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Shared Lutheran Youth Ministry Dec. 2011 for NEWS

The Shared  Lutheran  Youth   Ministry  provides  recrea6on,   faith  forma6on,  and  ministry   experiences  for  youth  in   grades  5  -­‐  12. It  is  a  coopera6ve  effort  of   Bethel,  First,  Holy  Trinity,  and   Immanuel  Lutheran  Churches   and  G.A.  Family  Services. Come  give  it  a  try! Give  Ian  Eastman  a  call,   720-­‐8584,  for  more  info.

CELEBRATING OUR SAVIOR ALL DECEMBER LONG! Christmas Card  Cra+ing   Dec.  1    6:30  pm  -­‐  8:30  pm G.A.  Learning  Center Join  us  for  open  gym,  board  games,  and  Christmas  card   making  for  residents  of  Lutheran  Social  Services. Christmas  Card  Delivery Dec.  8    6:30  pm  -­‐  8:30  pm Lutheran  Social  Services Meet  us  in  the  main  entrance  as  we  deliver  our  hand-­‐ made  cards  and  visit  with  the  residents  at  LSS. Santa's  Secret  Shoppe Dec.  10    8:30  am  -­‐  1  pm  (Saturday) Immanuel  Lutheran  Church Details  on  the  flip  side  of  this  page.

Gi+ SorGng  &  Organizing Dec.  15    6:30  pm  -­‐  8:30  pm SalvaGon  Army,  83  South  Main  St. This  charitable  organiza6on  is  providing  giWs  to  hundreds   of  children  this  Christmas.  It’s  a  HUGE  job  and  SLYM  will   help  pick  out  and  sort  giWs  for  kids  right  here  in  our   community. 3rd  Annual  Jingle  'n'  Mingle Dec.  22    6  pm  -­‐  10  pm Lakewood  Wal-­‐Mart,  then  Applebees We’re  bellringing  to  raise  funds  for  Salva6on  Army   Winter  Relief  Efforts.  At  9  pm,  we’ll  celebrate  our  third   year  of  SLYM  at  Applebees.  Dress  warm,  bring  an   instrument  if  you  play  &  bring  money  for  snacks!  A  great   end  to  a  great  year  with  fun,  food  and  ministry!

Thumbs Up to... ...everyone who contributed to our JNP Food Drive! And the 18 youth who stocked shelves! ...Karin Flynn for her inspiring presentation about Operation Christmas Child! ...Parents and Grandparents who transport youth and their friends to SLYM!

The Southwestern Conference Youth Ministry Team presents:

Santa’s Secret Shoppe Saturday, December 10 8:30 am - 1 pm

Immanuel Lutheran Church, 556 East Second St., Jamestown Joint Neighborhood Project is doing something special for children and their families--and they need the help of Lutheran Youth to make it happen! At Santaʼs Secret Shoppe, children from low-income families will “shop” for donated gifts for parents and other significant adults in their lives. Lutheran Youth in grades 7 and up are needed to accompany children through the shoppe, help them select gifts, and wrap presents. It is a practical way to demonstrate the love of Jesus around the conference. And itʼs pretty fun, too! The Conference Youth Ministry Team will show you what to do, plus spring for pizza afterwards! RSVP to Ian at (716) 720-8584 or

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SLYM News December 2011  

The happenings of the Shared Lutheran Youth Ministry in December 2011.