will head to ban k three in L.A. There will be 250 million. We will call it, grab, bleach, and run. I want to cross the border and head to Guadalajara, Mexico. It’s risky but we must attempt.” May 4th Time: 11:05 A.M. “Vaminos!” I yell. “It’s 11:05 we need to get ready.” They rush and stand in position. “Ok in 30 seconds we go.” I tell them. “11:10 go!” We all suit up and in the car by 12:04. We get to the bank at 12:25 and wait. When it gets to 12:30 I yell, “Let’s go!” We leave the van and charge the door. “Everybody on the ground!” I yell. “José, cameras! Carlos, computers and alarm! You com e with me.” I grab the manager and head to the safe. “Open it!” I demand. As she opens it I grab the money and escape. “Alright guys, bleach!” I yell. We bleach it up and escape. When we run out ther e are six cops waiting for us. “Get on the ground!” they yell. As we get on our knees I look to José. “Hand me a sticky.” He places a grenade in my hand and I toss it at a police car. “Let’s move!” I yell. The cops try to run but can’t get far before three cop cars are blown up. We jump in t he van and head to bank two. We are at bank two at 1:30 and immediately jump out. It’s the same routine. I grab the manager, money, bleach it and run out with no cops in our course. With 60 million we head to bank three. It is 6:45 and we have no time to waste so we go. We do everything on time but as soon as we bleached everything I stop at the door. “On my go. GO!” we jump out and through three grenades. We unload all ammo for the AK’S and throw five more grenades. The who le street was blown apart and no more cops were in our way. As I grab all bags we leave. “Let’s getta home.”

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