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Leka IS...

Text: Ferdie Dorray

Illustrations: Maryam Yektafar

Dedicate this to yourself. ~ F.D.

© 2020 Ferdie Dorray © 2020 Maryam Yektafar Publishing: BoD – Books on Demand, Stockholm, Sweden Print: BoD – Books on Demand GmbH, Norderstedt, Germany ISBN: 978-91-7969-686-3

Leka IS... by Ferdie Dorray and Maryam Yektafar

My name is Leka.

I am a Dalmatian.

I am black and white.

My spots are black during the day...

... and white at night.

When I sit,

While following Leka's steps we connect the dots between the Sun and the raspberry jam, the dog's tail and the rain... ...It is highly recommended to read this book even upside-down and backwards.

Š 2020 Ferdie Dorray Š 2020 Maryam Yektafar Published 2020

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