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NEW INDOOR GOLF FACILITY Offering something for all levels; all ages. CLASSES FOR: Adults • Women Only Children • Clinics Or just come practice in a Safe and Friendly Environment!

6880 SW West Hills Rd. Corvallis

541.929.CHIP (2447)


Buy One Meal and get the Second Buy One Meal at

regular price and get the 2nd meal of equal or lesser value FREE! valid for lunch only expires 12-20-10

The Willamette Valley’s

Only IndOOr

Golf Practice Facility • 2400 sq. ft. Putting and Chipping Green • 6 Hitting Bays • V1 Pro Video Analysis • Launch Monitor • Free Wi-Fi • Memberships • Hourly Rates



By RICK BEASLEY I should have twittered Gen. Stanley McChrystal before he talked to Rolling Stone and got fired by the president over an unforgivable gaffe. I once found myself in a similar jam and my advice might have saved his job. Most American men my age have two ways of looking at things, through the prism of sports with its core lessons like “Three strikes and you’re out” or the military view with cautionary principles such as “Anything worth fighting for is worth fighting dirty for!” By inclination and training, I’m the latter. To me, commerce is war, and owning a business is like running a rifle company. We don’t place ads; we “launch a campaign.” We “march” to deadlines and try to “outlank” our competition. With assorted flags and faded photos on the walls, our barracks-style building looks more like an orderly room than a business office. So I read the Rolling Stone article like a bag of captured intel, and concluded that somewhere between West Point and the West Wing young Stanley McChrystal failed to heed the great lessons of business and war. Aside from the obvious ‘Never trust a reporter’ is the old adage about the chain of command: ‘Never throw your boss’s toupee across the room.’ I wrote the rule. In 1972 I was a young lieutenant of infantry rising fast in an organization of fire-breathers until the new boss took over Alpha Company. Captain Pizzaro, Jr., my Obama, was uncommunicative, indecisive and couldn’t read a map, a quirk that invariably put us one or two klicks off the objective. A couple of times I moved forward through the column of irritated riflemen until I found him with a compass in one hand and a map in the other, blaming the mapmaker. He was prematurely bald, fussed over his uniform and was touchy as an automatic ambush. At some point, like Col. Kurtz or Stanley McChrystal, I went insane. The symptoms were clear as gin: a sense of humor, where none is called for, and youthful contempt for an inept boss. One night after we turned in our gear, the platoon leaders gathered at a seedy bar. We were singing bawdy songs and spilling our beer when Capt. Pizzaro walked in, starched and sober as a firing squad with a toupee draped

over his wispy hairline. Nobody said a word about the beaver hat as he sat down, but we could barely hold back our laughter. At some point, I snatched the wig from his head and turned it into a frisbee. And in that instant, like Gen. McChrystal calling Vice President Biden “Joe Bite Me,” I had reached the pinnacle of my military career. Capt. Pizzaro didn’t fire me. What could he do, call the battalion commander — who was running out of lieutenants — and tell him that I hurled his wig across a room full of drunken GIs? That wouldn’t do. Instead, Capt. Pizzaro penciled three words into my officer efficiency report that were deadly as a Zippo lighter in a powder magazine: “Chafes at authority.” I learned my lesson and went on to work as a loyal subordinate for some of the biggest martinets in the newspaper industry, making it my job to hide their shortcomings like a $500 hairpiece. These days, I tell the young turks to pace themselves because business is like nuclear war: there are no winners, just survivors. And leave my toupee alone.

THE VALLEY EXPLORER PO BOX 2324 CORVALLIS, OR 97339 EMAIL:shayne.m.m@gmail. com 541-805-9785 Publisher: Shayne Morgan Marketing: Tom Wright Writing: Catherine Wright,Rick Beasley, Tom Wright, Shayne Morgan

Email your stories to the email listed above. Need a photo? Just ask. The Valley Explorer is published monthly and distributed from Sweet Home to the Central Oregon Coast.

OUR DISTRIBUTORS! Pick up the latest issue of the Valley Explorer and have breakfast or lunch at Shirley May’s. They serve bodacious portions of omeletes, burgers and fresh-homemade cooking. They are open daily. OTHER LOCATIONS


Corvallis Hospital 7-11 on 9th Burger King on 9th Darrell's Restaurant The Beanery on Circle China Buffet Taco Time King Tin Restaurant Bi- Mart ( enclosed rack outside) Les Schwab Tire Center Highland Bowling China Blue Restaurant Pizza Hut ( Timber Hill Shopping) 7-11 ( across from Fred Meyer) Anytime Fitness Dutch Brothers on Monroe Corvallis Library The Book Bin 7-11 in the SW part of town The Beanery Downtown Wow Fitness Dairy Queen Burger King Downtown China Delight Restaurant Shari's Restaurant Burgerville Hamburgers Lebanon: Lebanon Samaritan Hospital LBCC Center Lebanon Samaritan Medical Center Lebanon Library Big Town Hero Anytime Fitness The Corner Kitchen Oak Street Market The Pizza Place 7-11 Appletree Restaurant Linn Lanes Bowling Taco Time Bing's Restaurant Shari's Restaurant Les Schwab Tires Burger King

Albany: 7-11 by LBCC Lakeshore Lanes Bowling YMCA Riverview Restaurant AM-PM Mini Mart Bob's Family Market Geary Street Family Practice 7-11 on Geary Street Burger King Novak's Hungarian Restaurant Kutch & Renyer Eye Care Valley Eye Care Albany Public Library ( Main) Genstler Eye Care Sweetwater's Restaurant Les Schwab Tire Center Taco Time Los Tequila Restaurant Dairy Queen Fast Break Market on Century Roger's Restaurant Stop & Go Market on Old Salem Rd. 7-11 on Main Street Grocery Market on 2nd Street Pizza King Chevron Mini Mart in North Albany North Albany Village Medical Center Albany Samaritan Medical Center in North Albany Historical Venetian Theater downtown 2 River’s Market



Staff - If you were to conduct a poll of Americans, it’s likely that a vast majority would associate New Year’s Eve with drunk driving. But the reality is the danger of being hit by a drunk driver or receiving a citation for DUI (driving under the influence) may actually be far greater between Thanksgiving and Christmas, according to Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD). While many Americans have become conditioned to take extra steps to avoid drinking and driving on New Year’s Eve, many fail to recognize the danger that exists throughout the holiday season and the professional football season. With office holiday parties, holiday get-togethers thrown by friends and family, and a myriad of professional sports events, the opportunities to consume alcohol seem nearly endless this time of the year. Add factors such as poor driving conditions due to winter weather, shorter daytime driving hours and other holiday season driving distractions, and you have all the ingredients of a potential tragedy on the road. According to, the nation’s leading online source for legal information, drunk driving means being under the influence of any substance (alcohol, illegal drugs, prescription drugs, etc.) that impairs a person’s ability to safely operate a motorized vehicle (car, motorcycle, boat, all-terrain vehicle (ATV), etc.). All 50 states and the District of Columbia have laws defining it as a crime to drive with a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) at or above a proscribed level, currently .08 percent in most states. On average, the BAC among fatally injured drinking drivers is .16 and the relative risk of death for drivers in single-vehicle crashes with a high BAC is 385 times that of someone with a zero BAC. The most important thing to do before going out to a holiday party or meeting friends at a local bar to watch a pro football game is to become familiar with the consequences of drinking and driving. In many states, public safety officials are actively taking a stance against drunk driving through public information campaigns and stepped-up roadside DUI checks, especially during peak times, such as the holiday season.

KIDS TOP 10 WISH LIST ORLANDO -- It looks like Santa Claus is going to have to up his budget this year.

Here are some additional tips from on how to have a safer, DUI-free holiday season:

Kids want more expensive items on their wish lists this holiday season, according to the 2010 Duracell Toy Report.

* Select a designated driver. Make sure to choose someone who promises not to drink and who will make sure that all passengers buckle up.

The survey showed more and more children want gadgets -- not toys -for the holidays.

* Take a cab or public transportation. If you’re traveling alone or with just one other person, consider taking a cab or public transportation to and from your holiday event.

The days of kids asking for G.I. Joe or Barbie under the Christmas tree may be fading fast. According to the new report, Santa would have better luck shopping at the Apple Store.

* Hosting the holiday party. If you host a holiday party, either at your home or at your workplace, make sure to offer your guests a cab ride to get home, if they need it. Make sure to also offer non-alcoholic beverages to your guests - as well as food to offset alcohol intake. * Be aware that you can receive a DUI while operating snowmobiles and ATVs as well. Also keep in mind that alcohol consumption combined with excessive speed and the lack of safety belts dramatically increases your odds of injury during a collision on the trail. * If you’re pulled over, remember to treat the officer with respect; otherwise, he or she could use your defiance as evidence against you in a trial. Turn your car off, put your keys on the dashboard, keep your hands on the steering wheel, in full view of the police officer and be prepared to show your driver’s license and proof of auto insurance.

Of the 2,100 kids and parents questioned, 39 percent said the children wanted some sort of Apple gadget -- and believe it or not, the newest iPhone was the No. 1 most requested item: 1. iPhone 4 2. iPod touch 3. iPad


5. Zhu Zhu Pet Hamsters Kung Zhu Hamsters

November 26th: BRAND December 3rd: DAMMIT JIM December 10h: THE FLEXTONES December 31st: PARISH GAP (New Year’s Eve Party)

6. Flip Video Camera 7. Toy Story 3 Jet Pack Buzz Lightyear 8. PlayStation Move 9. LEGO Harry Potter, Years 1–4 video game 10. Barbie Video Girl

* Think twice about refusing to take a breath test or blood alcohol content test. Some states impose severe consequences if you refuse a blood or breath test, as opposed to taking one and failing. * Behavior matters. Even if you do test below the legal limit of .08 (standard in Oregon), an officer who still believes that you have demonstrated behavior that prevents you from safely operating a motor vehicle can arrest you. If you are taken to court, the prosecution will almost always rely on the arresting officer’s testimony about your behavior and operation of the vehicle. This includes swerving your car, having slurred speech and/or bloodshot eyes, a heavy odor of alcohol and your inability to walk straight.

4. Kinect for Xbox



2300 Front St. Albany 541.926.BREW Live Classic Rock Music Every Friday Night at 9pm! Civil War Game Day: Happy Hour Prices, Give Aways, Raffle Prizes, and A Pot Luck Dinner.

Buy One Lunch or Breakfast & 2 Beverages at Regular Price & Receive 2nd Lunch or Breakfast of Equal or lesser Value FREE! Valid 11am-2pm Mon-Fri with Coupon Expires 12/20/2010




No such problem here. Half the By TOM WRIGHT space is devoted to a chipping and putting practice area. The longer If you are an avid golfer in Oregon, “turf” around the edges is just right you’ve got a problem that pretty for practicing those approach shots, much lasts all winter long. We like and the huge putting area has lots to call it liquid sunshine. Well, of holes and truly realistic surface here is something cool for you this to work on your short game. Metro winter. Way cool! Grass installed the putting and I heard there was an indoor golf chipping surfaces and the green facility in Corvallis. While I was really has a nice natural feel with driving out to 6880 SW West Hills some undulations and some nice Road, I didn’t know what to expect tricky putts to work with. to find there. Would it be like an The high tech approach to the indoor par three course? Just a driving range is what fascinated driving range? I was definitely me. The driving range has six intrigued. I knew it was in one of hitting stations, some of which the buildings out at Tennis West, but are equipped with state of the art, that was about all I knew. electronic swing and drive analysis What I found was an indoor golf gear. This consists of a Video Swing practice facility that allows you to Analysis system and something practice all facets of the game during called a Launch Monitor, which uses the rainy season, which in Corvallis specially marked balls to analyze can sometimes seem interminable the trajectory, speed, and spin on if you really love to hit that little the ball as it leaves the club surface. white pill. That’s what my dad, the Obviously, an expert can tell you most avid golfer of the century, who what all of that raw data means and played three times a week until he how to use it to improve your golf passed away at the age of 90 last game. year always called it. Safe to say, my Enter the owner of Golf 365, Cheryl love of the game is inherited. My Van Vleet. She is the coach of the poor son has this affliction too. Dad Crescent Valley girl’s golf team said if your ball gets stuck down in and her passion for golf actually the mud so that you can’t actually exceeds my father’s! She wanted a hit it because the ground is so wet, place to help bring love of golfing it’s a free drop. I’m not sure about to the upcoming generation as well that, but I always took his word for as provide a year round facility for it. lifers to enjoy and improve their

favorite pastime. When one of the Tennis West Buildings came up for lease, she knew she had her chance. The OSU golf teams have been making good use of this opportunity as well and really appreciate the chance to keep improving when weather is not cooperating in the Spring. This place is dedicated to advancing the game of golf for all generations. On the day I was there, I watched nine kids around the age of eight having a blast there. When they came in, six of the nine were left handed. Cheryl had to do some searching to come up with that many left handed clubs, but she did it. Did you know that an eight year old girl can hit five balls off of a driving range in just one swing? This younger generation is a lot better at multi-tasking than mine is. I was thinking, why don’t they have a sand trap to practice shooting out of, but nah, these kids would have that sand all over the place for sure. The place is spotlessly clean. Let’s keep it that way! There is an assortment of exercise equipment there in the faux patio area for moms and dads to make good use of their time while the young aces are getting in some practice or getting lessons. Cheryl offers private lessons, hourly rates, personal, family and corporate memberships, and the

swing analysis at very affordable rates. The hours are from 10 AM to 6 PM on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. 10 AM to 7 PM on Tuesdays and Thursdays. 10 AM to 4 PM on Saturdays, and Sundays by appointment only. You can find their contact information in their ad in this paper and learn lots more about it at their website, www.GOLF360. pro.


HOODOO Base Elevation: 4,668' Summit 5,703' Vertical Rise: 1,035' Overnight Lodging: RV parking Hoodoo: 0 Miles Suttle Lake Lodge: Clear Lake Resort Black Butte Ranch: Black Butte Resort: Sisters lodging:

9 miles 12 miles 13 miles 16 miles 20 miles

Snow Park Permits are not required at Hoodoo in the parking lot for it customers during the day. However, a Hoodoo fee is charged for overnight parking, and the overnight parking is restricted to only certain areas. Overnight parkers MUST check with the front office first.. For those who need them, we do sell Snopark Permits at our lodge. Daily $5 Season $20 Hoodoo has started offering Air Board rentals, Snow Bike rentals, and Snow Scooter rentals. What Does Hoodoo Have to Offer? Hoodoo has 5 ski lifts: Three quads, one triple chair and one double chair and two tow ropes, and one carousel. 806 skiable acres; 120 acres maintained/groomed; 30 alpine trails; 30% beginner, 30% intermediate and 40% advanced. Hoodoo's Autobahn Tube Park has up to 20 runs, over 250 tubes, and a tube tow that accelerates you to the start.

Our two day lodges complement outdoor amenities by offering Nordic and Snowboard centers, rental and repair shop, ski shop, Deli, Pizza Pub, Bar/Lounge, lockers, showers and overnight car and RV sites. Parking is free for Hoodoo guests or Snopark permits are available for the nearby snow parks. Overnight parking is by Hoodoo parking permit only. Hoodoo has 15.8 kilometres of maintained Nordic trails. Seven and a half kilometres are groomed Friday through Monday and an additional 8.3 kilometres (the Skyliner Trail) are groomed on weekends and holiday periods. The trails are left ungroomed on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Bicycles • Backpacking • Snowboards • Skiing Canoes • Kayaks • Casualwear & More!

Bike Shop: 135 NW 2nd St. Outdoor Shop: 207 NW 2nd St. Corvallis, OR


When is Hoodoo Open? Hoodoo is open Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 9am until 4 pm. Friday and Saturday we offer night skiing after mid December, and are open from 9 am until 9 pm. Hoodoo is closed Wednesdays unless otherwise shown to be open on our calendar. We are normally open on Wednesdays during Winter and Spring vacations.. Where is Hoodoo? Hoodoo Ski Area is located on the summit of the Santiam Pass on Highway 20, 75 miles east of Albany, just 20 miles northwest of Sisters, 40 miles northwest of Bend, 85 miles southeast of Salem on Hwy 22 and 75 miles northeast of Springfield/Eugene on Highway 126.

Hoodoo boasts some of the best night skiing around. Easy pricing, rentals on-site and snowbiking. Don’t forget about tightwad Tuesday. All the powder you can eat for $25.



Article by Tom and Catherine Wright

Right across the street from Corvallis’ beautiful riverfront park, at the corner of 1st and Jackson streets is a truly great local restaurant. Their cozy lounge features the most authentic and highest quality musical performances to be found anywhere in the state. On most Saturday nights, beginning at 8:30 you can expect to be treated to the sounds from the best known and loved local groups that will be playing music from genres that include Bluegrass, Blues, and Jazz. All of the groups have made names for themselves for authenticity and excellence. If there were such a thing as a “taste treat” for your ears, this would be it. When it’s bluegrass, it’s the real deal. That same statement holds true for the blues and jazz acts that you might find here on any given performance night. These performers have given their lives over to performing their chosen type of music in ways that are true to their roots. This is evidenced by the undivided attention the audience gives to the performances and their enthusiastic appreciation shown after every song. In keeping with the general feel of the downtown Corvallis area, Big River has written their menu to include where each of the ingredients of their dishes comes from. For example, Painted Hills Beef, or greens from Gathering Together Farms. They have options for everyone, including pasta, meat dishes, vegetarian cuisine, and a selection of seafood. Each dish features a host of unique flavors from the food itself and expertly mixed seasonings and sauces. The food does not claim to be from any specific part of the world; it’s just plain good cooking! The menu also includes an extensive cocktail, wine and beer list. In fact, there are more choices of beverage than entrees! Even more impressive than the drink list is the windowed case full of desserts in the front. Each looks like a masterpiece of fruit, sauce, pastry, and chocolate that could easily be shared by three hungry people. The atmosphere in the dining area is extremely conducive to sitting and enjoying your meal, drink, and dessert, with al fresco seating in the summer, and cozy candlelight for the cooler months.

The lounge has a wonderfully homey feel with comfortable easy chair seating around casually grouped cocktail tables. It has the most relaxing atmosphere of any venue I have ever experienced. The entire restaurant and lounge, with the sky high ceilings, rustic, but elegant natural wood interior, and casual layout make your visit unique, extremely pleasant, and memorable. With the fabulous food, great entertainment, absolutely decadent desserts and your favorite beverages, you’ve got something that you will want make a regular part of your dining and entertainment routine. The Bush Pilots, 3 Fingered Jack, Bill Beach, Mark Lichenthaler, Dave Plaehn and Jeff Hino, Memphis Street, and Mofessor are some of the groups that perform here in regular rotation.

vegetarian Served with house bread, choice of soup or house salad

Dinner Menu new items Entree served w/ house bread, choice of soup or house salad

Flank Steak Salad (a la carte) 14.5 Grilled Highland Oaks dry-aged flank steak, pickled chanterelle mushrooms, Rogue Creamery blue cheese, baby arugula Grilled Albacore Tuna 23.95 Oregon caught albacore tuna, house cured ham, gigante beans, roasted sweet peppers, caramelized honey vinaigrette Pan Roasted Pork 25.95 Sweet Briar Farm pork, Denison Farms sweet meat squash puree, apples, chanterelles, house cured bacon and apple jus Caramel Apple Cake a la mode 8.95 Warm caramel apple cake, made with apples from First Fruits Farm, vanilla ice cream, crème anglaise & caramel sauce


15.95 Crab Cakes Red rock crab cakes w/bacon, mesclun, sauce of wild mushrooms & bourbon, crème fraiche, & blood orange vinaigrette Steamed Manila Clams 15.95 Steamed manila clams, butter, garlic, parsley, white wine and grilled Big River pugliese Cheese Plate 14.95 Frega Farms Goat cheese, Mt. Townsend Seastack, La Mariposa Chubut, seasonal fruit, honeycomb & grilled bread Heirloom Tomatoes 10.95 Denison Farms Heirloom tomatoes, Fraga Farms goat cheese croquette, basil aioli, and fresh herbs Corn Fritters 8.95 Local corn fritters, roasted chili salsa, green onion and tomato jam Pan Fried Padrones 10.5 Creative Growers pimiento de padron, cherry tomatoes, Walla Walla sweet onions, sel gris, & roasted pepper aioli Soup of the Day 5.25/6.95 Seafood Chowder or Beer,Cheese & Bacon

salads Served with house bread

Beet 11.95 Gathering Together Farms beets, mesclun greens, fennel, lemon vinaigrette, candied hazelnuts, blue cheese crostini River 14.95 Herb chicken, artichoke hearts, roma tomatoes, mushrooms, and choice of dressing House 4.95 Fresh leaf lettuce, tomato, mushrooms, and choice of dressing Caesar 9.95 Organic hearts of romaine, anchovy-garlic dressing, pugliese crisp & romano -add chilled grilled chicken 3.25 small 7.95 Halibut 17.95 Alaskan halibut, organic mesclun greens, cherry tomatoes, carrots, yuzu & carrot vinaigrette

seafood and meats Served with house bread, choice of soup or salad

Grilled New York Strip 34.95 Dry-aged New York Strip, scalloped potatoes, mixed greens, roasted onions, Rogue Creamery blue cheese, port wine jus Grilled Lamb 26.95 Grilled Cattail Creek lamb, house made merguez sausage, caponata, and port wine jus Pan Roasted Chicken 25.95 Afton Field Farms chicken breast, fresh corn polenta, peperonata, and a balsamic brown butter sauce Grilled Dry-Aged Sirloin 26.95 Highland Oaks dry-aged sirloin, potato rosti, forest mushroom fricassee, and fresh herb salsa verde Rigatoni with Chicken Breast 22.95 Grilled chicken breast, roasted red peppers, red onion, tomato, basil, romano, cream, and fresh rigatoni pasta Corn & Chanterelle Orecchiette 19.95 Chanterelle mushrooms, local sweet corn, Spanish chorizo, Deep Roots candy onions, fresh orecciette pasta, & Romano Pecorino Pan Roasted Butterfish 26.95 Oregon caught butterfish, sweet corn, Denison Farms summer squash, Spanish Chorizo, & basil pistou Pan Seared Halibut 29.95 Pan Seared Alaskan halibut, Denison Farms spinach, pine nuts, gold raisins, sherry wine, and smoked tomato beurre blanc

Grilled Eggplant 18.95 Denison Farms eggplant, Big Beef tomatoes, fresh basil, and Pecorino Romano emulsion Polenta Rotolino 22.95 Rolled polenta with sautéed spinach, pine nuts, provolone cheese, grilled portabella mushrooms, roasted tomato sauce Three Cheese Ravioli 23.95 Denison Farms cherry tomatoes, shallots, basil, and Romano Pecorino tossed with fresh three cheese ravioli

pizza & calzone Pizzas 16.95 - Calzones 18.50

Served with house bread, choice of soup or house salad

Tuscany Basil chicken sausage, sundried tomatoes, mushrooms, roasted sweet peppers, romano Smoked Chicken Smoked chicken, marinated red onion, fresh basil, artichokes, leeks Primavera Fresh broccoli, roasted garlic, fresh basil, roma tomatoes, romano cheese Aphrodite Mushrooms, kalamata olives, roasted red peppers, sundried tomatoes, feta cheese Calabria Pepperoni, sweet roasted peppers, fresh oregano, sauteed onion, romano cheese Zorba Herb chicken, feta cheese, artichoke hearts, red onion, mushrooms Deschutes Pesto sauce, herb chicken, mushrooms, onions, olives The Bent Extra cheese, pepperoni, American bacon, Italian sausage, mushroom, black olive Goat Cheese Fraga Farms goat cheese, Italian sausage, roasted garlic, mushrooms Edward Abbey Pesto sauce, sun-dried tomatoes, feta cheese, artichoke hearts Molokini Canadian bacon, pineapple and roma tomatoes Molinari Molinari dry salami, pepperoncini, red onion, kalamata olives, and imported feta cheese

desserts All Desserts 8.95

Kahlua Cream Torte A rich chocolate flourless cake layered with Kahlua cream filling [Gluten-free] Big River 4 Layer Cake Our signature 4 layer chocolate cake filled with layers of chocolate and white chocolate cream Chocolate Mousse Cake A rich chocolate fudge cake topped with layers of dark, milk & white chocolate mousse Warm Triple Berry Cobbler Raspberries,blueberries & marionberries with a hint of zinfandel & pumpkin spices,buttermilk cake & vanilla bean ice cream The Duet A delicious duet of chocolate cake and coconut cake combined with coconut white chocolate cream Hazelnut Turtle Tart A delicious tart layered with chocolate truffle filling & hazelnut caramel Cheesecakes Raspberry (with raspberry filling & orange zest crust) Lemon Tart Layers of cream cheese custard, white chocolate lemon cream and lemon curd garnished with mascarpone cream Peanut Butter Dream A thin layer of vanilla cake beneath layers of chocolate ganache, peanut butter, peanut caramel and peanut butter cream Tiramisu Torte Two layers of sponge cake moistened with a syrup of espresso, rum & brandy, then filled and topped with mascarpone cream Chocolate Raspberry Sin Flourless chocolate cake with raspberry filling, raspberries, berry mascarpone cream & chocolate ganache Boccone Dolce a la Big River White and dark chocolate mousse layers, fresh berries, cocoa meringues[Glutenfree] Coconut Macadamia Tart A delicious tart layered with macadamia nut caramel and white chocolate coconut cream Banana Split Semifreddo (Frozen Dessert) Flourless choc. cake, Strawberry white choc. cream, Pineapple white choc.cream & choc. cream:resting on a bruleed banana

Hank Beuttel

Julene DeWall

Amy Jones

Tami Johnson

Insurance Agent Insurance Agent

Dessert Awaits

- Crème Brulee 7.50

(Please feel free to have a look at our dessert case)

Insurance Agent Insurance Agent

Hank Beuttel Insurance agency, Inc 535 SW 4th Street Corvallis, Oregon 97333 541-754-1011 Fax 541-757-8998 1-866-754-1011 Farmers. Gets You Back Where You Belong®







FIVE TIPS TO SIMPLIFY YOUR HOLIDAY SHOPPING ON ANY BUDGET Staff - The holiday season is upon us. That means the stress that comes with shopping for that perfect gift is not far behind. So, what’s the best way to go about making a list, checking it twice and sticking to a budget? Audrey McClelland is the founder of Mom Generations, an online destination for moms. She is an expert at holiday shopping for her tech-savvy husband, four boys all younger than 6, and a large extended family. McClelland offers her top five holiday shopping tips and gift ideas that will help you conquer your holiday shopping - on budget - for everyone on your list. 1. Keep a master list. It can get overwhelming around the holidays when you are trying to decide whom to shop for. Outline everyone you need a gift for, and remember to incorporate any unexpected last-minute gifts. Then write down a realistic number on what you want to spend on each person and stick to it. Seeing it on paper will make it easier to knock items off your list while keeping your budget in check. 2. Be sure to have gifts on hand that can be given to anyone … regardless of their tastes. For example, Staples carries colorful Omnitech mini speaker pods in jewel tones for only $10 that can plug into any iPod, Sony PSP, or MP3 player, and are perfect for kids and grown-ups on the go. Digital photo ornaments in the shape of decorative balls or snowflakes make another universally likeable gift for less than $15. These are also time-savers to have on hand for office Yankee swaps, hostess gifts or any unanticipated presents you may need.

3. Don’t waste time rushing from store to store. Try condensing your shopping visits to the fewest number of stores possible. Pick a shopping destination or two, and commit to buying as many gifts as you can for your list there. If you’re looking for the newest tech items, Staples stores offer interactive displays that allow you to get a feel of the newest tech products before you buy, whether you’re considering a Kindle for your mother-in-law or a Flip video camera for that next family vacation.

It’s our Grand Opening thru Dec. 5th, with grand prize drawings on Dec. 7th. We'll be having daily raffle drawings for prizes, as well as daily food and drink specials. Serving the biggest and best steaks and breakfast in town. Home of the "Beaver Buster Breakfast", eat it all in under an hour and it's FREE !!


350 SW 4TH ST • CORVALLIS BANQUET FACILITIES AVAILABLE china buffet_Layout 1 10/13/2010 12:55 AM Page 1

4. It’s a digital world - follow your favorite shopping places on Facebook and Twitter. Many stores reward their followers with up-tothe-minute deals via these social media outlets. Stores occasionally post exclusive print-out coupons and deals specifically for their Facebook friends, and let you know about upcoming events ahead of time. 5. Check out the websites of the stores that you plan to visit before heading into the actual store. You may be surprised by the variety of products some stores offer. It also helps you to become acquainted with the product selection and can help you to nail down specific items for each person on your list, making your trip more efficient. You may even decide to purchase some items directly on the website and have them shipped to the recipient to avoid a trip to the store or post office. For example, offers free shipment on items over $50. “Every year, inevitably, I get caught up in the frenzy of the season,” says McClelland. “However, by sticking to these tips, I can focus on the joy of gift giving and the satisfaction of knowing I did it all under budget.”

NIGHTLY SPECIALS! Monday - OSU Students show your student ID for $9.99 Tuesday - Kids night. Kids 10 and under eat free. One adult per child. Wednesday - Buy 2 Buffets, Get one FREE! Thursday - Seniors Eat for 8.99 (60 & Older)


WILLAMETTE PASS Willamette Pass Resort is located only 66 miles from Eugene, Oregon. With 29 fun and exciting downhill runs, a vertical drop of 1,563 feet, and six lifts, including the state’s only high speed six pack; Willamette Pass offers a wide variety of activities the whole family will enjoy. From downhill skiing and snowboarding to snow tubing and 20 km worth of Nordic trails, we cater to skiers and riders of all abilities and offer them the chance to experience big mountain terrain in a small mountain atmosphere. Ski It, Ride It, Live It! This slogan defines the love you will have being a guest at Willamette Pass Resort. The trails and lifts provide a big mountain experience yet the area is all about having a small family feel. We are a skier or snowboarders’ heaven, with a wide variety of terrain to satisfy every individual, from steep and deep tree skiing to mellow cruisers. The atmosphere from the top of Eagle Peak is unbelievable with 360 degree views in one of the most scenic areas of the Oregon Cascades. Real volcanoes and pristine mountain lakes can be seen from virtually every run! Do you want to learn to ski or snowboard? There’s no better place

than our ski and snowboard school. Our instructors are certified by the Professional Ski Instructors of America and American Association of Snowboard Instructors and are dedicated to providing the best possible learning experience. We offer private and group lessons for beginners and experts alike. For kids, our SkiCamp and BoardCamp programs will get your little ones started out right and give you time to go out and enjoy the slopes. Willamette Pass is the closest ski area to the southern Willamette Valley and the Eugene/Springfield area. Drive yourself, or better yet, relax in the comfort of one of our Willamette Pass Express buses. Willamette Pass is located at milepost 62, 70 miles East of Eugene, Oregon, on Highway 58. Check out our snow report or road conditions page for daily weather reports and updates.






At 521 SW Second Street in downtown Corvallis you will find one of the most interesting music stores you have ever seen. It is, appropriately, in the quaintest and most culturally defining areas of the town. Since opening in 1970, owner Kent Buys has operated the business which specializes in all stringed instruments. He is probably best known for his masterful skills at repair and restoration of instruments in need of attention whether they are new, well used, or totally antique. He can bring them all back to life no matter how serious the damage or neglect might be. I well remember bringing my prized 1957 Les Paul guitar in to him after it had sustained what I thought was a life ending injury. The guitar had been dropped in its case, which in those days was invariably made out of cardboard, and half of the headstock with three of the tuning keys had broken entirely off. Kent told me to, “calm down,” everything was going to be ok. I didn’t believe a word of it until I came back to pick the instrument up for a very modest repair bill and practically had to use a magnifying glass to see where there had been any damage at all. This was truly the touch of the master’s hand. I recently took my grandfather’s mandolin, which had been made in about 1880 in for Kent to give me some idea of the value. I considered it to be far beyond any possible return to playable condition, but I wanted to know if it had any antique value. He promptly pointed out another of the same manufacturer and time frame hanging on the wall and proceeded to go into a litany of the evidence

of the past repairs, the quality of those, and what needed to be done to bring it back to full playability for an estimated $150. That is not nearly all, but it is where the traditions of this amazingly interesting shop started forty years ago in this same neighborhood. Today, you are greeted by Zeus the Zebra when you walk into the store. Zeus is one of the completed figures for the Carousel Project which is on display in the store. He is beautiful. That is why he has a place of honor in this establishment which values such things. The quantity and variety of stringed musical instruments in this place is amazing to behold. Whether you are looking for a fine acoustic guitar, a rocking electric axe, a banjo, a mandolin, an amplifier, or anything else, you will not only find it, but also an amazing selection to choose from. That only scratches the surface of the many and varied offerings. This place is so filled with items that I dare say even a nonmusician would be fascinated by a visit here just as they would visiting a museum. Sales, consignments, repairs, both instrumental and electronic, lessons, accessories, encouragement, free advice, and stories are all on the menu here. Since moving to this new and spacious new location from a smaller shop around the corner recently, Kent has opened up some of the space inside the shop for community events. The great location and wonderful atmosphere lend themselves perfectly for all kinds of displays of talent. Kent is ably assisted by his son, Ryan, and Aaron Wootton. The

Kent flanked by sons Ryan and Aaron are ready to meet and greet holiday customers. Give the gift of music this holiday season. warm welcome you receive from whichever one of them you run into first upon entering the store will bring back memories of times when towns were much smaller, everyone knew each other, and manners were important. True gentlemen and master craftsmen, all. Traditions live on at the Troubadour Music Center. Thank goodness.

Troubadour Music Center 521 SW 2nd St. • Corvallis 541-752-7720

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Bullfrog Music



423 S.W. 3rd. Street Corvallis, OR 97333 Coupon for any purchase up to (541) 752-1253 $100

Limit 1 coupon •accessories •repairs per customer Expires:




“Next door to Subway”



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Hours: Monday – Saturday: 9 am – 5 pm Call us: 541-753-5005 Find us on Facebook





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