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Local Root s

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6 1 3 A Fo urt h S t r e e t / P. O . Box 1 8 1 A lam osa, C O 81101 www. sa nl u isvall e y localfoods.b slvlocalfoods@ g m a il . com | 719/937-2319

The green star icon indicates that the landowners have protected their land with a conservation easement, conserving the land and water for the future of local foods, wildlife habitat and the scenic landscapes of the San Luis Valley. 1 The numbered squares locate those farms and ranches in the directory listing who welcome your visit to their place. Please look for the corresponding number in the listings and match it to the map in the center of this booklet.

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Table of Contents About the San Luis Valley Local Foods Coalition The Harvest: cele b rat e t he roo t s of far m in g a n d ra nc hi ng i n t h e sa n l u is valle y Ala mosa C o unty Cone jos C o unty

Cos t i lla C o unty

rio gra nd e cou n t y Sag uache C o un t y

map of farms a n d ran c h e s

Markets & Gardens:

San L ui s Valley Farm e rs ’ Mar k e t s

San L ui s Valley Co m m u n it y G ard e n s

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Restaurants Using Local Products Grocers Carrying Local Foods Other Resources: CO OKIN G M ATTE RS ®







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About the San Luis Valley

Local Foods Coalition The San Luis Valley Local Foods Coalition formed it roots back in 2008 when Alamosa Garden Coordinator Melissa Emminger went to the Community Food Security Conference in Philadelphia on a LiveWell scholarship with a promise to return to the community and share what she learned. 15 folks were expected at the local food potluck. When over 50 people swelled the room and stayed long after the presentation was over - abuzz with conversation - it became apparent that the community was ripe for a new food story. People yearn to recapture a connection that SLV residents have had historically with the seed, the dirt, the farmer, the animal and the story of where and how their food is grown. The grassroots food movement in the San Luis Valley has been thriving ever since that 2008 presentation. Now in its fourth year of collaborative community work, the Coalition has stepped up to become its own non-profit, dedicated to creating a sustainable local foods system that is accessible and affordable to SLV families. The SLV Local Foods Coalition operates the Alamosa Farmers’ Market, the Healthy Habits program promoting consumption of fruits and veggies, sponsors the Cooking Matters Program™; offers educational films, speakers and events to the public; participates in policy development that affects the production and distribution of local foods; is working to create a regional food hub and produced the 2nd edition of the Local Roots guide in an effort to connect consumers with the good food of the San Luis Valley. We are thankful for the many visionary and hard working partners this Coalition represents.

Liza Marron SLV Local Foods Coalition Director

Join us!

The Coalition meets monthly (excepting July)

at 514 Main Street in the Hospice Del Valle meeting room in Alamosa on the first Friday of each month at 10am.


C eleb rate the Roots of Farmin g an d R anching in the S an Luis Valley On the following pages, you will meet the farmers and ranchers who are growing locally and making their abundance available to the good people of the San Luis Valley and beyond. Now all may enjoy the rich harvest of the Valley’s local foods. Two things were of core importance to the first settlers of the San Luis Valley, the family and a bountiful harvest from the family farm. The first settlers made their homes in the southern part of the Valley in the mid-1800’s and established farms with acequias—communal irrigation systems. The acequias ensured that all farmers received the necessary life sustaining water for their crops so they could make it through the long cold winter. These historic farms have been in the family for generations and are still honored as the roots of self sufficiency and community sustainability. Today these acequias are still in use alongside the now more than 80,000 acres of land under center pivot irrigation and the many thousands more acres being fed by ditch irrigation. The San Luis Valley continues to produce an abundant variety of food - from lettuce to lambs, potatoes to pigs, beans to beef. We know that the farmers and the wisdom they hold, the mineral rich soil and the generous San Luis Valley aquifer, all located in our high altitude air, continue to nourish these historic roots of self sufficiency and community sustainability through the bountiful harvest. This guide is dedicated to those who till the earth and tend the animals: to those who grow their own food and to those who grow it for others. Thank you for the bountiful harvest.


A L A M O S A C O UNTY BROWN’S RANCH 1 Natural Boer goats, lamb and beef. Small bales of alfalfa available. Call the ranch.

process. Teamed up with talented brewers and maltsters, we truly have something special in the Valley.

Cochran Ranch 2 Grain or grass finished, hormone and antibiotic-free beef available throughout the year in wholes, halves and quarters on this 75 year old family ranch. Call or come by the ranch to purchase beef.

ALLISON CRUSE VEGETABLE CSA Each week of the growing season I send out an email with what is available in the box that week and how much it is, and my customers get back to me with their order. One pick-up day a week at my house.

Contact: Mark Brown Phone: 719-588-1551 Visit Us!: 4469 N. County Road 109 Mosca boer goats + lamb + beef + alfalfa

Contact: Chad Cochran Phone: 719-480-2096 Visit Us!: 0521 E Road 1.25 South Monte Vista beef

Contact: Duane or Jason Cody Phone: 719-580-0051 Email: Web: barley malt + wheat malt

Contact: Phone: Email: veggies

Colorado Gators 3 An 87° geothermal well creates “an integrated ecosystem” providing fresh tilapia fish and farm goods and real educational fun, while making full use of natural and recycled resources.

Contact: Erwin & Lynne Young Phone: 719-378-2612 Web: Visit Us!: 17 miles North of Alamosa on Hwy 17, Open daily fish + veggies

Colorado malting company In 1994 “Cody’s Dairy” changed from a dairy farm to specialize only in the crops that used to be grown for feed for dairy cows. We now grow barley and wheat and put it through the malting


Allison Cruse 719-589-2911

Why is Grass-Finished Beef so Good for You? Compared to cattle raised on traditional feedlot fare, beef from cattle finished on grass… Has 2-4 times more omega-3 fatty acids, which are good for heart health. Is richer in antioxidants. Does not contain traces of added hormones, antibiotics or other drugs. Is leaner and research shows that lean beef actually lowers the “bad” cholesterol levels. And lower in fat means lower in calories.

A L A M O S A C O UNTY DMS POULTRY Live Araucana, White Rock Chickens, Royal Palm, Bourbon Red, Black Spanish, Wild Eastern, Bronze, Standard & White Turkeys and Great Peking Ducks. All 6-8 weeks or older. Will also deliver in Alamosa or meet customers at prearranged locations to deliver. Contact: Marcia Klasing Phone: 719-379-4014 or 719-298-0279 chickens + turkeys + ducks

Contact: John & Trudi Kretsinger Phone: 719-589-0429 beef

Lenore’s Speltlicious Cookies Delicious spelt cookies made locally of healthy ingredients. Available at local stores or call to order. Enjoy!

ANTONIO GARCIA Organic garlic and spinach.

Contact: Antonio Phone: 719-589-8381 Visit Us!: 1400 Ross Avenue, Alamosa veggies

Contact: Lenore Reinart Phone: 719-588-9329 baked goods

HARR LIMOUSIN High protein, low fat, tasty goat meat. Call ranch for more information. Contact: John Harr Phone: 719-589-3372 or 719-588-2539 Email: boer goats

RANCHO TIERRA RICA Eggs from happy, healthy, loved chickens. Fresh veggies during the growing season. Contact: Morgan Velasquez Phone: 719-588-3875 veggies + eggs

Jacks Farm 21 Heirloom calabacitas.

Visit Us! 6491 Hwy 17, Alamosa heirloom calabacitas

Jones Farm Organics 4 Third generation farmers raising Certified Organic potatoes, wheat and natural beef. Call for information and to purchase beef. Contact: Rob & Beth Jones Phone: 719-588-4499. Visit Us!: 1121 E County Rd 110N. Hooper potatoes + beef + wheat + hay

KW Farms John and Trudi raise USDA Certified Organic grass-fed beef. No grains, no hormones, no antibiotics. As John says, “We love the cows, nothing else we do is as much fun.” Call for information & to purchase beef.

sand dunes swimming pool Fresh tomatoes, cucumbers and basil grown in our greenhouse for the Pool’s Mile Deep Grill. Produce also for sale to patrons and at Valley Food Co-op. Contact: Donnie Bautista, Manager Phone: 719-378-2807 or 719-378-2806 Email: Web: veggies


A L A M O S A C O UNTY sea of S.a.g.e., Stabilized Agro Environments 5 Year-round vegetable growing in passive solar greenhouses, greenhouse design and construction. Sometimes dairy goats for sale. A Limited Partnership Association. Contact: Friend Darr, Managing Partner Phone: 719-486-6326 Visit Us!: 998 County Road 112 S Alamosa veggies

Simply Honey As 6th generation migratory beekeeper, Brent harvests honey, beeswax, sells bees and provides pollination services. Available in local stores or call. Contact: Brent Edelen Phone: 719-850-0255 Email: Web: honey

Valley Pheasants Turkeys and eggs naturally raised on the pasture to increase omega 3 fatty acids and vitamins A&D. Contact: Cathy Morin Phone: 719-580-8197 Email: poultry + eggs

6 White Mountain Farm Certified Organic quinoa and potatoes, and organically grown garden produce in the summer. Call for availability or stop by the Mosca Pit Stop.

Contact: Phone:

Paul & Ernie New 719-378-2436 or 800-364-3019

Web: Visit Us! Mosca Pit Stop Hwy 17 Mosca grains + potatoes + veggies

Leonard Snow A menagerie of lambs, ducks, turkeys, chickens, eggs, and sometimes quail. Leonard will even raise a pig or beef at request. All animals are antibiotic free and pasture fed. Homemade white or whole wheat dinner rolls available Contact: Leonard Snow Phone: 719-580-6614 Email: poultry + pork + beef + eggs

I love bees, and I hope you do, too! Show your appreciation for bees’ pollination by eating local vegetables and fruits.


C O NEJ O S C O UNTY Archers’ Valley Farms Raising well-loved lambs on pasture. All natural, antibiotic and hormone free. Call or stop by the Alamosa Farmer’s Market. Contact: Jamey Archer Phone: 719-580-1484 or 719-580-1317 lamb

cactus hill farm Natural grown hops, sweet corn and pork available. Also weed-free hay. Hops sold to local microbrewers. Will sell to home brewers. Call or email farm for information. Contact: Alan and Elena Miller Phone: 719-849-9164 or 719-274-0563 Email: hops + corn + pork + hay

EL SAGRADO FARM Registered Navajo-Churro


What are Chicos? Chicos are a traditional way of preserving corn. Fresh green corn is first steamed in an horno.  It is then hung outside to dry while still on the cob. It is very important to protect the drying corn from birds and rain. The dried kernels are then shucked from the cob - this is chicos – and can be added to beans or soup for a delicious meal. 

Breeding Stock, Organic Raw Wool, and Organic Lamb sold whole or half. Our farm is off the grid and has been USDA certified organic since 1996. We use horses and run our tractor on biodiesel to farm all the pasture, hay and grains we feed to our animals. We think all the time about the sustainability of our farm and our lives, and we are thankful to be farmers in the SLV. Farm tours available by appointment. Contact: Karen and Colin Henderson Phone: 719-274-0293 Email: sheep + wool + lamb

Steve and Theresa Medina Steve and Theresa grow corn for chicos, a traditional way to preserve corn. They also raise purple skinned garlic. All produce is lovingly tended and organically grown. Call to purchase or stop by the Valley Food Co-op in Alamosa. Contact: Steve and Theresa Medina Phone: 719-274-4042 veggies

NitsChka ter Kuile AND STEVE MILLER Honoring the relationship between goats, good soil and healthy produce, Nitschka and Steve have organically grown fresh produce, goats and grassfed beef for butchering, bred heifers, and other products. Call or email for details. Contact: Nitschka ter Kuile and Steve Miller Phone: 719-588-6621 Email: goats + veggies + beef


C O NEJ O S C O UNTY SHANE MORTENSEN Natural, grass-fed beef sold live weight, no hormones, occasionally use antibiotics. Eggs from free range chickens. Call or email for availability.

Email: Web: Visit Us!: Just south of La Jara on County Rd. T beef + poultry + veggies + eggs

R-n-S KUNTRY GREENHOUSE Naturally and locally grown without chemicals. A variety of vegetables, flowers, herbs, and flower baskets in season. Call or visit the farm.

Contact: Lionel & Michelle Valdez Phone: 719-274-5822 lamb

Contact: Shane Mortensen Phone: 719-274-5586 or 719-480-2838 Email: beef + eggs + alfalfa + hay

Lionel & Michelle Valdez Range fed lamb “on the hoof” or delivered for packing. Herd returns from the mountains in mid -September. Place order by September 1st .

Contact: Raymond or Sarah Gingerich Phone: 719-843-9535 veggies + flowers + herbs + plants

business local so that the value doesn’t get shipped off. It is better

SALAZAR NATURAL MEATS Natural grass-fed and organic beef raised with sustainability in mind. Beef jerky and summer sausage. Beef sold by whole, half or quarters, online and in local stores. Also pastured pork. Contact: Lucas Salazar Phone: 719-580-5264 Email: Web: beef + jerky + summer sausage + pork

for the health of the people who eat local products, and for the animals. It is better for the environment where the animals are raised. If you are buying locally, you are creating jobs and hopefully others are spending their dollars locally too.”

Sharp Iron Farm A small farm promoting animal contentment and environmental stewardship and producing pasture raised beef, eggs and broilers from pasture raised chickens, and organically grown tomatoes. Contact: Phone:

“I like the idea of keeping my

Greg and Dianne Johnson 719-557-1580 or 719-214-0222


Lucas Salazar

C os t i lla C o u n t y Quintana Farm Embracing a deep reverence for land and animal, the Quintanas grow veggies, and raise sheep, pigs and eggs. Find them at various Farmers’ Markets, through Rio Culebra Cooperative or call.

Contact: Arturo & Suzanne Quintana Phone: 719-588-8732 or 719.672.0316 Email: veggies + lamb + pork + poultry + chickens + goats + dairy + eggs

Rio Culebra Agricultural Cooperative, Inc. 7 Frozen grass-fed beef raised without hormones, antibiotics or corn, and butchered less than one year old. Beef is tender and delicious. Also heirloom products, Chicos del Horno (white corn cooked in an horno and dried), Bolita Beans unique to the San Luis Valley, and Haba Beans (dried fava beans). Next year we will also be selling alberjon maduro (dried ripened peas). Contact: Juanita Malouff Dominguez, Eunice Bernal or Bernadette Lucero Phone: 719-672-0329 Email: Visit us!: 401 Church Place, San Luis beef + chicos + beans

Ute Mountain Ranch Home to Heaven Scent Bread & West’s Best Beef & West’s Best Soil and Compost. The heart of a family farm thriving, as Kelly West says, “in a culture of gratitude.” Find Kelly’s artisanal bread at the Valley Food Coop, in White Mountain Farm food baskets and the Taos Farmers’ Market. Call or email to order their grass-fed, hormone and antibiotic-free beef. Contact : Kelly & David West Phone: 719-672-4404 Email: baked goods + beef + compost

VALDEZ FARM Arnie was born and raised in Costilla County and is an heir to the Sangre de Cristo Land Grant. He is a participant in the Cerro Acequia, which waters his crops of garden peas, fava beans, bolita beans, white corn and white peas. Produce will be available on farm and some distribution. Contact: Phone: Email: Visit Us!: veggies


Arnie Valdez 719-672-3678 1-1/2 miles east of San Luis on County Road P6 20153 County Road P6

R i o G ra n d e C o u n t y

ALMONSON FARMS High quality, grass-fed certified organic beef. Call to purchase. Contact: Phone: Email: Web: beef

Adam or Anke Almonson 719-480-1709 or 719-480-4289

Catlin’s Greenhouse 8 Growing a wide variety of seedlings for spring and delicious veggies available through the summer. Contact: Larry & Joyce Catlin and Brad & Lori Catlin Phone: 719.852.2140 Visit us!: Stop on by, east of Monte Vista on Hwy 160 veggies + plants

Corset Ranch A Colorado Centennial Ranch raising natural grass-fed and finished beef on

the Rio Grande. Grown with love and respect for cow and earth on lush riverfed pastures. Call for availability. Contact: Phone: Email: beef

David & Nemonie Colville 719-657-4684

Diamond F Brand Beef from Mcneil ranch 9 This Colorado Centennial Farm produces their USDA certified grass-fed and finished, hormone and antibiotic free beef with tender loving care. They also have handmade burritos and tamales featuring their grass finished beef. Contact: Mike &Cathy McNeil Phone: 719-852-2458 Web: Visit Us!: Farm store 4 miles south of Monte Vista on Hwy 15 beef


R i o G ra n d e C o u n t y The Valley has quite a long history of growing superior wheat, and the early farmers of the 1800’s set up numerous community milling operations, including Saguache, Del Norte, Monte Vista, Alamosa, La Jara, and Manassa. These were all stone grist mills powered by water or steam. The stones from the Del Norte mill are still used as landscaping in front of their library. After World War II, Alamosa and Del Norte survived and enlarged production by using the steel roller process. A company called Colorado Milling & Elevator bought up most of the existing mills in Colorado. They, in turn, were bought by Peavey from Minneapolis, who owned all of the flour mills across the northern USA in the late sixties, and moved to Denver. Con-Agra took out Peavey by the 1980’s, which meant that a farmer wishing to sell milling wheat had basically one or two buyers in the whole country. It was not difficult for them to control prices paid for wheat because a farmer had so few optionshe could sell to Con-Agra, he could sell for export, or he could sell to a feed lot. We sold a lot of beautiful wheat for $2.40/ Bu. One day, I decided to do something crazy before I lost the farm. Why couldn’t I do it like the pioneers used to do it? I knew that I could make better tasting, more wholesome flour if I used stone mills and milled wheat only to order so that the flour would always be fresh and whole. We would only use local high-protein wheat and we would only sell locally and regionally. It is a fact that stones grind wheat at a lower temperature than steel running at high RPMs, so our flour would have all of the nutrition that was in the wheat. We would sift nothing out or add anything to it. I knew this would be a niche product that a lot of folks had never used, but I had faith in the quality of the product. I knew we could maintain that quality because we would always mill on a small scale. That was in 1977. And after lots of trial and error, lots of good fortune and loyal customers, we are still grinding MOUNTAIN MAMA FLOUR. - Greg Gosar


R i o G ra n d e C o u n t y FLYING EAGLE BISON RANCH 10 USDA bison, naturally ranch raised, with no antibiotics or growth hormones, fed grass alfalfa hay and culled potatoes. Contact: Phone: Email: Visit Us!: bison

Val Dilley 719-251-1176 12285 Highway 112 Del Norte

Gosar Ranch natural food Producing 100% stone ground, high protein, whole-wheat MOUNTAIN MAMA brand flour, freshly milled to order since 1977, using locally grown bread and pastry wheats, transitional or certified when available. Also, sixth generation producers of gourmet European-style sausage, hand-made in pork or chicken, USDA inspected daily, available in most regional, independent food stores and many restaurants. Contact: Kris, Greg, Klayton or Suzanne Phone: 719-852-2133 719-580-5096 or 480-789-3159 Email: whole wheat flour + sausage

grande island bison A happy herd of buffalo, wandering the pastures from birth to harvest producing delicious hormone-free lean meat. Wholes, halves, quarters available.

11 Haefeli’s Honey The Haefeli family are 5th generation beekeepers, caring for bees and producing honey in the San Luis Valley since 1907. Haefeli’s produce around 350 barrels of honey in Colorado a year, as well as pollinating crops in the San Luis Valley, Texas and California.

Contact: Laura Haefeli Phone: 719.657.2044 Web: Visit Us!: Haefeli’s Honey store in downtown Del Norte honey

Cynthia & LaVern Hart A thoughtful homestead with bounty to share - chickens, a garden and a cow. Call in the Spring for the years offerings. Contact: Cynthia & LaVern Hart Phone: 719-852-3032 veggies + poultry

LazEwe 2 Bar Goat Dairy 12 A family ranch since 1878, LazEwe produces artisan goat cheeses in many gourmet flavors from their lively goat herd. Milk shares also available. Contact: Jenny Knoblauch Phone: 719-850-9914 Email: Visit Us!: 10530 County Rd 15, Del Norte. It is best to call first cheese + milk shares

Contact: Kevin Off Phone: 719-657-3439 buffalo


R i o G ra n d e C o u n t y P & L FARM Fryer or live rabbits available. Call for availability of hay. Contact: Pete & Leah Clark Phone: 719-849-8223 719-852-5625 or 719-850-2720 Email: rabbits + hay

RIO GRANDE DAIRY & CREAMERY Goat Shares and Eggs. Planning to add more items in the future. Miller Family Bakery 13 Fresh baked pies, breads, cookies and pastries. Find them at the Alamosa, Monte Vista and Del Norte Farmers’ Markets or come by their store, open Thursdays and Fridays only 8am - 5pm through summer months. Contact: Eddie or Laura Miller Phone: 719-852-0967 Visit us!: 10 miles south of Monte Vista at the corner of Hwys 15 and 370 baked goods

Off family Ranch A Colorado Centennial farm raising grass-fed and finished, antibiotic and hormone-free natural beef, on the lush green pastures next to the Rio Grande. Contact: Phone: Email: Web: beef

David Off 719-580-2387

Contact: Mollie Wells Phone: 719-850-0549 Email: goat shares + eggs

Shady Corner Delight 14 Homemade jams and jellies. Find them at the local Farmers’ Market. Contact: Phone: Visit Us!: jam

Rachel Nissley 719-852-0223 On the corner of 370 and 5 East, South of Monte Vista

Three Barrel Brewing Company Artisan crafted brews produced from San Luis Valley grown malt, hops, honey and fresh mountain water. Found in many local establishments, or call for direct sales. Contact: John Bricker Phone: 719-657-0681 or 719-850-1949 Web: artisan crafted


R i o G ra n d e C o u n t y TWO CREEK RANCHES All natural, no antibiotics, no hormones. Churro Sheep, Beef and Hides. Eggs from free range chickens. Contact: John Noffsker Phone: 719-649-0397, 719-852-5460 Email: Web: churro sheep + beef + hides + eggs

WARBONNET RANCH Lean, Grass-fed and -finished Natural Longhorn Beef. Contact the ranch. In summer we will also be doing the Del Norte Farmers’ Market with fresh veggies from the garden, an assortment of herbs, and our beef. Contact: Pete Littlechief and Karen Bonnie Phone: 719-657-0286 beef + veggies + herbs

Worley Seed 15 Carl Worley started growing potatoes in 1945 for a 4H project and never stopped. He grows a variety of fresh potatoes. Contact: Carla Worley Phone: 719-852-4097 Email: Visit Us!: Hi-Land Potato Co. on 2468 E County Rd 6N Monte Vista potatoes

AB YODER Fresh veggies grown on our farm with tender loving care in a natural environment. Contact: Phone: veggies

Ab Yoder 719-852-2117

What is a CSA? Community Supported Agriculture allows individuals and families to buy a share of the farmer’s harvest at the beginning of the season. It is way to nourish farmers economically while providing a weekly box of farm fresh goodies to the CSA member throughout the entire growing season.


S ag u ac h e C o u n t y Bartee Ranch Natural hormone-free beef, homegrown on the Bartee’s Ranch straight to your kitchen. Call for information and to purchase beef. Contact: Phone: beef

Deanna Bartee 719-754-2175

Blue Range Ranch Certified Organic grass-fed beef available year round. Call for information & to purchase beef. Contact: Phone: beef

The Cho-ku-rei Ranch mission is to raise happy and healthy food, to protect the land and water, to utilize renewable energy, and to assist other communities with raising their own food.

George Whitten & JulieSullivan


Chokecherry Farm 16 A homestead CSA, growing a bountiful garden, pastured chickens and eggs, artisan bread and more. Featuring gourmet farm-to-table dinners. Call for details.

Contact: Alycia & Nick Chambers Phone: 719-256-5572 Email: Visit Us!: 459 Alder St. in the Town of Crestone It is best to call first. veggies + baked goods + poultry + eggs + csa

Cho Ku Rei Ranch Raising vegetables, free-range brown eggs and Tibetan Yak utilizing the Ranch’s natural resources as well as a 6500 sq. ft. greenhouse supported by alternative energy. Offering organic compost for sale. Office hours: Mon – Fri 9am- 5pm. Contact: Kyle Grote Phone: 719-256-4599 Webpage: Email: veggies + poultry + yak + eggs

Green Earth Farm 17 Green Earth Farm is a Colorado Certified Organic farm growing gourmet potatoes and barley, a lush vegetable garden for CSA membership and various SLV Farmers’ Markets as well as a wide variety of medicinal and culinary herbs, herbal tinctures, and natural body care products. Contact: Tom & Lillian McCracken Phone: 719-655-2655 / 877-674-3276 Web: Visit Us!: Give us a call first to come visit our Saguache, CO farm potatoes + veggies + csa


Poncha Springs

Monarch Pass 11,312 Mt. Ouray 13,971



Poncha Pass 9,012


Bushnell Peak 13,165



u nL

S a n L u i s Vall e y is





North Pass 10,149


Cochetopa Dome 13,203

Villa Grove






























a160 Blanca

Fort Garland

368 159




La Jara




Visitor Center












Conejos Peak 13,172



a R iv

Medano Pass 10,150



Stunner Pass 10,541



13 mos


Ellingwood Point 14,042 Mt Lindsay 14,037 Blanca Pk Little Bear Pk 14,037 150 14,347







Bennett Peak 13,203




Monte Vista

Wolf Creek Pass 10,800


3 1

6 Rio
















La Garita


South Fork

20 18



12 Del Norte





Kit Carson Pk Challenger Point 14,081 14,165 Crestone Pk Humboldt Pk 14,064 69 14,294 Crestone Needle 14,197






F ro



San Luis Peak 14,014


Electric Pk 13,621

Mineral Hot Springs






San Acacio



San Luis

Lo s C a m i n os A n tig uo s B yw a y

San Pablo




San Fra




Cumbres Pass 10,022

C u m br e s an d

Tolte c Scenic Rail roa


Rio Grande



Garcia Costilla Amalia





Los Pinos San Miguel


Canon City

L ocal far m & ra n c h m ap

F ro


r P a t h wa y s By w



1 69

o Pass 0




k 14,037

North La Veta Pass 9,413



of L


ds By

La Veta




ay 14,037


Hi g


arland 12




Visit these farms and ranches for a taste of local culture and to purchase their locally grown produce and meats. The numbered squares locate those farms and ranches in the directory listing who welcome your visit to their place. Please look for the corresponding number in the listings. Farms are working places, it is suggested you call before visiting to ensure the farmer is there.

Pablo San Francisco

Culebra Peak 14,047


S ag u ac h e C o u n t y Red Starr Microfarm Crestone, Colorado. Chickens, Dairy Goats and Organic Gardens.

There is nothing like eating a meal that consists of food grown by yourself, harvested from the wild by yourself, or purchased from someone you know. Just the other day we had venison stew with meat harvested from our farm, veggies grown here and stored through the winter, salad and braising greens from our greenhouse and grilled asparagus picked from our garden and irrigation ditch. Fantastic! No chef can reproduce the taste and quality of a meal like that!

Contact: Lynette and Scott Tieder Phone: 719-256-5879 Email: chickens + dairy goats + organic gardens

Rockey Farm 19 Stop by their farm for fresh taters.

Contact: Sheldon or Brendon Rockey Phone: 719-754-3744 Visit us! 1.5 miles east on Rd C North of Center on Hwy 285 potatoes + certified seed potatoes

Tom McCracken Owner, Green Earth Organic Farm

Haugen’s Mountain Lamb 18 USDA inspected, raised on natural forage, antibiotic, hormone and pesticide free lamb. Raised by Sherry, a 5th generation rancher in the San Luis Valley. Call for a farm tour and to purchase lamb. Contact: Sherry Haugen Phone: 719-754-2176 Email: Web: Visit Us!: From 285 south of Saguache, turn west onto CR J, go 1 mile and look for the sign lamb

P & H ENTERPRISES Feeder pigs and pigs for butcher. Call or email for information.

THE SAUDER FAMILY FARM 20 Cowshares. Fresh farm eggs. Fresh produce during the summer at the farm and at the Del Norte Farmers’ Market. Contact: Marlin Sauder Phone: 719-754-0542 or 719-480-1851 Email: Visit Us!: 9100 County Road 45 Center, CO 81125 cowshares + eggs + veggies

Sundance Farms Small scale farming at its best, offering rabbits, eggs, and fresh garden produce. Call to arrange for pick-up in Moffat, CO. Contact: Melinda Myers Phone: 719-256-4773 veggies + rabbits + poultry

Contact: Tristram Post and Larry Duran Phone: 719-580-5441 Email: pigs


S a n L u i s Vall e y F ar m e rs ’ Mar k e t s Farmers’ Markets lie at the heart of re-localization providing an opportunity for farmers and families to meet and greet over the harvest. Shop at your local farmers’ market for the freshest, best tasting food available, and support family farms by keeping money local longer. Alamosa Farmers’ Market

Monte Vista Sunshine Market

La Jara Farmers’ Market

Crestone farmers’ Market

Downtown Alamosa 8am - 2pm Saturdays mid-July through early-October Info: 719-580-8125

Fullenwider Park, Downtown Monte Vista 8am - 4pm Fridays June, July and August Info: 719-852-2731

Broadway Avenue in front of the town hall. 3pm - 7pm Fridays End of July to the beginning of September. Info: James at 719-480-4365 or Elena at 719-849-9164 Email:

M i ss i o n of T h e A la m osa F ar m e rs ’ Mar k e t

To provide greater access to fresh local and regional foods that taste good and are healthy. To host a market that builds community and promotes downtown Alamosa as a destination for locals and visitors alike. To offer events that enhance the attractiveness of the market and downtown Alamosa.


In front of the Bliss Café 187 W. Silver Ave. in Crestone 10am - 3pm Saturdays Late April (Earth Day) through mid-October Info: 719-256-6400

S a n L u i s Vall e y F ar m e rs ’ Mar k e t s DEL NORTE FARMERS’ MARKET


On Spruce Street and Hwy. 160 2pm - 6pm Thursdays July 5 - September 27 Info: 719-657-2000

Downtown San Luis on Main Street, Hwy 159 10am - 3pm Thursdays July to mid-August 10am - 3pm Fridays mid-August to end of October Info:

Our prayers are for the Water Liquid Crystal so vital for our existence Sacred Fluid, blessed by the Great Spirit May all Water be pure, abundant, and free So that Everyone may live In the Highest of Health and Harmony - Anonymous


S a n L u i s Vall e y co m m u n i t y gard e n s ALAMOSA COMMUNITY GREENHOUSE


1201 Edison Street in Alamosa For information, call Jan Oen: 719-587-5529

Season-extender Greenhouse and Edible Schoolyard under the direction of Sembrando Semillas Agricultural Heritage and Youth Leadership Development Program. At Centennial School in San Luis, east of Hwy 159 Email:

Alamosa Community Gardens

Operates two gardens in Alamosa: One at Alamosa Elementary and another at 11th & State Ave. Community work days and nights. All are invited to participate! For more information please contact: Phone: 719-589-4567 ext. 102

Del Norte Community Garden

The Saguache Community Garden

Located at High Valley Community Center on Grande Avenue in Del Norte. All are Welcome to Participate! Phone: 719-657-2172 Email:

Located at Mountain Valley School, 403 Pitkin Avenue in Saguache “Growing Seeds, Minds, and Connections” Summer Garden Camp. Community Members welcome to sow seeds. For info: Martin Jay McKee Phone: 719-588-3632 Email:

“I love to work in our Community Garden! We get together to learn from each other, to teach children about growing food and the good earth, to enjoy eating what we grow, and to share food with those who are in need.” Pauline Washburn


far m , ranch & gar d en su p p l i es H a y, An imal F eed & Meat Proc e ssors CIRCLE K MILL Animal feeds manufactured locally from local grains. The only seed manufacturer in the San Luis Valley making pellets, sweet feed, and steamrolled grains. Contact: Mike or Mary Kester Phone: 719-274-0157 Web: animal feeds

719-588-7425 or 719-657-3683 0316 County Road 17 Del Norte

Phone: 719-843-5850 or 719-580-7205 Visit Us!: 602 2nd Avenue, Romeo meat processing

GRASS ROOTS ENERGY FARM Restoring land to native grasslands; native grass and alfalfa mix hay in large bales available. Please call the farm. Contact: David Broberg and Mary Carhartt Phone: 303-466-9225 or 303-519-3406 native grass + alfalfa mix hay

* Also see listings for: BROWN’S RANCH for Alfalfa—under Alamosa County CACTUS HILL FARM for Hay—under Conejos County JONES FARM ORGANICS for Hay—under Alamosa County SHANE MORTENSEN for Hay—under Conejos County P & L FARM for Hay—under Rio Grande County

Contact: Brian Phone: 719-589-3540 Visit Us!: 5195 County Road 14 S Alamosa meat processing

MEL’S CUSTOM MEAT PROCESSING, LLC Beef, Pork, Lamb, Buffalo. USDA Organic and Not for Resale.

DAVIE RANCH Phone: Visit Us!: hay

GLYNN’S PROCESSING Custom processing of domestic animals.

SOUTHERN COLORADO LIVESTOCK AUCTION Livestock Auction every Thursday. Special Sales. Phone: 719-852-9500 Visit Us!: 5660 E US Hwy 160 Monte Vista

VALLEY MEAT COMPANY/ SANFORD PROCESSING Wholesale, retail, custom meat processing, USDA facility. Phone: 719-274-5159 or 719-589-6328 Visit Us!: 808 West Ave., Alamosa meat processing


far m , ranch & gar d en su p p l i es C om post COMPOST TECHNOLOGIES, LLC Compost out of manure, straw & sawdust made to organic standards. Most to agricultural fields. Garden compost, organic certified liquid nutrient and biological products also available. Also worm casting tea. Call for availability.

*Also see listings for: CHO KU REI RANCH —under Saguache County UTE MOUNTAIN RANCH West’s Best Soil and Compost—under Costilla County

Contact: Mark Inness Phone: 719-754-9092

G ardens & G reenh ouse s GREEN SPOT GARDEN CENTER & ANTIQUES Complete garden center, lots of organic supplies, all plants, including perennials, annuals, shrubs, trees, and even houseplants, very hardy, open year round, local store supporting local growers.

KIRBY HOUSE AGRO, LLC Garden seed, bedding plants, drip irrigation. Hours: Contact: Phone: Visit Us!:

Contact: Ruthie Brown Phone: 719-589-6362 Email: Visit Us!: 711 State Avenue in Alamosa


Open May 1 through July 4 Mon. - Sat. 10am - 6pm Paul Niebel 719-298-0106 960 Main Street, Sanford

far m , ranch & gar d en su p p l i es

G arden s & G reenh ouse s LA GARITA MOUNTAIN NURSERY Cold hardy, drought resistant trees, shrubs, perennials, annuals, & vegetables. Annual hanging baskets & flower bowls. Potting soil, fertilizer, organic critter repellent, clay pots, & fun garden supplies & gifts. Nursery hours beginning May 16th. Hours: Mon. - Sat. 9pm - 5pm Contact: Peg Varoz Phone: 719-588-1380 or 719-754-3630 Email: Visit Us!: Nursery is located on Hwy. 160 – towards South Fork, just past Shaw Creek Rest Area on north side of highway.

NORTH RIVER GREENHOUSE All vegetables seeded and grown here; heirloom varieties, heirloom tomatoes and heirloom seeds available. All varieties selected are conductive to San Luis Valley growing conditions. Bedding plants are received as seedlings and grown to maturity at the greenhouse. Contact: Phone: Email: Web: Visit Us!:

Amy or Stephanie 719-589-5660 8544 County Road 4S Alamosa

* Also see listings for: CATLIN’S GREENHOUSE —under Rio Grande County R-n-S KUNTRY GREENHOUSE —under Conejos County


res t auran t s us i ng Loca l p ro d uc t s BLISS CAFÉ A fun place to be! Organic and natural eclectic food. Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner & Sunday Brunch. Hours: Contact: Phone: Visit Us!:

7 days 10:30am - 8:30pm Ava Lowe and Scott Swordy 719-256-6400 187 West Silver Avenue Crestone

Phone: 719-256-4700 Web: Visit Us!: Located at the Challenger Gold Course just west of Crestone on County Road T 68037 County Road T

Bees – Smallest and Mightiest

BLUE FOXX CONTINENTAL GRILLE Serving local potatoes. Contact: Phone: Email: Visit Us!:

Lela Trujillo 719-589-9110 6615 North River Road Alamosa, at the Cattails Golf Course

CALVILLO’S MEXICAN RESTAURANT Serving local potatoes, carrots, beans, lettuce, zucchini, and corn when available. Contact: Martine or Pancho Phone: 719-587-5500 Visit Us!: 400 Main St., Alamosa

CHO KU REI FARM STORE AND CAFÉ SLV’s source for locally raised yak meat, produce, wheatgrass, raw and wheat-free foods, homemade chocolate and the best yak chili in the Valley. Hours: M - Th: 10am - 6pm Fri: 10am - 7pm Contact: Leah Pike


Pollination is necessary for plants and trees to grow fruit and reproduce. When bees sip nectar, they collect pollen on their legs and bodies that is transferred from flower to flower as the bee travels. Honey bees are just one of many important wild pollinators and their health is at risk due to a mysterious Colony Collapse Disorder. While the cause of this collapse is not entirely understood, it is not hard to consider the impact chemical insecticides, pesticides and fertilizers might have on the health of pollinating insects. Part of a movement towards sustainability includes the health and wellness of these, our smallest yet mightiest, valley pollinators.

res t auran t s us i ng Loca l p ro d uc t s FEELIN’ GOOD COFFEE HOUSE AND CAFÉ Serves local organic produce and beer made with San Luis Valley barley.

Contact: Blair Britt or Deanna Orr Phone: 719-873-5150 Email: Visit Us!: 76 Hwy 149 (at the Y of 160 and 149), South Fork

4TH STREET DINER Serves certified grass-fed beef from Blue Range Ranch in Saguache, local potatoes, and greens when available. All foods served made from scratch. Phone: 719-655-6411 Visit Us!: on 4th Street in Saguache

Green Frog Juice Bar and Superfoods, using local ingredients. Phone: Email:


Mary Sue’s Morsels Decadent, Healthy, Catering designed by budget for every appetite. Featuring Local Foods Phone:


O.F.I.A. Our Food Is Art Located in Crestone.

Contact: Phone: Email:

Lynette and Scott Tieder 719-256-5879

PEACE OF ART CAFÉ Peace of Art Café at the Organic Peddler on the Edge uses local ingredients when in season and as available. Best known for their homemade veggie burgers and

daily homemade soups!

Contact: KimAnna and Michael Cellura-Shields Phone: 719-657-3223 (719-65PEACE) Email: Visit Us!: 14475 W. Highway 160 Del Norte

RESTAURANT AT THE WINDSOR Elegant yet comfortable fine dining with an old west flair. Featuring locally grown Flying Eagle Bison, Organic Cheeses, Gosar Sausages, Fresh Grown Greens (in season) and more. Award winning celebrated Chef Urs Balmer, and staff create their unique daily selections. Hours: Breakfast 9am Lunch 11am - 2pm Dinner 5pm - Close Contact: Halle Furr or Chef Urs Balmer Phone: 719-657-9031 Visit Us!: 665 Grande Avenue in the Windsor Hotel, Del Norte

RIO GRANDE SCENIC RAILROAD The RGSR serves some local food, local beer, and local wine on our excursions between Alamosa and La Veta. For Reservations Call 877-726-7245 or visit our website Contact: Phone: Visit Us!:


Ryan Weeks, Passenger Services Manager 719-587-0509 719-337-8731 or 719-589-3301 610 State Avenue in Alamosa

res t auran t s us i ng Loca l p ro d uc t s SAN LUIS VALLEY BREWING COMPANY Featuring a full menu highlighting local products. Craft beers and sodas made on premises. Stop by for lunch or dinner and brewery tour. Menu features Gosar Sausages, Rakhra Mushrooms, Salazar Organic Beef, local potatoes, barley, wheat, honey, and hops.

SLV PIZZA COMPANY Uses local potatoes, beef, and produce from the Alamosa Farmers’ Market when available.


Contact: Robert & Rhonda Glover Phone: 719-852-7388 Email: Web: Visit Us!: 138 Adams St. Monte Vista

Contact: Phone: Email: Web: Visit Us!:

Scott and Angie Graber 719-587-BEER 631 Main Street, Alamosa

Serves local buffalo, goat cheese, honey, potatoes, locally smoked bacon, and two local beers and are always trying to add new local products. Phone: 719-873-2123 Visit Us!: 0030 B Jackson St. South Fork

Contact: Randall Pierson Phone: 719-589-4749 Visit Us!: 2069 West 1st St., Alamosa

SONSHINE ACRES COFFEE HOUSE & KITCHEN STORE We use as many local food products as possible. Local quinoa & hard red wheat and pastry wheat used in our Hands-on Whole-grain Bread Classes. Contact us for class information.

VILLA GROVE TRADE Café uses local meats and eggs. Food prepared from local, fresh ingredients. Contact: Jeff and Amber Shook Phone: 719- 655-2203 Email: Web: Visit Us!: 34094 Hwy 285, Villa Grove


grocers carr y i ng l oca l foo d s ELEPHANT CLOUD TEA SHOP & GROCERY Highest grade loose-leaf teas from Asia, locally grown fresh organic produce, groceries & snack foods; highest quality delicious & nutritious superfoods. We serve hot Gong-Fu Style tea.

Hours: Mon. - Sat. 9am - 6pm Mon & Thurs open until 8pm Contact: Benjamin Byer and Michelle Beelendorf Phone: 719-256-5544 Email: Web: Visit Us!: 393 Golden Avenue Crestone

VALLEY FOOD CO-OP A member owned co-operative where every member has a voice. Featuring local meats, cheese, eggs, grains, honey, bread, seasonal produce, and other products from the San Luis Valley. Anyone (members and nonmembers) can shop at the Co-op. Contact: Garland McQueen, Manager Phone: 719-589-5727 Email: Web: Visit Us!: 3211 Main Street, Alamosa in the Villa Mall

ORGANIC PEDDLER ON THE EDGE A unique, eclectic Organic Grocery and Gift Shop featuring local eggs and veggies as available as well as many Colorado made groceries items. Lots of local art and crafts. Also on the same property is the La Casita Bonita Inn and the Antique Cabin. Contact: KimAnna and Michael Cellura-Shields Phone: 719-657-9042 Email: Web: Visit Us!: 14475 W. Highway 160 at the west end of Del Norte

“Seeing the diverse group of people that have a common interest in good local food is what I value about the Co-op. We may have different incomes, spiritual beliefs and ages but we are all nourished by good food.� Diana Jones Former Long-time Manager, Valley Food Co-op, Alamosa


o t her resources COOKING MATTERS® The Local Foods Coalition is proud to now offer Cooking Matters® as a part of our programing to promote healthy local foods! Cooking Matters empowers families with the skills, knowledge, and confidence to prepare healthy and affordable meals. With the help of volunteer culinary and nutrition experts, Cooking Matters course participants learn how to select nutritious and low-cost ingredients and prepare them in ways that provide the best nourishment possible to their families. Email: if you have questions about the program or would like to volunteer to teach a class. RIO GRANDE HEADWATERS LAND TRUST (RiGHT) Protects working ranches and farms throughout the San Luis Valley. We are proud to support our local farmers & ranchers. RiGHT believes that supporting local foods is vital to our mission to conserve our land, water, and way of life in Colorado’s San Luis Valley. Supporting and promoting locally grown food helps develop a viable market that keeps working land in production and local producers in business. It also builds community and supports a way of life that we all value in the San Luis Valley. Knowing where our food comes from and how it was grown deepens our connection to the land, and sharing a meal deepens our connection to one another. Phone: 719-657-0800 | Email: Web: SLV JUNCTION COMMUNITY BULLETIN BOARD Community Bulletin Board & Classified Ads for Colorado’s San Luis Valley & Surrounding Areas. All postings are FREE. Check out local food posts for community gardens, farmers’ markets, and Local Food Coalition information as well as the Local Roots guide on-line. Email: | Web: THE SAN LUIS VALLEY HEALTH PROJECT A one-stop-shop for all your health and wellness needs. is a dynamic platform for San Luis Valley residents to find all the information and resources they need to get healthy and stay healthy. Visit to find: Searchable directory of local health and wellness services, including local foods, Events Calendar, and Updates on State and National Legislation. Web:



Please see: to read the Act.

Cottage Foods Act Explained

Excerpts from info found at: In 2012 the Colorado Legislature passed the Colorado Cottage Foods Act, a bill allowing individuals to produce and sell certain types of foods using a home kitchen, thereby making it easier for smaller producers to sell their goods. Allowable products include: spices, teas, dehydrated produce, nuts, seeds, honey, candies, jams, jellies, and some baked goods. In order to qualify, net sales for each product cannot exceed $5,000 annually and all products must be labeled and sold directly to the consumer including your local farmers’ market!  If you follow these rules, you do not need a permit or license for your cottage food operation.

Labeling Requirements

Cottage foods must have the following information printed in English: identification of product; producer’s name and address where the food was produced; producer’s current phone number and email address; date the food was produced; complete list of ingredients; and this statement: “This product was produced in a home kitchen that is not subject to state licensure or inspection and that may also contain common food allergens such as tree nuts, peanuts, eggs, soy, wheat, milk, fish and crustacean shellfish. This product is not intended for resale.”

Safe Food Handling Requirement

A producer must be certified in safe food handling and processing by a third-party certifying entity. The Colorado Department of Public Health has endorsed ServSafe®. ServSafe® is a nationally recognized comprehensive food safety training developed by the National Restaurant Association. This training meets food safety requirements for retail food service managers and for Colorado Cottage Food Act participants who produce and sell home-based food products.” Available locally: Carol Keith Food Systems, Certified ServSafe Instructor 719-580-1289.

Eggs, Eggs, Eggs!

A person or company that sells eggs within Colorado must be licensed by Colorado Department of Agriculture (CDA) per CRS 35-21-104. This applies only to the domesticated chicken eggs. Egg producers selling fewer than 250 dozen per month from their own flock and directly to the consumer on their farm are exempt from the requirements of the Colorado Egg Act. If eggs are sold anywhere off the farm, The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) requires they be from a licensed Egg Producer and inspected by CDA. Obtain Egg Dealer forms and info at:

Thank you to Senator Gail Schwartz for all her hard work in making this legislation possible.


o t her resources STATE AND FEDERAL REGULATIONS Colorado Environmental Pesticide Education Program (CEPEP) Provides accurate, up-to-date information on pesticide laws and regulations, environmental protection, worker protection, and pesticide safety for applicators, trainers, agricultural workers and supervisors, and the general public.

FDA re Food Food Ingredients and Packaging:

Food Safety:

Food Labeling Regulations—Federal Food labeling guide web links:

Fact sheets:

Introduction to the UPC Code System From the International Dairy, Deli, Bakery Association:

Food Safety Inspections—Colorado

The Colorado Department of Agriculture is the in-state partner with the USDA for the USDA Fresh Produce Audit Verification Program (GAP/GHP).

Food Safety State and Federal Standards and Regulations—Colorado

Guidance, Compliance and Regulatory Information

National Organic Program (NOP) USDA’s National Organic Program regulates the standards for any farm, wild crop harvesting, or handling operation that wants to sell an agricultural product as organically produced. e=RT&parentnav=AGRICULTURE

Organic Certification—USDA Organic Labeling and Marketing Fact Sheet:

Produce and Plant Products Guidance for Industry Including GAP (Good Agricultural Practices) & GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) ProduceandPlanProducts/default.htm

Worker Protection Standards



Local is wher e y ou live. Local Food is fed by the earth upon which we walk. It grows by the light of the sun that warms our days. It is watered by the life-giving storms and rivers and ancient pools of deep earth water. Local Food is grown in the backyard, the school yard, the church yard, the community center and farm. It is tended by your neighbors, by my neighbors. And we become neighbors. Local Food nourishes our health. Fresh and nutrient rich, it strengthens and grows our young people well. It feeds our minds and hearts so that we think and act clearly. It helps us to remain diseasefree, gently aging our bodies with grace. Local Food nourishes families. To cook and eat together is to connect with one another and share in the vital nourishment of food and relationship. Local Food nourishes local economy. To support our local farmers, our community breadwinners, we nurture a vibrant local economy. Local Food nourishes the earth. Care of the Valley’s mineral rich fertile soil and wise use of our precious water will ensure the harvest remains abundant and nutritive for our great grandchildren and beyond. Local Food nourishes community, for community is a tapestry made strong by the health of its individuals, families, economy and environment.

This is an ancient cycle. Local Food nourishes the roots of self-sufficiency and community sustainability through the bountiful harvest. Local is where you live. Your food is already there.

Enjoy .

- By Heather Pollock Green

This 2nd Edition was compiled by Pauline Washburn with much gratitude to the farmers and ranchers who participated and a warm welcome to those who would like to be listed. Please see page 2 for more pathways to be included in the SLV Local Food movement!


San Luis Valley Grown Food T h e B e s t R e aso n s t o B u y L ocal

1. If every Person in the San Luis Valley spent $10/month on Local Food, we would keep $5.5 Million in the Valley each year. 2. The Food is Fresher—Buy locally and your food does not have to travel far to get to your table. 3. The Food is Healthier—When you buy a local product often it retains more nutrients because it gets to your table quicker. The longer food sits, the less nutritious it becomes. 4. Better for Our Environment—On average food travels 1,500 miles to get to your table. When you purchase food from the San Luis Valley, you help to cut down on the fossil fuels that it takes to ship food long distances. 5. The Food is Safer—When you buy local food, you know the farmer and the facilities where your food is grown and processed and you can decide what is safe. 6. Support Your Neighbor—You can support those living around you and this will help to bring economic security to families in the Valley. 7. Create a Sense of Place and Meaning—By buying local you can feel grounded to your community and feel connected to the land and people that surround you. 8. Help Protect our Land and Water—By using our natural resources for food production, we can protect them for future generations. 9. Protect Traditional Foodways—By buying local you help sustain the cultures of the Valley through the growing of traditional foods. 10. Food Security—By buying local you help to rebuild a food system that can support and sustain the residents of the San Luis Valley.

T he Sa n L u is Vall e y L ocal F oods C oalition e xt e nds S p e c ial T h a n k s To O u r Spon sors: Alamosa Marketing District : James Bird and Gail Vonderweidt Cho Ku Rei Ranch, Farm Store & Café Colorado Gators Compost Technologies LLC Corset Ranch Jack Dehms Del Norte Chamber of Commerce El Pomar : Gosar Ranch Natural Foods Green Earth Farm Haefeli’s Honey Diana and Marty Jones Joanne Kaufman, NCMT HTPA Kirby House Agro LLC KW Farms Miller Family Bakery Monte Vista Community Development Corporation Off Family Ranch Organic Peddler on the Edge Rio Grande County Tourism Board : Rio Grande Headwaters Land Trust (RiGHT) Rockey Farm Saguache County Sustainable Environment and Economic Development (ScSEED) Salazar Natural Meats San Luis Valley Rural Electric Cooperative San Luis Valley Tourism Association San Luis Valley Development Resources Group SLV Junction Community Bulletin Board Sonshine Acres Coffee House & Kitchen Store Three Barrel Brewing Company Two Creek Ranches Upper Rio Grande Economic Development Council Valley Food Co-op

San Luis Valley Local Roots Guide 2012 Edition  

A guide of locally grown food in the six counties of the San Luis Valley of Southern Colorado that is sold locally. Produced by the San Luis...

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