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Mission Statement of SMA Solar Technology AG

Pierre-Pascal Urbon SMA Chief Executive Officer

A mission statement by which we want to be measured Our mission statement is aimed to outline the framework for our activities and strategy. It shows how we see ourselves and wishes to generate enthusiasm for our company. It also communicates the general values that are the basis of our success.

Our vision

Renewable energy will become more and more important worldwide. Decentralized electrical energy supply from photovoltaics will play a major role here.

Source: juwi solar GmbH

Our mission

By continuous further developments and innovations in system technology, we will make the installation and operation of photovoltaic power plants even simpler, more reliable, safer, and above all, more cost-effective. We want to increase technical progress and the worldwide spread of photovoltaics with our work.

Our strategy

We want to be the first choice for our customers. This will be accomplished by: • Technological leadership and the highest technical competence • Systematic reduction of the prices of our inverters and of the life-cycle costs of photovoltaic power plants • Excellent product quality • Top-quality service and customer support • Global presence • State-of-the-art, order-based and highly flexible production • Skilled employees with a strong sense of commitment

Our values Innovation SMA is technology leader and has the best system technology expertise for photovoltaics worldwide. Our ability to innovate is a major driver of our success. SMA's innovative developments and products set the standard on the market and create the basis for the competitive position and growth of photovoltaics. Excellent quality The pursuit of top quality is the basis for our actions and determines our work processes and our services for the customer. As quality leader, we offer products, maintenance service, and customer service at the highest level. Customer orientation based on partnership We think of ourselves as a partner of our customers. Our own success is achieved by facilitating our customers' longterm success. Our aim is for our products, our worldwide service, our quality and our reliable delivery to meet and exceed our customers' expectations.

Commitment as a result of employee participation SMA is an attractive employer. We design our corporate culture so that our employees identify with the company. We encourage our employees to act independently and with great commitment, to contribute their knowledge and to assist in a constructive manner in shaping the company's development. The keys to this are open communication on all levels, involvement in the definition of the company goals, joint design of changes, the freedom to structure jobs self dependently, fairness, equal treatment and respect, profit-sharing, and opportunities for further training for individuals. We are open to the different cultures of our colleagues and customers. Flexibility and continuous improvement We systematically include our employees in activities for continuous improvement, and we continually refine our products, structures and processes. SMA is characterized by the highest degree of flexibility and ability to change. We actively work to expand our knowledge and competencies.

Financial success We are financially successful in order to be a long-term, stable partner for our customers, to guarantee job security for our employees and to earn a reasonable rate of return on investment for our stakeholders. Financial success and our stockholders' trust constitute formal recognition of our achievements. Environmental responsibility Our products strongly advance the development of renewable energies and reduce the strain on the environment. We continuously improve material usage and the efficiency of our products, and we optimize the energy efficiency of our company as well as our production. Fairness and honesty We pursue a fair and honest business policy without bribery, favoritism, or any other form of corruption. Compliance with all laws and other legal regulations is the basis for our actions, as a matter of course.

SMA Solar Technology AG


Sonnenallee 1 34266 Niestetal, Germany Tel.: +49 561 9522-0 Fax: +49 561 9522-100 E-mail:


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