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DeMONoID's METHOD Hey guys today I am telling everyone about my method to get good earnings. It’s all about hard work. Hard work=More Earnings

Method 1: 1. Youtube Accounts -Have access to some YouTube accounts 2. Youtube Bot -Get a YouTube bot. (one that can comment and rate a video) 3. Idea -Think of a something that a lot of people would want to download for example what i do is i upload videos of keygen's and programs (some even fake programs) and a lot people downloads them. You have to think outside of the box! 4. Comments - Now use the YouTube bot to your advantage. Spam the crap out of your video(s) with positive comments but this all depends on how many YouTube accounts you have. If you are looking for a good amount of earnings i suggest doing 50+ comments on a video. If you follow these guidelines you will be successful with PUREBITS.NET. Of course you may not get the results right away this can take time and your video(s) will need to get a lot of views to get people to watch it.

Method 2: 1. Found popular poker room (place where peoples play poker online). 2. Make ~9MB .exe file call it "[poker room name] BotInstall.exe" (FullTiltPokerBotInstall.exe) 3. Upload it to PUREBITS.NET and short file URL with 4. Find a table with many people watching game (table with very high bets). 5. Write to a chat message like: "HI download fulltiltpoker bot here [link]". 6. If you would not get banned, repeat 5. Good luck!

Method 3: This method is one of the best to start off with, what we’re going to be doing is supplying game cheats/hacks or whatever you want to call them, to gamers, we’re going to contact the gamers though forums in this method, but in later methods, we’ll be covering other ways of promoting your PUREBITS.NET download link for this method, but forums are the best place to start Step 1) Finding a game download to promote We first need to find a file to upload to PUREBITS.NET, with a bit of help from Google, this isn’t really very hard to do, select a game, in this example, we’re using Gunz: The Online Duel, so we’ll search “gunz cheats” and “gunz hacks”, go though what comes up, then download the files that come up. You may have to sign up to forums to get access to the file download links.

Step 2) Uploading the game file to PUREBITS.NET You obviously need to login to your PUREBITS.NET account, if you don’t already have a PUREBITS.NET account, you should sign up now, as you need a PUREBITS.NET account to upload files to PUREBITS.NET, okay so once you’ve uploaded the files to PUREBITS.NET, grab the download links, make sure you know what link is for what cheat/hack, you don’t want to get mixed up! Step 3) Promoting the file download This is super easy, just take the PUREBITS.NET download link you got, then go back to Google, search for some forums around the game, lets take gunz as the example, “Gunz forums”, then you go into more detailed forums “gunz clan forums” “gunz guild forums” “gunz cheating forums” “gunz hacking forums”. Once you’ve got some results, start signging up to the forums, then simply post a topic in the most viewed section about the cheat/hack, give it a good title “Amazing Gunz AIM Bot, 100% working & safe”, within the topic, try to have some pictures/videos of the cheat/hack/software/gunz, along with a anti virus scan and of course the download link. Step 4) Rinse & Repeat! This is the great part about this method, you can do it over and over again, there are thousands of forums for every game, there are thousands of games to pick cheats/hacks from, there are thousands of places to promote your PUREBITS.NET download link, so what are you waiting for? Get out there and get promoting

Thanks for reading!

Purebits 3 ways to make money  
Purebits 3 ways to make money