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Communications Specialist

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Communications and Engagement

Yellowknife/Inuvik, NT

PURPOSE The Communications Specialist is responsible for implementing and coordinating communications and community engagement strategies, initiatives and activities on behalf of the Mackenzie Valley Land and Water Board. SCOPE The Mackenzie Valley Land and Water Board (MVLWB) was established under the Mackenzie Valley Resource Management Act to regulate the use of land and water and the deposit of waste so as to provide for the conservation, development and utilization of land and water resources in a manner that will provide optimum benefit to the residents of the settlement areas, the Mackenzie Valley and to all Canadians. The main functions of the MVLWB are to process land and water use applications in, and ensure consistency in the application of the legislation throughout, the Mackenzie Valley. Reporting to the Manager, Communications and Engagement, the Communications Specialist is responsible for supporting and coordinating the strategic communications functions at the MVLWB in order to promote public awareness and information transfer of the Board’s mandate, goals and objectives. The position achieves this goal by supporting and coordinating communications planning, and developing communications concepts, products, and visual identity initiatives and promotional materials. It also ensures that the MVLWB website is kept current, assists with the coordination of shared content on all Land and Water Board sites and coordinates all requests for information under the Federal Access to Information Act.

January, 2015

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Communications Specialist Position Description RESPONSIBILITIES 1.

Coordinate strategic communications activities:  Maintain and implement the annual MVLWB Communication Plan, including plans for public education initiatives, development of communication materials, and visual identity products  Provide communications advice and support to the Senior Advisor to ensure communications requirements are being met  Assist in communications planning, public relations/public affairs, stakeholder relations, and public engagement that implements communications strategies for the Board especially for large scale development projects in the north  Participate on project teams to assist with communications requirements  Assist with the development of communication plans for major events/announcements, taking into account the objectives of the Board  Coordinate community liaison activities  Participate and assist in joint communication activities with senior management of other organizations (e.g., NWT Board Forum, National Energy Board, Mackenzie Valley Environmental Impact Review Board, Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada) as directed by the Manager


Develop communication products and promotional information to promote awareness of MVLWB processes, procedures, and decisions:  Research, write, and produce communications products  Write effective community-oriented materials in plain language which explain the MVRMA, the MVLWB, and the preliminary screening and regulatory review processes for public presentation  Coordinate the development of the annual report including layout, design, writing, content review and distribution  Develop visual identity products that promote awareness and understanding of the MVLWB’s role in the Mackenzie Valley resource management system  Develop, implement and monitor the MVLWB’s style guide and branding initiatives  Review documents for style guide conformity, plain language content, and proper branding  Coordinate the development, production, and quality control of corporate communication products including brochures, reports, advertisements, TV ads, press releases, and the quarterly newsletter  Assist with the development of MVLWB communication and/or promotional presentations (e.g., PowerPoint presentations) for use by the Executive Director, Chairperson, Board Members and staff  Recommend ways to improve communication products

January, 2015

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Communications Specialist Position Description 3.

Manage MVLWB website and “shared” content on other Land and Water Board websites sites:  Upload new content to the shared aspects of the LWB website  Work according to approved protocols to coordinate website activities  Contribute MVLWB perspectives/requirements and services with respect to future shared website content/tools


Contribute to positive media relations:  Assist the Manager to address media requests in a timely manner  Maintain familiarity with various media, media programming, and media personnel in the NWT  Scan media comments and coverage of resource development activities and issues relating to the MVRMA and MVLWB processes and procedures, and provide the Manager, Executive Director and/or the Board with analysis  Coordinate activities according to established media policy and procedures  Coordinate media relations training for Board Members and staff  Assist with the management of media lines, researching issues, and preparing anticipated questions and answers for MVLWB spokespersons


Perform other duties as assigned:  Manage contract and casual support staff, consultants, etc. associated with communications program development and evaluation as required.

January, 2015

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Communications Specialist Position Description KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS AND ABILITIES (Describe the level of knowledge, experience and abilities that are required for satisfactory job performance.)

Knowledge The incumbent must have proficient knowledge in the following areas:  Public and social media platforms and process  Community engagement processes and techniques  Knowledge and/or experience with quasi-judicial Boards and government agencies  Graphic design and website content management (e.g. InDesign and WordPress)  Issues relating to environmental protection/ impact mitigation in an arctic/subarctic environment  Professional practices and principles of communications as well as theories, methods, and delivery techniques including researching, interviewing, designing, writing, editing and proof-reading  Northern resource interests, issues and processes  Northern community and regional representatives and organizations and relevant government organizations  Information and computer systems, website development and design, and office and web-based software  Mackenzie Valley Resource Management Act and Regulations  Waters Act and Regulations  Gwich’in and Sahtu Comprehensive Land Claim Agreements  Tlicho Land Claim and Self Government Agreement-in-Principle  Deh Cho First Nations Interim Measures Agreement  Akaitcho Territory Dene First Nations Interim Measures Agreement  Other legislation and agreements as deemed relevant Skills The incumbent must demonstrate the following skills:  Ability to travel to remote communities for extended periods of time  Ability to use computers and various software applications  Ability to work in a team setting  Ability to work independent of day-to-day supervision  Demonstrated ability to communicate effectively in English both verbally and in writing  Demonstrated skills at facilitating group discussions or meetings  Strong interpersonal skills, tact, judgment, dependability, initiative and thoroughness

January, 2015

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Communications Specialist Position Description Personal Attributes The incumbent must also demonstrate the following personal attributes:  Maintain standards of conduct  Be respectful  Possess cultural and political awareness and sensitivity  Be flexible  Demonstrate sound work ethics  Be consistent and fair. The knowledge, skills, and abilities are most commonly acquired through a degree or diploma in English literature or communications disciplines or a science/resource management/environment related field with five years experience in communications development. An equivalent combination of school and professional experience will be considered.

WORKING CONDITIONS Physical Demands (Indicate the nature of physical effort leading to physical fatigue.) The work is generally performed in an office without undue physical exertion. During trade shows, conferences, and public hearings, the incumbent is subject to physical fatigue caused by long or extended hours. Field trips may require short periods of greater physical exertion. Environmental Conditions (Indicate the nature of adverse environmental conditions to which the incumbent is exposed.) The incumbent is subject to extended periods working while seated at a computer. The incumbent may also be periodically required to travel to remote sites, involving possible exposure to hazardous weather conditions, elevated noise levels, and travel in light aircraft, boats, four-wheel drive vehicles, etc. This travel may include disruptions due to the very nature of travel in the North during extreme weather events. Sensory Demands (Indicate the nature of demands on the incumbent's senses to make judgments through touch, smell, sight and hearing and judge speed and accuracy.) The incumbent is highly involved in the exchange of information (seeing and hearing). At times, there is the requirement of sensory attention for prolonged periods.

January, 2015

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Communications Specialist Position Description Mental Demands (Indicate conditions that may lead to mental or emotional fatigue.) Mental demands include: dealing with diverse points of view; leading public presentations and debates; and coordinating overlapping priorities and the uncontrolled flow of work. The work requires close attention to the detail of both written and oral material to ensure that all pertinent information needed is available to help make informed decisions. The incumbent can be placed in confrontational situations when developing a common position among those holding competing views.


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January, 2015

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