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Preface First of all, thanks to the highness Buddha. Because it makes our making on the magazine easier. We also thank everyone who takes part on this magazine. There are many things that are told to the readers about “Millennials with Achievement� in this case we want to talk about that millennials generation is able to reach many achievements not only in academic but also in another field, such as: entertainment, sport, Art, and so on. Because I believe that every person has their own talent and ability, so by enhancing their talent, they could earn achievement in the field they like. We realize if perhaps there is something wrong in our writing, like information told probably does not suit with the readers’ interest. We do apologize. Last but not least we thank everyone who has read our magazine.

Tri Ratna School History Tri Ratna School is a Buddhist school with accreditation A in the West Jakarta area, has the motto "SMART, GOOD, and MINDFULNESS", developing Buddhist character education that is planting the seeds of love, compassion, empathy and nondiscrimination to their students. When the Art of Conscious Life is practiced in daily life through retreats, it will help a lot to bring peace and joy to many people even students Who has been tired of struggling and fighting with his own mind and life. Age 3-6 years is the best age to start introducing technology to children. This was revealed by the author of the book "Teaching Children Computer Literacy" Catherine and Glen. With the method of play, children can simultaneously learn, by learning, children can play, the heart becomes happy, so that children's creativity and imagination can develop.

EDITOR'S NOTES Millennial generation is a group of people who are familiar with gadgets because for them "no gadget no life", it's no wonder that this generation prefers to make transactions with non-cash. They are also critical of the social phenomenon that is happening. Therefore, social media becomes a container that is forgiving and comfortable for them to socialize. Because it is so close to the gadget, it will certainly make it easier for them to upload whatever they are doing. Even so they would rather have experience than store assets. So, it's no wonder they become a generation who is good at several fields at once. They also tend to get bored easily and they prefer anything that is practical or instant. That's some of the characteristics of millennial generation. It has been mentioned above that millennial generation is so familiar with gadgets, that they are more likely to excel not only in the field of Education but also in other fields, such as sports, art, technology, or others. As is the case, K-Pop which is mushrooming in Indonesia, makes them competing to always follow it. Because the trend for them is the 'social sign' that they are present as millennial generation.

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Academic and Non Academic Education Equality School is an arena where children can expand their knowledge and learn things around them with the facilities provided. but in general schools emphasize the academic assessment achieved by their students, because the community's view of the school is usually focused on the success of achieving academic achievement of students in the school. And the following are ways that can be used by Millennials to achieve academic achievements; 1. Mastering a good way of learning By applying effective and efficient principles. Like studying not only at school, at home can 2. Skilled in dividing time A student must be skilled in dividing time such as studying, playing, resting, and so on. But not all students have advantages only in the academic field, they can be experts in other fields such as their favorite hobbies that are included in the non-academic category. An example is following extracurricular activities at school and they excel in that field. Such as extracurricular activities held by Tri Ratna school which consists of extracurricular basketball, dance, volleyball, swimming, bands, and others. And the following is an example of a successful achievement achieved by a student from the Tri Ratna school. 1. On Sunday, August 11, 2019, Aldi Sutomo who joined the Band extracurricular at Tri Ratna High School took part in the Singing Contest held at the Dhamacakka Jaya Vihara. And managed to get 1st place in the race. And get a trophy and money of Rp 1,000,000. 2. Then on Saturday, September 6, 2019, the extracurricular dance named "S2A" from the Tri Ratna High School unit joined the Dance competition organized by the Purity School, and then they succeeded in getting 2nd place in the competition. And get a trophy and money of Rp. 750,000 Thus it can be concluded that not all school children excel or are experts in academics alone. But they can excel in non-academic fields that come from hobbies that can be developed through extracurricular activities in schools.

What’s a vegetarian? Vegetarianism generally means that no meat, poultry, or seafood is consumed. Eggs and/or dairy are typically included in a vegetarian diet. People who eat eggs as their only animal protein are called ovovegetarians. Those who allow dairy in their diet are lacto-vegetarians, and people who eat both eggs and dairy are deemed lacto-ovovegetarians. Pescatarian is a title for people who do eat fish and seafood but no meat or poultry, although they are generally not considered to be part of the core vegetarian community.

What’s a vegan? Veganism excludes all animal foods, meaning no meat, poultry, seafood, eggs, dairy, or any ingredients derived from animal sources, including honey and gelatin. Veganism generally extends to a lifestyle that involves not using any materials derived from animals, including leather, fur, wool, and silk. Household products, such as cosmetics and soaps are also excluded if they are made with or tested on animals. Nutritionally speaking, omitting more animal foods can make it challenging to meet the needs for certain nutrients, such as vitamins D and B12, iron, zinc, and calcium. However, it is possible to obtain all of the necessary nutrients on a vegan diet if you are knowledgeable about which plant foods contain key nutrients and how to supplement properly if needed. If you are vegan or are thinking of going vegan, consult with an RD who specializes in vegan diets or, at the very least, refer to a book like Becoming Vegan, written by two RDs. When it comes to health protection, the quality of any plant-based diet is king. One recent study, published in The Journal of Nutrition, followed over 800 people who were vegans, lacto-ovo vegetarians, semivegetarians, and non-vegetarians. Researchers found that vegans had higher levels of healthy fats, antioxidants, and anti-inflammatory

compounds in their bodies than non-vegetarians, likely because they consume more produce and other whole, plant-based foods. How to get more plants in your diet While vegetarianism and veganism are two pillars of plant-based eating, many consumers are creating new categories, like chegans (vegans who sometimes “cheat” with an animal-based food). Regardless of what you call your personal style of eating, prioritize nutrient-rich, whole-plant foods. Aim for about five cups of veggies and two cups of fruit daily, along with pulses (the edible seeds of certain plants in the legume family) such as beans, lentils, peas, and chickpeas; whole grains, like quinoa and brown or wild rice; and a variety of nuts and seeds. Vegan goodies, like coconut milk ice cream, and vegan cupcakes are fine as occasional treats, but they shouldn’t be mainstays. Cynthia Sass, MPH, RD, is Health’s contributing nutrition editor, a New York Times best-selling author, and a consultant for the New York Yankees and Brooklyn Nets. Source:

Low carb diet Carbohydrates or carbs raise blood glucose more than other foods, meaning the body must produce more than other food, and the body must produce more insulin to digest them. Low-carb diet is a diet that restricts carbohydrates, such as those found sugary foods, pasta and bread. It is high in protein, fat and healthy vegetables. In most scientific studies, low-carb diet prove their worth as healthy and benetifical. These are some of the benefit of low-carn diets :

Penyerahan Jabatan Ketua Osis Jakarta 30 Agustus 2019 di Sekolah Tri Ratna, telah terlaksana kegiatan serah terima jabatan kepengurusan OSIS yang lama yang di ketuai oleh Saudara Slamet Warsito kelas XII MIPA kepada kepengurusan OSIS yang baru yang di ketuai oleh saudari Yolanda kelas XI MIPA dengan masa Jabatan 2019- 2020. Yang dihadiri oleh dewan guru, serta siswa-siswi SMA TRI RATNA. Kemudian dalam upacara penyerahan jabatan kepengurusan OSIS, Bapak Maydi Kurniawan yang mewakilkan Kepala Sekolah yang tidak dapat datang karena ada halangan. Menyampaikan pidato dengan harapan semoga kepengurusan Osis yang baru dilantik dapat melaksanakan program kerja yang mana dapat meningkatkan kualitas sekolah melalui hubungan baik antar siswa dengan seluruh elemen yang ada di Sekolah Tri Ratna, serta dapat mengharumkan nama baik sekolah melalui kegiatan yang bersifat positif. Dan sebelum terpilihnya saudari Yolanda sebagai Ketua Osis yang baru, telah dilaksanakan kegiatan pemungutan suara yang dapat digunakan untuk memilih calon Ketua Osis yang baru. Dan sebelum dilaksanakannya kegiatan pemungutan suara untuk memilih calon Ketua Osis yang baru, telah terpilih 2 calon kandidat untuk ketua & wakil ketua calon Osis. Dimana kandidat nomor 1 yaitu saudari Yolanda sebagai calon ketua dan saudara William Wiputra sebagai calon wakil ketua. Dan kandidat no 2 yaitu saudara Aji krisnadi sebagai calon ketua dan saudara Joseph sebagai calon wakil ketua. Yang dimana mereka dipilih secara langsung oleh dewan guru . Dan Kegiatan ini berlangsung di Cetya Sekolah Tri Ratna, yang dihadiri oleh Kepala Sekolah ,guru- guru, serta siswa- siswi SMA TRI RATNA. Konsep yang digunakan untuk memilih calon ketua Osis yang baru yaitu menggunakan konsep pencoblosan layaknya seperti pemungutan suara dalam pemilu. Dimana seorang siswa dapat memilih calon Osis yang baru dengan cara mencoblos foto calon pada bilik suara yang telah disediakan, kemudian melipatnya dan memasukannya ke kardus suara yang telah disediakan. Dan siswa yang telah memilih hak suaranya diberi tinta dibagian tangannya sebagai tanda sudah memberikan hak pilihnya. Dan alasan dari pembina Osis dan anggota Osis yang lama memilih konsep ini yaitu Yaitu agar siswa-siswi Sma Tri Ratna dapat merasakan pemilihan suara melalui pencoblosan, karena mereka belum pernah merasakan pencoblosan pada pemilu karena usianya yang belum sesuai dengan aturan untuk melakukan pencoblosan.

Perangkat OSIS lama

Perangkat OSIS baru

BIODATA RADEN DEWI SARTIKA Raden dewi sartika was born in Cicalengka, Bandung, December 4, 1884 - died at Cineam, Tasikmalaya, September 11, 1947 (at the age of 62 years). she was a pioneer figure in education for women and was used as a national hero by the Indonesian government in 1966. Dewi Sartika is a child born to a respected family, Dewi Sartika's parents are Raden Angga Somanegara (Father) and Raden Ajeng Rajapemas (Mother) and Raden Kanduruan's husband Agah Suryawinata. With her husband she is blessed with one child named Raden Atot Suryawinata. Dewi Sartika attends Europeesche lagere school. Since childhood, she often plays the role of becoming a teacher when after school with her friends. Because of his passion for playing teacher-teacher when he grew up, he wished to build his own school and the wish was reached on January 16, 1904, he built a school called a wife school in the Bandung district, and built schools in every city and district in West Java in 1920. SARTIKA GOD'S EDUCATION: Dewi Sartika considers that building education is not only about teaching students, but parents should also be involved in understanding their role in building education. Raden dewi sartika was born in Cicalengka, Bandung, December 4, 1884 - edited at Cineam, Tasikmalaya, September 11, 1947 (at the age of 62 years). she was a pioneer figure in education for women and was used as a national hero by the Indonesian government in 1966. Dewi Sartika is a child born from a respected family, Dewi Sartika's parents are Raden Angga Somanegara (Father) and Raden Ajeng Rajapemas (Mother) and Raden Kanduruan's husband Agah Suryawinata. With praise he was blessed with a child named Raden Atot Suryawinata. Dewi Sartika attended Europeesche lagere school, playing a small role as a compilation teacher after school with friends. Because of his penchant for playing large-scale school teachers, he wanted to build the school itself and meet these requirements on January 16, 1904, he built a school that matches his wife's school in the district of Bandung, and built schools in every city or district in West Java in 1920. SARTIKA GOD'S EDUCATION: Dewi Sartika values building education not only about students teaching, parents must also participate in building education.


uryani Situmorang adalah seorang guru di SMA Tri Ratna lulusan kimia. Sekolah Tri Ratna di Jakarta Barat. Bu yani sapaan akrabnya yang lahir pada tanggal 20 September 1995 di

Pematangsiantar. Tempat tinggalnya di daerah Duri Kosambi. Menurut Beliau kesana terhadap sekolah Tri Ratna, yaitu menyenangkan dan murid-murid yang di ajarnya baik-baik. Perbedaan pada pedidikan di luar negeri dengan Indonesia, yakni jika dalam sistem pendidikan di Indonesia siswa banyak tertinggal dalam hal pelajaran, sedangkan di luar negeri sistem pendidikan sudah sangat maju. Jadi tidak ada yang tertinggal dan juga di luar tidak memberikan beban











pendidikan berkembang

lainnya. Pada




sekali pemberitaan di media sosial, internet, media massa, perlakuan siswa tidak sopan terhadap guru. Akhir-akhir ini pada posisi negatif anak





diatur, tidak takut pada guru dan kurangnya rasa hormat pada guru. Pada




berkembang zaman sekarang lebih cepat belajar karena dibantu oleh internet. Dalam pengalaman mengajar di sekolah Tri Ratna adalah senang karena murid-murid masih menghormati guru, bisa diajak kerja sama, tidak pernah lawan guru, para murid juga sangat ramah kepada semua orang dan juga susana di Sekolah Tri Ratna juga sangat tentram.

7 Tried-and-True Tips That Will Help Millennials Succeed in Any Workplace

1. Listen More Than You Talk. Too many people let their egos get in the way. They feel that they need to prove their knowledge and thus talk over everyone. What they don’t know is that listening is just as, if not more, important than talking. Soak up what is being said. Get a feel for the room. And then, when you want to say something, make sure that it’s novel, succinct and actually contributes value to the conversation. 2. Be a Team-player. Show to management that you work well in collaboration with others. Offer to do tasks that others don’t want to do. Be willing to let a colleague take the credit. Don’t sweat the small stuff. These are all crucial elements of being someone that people want to not only be around, but work with. 3. Accept Feedback Graciously. Demonstrate that you’re open to constructive feedback. This not only illustrates that you’ve removed your ego from your work performance, but also that you’re hungry and willing to do better. Remember, the organization is investing in you. And so, they are willing to devote their resources into making you better. Don’t take it personally. 4. Find Your Niche. Find out what you can contribute to the company that no one else can or willing to do. Is your organization lacking a social media presence? Offer to set-up and manage their accounts. Does your organization’s blog on their website need updating? Offer to contribute an article that can simultaneously highlight your writing skills. Start to see where the hidden opportunities are and become someone who is invaluable. 5. Foster Strong Interpersonal Skills. Mastering the Art of Communication is crucial. Learn how to speak with ease and eloquence, as well as acknowledge what others are saying to you. Maintain eye contact. Use hand gestures to reinforce your points. Ask questions to develop the conversation. 6. Maintain a Positive Attitude. Everyone wants to work with someone who is positive and charismatic. No matter how terrible you feel when you wake up, learn to leave that at the door and enter the office with a smile. Being likeable goes a long way. Complaining ruins that. 7. Leave the Drama at Home. This is related to the previous point — don’t discuss your personal problems at work. No one cares. Also, don’t engage in office politics — although recognize that it exists — and just focus on putting your head down and doing the work. In the end, solid work performance is the only metric of success to a company.


Karya diatas adalah karya seni 2 dimensi yang dibuat oleh Dhana, Ailing, Pinto, Handy dan Chelsea. Karya tersebut bercerita tentang Kalimantan yang dulunya dikenal dengan nama BORNEO, digambarkan lewat gunung-gunung, burung enggang, sape, serta pulaunya dengan motif ukiran asli Kalimantan, terdapat pula0 tulisan-tulisan kecil, pesan dari anak Kalimantan untuk ibukota kita sekarang. Jangan hilangkan budaya serta hutan disana.

Gambar diatas adalah foto mading Sekolah TRI RATNA yang dibuat oleh Osis SMA TRI RATNA, berisikan riwayat-riwayat Sekolah TRI RATNA seperti sejarahnya, pendiri, logo serta kegiatan-kegiatan yang aktif dilakukan di Sekolah TRI RATNA terutama pensi dan retret.

{= Gambar tersebut adalah karya dari Angelica Avena dan Jesika kelas XII MIPA. Dibuat dengan media talenan dan dicat dengan warna dasar hitam, lalu mulailah ditempel kertas dan kain yg membentuk orang yang sedang menari balet.

Karya tersebut adalah karya yang dibuat oleh kelas XII MIPA, mading ini dibuat dalam rangka memperingati hari kemerdekaan pada bulan agustus kemarin. Dengan nuansa ramai tapi tetap dengan susunan dan tata letak yang rapi dan menarik untuk dilihat.

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Generasi Millenial  

Tema kali ini dibuat oleh siswa-siswi kelas XII MIPA Tahun ajaran 2019/2020

Generasi Millenial  

Tema kali ini dibuat oleh siswa-siswi kelas XII MIPA Tahun ajaran 2019/2020