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Macarthur Region Business to Business Magazine


SUCCESS! Turning a community into a co-operative

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Macarthur Region Business to Business Magazine


Macarthur Region Business to Business Magazine


Macarthur Region Business to Business Magazine


Work has started on the latest addition to Lexus’ dealer network – Lexus of Macarthur, in booming greater western Sydney. Lexus’ premium quality vehicles have made the company a world leader and an exciting and muchdesired brand in the hearts and minds of motorists on the pursuit of perfection. Now Clintons is set to deliver the same for Lexus in Macarthur. Having the greatest admiration for Lexus and its achievements, Clintons is ready and superbly qualified to make Lexus the leading and most desired brand in the hearts and minds of motorists across Macarthur. As a family-owned business and long standing member of the Macarthur community, Clintons always acts with integrity and we are committed to flawless performance in all they do.


Lexus of Macarthur will be located on an 8,000m2 metre site in Gregory Hills, near Campbelltown, and commence business in early 2016. Greater Western Sydney is an area of significant economic and population growth. There are 240,000 businesses in the region and its economy generates more than $80 billion in economic output per year, ranking it the third largest economy in Australia behind Sydney CBD and Melbourne. In addition, its population growth has exceeded both Sydney and NSW over the past nine years and is expected to exceed 2.3 million by the year 2026. Offering prestigious facilities in a prime location, a highly skilled team committed to excellence in all we do, a trusted reputation in the community and a market-leading presence in our region, Clintons will lead the way for Lexus of Macarthur.

Macarthur Region Business to Business Magazine


Lexus Australia Chief Executive Sean Hanley said the establishment of Lexus of Macarthur came at a time of both substantial growth for the area but also for the Lexus brand. “The luxury market has expanded significantly in recent times, particularly from new-to-luxury customers,” Mr Hanley said. “The developing greater western Sydney region through Lexus of Macarthur provides us another opportunity to capture that growth. However, our brand is fully committed to servicing this area and becoming a part of the community. “This means providing customers in greater western Sydney Lexus’ renowned customer service, aftersales support and the full line-up of Lexus vehicles including the dynamic new RC coupe and NX crossover SUV.” Lexus has appointed industry veteran Mario

Kordovolos as Lexus of Macarthur dealer principal. Mr Kordovolos, whose Clintons automotive business has been based in and serviced the Macarthur region for more than 50 years, said there was a significant opportunity for the Japanese luxury marque in the area. “This is one of the fastest growing and developing areas of Australia and we see huge potential for Lexus to attract and retain a new set of buyers,” Mr Kordovolos said. “Our team looks forward to being part of the expansion and demonstrating to the growing population of Macarthur the many benefits of Lexus ownership.” Lexus of Macarthur will be accessible via an intersection on Camden Valley Way, a major arterial road that links the Hume Highway, M7, M5 freeways and interchange at Prestons in Sydney’s south west.



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p21 Who is Tezza’s 60 seconds with? p26 Meet the brothers making fast tracks FROM THE EDITOR p40 Cleaning up the family way



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p30 Meet Gerry Knights, the force behind SWS Academy of Sport p33 Competitive Intelligence staying one step ahead

TECHNOLOGY & MARKETING p23 Windows 10, should you upgrade? P24 Using the power of video marketing the right way

Networking P14 How to get people talking about you behind your back P43 Adriana Care share’s her vision for Macarthur P46 Sisters doing it for themselves

p35 Relief is in sight info@smartermedia.com.au www.smartermedia.com.au

1300 793 323 Disclaimer This publication provides only general news and information, Nothing in this publication constitutes or is intended to constitute financial, investment or legal advice. Before making any decisions, readers are strongly encouraged to seek independent financial, investment and/or legal advice based on their own individual circumstances. In compiling this publication, Smarter Media has relied on information and material prepared by or on behalf of third party advertisers and other contributors. It is the responsibility of the third parties to ensure that all information and material submitted for publication is accurate and complete. Smarter Media does not endorse or approve, and has not independently reviewed or verified, any information or material received from third parties. Smarter Media, its officers, employees and agents make no representations or warranties whatsoever, either expressly or impliedly, in relation to the accuracy, reliability or completeness of the published information and material. To the full extent allowed by law, Smarter Media, its officers, employees and agents disclaim any and all liability for any loss or damage or other consequences of any type arising out of, or in any way connected with, any use of, or reliance on, any information, statement, opinion, advertisement, representation or omission in this publication.


Macarthur Region Business to Business Magazine

Just wanted to share my experience of being in print in Smarter Macarthur. I, along with a couple of other video production specialists, were featured in the first issue of the mag. It just goes to show that this magazine works for a loooong time. First, an advertising company based in Campbelltown read the magazine perhaps 6-10 months after its publication. They had worked with me before some 6-7 years ago. They were now looking for a great video guy. I got a phone call. Had a coffee. They bought me and my business! I now work with them and still keep trading under the Brown Cow Media name. Wouldn’t have happened without my pretty little face being in Smarter Macarthur. Proof 2: issue 1 still working for me. Only 3 months ago, I was contacted by a local business keen to cut out the middle man and work with a local provider to raise awareness of their cause. He found my details after reading the mag article. As a growing concern, this new relationship will be worth many thousands of dollars to my business. Daryl Brown, Brown Cow Media



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Macarthur Region Business to Business Magazine











Peter Butler is a board member of the recently formed Cooperative Development Network (CDN), a body that has been established to assist in the development of cooperatives in various social and business sectors, in particular in the Greater Western Sydney region. Peter writes: “I’m confident that it’s safe to assume that most readers will have at least some understanding and knowledge of co-ops, probably an interest in them, and in exploring them further; and possibly even an existing connection, such as with local co-ops and their members. What is a co-operative? It is a business model that shares its profits with its members rather than with private investors and shareholders. As such, its primary purpose is not to maximise its profits, as in the current mainstream capitalist model, but to provide a fair return to its members and also to the local economy. This model has been around for a long time. In fact, it has its roots deep in traditional cultures including local produce markets, barter communities, guilds etc. This



GR O W TH local focus gives it a strong ethical basis because its profits are not removed from the area to benefit powerful external business interests of owners, shareholders, and investors. CDN-GWS: One of the main instigators for this development was Dr. Anthony Jensen, a Sydney University lecturer in business ethics and co-operative researcher. He has worked in the UK for a local cooperative network for about 5 years, and has built a team to achieve this including business people, community workers and other professionals (including a lawyer and local council staff ), plus business professionals and marketing students. As a business model, co-operatives share a space with other related enterprises, including barter arrangements and social enterprise. This is defined by a focus on the common good, and social value. As a core human value, this drive arises from an inherent desire to work together for the community benefit. It contrasts with the current dominant global economic model, which is based on self-interest and competition, so there is a shared approach between co-ops and a barter system, and a

Macarthur Region Business to Business Magazine mutual benefit in aligning these activities. The main difference is that barter exchanges goods and services, rather than cash. This raises some interesting possibilities for the CDN-GWS and Smarter Barter to align their interests and support and learn from each other in this sector. I strongly recommend readers of this magazine to join Smarter Barter and profit from shared knowledge and experience. We’re building a strong team for the future of community-based enterprises.”

In 2005, economist Mervyn King, the Bank of England’s governor wrote; “Is it possible that advances in technology will mean that the world may come to resemble a pure exchange

economy? Electronic transactions in real time hold out that possibility. There is no reason, in principle, why final settlements could not be carried out by the private sector without the need for clearing through the central bank. There is no conceptual obstacle to the idea that two individuals engaged in a transaction could settle by a transfer of wealth from one electronic account to another in real time. The same system could match demands and supplies of financial assets, determine prices and make settlements. Financial assets and real goods and services would be priced in terms of a unit of account. Final settlement could be made without any recourse to the central bank. Without such a role in settlements, central banks, in their present form, would no longer exist; nor would money.”


Macarthur Region Business to Business Magazine

Rob Park has operated Smarter Barter for 7 years, a cash free trading platform for Sydney based businesses. Here he introduces his community and shares his thoughts of turning Smarter Barter into a cooperative: Rob writes “Smarter Barter is a community of like minded small business owners across Sydney that do business without cash changing hands. They use a website (www. smarterbarter.com.au) or mobile app to search fellow traders for ways to spend, and find new customers to sell to, and perform transactions. Mainly through word of mouth and referral, experienced traders have gathered into the only cash fee free business community in Australia. The importance of the exclusion of cash is that it enables and encourages collaboration as well as trade, and all the barriers that exist in the cash economy are removed. One example of the power of trade is this magazine, Smarter Macarthur B2B. It was launched with the collaboration of several Smarter Barter media members to promote their fellow traders to 5,000 businesses in Macarthur. To date, the 30 advertisers have paid in trade value equal to the cash equivalent that has stimulated trading enormously between these traders and beyond, creating a strong demand economy. This creates a healthy environment to now grow the Macarthur community, where new traders are met with experienced, fair and friendly business contacts. These trade advertisers are the elite. I’ve seen the quality of their service and fairness in doing business between themselves, and as such are an asset to the magazine. New reader customers will have a great experience and I’m sure will refer them on. To give the magazine a home, we launched Smarter Media (www.smartermedia.com.au). This will also be home to future traders, creating an environment for creativity and collaboration. We have already been putting a body of work together, and can offer fellow traders websites, design, optimisation, photography etc, as well as promote our collective services to the cash market. Smarter Barter host Smarter Networking Dinners at Smarter Barter restaurants where members can relax and do business. It’s amazing how many long time business connections are made at these; we also host gettogethers at members’ premises, all catered without any cash changing hands.


For Mervyn King’s theory to work you need to make sure people react in an ethical and pro-active way, otherwise the system brakes down. For the last 7 years I’ve been studying and connecting with over 160 business owners scattered across Sydney. From the shared knowledge we have learnt, we will focus on one area, Macarthur, and find out the best ways to replicate once the target list is filled and co-ordinated. By setting parameters in regards to region and community, an environment of profitability and co-operation will naturally occur. I believe the co-operative model is the best to take Smarter Barter into the future; decisions are made collectively for the good of all, and there is reward for effort. I’m excited at the possibilities of working with Peter and the board, and anticipate great success ahead for everyone involved! The list opposite represents the business types and their numbers that are invited to join Smarter Barter within the Macarthur region. The total of 123 businesses cover 49 different industries, giving a wide variety, and exclusivity when you consider there are 14, 767 of their competitors within Macarthur and surrounding servicing areas according to the Yellow Pages. The list represents less than 1% of the population.

Macarthur Region Business to Business Magazine Business Services Max Accountant/ bookkeeping 4 Solicitor 2 Cleaning contractors 2 IT service 2 Secretarial/ phone service 2 Web development 3 Photography 2 Transport 2 Printing/ signs 3 Advertising 5 Courier 2 Graphic design 2 Ink cartridges 2 Stationery 2 Trades Handy- man Electrician Plumber Roof repair Carpenter Painter Rubbish removal/ skip hire Plant hire Aiir- con/ refrigeration serv.

2 2 2 2 2 2 2 1 2

Health/ fitness Physio/ chiro Gym Pilates Sport club membership

3 3 2 4

Auto Car detailing 2 Auto Service 4 Pets Pet grooming 2 Vet 2 Kids Pre- school 3 Art classes 2 Home Cleaning Cleaning products Carpet cleaning Pest- control Gardening/ landscaping Tailor Dry cleaning

2 2 2 2 2 2 2

Food/ Restaurants Restaurants/ cafes Alcohol Meat, poultry, chicken, fish Fruit & vegetables

8 2 3 2

Personal Hair dresser Beauty therapist Massage therapist Dentist Florist Insurance

4 2 2 3 2 2


Macarthur Region Business to Business Magazine

Dear Business Owners: Considering a Change for 2016? We are a local Accounting firm of Business & Tax Advisors Why consider us? • Local firm whose partners live in the area • Half the cost of city firms but with the same backup and ongoing training • You deal direct with an experienced Partner or Manager, not just a junior accountant • We come to your premises to save your time and better understand & see your business • We don’t shy away from hard cases or tough problems - in fact we specialise in clients with cashflow problems and provide consulting on pre-insolvency issues. What we enjoy doing well is: • No charge for first interview to discuss all your concerns and issues for overall solutions • Negotiate with the ATO on tax problems, arrangements, objections or other matters • Set up Superannuation Self-Managed Funds properly in line with ATO requirements and lending within the fund to buy property etc • Check that your business structure is appropriate for your business and tax efficient • Resolve cashflow stresses with a review of proper finance facilities suitable to your needs • Look for leakages’ and waste in your business trading to improve profits and cashflow • Always have your best interests at heart to strengthen and grow your business not just our fees • Work with other leading local & city specialist professionals to assist you in getting the right advice first time round What we don’t do! • Ignore you because your business is too small or you are in trouble • We don’t charge for each phone call or by the minute- we set flat fees or agree on a time basis • We don’t just work nine to five – we are accessible after hours especially if you are facing financial pressures or urgent issues that need prompt attention • W  e don’t just do tax returns we have Qualified Partners who are Registered Company Auditors, Registered ASIC Agents, Licensed Financial Planners, Accredited Finance and Commercial Brokers and Registered Tax Agents. All of our managers have Master Degrees and look forward to being of service.

If you are interested to discuss more about our services Please ring on our special line (02) 9829 3111 for an appointment. Or email me direct on: andre@christianfox.net We offer a free no obligation interview at YOUR BUSINESS PREMISES or Ours. Regards Andre Christian


Macarthur Region Business to Business Magazine

More places for you to train than ever before



MT ANNAN PH: 4647 7664

ORAN PARK PH: 4604 2444

^Access to other Clubs applies after 31 days. ^^Additional costs may apply.


*Offer valid for first time guests who are local residents or workers 18 years & older only, however, 16 & 17 year olds may trial an “Approved Club� - see anytimefitness.com.au/approvedclubs (photo ID required). Offer subject to satisfactory completion of pre-exercise screening & to standard temporary/guest membership terms. Not valid with any other offers. Not redeemable for cash. Not transferrable. Only valid at specified club(s) (Club). Limit 1 offer per person. Where the trial pass permits use outside staffed hours, a refundable deposit may be payable for an access card. Further provisions may apply. See Club for details. Offer expires 31/12/15.

Macarthur Region Business to Business Magazine

how to

‘Get People Talking About You Behind Your Back’ Most people cringe or get angry when they find out people have been talking about them behind their back but some are excited to hear they are the topic of other people’s conversations why is that? Networking is an economical and effective way for you to get your name and message out in the community by building your own network which is like having your very own marketing team. People often make the mistake of thinking networking is about selling to the people in their network, all this does is turn people off and they never really get anywhere. What networking is really about is growing your own network of people who have;

• MET and LIKE you • got to KNOW you, your business, the problems it solves and the people it helps, and

• TRUST you. When you have a group of people who LIKE, KNOW and TRUST you, you have your own ‘network’ and what do you think they will do? They will tell others about you, they will talk about you behind your back. Instead of oneto-one marketing you now have one-to-many and this is the power of networking. So how do you get people talking about you behind your back? Ask yourself this;


Macarthur Region Business to Business Magazine The strength of business networking is being able to sell yourself to people in the room NOT sell what you have to the people in the room. When people buy YOU they will sell you to their contacts and their friends, when they understand the benefits of what you do and the sort of people who get benefit from your service they can then identify those people within their network, speak to them and lay a foundation for you to build on.

Then you need to think, “How can I demonstrate these traits to the people in my network so they know I’m professional . . .”

There are a number of terrific networking groups within the Mcarthur region and while they are all a bit different the principles are the same and the people who get the most out of them are the ones who are putting the most in. One of our members, a bookkeeper, recently got up and told the group how in two years she has grown from four staff to eleven and the only marketing she does is our network, yet other bookkeepers will say “I tried networking but it doesn’t work”, and they are right because they put little in and got little back. Networking does work so check the out the local groups and pick one that suits you and commit to it. If you are serious about growing your business and take a serious approach to networking it will work for you. Just don’t show up at network meetings, pay your $30 and expect a meal with $5000 worth of business on the side. Be proactive, have a coffee with the network leaders and pick their brains, get some networking training and get busy, and remember, it is called ‘net-working’ not “net-sittingaround-waiting-for-people-to-give-me-work-andmoaning-when-they-don’t”.

This is where you need to proactively ‘work’ in your network

Work hard, network hard, get more done and have more fun.

- Take on a team role and help out where you can

Grant Dempsey 4Networking

“If I have 100 people out in the community telling people about me and my business, what do I want them to be saying about me? What do I want to be known for?”

• Hard working • Thorough • Professional • Attention to detail • Know my stuff • Reliable • Trustworthy • Well connected

- Look for ways to help other members out - Offer a special deal on your services to members so they can use you and confidently talk you up to other people - Always be connecting people together - Bring visitors in and help grow the network - Constantly be looking for ways to add value to your network and it’s members - Be a positive, energetic generous person people actually like and are confident to recommend.


Macarthur Region Business to Business Magazine


Macarthur Region Business to Business Magazine

Elizabeth Macarthur

Letters Home

Often when we read the historiography of the founding of New South Wales the writer will concentrate on the statistics - dates, times, places and numbers. Whilst the study of this information is no doubt important, it overlooks the fact that each person who lived in the early colony was

an individual - each had their own unique fears, dreams, hopes and aspirations. Unfortunately, most of the early colonialists did not have the means to record and publish their stories, but one lady had descendents who did.

LETTER FROM ELIZABETH MACARTHUR TO HER MOTHER, OCTOBER 8, 1789 In my last letter I informed you, my dear Mother, of my husband’s exchange into a corps destined for New South Wales, from which we have every reasonable expectation of reaping the most material advantages. You will be surprised that even I who appear timid and irresolute should be a warm advocate for this scheme. So it is, and believe me I shall be greatly disappointed if anything happens to impede it. I foresee how terrific and gloomy this will appear to you. To me at first it had the same appearance, while I suffered myself to be blinded by common and vulgar prejudices. I have not now, nor I trust shall ever have one scruple or regret, but what relates to you. Do but consider that if we must be distant from each other, it is much the same, whether I am two hundred, or far more than as many thousand miles apart from you. The same Providence will watch over and protect us there as here. The sun that shines on you will also afford me the benefit of his cheery rays, and that too in a country where nature hath been so lavish of her bounties, that flowers luxuriantly abound, in the same manner as with culture fruits will do hereafter. By the last accounts from Port Jackson—where the new settlement is established—we learn that wheat which has been sown, flourished in a manner nearly incredible, and that the settlers are making rapid progress in buildings, so that by the time our corps arrives everything will be made comfortable for their reception. The new settlement is an immediate object with Government, and every effort will be made to promote its success.

Elizabeth Macarthur holds a truly unique place in the history of New South Wales. Whilst her husband John was promoting the wool industry and engaging in colonial politics, Elizabeth was


the Manager of the Macarthur estate. She was a successful business woman and a lot of the credit for the formation of the Australian wool industry belongs to her. Douglas St.Quintin

Macarthur Region Business to Business Magazine

LETTER FROM ELIZABETH MACARTHUR TO HER MOTHER, NOVEMBER 18, 1791 In June Mr. Macarthur and myself were removed to Rose Hill with Captain Nepean’s Company, at which place we remained until about a fortnight since. Mr. Macarthur was again ordered to Sydney with the command of a detachment of about 60 men. Rose Hill, now named Parramatta, save only a small piece of rising ground on which the Governor has a house, which still retains the name of Rose Hill, is where every exertion is making to carry on cultivation, and where the principal part of the convicts are placed. But as Sydney has the advantage of the cove, and is nearer to the sea, it will have the convenience of first communicating with such vessels as may arrive, and it will be the most desirable place for an officer’s family for years. In other respects Parramatta may have advantages, particularly to such as wish to cultivate the land, but officers have so little encouragement in this respect, that few will in future attempt it, as evident impediments are thrown in the way to check their undertaking it. The Governor has said that we shall not again be moved until Major Grose arrives. I hope that may soon take place, as until then we have no prospect of being settled. Captain and Mrs. Paterson were with us after their arrival here but a few days, as they were ordered to Norfolk Island. Lieut.-Governor King, who commands that settlement, brought out his lady with him. She was born in Devonshire. Her name was Coombe, and she resided many years at Bideford. Pier stay here being very short I saw but little of her, and I had reason to believe her possessed of a great share of good nature and frankness; a pleasant consideration should it be my fortune hereafter to visit Norfolk Island. She expects shortly to be confined. Captain Parker, commander of the Gorgon, brought his wife with him, a very amiable, intelligent woman; we have spent many pleasant days together. One of the agents of Transports has also his wife with him, so that our little circle has been of late quite brilliant. We are constantly making little parties in boats up and down the various inlets of the Harbour, taking refreshments with us and dining out under an awning upon some pleasant point of land or in some of the creeks or coves, in which for twenty miles together, these waters abound. There are so many ladies in the Regiment that I am not likely to feel the want of female society as I at first did.

Macarthur Region Business to Business Magazine

we can deliver jumping castles 1300 Jump4fun

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- The essential Spring Farm / Menangle connection to the F5 amongst others.

There was no hand over after the election and all files and stationary were removed so getting the Campbelltown electorate office up and running

I am also pursuing the issue of safety fencing at Rosemeadow sporting fields, road safety measures. Tezza: How do you see Campbelltown now & in the future, say 5 years on?

Macarthur Region Business to Business Magazine


with Tezza

Tezza: How are you settling in your new position?

Greg: Very well but there is much to learn in terms of Parliamentary process etc.

to best serve local residents has been a priority. Tezza: Tell us a little bit about yourself? Greg: I am pretty easy going and not really that ideological - politics for me is simply about trying to make the lives of those I’m privileged to represent a little better than it currently is. When I am not doing that, I love spending time with my family and supporting local charities which is also a real passion for me.

Spending 60 seconds with Tezza is newly elected Member for Campbelltown Mr Greg Warren MP

Greg: I see Campbelltown now as regional city with great potential full however a city that needs strong and committed support from Government to meet it’s full potential. The future of the city is exciting with much growth coming our way that needs to be embraced by all to ensure maximisation. I am a strong advocate on this point and will continue this plight with a strong voice. Tezza: What’s your advice & encouragement for small business in the community?

My working life began as an Australian Soldier and more recently as a manager of a local Campbelltown business.

Greg: A culture of honesty is critical, it’s the building block and foundation to everything that embodies a sustainable and vibrant small business.

I am a former director and Vice President of the Campbelltown Chamber of Commerce recently obtaining a Masters of Business with interests in entrepreneurship, finance and globalisation.

An engaging culture with all stakeholders and clients helps you build trust and allows you as a business owner to take your foot off the accelerator and let people around you shine, rather than suppress them or strip them away of their individuality limiting them to prosper both personally and within the business.

Tezza: What are you looking at implementing straight away in Campbelltown? Greg: I really enjoy where we live and am passionate about ensuring our home and city remains a great place to live. More specifically, I have already put notice of motions in place at Parliament calling on the Government for timelines and costings for: - the promised Campbelltown Hospital upgrades, - the 450 space car park required at Campbelltown Railway Station

Relationships are paramount - customers are only a challenge if not managed. The relationship between business and its customers defines so much about any business, the approach determines every outcome for your business. I have always found this approach only delivers positive outcomes for business as a result. Tezza: Mr Greg Warren, thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule & spending ‘60 seconds with Tezza’


Macarthur Region Business to Business Magazine

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Macarthur Region Business to Business Magazine

SHOULD YOU UPGRADE TO WINDOWS 10 Like most people, the first time I had heard of Windows 10 was through my computers notification toolbar. Microsoft officially launched Windows 10 on the 29th of July, 2015 as a free upgrade for existing Windows 7 and 8 users. It’s Microsoft’s own vision of what a unified operating system looks like that spans your smart-phone, tablet and desktop devices. But if you haven’t decided if your business is ready to make the switch, here’s a closer look at what Windows 10 has to offer.


Microsoft’s grand plan is to offer Windows 10 for free in the hopes of having it’s operating system running in over 1 billion devices within the next three years. If you currently use Windows 7 and 8, you can upgrade to Windows 10 for free. For everyone else, Windows 10 will cost AU$179 for the Home Edition, and AU$299 for Windows 10 Pro (the business version). The easiest way to get your free upgrade is to visit the official Microsoft website. You could also reserve your free upgrade by clicking on the Windows 10 icon in your systems tray.


One of the most frustrating thing about a computer is the speed, or lack of, by which it can process information. Is Windows 10 any faster than Windows 7 and 8? Techspot testing indicates that Windows 10 performance is slightly better than previous versions of Windows.


Since the release of Windows 8 in 2012, Microsoft has been working to ensure that Windows 10 is touchscreen friendly. We’ve since seen a peripheral of touchscreen devices come into the marketplace, from convertible 2-in-1 tablets with detachable keyboards to interactive whiteboards and Microsoft Surface. Windows 10 has been designed to allow you to work smoothly across

multiple devices, yet it doesn’t force you to work in touchscreen mode only. Instead, it is designed to adapt to the way the user works. Windows 10 offers both a touch mode and an optimised mouse and keyboard mode. When working with content, most people prefer to use their keyboard and mouse. This was something that was difficult to do if you previously upgraded to Windows 8. One of the most notably feature to be removed in Windows 8 was the traditional Start menu - but thankfully this feature has been restored in Windows 10.


One of the big improvements to Windows 10 is Windows Hello, a highly anticipated feature designed to use bio-metrics - such as your fingerprint, iris and facial recognition - to identify the end user rather than those difficult to remember passwords. According to Microsoft’s Vice President, Joe Belfiore, Windows Hello is more secure as it allows the user to authenticate themselves on-line without the need to store their user password on a remote server. Another major change is that Internet Explorer is no longer the default browser that ships with Windows 10, instead it is replaced by Microsoft Edge. Microsoft Edge is designed from the ground up, it’s interface is kept simple and it comes with a host of new features.


Windows 10 is built to run traditional Windows software, so if your application runs on Windows 7 and 8, it’s almost guaranteed to run on Windows 10. Windows 10 has a “compatibility mode” option which basically tricks older software to think that it’s running on an older version of Windows. If you have important applications that you use for your business, consider contacting the software company that produced the program and ask them if the application is compatible with Windows 10. Generally if the application is compatible on Windows 7 and 8, it should work fine in Windows 10. Since it’s release on the 29 July, 2015, there have been numerous patches and updates that have been released to enhance Windows 10. If you decide that Windows 10 is right for your business, it’s important that you test the compatibility of your software, hardware and drivers. This will ensure a smooth transition for your business.

Eng Ung www.aaamazing.com.au


Macarthur Region Business to Business Magazine

Using the Power of Video Marketing

the Right Way You may be considering getting a video produced to market your business. In this article, I’m going to share from my 35 years in video production experience and study, to tell you about what makes videos work - and how you can leverage it to your advantage in your business. And I will let you know about two particular types of video that are both powerful and comparatively inexpensive (and they don’t involve cats). Video is the most powerful persuasion and communication platform we have. It uses the combined emotional power of motion images, music and sound to create lasting impressions, to change perceptions. Video is perfect for communicating/ creating emotion (a key part of selling) and for many forms of education, like demonstrating a process, taking people to locations they would never be able to get to except by video. Today, in the Internet age where people can click away from your video message and story just as easily


as they clicked on it - make sure it is HELPING your viewer, speaking directly to their needs of problems straight away, or that is it as ENTERTAINING - at the same time as communicating your business message of helpfulness. So, here are two forms of video (from one and a half minutes long to three and half minutes) that can help you solve a problem that viewers are experiencing and tell a story - without breaking the bank. 1/ The first form I’ll share, is often known as an Explainer Video. This form often uses a fun cartoon character to work through a problem they had: how they found your business amongst a whole lot of others that didn’t fit the bill, how your solution helped them change their lives. A friendly narrator tells the story in an everyday conversational way. The music is light and fun.

Macarthur Region Business to Business Magazine

2/ The Case Study. This basically is a documentary style customer story filmed on location about how your business helped solve a problem they had and how their life has changed a a result. Both these styles of videos lock into a specific type of customer, with specific problems and very specific solutions. You might say, but I do everything and I solve all kinds of problems. Okay, but a PERSON doesn’t have ALL kinds of problems and they don’t care that you solve all those things that don’t mean anything to them. And they certainly won’t spend their time looking at stuff that doesn’t affect them directly. So, here’s my suggestion: look back at your most rewarding sales over the past couple of years, your favourite customers - wouldn’t it be nice to have more like them? Think about the problems you helped them solve and make a video for people like them - not everyone, just people like your best customers. Both the Customer Case Study and the Explainer communicate using entertainment by story telling, solving specific viewers problems and adding value to

their lives. These are the kinds of videos that will get shared with others of their friends who they know are going through the same kind of problems and who will be blessed. They also don’t have to feature you (that is a real benefit for some folk!). Of course there are many other forms of video that will work well, but these are 2 of the most effective, cost effective ways to start your video marketing channel. As an example of price points, you can take advantage of my years of experience with a simple cartoon style video from my business for as little as $795 + GST (less than the design and print of a brochure) or a documentary style customer case study video from $1,595 + GST. Be helpful, respect why people are in the place where you would like them to watch your video, and look for ways to tell a story instead of reciting reasons why they should buy from you or telling them about your great achievements.

Daryl Brown www.browncowmedia.com.au

South Pacific Plumbing & Maintenance Services bathroom renovation, carpentry work, high pressure water jetting (blocked drain), camera inspection,

hot water, gutter down pipe, sewer line excavator hire 1.8 ton & 4.1 ton, rubbish removal

For Service call 9734 9954 0428443580


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hat started out as a childhood dream soon became a reality once Brothers from Harrington Park Garth and Christian Muller decided to build Australia’s largest indoor go-karting venue. Ultimate Karting Sydney. A purposebuilt State of the art 3745 sq/m factory with a huge viewing platform, boardrooms, party rooms and an onsite licenced restaurant. Having grown-up just down the road on acres in Denham Court the Brothers have been heavily involved in motorsports from a very young age. Whether it be motorbikes, go-karts, dune buggies, racing cars, even hovercrafts, you name it and the boys have raced it. Not only have the boys raced anything with a motor, but they have been lucky enough inherit the sales and marketing skills from their Father. This has been paramount in their success. All of the branding UKS has out there has been done solely by Garth and Christian. “A Lot of thought went into choosing Smeaton Grange as our prime location due to the fact the massive growth the region is encountering. We believe the people of the MacArthur deserve to have a world class karting facility, with Formula One rated barriers, European built and designed karts, and an all weather venue that sets a new standard in the hire kart

industry. With over 32 high-end karts for hire, kiddies as young as 4 years of age are able to ride as a passenger in our twin seater karts. Then kids start at 7 years of age, and adults from 15. All of our karts have been specifically geared to suit our huge 450 x 6 meter track so the punch you are looking for is there as soon as you need it. So whether it’s a corporate function, Teambuilding event, birthday party or just a social gathering you can be guaranteed rain, hail or shine, Ultimate Karting Sydney will provide the experience that no other karting venue in the country can”. Right next door under the same roof is the now worldfamous “Juicy Goose” licenced restaurant famous for its burgers, Pizza’s and salads, so famous in fact that even Khloe Kardashian stopped in for breakfast and filmed part of the reality series “Keeping up with the Kardashians”. This really is a hidden gem, Juicy Goose has a sort of quirkiness to it being found in the middle of an Industrial area, attached to a go Kart centre, but once you enter the doors of this great place, the decor and funky vibe will definitely leave you second guessing yourself as to where you are. All information can be found at the following:

www.ultimatekartingsydney.com.au www.juicygoose.com.au


Fastest Growing Agency in The Macarthur

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Call Today for a FREE Market Appraisal

28 4648 3777


2-4 Sharman Close, Narellan NSW 2567


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Putting you on the map • R  oni’s Letterbox Deliveries has been putting businesses on the map for over 22 years by connecting them to new customers and expanding markets with their existing customers. • M  acarthur is an expansive and expanding region and it’s essential for businesses to connect with a large number of customers across a wide area to build their businesses. • D  espite the popularity of social media and digital marketing, letterbox deliveries are still a highly effective and great value method to get your message to a wide audience in a relatively short period of time.


• W  hether your business is B2C or B2B, Roni’s has you covered around Macarthur, delivering to household and commercial letterboxes across the region. • B  lanket coverage or targeted approach: with 17,052 businesses within Macarthur (census 2011), Roni’s will target your letterbox campaign specifically to suit your specified market.

Badgery’s Creek


Cobbity Narellan

Camden Mount Annan

• W  ith a population in excess of ¼ million and growing (census 2011 was 245,948) in the region, Roni’s will connect your business with those potential customers, delivering your message directly into the letterboxes of a huge B2C local market. • R  oni’s will assist you in planning and implementing your entire campaign. From designing an effective flyer which will best suit the letterbox and your message, through printing the material, selecting the best areas or streets and delivering the flyers. • A  ll campaigns are backed up by Veronica’s personal guarantee of follow-up and completion. • R  oni’s is a local, family business which is passionate about assisting other local businesses to grow and is ready to put your business on the Macarthur map in 2015.

Catherine Field




Readers offer $49.50


delivered per 1000 ntial to Reside

• T  estimonial from Smarter Macarthur B2B Magazine: “A seemingly daunting marketing job was extremely well done. Connecting with businesses is not always easy, but our target market of businesses was effectively covered by Roni’s, on time, and with great results! Veronica and Brian are a pleasure to work with, and their vast experience maximised our success. 11/10.”

Reader s offer

$165 $220

per 1000 deliv to Busin ered esses

In business 26 years


www.ronisletterbox.com.au ph 9606 4650 m 0412 974451

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South West Sydney Academy of Sport – Gerry Knights Sport is a very important part of the Macarthur community. Sport keeps our children, and many adults healthy, it also helps to develop many of our future leaders. There is an organisation in Macarthur developing our future sports stars and taking them to the next level, the South West Sydney Academy of Sport (SWSAS). Smarter Macarthur recently caught up with the Executive Director of SWSAS, Gerry Knights.

We asked Gerry about the sports included at SWSAS. “The academy currently provides 17 programs across 13 sports. Most of the sports cater for male and female athletes, although there are some gender specific programs. The sports are all chosen with a direct pathway in mind for the athletes”. Some recent success stories of SWSAS are:

SWSAS operates from a small fibro cottage in Queen Street Campbelltown. According to Gerry “The role of the academy is to identify and develop athletes between the ages of 13 and 19, and lead them on to the next level of their sport. Athletes are selected from the Campbelltown, Camden, Liverpool and Wollondilly local government areas. Athletes go through a selection process, and if selected are trained for one year. If an athlete wants to return to the academy they must go through the selection process again, this is to give as many athletes as possible a chance.”

Coaches and Support Staff


• Five athletes went to the 2014 Commonwealth Games winning silver and bronze medals. • Four athletes went to the World Cup Games in the senior division, all won gold medals. • One Camden boy went to the Junior Olympic Games and won gold.

To train good athletes, you need good coaches and support staff. SWSAS relies heavily on volunteers to develop our future sport stars. The academy has

Macarthur Region Business to Business Magazine a coach’s education program, ensuring the coaches also develop and are better able to support the athletes. One of the big aims of the academy is to also develop the coaches and support staff. Gerry proudly told us “SWSAS currently has 69 coaches, ranging from level 3 to level 1. There are also 9 sports trainers as well as conditioning and strength support staff.” “Coaches working with the academy return to their sporting associations and clubs skilled up and able to promote those skills in the Macarthur community.” This means that many other children playing sport in Macarthur are also indirectly benefiting from the work of the academy.

Lone Star Sometimes the academy is not able to provide full programs, so they also run the Lone Start program for individual athletes. The program mainly aims at sports of an individual nature, such as swimming, archery, cycling etc. “These may be able bodied athletes as well as athletes with a disability. The program provides elite or pre-elite level athletes with education, skill and personal development sessions. These athletes also receive crosssport coaching, sport science support services as well as media and profile development.”

Athletes with a disability SWSAS also runs programs for athletes with a disability. “These are individual programs run in conjunction with the Lone Star program.” The primary goal is to enhance current training programs and provide the athletes with up to date coaching resources and sports education. Athletes are also provided expert coaching advice and included in all academy functions”.

July at the World Championships held in Beijing China. The Australian team was defeated in the final by Great Britain to win the silver medal. According to Gerry “Jess is a whisker away from making the team to represent Australia at the next Paralympics”.

Funding SWSAS only has a few staff members to administer the academy. Receiving approximately 35% of it’s funding from the state government and local councils. This leaves a large shortfall that is made up by the generosity of local supporters and businesses. Gerry Knights was quick to point out that “the academy benefits from over $200,000.00 worth of volunteer hours every year, we couldn’t do it without our volunteers and sponsors.” This is local people giving up their time to develop our sporting future.

In Summary When I spoke to Gerry Knights it was immediately obvious just how passionate he is in his role as Executive Director at SWSAS. He has had a major involvement from the very start, and is a very big part of the success of the academy. SWSAS is a very important part of our community and thoroughly deserves, and needs community support. There is still room for businesses, large and small to come on board as sponsors and ensure the continued success of SWSAS. To get involved or make enquiries visit the academy’s website at www. swsas.org.au. To view the interview of our interview with Gerry Knights visit http://smartermedia.com.au. Rolf Fuchs is a Success Coach at Fox Coaching and a Director at Campbelltown Chamber of Commerce. He can be contacted at rolf@foxcoaching.com.au or on 0404 840 506.

Gerry proudly told us “Our 2015 athlete of the year is 17 year old Jessica Cronje who participates in athletics and wheelchair basketball.” Jessica became part of the Australian Gliders team in February to compete in the Osaka Cup in Japan, Australia won bronze. She then represented the Australian women’s under 25’wheelchair Devils basketball team during June and


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• The dental surgery has always focused on families and general dentistry with a strong emphasis on patient care and community participation. • We aim to reverse the bad experiences a majority of people have, and the feared reputation of dentists in general, by providing a caring environment and gentle treatment experiences for all our patients. • All staff have their advanced senior first aid certificates (including defibrillation). All dentists participate in continuing education. The entire team is motivated to perform at high levels and self-improvement is encouraged. • We provide general dental services eg, fillings, checkups, fluoride, cleans, wisdom tooth extraction, cosmetic dentistry, crowns, bridges, mouth guards, tooth whitening, dental emergencies etc. • We offer an interest free payment plan, and we are financially helping local parents/carers by bulk billing eligible children under the Child Dental Benefits Schedule. We offer a 10% discount to anyone that has a Seniors Card.

• We have fun give-aways for the children and puppets to educate oral health. • We regularly see and treat patient with disabilities and special needs. • We have been proudly serving the Macarthur area for over 20 years. • We engage in the local community in August for Dental Health Week. We go into local schools and preschools with our puppets, songs and tooth brushes to teach oral health. • We also provide free dental treatment to those in need during Dental Rescue Day in March each year which is co-ordinated by the National Dental foundation. • We proudly support the Australian Institute of Policing, Paramedics Australasia, Volunteer Firefighters a variety of local primary schools and Médecins Sans Frontières. • In 2013 Family Dental Care became the first accredited dental surgery in the Macarthur area. We are the only accredited dentist in Campbelltown. • In 2014 and 2015 we won the Campbelltown Local Business Award for Outstanding Professional Services. Find us on Facebook

Family Dental Care Level 6, 171-179 Queen St (PO Box 1595) Campbelltown NSW 2560 02 4625 4897


“One Minute

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Profit Advantage Group -


COMPETITIVE INTELLIGENCE – Know who your competitors are, know their strengths and weaknesses and determine how to stay one step ahead of them! Competitive Intelligence is the ongoing process of monitoring what your competitors are doing, how you are countering any new initiatives they may introduce and looking at what proactive innovations you are introducing, apart from cutting prices, to stay at the forefront of your industry. Think about the following key points:

»» Do not waste time gathering competitor information just for the sake of having it – if the intelligence you are gathering does not directly impact on your business and the decisions and actions you will have to take in the future, then don’t even bother to collect it! »» Do not rely on rumour and innuendo – gather your information in an ethical manner from factual sources such as annual reports, trade publications, product manuals, technical reports, promotional literature, advertising, seminars, business networks etc. »» Remember that this process is as much about the combined knowledge and intelligence existing within your own organisation as it is about knowing what the competitors are doing – involve all your team when brainstorming ways to combat your opposition in the marketplace »» Establish a database of this accumulated knowledge – do not leave it sitting inside the heads of individuals who could be lost to other organisations at any time »» Having completed the above process, determine what, if any, deficiencies remain in your accumulated intelligence and then look to interview externally in order to gather that information »» Collection and collation of intelligence information is only half the battle. You must now analyse that information! »» There are a number of evaluation techniques available to any business; they include things such as a SWOT analysis, Win / Loss analysis, Trend analysis, Core Competence analysis etc. »» Consider the results of all analysis from the basis of - “What does this result mean to our business and its successful future?” »» Decide on the necessary courses of action you must now undertake in order to produce the most desirable outcome for your business »» Balance the time taken to collect information and analyse it, with your need for a result – do not allow analysis paralysis to stop you from taking action! »» Outsource this activity if time is a concern – but ignore it at your peril!


6 King Street Campbelltown NSW 2560 PO Box 69 Macarthur Square NSW 2560 Phone: (02) 4625 9534 • Fax: (02) 4625 9544 www.profitadvantage.com.au


All round handyman a-z home maintenance

As a long serving maintenance and all round handyman and trade certified welder/ boilermaker in the Macarthur area, there is no job too big or too small. If your needing any handyman job, home maintenance, or lawn & garden work you have come to the right place.

Dry King Carpet Cleaning Carpet Cleaning servicing the Macarthur Give us a call today! When having your carpets cleaned by Dry king Carpet Cleaning, we visit you, at your convenience and thoroughly clean your carpets with our specialised high powered Carpet Cleaning truck mount equipment. We are 100% confident you will be totally happy with the result, however if, for any reason you are not satisfied, you will receive a full refund and a complimentary carpet clean FREE. visit us on the web at: drykingcarpetcleaningsydney.com.au or find us on Facebook

Call now and find out what it’s like to deal with a real local! Ph Graham 0413 368 963 www.a-zhomemaintenance.com

Call me today... Rafik ph 4620 5555

AV Clean Living Does your leather lounge appear dry and tIREd, lost its shine? As all things in life requires regular maintenance, your leather lounge also needs care and service. As time goes by, debris, dirt, etc creates a barrier, thus not allowing leather to breathe and causing the leather to deteriorate. Please call AV Clean Living today for superior Leather cleaning and restoration service. We will not just clean dirt, debris and stains away from your leather, but will also replenish the essential oils and apply protection which is must for family with kids and pets.

Call us today for free Softener treatment on

8006 7565

First aid & cpr training We’ll come to you! Take care, get trained, be prepared! Anne Rowley on 0414767010

or email us on clean@sydneyleathercleaners.com.au

www.rapid1staid.com.au 34

(Delivered in partnership with Allens Training Pty Ltd RTO 90909)

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Tibetan Eye Chart Macarthur region business to business magazine

Your Daily

Designed by Lama Monks to exercise the eyes by stimulating the nerves and muscles of the optical system, generations of Tibetans have used the chart to also correct and realign sight.


The repetition of the exercises explained below increases the natural intake of nutrients used only by the eye for repair and maintenance. The eye muscles work in a similar way to a camera shutter, and as they strengthen, the focus is sharpened.

“The following stretches take 6 minutes to perform. 1. With the palm of each hand cup both In 12 simple movements, every muscle group in your body will be engaged, lengthened and the blood and nutrient supply increased. In my work with stressed closed eyes to relax thembusiness owners, another huge benefit to stretching is to still the mind. With approximately 50,000 thoughts per day (that’s almost exercise while with the people are learning to still their 1 per Perform second), we this are finding that more and sitting more highly successful thoughts and tune inand to those provide you with clarity and focus. Once you get past that back straight thethat chart centered about “I’m too busy...I jog once a week... ” the calming eff ect on the mind will keep you super one inch directly in front of the face with focused at work, or ready to play!”

6. Blink the eyes briefly and finish therapy with the palming same as exercise #1

the center dot at nose level

2. Move the eyes clockwise around the outer circle of dots

3. Repeat this movement in a counterclockwise www.happysuits.com rotation

5. Repeat this movement back and forth between dots at 4 and 10 o’clock 19

4. Move the eyes back and forth between the dots at 2 and 8 o’clock My eyesight was significantly damaged after chemotherapy 6 years ago, but with consistent exercise I have regained 20/20 vision. We are constantly reminded to keep our bodies fit and healthy with better nutrition and exercise, but too seldom are the eyes focused on.

Macarthur Region Business to Business Magazine

• All jewellery manufacturing • Repairs • Restoration • Remodelling Handcrafted jewellery custom made and designed to each individual Camden Wollondilly Business Person of the Year 2015

Follow us on Facebook

Ph. 02 4655 6664 | Shop 2, Capital Arcade, 85-87 Argyle Street, Camden NSW 2570


info@benjaminryanjewellery.com.au | www.benjaminryanjewellery.com.au

One Stop Mechanical Repairs Macarthur Region Business to Business Magazine


One Stop Mechanical Repairs have been serving the Macarthur community for over 20 years and counting! We aim to provide the greatest quality of service and remain adamant in our efforts to retain our high level of customer satisfaction. Our services apply to all vehicles, whether they are for commercial or industrial purposes or simple domestic use, and carry a 6 month guarantee on all parts and labour. Additionally, we provide safety consultation and service advice at no extra cost If you need a prompt and cost-efficient repair or tune-up job done on any car, truck, or SUV, bring it in to One Stop Mechanical Repairs Readers special


service for 4 cl cars!

Give Con a call at 4627 5022 for excellent service and competitive quotes. Unit 1/181 Airds Rd, Leumeah www.onestopmechanical.com.au

(other great prices for all sizes and models)

Are you your business?

Who are you? I don’t mean your name, what you look like or anything like that. What I mean is who are you at your very core, what really makes you tick? What is truly important to you, apart from your business? While it is perfectly normal to be proud of the business and brand you have built, have you blurred the line between the real you and your business? Many business owners get so caught up with their business, it becomes how they identify themselves. While we may build a business around our passion, it essentially should still be a means to an end for the life we want to live. I encourage people to enjoy the business they run or the job they do, these people are generally happier. I get very concerned for people when I can’t see the line between them and their business. Chances are their family and friends are having the same difficulty seeing that line. If this is a blurred line for you, I suggest you take out some time out and get to know yourself again. The benefits are likely to be better relationships, less stress and a happier and healthier life. Who knows, it may even help your business. Feel free to give me a call and discuss this further.

Rolf Fuchs is a Success Coach at Fox Coaching and a Director at Campbelltow Chamber of Commerce. He can be contacted at rolf@foxcoaching.com.au or on 0404 840 506.


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Vinnies Ristorante Perfection Seafood

When will the

Bubble Burst?

Our multi-award winning kitchen, under Head Chef Ettore Morabito, has gained much recognition over the years, from many reputable catering organizations and its superb, high quality,classic Italian and Seafood cuisine will always ensure ‘Vinnies’ success, and in doing so will absolutely guarantee your ultimate satisfaction.

The Macarthur region shouldn’t be compared to parts of Sydney that have seen extraordinary growth over the past 18 months. In fact, over the past ten years, the majority of Sydney’s housing prices have only seen an average increase of 4%. Don’t forget, between 2007 – 2011 housing price growth was at a standstill post GFC. What we are seeing isn’t so much of a bubble in Macarthur, it’s the market playing catchup! The rise in current housing prices are driven by two factors: 1. Interest rates. The lowest on record and aren’t looking to move in a vertical direction any time soon. Actually, all signs and commentators are pointing to one more interest rate cut within the next three months!

2. Supply and demand. During 2014 Sydney welcomed nearly 75,000 migrants to her shores. Accompanying that migration was an influx of cashed up buyers and investors keen to enter the property market. We expect the same numbers of immigrants moving into the Sydney region this year too. These are the two main factors driving the Macarthur real estate market and for those reasons, unlike current media predictions, Macarthur is unlikely to see its bubble burst any time soon.

We can create a unique setting, whether a business function, wedding, or christening.

568 Hume Hwy, Casula Ph 9602 8873 www.vinniesristorante.com.au 38

I believe the Macarthur area will be able to withstand whatever happens in the market over the medium term as Macarthur is still perceived to be value for money to Sydneysiders. So when will the bubble burst in Macarthur? I believe we are still looking at good growth in housing prices until winter 2016, particularly properties close to rail. Lincon McLaren, McLaren Real Estate

Macarthur Region Business to Business Magazine


The Clean Family Way Macarthur Region Business to Business Magazine

Terry and Brett Smith of the Chemclean Group are proof that the family that cleans together succeeds together. Not only do they run a family business but they also bring a ‘family’ of cleaning products under the one operation at their facility in Ingleburn. The group comprises of three companies: Chemical Cleaning Solutions, Complete Car Wash Supplies, and Ausway Direct, which cover just about every domestic, commercial and motor vehicle cleaning job. Chemical Cleaning Solutions, the business that started it all, manufactures a full range of cleaning products for supply to primarily the commercial cleaning market both direct and through vendors. Products include an extensive range for all cleaning purposes or domestic, commercial and industrial applications: bathroom, general cleaning, carpets, kitchen, laundry, the Super Shield range of leather and fabric cleaning and maintenance project and the comprehensive selection of equipment for customers. The products are proudly manufactured here in Australia, a fact that Terry considers an extremely important consideration for his customers and their customers. “By buying and using Australianmade cleaning products, especially our range, our customers can have the confidence and

trust that the products they are using are manufactured to Australian standards, approved for Australian use and don’t include any forbidden nasties that may be present in imported products,” Terry Smith said. “By using quality green and environmentally friendly raw materials ensures the quality of our finished products, while keeping the safety of our customers paramount,” Terry said Buying local also helps the local economy and the strong support that Terry has received from his customers is proof that his products work and has allowed him to continually expand his business to its current stage, with the recent relocation to larger premises in Ingleburn. A move which has facilitated expansion in stock and manufacturing capability and provided a more streamlined distribution process for customers. Under this one roof, the Smith family operate three businesses, an expansion which was born through the family connections. “I started manufacturing cleaning chemicals over 33 years ago and was fortunately successful and as the business grew, my son Brett came on-board and has been very effective in expanding our interests with his own interests,” Terry Smith said. And when it comes to Brett ‘the heir apparent’ Smith, that interest is cars, cars and more cars! “With Brett’s love of the automobile he spends all his spare time improving products and testing products so that only the best goes into production and released to the consumer” Terry said. “They can be assure of the best result every time when washing and detailing their cars.” Brett has successfully combined his love of cars with his family business interests to form Complete Car Wash Supplies (CCS), which supplies a full range of automotive & marine detailing chemicals, accessories and equipment.


Macarthur Region Business to Business Magazine “Our objective was to be a one stop shop for the industry which is why offer a range of cleaning equipment as well as the cleaning products for general cleaning, maintenance and specialist detailing,” Brett explained. To ensure CCS maintained the highest standards of quality, Brett has established distributor relationships with some of the world’s leading brands including 3M, Autosol, Auto Glym and Farecla.

“Working within a family business and being treated as part of the family gives you the feeling that you are actually part of the family without actually being related,” Deirdre said. The Chemclean Group story is great example of an Aussie family business growing and succeeding, providing local customers and those further afield with high quality products while also being considerate of the environment.

“We also import some of our accessories to keep our prices more than competitive,” Brett said. “Our customers appreciate the streamlined nature of being able to order all their supplies in the one place and deal with a reputable, long standing business.” Under-their-one-roof operation is another business in the group - Ausway Direct which delivers high quality concentrated laundry, dishwashing, kitchen & bathroom products directly to the home. With multiple businesses to run under one roof requires precision and skill and Terry credits long-term administration manager, Deirdre for keeping himself and Brett on track.

Why not try the Chemclean way – check out their full product ranges at www.chemclean.com.au www.completecarwashsupplies.com.au 1/28A Williamson Road INGLEBURN NSW 2565

02 9605 5144 or 1300 722 435


Are you protecting your most

valuable assets?

Macarthur Region Business to Business Magazine

Macarthur’s most experienced insurance broker.

all your graphic design needs Brochures I Logos I Posters I Banners I Photoshop retouching I all printed material I web banners


t 9977 6414 designside.com.au

Macarthur Region Business to Business Magazine

Many small business owners have heard of the Chamber of Commerce, but how much do they really know about their local chamber? There may be a perception that Chamber of Commerce is just for large businesses, but this is just not the case. Chamber of Commerce is for all businesses, and in fact is a great opportunity for small businesses to have a voice, and to effectively network and find out what


is happening on the business scene.


Smarter Macarthur recently caught up with the President of Narellan Chamber of Commerce, Adriana Care

According to Adriana, “The state government has massive influence on infrastructure and obviously future zoning�.

Adriana Care is a local success story. Originally an Oaks girl and now raising her family in Camden, Adriana has lived most of her life in the local area. Adriana has been a solicitor for more than 19 years, and has owned local law firm Coutts Solicitors for the past 8 years. Adriana attended Camden High School. She has been involved with the Narellan Chamber of Commerce for the past four years and is the current president.


Ingleburn TROPHIES

Macarthur Region Business to Business Magazine Good Old Fashioned Service Guaranteed

ABN: 18 106 520 522

Build Business Relationships

Ingleburn personalising and sending greeting TROPHIES At last a cards in just seconds! outside the square you know? Mobile: 0412 742170 Fax: 9012 Did 0091 At last a Trophy Business KATHY POTTS

Mobile: 0412 742170 Fax: 9012 0091 by info@ingleburntrophies.com.au Trophy Business that thinks Good Old Fashioned Service Guaranteed www.ingleburntrophies.com.au ABN: 18 106 520 522


Mobile and that thinks outsideOnline the square

Keeping a client costs only 10% of the cost of finding a new client,

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You know you have to organise trophies AtBUT last a Trophy Business once that relationship has been built that thinks outside the square

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Macarthur Region Business to Business Magazine Adriana believes all levels must share a vision. One example given by Adriana is the proposed rail to Narellan may go through a proposed Narellan sports hub. This is an example of where different levels of government must work together to make major projects complement each other rather than clash. With the announcement of the Badgerys Creek Airport, and the associated infrastructure changes this cooperation and vision is more important than ever.

Narellan Chamber also has a good relationship with Campbelltown and Camden Chambers”. This is shown by the highly successful Business Event of the Year held every July in the Cube at Campbelltown Catholic Club. This is a joint event brought together by a number of local chambers along with the Business Enterprise Centre (BEC), and draws a huge crowd and attracts speakers such as Craig Rispin and Jamie Durie. Adriana points out some the advantages of joining your local chamber:


• O  pportunity to see motivational speakers cost effectively

On the airport Adriana stressed, “I see the airport as a massive opportunity. The Narellan Chamber recognised the importance of a second airport, and along with the NSW Business Chamber lobbied State and Federal Governments and now consults on planning around the airport. This development will bring large amounts of infrastructure spending to the area”. The Federal and State governments have already announced 5.3 billion dollars in infrastructure spending for South West Sydney, 80% of which will come from the Federal government. Proposed new infrastructure includes rail, highways and improved accessibility between employment hubs. The major benefit of this to the area should be increased employment opportunities for the growing population in areas other than the obvious retail jobs. With large projected growth in the area, and in particular with the proposed rail line Adriana believes, “Narellan will show a very different horizon in the future”. Adriana also believes the new rail line should link back around to Macarthur, a view shared by many in the region.

Chamber of Commerce Adriana is a passionate supporter of the Chamber of Commerce. She believes bringing business people together gives a louder voice and more strength to business, something she thinks has been lacking in the past. “Narellan Chamber has had a strong recruiting drive in the last few years and now has over 220 members. That is how you get a voice and how you lobby. Narellan Chamber also works closely with the NSW Business Chamber”. She believes all businesses should take advantage of membership with the NSW Business Chamber. “NSW Business Chamber offers members a number of free services including: • Employment advice • IT advice • Marketing advice These are just some of the services they offer.

• Meet other like-minded people • G  rowing lasting relationships with other business owners

Vision for Macarthur When asked about her vision for Macarthur in the year 2020 and beyond Adriana has a big vision. “The Macarthur region will be the biggest city in New South Wales, if not Australia. I also see the area from St Marys to Narellan being the city of the west”. With the transport infrastructure coming to that area due to the airport Macarthur will most definitely play a very important role for Sydney and New South Wales. With a rail line returning to Narellan, it is very easy to agree with Adriana that the Narellan horizon will be very different in the future. “The infrastructure and growth we are seeing in Campbelltown now will flow through to Narellan bringing great opportunities. I strongly encourage all business owners to join their local chamber”.

In Summary Interviewing Adriana it becomes apparent very quickly how she has been elected President of Narellan Chamber of Commerce. Adriana is a dynamic person and successful in business. She is happy to spare some time and share her visions and opinions, all mixed with a very friendly personality. I would encourage all business owners to heed Adrian’s advice, join and become active in your local Chamber of Commerce. To watch the interview with Adriana Care visit www. smartermedia.com.au.

Rolf Fuchs is a Success Coach at Fox Coaching and a Director at Campbelltown Chamber of Commerce. He can be contacted at rolf@foxcoaching.com.au or on 0404 840 506.


Macarthur Region Business to Business Magazine


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Macarthur Region Business to Business Magazine Macarthur Region Business to Business Magazine


group Who are Linking Ladies... We are a team of compassionate, entrepreneurial, motivating and driven professional women. Whether you are a small to medium sized business owner or a home based business – Linking Ladies is a fantastic way to link and connect with likeminded women and learn from each other to develop both your professional and personal life.

To Dream, Believe and to Succeed! Sharon Veness and Alex Hawkins Founders – Linking Ladies

Our Mission Statement

“To inspire and connect like-minded Ladies in business through networking events and online interaction, with the goal of achieving professional personal development” 47677_53155_Alland About_Style_bcard_8_4_15.qx

We meet at monthly meetings in the evening and have started trialling mid-morning meetings to cater to ladies with kids at school.

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‘Your Dream Our Vision’

he seed was planted many years ago… to develop a Residential Building Company with a point of difference.

Highwater Homes are one of the leading Custom Home Building Specialists in the Macarthur area, established in 2011 by Toby Searle and his wife Elizabeth. A family run business, Highwater Homes aims to provide outstanding customer service and uncompromised quality for those wishing to build their new home. Both Toby and Elizabeth grew up in Camden and have a vast understanding of and appreciation for the local area. Toby has worked extensively in the construction industry and has 20 years of local experience in the residential sector. The suburban residential area surrounding Camden and Wollondilly is the primary area of operation, for Highwater Homes. They also undertake a number of rural projects from 1 acre to 10 acre farmland properties. One such home in the suburb of Burradoo in the Southern Highlands, uniquely marries federation style with a number of different aesthetics, in keeping with the surrounding area. In order to efficiently counteract the colder temperatures in the region, several features have been included in the home’s design. These have included an insulated concrete smart slab and hydronic heating. Toby and Elizabeth are looking forward to showcasing this beautiful home once it is completed in the New Year.


Highwater Homes are market leaders in their job management skills making the experience of building a new home smooth, enjoyable and stress free. All clients have access to a unique, online project management system 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This system is cutting edge and the most innovative communication tool used in the building industry. It allows clients to make selections, keep track of all expenses, view photos and follow the regularly updated schedule of the construction of their home. This tool keeps the client informed throughout the entire building experience. If you would like to learn more about this system, please visit www. highwaterhomes. com.au and view the demonstration video. All Highwater Homes clients have direct and regular communication with Toby, from the first initial consultation to the handover of keys and beyond. Having full access to Toby’s skills and time as the builder and owner of Highwater Homes allows all questions and concerns to be answered immediately. Toby is also able to provide valuable tips during the design process. These ideas can help clients to design a home that will not only look aesthetically pleasing but be practical to build. With the services of a Design and Colour consultant, consultations with professional suppliers and Toby’s vast knowledge and skills, clients feel supported along the way.


Macarthur Region Business to Business Magazine

are you thinking of building your dream home? we are macarthur’s custom home building specialist

We promise you a superbly finished home built on time and with no hidden costs CALL US NOW to discover why building with Highwater Homes is the right choice for you 4655 4072 www.highwaterhomes.com.au BLN: 110940C

51 Proudly Built by Toby Searle

一䔀圀 䰀伀伀䬀 倀刀䄀䐀伀 ⴀ 匀攀瀀琀攀洀戀攀爀 ㈀ ㄀㔀 一䔀圀 䴀伀䐀䔀䰀 䠀䤀䰀唀堀 ⴀ 伀挀琀漀戀攀爀 ㈀ ㄀㔀 一䔀圀 刀䔀䰀䔀䄀匀䔀 䘀伀刀吀唀一䔀刀ⴀ  伀挀琀漀戀攀爀 ㈀ ㄀㔀 一䔀圀 䰀䄀一䐀䌀刀唀䤀匀䔀刀 ㈀   匀䔀刀䤀䔀匀ⴀ 伀挀琀漀戀攀爀 ㈀ ㄀㔀 㠀㘀 匀倀䔀䌀䤀䄀䰀 䔀䐀䤀吀䤀伀一 ⴀ 一漀瘀攀洀戀攀爀 ㈀ ㄀㔀

䴀伀刀䔀 刀䔀䄀匀伀一匀  吀伀 䌀䔀䰀䔀䈀刀䄀吀䔀  䔀一䐀 伀䘀 夀䔀䄀刀⸀

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Smarter Macarthur Spring/Summer Edition

Smarter Macarthur Spring/Summer Edition  

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