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Are you energized by tackling new projects, exploring your own ideas, making a contribution to a shared goal and continually moving forward? If so, you have a lot in common with SMA. Günther Cramer, Peter Drews and Reiner Wettlaufer, three university friends, held these same ideals as they began building the foundation for today's SMA Solar Technology AG. We believe it's essential to work without unnecessary limitations, elitist thinking, bureaucracy, tedious decision-making processes and micromanagement. SMA aims for a democratic approach in the workplace - through open communication, solution-oriented thinking, opportunity for everyone and creating an enjoyable work environment. And of course fun at work. Thirty years, 5,000 employees and 20 foreign companies later, the founders, and their core values, have remained the driving force behind SMA. Together with the expertise, accomplishments and diversity of our employees, we have grown from a small engineering office to become the world's largest manufacturer of solar inverters. We refuse to rest on our laurels. New ideas, continuous product innovation and evolution characterize our day-to-day work. This requires experienced employees and qualified and committed recruits who have strength, versatility and the courage to take risks. Only with a strong team can we continue developing our technology, further securing our place as the market leader and advancing the success of photovoltaics.



We value and embrace challenges, entrepreneurial spirit, integrity and communication and foster growth in our employees. Our commitment to these ideals has been noticed. For several years, SMA has received the honor of being named in the best category in the renowned “Great Place to Work” competition. We will continue to honor our history while looking toward the future. We will also continue to grow SMA and maintain our extraordinary corporate culture by continuing our tradition of trust, safety and friendliness, and by creating opportunity for new ideas and personal development. Come and see for yourself. Find out who we are and what makes us so unique. Experience the SMA spirit and begin your future today.

Jürgen Dolle Chief Human Resources Officer SMA Solar Technology AG



When three university friends, GĂźnther Cramer, Peter Drews, Reiner Wettlaufer, together with their professor Dr. Werner Kleinkauf, founded SMA Solar Technology in 1981, power generation with photovoltaics (PV) was in its infancy. The vision was to generate power locally with renewable energy sources, with wind and photovoltaics at the center. The engineers began to develop a computer-based control system for PV plants and wind turbine systems. They had no idea just how quickly their ideas would take off and lead the way into the 21st century. PIONEER TO TRENDSETTER Today, SMA is one of the world's largest manufacturers of solar inverters, the central component of every PV plant. With the world's largest CO2-neutral solar inverter factory, we are able to maximize our cutting-edge inverter production with increased versatility and efficiency, thereby allowing us to serve our customers better and faster. Seven members of SMA Managing Board run the company. Since June 27, 2008, SMA has been listed in the Prime Standard (S92) on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. In September 2008, SMA shares were accepted on the TecDAX.




Every day at SMA we work to make power generation with photovoltaics even simpler and more affordable. Despite this remarkable growth and development we haven't forgotten our roots. We have gone from an engineer office to become one of the world's most successful companies in the solar industry. Our headquarters remain in Niestetal near Kassel while we continuously work on expanding internationally. ELECTRICITY CAN BE GENERATED ANYWHERE ON THE PLANET‌WITH ONLY THE SUN The sun shines everywhere, meaning solar power can be produced anywhere in the world. Although, in most countries solar power is more expensive than conventional power, module and system technology prices are falling making power generation with photovoltaics increasingly more affordable. PRESENT IN ALL IMPORTANT PV MARKETS New markets develop where there is demand. SMA establishes Sales and Service companies where new solar markets arise. In addition to our headquarters in Germany, we currently have 20 subsidiaries on four continents. Our international colleagues are experts and know their respective markets inside out responding quickly to market demands and serving our customers.

History and Internationalization




SMA SOLAR TECHNOLOGY Niestetal near Kassel

SMA RAILWAY TECHNOLOGY Niestetal near Kassel





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Toronto, Ontario







Rocklin, California







SMA AMERICA Denver, Colorado


Masdar City (Abu Dhabi)




SMA Solar Technology has Sales and Service representatives in the important solar markets around the world




SMA is convinced that renewable energy sources, specifically PV, is the future of the global energy supply. Fossil fuels like oil or coal are finite and therefore becoming more expensive. This is just one of the many reasons renewable energy has become an increasingly sound, viable and popular alternative with the general public. We believe photovoltaics promise the greatest potential for global growth as solar irradiation exceeds the primary energy requirements by more than 10,000 times. In addition, PV plants are simple to install. They supply electricity to the power distribution grid locally, work emission and noise-free, and deliver solar power when the demand is at its greatest. INVERTERS – THE HEART OF EVERY PV PLANT SMA solar inverters are vital in every PV plant. PV modules produce direct current and our inverters convert this into alternating current for the grid. Each PV plant is different and we have the perfect solution for every type. Our product range is extensive: the Sunny Boy for single-family home PV plants; the Sunny Mini Central for average sized PV plants; the Sunny Central for PV


power stations; the Sunny Island family for off-grid systems in locations isolated from a power distribution grid; and our backup inverter providing a home with power during a power outage. We offer solutions for every PV plant and every power class. SMA products are a powerful compilation of 30 years of experience in solar technology, innovative ideas and an extensive knowledge base setting the standards for the solar industry. BETTER – FASTER – MORE VERSATILE We have continuously expanded our position as the solar market leader. Our ability to adapt to changing market conditions and more than 600 developers ensure that SMA has up to six product innovations to introduce to the market every year.

Products and Growth


sunny prospects

SMA inverters in the world's largest CO2-neutral solar inverter factory




power of good ideas

Our corporate culture is founded on cooperative and collaborative management. Fairness, trust, partnership and respect are the most important components. We live these basic principles when working with each other and with all our external business partners. Our philosophy is making work fun. We are convinced that when people are excited about their work, they are more productive and efficient. Therefore, fun is an important element of our success. Of course, being number one means hard work, so we strive to create a work place that makes the hard work fun. Therefore, we have eliminated rigid structures, senseless rules and unnecessary hierarchies. ROOM TO MOVE We rely on trust and respect. Each employee is given autonomy and the ability to work independently. We provide room to move. SMA employees decide for themselves when their work is complete (shifts are necessary in production). Of course, as members of our team this also applies to interns and students.



TRUST We work to maximize opportunities for employees' active involvement in the communication and decision-making processes. We communicate openly and practice constructive criticism. We foster creativity and innovation by encouraging employees to explore unchartered territory. We understand the development process involves elements of trial and error and therefore use mistakes as an opportunity to collaborate and learn. FAIR WAGE COMPENSATION AND FINANCIAL INVESTMENT In addition to competitive compensation, including vacation and Christmas bonuses, all employees receive a bonus based on company performance on top of their annual salary. Over the past few years, our employees have received, on average, an additional two month's salary. SMA has received numerous accolades for directly rewarding employees based on the financial success of the company.

Investment and Accolades


pursue them fully


AWARD-WINNING WORK SMA has been recognized for its unique company culture and cooperative management style. We have made the top of the "Great Place to Work" and "Top Employer for engineers" lists. In addition, our continued training program has garnered the special "Life-Long Learning" award several times. AND BY THE WAY: SMA supports the "Fair Company" initiative and is committed to fair internships and opportunities for university graduates. As a member, we are dedicated to the guidelines of the initiative including not exploiting interns or students by making them do full-time jobs.

Best Workplaces 2011 Europe

The German Fairness Prize 2008: a Fairness Award for our exceptional corporate culture






An internship at SMA gives students the opportunity to apply their theoretical knowledge through on-the-job experience. Interns are directly involved in project work right from the start. Commitment, new ideas and team spirit are important to us. NOT JUST ON THE SIDELINES We offer internships in hardware development, product management and for those students majoring in electrical engineering (with a focus on power electronics), internships usually last three to six months and interns gain insight into their respective fields of application while at SMA. They work independently on tasks that specifically match their skills and interests. In the process, they gain knowledge and real-world experience to complement their education. As team members, their work enables them to make contributions to challenging and meaningful projects.




TRAINING AND SUPPORT Every intern is supported by an experienced mentor from their respective team during the length of the internship. They assist with organizational matters, explain tasks and provide overall support in the professional process. In addition, regular meetings take place with an employee from HR. As an opportunity to learn about SMA, all interns participate in various orientation events. Networking opportunities with other students are also possible through regularly scheduled seminars and informal meetings.

For those interested in an internship at SMA in Research and Development, the following is required: • Major in Electrical Engineering, Energy Management, Control Engineering, Power Electronics, Information Techno logy, Technical Information Technology, Automation or Communication Technology • Good to excellent grades in your course of study • Good English • Structured and independent working methods • Flexibility, motivation and a willingness to learn


We offer internships for Electrical Engineering students in the Development and Testing of Photovoltaic Inverters

Duties: As one of the most innovative market leaders in the solar industry, we focus on new technologies and trends. We are looking for students to join us as interns and work with us as fully-fledged team members in hardware development and in the test center for grid-integrated solar installation inverters. Duties include theoretical calculations and simulations, the creation of superstructures and the performance of live tests in the lab.

Qualifications Required: • Near completion of degree in Electrical Engineering, preferably with a working knowledge of power electronics or similar field • Very good knowledge of English • Knowledge of German preferred • Ability to work in both a structured, independent manner and as a member of a team • Good communication skills

Upon completion of the internship, we gladly offer the opportunity to write your thesis at SMA. Interested? We look forward to receiving your application! Your contact person in Human Resources Support: Ms. Anne Schuster ǀ Hotline for applicants: +49 561 9522-1111 ǀ E-mail:


“WHAT COUNTS HERE IS WHAT YOU CAN DO, NOT WHERE YOU ARE FROM� Francis, you started at SMA as an intern in 2009. After your final thesis, you were hired by SMA. How did you actually find out about the company? I heard about SMA when I was studying. After a little research, it was clear to me that an internship here could be something for me. Then I called the Graduate Recruiting employees at SMA and sent my application. The rest just sort of happened. My first day at SMA was October 1, 2009. And how was your first day? What I noticed immediately was the greeting. In my home on the Ivory Coast, we place a lot of value on that. How someone is greeted, is always a sign of respect and good upbringing. Greetings are a little more relaxed here in Germany. The heartfelt welcome here from the mentors in Graduate Recruiting and the colleagues in my department was thus a real surprise for me. And the colleagues accepted me immediately, like I had been one of them for a long time.

What do you especially like about SMA? Definitely one thing: What counts here is what you can do, not where you are from. People are put first, not title or hierarchy. And people take their time. Even during my final thesis, a lot of interesting discussions came up where I could introduce my ideas and talk about them. This clearly showed me that I was taken seriously as a colleague. What tip do you have for foreign university students who would like to write their final thesis at SMA? Have faith in yourself! You can see the divisions that are offering an opportunity to write a final thesis at jobs.SMA. de/en. If there isn't anything available, I would contact the Graduate Recruiting employees and ask about the possibilities. There is a solution to just about everything.

Francis Gnebehi, Technology Development Medium Power, at SMA since 2009 12




career opportunities ,

WE OFFER NEW EMPLOYEES NUMEROUS Usually, the final thesis marks the end of a degree program. For many, this is also the beginning of working life. Most students who write their thesis at SMA also start their career immediately following their internship with us. Those who decide to write their thesis while at SMA gain practical work experience and become an integral member of their respective team. NEW IDEAS ARE IN DEMAND Those studying electrical engineering can write their final thesis (Diploma, Bachelor and Master) in energy technology/power electronics, measuring and control engineering, communication technology or software development. We encourage good course achievements and commitment. INNOVATION-FRIENDLY ENVIRONMENT Writing your thesis at SMA provides an exceptional opportunity for students to exercise their scientific curiosity and ideas in an innovation-friendly environment. Students get the benefit of working in a professional team and attending seminars and training courses while focusing on the elements of their thesis. STARTING AT SMA AFTER UNIVERSITY We welcome new employees through orientation events and customized job training plans to ensure the transition is smooth and supportive. Experienced colleagues provide consistent and reli14


able support through communication, continuous feedback and direction for further development. CAREERS IN ENGINEERING There are many career paths open to electrical engineers at SMA. They can direct their career as specialists, project managers or as managers with supervisory responsibility. Specialists are in charge of independent development and do not have responsibility for projects or employees. Senior engineers are those with ample experience in an area of development. They advise employees about technical issues, or support the Sales colleagues. Field specialists work at SMA as Senior Expert Engineers. They provide professional advice and support for developers and project managers. A second career path for engineers: the project manager. Project managers are responsible for independent projects within a department. They define tasks, assign the project employees their roles and are the contact person for the project. Tasks involving more than one department or division are taken care of by the Senior Project Manager. The third career path for engineers is being in charge of staff as a Team Leader, Group Leader or Director.

Final Thesis and Direct Entry

We offer Bachelor’s and Master’s thesis projects in areas related to Photovoltaic Inverter Development and Testing

Possible Subject Areas: • Development of photovoltaic inverter power electronics and control structures • Modeling, simulation and network integration of photovoltaic inverters into the power grid • Development of digital and analog circuit components • Monitored analyses of components, modules and systems

Qualifications Required: • Near completion of degree program in Electrical Engineering, preferably with a working knowledge of power electronics or similar field • English proficiency • Knowledge of German preferred • Ability to work in a structured, independent manner as well as a member of a team; dedication to the job • Good communication skills

We will gladly meet with you in person (or via telephone) to determine a subject that best matches your strengths and interests. Interested? We look forward to receiving your application! Your contact person in Human Resources Support: Ms. Anne Schuster ǀ Hotline for applicants: +49 561 9522-1111 ǀ E-mail: 15


Direct Entry

“We all share the same goal: to move SMA forward.” You are a control engineer from Belgium. What brought you to SMA? I studied mechanical engineering and earned a doctorate in electrical engineering in Leuven. While still in Belgium, I worked at a spin-off of my department at the university. A friend of mine was working for SMA at the time and thought it would be a perfect fit for me. I began working here on June 1, 2010. Could you already speak German? No, I couldn’t speak a word of German when I came here, but I have language classes twice a week at SMA, which has really been useful. I also look up words online quite a bit and my colleagues are very helpful.

You have been here since the middle of 2010. Are you able to say in that short time what makes SMA special? Without a doubt, the open culture. If you have a problem, you can talk about it and everyone will come together to find a solution. I also think it’s great that everyone at SMA wants to move the company forward, and we all share that goal. And how do you like the region? I like it a lot. I live in Benterode, a small town near SMA, right next to a nature reserve. I like to stay active, so it’s ideal. I go cycling and running often, and I always ride my bike to work.

Stijn Stevens, Control Engineer, at SMA since 2010 17


solar future

Would you like to have an exciting job with numerous development opportunities, creative potential and freedom to explore your ideas? Do you want a job where you are solely responsible for your work, and where an independent and a cooperative environment play a central role? Do you want to be a part of a future with an environmentally friendly energy supply? Then we look forward to receiving your application.

Visit our career portal at and find out more about the opportunities at SMA. Here, you will find detailed information and our current job advertisements. You can also read what other employees think about their jobs, careers and experiences.

For additional information about SMA and our products, visit us at

Welcome to our present – the Solar Future.






SMA Solar Technology AG


Sonnenallee 1 34266 Niestetal Hotline for applicants: +49 561 9522-1111 E-mail:


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