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Book of Memories

Seth Lyons

Chapter 1 Who Am I My name is Seth Lyons and I am 13 years old. I play a lot of sports, I’m active, and Fun, Sporty, patient, Kind hearted, loving, and I am Respectful. Some Physical Traits are, Soft and short brown hair, 4’11, I’m Thin, I wear a size 8 shoe, freckles, and I have brown eyes.

I live in Eau Claire Wisconsin, and I live by a Golf course also I live on a hill and we live on top of it. We have two acres, we live in like the country/city and we have a soccer field on our land, and we have two dogs and they’re labs and sisters. My dog is black, her name is Crystal and my brother’s dog is a yellow lab and her name is Frosty. We have three floors and a three car door garage. I love it here.

My LIFE Goals are to have my own family one day, get a Suzuki Sports Motorcycle, Get Straight A’s both of these semesters, to go to Freed Hardeman University for college, and be a pro baseball player. How I expect to reach those goals is to do as much as can to do or get that thing.

Chapter 2 Friendly Letter

S8065 Golf View Dr. Eau Claire WI 9/23/2013 Dear Mom and Dad, This letter I have written is for school but I am kind of glad that I got this chance to write to you simply because you are my most beloved parents, well yeah that’s obvious because you are my only parents. But seriously I am very proud to call you my parents. The reason I am writing this for you is because I will love and cherish you until the day you die and simply you were my best option. You guys have done so much for me and the rest of that family, Dad thank you for working your butt off to get the money you need to take care of 3 Children, one 20 year old, one grandma, one amazing wife, and two loving dogs. You do so many things that help this family I can’t even count. Things like, working, shopping, going to my sport games. Mom, you do things that you probably don’t even know that it helps. Things that you do is what keeps us a family. The things like, doing taxes, sometimes laundry, getting groceries, or getting that car in Mary Kay, that helped Lee a lot. So mom keep working to get your next car like the 2014 mustang or the New Cadillac, and dad keep making those Benjamin’s for the family. So what I am trying to say is that you guys are the heart of the family, you guys are the people that make this family move, live, and unite.

Sincerely, Your 3rd Son Seth Lyons

Autobiographical incident This is a story about my Autobiographical incident. About 4 years ago I fractured my foot in 4 different places. I was in 4th grade when this happened to me, and I still to this day I get pains there, and today I’m in 8th grade. This incident was significant to me because I was unable to finish baseball and not being in baseball meant that I was not going to be able to play All-Stars baseball.

Ok, now you're probably asking how I did it. Well it all started when my friend Reda and his two brothers, his sister, and I were playing tag. So I was hiding behind a couch then Reda spotted me. Next he started running at me then I ran towards the stairs and I jumped down the stairs about Nine Steps. When I landed, I felt like someone had just taken a knife and stabbed me right in the middle of the foot. I was down on the ground screaming bloody murder. Then my friend started running toward me and started staying? What happened, are you okay? Then I said of course not; do I look okay to you. So when I started screaming all the people came out of their hiding places and last Reda’s strongest brother carried me home because we were next door neighbors and we played a lot together So I was home and I putting ice on it. The next thing you know I fall asleep.

This incident is still painful about every month there is bad and good in this incident. The bad is that this can affect me if I have arthritis in me late years. The good news is that I learned to never jump down nine Stairs again.

Chapter 4

My First Day of eAchieve

My First day did not turn out so well, For there really was nothing to tell. It got really boring after a while, And oh my sister, such an ignorant child. Distracting me, did things to me I cannot bear, For I was about to pull out my hair. As the lunch hour was there to come, I was Hungry so I ate a plum. Then my bro and I decided to play some Ping-Pong Next were on the couch watching King-Kong Later on that day I attempted to do school again and again, But my little sister interrupted again and wanted me to play with her Ken. Finally I got focused in, And on my work I did Begin.

Chapter 5

Seth Lyons and Baseball stats Seth Lyons

October 28,

Over the past year Seth Lyons has had an amazing year. He has averaged .495 batting average and still going on a hitting streak. He has had his hitting streak now for 3 games. Not one Strike out and not one pop fly or ground out. “Seth Lyons is an amazing player and he always will be team player, that’s just his spirit” as his coach says. In Seth Lyons Career he has outstanding stats, but this year is even better. He is leading the MLB in singles and in Home-runs, he is one of the best catcher in the MLB by having the least pass balls and the most Home-Runs as a Catcher and his quite a defensive player as well. On April 12th of this year at Busch Stadium he hit his 50th Home-Run. From there on he has had mind blowing games. Seth is not the only reason

MIN Seth

why the Cardinals are doing so hot it is also

NFL Scores SEA TB 23 Lyons hitting his3450th Home-run


ARI 22

ATL 31

pitching core has also amazing stats as well. CIN 27

BUF 23

NE 27

The leader of that pitching core is JustinDET 24

MIA 21

NYJ 30

DAL 17 Cardinals will most likely always be a great

CHI 41

STL 15

team with Seth Lyons on that very team. PHI I 3

WSH 45

CAR 30

SD 24

SF 31

CLE 13


TEN 17

GB 31

because of their amazing pitching core. The

Hayworth. But let’s not get of topic. The

will say it again, he is outstanding.

Book of Memories  

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