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Thankyou to thenursesatthe maternitywardand maternityhospital in Borås, 26-29May 2018


Mindsets that changedmylife


Publisher: BoD– BooksonDemand, Stockholm, Sverige

Print: BoD– BooksonDemand, Norderstedt, Tyskland



Therat races.

How to balanceitall,doesitevenmakesense?Orisitjust an illusionbecause we like to dream?

Dreamofsomething else,somethingdifferent.

It's okay if your falukorv (a traditionalSwedish meal)getsa bitburnt that late Tuesdayafternoon in theend of September. When your kids areover-tiredafter not sleeping well andplaying around allday at preschool.You know, when they have said "yes"tothe food yousuggested for dinnerinthe caronyourway home.

Butbythe time thedinnerisready,theydon’twanttoeat it at all.

Yes, that ratrace.

How do youbalance it all

What does it mean if it allbalancesout,whatthen?

Maybeweshould just seethingsfor what they areand let them be.Somethingsyou should just letgoand accept as it is,not trytoshape it into somethingyou want andenjoy.


Or is it wrong?

Yousee,everydaylifefor allofusisquite similar. It contains many of thesameaspects.

Everyone is queueingupatthe kindergarten parkinglot and watchingtimefly by.See howtheir planning forthe workday is completely turned upside down.

Everyone queues up in theschool carparkand watchesthe time flyby. Seeing how theirplanning forthe workingday is completely turned upside down.Withoutbeing able to do somethingabout it.

So,whatisthisMagnus? Another"self-help" book?

Idon'tsee it likethat.

This is my wayofsharing some lessons from what we call life. We allgothrough avariety of toughthingsinlife, and we deal with it in differentways.

Dependingonthe situation, we act. Sometimesimmediately, sometimesafterwards.

Iamanaverage guy, in an averagecity, with an averagelife andwithaverage challenges.But with an unusualapproach.

Ialwayssay getrid of what doesn'tworkfor you. What drains your energy insteadoffilling youup. Endthe relationships that don'tgiveyou anyvalue -why spendtime on somethingthatinthe enddoesn't give youany value anyway?


Youwill only be disappointed andbecomea person you don'twanttobe.

We have alimited amount of time.Weare livinga shortlife.

Ithoughtfor along time that my life wouldnot be short, that Iwould have time to worryaboutthingslater.ThatI couldput things offuntil later.You know,likeone does.

On May26, 2018, ourson wasborn. Thestaff hadtostart hiscardiac andrespiratory system.I remember themoment he "cameout"- no screaming, no movement.I wascold. Hisamazing momsaw my reaction, butI assuredher that everythingwas fine.

An absolute lie.

Midwives,nurses, andother staffran in with ourson to the emergencyroomand oneofthemshouted -the father is coming.

When Ientered theemergency room next to thedelivery room,itwas full speedahead.Defibrillatoron. It helped. He screamed forthe firsttime. We ranwithhim to hismom so shecould seehim,lay himdownand feel himagainst her chest. Fora fewmoments,thenshe hadtoleave for emergencysurgery.

Igot to holdmyson forthe firstthree hours of hislife. Wrappedinblankets,sucking on daddy's littlefingerto finger thenipple. Orange juicefromthe medicalstaff. Warmth andlovefromme.



ThereI promised my sonand myself -now thefocus will be on doinggood things anddoing them thecorrect way.

Whatever that wouldbe.

This bookisa result of thejourney Imadeearlierinmylife that ledmetowhere Iamtoday.

Butalso, from that dayatthe endofMay 2018 to today, and beyond.

Arudeawakening that we onlyhaveone life. One.Ifweare givenone.

Therefore, we should fill it with as much as possibleofwhat we want.Weshould shareour knowledgeand experience with others -and whoknows,maybe someone will find what youshare useful.

Then it is worthit.

When Istart writingthisbook, it is theend of summer 2023, September. Iwill be finished in December.

Ajourney,albeitshort in time butlonger andmoreintricate in itscreation.

Ihavebeenona journeyoverthe last 20 yearsthathas meanta complete change in my wayofseeingthingsand how Iapproach them.

SomethingthatI find importantisthatyou actively saynoto things andespeciallypeoplethatdrain you.

Whodoesn’t shareyourvaluesand don'tpush youforward. That don'tsee your value.


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