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Corporate Social Responsibility at SMA – Taking on Responsibility Together

Managing Board of SMA Solar Technology AG (from left to right): Marco Werner, Roland Grebe, J端rgen Dolle, Peter Drews, G端nther Cramer, Pierre-Pascal Urbon, Uwe Hertel.

Dear reader, Assuming social and ecological responsibility is the foundation of our business model. It has been an important part of our corporate culture since the beginning of SMA. Therefore, corporate social responsibility means to us that long-term economic success is combined with protecting the environment and social responsibility. We develop and sell products that help protect the climate. While the solar inverters from SMA are the most important part of a photovoltaic plant, they help protect the climate as well as they increase the development of renewable energies. Our contribution to environment and climate protection already begins within the company: systematic use of renewable energies, energy-efficient building technology and CO2neutral production. SMA feels a responsibility both toward environmental protection and social involvement. This is why we help by assuming social responsibility right where we are – just like a good citizen. On the other hand, we support and encourage the development of renewable energies in the developing parts of the world. One important component is the dedication of our employees. Their commitment is based on the identification with our values, goals and cooperative corporate culture. This is one important factor for our success. We have already achieved a great deal – but there is still much we would like to accomplish. We would like to give you insight into our corporate social responsibility activities by presenting a few specific examples in this brochure. We hope you enjoy reading. The Managing Board

Taking on Responsibility Together We want to conduct our business in a responsible manner – with respect to environment and society. That is the reason for a CSR strategy based on the protection of the environment and climate, the participation in social projects as well as our employees. The strategic framework of our CSR activities: • Promotion of photovoltaic systems with respect to social and political aspects in the society. • A minimum impact on the environment by our production and our daily actions. • Being a “good citizen“ by taking an active role in ecological and social questions in the region. • Support of the cooperative management. This is what our measures and actions are based on. It has always been a major part of our corporate policies to combine corporate success with ecological and social goals.

... The new training building of the SMA Solar Academy: completely independent of the grid thanks to innovative technology.

With the worldwide largest inverter factory, SMA takes a leadership role in climate protection.

Industry in harmony with climate protection SMA inverters are the heart of every PV plant and thereby contribute significantly to the reduction of CO2 emissions. We want to contribute to climate protection already during manufacturing. This is why the world‘s largest CO2-neutral inverter factory was built: the SMA Solar Factory 1 has an annual production capacity of five gigawatts. The energy concept for CO2-neutral production is based on two main pillars: the greatest possible reduction in energy demand and the use of renewable energies. SMA assumes a pioneering role with this sustainable energy and building concept: it demonstrates that CO2-neutral modern industrial production in an industrial scale is already possible today. This is why the German Energy Agency honored the building with the Energy Efficiency Award 2010.

Marking milestones Current and future building projects also prioritize energy efficiency and the use of renewable energies. The new training building of the SMA Solar Academy operates completely independent of the grid and uses renewable energies. We will continue to apply and develop this sustainable energy concept in our new expansion in the industrial area Sandershäuser Berg.

Innovation through creativity Enthusiasm for renewable energies often develops at a young age. That is why we want to spark children‘s interest in science at an early stage. SMA has been sponsoring the annual regional “Jugend forscht“ competition of young researchers in North Hesse since 2007. Over the course of a day, the young researchers demonstrate and explain their projects to a jury and the public. SMA awards its own innovation prize for particularly creative inventions. SMA has also been supporting the “Hesse SolarCup“ for many years. In this competition, school children build solar powered model cars and boats. The winner is the person who uses the sun most efficiently.

Supporting new technologies We also want to support the usage of new technologies in the solar energy field by the international “Solar Decathlon“ competition. That is why we support student teams building innovative houses for the competition that produce more solar power than they use themselves.

“Jugend forscht“ competition at SMA.

SMA employees work on-site at the trade school project in Kooki, Uganda.

Joint steps to the future

More than two billion people around the world still live without electrical power. We have initiated a number of projects for reliable power supply in the Kooki region in Uganda in cooperation with the Kassel association “TOGETHER Hilfe für Uganda“ (Help for Uganda). In 2009 for example, we equipped a school center with a powerful standalone photovoltaic system. The SMA staff donated a part of the traditional SMA Christmas collection and a few of our employees traveled to Kooki in their vacation time to install the plant and to train the people on-site in how to use the technology. This knowledge is now being passed on to students in a training center which was also built with SMA support.

Providing help for self-help SMA was also able to send a signal with other initiatives and projects. For example, we helped equip a PV plant for a health center in Senegal and supported the construction of a solar power system for a house for Aids orphans in Tanzania.

Local effort for future perspectives With “Hafen 17“, the charitable organization Diakonisches Werk in Kassel provides children from socially disadvantaged families with not only a meeting place, but with a perspective for the future. Here they can play, receive assistance with their homework and learn proper nutrition. At “Hafen 17“, the daily warm meal is the central event. At mealtime, the counselors are particularly able to engage in dialogue with the children, to uncover their fears and needs, and together search for solutions.

Offering perspectives SMA also helps children in need by supporting the “Phoenix Project” of the “Frauennotruf Göttingen” (women’s emergency hotline). The central concern of the organization is eliminating the social disadvantages of children and young people who are direct or indirect victims of domestic violence, improving their educational opportunities, and in particular opening the way for them to a future free of violence.

At “Hafen 17“, the daily warm meal is the central event.

Achieving more together – the trade school project in Kooki/Uganda.

Stand-alone photovoltaic system for an HIV/Aids center in Uganda Together with other companies, SMA has equipped an HIV/Aids center in Adjumani with a solar power system. The center, which previously only had electricity for a brief time each day, is now provided with reliable power – thanks to a modern photovoltaic island system. This has improved conditions for the workers there, as well as those for the implementation of new projects. Solar electricity plant providing backup power for hospital ward in Senegal Electricity is the basic prerequisite for sustainable development in Africa, and often a matter of life and death. As the most important medical contact point, the hospital ward in Baïla is particularly dependent on reliable electricity. That is why the hospital ward was equipped with a backup power system with the help of SMA. Species protection project in Nigeria The Gashaka-Gumti National Park in Nigeria is one of the last protected areas for primates threatened with extinction. SMA and students of a Kassel trade school developed a low-noise and self-sufficient energy supply system for the protection of the sensitive natural environment: a stand-alone grid based on solar energy provides electricity for the research station and thereby supports species protection. Tsunami aid for Sri Lanka Together with students from the Herwig-Blankertz school in Hofgeismar – a regional trade school – a portable energy supply system was created. It was specially developed for use in the areas of Sri Lanka most affected by the flood disaster. Stand-alone photovoltaic system for a health center in Senegal With the support of SMA, a health center in N‘Dollor was equipped with its own PV plant. Not only does the system supply the health center with electricity for lighting, it also supplies electricity for refrigerators used to store medication and vaccines.

Laserscape Fridericianum The Laserscape counts as one of the nighttime landmarks in Kassel. From the museum Fridericianum, it wanders every Saturday to distinctive corners of the city. SMA supports the project of the light artist Horst H. Baumann with a Sunny Backup system. During the day, it stores solar energy, which at night is used to operate the laser and “illuminate“ a piece of city history. Schutzhof Calden (Abuse Shelter Calden) Neglect, violence and family problems often cause children and young people to become disoriented. To provide them with stability and keep them from losing trust in society, we have supported the Schutzhof Calden for a number of years. The organization provides shelter for children in need and young people in North Hesse and gives them a perspective for the future. 7,000 Oaks The project 7,000 Oaks of the late artist Joseph Beuys combines ecological and cultural sustainability. With the planting of 13 English oaks, we are continuing the documenta art work begun in 1982, while also sponsoring ďŹ ve years of maintenance. Kassel Night of Museums As a company in the documenta city Kassel, it is important to us to support regional art and culture. This is why we support the Kassel Night of Museums: Once each year, around 40 museums and cultural centers open their doors and present themselves from their most lively side. Kassel Music Days The Kassel Music Days is one of the oldest European music festivals and can look back on a 77-year history. The musical offering is focused on vocal music, but also on new music and compositions commissioned especially for the event. To maintain this tradition, SMA supports the Music Days each year.


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