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Macarthur Region Business to Business Magazine

Autumn I WINTER 2016


Macarthur Region Business to Business Magazine

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Solution Focused Networking


Be inspired by Paul de Gelder ‘NEW PLAN OF ATTACK’ P9

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Macarthur Region Business to Business Magazine


Macarthur Region Business to Business Magazine

Innovators of comfort


Innovators of comfort

The world’s most functional and comfortable seating in Norway The world’s mostmade functional and


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Camden Furniture One Open Hours

02 4655 7896

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185 Argyle St. Camden.

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Macarthur Region Business to Business Magazine


Macarthur Region Business to Business Magazine Call now or pop in for a chat and find out why we are quickly becoming Macarthur’s “Best Mate in Real Estate”

Murray Kennedy - Director.

As a local agent living and working in the area for many years, I have been able to grow a great base of clients who I am fortunate enough to now call friends. I have been involved in over 900 transactions to date, and believe that a large part of this success comes from listening, and placing my clients interests ahead of my own. I am very fortunate to

Murray and the team have been reliable, friendly and professional. definitely would recommend or use again. Richard and Trudy, Blair Athol

Murray was great to work with! We had no problems throughout the entire process of buying our first home. Thanks so much! Jay and Lauren, Spring Farm

Professional service provided in every way!

Murray Kennedy Real Estate were extremely helpful and professional, thank you for allyour help! I will return in the future! Benny via Facebook

say that the majority of my business now comes from previous clients who have received a strong level of service that is often rare in this industry. As a result of this, I am delighted to say that I received the GOLD BADGE accreditation which recognises Real Estate agents that have achieved a high level of results based on the highest standards of ethics, values and client care.

We would definitely use you again and refer you! The service was superior which in turn achieved a record sale price on my property that had such an emotional attachment but became well worth the sale as is..

At no time did we feel pressured or rushed into making a decision. We would highly recommend this company to any person wishing to buy or sell their property,they haveintegrity. John and Shirley

Brooke, Mount Annan

We found the whole experience of dealing with Murray and his staff both very pleasant, honest and accomodating at all times. We would use their service in the future and recommend them to others. Thank you! Lorraine and Kevin, Cobbitty

Contracts signed and exchanged. House sold within 24 hours!!! Thanks for making it such an easy experience Murray Kennedy, anyone looking to sell, definitely hit Murray up!”

It was refreshing to find a young agent who gave us a realistic valuation and sold the house in the short time needed. Ken and Sandra, Campbelltown

Josh, Spring Farm

Jack, Charity Fundraisers Pty Ltd

St James Place, Narellan

Amberley Street, Gledswood Hills

Cowdery Way, Currans Hill

McKee Road, Theresa Park

4 Somerset Avenue, Narellan NSW 2567 (02) 4648 0600 | Mobile 0410 000 620 | murraykennedyrealestate.com.au



Macarthur Region Business to Business Magazine

EXPO Extravaganza

LOCAL NEWS P15 The Campbelltown PCYC...Kurt Gagan shares his thoughts and visions P18 Nepean River...at first sight FROMRayner THE EDITOR P38 Markets and Fairs...no stalling for Lynette

P45 Narellan Town Centre...Brad Page is building strong foundations


Meet Paul De Gelder and be motivated by his story of courage and inspiration

P25 Smarter Advice...Good, sound advice...and it’s free!

TECHNOLOGY P40 The energy future is now...find out how your business can benefit P42 30 Nights at the museum...using social media

The Smarter Macarthur Business & Networking Expo 2016 Check out our Expo Extravangaza on the back page for details and booking form. Friday 20th May 11am-7pm & Saturday 21st May 10am-4pm Camden Civic Centre Oxley Street, Camden (opposite Woolworths) right in the heart of the township.

to contest your business

Networking & MARKETING P14 Tezza’s 60 second guest share’s networking savvy P22 Solution Focussed Marketing...find out how to grow your ‘farm’ P31 Linking Ladies...it’s just the beginning!

See Back Cover for full details info@smartermedia.com.au www.smartermedia.com.au

1300 793 323 Disclaimer This publication provides only general news and information, Nothing in this publication constitutes or is intended to constitute financial, investment or legal advice. Before making any decisions, readers are strongly encouraged to seek independent financial, investment and/or legal advice based on their own individual circumstances. In compiling this publication, Smarter Media has relied on information and material prepared by or on behalf of third party advertisers and other contributors. It is the responsibility of the third parties to ensure that all information and material submitted for publication is accurate and complete. Smarter Media does not endorse or approve, and has not independently reviewed or verified, any information or material received from third parties. Smarter Media, its officers, employees and agents make no representations or warranties whatsoever, either expressly or impliedly, in relation to the accuracy, reliability or completeness of the published information and material. To the full extent allowed by law, Smarter Media, its officers, employees and agents disclaim any and all liability for any loss or damage or other consequences of any type arising out of, or in any way connected with, any use of, or reliance on, any information, statement, opinion, advertisement, representation or omission in this publication.


Macarthur Region Business to Business Magazine Macarthur Region Business to Business Magazine

“Being on the front cover of Smarter Macarthur along with our business story being featured inside the last issue has been so positive! The feature captured the excitement and enthusiasm we have for business, along with the passion that both of us share for motor sports. We’ve been able to capture a whole new audience of customers around the Macarthur region & beyond. We will continue to run our ads for both Ultimate Karting Sydney & Juicy Goose Cafe/ Restaurant in the magazine because it really works!” ‘Thanks Smarter Macarthur’ Garth & Christian Muller- Owners, Ultimate Karting Sydney



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Macarthur Region Business to Business Magazine

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Macarthur Region Business to Business Magazine

If your optimism for the new year is already fading, if you’re struggling with resolutions, not enough time and too much to do, plans already off track and you’re fearing the worst … be inspired by Paul de Gelder.

A man who has No Time for Fear.


Macarthur Region Business to Business Magazine

New Plan of Attack Things Just Happen If you think you’re having a tough day at work, on 11 February 2009, Paul de Gelder went to work as a Navy clearance diver and by 7am, his entire life was changed. Paul was carrying out his duties in Sydney Harbour when he was attacked by a 3 metre bull shark. Viewing the video of the attack on Paul’s website is jaw-dropping, no special effects, this is the worst kind of reality TV and his recollection is confronting and shocking in its detail and clarity: “I felt a whack on my leg and didn’t think anything of it. I thought the boat had run into me or something. Then I looked down and there was a dirty great grey shark looking at me.” “We stared at each other for a few seconds and the fear, panic and adrenaline kicked in and I thought, all right, I’ve got to get this thing off me. I tried to go for the eyeball but couldn’t reach it, tried to pull it off but that didn’t work so I whacked it in the head and that upset it and it started shaking me around in the water. He pulled me down, I came back up, gasped for air and then he took me down again, I was pretty much a rag doll in his mouth.” “I finally came to the surface and knew I had to get out of there so I started swimming for the safety boat, yelling at them. I tried to swim freestyle and looked up to see my hand was missing, I couldn’t figure out what was happening with my leg, I couldn’t really move it so I was effectively swimming with one hand and one leg. The boat was rushing towards me in a flash, they pulled me out of the water, relief washed over me and that’s when I passed out.” Paul’s attack made the news headlines and the public followed his very painful recovery as he lost a hand in the attack and had to make the tough decision after a week in hospital, to have his leg amputated as the damage was too great.


Most of us would have succumbed to the situation and started the blame game. But Paul de Gelder is not like most of us. He is exceptional and greatly admired for what he did next and the way in which he took on the challenges, overcame his fears and inspires and motivates others to achieve their best. “It was just something that happened, it was a risk of the job and if I wasn’t willing to face those risks, I shouldn’t have been there,” Paul said.

Plan, Work, Achieve In his book, ‘No Time for Fear’, Paul provides an honest account of his life - from rebel, drug dealer and strip club worker to adventurer, soldier, fitness enthusiast and Navy diver. He’d spent the major part of his career in the services but with two limbs lost in the shark attack, his career as a daredevil navy clearance diver was flung into jeopardy. “I could wallow in self-pity and have a crappy life or choose to be positive, happy with what I have and spur myself on to better things,” he said. He freely admits that he didn’t know how he was going to do it and at many stages during his tough and painful recovery he simply wanted to die. Fortunately for all those who have been inspired by this impressive 38 year old, Paul continued to live and has carved out an amazing new life and career for himself through planning and goal setting.

Macarthur Region Business to Business Magazine “You can’t expect things to happen. Everything we do is learnt, practiced and perfected and learning to utilise our emotions is no different,” Paul advises. “I used anger to work out harder at the gym. I used pride to master walking with the prosthetic leg. I set myself little challenges, get up earlier for work and to exercise and went from there.” With his inner strength and determination and the simplistic view if you have a problem or issue that you can’t fix, then look at the root cause, Paul was back trying to surf on one leg within 3 months and back at work not long after. For such a tough guy, it would be easy to dismiss his remarkable recovery as easy for him, but that is not the case. He wasn’t born that way and admits that growing up, he was one of the weakest people but he made the choice, not to be.

Facing Fear and Winning “I got back to work which gave me a purpose,” Paul said, “but since then, every aspect of my life has changed.” After resuming work as a Clearance diver instructor for a further 3 1/2 years because he couldn’t return to the operational dive teams, Paul’s career was stuck in the one spot with no chance of advancement and his passion began to wane, so he decided to leave the military. Paul freely admits he was terrified, he didn’t have a fall back plan from the military so he grasped opportunities as they were presented.

Paul’s approach is one we can all adopt: train your mind, plan, goal set. “You can accomplish far more than you give yourself credit for,” he advises.

Be the Absolute Best You Can Paul de Gelder is now once again, swimming with sharks, but now as a presenter of documentaries for National Geographic and Discovery Channel in the US, and has recently returned from filming a series on hammerhead sharks in the Bahamas. A role which he absolutely loves and has made his new challenge to be the absolute best he can be in TV and film work. He is inspiring others through his book, which he describes as not a shark attack story, not a military story but a life story about how we all can make the most of our lives, and is definitely worth a read. “I don’t want to be known as a victim. It was a really bad experience, but it was just something that happened,” Paul said. To read more about Paul de Gelder, grab a copy his book ‘No Time for Fear’ Also worthwhile to motivate and inspire you when you’re having a tough day at work and for details on how you can book Paul to speak at your event, visit his website www.pauldegelder.com (Acknowledgement: excerpts taken from www.pauldegelder.com)

He was invited to public speaking engagements to recount his experience and has become a highly sought after motivational speaker for charity and business events. A situation which presented a new set of fears! “I was terrified of public speaking, but you can’t let doubts get in your way,” Paul said. “You need to continue to challenge yourself, have goals, have challenges, which become big dreams.” He was invited to speak at his old school in Canberra, a situation which inspired him to be a better public speaker. “I was teaching them things about life that I wish I had known at that time of my life,” he said.


Embroidery Uniforms & Promotional Product Company Macarthur Region Business to Business Magazine

‘Stitching Up Business Success’

The Macarthur region boasts many

excellent businesses, but one is not only helping others to grow their own brand but has achieved recognition on both a national and an international level. EmbroidMe Macarthur is a franchise of the world’s largest supplier of uniforms and embroidered promotional products and in 2014 and 2015 received the company’s ultimate award – 1st in sales in Australia and 4th globally. A status that business owners, Philip and Jessica Clifford and their team, are extremely proud of and determined to maintain through their culture of customer service. Focus on the Customer Based in Ingleburn, EmbroidMe Macarthur supplies a comprehensive range of apparel and promotional items and utilises the latest technologies in embroidery, engraving, UV printing, name badge production, stickers, pad printing, trophies, direct to garment printing, banners, corflute signs and giftware, to deliver the high quality result that customers expect to promote their brand.


Customers are the focal point of EmbroidMe Macarthur, not only in customer service but were instrumental in establishing the business. “We were originally doing engraving and a lot of our customers asked us to branch out in the embroidery business as they weren’t satisfied with their current suppliers.” Philip Clifford explains. In response to his customers, Philip expanded and EmbroidMe Macarthur started in October 2012 and has continually grown by surveying the competition and listening to his customers. “We always try to understand what the customer’s business is and then I base the solutions around what they are trying to achieve as an outcome,” Philip said.

Macarthur Region Business to Business Magazine “Our staff are highly skilled and have extensive experience, some bringing up to 15 years in the trade to our business,” Philip said.

Capturing the Point of Difference Key to success of the business has been not only the superb customer service but EmbroidMe Macarthur identified and adopted their own points of difference. “We were looking for a point of difference so we looked into what our competitors were offering,” Philip recalls. “A lot of them weren’t in-house and couldn’t do the fast turnaround times or the quality.” Philip invested in the latest technology and equipment and brought everything in-house, which enables the business to offer fast turnarounds and control all aspects of the customer’s order. EmbroidMe Macarthur specialises in taking a job from concept through to producing samples for approval to delivery, all in-house. Philip explains that even for small one-off orders, they produce samples by preparing stitch outs for the embroidery and laser engraving pens to make sure the customer is absolutely satisfied with the result before proceeding with the full production run. “We had a customer recently who wanted to see a sample before we proceeded with their 1000 order, so I engraved it while he waited. He signed off and we produced the 1000 the next day,” Philip said. ”We’re able to offer that personal service and the customer is assured they are going to get the same quality as sample produced.”

DreamMe, AspireMe Not resting on his success, Philip shares his insights into business success and has plans to expand the business into other areas. “We were never going to be a store that I just bought myself a job.” Philip said, “We always had big dreams and big aspirations.” But achieving these aspirations doesn’t come by chance it requires hard work as Philip admits that he and partner Jessica work 60 hour weeks and his great staff are quite prepared to come in after hours to meet customer deadlines. “The biggest tip that has allowed us to grow is cashflow. We made sure we had the money behind us to expand,” Philip shares his insights. “We would like to expand to Campbelltown or Narellan areas with satellite stores selling the uniforms but decorating and production still done at Ingleburn.” Focus on Macarthur Philip is proud of his awards as he feels that being in south west Sydney, people don’t expect businesses to produce such high quality and deliver such high volumes. “Receiving the awards from EmbroidMe head office, when we were up against all the franchisees in not only Australia but across the globe, gave us a ‘well done’ and the recognition that we are as good as the people in Sydney and Melbourne and anyone else in the world,” Philip said.

Everything the Customer Wants EmbroidMe Macarthur has grown their product and service offering to cater for a wide range of clients and allow businesses to give their customers and prospects a high quality item to remember them, fully personalised and customised with the company or product logo or message. The range includes workwear, corporate wear, sportswear, safety wear, pens, USBs, umbrellas, key chains, stubby holders, bags and caps to name a few. In addition to embroidered items, Philip’s team is highly skilled in engraving on glass and other surfaces for trophies, stickers, labels, badges and an eclectic selection of promotional products.


P: 02 96180701 W: macarthur.embroidme.com.au 13 13 E: macarthur@embroidme.com.au

60 Macarthur Region Business to Business Magazine


with Tezza

Tezza: Can you tell us what type of businesses you’re involved in & positions held in those businesses?

Alex: I am involved in 3 different businesses - for 7 years I have operated my own natural soy candle business online and in retail. I am also co-founder of Linking Ladies Women in Business Network Group with Sharon Veness which was established in 2014. More recently I spread my wings and founded Dream Believe Succeed business consultancy. Tezza: What are the rewards of growing your interests through networking? Alex: I love watching others grow and be able to achieve the great things they dream of. Following the footsteps of someone on their journey to success is exciting and then to be able to be a part of it in some small way, whether it be as a sounding board or hands on assisting, is fulfilling for me. I find that by attending local business and networking events you meet so many amazing people, all of which are striving for their own goals too! This is where you find you get talking to like minded people. Making connections with people can be fruitful for you and for them. Knowledge is power - the more we absorb, the more we learn and grow. And it’s social and fun! Tezza: How do you see local business in our community now & in the future? Alex: The Macarthur business community is the strongest I have seen. I’ve lived all over Sydney, and by far, I have not seen a business community come together like this one. Whether it be for networking


Spending 60 seconds with TEZZA is Alex Hawkins Small Business Owner, Consultant & Mentor Dream. Believe. Succeed

events, charity events or for other reasons. We are very lucky that our Chamber of Commerce have strong relationships with council and businesses in the area. The more you get involved, the more you see how lucky our region is to have a strong small business community. Tezza: What is your best advice to others out there wanting to start up a business & those who have an existing business? Alex: Surround yourself with assets, not liabilities. Being a small business owner can be daunting and isolating at times. But you are not alone. Make sure to build a network of people around you that support your venture and what you are doing. My philosophy is positivity out, positivity in! Wake up and spread positive energy and it will come back two fold through your positive assets team and beyond. Also, you should always hire a professional when it comes to business - get the job done right the first time whether it be graphic design, website, printing, business consulting, accounting - always use a professional! Tezza: Alex Hawkins, Thanks for taking time out of your busy day & spending ‘60 seconds with TEZZA’

Go to: dreambelievesucceed.net.au or YOU can contact Alex direct at e: alex@dreambelievesucceed.net.au

Macarthur Region Business to Business Magazine

Tucked away in a corner of Minto is an organisation doing wonderful things for our community, in particular our youth. The Campbelltown Police Citizens Youth Club (PCYC) has been operating for over 25 years providing sporting and educational opportunities to the local community. Smarter Macarthur wanted to know more about PCYC so we caught up with the manager, Kurt Gagan.

Background The Campbelltown PCYC is a fantastic centre with some excellent and varied facilities. Kurt has been the manager for about 9 months and was very eager to show us around his centre and tell us all about the PCYC. “PCYC was started in 1937 in Woolloomooloo by the Police Commissioner, William John Mackay. The commissioner wanted to offer something to local men and boys to get them off the streets and into something constructive.” “There are 62 clubs in NSW and they are for the whole community, but particularly for our youth. PCYC is well known for boxing but we cover a wide range of activities from archery, basketball and gymnastics all the way through to educational courses. We exist to offer the youth and community something constructive and to get them active in life and help them continue on a good path throughout their life.”

Campbelltown Campbelltown PCYC is on the smaller size of the average PCYC club and doing great things. “We have 4 staff delivering programs as well as the admin work. We are fortunate to have a number of volunteers helping us to deliver over 20 activities. We have about 2500 members, which is not bad for a little club tucked away in Minto. We are going pretty well here and I am enjoying the role. Out target is for 60% youth membership, we are currently at about 55%.” There are some common features of every PCYC club. “Each club has police staff during business hours, a club manager and some types of sport, fitness or leisure activities. The sports vary between clubs as do some facilities, for example Campbelltown has an indoor basketball court. Some of the activities we offer include boxing, group fitness, gymnastics, soccer, school holiday and school sports programs, Taekwondo, gym and some dancing. We select our programs on a needs basis, depending on the enquiries we receive. Occasionally we may receive a grant offer for a particular activity from head office.”

Positive bridges The initial aim back in 1937 of breaking down barriers between the police and community is as strong and relevant as ever. “We try to involve the police staff here with every activity we do. From just turning up and visiting one of the sessions we have here, to going out to our important promotional and fundraising events, so that way we try to break down that barrier. Especially with the youth, sometimes there is that negative stereotype that cops are bad, we try to break that down by doing school presentations with the police as well.” The PCYC is also trying to make our local roads safer through education of young drivers. “Our main education programs are ‘Road Education Program’, this is a traffic offender intervention program. We also run safer driver courses for learner drivers.”

Supporting people with a disability As with any forward thinking inclusive organisation the Campbelltown PCYC has programs for people with a disability. “We have a ‘Boxing for Autism’ class for kids


Macarthur Region Business to Business Magazine











BUSINESS CARDS 500 units | 90 x 55 350gsm uncoated

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OUTDOOR BANNER 2000w x 1000h | 1 side Outdoor vinyl with eyelets

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Macarthur Region Business to Business Magazine with varying degrees of autism. We also run a program here called ‘Burn Rubber Burn’ for people who have spinal cord or similar injuries, they come in and use our gym. Spinal Cord Injuries Australia send physios down to the gym to help out.”

Community Support All organisations like PCYC run with limited resources so the obvious question of community support came up. “We do get community support, probably not as much as we would like. For instance Bunnings is a strong partner here, they help us out with any equipment we need and any renovations. We also have a good strong link with Wests Leagues Club. They help with fundraising opportunities, and they also help us to promote our events. Campbelltown Council also help a great deal, their staff are great. They are supportive of any initiative we have, whether it is giving us a venue, fundraising or donations for a program we would like to run.” More help is always needed at the PCYC, either by making a donation or by volunteering. “We would always like more volunteers, whether that be to run activities, help in the back end, administration or helping us deliver promotional and fundraising events. Please contact the club or myself. All donations and fundraising goes back into the centre.”

In Summary Speaking to Kurt Gagan his passion for PCYC and his role there shines through. This is a wonderful local club providing programs for the whole community, from 18 month olds through to 88 year olds, with a particular focus on engaging and encouraging our youth. There is lots of room for businesses, large and small as well as community members to donate or volunteer some time. Visit their website at www.pcycnsw.org.au/campbelltown. To view the interview of our interview with Kurt Gagan visit www.smartermedia.com.au. Rolf Fuchs is a Success Coach at Fox Coaching and a Director at Campbelltown Chamber of Commerce. He can be contacted at rolf@foxcoaching.com.au or on 0404 840 506.


Macarthur Region Business to Business Magazine

The Nepean River which drains the Macarthur region was discovered in 1789 by Captain Tench and Thomas Arndell. This discovery proved to be of great significance to the agricultural potential of the Colony of New South Wales, because the alluvial flats surrounding it proved to be much more fertile than the almost barren land around Sydney Cove. The Nepean River flowed along the foothills of the Blue Mountains, but its connection to the Hawkesbury River was not known until some 3 years later. Captain Tench wrote and published a book after his return to Great Britain and describes his expedition as follows: *


Nepean river courtesy of National Library of Australia

“At this period I was unluckily invested with the command of the outpost at Rose Hill, which prevented me from being in the list of discoverers of the Hawkesbury. Stimulated, however, by a desire of acquiring a further knowledge of the country, on the 26th instant, accompanied by Mr. Arndell, assistant surgeon of the settlement, Mr. Lowes, surgeon’s mat of the Sirius, two marines, and a convict, I left the redoubt at day-break, pointing our march to a hill, distant five miles, in a westerly or inland direction, which commands a view of the great chain of mountains, called Carmarthen-hills, extending from north to south farther than the eye can reach. Here we paused, surveying ‘the wild abyss; pondering our voyage.’ Before us lay the trackless immeasurable desert, in awful silence. At length, after consultation, we determined to steer west and by north, by compass, the make of the land in that quarter indicating the existence of a river. We continued to march all day through a country untrodden before by

Macarthur Region Business to Business Magazine

“We proceeded upwards, by a slow pace, through reeds, thickets, and a thousand other obstacles, which impeded our progress, over course sandy ground, which had been recently inundated, though full forty feet above the present level of the river. Traces of the natives appeared at every step, sometimes in their hunting-huts, which consist of nothing more than a large piece of bark, bent in the middle, and open at both ends, exactly resembling two cards, set up to form an acute angle; sometimes in marks on trees which they had climbed; or in squirrel traps; or, which surprised us more, from being new, in decoys for the purpose of ensnaring birds.”

trees as grow near Sydney; and in some places grass springs up luxuriantly; other places are quite bare of it. The soil is various: in many parts a stiff arid clay, covered with small pebbles; in other places, of a soft loamy nature: but invariably, in every part near the river, it is a coarse sterile sand. Our observations on it (particularly mine, from carrying the compass by which we steered) were not so numerous as might have been wished. But, certainly, if the qualities of it be such as to deserve future cultivation, no impediment of surface, but that of cutting down and burning the trees, exists to prevent its being tilled.”

an European foot. Save that a melancholy crow now and then flew croaking over head, or a kangaroo was seen toss bound at a distance, the picture of solitude was complete and undisturbed. At four o’clock in the afternoon we halted near a small pond of water, where we took up our residence for the night, lighted a fire, and prepared to cook our supper: - that was, to broil over a couple of ramrods a few slices of salt pork, and a crow which we had shot. At daylight we renewed our peregrination; and in hour after we found ourselves on the banks of a river, nearly as broad as the Thames at Putney, and apparently of great depth, the current running very slowly in a northerly direction.Vast flocks of wild ducks were swimming in the stream; but after being once fired at, they grew so shy that we could not get near them a second time. Nothing is more certain than that the sound of a gun had never before been heard within many miles of this spot.”

“To this river the governor gave the name of Nepean. The distance of the part of the river which we first hit upon from the sea coast, is about 39 miles, in a direct line, almost due west.” - W. Tench, A Complete Account of the Settlement at Port Jackson, in New South Wales, including an Accurate Description of the Situation of the Colony; of the Natives; and of its Natural Productions, London, 1793, pp. 27-29 Douglas St. Quintin

“Having remained out three days, we returned to our quarters at Rose Hill, with the pleasing intelligence of our discovery. The country we had passed through we found tolerably plain, and little encumbered with underwood, except near the river side. It is entirely covered with the same sort of


Macarthur Region Business to Business Magazine

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Macarthur Region Business to Business Magazine



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Established in 2011 by! Isaac Daniel, CanAus Design ! K! has grown to be aEmarket leader in standard and E custom made W built in wardrobes, kitchens, 3D A designs, -vanities, laundries, offices, reception IN WITH 2X SLIDE H and entertainment units, walk in robes, desks,ITTV MIRROR DOORS AND W and more... D





E ALUMINIUM FRAME LL“I graduated from Lidcombe Tafe in 2003 as a cabinet A T NS LY! maker, then spent the next 4 years installing thousands





of wardrobes as a contractor. My passion for design WALLS saw me return to TafeBETWEEN in 2008 to obtain my Computer Aided Drafting certificate for 3D design, then I travelled to Vancouver, Canada where I learnt about all aspects of kitchen design using new 3D software.”








“Upon my return and with an ambition to start my own business, I obtained my relevant licenses and set up CanAus Design (the name WITHreflecting 3X SLIDEthe Canadian and Australian influences in design). It was invaluable for me MIRROR DOORS AND to learn all aspects of the industry before going it alone, ALUMINIUM FRAME and by using the best materials with guarantees up to 25 years, great designs and highly trained installers, I am so WITH 2X SLIDE proud of our team and the quality and value we deliver.”





















U2, 22 DESIGNED Lancaster Street Ingleburn 02 8798 1343 or 0404 737QUALITY 070 BEST CUSTOM KITCHENS GUARANTEED FREE MEASURE & QUOTE CALL NOW & SAVE CANAUS Design 21 Pty Ltd

We accept

Conditions070 apply U2, 22 Lancasterwww.canausdesign.com.au Street, Ingleburn • (02) 8798 1343 OR 0404 737

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Q Solution A Focused Networking

Some people seem to nail networking and it is the main form of marketing they use. Even people I know in corporate rely on networking for long term growth. So what makes some people networking rock stars while others struggle to make it work? Networking is both an art and a science that takes time and practice to perfect but there is a common trait amongst top networkers that you can easily develop to increase your networking effectiveness, by developing Solution Focussed Networking (SFN). Master salesman Zig Ziglar, yes that really is his real name, often said the key to sales is understanding . . . “You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help enough other people get what they want.” You need to find the challenges people are facing and be part of the solution, or as Zig puts it, ‘Help them get what they want’. When you help people out you become more valuable to them and they generally want to help you out. Unfortunately many people operate under the opposite principle, they try to get what they want from as many people as they can. They act like hunters, searching for the next sale, when they need to be farmers, developing and nurturing new connections. Like farming you need to put value in before you get value out. By developing a Solution Focused approach you can go to any network meeting and show people you are someone who is worth knowing and can add value to them. There are two steps to SFN, firstly identify people’s challenges, then look for ways you can draw on your network to solve those problems.


Step 1 – Connect and Identify the Challenges Businesses exist to solve problems. People have challenges they need help with, and other people have solutions for those problems. For example; - If people need a hole there are shops to sell them a spade and services to provide a crew to dig it - If people have difficulties with their accounts there are bookkeepers and accountants to sort it - If people need posters and flyers there are graphic designers and printers to do this As a networker it is your job be part of people’s solutions so rather than spraying out business cards and telling everyone what you do, instead ask them questions about their business and the challenges they are facing.

Try these questions at your next networking meeting • “can you give me an example of who uses your product?” • “what’s the biggest benefit clients get from using you?” • “what do you like best about your work?” • “can you tell me about some of the challenges you have in your business”

Macarthur Region Business to Business Magazine - T he person you met wins because they are on the way to having their problem solved - T he person you referred wins because they have an opportunity to meet with someone who might use their services, and - Y  ou win because you have increased your value to both those people and your profile as an active networker increases. This is where networking is like farming, you are planting connections and nurturing a referral culture. This will attract similar people and those connections will grow and over time you will find more and more opportunities will come your way.

By asking them about their business you are; • s howing you are interested in them and their business • finding out about what they do, who their clients are, what problems they solve and how they benefit their clients Most of us like it when people take an interest in us and our business so this helps build a great connection.

Step 2 - Get Them Connected Once you have engaged and identified their challenges you need to draw on your network to offer solutions. The greater the depth of your network the more people you can help. Here are some examples;

So next time you go to a networking event practice a Solution Focused approach; - Get them talking - Identify the challenges they are facing, and - Connect them to someone who can help them out. There are many elements to becoming an effective networker, if you are struggling to be an effective networker then reach out to people like myself and those in your network and ask for some tips, most great networkers are only too happy to help.

Grant Dempsey grant@therealbiz.com.au

- A  ppointments – “I know someone who is targeting the same client group, maybe you could partner and host a seminar or share a marketing campaign? I’ll get them to give you a call and you can see how you go” - M  arketing – “I know someone who has helped a lot of small businesses get inspired about their products and promote them, I’ll get her to give you a call and see if she can help you out” - T ax and accounting – “I know a great bookkeeper/ accountant, I’ll get them to give you a call, have a chat with them and see if they can help you out” - S taffing – “You need to be careful before you make any big decisions, I know someone in HR, I’ll get them to give you a call and see if they can help you out” Being an effective networker is about connecting others so don’t discount personal connections as well. When you make quality connections it’s a win-win.



Macarthur Region Business to Business Magazine

Administration Outsourcing and Office Support Solutions for all sized businesses. Take your business to the next level and let me help your business succeed. Special Trial Offer available for all new clients5 hours for $100 +Gst Email: carlene@swsvirtualassistant.com Web: www.swsvirtualassistant.com Phone: 0412 880 875 Find me on Facebook ‘swsvirtualassistant’

Certified Bookkeeping Specialist • • • • • • •

GST & BAS Lodgement Bank Reconciliations Accounts Payable & Receivable Payroll, PAYG & Superannuation Cash Flow Management Management Reports Software Training

Nabil Haddad m: 0488 770 464 e: nabkam.haddad@gmail.com w: nabkambookkeeping.com.au PO Box 5829 Minto NSW 2566

Nabkam Co Pty Ltd

Registered BAS Agent 95889006

Administration Outsourcing and Office Support Solutions for all size businesses. Take your business to the next level and let me help your business succeed. Special Trial Offer available for all new clients –  5 hours for $100 + GST

“Not just what we do, but the way we do it for you” Email: swsvirtualassistant@outlook.com Web: www.swsvirtualassistant.com Phone: 0412 880 875

Find me on Facebook ­ 'swsvirtualassistant'


Call for a quote now

Lic.enced Property Conveyancer 02 4647 7498

Testimonials Dear Ron Just a quick note to thank you for all the your work involved in the recent sale and the purchase of the two properties. I was amazed that it could happen so smoothly. Thank you again !! Regards Tom Eade Dear Ron, Just a few words to thank you for your invaluable advice, guidance and patience over the past seven months. We are both grateful to have had someone there, we felt we could talk to at all times, and who was really thorough. To thank you again, we’ll give you a call when we buy the next house. Kind regards, Sally and Alex and Angus


Modern Conveyancing are property transaction professionals and as such will provide you with focused, quality service. We are licensed by the New South Wales Department of Fair Trading and carry Professional Indemnity insurance for your protection, should the need ever arise. We are here to make your conveyancing transaction as transparent and stress-free as possible for you. We understand from “both sides of the fence” how stressful buying and selling a property can be. We provide you with a full and thorough explanation of your contract or documents before you sign them. With our vast experience in mortgage work, we are able to provide you with a detailed, plain english explanation of your loan security documents. We can also prepare security documents for those private mortgage transactions.

Commercial • Industrial • Residential Modern Conveyancing Ground Level, No 26 Somerset Avenue, Narellan Phone: 02 4647 7498 Fax: 02 4647 7499 Email: info@modernconveyancing.com.au www.modernconveyancing.com.au

Smarter 2 Macarthur Region Business to Business Magazine

Advice with Macarthur’s Professionals

Your guide to smarter business 25

Macarthur Macarthur Region Region Business Business to to Business Business Magazine Magazine

Our advice is – don’t risk it! You’ve worked hard to become a property investor and you want to receive the well-earned returns, so don’t leave yourself open to risk. Engage the assistance of a professional property manager and take the stress out of owning an investment property.


Lincon McLaren - Real Estate

Self-managing your investment? Don’t risk it!

are extremely important. Without this information, you could find yourself at the Tribunal if these periods have not been followed and implemented.

Many landlords don’t think about the immediate dangers of self-managing their own investment property and sometimes think it’s as simple as collecting rent from their tenants.

Do you know if your investment is compliant? Owners can leave themselves at risk of litigation if their property does not comply with current standards. For example; ensuring blinds are compliant so a child cannot strangle themselves, ensuring all smoke detectors are certified, that balconies are certified as structurally sound and that new pool fencing requirements (effective as of April 29, 2016) are adhered to. If you’re not across these laws, heavy fines can be forced upon you.

This couldn’t be further from the reality of what it takes to manage the tenancy of an investment property. Are you prepared or willing to afford to take the risk? When you self-manage a property, you can leave yourself open to many risks – including litigation or even losing control of your own investment! How can this happen? It can be as simple as not having a lease in place, which can lead to the tenant actually squatting and not paying you rent. Even if you request them to move out, the tenant can possibly continue to live in your investment property and without a lease in place, you cannot terminate the tenancy. For a landlord this can be extremely stressful. Also knowing current legislation and what notice periods you need to give a tenant for an inspection or termination


This may sound a little over the top, but the truth is there are landlords facing such litigation risks due to tenant injuries or death from what has been considered uncompliant for occupied tenancy. Our advice is – don’t risk it! You’ve worked hard to become a property investor and you want to receive the well-earned returns, so don’t leave yourself open to risk. Engage the assistance of a professional property manager and take the stress out of owning an investment property.

Macarthur Region Business to Business Magazine

Macarthur Region Business to Business Magazine

The Australian Consumer Laws will now offer protection to small businesses from unfair terms from other businesses. Adriana Care Solicitor / Business Law

The Australian Consumer Laws will now offer protection to small businesses from unfair terms from other businesses. The unfair contract laws are there to protect consumers against unfair practices, however under the new Unfair Contracts act, some of these protections have been extended to protect small businesses as well (who don’t fall within the definition of consumer). The unfair Contracts Act is designed to make it harder for a business to enforce certain standardized contracts, or at least certain clauses in those contracts, against a small business. From November 2015 Small businesses can find protection under the act for: - Clauses that allow one party to increase the price without allowing the other party to then terminate the contract. - Clauses that allow a party to vary the terms of the contract without informing the other party and allowing them to then terminate the contract. - Clauses that allow one party but not the other to terminate Will these protections apply to franchising? Yes, if the upfront price of the contract is either less than $100,000.00 or if the contract duration is 12 months or more and the upfront price is no more than $250,000.00. Given the vast majority of franchise agreements are presented on a ‘take it or leave it’ basis and often do not allow the individual or small business to terminate the agreement before the term, there could be a flurry of activity as franchisors update their agreements. Other typical clauses in franchise agreements that allow the franchisor to buy back the franchised business at an unfair amount or to reduce the obligations they offer to provide, are likely to be no longer enforceable.

1300 268887 www.couttslegal.com.au NARELLAN | PICTON

but it is expected that they will be passed and come into effect by the end of 2017. If you use a standardised contract, such as terms and conditions, you need to review your contracts. If you find clauses that give you all the power and your customer- be they an individual or a small business- none, you might need to re-phase the clause or perhaps get rid of it completely. Ask yourself if that clause is necessary to do business with you and protect your legitimate interests. If you have been using a standard contract “borrowed” off another business or maybe downloaded from www.whoknowswheres.com, it’s a great time to chat to us about getting a contract, or, terms and conditions that complies with these new amendments and is tailor made to your industry and your business. If you are a small business you will soon have another bow to your string if you end up locked in a dispute regarding a contract. If you need contract advice Coutts Solicitors & Conveyancers have over 15 years experience in providing legal expertise and guidance to businesses of the Macarthur. Coutts Solicitors can advise you on all legal aspects of business operations including purchasing a business, leases and business structures. With offices in Narellan, Picton and Campbelltown you can receive expert advise from professional and experienced commercial law solicitors with the convenience of being local.

If you would like to make an appointment with one of our experienced commercial law Solicitors please call 1300 268 887 to make your booking.

These new laws are still being debated in parliament,


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Year End Superfund Checklist

Contributions splitting You can split up to 85% of your taxable contributions to your spouse as a means of boosting their superannuation. This may be a strategy where your spouse does not have much superannuation in their account, or where they are closer to their preservation age.

Andre Christian - Advisor

Government co-contribution

With tax year end approaching fast, now is a good time to ensure you:

If you earn less than $35,454 for the 2015-16 tax year, and you make a non-concessional contribution of $1,000 to your superfund, you may be eligible for the government co-contribution of a maximum of $500. This amount will reduce proportionately as your income reaches $50,454.

• MAKE THE BEST USE OF YOUR SMSF & • COMPLY WITH ITS OBLIGATIONS Timing of contributions payments It is important to ensure that any contributions made to your Fund are made with sufficient time for any banks or clearing houses to process the payment prior to 30 June 2016. It is also important to ensure that you do not exceed your contributions caps as it could potentially result in additional tax payable. The current contributions caps for the year ending 30 June 2016 are as follows: Concessional Contributions 2015 – 16

Non-concessional contributions Under 49

Over 49




The “bring-forward cap” still applies for those under 65 and remains at three times the non-concessional contributions cap of the first year in which the cap is triggered. If the cap was triggered after 1 July 2014 then the “bring forward” amount will be 3 x $180,000 = $540,000.

Contributions holding account (reserve) If you are expecting to have significantly higher taxable income in the 2016 year, it is possible to bring forward a deduction for personal concessional superannuation contributions, “effectively claiming the deduction twice in one year”! Note by doing this you are using ‘next years’ contribution cap and will therefore be limiting your claim in the 2017 financial year.

Work test requirements for those over 65 Remember that if you are 65 or over, you must meet the ‘work test’ before making any contributions to your Fund. This means that you must work at least 40 hours in a 30 consecutive day period before you can make any contributions.

28 28

Spouse contributions If your spouse earns less than $10,800, you may be able to qualify for a $540 tax offset for contributions that you make on your spouse’s behalf. This could be a great way of increasing your spouse’s super, as well as decreasing your taxable income should you both be eligible.

Have you made contributions that you are not aware of? Contributions also consist of more than just cash deposits to a Fund’s bank account. The following items could also count towards your contributions caps: • Expense payments for your SMSF that you pay personally or that are paid for by a third party on your behalf • Life insurance premiums paid by your employer to another Fund • In-specie transfers of assets to your Fund.

SuperStream From 1 July 2016, employers with 20 or more employees will be required to meet their superannuation obligations under the new SuperStream requirements. This requires all contributions data (not monies) to be sent electronically.

If you have any queries regarding the above matters or other superfund questions please do not hesitate calling myself, Andre Christian, Accredited Superfund Auditor or either of my partners: • Jennifer Chen: Tax Partner or • Richard Wakefield: Financial Planning Partner • On (02) 9829 3111 For a free consultation

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The real worth of insurance is often only accepted following a major catastrophe. Insurance is often seen as just another business overhead and cheap premiums are the focus.

2 Liz Stonestreet - Business Insurance

The value of a comprehensive insurance programme in supporting the overall strategy and day to day running of the business is not recognised. This often means they have insurance policies that are not suitable for their purpose and may not meet their expectations when losses occur. Insurance brokers work with the business to ensure that the policies will respond when there is an event that disrupts the business.

There are three classes of insurance relating to business: • Compulsory – Insurance that is legally or contractually required • Critical – Insurance that is critical to the company’s operations • Optional – Insurance used to reduce or manage risk, but not affecting operations Traditional business policies are being updated to respond to modern day risks such as cyber attack, employment practices, tax or statutory audits. I would be happy to discuss these options with you and welcome your call.

Liz Stonestreet Hub Insurance & Business Services AR 435450 Suite 1, 27A Mount Erin Rd Campbelltown Ph 1300 366 297 (Mob) 0401985304

Macarthur’s most experienced insurance broker

29 29

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Database Management How to build, grow and maintain one of your most valuable business assets!

Profit Advantage Group When you know who your customers are, what they buy, how often they buy and the average value of each purchase, you can then spend your promotional dollars “preaching to the converted”, rather than battling with your competitors for new business. Just follow these basic rules: • If you do not have a database to begin with, then purchase one of the many available from your local computer store. Just make sure it is flexible enough to do everything that you will want it to do • T he basic starting information to include in any database is the following: 1. Your customer’s name, address, phone number, fax number and e-mail address 2. If the customer is a business, what are the names of the main contacts and/or decision makers 3. A customer rating process, whereby you can rate them in terms of their importance to your business (perhaps as simple as “A”, “B”, & “C” customers) 4. Where did the customer originate from – advertising, referrals, promotions etc. 5. Length of time that they have been a customer 6. Credit Terms (if applicable) • Ensure you can sort through the database by all the different criteria such as customer names, ages, marital status, purchasing preferences, frequency and volume of spending, birthdays, special interests, referred by, etc

Geoff Ellis

• If you run a mainly cash transaction business and are having difficulty gathering the above information, then run a competition or promotion with a written coupon for entry that asks questions that elicit the necessary responses • R  un subsequent promotions to obtain more personalised information such asbirthdays, personal interests or hobbies and more general information about family and other areas of interest • A  t the same time, ensure that your point of sale software records individual customer purchase history on the database. If this is not possible, at least issue barcoded customer cards that can be swiped at point of sale, to enable you to keep such records. • O  nce you have the necessary records of customer purchasing habits, you can then direct specific targeted promotions to your existing customers, as opposed to trying to convert new customers. • A  n accurate, up to date and well maintained database will enhance the value and saleability of your business.

6 King Street Campbelltown NSW 2560 • PO Box 69 Macarthur Square NSW 2560


Phone: (02) 4625 9534 • Fax: (02) 4625 9544 www.profitadvantage.com.au

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Linking Ladies Expands it’s offering in Macarthur, Liverpool and Southern Highlands and it’s ...

just the beginning!

Co Founders, Alex Hawkins and Sharon Veness, established Linking Ladies in Macarthur in March of 2014. The group was formed to connect business women in our local area and give women the opportunity to learn from each other, to develop their personal and professional lives.

Macarthur’s daytime meeting is hosted by Linking Ladies Member and Business Woman, Amy Woodley, of Start Fresh Accounting.

Alex says “one of the things we found was women found it difficult to commit to a networking group. Due to family commitments, timetables and scheduling with babysitters or juggling a full time job with a part time business. Our meetings are held at convenient times for both women working and home based business women.”

Meetings will be held every month in each region. Guest Speakers will be different in each region, allowing women to take the opportunity to travel outside of their area to other meetings to learn and connect with other business women.

By being flexible, this also meant that opportunities opened their doors for many women who attend. Every meeting sees plenty of new faces to connect with, as well as those that become regulars. The connections the ladies have made within the group have benefited their personal and professional lifestyles in many ways including collaborating together to succeed in their businesses. Since its inception in 2014, Linking Ladies meetings have always pulled an attendance on average of 40 women to each of its meetings in the Macarthur region. With such a successful two years behind them, Alex and Sharon are not done yet! These two women are determined to give further opportunities to other women to connect and grow like the Macarthur region women have. In January 2016, Linking Ladies announced that they will expand their current offering of regular meetings in the Macarthur region with a daytime meeting each month, as well as a meeting in Liverpool and Southern Highlands monthly. In March 2016, Liverpool and Southern Highlands launched their first meetings. Both with a fantastic turnout of over 30 women at each event, and member sign ups in both regions within the first 24 hours after the meeting was held. Proving yet again there is a need and a want for this type of networking amongst business women.

Andrea Madden from Synergy Managed Solutions hosts the new Liverpool monthly meetings. Sharon McWilliams from All Things Organised, is a local Bowral business woman, and the hostess of the Southern Highlands group.

Outside of connecting women through face to face meetings, the group also has an online facebook group where they continue to connect with each other daily. The facebook group has over 400 members now, business women from all over the country connecting with each other and using this as another avenue to help and support each other. Alex and Sharon plan to look at other locations nationwide, as well as other ways of connecting women. Alex says “We want to give women every possible opportunity to learn from each other. Knowledge is power and what we have learned is that Women want to connect, help, support other women. The knowledge within our group and our 400 online members overwhelms me every day! We hope to bring face to face meetings to other areas as well as the possibility of online reading materials, seminars, workshops and mentoring. These are just some of the projects we are looking at to continue to support the women in their journey to success!” You can attend a meeting by registering at www.linkingladies.com.au/events Contact Alex and Sharon at info@linkingladies.com.au for more information


One Stop Mechanical Repairs

Macarthur Region Business to Business Magazine


One Stop Mechanical Repairs have been serving the Macarthur community for over 20 years and counting! We aim to provide the greatest quality of service and remain adamant in our efforts to retain our high level of customer satisfaction Our services apply to all vehicles, whether they are for commercial or industrial purposes or simple domestic use, and carry a 6 month guarantee on all parts and labour. Additionally, we provide safety consultation and service advice at no extra cost If you need a prompt and cost-efficient repair or tune-up job done on any car, truck, or SUV, bring it in to One Stop Mechanical Repairs Readers special


service for 4 cl cars!

Give Con a call at 4627 5022 for excellent service and competitive quotes. Unit 1/181 Airds Rd, Leumeah www.onestopmechanical.com.au

(other great prices for all sizes and models)

The biggest constant is change

Change happens, whether we like it or not. Are you still doing things the same way you were 5 years ago? For that matter the same as 2 years ago or even last year? If you are, how is that working for you? Our businesses are affected by the changes occurring around us. Do you embrace these changes or are you reluctantly dragged along? If you are having trouble coming to terms with change, chances are your mindset could do with a tune up. If you are being dragged along by change, rather than embracing and driving the change you want, there is a very good chance your business may be having trouble keeping up with the competition, let alone getting ahead of them. Help is available. There are strategies you can put in place to help you not only cope with change, but to enable you to bring about the changes that can make your business and your life thrive. There a series of steps you can implement. We can all use someone who can look from the outside in, and to sometimes keep us accountable. I would love to sit down and have a coffee, or chai latte with you and talk about your possibilities. Feel free to give me a call and discuss this further. Rolf Fuchs is a Success Coach at Fox Coaching and a Director at Campbelltown Chamber of Commerce. He can be contacted at rolf@foxcoaching.com.au or on 0404 840 506. or on 0404 840 506. 32


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Adams & Rofe Removals and Storage can take care of all your removal needs whether you are moving to the next suburb, interstate or from one side of Australia to the other. Adams & Rofe can also take care of all your storage requirements. Archive your old records to make some extra room in the office. Whatever the reason we have the storage solution you are looking for. Our Storage Solutions combine the latest technology with excellent cutomer service & easy to access location. We have several Removal Packages available that range from packages for those on a budget to those that want the ultimate in removal luxury.

It’s reassuring knowing you are dealing with a family owned and operated business and a business that has been in the Macarthur area for 40 years

Phone for a free quote

4647 1212


4/7 Smeaton Grange Rd, Smeaton Grange • Established company in the Aftermarket. • Highly qualified and experienced technicians. • Nationwide support and warranty. • Australian Made and Australian Owned.

Advanced Window Tinting Technology

SunX films are market leaders in innovative, cost effective window film solutions for your home, vehicle and commercial applications. With over 30 years of industry experience, pioneering the development of window films here in Australia, we are committed to professional service, honest sales advice and the comfort for our clients in knowing we have a full nationwide warranty and

service network. SunX are unique also in that, we are not tied to one manufacturer only… we source the best films from around the world so you can be confident that when you choose a SunX window film, you are getting the best. For friendly advice and a professional installer network, call us; we are here to help…

Any Resi commercial propdential or erty tinted to th value of a thousa e a free automotivnd dollars or more will receive e window tint to the value of

$ 285.00 If your car is alr eady to the value of $2 tinted receive a voucher 85 a decent store cre .00 which will give you dit for all thos supplies we carry e cleaning .

SunX Super Store, 6- 8 Hollylea Rd Leumeah NSW 2560

1300 559 558






FREE Please take

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REASONS to advertise in Smarter Macarthur B2B Magazine



5,000 copies printed per edition. There are 17,052 businesses in Macarthur registered with sensis, offering fantastic coverage



6 month shelf life; two editions printed per year

Our articles are written by professional, experienced journalists and enhanced with natural, emotive photography


Smarter Macarthur is hand delivered to more than 3000 local businesses in a logically targeted sequence encompassing regions: Camden, Narellan, Smeaton Grange, Gregory Hills, Oran Park, Mt Annan , Ingleburn, Leumeah, Queen St and Blaxland Rd Campbelltown and surrounds


2,000 are drip fed into professionals’ waiting rooms of doctors, accountants and solicitors; networking and business groups together with coffee shops, eateries, hair salons, medical centres, and day spas in the district

7. 8.

Smarter Media designed covers are renowned for giving exposure to and showcasing the best of local business houses, their products and of course the people that make everything happen

S marter Media profile builders, together with its unique networking blend offers cost effective target market specific, delivery of your business message, reinforced with our own social media platform S marter Macarthur magazine is shared with the world over through our website. Each and every advertisement is hyperlinked to the website, driving ever increasing traffic and customers info@smartermedia.com.au www.smartermedia.com.au

1300 793 323


Mt Annan – SOLD in 48 HOURS!



Level 2, Oran Park Podium,

Shop 1, 73 Anderson Road,

351 Oran Park Drive,



T 02 4647 9727

T 1300 SALE 67 (1300 7253 67)

E info@pereirarealty.com.au


Harrington Park – STREET RECORD!

...over 20 years of experience in residential sales and property management

Harrington Park – STREET RECORD!

Pereira realty group


Macarthur Region Business to Business Magazine My name is Maria Silvestri, I am the owner of Heavenly Curves at Wetherill Park. I am an accredited Breast Prosthesis Fitter and Specialist Bra Fitter. With statistics saying that 80% of women are currently wearing incorrectly fitted bras, I am passionate about educating women on the importance of this and why a great fitting bra can help with not only your clothing to sit right on your body shape, but how important it is to have the correctly fitted bra for your health, your neck, back,shoulders, posture and to prevent headaches.

them with mastectomy/pocketed garments such as bras, lounge wear, swim wear, lingerie and more. I have also recently installed a very private and personal room inside our Wetherill Park store for these ladies to come in and be fitted in comfort and for their own privacy. Please also like our face book page for a monthly reminder to check your breasts. We will also show you how to do this.

With my accreditation in fitting ladies with breast forms/ prosthesis I also like to speak to Breast Cancer survivor groups and show them, for example what is available to MULTI AWARD WINNER

2009 WINNER - Fairfield City Local Business Awards – Winner Outstanding Fashion Store 2009 FINALIST -Small Business Champion Awards – State National Finalist for New South Wales & ACT 2010 WNNER -Fairfield Advance Business Achiever Awards – Winner Fashion Retail 2011 WINNER - Fairfield City Local Business Awards – Winner Outstanding Fashion Store 2012 FINALIST - Australian Small Business Champion Awards – National Finalist Fashion Store 2012 WINNER - Fairfield City Local Business Awards – Winner Business Person of the Year 2013 FINALIST - WSABE – Western Business Excellence Award - Finalist 2013 FINALIST - Altitude Awards – Climb Every Mountain – Finalist

2014 FINALIST - Australian Small Business Champions – Fashion Shop 2014 FINALIST - Fairfield City Local Business Awards – Fashion Retail 2014 FINALIST - NRA Rewards for Excellence - Small Retailer of the Year- Nominee 2015 FINALIST – Fairfield City Local Business Awards – Fashion Retail 2015 FINALIST – National Retail Awards – Small Business 2015 FINALIST – Western Sydney Business of Excellence 2015 WINNER – Linking Ladies – Business Women of the Year 2015 WINNER – Linking Ladies – Business Community Award 2015 WINNER – Linking Ladies – Individual Community Award 2016 FINALIST – Women with Altitude Awards – Best in Retail ( announced 23rd April )



Macarthur Region Business to Business Magazine


Markets & Fairs M agazine

stallholders with all relevant information of all markets in Australia.

Gemma Olsen Lyn Rayner Vanessa Smith

No Stalling Markets and Fairs Like any growing small business, there have been speed humps along the way. But for 23 years there has been pretty much ‘no stalling’ Camden local Lynette Rayner and her business partners, in the quest to establish a comprehensive resource for the markets, fairs, shows and festivals industry. Her magazine, Australian Markets and Fairs is referred to as ‘The Stallholders Bible’, the website attracts over 30,000 visitors a month, the business is an award-winner and there are new elements about to be launched.

From Humble Beginnings

Lynette and her late husband Rick Rayner, knew the business well and always had a clear focus. “I met Rick, a stallholder, at Paddy’s Market Haymarket and together we ran a good business selling jewellery,” Lynette recalls. “But by the recession times of the 1990s we needed to attend more markets to meet our weekly income needs and finding where the markets were was the problem.” “Other stallholders wouldn’t tell you about good markets in case you became competition and in those days there was no internet to search. So we set out to solve this perceived problem with our own solution.” They saw the need for a magazine which would provide


Initially, Lynette and Rick researched and gathered information as best they could and produced a small 8 page booklet on Sydney markets for stallholders to be easily able to source outlets for their wares. The popularity of the publication was immediate and from this simple $2 black and white booklet in 1993 there’s been no stalling Australian Markets and Fairs magazine. One hundred issues on and the magazine is still the most comprehensive guide to markets, fairs, stall holders, special events, agricultural shows and all associated facets of the industry available.

Local to National Coverage

Australian Markets and Fairs always had a clear focus – to bring all aspects of markets, fairs, stall holders, special events, agricultural shows and all associated facets of the industry together in one media place. Within the first year of publication, the magazine grew to 100 pages, boasted a glossy colour cover, spot colour adverts and expanded to include Queensland and Victoria and within 18 months was nationwide with 144 pages. Lynette and Rick’s efforts were acknowledged with the local Best New Business Award in 1994 and in 1999, Markets and Fairs won the Telstra and NSW Government Small Business Award for Commonwealth Micro Business of the Year. During the 1990s many famous Australian faces including Angry Anderson, Kostya Tzyu, The Honourable Mr Olsen, Premier of South Australia and The Honourable Robert Carr MP Premier of NSW appeared in the magazine and Markets and Fairs was well on the way to success. “When Rick passed away in 2007 I was driven to continue what we had started together and continue to support our stallholders, advertisers and by then the general public readership,” Lynette said. “I was fortunate to find a new partner, John, who knew the print industry and

Macarthur Region Business to Business Magazine during his time with the business (John passed away from cancer in 2014) we developed our hugely popular website.”

Turning the Page “Our website and magazine go hand in hand. But while the website has overtaken the magazine in usage, the hard copy magazine is still very viable, selling thousands of copies every issue,” Lynette said. Australian Markets and Fairs Magazine is now in its 23rd year of circulation. Published and distributed quarterly, it is a comprehensive national guide to markets and events complete with a wholesale section ranging from insurance to traders required for markets and events and is available from newsagencies and via subscription. “It’s a lot of work keeping up with the 1400 regular markets that occur across Australia and then there are the thousands of Special Events ranging from street fairs, food & wine fairs, agricultural shows,” Lynette said. “But we have managed to stay, to this day, the only hardcopy magazine that services the market and event industry by keeping our prices minimal and working with our clients on what they can afford and what we can give them to best promote their markets and events.” In the early years the business was designed for primarily stallholders but with the launch of the website, Australian Markets and Fairs has evolved as a valuable resource for the general public to find out where markets and events are happening.

Supporting Clients with Great Product “To support stallholders, we introduced a fortnightly ‘Stallholders Wanted’ e-newsletter which gives markets and events an opportunity to specifically target stallholders to come to their events. This is currently being sent to over 7,000 people each fortnight and keeps growing,” Lynette said. Australian Markets and Fairs has introduced very affordable packages, which they find are working well to give clients everything they require for the one annual price. This year will see Australian Markets and Fair launch their Blog to quickly connect with their customers with valuable information received from press releases, how to and the latest goss and trends from the market and event industry.

Evolving to Fair Times Ahead One hundred issues on and Lynette is still editor of Australian Markets and Fairs and is still a guiding influence not only to staff and colleagues, but through the market community. “From humble beginnings, Rick and I and later John and I, and our office staff have worked tirelessly to provide the best services we can. We work long hours to meet deadlines, but at the end of the day we do love what we do and love communicating with our clients on a daily basis,” Lynette said. Australian Markets and Fairs is a classic example of a business evolving with the times, but the founder, Lynette Rayner, remains steadfast in her commitment and focus “I never forget where it all began and what it’s all about - setting up a stall at 6am on a cold wet Saturday. That thought keeps me focussed on supporting our supporter,” Lynette reflected.


Macarthur Region Business to Business Magazine


Macarthur Region Business to Business Magazine

Helping Save Lives

Who am I?

Anne Rowley – Owner Operator of Rapid 1st Aid Training & Supplies

What do I do?

· I teach first aid and lifesaving skills such as CPR to everyday people, businesses, personal trainers, childcare educators and anyone needing a qualification as part of their employment conditions

Why choose me?

· Being a predominately mobile business I can bring the classroom to you. I tailor to my client’s needs whether it be hours being before start of shift, broken up over 2 evenings to cater for not having to stop or decrease productivity  s an experienced trainer, my courses are fun filled, very · A practical with very little time to sit in a chair and fall asleep. My knowledge of these subjects comes from having a medical background, and with approximately 15 years of experience in training and assessing in this field.

· Many of my corporate customers are very happy with the training that I provide, especially with the ability to train onsite and catering for small groups and anywhere up to 30 participants · If you have only a few staff to train or don’t have the room, I run regular monthly courses in the Smeaton Grange area, where you get a great price and discounts for booking in multiple people. You get morning tea, lunch and snacks throughout the training day, you also get your very own little first aid kit as a thank you for booking with Rapid 1st Aid · There is NO middle people being the owner, you deal straight with me and no one else · I also offer a large range of first kits, supplies and defibrillators · Solid training show as in an easy and practical way to make it simple for you to remember and put into action if required · C  ourses are short and sweet to minimise lost productivity · Good quality training at an affordable price

· H  aving a medical background I make my corporate training sessions target specific to allow for maximum potential to be reached by the student to feel confident in having the ability to help someone in a time of need · T he importance of learning skills such as effective CPR gives a casualty an increased chance of surviving, currently the chances of surviving an outer hospital cardiac arrest is less than 5%, having access to help within the first few minutes, good effective CPR and defibrillation can automatically increase the chances of survival to greater than 90% The main courses I can offer are: o Provide First Aid – HLTAID003 – course length 5.5hrs o Provide First Aid in a Childcare Setting – HLTAID004 – course length 7hrs o Provide CPR – HLTAID001 – course length 2hrs o Childcare Asthma & Anaphylaxis combined – 22300VIC/22282VIC – course length 3hrs · A  ll courses are run in partnership with Allens Training my RTO 90909 www.allenstraining.com.au · R  apid 1st Aid has been a finalist in the Camden/ Wollondilly Local business awards for specialized business in 2013 & 2015

First aid & cpr training We’ll come to you!

Take care, get trained, be prepared! Anne Rowley on 0414767010 (Delivered in partnership with Allens Training Pty Ltd RTO 90909)

www.rapid1staid.com.au 39

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The Energy

Future is now As the cost of battery storage technology rapidly improves, the rising costs of energy, and the growing desire for consumer to seek energy independence, we are seeing a growth in demand of off-grid and Hybrid energy solutions in Australia. Recently the media has provided plenty of narrative regarding the current Energy Revolution. Marketing savvy stakeholders such as Tesla have provided domestic battery storage innovation, which is about to become accessible to the ‘mums and dads’ who have already invested in the PV Solar industry at a grid connected level. As Feed in tariffs are reduced and incentive schemes come to end of their life cycle the consumer at a domestic level is looking for a way to retain the excess energy they may be producing each day and store the energy for use at a later time. There are many players taking up the challenge to produce products at an accessible price for consumers at a domestic level. Tesla, LG, Panasonic, Neo- Cube just to name a few. But where does the commercial investor fit in and can commercial businesses benefit from the Renewable Energy sector? I spoke to Phillip Leslie, a Renewable Energy Engineer operating an innovative business at Smeaton Grange called Living Power and posed a few questions.

Is standard PV solar benefiting businesses? Yes standard grid connected PV solar works very well for businesses by offsetting the imported electrical with the renewable energy produced on site. Providing the system is sized correctly to suit the load profile of the site the return on investment will generally range between 15% to 25 %.

How can battery storage benefit businesses and is the investment viable? On large commercial sites the ROI is difficult to justify for a business to be completely disconnected from the grid


however there are some clever innovations that can be utilized at a site that will incorporate a standard grid connected PV array and some battery storage. This is termed a Hybrid Solar solution. For example on many commercial sites it is common for the electrical account to reflect charges based on the sites peak demand. Introducing a battery kit and some intelligent controls will allow peak lopping at the site. As the load rises above predetermined levels the battery kit supplies the additional load rather than the grid. As the load reduces the batteries are recharged via a solar array. This arrangement can significantly reduce Peak Demand charges. The graph below provides a good explanation.

Essential services such as communication/data, power and light may also be protected from power outages using PV solar battery backup systems. In previous years we may have designed an automatic backup diesel generator for essential services but today consideration would be given first to a PV solar/battery backup system. The diesel gen-set may only be utilized perhaps twice a year but the PV Solar/battery arrangement can have input into the site electrical system every day.

How does standard grid connected PV Solar and battery technology benefit a site? The standard grid connected PV solar will offset imported energy during the daylight hours and a battery kit will release the energy back into the AC Bus during the night hours. The amount of energy released back during the night hours is proportional to the amount of battery storage available and the battery

Macarthur Region Business to Business Magazine depth of discharge. Deep daily battery discharges will have a negative effect on the battery life expectancy for traditional Lead Acid batteries and Lithium Ion battery technologies. Good design is essential when considering batteries. Good design and products will ensure maximum battery life. The graph illustrates PV solar with and without batteries.

Why does this technology seem so new? The technology is not really that new as companies like ours have provided design and build off grid electrical projects for many years. Most off grid electrical projects are located in the bush where the poles and wires are cost prohibitive. So I guess now the bush has come to the city through better technology and more accessible battery cost and keen marketing by companies such as Tesla.

Risk Management and Assessment to AS/NZS4360 should also be included in any commercial project and can be provided by a skilled engineer.

Which type of businesses benefits the most from this technology? All businesses can benefit from a standard PV solar grid connected solution. Awareness of battery storage will prompt some business to discover new innovative solutions to rising energy costs. For example many construction companies use diesel generators to run remote sites. Our company designs and builds an Eco Generator. This is a containerized solution that houses the batteries, controls and an auto-start gen-set. The generator may operate during peak loads during the day at the site, but the batteries will provide electricity for lighter loads and for security lighting at night. This greatly reduces diesel costs and boosts the construction companies green credentials. We would see the Eco Generator as a business opportunity for a hire company.

Australia is on the world stage in off grid technology and skills. Companies like Selectronic , Plasmatronics and Latronics has provide top quality equipment for many years. In fact Selectronic celebrated 50 years in business last year and now exports products to Germany.

As there are a lot of new players in the market how can business protect themselves against inexperienced startup companies looking for a quick dollar? There is a whole new class of engineer called a ‘Renewable Energy Engineer’. It seems to be off the radar of most businesses that good independent advice is available for renewable energy at an Engineering level. Companies like ours provide Design and Specification services to Local Government Councils and NGO’s . Independent engineering services can provide robust specifications that will mitigate risk to the client. An inspection by the engineer prior to final progress payments will ensure compliance with the specifications and client expectations.


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30 Nights at the Museum “Though Kate’s posts here are ending, we’ve been so bowled over by your interest in her experience that we’d like to continue bringing you that level of behind-the-scenes access to MSI.” - Museum of Science and Industry

If you’re trying to get your own business or community Eng Ung group noticed, it pays to get involved in social media. Social media marketing may not have been around for as long as other forms of traditional marketing, but it’s just as effective. The MSI Story The Museum of Science and Industry (www.msichicago.org), located in Chicago, Illinois, USA, launched a contest in the summer of 2010. Whoever won had to live in the museum for at least 30 days, and report everything they thought and saw to the outside world using social media. The winner would also get $10,000 in prize money, tech gadgets, and a lifetime membership to MSI. Before they even launched the contest, the museum started raising buzz on twitter with the hash tag #MATM, and encouraged bloggers, as well as mainstream media to cover the event. Chicago newspapers wrote about the contest, as did PBS, MediaBistro, the Huffington Post,Bong Bong, and other Mainstreams and local blogs. Kate McGroarty, a 24-year-old Chicago resident, won the contest. Kate lived, slept, and ate in the museum. She also spent time exploring the building and it’s exhibits during her stay. Kate posted about everything she did and saw on Facebook and Twitter; via her personal blogs and by sharing videos on Youtube. McGroarty’s posts instilled a sense of awe, curiosity, and nostalgia in the people who followed her. It really got them talking, which only made the word spread faster!


Though the competition is over, Kate’s dedicated Facebook page lives on. Kate’s Facebook page invites people to visit MSI’s official Facebook page that is “Liked” by over 15, 636 people. The museum’s accomplishments exceed its investment by a large margin. They managed to generate a positive buzz for their campaign before, during, and after the actual contest. The Lesson What can you learn from this story? Contests, combined with social and mainstream media, are a great way to create PR opportunities and reach out to your target customers. Many companies, both traditional and non-profit, have found great success, especially when the contests are leveraged to get the attention of individuals and the media. Why Social Media Marketing Works Social media marketing almost always results in higher conversion rates. Why? It humanises a brand. When someone shares their thoughts about your brand on social media, people are more willing to trust that what was said is true. So when people are saying good things about your business, more folks are more likely to try out your service for themselves. The more followers you have, the more recognised and trusted your brand will become.

For free advise to help grow your business website, content and social media marketing contact Eng at info@aaamazing.com.au

Your Community

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• No joining Fees

• No admin fees • Interest free line of credit T.A.P • 3% transaction fee paid in Smarter Barter’s own currency which is re-invested back into the community • We don’t want your cash, rather your honesty and pro-activity...time to think outside the square!

Membership benefits • Network and do business with like minded folk, saving cash on purchases and selling your downtime/ stock • Increase customers and turnover, every dollar traded is a dollar saved • Membership to our networking dinners, regular evenings where traders can relax and do business • Access to our Expos and Media services • Smarter Barter app allows transactions on the move

Owned and operated by it’s members, grown organically from within

www.smarterbarter.com.au 1300 793 323


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A lifetime dream and more than twelve months of planning sees one of Macarthur’s most creative and prolific businessmen Steve Wisbey join forces with friends, Mandy Avinou & Katie Palmer, to create a Tapas Restaurant with a quirky personality that has already made its mark on Camden. upstairs@fred’s in Argyle Street above the old Whitemans building has an enormous sweeping verandah that overlooks the main drag and a very distinctive interior design by Wiz. “It’s a beautiful old building with high ceilings and fireplaces, and rooms off rooms so we wanted to make it different. We have a Private Rock & Roll VIP Room, Private Dining Room and for the ladies…Fred’s very own, very sexy feminine Champagne Room as well as a baby grand to entertain in our main dining area.” Wisbey can hardly contain his excitement, “Fred’s really has a personality that adult diners will love, it’s funky and stylish, but it’s not for everyone. It’s not targeted at a family restaurant market, It’s for people that used to go to Surry Hills or Newtown to get this kind of vibe


they want, we knew Macarthur was mature enough for this experience now and we wanted to create this for ourselves firstly and then share it with our friends.” Passionate Portuguese head chef Marcio has created imaginative finger foods and tapas specialties, decadent desserts including his famed Portuguese Tarts, and gourmet Pizza. From what Steve says it’s a fusion of tapas and fun. The craft beer flows on tap from a giant copper pipe with craft beer tasting paddles from our renowned local brewer, Stockade, as well as many more independent breweries. Fred’s also boasts quite an extensive wine and champagne list, cocktails too…It’s the kind of place where friends and relaxed dining feels so comfy you just want to belong! upstairs@fred’s is also available for private functions from commiserations (Wakes for the Dead) and celebrations (for the Living). Pop in Wednesday & Thursday from 5pm til late Friday from 11am till late. All day Saturdays and Sundays from 9am til late. For Function Enquiries or bookings call 0246555369 100 Argyle Street Camden www.upstairsatfreds.com.au

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State of the art European Karts

450m x 6m length track

Delicious food from our on site Cafe Juicy Goose

Kids and Adults Party Room / Board Room

100sqm viewing deck for spectators with booth seating

40 Anderson Rd, Smeaton Grange NSW 2567 P: 1300 00 KART (5278) www.ultimatekartingsydney.com.au

Phone Orders 02 4647 0489

ea Best coffee in the ar

Fully licenced

ous menu Huge and delici

Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner | Dine in | Takeaway | Phone orders Catering | Business lunches | Function/Boardroom facilities | Loyalty card


Spotlight on Narellan Town Centre

Macarthur Region Business to Business Magazine

By now at least most of us have heard of the large expansion happening at Narellan Town Centre. A quick drive through Narellan shows the rapidly changing landscape on both sides of the road. This is significant growth in Narellan so Smarter Macarthur decided to have a chat with Brad Page, the Centre Manager at Narellan Town Centre and find out a bit more about what is happening.

Brad Page

What is happening?

It is fitting that Brad is the Manager of such a significant local regional shopping centre. Brad is a local having grown up in Bringelly and attended Elderslie High School, he then earned his Land Economics Degree at Hawkesbury University. “I worked for a number of major shopping centre institutions before joining Narellan Town Centre in 2004 as Centre Manager and have been here since.”

When I asked Brad about the scale of the project his answer was quite simple. “The easiest way to describe it is we are basically doubling the size of the centre, the number of shops and the carpark.” Brad is very proud of the changes taking place. “The community and local chamber are very positive, we are receiving good feedback from local people.”

Locally owned Brad proudly pointed out that the centre is owned by local families. “The centre has ambitious owners who understand the local market, they are in tune with the area and have local interests at heart. These families are leading growth and the local area forward. This is a local centre which means the money stays in town.” Brad emphasised the owners are strong supporters of many local causes, including the Ingham Institute and the annual Christmas in Narellan event.


This appears to be more than just another shopping centre upgrade. “People at first under estimated the scale and vision of this project, people are now understanding what we are trying to achieve. Everyone in the community will benefit from having a shopping centre of this calibre near them.” When I asked Brad what new options these changes bring to Narellan, he was very quick to reply. “When you get a bigger shopping centre you don’t just get more of the same, you are able to attract higher order retail. With a regional shopping centre, as we are doing, we attract higher order retail. We attract better fashion, attract better food and better restaurants. We attract better and deeper quality in everything we do.”

Macarthur Region Business to Business Magazine


How is Narellan Town Centre different?

Obviously disruption comes with an upgrade of this scale. The centre remains fully open during the work and there is an enormous amount of planning to minimise disruption to the store owners. People want to know when the work will be completed. “The first stage, on the northern side of Camden Valley Way will open around September 2016. Work then moves on to the bridge across Camden Valley Way and the existing site. All works on the centre should be completed around midway through 2017.”

Brad proudly points this is not just another corporately owned shopping centre being duplicated in suburb after suburb. “Narellan Town Centre stands out because it is deeply involved locally, so we tend to look at things from a locals point of view. We are not driven by a big machine duplicating shopping centres in every town.”

Local support Brad is positive about the support of the local community, as well as the support and shared vision from the Narellan Chamber of Commerce. “Council have been very good, but it has been a long, long lead in. We worked with council for about two and half years before work started. They came on board with the vision for Narellan in a retail sense, they have been very supportive.” The other obvious benefit of such an expansion is employment. “Local employment is benefitting with 1200 construction jobs. Many of these workers live locally, it is great to see them get local work and not have to travel out of the area. Ongoing there will be 1000 retail jobs, and a lot of local kids will benefit from part time jobs.”

Brad continued to show his obvious pride for the centre. “We are doing something unique here, it has flavours of the people who own it. They have added their own flavour to the shopping centre as do the people who work here. We are deeply involved in design issues, the feel and layout of the shopping centre. You wouldn’t necessarily get these get these opportunities in an institution where you get pigeon holed. Here you get a broad view and there are limited decision makers in the room, so you get a different flavour. We don’t do it all the time on different sites, this is a one off for us.”

In Summary Brad’s passion for his job shines through. A busy man with a lot currently on his shoulders he still gave some of his valuable time. It sounds like Narellan Town Centre won’t be a photo copy of other shopping centres, with lots of local feel and buy in. It will be very interesting to see this finished product next year, and will be wonderful to see the many benefits flow on to the local economy and community at large.

Rolf Fuchs is a Success Coach at Fox Coaching and a Director at Campbelltown Chamber of Commerce. He can be contacted at rolf@foxcoaching.com.au or on 0404 840 506.


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What do I need to do for people to find my business online?

+ Custom Built Website

+ Search Engine Optimisation

+ Social Media Engagement

+ Goolge+ Local Listing

Contact us for a free consultation on your next web project.

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AAAMAZING websites Content marketing & easy-to-use websites for non-technical users. 0434 089 271 www.aaamazing.com.au Adams and Rofe Adams & Rofe Removals and Storage can take care of all your removal needs whether you are moving to the next suburb, interstate or from one side of Australia to the other. Adams & Rofe can also take care of all your storage requirements. 4/7 Smeaton Grange Rd, Smeaton Grange 4647 1212 www.adamsrofe.com.au Ausfire Protection Ausfire can provide you with quality and cost effective fire safety equipment, scheduled preventative maintenance, service, repairs and maintenance 0412 166 322 www.ausfirensw.com.au AV Clean Living Sydney Leather Cleaners’ are highly experienced and trained in cleaning and repairing leather upholstery. Call us today for a free softener treatment. www.sydneyleathercleaners.com.au 8006 7565 A-Z Home Maintenance As a long serving maintenance and all round handyman and trade certified welder/ boilermaker in the Macarthur area, there is no job too big or too small. Graham 0413 368 963 www.a-zhomemaintenance.com Camden Furniture One Retailer of the world’s most functional and comfortable seating made in Norway, a visit to Furniture One is highly recommended for those seeking the best in quality, design, service and value 4655 7896 185 Argyle St. Camden CANAUS Manufacturers of quality office furniture, kitchens and wardrobes. Contact Isaac for all your custom design needs, and his extensive stock range 8798 1343 or 0404 737 070 2/22 Lancaster St, Ingleburn Coutts Solicitors and Conveyancers Narellan and Picton. www.couttslegal.com.au Designside All your graphic design needs for brochures, logos, posters, banners, photoshop retouching, all printed material and web banners. 9977 6414 www.designside.com.au Christian Fox Accountantants Small enough to provide personal service. Large enough to handle all your financial affairs & matters – personal ,corporate, family or business. 9829 3111 Dry King Our Services include carpet and upholstery cleaning, verticle blind cleaning, mattress stain removal, dust mite treatment and flood damage. Ask Rafiq about his guarantee that can’t be beaten! 4620 5555 www.drykingcarpetcleaningsydney.com.au EmbroidMe EmbroidMe Macarthur is a franchise of the world’s largest supplier of uniforms and

embroidered promotional products and in 2014 and 2015 received the company’s ultimate award – 1st in sales in Australia and 4th globally 9618 0701 www. macarthur.embroidme.com.au Hearing Aid Clinic Locally owned with the latest technology, we listen so you can hear! 4655 1648 1A/125 Argyle St, Camden Heavenly Curves Multi award winner Maria Silvestri is an accredited breast prosthesis fitter and specialist bra fitter and passionate about educating the 80% of women currently wearing an incorrectly fitted bra 9604 1270 www.heavenlycurves.com.au Hillbrick Bicycles For 24 years Hillbrick Bicycles have been advising, designing and building bikes for the elite through to the recreational cyclist. 4648 4002 www.hillbrick.com.au Hub Insurance & Business Services General insurance broker with over 30 years experience serving the Macarthur area and beyond. Expertise in business insurance from tradies to professionals and manufacturers. 1300 366 297 lizs@uig.net.au Linking Ladies Established in 2014, Linking Ladies Our meetings are held at convenient times for both women working and home based business women. info@linkingladies.com.au McLaren Real Estate Real Estate, Residential Sales, Property Management and Buyers Agent with a focus on exceeding clients expectations in Macarthur. 1800 SELL WITH www.mclarenrealestate.com.au Mimic We want to be your one-stop print supplier. Let us provide advice on your business card printing one day through to the printing of you annual reports the next. 4648 3290 www.mimic.net.au Modern Conveyancing “Not just what we do, but the way we do it for you” 4647 7498 www.modernconveyancing.com.au Murray Kennedy Real Estate “Your Best Mate in Real Estate!” 4648 0600 4 Somerset Ave, Narellan www.murraykennedyrealestate.com.au Nabkam Certified Bookkeeping Specialist Specialising in • GST & BAS Lodgement • Bank Reconciliations • Accounts Payable & Receivable• Payroll, PAYG & Superannuation • Cash Flow Management • Management Reports • SoftwareTraining Contact Nabil Haddad 0488 770 464 www. nabkambookkeeping.com.au Nick Diomis Photography Whether it be a business portrait, function, wedding or personal, Nick will encapsulate the occasion perfectly. 0449 909 853 www.nickdiomis.com

One Stop Mechanical Stop With a 6 month guarantee on all parts and labour, all your commercial and domestic auto needs are safely and expertly catered for. 4627 5022 www.onestopmechanical.com.au Pereira Real Estate With over 20 years of experience in residential sales and property management, Pereira have your real estate needs covered ORAN PARK Level 2, Oran Park Podium, 351 Oran Park Drive SMEATON GRANGE Shop 1, 73 Anderson Road 1300 725 367 www.pereirarealty.com.au Profit Advantage Group Business Development & Consulting Services to help Business Owners run a profitable business! 4625 9534 www.profitadvantage.com.au Rapid 1st Aid Training and Supplies First aid and CPR training, we come to you! Take care, get trained, be prepared! Anne Rowley 0414 767 010 www.rapid1staid.com.au Roni’s Letterbox We are a member of the Distribution Standards Board and guarantee over 98% coverage of either domestic or business markets with tried and tested walkers. 9606 4650 www.ronisletterboxcom.au SWS Virtual Assistant Administration Outsourcing Solutions. 0412 880 875 The Real Biz Fortnightly Business Networking for motivated small businesses. Be relaxed. Be genuine. Grow your business through REAL relationships with other smart business operators www.therealbiz.com.au The Ultimate Suspension Provides custom solutions for all cars, trucks and x4wheel drives. Call for a quote or free safety check. 9618 7674 www.ultimatesuspension.com.au Ultimate Karting Home of Australia’s largest indoor kart track, and the world famous Juicy Goose licensed restaurant!. www.ultimatekartingsydney.com.au 1300 5278 www.juicygoose.com.au 4647 0489 upstairs@freds Enjoy Wiz’s hospitality in sumptuous surroundings with delicious food and cocktails 46555369 100 Argyle Street Camden www.upstairsatfreds.com.au Vintage FM Camden’s local radio station, where old is good! Playing all the great music from the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s www.vintagefm.com.au WildFX High quality business card printing, flyer printing, stationery printer. 8730 8874 www.wildfx.net.au


All round handyman

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a-z home maintenance

As a long serving maintenance and all round handyman and trade certified welder/ boilermaker in the Macarthur area, there is no job too small. If you’re needing any handyman job, home maintenance, or lawn & garden work you have come to the right place.

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AV Clean Living Does your leather lounge appear dry and tIREd, lost its shine? As all things in life requires regular maintenance, your leather lounge also needs care and service. As time goes by, debris, dirt, etc creates a barrier, thus not allowing leather to breathe and causing the leather to deteriorate. Please call AV Clean Living today for superior Leather cleaning and restoration service. We will not just clean dirt, debris and stains away from your leather, but will also replenish the essential oils and apply protection which is a must for family with kids and pets.

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BOOKING FORM to attend... The Smarter Macarthur Business & Networking Expo 2016 Please complete form, scan and email to: info@smartermedia.com.au

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Prices from $490 for 2m x 2m (inc table and chairs) for 2 days, what a bargain! • • • • • • • •

5,000 invites directly delivered to Macarthur businesses Extensive social media exposure Photography and video of the Expo Local media content submissions Invitation via networking organisations etc Informative guest speakers and professional Master of Ceremonies Local radio coverage Tea and Coffee

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info@smartermedia.com.au www.smartermedia.com.au






You’re invited! The Smarter Macarthur Business & Networking Expo 2016

A must attend event! Early bird specials Meet greet & do business

$5,000 in prizes

to be won


Friday 20th May 11am-7pm & Saturday 21st May 10am-4pm

Camden Civic Centre Oxley Street, Camden (opposite Woolworths) right in the heart of the township.

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Smarter Macarthur Autumn/Winter Edition  

Smarter Macarthur Autumn/Winter Edition