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D Lyssna och fyll i luckorna. Du får höra Chorus flera gånger. WEEZER – ISLAND IN THE SUN Chorus 1

When you’re on a You can’t find the words to say

Chorus 2

All the things that come to you

We’ll run away

And I wanna feel it too

We’ll spend some time We’ll never feel bad anymore

Chorus 1 On an island in the

Chorus 1

We’ll be playing and having Chorus 2

And it makes me feel so I can’t control my When you’re on a golden 8 p för alla rätt.



You don’t need no memory Just a place to call your own

© E.O. Smith Music För norden och baltiska staterna: Misty Music AB

As we drift into the zone

E Sätt in rätt ord i meningarna. Välj ord från rutan. Några blir över. clean







1. I’m so ______________________________ I can’t take another step. 2. These bags are awfully ______________________________________.

5 p för alla rätt.




4. Watch out! The floor is _____________________________________! 5. The man was very helpful and _______________________________.

Kopiering förbjuden. Se sidan 2.

3. Is the room _______________________________________________?


Just Stuff B _wb_001-064.indd 34

09-04-02 09.35.13


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