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Macarthur Region Business to Business Magazine



Macarthur Region Business to Business Magazine

Going For Gold

Sustainability and Business P44

Rock En-Roll in Macarthur! P12


Campbelltown Council – Growing The Grassroots

Your Risk is




Your business...our passion

Macarthur Region Business to Business Magazine


Macarthur Region Business to Business Magazine

Imagine comfort A stylish blend of luxury and innovation makes Stressless® the world’s most comfortable recliners and sofas.


NEW Stressless® LegComfort™ People come in all shapes and sizes. So do their legs. That’s why Stressless has developed LegComfort™ – the first automatic integrated footrest that adjusts to your own leg length. One moment, it’s elegantly hidden under the chair or sofa. Then, with a simple touch of a button on the side, it extends to the perfect position to offer your legs ergonomic comfort and support.

185 Argyle St, Camden NSW 2570 Phone: 4655 7896



Macarthur Region Business to Business Magazine

LOCAL NEWS P19 M  eet Glenn Creecy, Campbelltown Chamber’s new President P35 W  alking on for Fred... record crowds turn out at Campbelltown Athletics Stadium to walk the 24 FROM THE EDITOR Hour Fight Against Cancer P44 M  acarthur Centre for Sustainable Living... Working with Business

LEADERSHIP P6 S  WOT’s Up... Reviewing opportunities to improve and grow your business business for the next phase  rowing The Grassroots... Cr George Brticevic, P20 G Mayor of Campbelltown, speaks about the importance of small and micro businesses to the local economy P36 G  oing 4 Gold...find ways to source funds to grow your business

TECHNOLOGY P27 D  igital Success Pyramid... 5 steps needed to achieve and build digital growth & success for your business online P39 Bitcoin...the cryptocurrency on the rise

Networking & MARKETING P22 How Smart is your Email? P28 Tips to Build your Personal Brand P42 T  he Macarthur Business Network...helping wbusinesses solve $20k problems! Front Cover: Photo Credit: Nick Diomis Photography

1300 793 323 Disclaimer This publication provides only general news and information, Nothing in this publication constitutes or is intended to constitute financial, investment or legal advice. Before making any decisions, readers are strongly encouraged to seek independent financial, investment and/or legal advice based on their own individual circumstances. In compiling this publication, Smarter Media has relied on information and material prepared by or on behalf of third party advertisers and other contributors. It is the responsibility of the third parties to ensure that all information and material submitted for publication is accurate and complete. Smarter Media does not endorse or approve, and has not independently reviewed or verified, any information or material received from third parties. Smarter Media, its officers, employees and agents make no representations or warranties whatsoever, either expressly or impliedly, in relation to the accuracy, reliability or completeness of the published information and material. To the full extent allowed by law, Smarter Media, its officers, employees and agents disclaim any and all liability for any loss or damage or other consequences of any type arising out of, or in any way connected with, any use of, or reliance on, any information, statement, opinion, advertisement, representation or omission in this publication.


Macarthur Region Business to Business Magazine

Welcome to Our Focus Business Issue While you probably have your sights set firmly on a much deserved end of the year break, this issue gives you plenty of great pre-holiday reading to re-focus your vision on business success in 2018. We fully embrace the true definition of ‘business-to-business’ with not only ideas, but real action, advice and strategies to support your business objectives. Action and Initiatives to Support Your Business In my feature articles I’ve once again endeavoured to bring some ‘outside the square’ thinking into your business plans. Action and resources to empower business to tap into the real potential of people with a disability and to get your share of hand-outs and handups through grants and awards. While end of year is traditionally a time to celebrate our achievements, I suggest putting that aside momentarily and consider a business-swotting session first. But it’s not all doom and gloom, we give you a review of business opportunities which you may not have had time to consider. Rolf Fuchs continues the positivity with an article on the award-winning Macarthur Centre for Sustainable Living

- how they work with businesses with education and initiatives to assist them become more sustainable. We also hear from Mayor of Campbelltown on how Campbelltown Council is encouraging local micro and small businesses, especially with the recent Capability Workshop they ran with the NSW Business Chamber and the Micro Business Expo.

Tips, Take-aways and Tactics Yes, this issue is packed with positivity and practicality. Tactics to minimise risk, tips to maximise opportunities and a handy directory of local businesses for you to connect with. On behalf of Terry, Rob, Eng and myself, we extend our thanks to all our advertisers, contributors and especially you, our readers, for your support throughout 2017. We are fully committed to continuing our support for Macarthur businesses in 2018 with smart thinking, smart ideas and smart actions for your business. Wishing you all a superb and safe festive season and a successful start to 2018 Lyndall Lee Arnold Editor

Smarter Macarthur has been a revelation for my business. My primary business clients are high net worth individuals who live in rural areas around the major cities. Smarter Macarthur’s readership of employed business professionals provides me with a marketing opportunity which appeals to my clients’ interests and does so within my budget. I cannot recommend Smarter Macarthur more highly - if you are looking to appeal to clients in Macarthur and you want to be in something more substantial than the local classifieds then Smarter Macarthur is for you. And besides, who doesn’t like reading about the many ways in which you can improve your business in this successful magazine? Douglas St.Quintin McCallum Made


Macarthur Region Business to Business Magazine

SWOT’s Up?

Reviewing opportunities to improve and grow your business

Before you start relaxing and

No such thing as problems

fly-swatting this summer, why not

The end of year is a time for celebration but while you’re toasting your wins over a round of back-slapping, the smarter operators will be focussing on the losses, the missed opportunities, the downsides. Why? Because these weaknesses or problems are key areas for growth. Fixing the problem represents an opportunity to turn a weakness into a strength.

do a little business-swotting, give your business the once-over and put yourself in a positive space to start 2018. Whether you prepare a formal,

environment is an important strategy

These may take the form of issues with customer service, product issues, financial stresses and general business operations. Is the problem or threat real or generated by unrealistic expectations? Time to get everything done a problem? Perhaps you’re not so time-poor as disorganised or simply taking on way too much. Prioritising is key, as is being honest with yourself. You might just have to give up something in your life, at least for a period of time, to concentrate on what you want to achieve.

for success. Once you’re aware, the

While you’re focussing on yourself, we’ll take a wider view and SWOT Macarthur and beyond.

next step is taking action to neutralise

Build it and They Will Come

or minimise the threats and maximise

Macarthur has definitely become infrastructurecentral with all levels of government and business busy developing roads, transports, housing estates and of course the new airport. Well you know the drill here – some threats to face during

written analysis, simply jot down a few ideas or just remain mindful, being aware of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats facing your business, your region and the wider

and optimise the opportunities.


Macarthur Region Business to Business Magazine construction with plenty of opportunities on completion. Enough said!

adwords in addition to building an e-commerce site, just to generate initial customer interest.”

Doing the Gig-Jig

The major downsides that Lyndall sees are the lack of consistency in terminology across these sites and some of the charges.

Technology is a major business driver and has been the catalyst for the emergence of entire new sectors - the share and gig economies. You need something done, you don’t have the time, skills, expertise, resources to do it – you go online and get someone to do it for you. You may take an UBER now and then but there is far more in this for business. • S ave money by ditching fully-maintained company cars and using a car-sharing service • E ngage expert skills across many disciplines only when you need them and from a global workforce through sites like Freelancer and Upwork. • U  se Airtasker to fill the gaps for all types of tasks – cleaning, helping out, etc as well as professional services. Plenty of people out there looking for work on one-off basis so make the most of it. Flipside – do you have a service which you can promote by listing on these sites?

The Yanks are Coming! If you haven’t already heard, the US-based online marketplace, Amazon, is due to launch in Australia very soon. Depending on who you listen to, it represents a massive threat or a huge opportunity to local businesses. We approached Amazon for information for this article, but at the time of writing, they advised nothing specific was available to the public. However, our editor, Lyndall Arnold, has a store at Handmade on Amazon for her hobby business and shares her experiences. “I’ve been selling on ebay for 12 years, etsy for 8 years and Handmade on Amazon for 2 years and I’ve also worked with clients setting up e-commerce and on their own websites and I see both having upsides and downsides,” Lyndall said. Lyndall emphasises that hers is a small-scale business and existing online marketplaces are absolutely perfect for this purpose. But many leading retailers have also set up stores within ebay and it is a great option for those not wanting to go to the expense of setting up their own e-commerce business. “Having the instant exposure to worldwide markets that Amazon and ebay give you is priceless,” Lyndall said. “Unless you have an existing following for your own business, you may have to spend a lot on search/

“Each seems to have their own language so getting started can be a bit frustrating,” she said. “They also have different cost structures and terms and conditions. So you need to look closely at these to ensure your price reflects these and that you are happy to abide by their rules.” Amazon did advise that anyone interested can go to click SELL and register to receive information on selling on Amazon. Could be a great opportunity for you to add to your existing e-commerce or as a starting point.

Complete the Cycle Another interesting opportunity exists in recycling. Planet Ark is currently running a campaign, encouraging everyone to complete the re-cycling cycle by not only recycling but also purchasing products made from recycled materials. Great initiative to help the environment plus it could give you a competitive edge if you can source recycled materials to use in your production. For inspiration, Planet Ark provided examples of some companies that are using recycled materials to make new products: • N  ewtecpoly make eWood - a plastic wood used for fencing and garden beds that is made from computers, TVs, white goods, car parts and printer cartridges. They will also make planks, bollards, posts and even shipping pallets. • R  eplas collect soft plastics to make outdoor furniture, decking, signage and event exercise equipment. • A  nd Woolcool use waste wool to create sustainable, reusable packaging that is highly effective as an insulator, hygienic and compostable. In regard to Business Recycling, Planet Ark is running a campaign early next year, which is full of tips for how to bring new or improved recycling practices into the workplace. According to their research, many business see efficient waste management and recycling as a cost saving and a practice that gives them a competitive edge. So there’s another opportunity for you to consider – more info at

The greatest threat Procrastination! So sort those problems and be ready to take full advantage of new opportunities in 2018!


Macarthur Region Business to Business Magazine

Prepared to risk it?

Business insurance – it’s about risk, not taking a gamble with your very livelihood and all you’ve worked for! But the biggest risks, or more bluntly mistakes, that many business owners continue to make are not having an insurance broker or not the right broker to suit their business and buying policies purely on price! A professional insurance broker does a lot more than simply handle the paperwork for your policies. A good broker provides risk management and insurance advice on covering exposures that have the potential to significantly disrupt or in extreme cases, even end your business. So selecting the right Insurance Broker to suit your specific business is just as important as engaging the right accountant, financial planner or lawyer. Positioned as one of the leading providers of both specialist and general risk and insurance solutions, the AEI Insurance Broking Group is the right insurance broker across many industry sectors from small sole traders to large multinationals. As the Macarthur area continues to grow, with large scale infrastructure projects (such as Badgerys Creek airport), massive new housing developments, commercial and industrial precincts and service industries emerging, the AEI Group has the experience and expert knowledge to assist businesses manage their growth by providing genuine, relevant risk advice to offset unforeseen events. Operating in Sydney for over 20 years with a branch in Western Sydney, we have been looking after the needs of hundreds of businesses as they have grown along with the regional development. Growth which has led to our own office re-location and opening of an Oran Park branch in July.


Macarthur Region Business to Business Magazine

Buying on Price? Sadly you get what you pay for!

claims management.

No doubt influenced by the deluge of media coverage, many business owners are still making the mistake of choosing insurance to protect their significant asset, revenue, liability or their people, based on the cheapest price (premiums), with little or no explanation about the coverage they are actually buying.

Earthmoving & Civil -

This is simply not the way to go about it. True risk and insurance professionals, such as AEI Insurance Broking Group, engage with their clients to establish exactly what risks could significantly impact the business and then design bespoke insurance solutions to suit. We specialise in tailoring insurance programs around business risk and client’s appetite, providing expert advice on policy coverage, pricing options and a business’ ability to retain risk.

Clients operating in this sector represent a significant portion of our local business and our experts specialise in providing market leading advice and coverage to clients of all sizes – sole traders, industry associations, multi-million dollar businesses. With the growth in the Macarthur region comes massive amounts of civil works and we are well placed to advise businesses how to handle the risk.

AEI Commercial is our mainstream division, specialising

We completely understand that price is a factor in all business decisions, and quality service alone does not balance the scales. So we offer both – good pricing and service.

in all aspects of general insurance. Developing insurance programs to suit all businesses, from market stall operators to multi-national businesses with revenues exceeding $200 million.

Being part of Australia’s largest ‘cluster group’ of likeminded insurance professionals, provides us with significant leverage with insurers and enables us to secure the best deals available in the market. In addition to the local market, the AEI Group has developed relationships in international insurance markets including London and Singapore. As insurance is a global business, this strategy is crucial to ensure that we truly are offering best practice solutions from all available markets to our clients.

Our senior team are industry leaders with decades of experience providing risk and advisory services to businesses in Manufacturing (own product and contract manufacture), Food and Beverage, Wholesaling, Health Care Services, Aged Care, Truck Body Manufacturers, Contracting, Concrete (production and laying), Engineering and Professional Services.

Our philosophy is simple – we work for and with our clients. We develop an in-depth understanding of your business, discuss your needs and structure the right cover to suit your risks and appetite. We help you manage your business risks, leaving you to get on and do what you know best – running your business

Consider the Odds We appreciate that you may have long-term relationships with existing providers, but just consider: - When was the last time your insurance broker visited you in person? - Did they ask about changes within your business and discuss the associated risks? - Did they provide information on new or emerging risks that may impact your business?

Specialist Industry Expertise

Remembering that a perception of great service does not necessarily translate into great advice. The AEI Insurance Broking Group can review existing insurance programs and audit the suitability of the covers in place against the needs of the business.

The AEI Group has developed expertise in key niche industry segments:

Any broker can offer to ‘quote’ your business. Not every broker will ‘advise’ your business.

Transport & Logistics – AEI Transport is one of Australia’s leading Transport Insurance brokers, providing solutions for Heavy Transport, Logistics, Warehousing, Freight Forwarding and all associated sectors. From owner drivers to large fleets, we have the expertise to design, manage and place tailored insurance solutions reflecting industry best practice, backed by superior in-house, local

Don’t risk it, choose the right broker for your business – The AEI Insurance Broking Group Contact: (02) 4633 6500

Suite 102, 351 Oran Park Drive, Oran Park Nsw 2570 e: w:


Macarthur Region Business to Business Magazine

all your graphic design needs Brochures I Logos I Posters I Banners I Photoshop retouching I All printed material I Web banners

t 9977 6414


Macarthur Region Business to Business Magazine

2 Great Stores at 1 Convenient Location Schmick 1 Shop 125-126 Narellan Town Centre | 46479977

MS Men’s Wear Shop G5 Lower Ground Floor Narellan Town Centre | 46483188


l l o R n E k c Ro ! r u h t r a c a M in

Macarthur Region Business to Business Magazine

School of Rock summer enrolments

now open

Looking for a productive option to screen time for your children? Yearning to unleash your hidden rock star? Ticking ‘perform on stage’ off your bucket-list? Aspiring to actually win karaoke? Kids totally bored with traditional music lessons? Then now is the time to let School of Rock Macarthur rock your world! With programs for all ages from pre-schoolers to retirees, all musical talent levels, a wide range of musical genres and a unique approach to teaching, School of Rock is THE place for you. THE place where the musically-oriented learn to create face-melting music, work in a band or group, develop valuable skills for success in the music business and perform on stage in front of a live audience! A local franchise of the highly successful, US-based and internationally renowned School of Rock, School of Rock Macarthur accesses and embraces techniques and practices, which have been proven on the global stage. The techniques are adapted to suit the local area and business owner, Ken ‘Kenny’ Martin adds a massive injection of enthusiasm and drive. “We’re very different from the traditional concept of music lessons,” Kenny said, “our objective is to realise the dream of every musician, to perform on stage, in a band.”

Kenny’s enthusiasm is totally infectious and the experience and depth of in-house industry know-how he brings to every program is invaluable. He learned to play guitar way back in primary school and has played with bands including Catalyst, The Immigrant Project, Mystic River and Hax. Kenny knows what it takes to be in a working band and he shares his knowledge and passion to ensure every student realises their full potential and jams their way to success.

Unique Teaching Method What makes School of Rock such a global success sensation is their unique teaching method which essentially translates the student’s ability to play in the lesson room to performing on a real stage for a live audience. “We take music to the next level,” Kenny said. “Teaching not only competency to play their instrument of choice but building confidence, teamwork and performance skills so they know what it’s actually like to be a musician and how to apply those skills in the performance world.” Kenny draws on his vast network of music industry contacts and the highly respected profile of School of Rock, to attract working musicians as top level instructors as well as big name mentors.


“We arrange for mentors from across the industry to come in and give clinics in key areas.” Kenny said. “They’re

Macarthur Region Business to Business Magazine

all well-known and not only are the students impressed to have this first-hand experience, the mentors are equally impressed with the talent of our students.” Big names like Lindsay MacDougall, Mark Schulman of Pink’s band fame and veteran rocker Eric Burden are just a sample of who you could have the chance to work with at School of Rock Macarthur. The mentors provide clinic sessions and keynote addresses on topics such as conquering that dreaded stage fright. Ken also arranges excursions to broaden the horizons. These include attending the sound check sessions when major acts are in town and recently, a group of students were guests of Soundgarden with the very rare opportunity to go backstage with the band and see exactly what happens.ens.

Programs for all ages, all genres, all skill levels School of Rock Macarthur offers a range of programs to suit all comers. Programs are structured in a 16 week schedule, which culminate in the live stage performance at a local venue. The Performance Program is by far the most popular as it focuses on refining proficiencies and developing teamwork and what comes with being in a band – collaboration, rehearsing and enjoying epic experiences. The Rock 101 Program does away with mundane music lessons and replaces them with playing music, learning concepts in context and infusing fun into every chord. The Little Wing Program is designed to engender a love of music in pre-schoolers, through music-minded games, hand percussion instruments and fundamental music skills.

Ken organises the stage performances in a concertstyle environment at leading local venues, such as pubs, clubs and Campbelltown Theatre.

On Stage, On Tour But all students aspire to be selected for the All Stars Program which involves an authentic concert tour to the US to perform alongside students from Schools of Rock around the world. “The All Stars Tour is very competitive to get into but worth the effort as it is an amazing experience,” Kenny enthuses. “On a 2 week tour we take the group to places when music is happening and to iconic music landmarks, so it becomes as much a social studies event as much as getting that total music touring experience.”

Summer Program Now Enrolling So if you’d like your kids to swap screen time on their devices for real performing time on stage, or make music an option to sport, or you want to realise your secret aspiration to perform on stage yourself – then get to the website now and enrol for the School of Rock summer programs. Who knows where it could lead??? As Kenny says, there’s nothing like performing in a band, because life isn’t a solo act and everyone deserves to be a rock star.

For first and second graders, the Rookies Program utilises exercises, tools and games to teach the fundamentals of skill, music theory, pitch and rhythm and what it means to play solo and in a group. Adults are not excluded – in the Adult Program you get to learn at rapid-fire speed, while performing your favourite songs. All programs include weekly private and group lessons on choice of guitar, bass, keyboard, drums and/or vocals; group rehearsal sessions; acquiring the fundamentals for their age and level of competency and of course the chance to perform at the end of program concert. And while rock may be Kenny’s passion, the programs cover a range of musical genres – pop, reggae from ABBA and AC DC to Van Morrison and Zeppelin.


Macarthur Region Business to Business Magazine

Big Night Out Goes Off with a BLAST! Despite being the windiest day of the year with flights cancelled and trees blown down across the region, Big Night Out on 18 August still went ahead and was a resounding success.

“The event was our first foray into the Parramatta business community and came together with the exceptional help and support of Schon Condon and his team at Condon Associates Group,” Andre said.

The first of its kind, the event, for over 150 invitationonly guests was primarily to celebrate working partnership of Christian Fox Accountants (Andre Christian) in Parramatta with Condon Associates Group also included a number of other extremely worthwhile purposes.

Andre explained that the group intend this to be the most anticipated annual event for the Parramatta Business and Professional community, celebrating respected business associations and networking relationships while having a great time in a great location with a classic ambience.

“This was our first “Big Night Out” and so we included a number of reasons to celebrate,” Andre Christian of Christian Fox Accountants said. ”We made known our business expansion with our Parramatta offices, supported several local charities, included a tribute to Long Tan Veterans, especially the late John Burkitt Lyon.”

The night was the culmination of hard work by the marketing staff of Christian Fox and Condon Associates headed by Monique Hannan and Tanja Stancevic and included a stellar line-up of speakers and entertainment.

The late John Burkitt Lyon was a friend and client of Christian Fox Accountants, a Vietnam Vet, Pilot, past president of the Liverpool Chapter of SWNG and much admired local Ingleburn resident.


Monique Hannan hosted the event, while guest speaker The Honourable Pat Farmer accompanied by his wife Tania, gave a recital of the Battle of Long Tan and the Ode. Under the big tent, the entertainment was impressive with the 12 piece Cohesion Big Band heading the bill, supported by singer Tanya Bianchi and the Step Up Entertainment dancers and the food by chef Gordon Norman, equally amazing! The team now look forward to the 2018 Big Night Out with planning already underway!

Thinking of introducing drug andRegion alcohol testing? Macarthur Business to Business Magazine Is your policy up to date? Have you trained your management team and employees?

TDDA can help you... Policy development Training for management and employees Mobile drug and alcohol testing service Property methamphetamine detection

To find out more phone Kristie Chan-Sau on 0409907135 or 1300 4 Detection


Style and service seamlessly combine Macarthur Region Business to Business Magazine

Fusion Shutters & Blinds Window style and design forms an integral component in both classic and contemporary architecture. However, it is the specialised way that a window is dressed and how the completed look feels, that truly defines your individual design, pairing form and function to your style statement. With a comprehensive range of shutters, blinds, doors, screens and awnings and the care and expertise to assist you, Fusion Shutters & Blinds are the professionals in creating the exact look a customer seeks. Located in Smeaton Grange and founded on decades of industry experience, Fusion Shutters & Blinds partners leading customer service and satisfaction with the best range of custom-made window furnishings. Expertise Direct to the Customer Founded in 2013 to service Sydney’s fastest growing south-west corridor by owners Sam and Joshua Phipps, they have converted decades of wholesale trade and expertise and distilled it into Fusion Shutters & Blinds: winning the Camden Wollondilly Business Award for Specialised Retailer in 2017. “Our growth across the past five years has been extraordinary,” Joshua Phipps said, “primarily because of our focus on great customer service and product knowledge.” Following in the industry-pioneering footsteps of Harry Phipps – Sam’s father and Joshua’s uncle – the duo has grown Fusio Shutters & Blinds into the area’s premier window-furnishing retailer. The secret to their success has been hiring the best staff and fitting out a massive showroom space to provide customers with the best service possible. “Our showroom, located in the hub of Smeaton Grange has proven to be a great benefit both to our business and to our community,” Joshua said. “Customers can come in to see and feel the products and discuss options with our friendly staff, so we can assist and guide them through selecting the perfect product for their purpose.”


Comprehensive Range to Suit Your Style and Budget Fusion Shutters & Blinds offers a wide range of window furnishings to suit both contemporary and classic home designs and all products are custom-made to the exact specifications and installed by their highly skilled team of installers. You get to select the product that best reflects your style and your purpose from the range of awnings, shutters and blinds and coordinate with their range of doors and screens. “Extensive product knowledge proves to be a massive plus when it comes to discussing the finer details and options with our customers,” Joshua said. “Our products are regularly tested and we have quality control measures in place at our various manufacturers.” Fusion Shutters & Blinds represent leading manufacturers and offer a comprehensive range of blinds which are innovative in design, available in an extensive selection of colours and designs with advanced features to optimise light and outlook, maximise insulation and energy efficiency and awnings which provide shading, privacy and protection while making a true style statement. All their window furnishings come with a warranty of 3-20 years. “With outdoor living and entertainment so popular, especially with families in the local area, our range of outdoor blinds and awnings are a great way to create a functional indoor-outdoor space,” Joshua explained. “Customers can come into the showroom, or we will go to their home and discuss the best option for their individual requirements and provide a free measure and quote.” Superb Service Fusion Shutters & Blinds pride themselves on excelling in customer service, always going ‘above and beyond’ to ensure they provide what their customers not only need, but expect. With constant development of their products, they strive to provide the highest of quality and value to customers. “Customer satisfaction is most important to our team here and we love hearing great feedback,” Joshua said. “We really do go the extra mile to work in with our customers – from scheduling an appropriate measuring time, to installing goods in a timely manner, the team at Fusion aim to be flexible and reliable.”


So whichever products you choose - plantation shutters and roller blinds, indoor and outdoor blinds, security screens, doors and awnings, you are assured that this local, family-owned business will support, guide, advise and deliver at every stage of the process. Caring for Customers and Community While customer satisfaction is a major focus, Fusion Shutters & Blinds is equally committed to supporting the local Macarthur community. The business currently employs 10 dedicated people consisting of sales professionals, measurers and installers, warehouse, office and accounts staff and with further predicted growth, it’s likely new job opportunities will be opening.



Macarthur Region Business to Business Magazine





Fusion Shutters & Blinds prides itself on supporting a variety of local groups, schools and charities including Business Event of The Year, a local event held at The Cube Campbelltown, sponsorship of the St Clare’s Annual Fete and Disability Macarthur, participation in the Share Care golf day and the South West Networking Group. Fusion Shutters & Blinds also sponsors OCAGI (The Mark Grundy Oesophageal Cancer Awareness Group Inc), a local charity formed as the first and only support group in Australia for Oesophageal cancer. Each year the business is honoured to sponsor their fundraiser, which is always a fantastic themed night and a lot of fun with raffles, auctions and various fund raisers. Showroom Open 6 Days! To cater for the growing demand for their products, the Fusion Shutters & Blinds showroom at Smeaton Grange is open 6 days a week for you to come in and select from their amazing range of window furnishings. Their everpopular plantation shutters and Sheer Elegance blinds have become the top choice for new and renovated homes, but their range covers every architectural style. Fusion Shutters & Blinds is the destination where style meets expertise and service! Fortunately, the offerings from this great business are not limited to Macarthur, with the business continuing their expansion and now proudly servicing the Illawarra & South Coast region. 2/10 Gallipoli Street, Smeaton Grange 02 4647 0804


Macarthur Region Business to Business Magazine


Part of

A Wizard of a Franchise


Who hasn’t dreamed of skipping down the yellow brick road with Dorothy, Scarecrow, Tinman & Lion as they go off to see the Wizard? Thanks to a couple’s childhood obsession with this magical story, kids in the Macarthur region of Sydney have been enjoying all the magic of The Wizard of Oz in a unique, multi-award winning children’s interactive and party venue that pays tribute to Frank Baum’s wacky world. Brian and Christerine Laul want to expand this magical world into new locations, at the same time offering viable business opportunities for people who share their passion for community involvement, love working with children and nurturing their creativity, and will go the extra mile to deliver an unforgettable customer experience.

On offer is a business model destined for growth with five solid streams of income: daily entry fees, birthday parties, private hire, educational excursions, shows, workshops & special events with an option of evening classes catering to aspiring little singers, dancers and actors. Franchisees investing in the business will receive ongoing support including advice from a team of professionals including staff trainers, event managers, financial planners and caterers. It’s the perfect combination of business, play and community contribution. For more details visit or call (02) 4626 7777. Oz Funland 2/11 Hollylea Road, Leumeah

Macarthur Region Business to Business Magazine

Glenn Creecy: Campbelltown Chamber’s new President As well-known for his colourful bows and quick humour as his immense contribution to the local business scene, Glenn Creecy takes over as the new president of Campbelltown Chamber of Commerce at an exciting time for our city. “I see the key role of the Chamber today as a platform for members, not only members but sponsors and people outside that are starting business to actually come to meetings and enjoy socially networking with other businesses,” he says. Glenn’s current mission is to “get every business in the Campbelltown area to be a member of the Chamber”. Ask him why they should actually become members and the smile switches to business mode. “One of the main benefits is the alliance that we’ve got with the New South Wales Business Chamber. Now they have many services that we can access as members, to help support start up businesses all the way to businesses that are massive in the area.” As proprietor of Around the Clock Pest Control, Glenn understands only too well the challenges of running a small business in a climate that isn’t always conducive. “When you start off as a one-man band, you do everything. You’re the marketing person, you’re the person who opens the front door, you’re admin. So having ready access to these outside services within the Chamber is such a boon. It sure beats searching through

a directory and is so much more dependable,” Glenn explains as we dash over from Mawson Park for some of Al Jannah’s famous chicken. One of Glenn Creecy’s first moves as Chamber President was to award immediate past President Rick Fitzpatrick with the Chamber’s very first Lifetime Membership. “I was fortunate enough to have Rick as my predecessor, who has set up the Chamber to be in a great position today. It’s nothing but befitting to honour him in this way”, he says. Through the last three years of being the Director of Sponsorship and Events, Glenn has enjoyed watching the Chamber grow… “not only in members, but in sponsors as well. We’re very fortunate to have four Platinum Sponsors at this point in time: Marsdens Law Group, Macarthur Square, EmbroidMe Macarthur Clintons Toyota.” Glenn is fondly known in community circles as a true Good Samaritan, someone you can depend on to support even the littlest local initiative – especially if it involves a good game of golf or an evening out with wife Emily and children Josh, Matt and Charlotte. He is also a partner/director of the Business Chamber Referral Group, a group networking app system launched this year. His favourite spot in Campbelltown? “The stadium”, he shoots back. “I’m an avid fan of the West Tigers. I love getting down there with my kids, actually sitting on the hill. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I enjoy being up in the corporate box, but getting down on the hill with the kids is amazing.” -BRIAN LAUL (Brian Laul is the founder of Oz Funland, Good Morning Macarthur and Secretary of the Children’s Festival Organisation of Australia. He’s passionate about fostering multicultural relations at a community grassroots level.)

GLENN CREECY: hoping every business in Campbelltown becomes a Chamber of Commerce member. Photo: Good Morning Macarthur FIRST LIFETIME MEMBER: Glenn Creecy honours past President Rick Fitzpatrick with the Chamber’s first Lifetime Membership. Photo: Francly Speaking


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Enabling, Embracing, Engaging In a global environment of embracing diversity in every aspect of life, many Australian businesses are still not realising the true potential and benefits that people with a disability can bring to their operation. Disability definitely does not translate to inability, except when businesses have the inability to embrace and include people with disability. Disabilities include mobility, hearing, vision, dexterity, learning, mental health and intellectual aspects – all of which can be catered for in a workplace for customers, suppliers and especially employees. If you’ve never really given the issue a lot of consideration, or perhaps thought implementation was too difficult – here are a number of ways that you can embrace and engage with people with a disability in your business and realise significant benefits on many levels.

Enabling Your Workplace As a responsible business operator, you are most likely already aware that under the Disability Discrimination Act, employers are required to implement necessary adjustments to their workplace to enable a person with a disability to carry out their role in the business. While the statutory requirements focus on employees, these adjustments are also relevant to the customers, suppliers and other visitors to your premises.

on these issues and before you start thinking of the costs – the Australian Government also provides funding for such adjustments through the Employment Assistance Fund (EAF). Check out all the details at www.jobaccess. With advances in technology, providing, for example braille signage, has become significantly less expensive and more easily accessible in recent years. Simon Harper, Managing Director of Sign to Badge Solutions, a distributor of printers that create compliant braille signage explains that such products are now easily procured from many local sign and print suppliers. “In the past, producing braille compliant signage involved engraving and other quite time-consuming processes making the end product to your business very costly,” Simon said, “but with the new generation UV LED digital printers, raised-texture signage is not only more affordable but can be customised and created onto a range of surfaces including acrylic, in a matter of minutes.” Just one way that you can easily make your premises more accessible to the visually impaired.

If you have, or want to attract, customers with a disability to buy from you, then having a welcoming and accessible premises is a great start.

Creating Employment and Building Careers

Adjustments to the workplace may include ramps, lifts, automated doors, accessible bathrooms and other facilities, appropriate workstations, reception areas, vibrating and visual devices for the hearing impaired and braille signage and tactile surfaces for the visually impaired. The government provides detailed information

Research shows that providing gainful employment for people with a disability has significant benefits to the employee, the employer and flow-on effects through the wider community. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, in 2012 there were 2.2 million Australians aged 14-64 with a disability – that’s 14.4% of the population.


Macarthur Region Business to Business Magazine Around 668,100 of these with intellectual disability. To assist these people to find work opportunities, the Australian Government provides a range of programs and incentives to employers, including a National Work Experience Program which gives employers the opportunity to experience first-hand how people with disability can perform tasks in their working environment. This could be a great option for your business to give someone with a disability the opportunity to prove their capabilities and show what they can bring to your business. But jobs for people with disability are not limited to stereotypical, menial tasks. The Centre for Disability Studies which is affiliated with the University of Sydney, through its award-winning social inclusion initiative, uni 2 beyond, is providing meaningful learning opportunities at university level and following up with organising internships and career paths for young people with intellectual disability. “We are extremely proud of the work we are doing and since establishing the uni 2 beyond programme, we have empowered over 30 students with intellectual disability to participate in this unique tertiary experience in courses across six faculties,” Professor Patricia O’Brien, Director of Centre for Disability Studies said. Patricia said that while many businesses have implemented their own Disability/Accessibility and Inclusion Action Plans, the needs of people with intellectual disability are often excluded. “With low employment rates for these people, there are less opportunities for the wider workforce to engage with people with intellectual disabilities, realise their potential and breakdown the stereotypes and barriers,” Patricia said. uni 2 beyond is a truly remarkable social inclusion education initiative, which has been leading the way in Australia and been awarded with the 20017 NSW Disability Industry Innovation Award and the 2016 Innovative Practice on Inclusive Education and ICT by the Zero Project in Geneva. The difference between uni 2 beyond (u2b) and other job placement services, is that u2b provides education at

tertiary level and then partners with companies to offer internships and meaningful career paths for the young people in the careers of their choice. Sydney-based consulting engineering firm, MIEngineers has partnered with uni 2 beyond and has found the experience to be most rewarding on many levels. “Our time spent with the uni 2 beyond intern gave us invaluable insights into the importance of fostering not only within our own industry, but our whole work community,” Robert MacDonald, Director, MIEngineers said, “the experience increased our team engagement and created a sense of public service. The work that the uni 2 beyond staff did prior to and during the placement made the whole experience run seamlessly for both the intern and our team.” Uni 2 beyond has opportunities available for companies to partner and get involved in this initiative and the Centre for Disability Studies au/uni-2-beyond/ offers a range of resources and information. So no matter what type of business you operate, there may be an opportunity for you to include people with disability in your workforce and there are numerous programs to assist you in the process.

Supporting at the Source If engaging a person with a disability is not possible in your business at this time but you do want to make a significant contribution to the sector, then reconsidering your supply and purchase channels may be an option. There are numerous enterprises which are specifically established to employ people with disability and in sourcing your business requirements from these organisations is a positive step to addressing many social issues. Check out for some inspiration. No matter the size or type of business you operate, there are numerous ways and programs in which you can engage, embrace and enable people with disability in your workplace.


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Campbelltown Council – Growing the grassroots With population growth many people see economic opportunities. This is one of the reasons the Macarthur region is becoming home to so many small and micro businesses. Highly qualified people are striking out on their own to fill the demand for many trades and services around Macarthur.


I recently spoke with Cr George Brticevic, Mayor of Campbelltown. Cr Brticevic spoke about the importance of small and micro businesses to the local economy. Cr Brticevic was elected to Campbelltown City Council in 2012, and voted in as Mayor in September 2016 for a twoyear term.

Small Business and Campbelltown While all councils like to attract large businesses and investments, Campbelltown Council also sees the contribution of small business as very important. Cr Brticevic pointed out that council must work with businesses. ‘We want Campbelltown to be recognised as a place where people can do it all, but we realise we can’t do it alone’. The Mayor sees ‘Local small businesses are the backbone of the local economy’. He added ‘Council sees working with small to medium businesses to create local jobs for local people as an important economic tool for the city’s future’. Campbelltown Council has recently been busy engaging directly with the local Chambers of Commerce, as well as providing training and support for small business.

Macarthur Region Business to Business Magazine

Micro Business Expo Campbelltown Council hosted a Micro Business Expo on October 18th this year. This was a free event giving local micro businesses some excellent exposure. Cr Brticevic was encouraged by ‘The range of industry sectors including web development, health and wellbeing, accounting, skincare and beauty, business and lifestyle coaching, food and more’. There was also a lot of networking between businesses on the day, strengthening local business relationships. Campbelltown Council worked in conjunction with Carlene Cardona-Elvy, owner of South West Sydney Virtual Assistant in Minto to run the event.

Council Supported Workshops Recently Campbelltown Council hosted a Capability Workshop run by the Australian Business Solutions Group, the business arm of the NSW Business Chamber. This was a multi-session workshop and included a one-onone coaching session. This was aimed to help local small businesses owners understand digital marketing and enable them to create a digital marketing strategy.

There are also regular events designed to assist local small businesses, these can be found on Campbelltown Council’s website. Cr Brticevic stressed ‘Council is putting a lot of effort into its calendar of events and activities for small businesses, and ensuring that the offering is relevant to them. We are committed to providing many opportunities for them to network, learn and come together in a variety of forums’. He also added ‘We want to achieve a strong local economy – for that to happen, we need our small business sector to be successful. By providing them with more learning opportunities to build and grow their businesses, we hope to do just that’.

Small Business Focus While Campbelltown Council is providing opportunities for local business people to learn and improve their businesses they don’t claim to have all the answers.

Council is constantly looking for feedback on what businesses need and are asking for suggestions. The message from Cr Brticevic is ‘Provide us suggestions – talk to us’! Fostering strong connection with local businesses is a great thing, and council also believes encouraging strong relationships between businesses is very important. The Mayor stressed ‘As a group, so many things can be achieved. The city is going to change significantly over the next 20 years because of the population growth – we want to make sure that our businesses are ready for that and grow successfully’. A modern trend in some areas is the creation of smart work hubs. Essentially a shared office and facilities for small businesses that cannot yet afford to go out fully on their own. This is a cost-effective way for small businesses to access space and business facilities. Currently South West Sydney Virtual Assistant in Minto has a small work hub that is proving popular and assisting some businesses in a very important stage of their growth. Campbelltown Council can see the benefits a larger smart work hub could provide local businesses. Cr Brticevic said ‘We acknowledge that there are a number of home based businesses which could benefit from a smart work hub in Campbelltown, and that may be investigated as part of our work to progress the CBD revitalisation and health and education projects’.

In Summary I find it encouraging that Campbelltown Council sees the importance of small and micro businesses to the local economy. I would encourage local small business owners to look at events that Campbelltown Council are running for small business at au/WhatsOn. Rolf Fuchs is a Success Coach at Fox Coaching and a Director at Campbelltown Chamber of Commerce. He can be contacted at or on 0404 840 506.


1CLICK Communication Mobile Phone & Accessories

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• Mobile Phones • Broadband • Accessories •24Repairs • Great Deals • Business Deals

Andrew Store Manager

Mount Annan Marketplace Shop 11/ 11-13 Main Street Mount Annan NSW 2567 Telephone: 46476170 email: *Mention this ad & receive an accessory pack valued at $50 absolutely FREE with every connect or upgrade!

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Website support and development We live, breathe, exist in the online space so we need someone reliable and experienced, someone that knows what he’s doing, to have our back. Meet Matthew Gabriel from Chevron Technologies - based locally to provide you with a personalised online solution.

Chevron Technologies is a strong Campbelltown and Macarthur based website support, design and development business with over 15 years IT experience in helping businesses connect with each other, their customers and well beyond, through technology. Websites are no longer simply about design. It has evolved into a highly technical field and Matthew has the creds and runs on the board to deliver the service you demand. TAFE qualifications with a Diploma in Website Development, skills in writing code, career experience with big names including Qantas and 5 years running his own ecommerce business.


Read Matthew’s articles at and you’ll immediately realise why you need his level of skill and expertise for your business!

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Your guide to smarter business 25

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How Smart is your email? Grant Dempsey

Email has come a long way and new Apps mean small business can market more effectively and compete at the same level as the big players. We can now tell us if the recipient;

• L ist Quality – Smart Apps can score and rank your recipients based on their past email behaviour so you can tailor and focus emails to certain groups which helps cleanse and build list quality.

• received it

• Touch Points – many people are happy to receive emails yet rarely open them, that’s ok, it’s all branding. I had a client tell me he received my emails for two years before contacting me.

• viewed it • opened the attachment • and their location This is useful for prospecting because if they clicked a link it shows they have some interest and worth following up with a ‘timely’ phone call or another email For larger campaigns we can schedule automatic follow ups. For example, if they; • open the email but do not click the link we automatically send Email-C Wednesday • open the email and click the link we send Special Offer Email-D Tuesday • do not open the email then we send Follow Up Email-E Friday It takes many touch points to convert a lead and Smart Email Apps automate and tailor these based on the recipient’s behaviour so you can intelligently and easily connect with your customers, and for very little cost, be it 10 or 10,000 people

What Does This Mean in Practical Terms? • Productivity – You see who is interested in your product or services and who isn’t. Instead of me phoning 1000 leads I can email them and if 5% click on the link, I know those 50 are somewhat interested so I can phone them which saves a lot of time.

• Metrics – Smart apps provide accurate information that informs your decisions and strategy. You’ll quickly know what content wins, and what doesn’t so you can adjust accordingly. No more ‘gut feeling’ decision making, the numbers will tell you if you are on the money or not. • Scalable – as you grow your business the apps grow with you. For example, say your email campaigns can generate an additional $1000 in revenue at a cost of $100 (ROI = 900%), if you can scale you might generate an extra $10 000 at a cost of $500 (ROI = 1900%). The ease and scalability of smart email marketing is why many businesses spend thousands of dollars every month on it. It is hard get a similar ROI for such little effort and cost. The good news is you can get started for very little and scale as you grow. I’ve listed a few you can look at but talk with someone in the know to get the one that best suits your requirements and budget. Grant Dempsey

• – limited, free options, good to start. • – great for starting out, from $23 p.m • - from $79 p.m. • - advanced, from $200 p.m. • – enterprise level, priced accordingly.

***Note – pricing USD$ and subject to different options

26 26

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5 steps needed to achieve digital success for your business. Renee Francis – Digital Marketing Manager

At IMA, we’ve identified the 5 steps needed to achieve digital success for your business. The first step is to Build your website – a basic requirement for digital marketing which should reflect your business’ core offerings and strengths. Your website also works as a driver for direct opt-in communication, such as email marketing. Most people search for a business online before making any purchase decision these days. Hence, ensuring your website is built correctly, mobile-optimised and has a great user journey and user experience – is the important first step to achieving digital marketing success. The second step is to Maintain your website. All websites need ongoing maintenance to ensure they stay relevant with Search Engines such as Google. Website maintenance includes regularly tracking your website to ensure any updates ADVERTISE Advertise to bring are implemented and the website’s visitors to your website loading time is optimal for search engines.

ensure your website ranks at the top of a Google Search Engine Results Page (SERP). This is the best way to bring increased traffic to your website, over the long term. The fourth step is Leverage – this is all about increasing brand awareness through engaging content on social channels. Social Media sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter are powerful tools to keep your customers upto-date with what is happening within your business and your industry. It is important that posts on Social Media be relevant, engaging and time sensitive.

The final step is to Advertise, and this is executed through Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Paid Social Media Advertising to drive conversions for immediate results. The advantage of SEM and Paid Social is that it allows you to target people through relevant ad copy and keywords that match their search queries. SEM is a fast way to reach the top of a Google Search Engine Page result. • Search Engine Marketing (SEM) • Social Media Channels • Nurture Website Leads

If you’re unsure on where your website and digital marketing strategy is up to - please do not hesitate to contact your local marketing experts, IMA Digital, on 02 4627 8011.

Third step is Optimise, which LEVERAGE Leverage content into Increase audience Social Media Channels focuses on SEO (Search Engine and potential visitors Optimisation). SEO is an organic, long-term strategy Take Advantage of (usually taking 3-9 months OPTIMISE Search Engine to gain some serious Optimise to gain visibility online Optimisation (SEO) our free Digital and drive search visitors to your website traction) that incorporates Marketing Audit, relevant keywords and normally valued content to optimise Ongoing maintenance at $599 + GST, your website position MAINTAIN program with monthly Maintain your website via ongoing analysis and improvements Website Analytics & report on Search Engines. for the first 10 With hundreds callers only. of thousands of See page 32 searches on Website built to modern BUILD for more best practice standards Google per day, Build a mobile optimised website with a great user experience you need to details.

27 IMA Digital Success Pyramid.indd 1

9/11/17 9:12 am

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Three quick tips for building your personal brand Rolf Fuchs

I seem to be bombarded daily with SEO, branding and marketing offers, can you relate to that? It is always valuable to remember that people do business with people. No matter how good your corporate brand is, your personal brand is also vitally important. If people don’t relate to you and trust you, selling them your goods or services is very difficult at best. I have put together three quick ideas to help you when thinking about building your personal brand. 1. Why and WIIFM Why! You need to get clear in your mind why you are building your personal brand. Are you trying to demonstrate that you are the best in your field, the most trustworthy in your field, or do you do things from “left field” to stand out? As with marketing your business, who is your target market and what message do you want to get across? WIIFM! The message in your personal brand should also answer that most important question, what’s in it for me? Endless cat videos or jokes about little Johnny on Facebook may not necessary make me think, hey I need this guy’s services. The message you spread with your personal brand should reinforce to other people that they need to speak with you.

2. Be authentic While I love the idea of modelling successful traits of others, it is vital to build your own unique style. Make sure you portray confidence. Be sure to avoid appearing arrogant, this can turn a lot of people off very quickly. It is important to build your values and beliefs into your personal brand, people normally see through a fake rather quickly. It takes time and effort to build a positive personal brand, and next to no time to destroy it.


3. Invest in yourself As with your business, if you are not growing and evolving, you are stagnating. Your most important asset will always be yourself, so you deserve investment. Yes, you will need to spend money, but spend it wisely and you will get a good return. Here are a few suggestions on how you can invest in yourself. • H  elp could be as close as a good book or blog article. • E ngaging an editor to proofread content. • H  ire a good graphic designer that understands branding. • If you need more confidence, hire a speaking coach.  ou may need a business or lifestyle coach to help you •Y understand your values and beliefs.

Conclusion The idea of personal branding can be daunting, but well worth the effort. With an increasingly digital world we now have more avenues for building our personal brand. These tips are a starting point to begin building, or rebuilding a positive personal brand. If you need help with these ideas feel free to contact me. In fact, I would love to hear any ideas you have on building a personal brand.

Rolf Fuchs is a Success Coach at Fox Coaching and a Director at Campbelltown Chamber of Commerce. He can be contacted at or on 0404 840 506.e

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Why Small Businesses in Australia Need Virtual Assistants Carlene Cardona-Elvy

With the ever-increasing stress that comes with running a small business, you would have to agree with the fact that most small business owners are turning to virtual assistants to do the bulk of their work. These professionals can help you with all administrative duties even though they do not report to your office every day. The rise in the number of business owners seeking VAs is an indication that this is going to be the trend of the future. So, why do most companies prefer to work this way? It is because they know that it is a much better way to run their businesses than relying on employees. The traditional office setting is fast fading away, and the new trend if promising better results. Here are the reasons using a VA is beneficial to your business. 1. A VA can lessen your workload As a small business owner, you know that there are lots of tasks that you have to accomplish. You will be working round the clock to ensure that everything is in order. In addition to that, you will be looking at your competitors with an aim to find ways of beating them. Because of this, you will find the work overwhelming. What makes it even worse is that you may not have enough resources to bring more workers on board. If you ever find yourself in such a situation, the best you can do is to outsource some of those tasks to a virtual assistant. They will help to lessen your workload, and give you some time to rest.

on a VA to handle the other aspects. They will put their skills to good use in order to make sure that your products and services reach the people that they are meant for. While at it, they will help to ensure that every aspect of your business is up and running and therefore, you will be more likely to surpass your goals. With so many amazing virtual assistant networks available in Australia with highly qualified VAs, there is no doubt that finding a reliable one will always be an easy task. . 3. A VA can fast-track the growth of your business Let’s face it. Everyone that starts a business wants it to grow fast. Right? You definitely have plans to move to the next level, and this depends on the effort that you make. Usually, you will be relying on the people that work for you. The fact that a VA works from any location means that they bring in some unique value to your business. As long as you are connected through various online tools, you can always track what they are doing, and get real time updates about their working situations. This means that if you want to propel your business to a higher level, all that you need to do is to search for that VA that knows how to do it. Let them give it their best effort, and growth will be guaranteed.

. 2. A VA will complete the tasks that you cannot Even if you are a true definition of a jack of all trades, you will find some tasks too difficult to handle. For example, you may be good at planning and keeping financial records, but you are not good at marketing. This means that as you focus on what you do best, you will be relying

For more information contact Carlene from South West Sydney Virtual Assistant


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MANAGING STRESS Stressed Out, Overworked & Overwhelmed? Maxine Haigh-White

A little stress is healthy; it challenges you and makes you stronger. Living in this day and age, stress has become a normal part of modern life. Driving in busy traffic, meeting bill payments, children, financial commitments, relationship breakdowns or just the everyday waking up to an early alarm and managing work, homelife, raising kids, the daily commute, or financial pressures. Your body will still have a response, even if you do not feel like you’re stressed. Signs of Stress When stress becomes chronic, the brain may seek to self-regulate itself by toning down these signals as a protective mechanism. This can result in the sort of low energy commonly seen in chronic fatigue. Stress is known to be an underlying factor behind many conditions, with severe fatigue being one of the most debilitating. Stress can be an underlying factor behind a myriad of health conditions, and can present itself in many different ways. Symptoms of acute, current stress include: low energy, difficulty sleeping, poor memory and concentration, mood changes, and digestive disturbances. Long term stress may lead to hormonal and thyroid imbalances, obesity, and a weakened immune system.

Adapting to Stress… Natural Supplements and Herbs may help There is a category of herbal medicine called adaptogens that are used for stress, resilience and energy levels: Ashwaganda or Withania, Astragalus, Siberian ginseng, Damiana are useful when drained and exhausted. These herbs may also protect the brain from excessive stress. Rhodiola is a fabulous herb when there is a physical exhaustion or in times of post viral recovery. • A  mino acids such as Tyrosine, Taurine and Glutamine are building blocks for neurotransmitters, they support mood, stress response and alertness by calming the nervous system. • M  agnesium: Stress reduces your stores of magnesium,


swimming regularly in chlorinated pools also will leach magnesium.  vitamins: Help to support stress moderating brain • B chemicals called neurotransmitters to keep you in a good mood. B vitamins also help improve your energy levels. • Essential fatty acids – DHA/EPA – fish oils are building blocks for the brain and nervous system, healthy cholesterol levels and if you are on a cholesterol lowering medication helpful in restoring the myelin sheath. • Get tested for low zinc, high copper and B6

Lifestyle Tips • E xercise: Being active supports energy production and releases feel-good endorphins • Limit caffeine and alcohol. • P  rotein from fish, lean meats, eggs, legumes and nuts can provide you with amino acids to fuel your brain whilst sustaining you for longer, minimising those stress cravings. • F ish, in particular, contains both protein and essential fats, otherwise known as omega-3 fatty acids which can support a healthy stress response and healthy mood • A  void refined carbohydrates and sugary foods they are nutrient poor and may lead to weight gain. • Meditation/Yoga calms an overactive mind and assists you in finding peace. Connect to Nature walk on the beach or in parks green plants and natural foliage can provide – improved mood and an increased sense of calm. • B  e social – good relationships with family, friends, work colleagues and sports buddies build quality relationships. Socialising is not only fun; it may also increase your resilience to stress.

Healthy Energy Boosts: • B  reakfast: Frozen Acai (Pure) with a Banana, Coconut/ Almond Milk, with nuts, goji and pepitas or sunflowers seeds a great breakfast get up and go • O  n-the-go: Handful of nuts, seeds or dried fruit for morning tea. Paleo balls or bars – go for high protein • A  fternoon slump: Peanut butter on seed biscuit, apple or celery stick, or Nutella. Disclaimer: You must not rely on the information in this article as an alternative to medical advice from your doctor or other professional healthcare provider.

Maxine Haigh-White, Nutritionist.

In our next edition we will look at dealing with Insomnia and Sleep disturbances.

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Christmas – The Grinch Tax deductions and other celebrations Andre Christian - Adviser

Review Plan Reframe Revitalise Key Dates: November 21

• Held on your business premises • Held on a work day • No alcohol

• O  ctober 2017 monthly activity statements due for payment and lodgement

• Held for employees, suppliers and business associates

November 25

• No employee associates spouses , children etc) to be present

• D  ue date to lodge and pay quarterly activity statements for September quarter if lodged electronically through a tax or BAS agent. • Trust Resolutions re beneficiaries • r esolution for directors fees that are definitely committed

November 28 • D  ue date to pay the superannuation guarantee charge (SGC) and lodge a SGC statement for employers who failed to pay the minimum superannuation guarantee contributions by 28 October 2017. • The SGC is NOT tax deductible

• Provision of a light meal or “finger food”

• If cost per attendee (employee) is less than $300 no FBT applicable Other considerations • Minor benefit exemption under $300 GST inclusive for FBT but not tax deductible • Non- Entertainment gifts to third parties such as suppliers etc is not subject to FBT and are tax deductible to the employer who can also claim the GST credits Gifts that do not constitute entertainment include: • Christmas hampers

ATO -The Grinch - Entertainment

• Bottles of alcohol

When it comes to work Christmas parties and deductions one most important factor to consider is whether or not your party involves “entertainment”

• Gift vouchers

The tax office considers an event to involve “entertainment” if:.

• Perfume • Pen sets

Merry Christmas from all at Christian Fox

• Alcohol is served regardless of the venue • It is held at a restaurant, café or any venue off business premises

If you have any queries regarding the above matters please do not hesitate calling myself, Andre Christian, Accredited Superfund Auditor or either of my partners:

• If the event involves “entertainment” it is not deductible.

• Jennifer Chen: Tax Partner or • Richard Wakefield: Financial Planning Partner

Year End Tax Planning

• On (02) 9829 3111 For a free consultation

For the entire cost of a Christmas party to be a tax deductible expense with no liability for FBT (Fringe Benefits Tax) the following criteria must be met:


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Looking for real experts in digital marketing?

The people you need are right here in Macarthur. IMA is based in Campbelltown and has over 17 years experience in providing real solutions to all business types from small family owned, through to ASX 100 companies.

We can help with: • Website design, development, maintenance and hosting • Google, SEO, SEM and Analytics reporting • Social Media development and daily management • Content development including writing, photography and videography

Extended reach Target specific markets Cost-effective Measure ROI closely Increase revenue Generate targeted leads

Special offer for readers of Smarter Macarthur valued at $599* The first 10 companies to contact IMA Digital will receive a Free Digital Marketing Audit valued at $599*. We’ll provide you with a free report and recommendations to improve your website performance, search engine optimisation (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM) and social media. *Price excludes GST.

Level 2, Suite 222, 4 Hyde Parade, Campbelltown, NSW 2560 (02) 4627 8011


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Submission Writing Smarter Macarthur editor, Lyndall Lee Arnold, shares tips and hints for preparing submissions for grants and awards. In various roles through my career I’ve been on both the sending and receiving end of awards and other applications - assisting clients in preparing submissions and managing the awards program for a major industry association for several years – and while winning does depend a lot on the quality of your product or service, you can enhance your chances with a great submission. Here’s a few tips to assist you: • Read the entry criteria closely to ensure you are entering the correct category and your business meets the criteria. Enter several to improve your overall chances. • Review previous award winners and finalists to get an indication of the level of competition so you can frame your pitch accordingly. Highlight your unique points. • Check all critical deadlines and set a timeline for completing your submission –it will take time to get right. • Read the guidelines for entries/submissions– word limits, font and presentations requirements. • Answer the question! Many submissions fall short because they miss the point of the question/criteria

– stay relevant and stay factual. Yes it is a marketing exercise, but you will be judged on the facts not the hype. If a question asks ‘how’ then give specific ways you actually do that process, not mission statement hype. • List your key points – keep it simple and clear, no need for long sentences. If point form is permitted, you can be more direct and concise. Avoid the ‘we did’ ‘we do’ ‘we have’ eg change we have state of the art technology to simply state of the art technology and give specific details. • The judges may not have ever heard of your business so you need to be able to give them as much information as possible in this short space – be informative but don’t waffle. • Engage an outsider to review and add input - a writer, financial, business, marketing advisor or even a client. • Proofread – twice! Nothing shoots down your ‘we pay great attention to detail and quality’ argument more than errors in your submission. Don’t rely on spell check and proofread aloud, you’ll be surprised how many errors come to light when you’re speaking not just reading. Good luck and even if you’re not successful this year – it’s a great exercise in reviewing your business and good foundation for next year.

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A record crowd turned out at Campbelltown Athletics Stadium to walk the 24 Hour Fight Against Cancer Macarthur past its 4 million dollar mark and pay tribute to its founder Fred Borg OAM. “This is a special day for a special man, an old friend of mine, a great mate that we all care about”, said Uncle Ivan Wellington in his Welcome to Country, putting everyone’s feelings into words. “It’s our first year without our dear Fred and we miss him terribly. But today has been an honour to see the tributes that people have delivered for Fred”, said Sue McGarrity, the charity’s Deputy Chairperson. And thousands of locals proudly sporting their orange T-shirts held up large coloured prints of my photograph of Fred (donated by Snap Printing) and raised a raucous cheer! One of Macarthur’s finest sons, Fred lost his battle last December “to a recurrence of the very disease that he fought so hard against personally and for all of us”, said Cr Warren Morrison, who took over the reigns as Chairperson and has done an absolutely spectacular job seeing this year’s event calendar through in a way that does Fred’s legacy proud. Over countless cups of Dilmah tea and Aldi’s pikelets, Fred never tired of telling me how he broke away from another charity 13 years ago only to ensure that “every dollar raised in Macarthur stayed in Macarthur”. This he achieved by gathering around him a committee (all volunteers) and group of sponsors who shared his All Photo Credits: Good Morning Macarthur

passion for the cause, “so locals do not have to leave the region to get the treatment they need.” “Coming here today and seeing all these people appreciate what Fred had started and what has been achieved, it’s very heart-warming”, said Joe Borg, Fred’s brother. Funds raised in 2016 alone provided state of the art technology in the form of cooling caps to prevent hair loss during chemotherapy, complementary therapies, wellness enhancing classes, a 12-seater patient transport bus to Campbelltown Hospital, Camden Hospital and the palliative care units, a fulltime Cancer Care co-ordinator and more. “Such a significant year for us all. And as we head into the night time Reflection ceremony, I don’t think there’s going to be a dry eye in the house”, said Josh Webster from C91.3, a longtime supporter who compered a touching ceremony characterised by candle tributes and a silent lap in memory of loved ones and friends who lost the fight… and Fred. “The motivation to get up and go this morning was even greater than ever before. And to see everyone out there doing exactly what Fred would’ve wanted us to do and pushing harder to make this bigger and better than it ever was before, that really lifts my spirits”, said Mathew Borg, Fred’s grandson, who filled his pa’s place in the announcer’s booth with emotion and pride. “And it really brings some peace to me because it’s hard without Fred, but it’s not the end without Fred and THAT’S really important!” -BRIAN LAUL (Brian Laul is the founder of Oz Funland, Good Morning Macarthur and Secretary of the Children’s Festival Organisation of Australia. He’s passionate about fostering multicultural relations at a community grassroots level.)



Macarthur Region Business to Business Magazine

Going for

Getting your share of hand-outs, hand-ups and hand-shakes

Winning the lottery, powerball or lotto is at the top of most personal wish lists, but when it comes to business, where can you get a windfall, or at least ‘something for nothing’? It can be tough owning and running a small to medium enterprise, you don’t always have the financial resources required to grow and some struggle to cover operating costs on week-to-week basis. How often have you thought, ‘it would be nice to get some level of assistance for nothing’. Good news, there are a range of grants, resources and awards programs available to assist your business, with little or no effort or expense required on your part. You just have to know where to look to tap into these handouts and hand-ups.


Putting your hand out While crowdfunding has become a popular way to fundraise, there are other ways to source funds to grow your business. At, the Australian government provides information on government grants programs with details on eligibility criteria and how to apply. One currently available provides $2000 to businesses who do not pay payroll tax, for each new fulltime employee employed. With the current focus on innovation and science, there are a number of programs to support businesses in the areas of research and development, employment and export trade, amongst others. Grants may take the form of a direct financial contribution or venture capital injection. There are other opportunities available outside the government sector with commercial operators offering a service to provide lists of grants schemes, for a fee of course. But a cautionary warning – before you sign up to any paid services, check out their authenticity thoroughly. There have been cases reported to fair trading and consumer affairs of fraudulent companies in this sector. But there are also plenty of genuine, authentic operators who will assist you explore the opportunities.

Macarthur Region Business to Business Magazine

Getting a freebie hand-up Apart from financial hand-outs, there is also a plethora of free resources and assistance to support SMEs. Once again, is a great starting point to review what is available with business advisers and facilitators and access to expert technology advice across a range of areas, subject to eligibility. For exporters, head to to see what is on offer. In NSW, provides a wide range of resources and information to advise and assist. Some may even save you the cost of engaging expensive consultants and advisers. The site provides a number of fact sheets covering such topics as leasing premises, mediation and dealing with disputes and a very handy key resources fact sheet as a handy reference for information on specific assistance. Templates for business plans and marketing plans can also be found on the government websites which can save you money in engaging professionals to prepare these documents for you.

Being awarded the opportunity And the winner is……hearing your business announced as winner of an award is a fantastic reward for effort but the benefits of winning continue long after the hand-shakes. Awards programs are available on a local, state, national and international level and through most industry associations. The Macarthur Regional Business Awards were recently awarded and congratulations to the winners and the finalists. Broadening your horizons, the Telstra Business Awards and Australian Business Awards recognise businesses on a national scale. Yes, there is usually an entry fee involved and yes, you do have to complete detailed submissions, but the flow-on rewards to business from even achieving the finalist level can represent a significant boost to your bottom line and catapult your products and services into a much larger market. Realising the benefits of winning major awards is Benchmark Estimating Software, a Sydney-based SME which was the winner of the Consensus Software Awards in 2016 and in 2017, Benchmark Estimating Software has been recognised as an a ABA100 winner for Software Innovation in The Australian Business Awards. Recognition which has added great momentum to their push into the UK and European markets. But recognition which is not without some effort as Claudia Hartl, Marketing Manager, Benchmark Estimating Software explains.

“The awards submissions are very involved and lengthy and do require time and effort to complete. But we commit our resources as we consider the reward for the investment is well worth the effort,” Claudia said. “We also engage a consultant to review our submissions to add that extra professional touch and ensure we have properly and adequately addressed the criteria.” Claudia said that these awards have given the company additional accreditation, recognition and endorsement, especially as they expand into international markets. Another small (at the time of winning) Aussie company, Atlassian, won the same Consensus award in 2004 and look where they are now on the global scene!

Beyond the winner’s speech After the applause dies, you deliver your winner’s speech, thank all and sundry and celebrate with your team – THEN the real work with your business awards begins. At least for the savvy, astute operator. It’s how you utilise the win that can make the real difference to your business. Awards can be used effectively in marketing campaigns to showcase your products and services but from a company perspective, such recognition may also be a significant business tool in other areas. When seeking finance, some businesses consider an award gives additional credibility to their application in the eyes of the bank or financier. This aspect can also come into play if you are considering selling your business, taking on a new business partner or merging. Winning a business award may actually add real value to your business. If you operate in a highly competitive field, winning an award may enhance your company image and reputation when attracting high level employees to join your business. Working for an award-winning business has the potential to enhance careers and is definitely worth including in your job ads. It may also assist with establishing or cementing your relationship with suppliers.

Completing Submissions Both grants and awards involve completing application forms and preparing submissions and many get it wrong at this stage, cruelling their chances from start. It can appear an over-whelming task, beyond your capabilities. In this issue, our editor, Lyndall Lee Arnold, as a professional writer who assists many clients to complete such submissions, has prepared some tips and hints to guide you through the process.

So get out there and go for GOLD! 37

Macarthur Region Business to Business Magazine


Macarthur Region Business to Business Magazine

Bitcoin in a Nutshell Bitcoin is a “cryptocurrency”, an internet-based currency that has now become a household name. Bitcoin was created by the mysterious Satoshi Nakamoto, a 37 year old man reported to be living somewhere in Japan. Although Nakamoto’s true identity remains a mystery, one thing is clear, he’s certainly a pioneer in digital technology. So what’s the big deal over Bitcoin? And more importantly, why should you pay attention to it? Unlike traditional notes and coins printed and used all over the world, Bitcoin is different in that it is completely digital. It can be used to transfer from one country to another, and converted to the local currency on demand. It is therefore a completely decentralised currency, an independent currency that is not owned or controlled by any government or institution. But like other currencies of value, Bitcoin’s worth is in it’s limited supply, it has a fixed limit of 21 million Bitcoins. When Bitcoin was first made public in 2009, it’s value was very low and there were very few places to trade it. At the time, it was reported that a man had gained about 10,000 bitcoins, but he couldn’t find anyone or anywhere to trade his cryptocurrency. The only place that would take his Bitcoins was a pizza shop. And at the time, the 10,000 Bitcoin brought him two pizzas. But fast forward 8 years later to 2017, and that same number of Bitcoin would buy more than two pizzas - in fact it would buy more pizza than anyone can eat in a lifetime! The estimated worth for the man’s Bitcoin is a whopping $77.5 million Australian dollars! So what can you do with Bitcoin? And what does the future look like for this digital currency? As with any new technology, it takes time for people to understand and trust the technology before it can gain traction. At the moment there is no huge demand for Bitcoin, but this story will likely change over the coming years as globalisation, mobile technology and online shopping continue to shape consumer behaviour.

Here are some ways in which people and businesses currently use Bitcoin: Instant Transfer With Bitcoin, it’s possible to send and receive money anywhere in the world without paying any transaction fee. In fact there are no physical limitations, and therefore there are no fees, such as transaction and conversion fees. Low Fees Currently there is little to no fees paid using Bitcoin as a payment method. Users however may opt to pay a fee in order for the transaction to be processed more quickly. Even if you choose to pay a fee for your transaction, the fee is much lower compared to the 3-5 percent transaction fee charged by many financial institutions. Widely Accepted Bitcoin is an independent currency, and no single government or institution has control over it. This means that Bitcoin can be used by anyone in the world to make payment to another person who accepts Bitcoin. It can later be converted into the local currency on request. A Bight Future Mobile payments are on the rise, and as you would expect, many people want to put Bitcoin’s peer-to-peer payment system and blockchain technology into use in the financial sector. Bitcoin’s technology offers unprecedented possibilities, and there is a great deal of potential hidden just below the surface. Bitcoin is open-source, meaning that the world’s brightest minds can integrate and change Bitcoin’s technology to meet the needs of the people. About Eng Ung Eng works as a website and social media manager for a major home loans company. For help with your web project, contact him on 0434 089 271 or email


Macarthur Region Business to Business Magazine

First aid & cpr training We’ll come to you!

Take care, get trained, be prepared! Healthy Heights

Anne Rowley on 0414767010

(Delivered in partnership with Allens Training Pty Ltd RTO 90909)

Justinian’s Cafe & Dessert Bar ‘Multi-Award Winning Cafe’ Home of the famous ‘Hungry Like the Wolf’ Dessert Open for Breakfast | Lunch | Dinner Australian Meals Greek Street Food & so much more!


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Macarthur Region Business to Business Magazine


Macarthur Region Business Business Magazine Macarthur Region Business toto Business Magazine

Aspiring to Your Ideal Business? No, not another business networking group, but a new and completely different concept for business owners to work on their business, grow and nurture plans and ideas, be motivated and inspired and share and exchange skills and expertise. The Macarthur Business Network is clearly defined by three key goal outcomes to get you closer to your Ideal Business: 1. Ideal Income: be well paid for the risks you’ve taken 2. Ideal Freedom: ensure your business is less dependent on you 3. Ideal Scale/Size: realise your business as a valuable asset. With a passion for helping local businesses grow, Local Business Advisor, Colin Potts launched The Macarthur Business Network earlier this year to provide a structured framework for business owners and key decision makers such as CEOs and GMs to meet and focus on building their Ideal Business. “The focus of our group is for members to collectively work towards their Ideal Business by drawing on the combined experience in the room,” Colin said. “No sales pitches and no selling, it’s mentoring, business coaching, ‘you’ time with the likeminded plus a lot more within a totally collaborative and productive framework.” Review: “Finally a supportive business group not about selling, we actually worked on our businesses to tackle “issues”. I walked away with 4 action items. Cassandra May, Maytek IT Solutions

The Macarthur Business Network moves you closer

Colin clearly differentiates the ‘network’ from ‘networking’ by explaining that people attend networking groups for leads, referrals and marketing. They attend The Macarthur Business Network to work on strategy and business growth. “It’s a fun environment where members get to work on $20k opportunities with other like-minded business owners. It’s like a gym to work on your business fitness,” Colin said Structured Format for Focus The fortnightly meetings are structured in three rotating formats to optimise outcomes. In the Classroom workshop sessions, members “Learn to Earn” by working on $20k problems in the 3 key areas where money is being made or lost. In the Boardroom ‘mastermind’ session, members select from a menu of $20k problems and work on these “Peer to Peer”. While the Showroom sessions are for round-table discussion, making deeper connections and exploring new strategies.

What wis a $20k problem? Colin elaborates that the focus on a $20,000 problem is essentially notional. “The value of the problem will depend on the scale of your business with bigger businesses solving bigger numbers and smaller businesses, smaller,” Colin said. “We use the $20k Problem Menu to identify opportunities and problems, with Members working on resolving them every month to move towards their Ideal Business.” While meetings are exclusively for key decision makers, The Macarthur Business Network is open to all sized businesses ranging from solo-entrepreneurs, sole traders,


Macarthur Region Business to Business Magazine SMEs through to multi-million dollar enterprises across industry sectors and across Macarthur and nearby regions.

Positive Outcomes Drive Membership The reasons that business owners have already joined The Macarthur Business Network, highlight the differences

Value for Time & Money Time: 90mins x 2 per month Investment: $150 + GST per month Return: $20,000? Affordable, High Quality, Group Business Coaching in your local area between this exciting new concept and other business groups. Members have said they joined to have dedicated time every month to work ON their business rather than IN it; others to work on solving problems to reduce costs; many find it easier to work with other business owners on development rather than alone; many want to accelerate the growth process and pretty much all want to capitalise on opportunities within their business.

Special FREE Offer Tell Colin “the Smarter Macarthur article was awesome” and receive: • Guest pass to 1 of the last 2017 sessions • B  usiness feature” on The Macarthur Business Network Facebook page • A  ccess to The Macarthur Business Network – Business Community Facebook Page • L isting on The Local Business Network on-line directory • Free Consult to maximise the effect of your listing

Local business, Local passion, Local focus! Colin Potts is passionate about helping local business and combines an MBA and 20 years of experience with cutting edge content, tools and software to help business owners build their Ideal Business through: Promotion via various free on-line channels

1 to 1 Coaching to solve $20k problems faster and improve profitability Colin’s burning desire is to make Macarthur businesses the envy of the business world! Find out why other local businesses are already sharing his passion at http://www. or take advantage of the special offer in this issue.

Thoroughly enjoyed every meeting, have learned much about myself and my business and how to present it to others.The group is really focused on helping each other rather than trying to sell to each other Richard de Groot, Send Out Cards

Get Involved! 7-8.30am Every Thursday Fortnight Oran Park Smart Work Hub Dates on usinessnetwork/ Only 5 sessions remaining this year! For Guest Passes - Facebook or Eventbrite

I’m a great believer in Personal and Professional Development and TMBN is one of the ticks for professional development. It’s great to be able to regularly meet with like-minded business owners and to be able to openly share, learn and implement strategies in my business as a result. Colin has a genuine interest in helping business owners to get the best for their business in order to drive growth. Natalie Campbell, The Assistant For You

While my time with the group has been short, I have taken on board so much knowledge, experience and advice from the vastly experienced members! The sharing from these experts makes the cost worth every cent, I have put concepts into practice and made results Matthew Gabriel, Chevron Technologies

The Macarthur Business Network to work on $20k problems every month, and


Macarthur Region Business to Business Magazine

Sustainability and Business There are many pressures on us today, particularly as business owners. As our region rapidly grows there is also pressure on our environment.

I had the pleasure of visiting the Macarthur Centre for Sustainable Living (MCSL) and speaking to the Centre CoOrdinator, Helen Byfield-Fleming. MCSL is a not for profit, community-driven organisation to inspire and show our community how we can live in a sustainable manner.

Macarthur Centre for Sustainable Living The centre in Mt Annan is open to visitors during the week, as well as running workshops on Saturdays. According to Helen ‘The whole site is sustainable, we are a showcase’. The site is completely water self-sufficient, using 120,000 litre underground tanks. The centre also runs totally off their own energy, using wind and solar. Helen added ‘All bills are paid for with the energy we produce’.

Award Winning This is an award winning business winning a NSW Business Award for sustainability in 2014. More recently they also won the 2017 national business award for sustainability. According to Helen ‘We are about showcasing what people can do at home and in their own business’. There is an education centre for the public.


Helen also explained ‘The centre has previously gone into businesses to show them how to be sustainable as part of a MACROC project’.

Worth a visit The centre is worth a visit, for the education and encouragement you receive and the peaceful setting. It is easy to forget you are just off busy Narellan Road. Have a picnic under a tree and just enjoy some peaceful time out. The centre hosts between 2,000 and 2,500 visitors every month. Many visitors are from outside the area so they are contributing to bringing tourists into our region. Their website receives around 42,000 hits per month, with 10,000 to 20,000 of those coming from overseas.

Working with Business Recently the centre partnered with The Arts Centre Café, who have now become almost completely sustainable. Some of the changes include worm farming and composting, as well as providing their coffee grounds to the centre to be used in controlling pests. Possibly the biggest change was reducing the cafes garbage from 7 bins per week down to 1. Helen proudly added ‘It’s about helping businesses become sustainable’. The centre has also worked with office based businesses previously helping them to effectively deal with things like their shredded paper, cardboard and eliminating food

Macarthur Region Business to Business Magazine scraps. They have also helped businesses reduce their bills showing them how to save on electricity. The centre looks for more than just a warm fuzzy feeling effect, they look for a positive cash flow result for businesses. According to Helen ‘That’s what we try to look at, the company getting a positive end-result. That’s more money in your pocket’. Some of the simple changes companies can easily implement:

• • • •

Energy efficient light bulbs. Energy efficient switch boards. Tinting windows. Solar tubes.

I asked Helen about local businesses becoming involved and she eagerly said ‘We are really passionate about trying to get local businesses to help and be a part of us’. Partnering with the centre can be financial or in kind. Some of the benefits businesses receive can include:

• • • • • •

Tick of sustainability Mention on the website Mention on Facebook Ownership of a project Great public face. The information centre gives out leaflets from businesses who are sustainable around the area.

When I asked Helen if ‘Environmental sustainability in business can help with business sustainability’, she replied ‘Most definitely’!

Getting Involved

In Summary As we all look forward to our businesses taking advantage of local growth, there are also increasing pressures on the region. Sustainability is increasingly becoming a serious issue for all us. This is an issue not only on a personal level, but also for our businesses.

There is a lot of scope for local businesses to get involved, and it may make financial sense. The centre is funded by Campbelltown, Camden and Wollondilly councils, Campbelltown contributing the most. Even with few staff and many volunteers there is still an annual funding shortfall of between $80,000 to $100,000.

I am very happy to have such a wonderful facility working for us in the local area, and there is also a very good business case for becoming involved. The centre can be contacted through their website, or by phone on 4647 9828.

Camden council has partnered to run the Little Explorers Program where 0 – 5 year old’s are taught about various aspects of sustainability and respect for their environment. The centre has also previously worked with Landcom and various housing developments to help them be a little more sustainable.

Rolf Fuchs is a Success Coach at Fox Coaching and a Director at Campbelltown Chamber of Commerce. He can be contacted at or on 0404 840 506

no FUSS NO FUSS Meet Ups

Where: Rydges Hotel When: 11am every second Wednesday and 7pm every third Thursday of the month How: Via

No Fuss, No fees...just pure, effective networking in a relaxed setting We promote local businesses, share experiences and help grow business in the Macarthur area with a wide spectrum of sectors and industries, both B2B and B2C involved. Diane Yeates – 0401 342 410 Alex Sperling – 0411 320 962 45 45

Macarthur Region Business to Business Magazine

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Hillbrick Bicycles For 24 years Hillbrick Bicycles have been advising, designing and building bikes for the elite through to the recreational cyclist. 4648 4002 Healthy Heights Maxine is a naturopath, nutritionist & medical herbalist with over 15 years clinical experience. With undergraduate and post graduate qualifications in Herbal Medicine, Nutrition and Health Science. 9948 6600 IMA Digital Marketing If you’re seeking help with your digital marketing, or your traditional marketing, get in touch with IMA B2B today. We’re part of The WPP Group, a world leader in marketing and communications, and we’re situated locally in Campbelltown Level 2, Suite 222, 4 Hyde Parade, Campbelltown Call Renee 4027 8011 Justinian’s Cafe and Dessert Bar Award winning cafe serving breakfast, lunch and dinner, Justinian’s is conveniently located on Level 1, Kellicar Lane, Macarthur Square. Famous for our coffee in particular, pop in and experience the difference. 4627 7774 McCallum Chicken Tractors FThe easiest and safest way to have chickens in the Macarthur region. Visit our website for our range, great prices and advice! 0430016044 MS Menswear Father and Son Mohammed and Hus Soubra are passionate about stylish clothing and have outfits for any occasion. Conveniently located in Narellan Town Centre, be sure to visit and be impressed by our designer brands. Lower Ground Floor, Narellan Town Centre 4648 3188 My Local Review Directory In partnership with Vintage FM, my local review promotes your business in an easy to navigate directory to your local market 4655 9029 Nick Diomis Photography Whether it be a business portrait, function, wedding or personal, Nick will encapsulate the occasion perfectly. 0449 909 853 One Stop Mechanical Stop With a 6 month guarantee on all parts and labour, all your commercial and domestic auto needs are safely and expertly catered for. 4627 5022 Platinum Shuttles Driving 7 days a week with seating up to 24 people, we’ve go all your needs covered. We’re safe, reliable and affordable!. 4646 1717 Rapid 1st Aid Training and Supplies First aid and CPR training, we come to you! Take care, get trained, be prepared! Anne Rowley 0414 767 010

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As a long serving maintenance and all round handyman and trade certified welder/ boilermaker in the Macarthur area, there is no job too small. If you’re needing any handyman job, home maintenance, or lawn & garden work you have come to the right place.

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McCallum Made Chicken Tractors are the cleanest, easiest and safest way to have chickens in the Macarthur region Prices start from $649 fully inclusive

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Smarter Macarthur Spring/Summer 2017/18 Edition Issue #7  
Smarter Macarthur Spring/Summer 2017/18 Edition Issue #7  

Smarter Macarthur is a free business-to-business magazine that is distributed through local businesses, cafes, restaurants, and professional...