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My life started in the humble small town of Pataskala, Ohio sixteen years ago. So far, it hasn’t moved much, but my dream is to see all there is to see, everything the world has to offer than I can fit into a single lifetime. I love learning about new cultures, and want to experience as much as I can. My thirst for knowledge is only seconded by my love for art, a love that has been blooming since 1st grade, when I first started going to CCAD’s Saturday Morning Art Classes (or SMAC for short). I’ve dipped my fingers in every art available to me, and have found that I love ceramics, graphic designing, sculpture, and have an occasional spring of skill in drawing. I have a passion for music as well, that stems from classical, pop, rock, indie, and many other genres and artists. Lately my tastes have turned to Ed Sheeran, Joshua Radin, and P!nk, for just a small sample. The hobby and joy that started this all, the roots of me, can be found in reading. The act of journeying to strange worlds and exotic, fanciful places creates a thrumming excitement my chest and takes me on a rollercoaster of emotions as I live, love, and lose with the characters of my imagination. They inspire me, get me to reevaluate my views and values of life, and spark bright flashes of creativity and ideas that have the ability to grow into magnificent things. I try to both live in the moment, and prepare for the future as my life flies by. The very thought of having to leave for college is a terrifying, exciting moment I can feel looming on the horizon, edging closer every day. I am both apprehensive and impatient for that day to come, but until then I satisfy myself with some of the best things my life has to offer: chocolate, pets, and the whirlwind that is high school. The work can get overwhelming, and sometimes I’m reluctant, but I always pull through, and most of the time even enjoy it. The drama of my high school career has been kept, thankfully, on the down


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Niagara Falls

Grand Canyons

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Easter Islands

Machu Picchu 5

Uyuni Salt Flat


Old Jewish Cemetary 7


Hydra, Greece 8

Pyramid of Giza


Hitachi Seaside Park

Great Wall of China




Pittman, Hanna | Fall 2013  


Pittman, Hanna | Fall 2013