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ABOUT FARO RECRUITMENT GROUP Established in 1981, Faro Recruitment Group is an international recruitment solutions provider with operations in Asia-Pacific, Europe, and the Americas. We have grown rapidly over the last 28 years with further plans to increase our global presence. Operating a multi-brand strategy, with over 80 offices and more than 1,000 employees worldwide, we have developed vertical market niches catering to a variety of talent professionals. Our clients range from Fortune 500 multinational corporations to small and medium sized enterprises.

'Operating a multi-brand strategy, with over 80 offices and more than 1,000 employees worldwide, we have developed vertical market niches catering to a variety of talent professionals.’

2008 Brazil

The Faro Recruitment Group grew out of our clients’ need for a global staffing partner that could demonstrate commitment, reliability and innovation in these ever changing times. “Faro” conveys “lighthouse” in Italian, Portuguese and Spanish, and the group acts as a a beacon bringing together employers and job seekers.

2006 Vietnam 2004 USA 2002 China 2001 Thailand 1999 France 1998 Switzerland

“Faro Group are Talent Professionals; describing who we are and what we do. Our focus is providing clients with an efficient and valuable service - globally.” Graham Palfery-Smith chief executive officer Faro Recruitment Group

1997 Italy & United Kingdom 1995 Indonesia & Singapore 1984 Spain 1991 Australia 1989 Hungary 1988 Hong Kong 1981 Japan

OUR COMMITMENT Faro Recruitment Group is committed to offering clients access to a global, skilled workforce, enabling them to compete on the world stage through effective deployment of cutting edge technologies and business practices. • COMMITTED TO DELIVERY: Our unique network of businesses and innovative technical infrastructure provides our clients with a global, centralised talent pool to call on, dramatically increasing labour availability during these challenging times. • COMMITTED TO PARTNERSHIP: Benefit from the partnership culture and experience that we have evolved through long-term and mutually beneficial relationships with our clients over 28 years. • COMMITTED TO SERVICE: We structure our business to manage relationships in a way that suits you – via dedicated account management with one point of contact.

OUR SERVICE Operating a global network of recruitment companies enables us to source from a broad geographical area for highly skilled roles. • PERMANENT RECRUITMENT


Through our network, we have access to one of the world’s largest up-to-date databases of first class applicants at all levels of seniority and from a variety of disciplines, including multilingual recruitment. When a client registers a vacancy and only when we have fully digested and understood the role do we go to work, diligently searching for suitable applicants. Those we identify are then fully briefed about the role and their qualifications checked to ensure their skill set meets your specification. Only then do we submit any candidate’s details.

Whilst many of our clients place a premium on the continuity and commitment of career orientated permanent staff, there is undoubtedly a place for the services of the highly experienced specialist contractor. We are fully committed to offering our clients access to a skilled and flexible workforce. We maintain a current live database of fully referenced contractors and have the resources and technology to respond to your requirements immediately and accurately.



For some of the most specialist leadership vacancies, it is better to be more proactive, through the use of executive search rather than waiting for the right candidate to appear. Our teams have an outstanding reputation, and extensive local, regional and global networks to locate individuals who can drive your business forward.

Encompassing everything from a fully functional offsite personnel department, to payroll management. Our companies around the world offer a range of services, including customised training packages and outsourcing, in the area of HR management solutions.

• PROJECT RECRUITMENT Faro can handle individual elements of the recruitment process, but we also have the experience and skills to manage a major recruitment project, from start to finish – as a valuable extension to your HR department.

• ADVERTISING SERVICES Undoubtedly, employer brand advertising is a sure-fire way to communicate with a mass audience, particularly when that audience isn’t active in the job market. However, there is a fine balance of managing internal and external employer brand communications and the definition of the message and its subsequent delivery are all too often misunderstood. With recruitment advertising experts in each office and contracts with the majority of key media, we are excellently positioned to do justice to your recruitment message.

OUR NETWORK Faro Recruitment Group companies, each specialising in specific markets or services, operate across the world with representation in over 80 offices. Faro Recruitment Group continues to expand organically and through acquisitions, building on what is already one of the most impressive global staffing networks.



Faro Digital Media Recruitment People First UK

Partner Interim James Partner FRANCE

Albedis Interiman Interima Hotelis SWITZERLAND

OG International JAPAN Faro Recruitment CHINA

Faro Recruitment HONG KONG

Monroe Staffing Services USA


Faro Recruitment VIETNAM

Best Way to Best Job


Just On Business (JOB) ITALY Faro Recruitment SINGAPORE Work Plus HUNGARY



CONTACT US Allow us to demonstrate what working with a global recruitment partner can do for your business. All approaches are treated on a strictly confidential basis. Whichever service you require, however many vacancies you would like us to work on, we are ready to help. For further details about our services, simply email Alternatively, choose the desired link or telephone number from the list on page 11, or visit our global website at for a complete list of our branches in each country.

AUSTRALIA SSA Tel : +61 2 9241 2455

INDONESIA Selnajaya +62 21 572 7214~17

Switzerland Albedis +41 21 601 86 86

BRAZIL ATA +55 21 2509 3125

ITALY Just On Business (JOB) +39 02 317 426

Switzerland Hotelis +41 22 908 38 00

CHINA Faro Recruitment +86 21 5298 6298

JAPAN OG International +81 3 6703 0160

Thailand A-Link Recruitment +66 2233 1111

FRANCE Partner Interim +33 1 40 88 94 94

Singapore Faro Recruitment +65 6337 9733

UK People First +44 20 7796 3636

FRANCE James Partner +33 1 47 45 15 15

Spain ALG +34 914 349 391

UK Faro Digital Media Recruitment +44 20 7025 8068

HONG KONG Faro Recruitment +852 2506 2676

Switzerland Interiman +41 21 601 86 90

USA Monroe Staffing Services +1 203 268 8264

HUNGARY Workplus +36 1 411 0055

Switzerland Interima +41 21 601 86 90

Vietnam Faro Recruitment +84 4 3974 3091

Faro Recruitment Group level 6 • tower 42 • 25 old broad street • london EC2N 1HN • uk tel +44 (0)20 7877 0310 • fax +44 (0)20 7877 0303 e-mail australia • brazil • china • france • hong kong • hungary • indonesia • italy japan • singapore • spain • switzerland • thailand • uk • usa • vietnam

Faro Group Brochure Final  

Faro Group Brochure Final

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