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Travel-LOG School Days at Hardknock Elementary

Visit Willowdale Spring Surfing at Mori Pwami Beach

Holistic Point of View

Horoscope for the Month of May

Designer’s Den The Perfect Playground


Human Interest

I Love You Mom A Second Look at Childhood SL Family Values Pregnancy in SL


RFL Paint Purple Second Life Week And the Winners Are ...

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Ariel Lingiuan Iolejanana Chajit Publishers Sherrie Shepherd Features Editor Nadia Felwitch Fashion Editor Aristipuss Larsen Copy Editor

Editorial Staff

Shartan Silverstar Rajeesh Navarathna Willow Wonder-Morane Luscious Giano Carey deCuir Alicia Chenaux Rusty Seisenbacher Contributing Writers Kimmie Rayna Pam Astonia Nellie Choche Nakari Tolsen Photographers

On the Cover: Caitlyn Bayn, Kalianna Kristan Heavensangel Oakes Beatrix Muircastle, Roland Meridoc Silverdown Seetan, Skye Firelyte Darky Stoneshield, PJ Highfield Blake Denothar, Nephela Darkmatter Adora Sugarplum, Maya Gelbert Kya Muircastle - creator of willowdale

Cover by: Nakari Tolsen VR Style May 2010 Issue|5

Editor’s Notes To Our Friends, Spring is here....and what a lovely way to spend spring than with your love ones...the special people in your life, your FAMILY. We are so busy and caught up in our busy schedule that sometimes, we miss out on the important times in their lives. Maybe, we need to be more creative on how we can merge work and family...Work-Life-Balance, or is there really such a way to do so? This issue is one that speaks of bringing family values virtually and how we can re-live and maybe improve our childhood in a cyber world. Have fun reading!!! Virtually Yours,

Ariel Lingiuan Ariel Lingiuan Publisher + Editor-in-Chief Virtual Style

6| VR Style May2010 Issue

Publisher’s Message Dear Friends: Spring is upon us and with that comes images of family and spring cleaning! Here at VR Style Magazine we celebrate the virtual family in SL this month. We bring you two different viewpoints from two families and what it means to be a family in Second Life. We also touch upon the ever controversial child avie issue this month. Our models had a chance to experience this phenomenon this month in our fashion spread and they report that it felt like being a child again. But mainly we wanted to celebrate families and the gift of what that is. So we hope you join us in celebrating families whether they are virtual or real let us remember the gift they are. And to all our mothers - Happy Mother’s Day from all of us at VR Style! Always,

Iolejanana Chajit Iolejanana Chajit Publisher + Managing Editor Virtual Style

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Human Interest

” m o M u o Y e v “I Lo

F h co

Th ea Ho

12| VR Style May2010 Issue

Mother’s D ay, we cele brate this e Day every very year, June. Soo same as we n er or later and we wo celebrate F i n our life w uld want to ather’s e become mo be the bes growing up t Mom ther ther’s ourse , there was e lves, ever was. a time tha what we w t W we hated anted, we hen we we how our m became re re these thing om was co bellious an s to my kid ntrolling d said to o when I gro moms no m u rselves “I w w up”, only atter what on’t do t o w do the sam e say; dee hearts that p down we e. We lov what they h e our a d a mire them ve done is Motherhoo and know i not an easy d is a full t n our ime career thing. I kno . Going thro w it’s a clic ugh all this hé but , d started? W oes anybo dy know h ent into Go ow celebra o gle and fo ting mothe This day em u n d this in W r’s day erged from i k i p e d i a … a kept a fest . ival to Cyb custom of mother wor ship in anci ele, a grea held aroun ent Greece t mother of d the Vern , whic h Greek god al Equinox itself from s a . round Asia This festiva the Ides of l was Minor and Marc h (15 e v The ancient Marc h) to entually in 18 Marc h. Romans als Rome o had anot to Juno, tho her holiday ugh mother , Matronali s were usua a that was d In Europe lly given g edicated there were ifts on this day. several lon Sunday wa g standing s set aside to traditions Sunday. M where a s othering Su honor motherhood an pecific d mothers nday celeb in several s u r a c Chri h as Mothe tions are p art of the ring calendar is stian denominations, l i t u rgical cale including A marked as ndar nglicans, a Laetare Su the Virgin n d n day, the fo Mary and in the Cath urth Sunda your “moth olic Historians y e r i ” c hurc h (t n Lent to h think that c he main c h onor hildren wh on that da u o r c s h of the a te so they er ved in h rea). could visit ouses were flowers alo t h g e i i r families. ven a day ng the way The c hildre off to place th mothers. In n e w m tern ould pick w on the c hur ild c h or to gi February 1 ational Women’s Day v e them to t 90 was celebr heir ated for th her nationa 9, in the US. By that e first time in l campaign time Anna 28 Jar vis had in the US, ontempora a s o it would lready beg nian. It is n n’t be an ow celebra un anteceden ted in man he “Mothe t but a y countries r’s Day Pr o o n c lamation” Marc h 8. arly calls t by Julia W o celebrate ard Howe Mother’s D owe’s Moth was a y er’s Day Pr in the Unite oclamation d States. W one of the was a paci ritten in 18 fist reaction 70, to the carn age of VR Style May 2010 Issue|13

ation was m a cl ro P e Th r. a W n ia ss the Franco-Pru nd a r a W il iv C n ca ape their ri sh e m to ty ili the A ib ns o sp re a d f that women ha lie e b t is in m fe ’s e ow H to tied vel. societies at the political le in the US, y a lid ho y a D s r’ e th o M founder of the e th , is rv Ja a nn A , possessive 2 r 1 a 9 ul ng In 1 si e b to nt a e m s a ther’s Day. It w o M se a hr p e th d e rk a memorating m m e co e trad iv ss e ss o p l ra lu p t mother and no ir e th r no ho to ily m fa ch a for e all mothers in the world. e country th n o g in nd e p e d s e ri va ay is celebrated lid ho is th ch hi w in , we do it te us a f d o st The o m r fo ss ue g I November. But to ry a ru b Fe m o fr s e ng it ra May. every second Sunday of ow do we H . is it lly ua rt vi n ve e ercialized and m m co e m ca e b y a d rtual kids, s vi r’ e m o fr Moth s e th o cl s, nd ie fr are cards from re e Th ? y a d is th ays where te w ra r b e th o cele re a re e th nd a , ecial partners sp m o fr s te a d nd a s ie lr e jew loved. nd a nt a rt o p im re a e w t us tha our close friends can show d…please rl o w e th in rs e th o m e th rt poem for all o sh a u yo h it w re a sh e m Let . know that you are loved

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Mom… By: Noha You deserve much more than words can say; You make me feel I always will pray, “God, please, be with Mom in a special way. Give her Your blessings throughout the day. Show her the meaning, the reason for her to stay. Let Your angels guard her; don’t let her go astray. Help her see the good of Your work; keep the evil away. Keep her smiling; dry her tears, if You may. Let her that whenever there’s trouble, She can turn to You; You’ll help her struggle. Let her know that here on Earth, She’ll never know what she’s really worth, But up there, up there in Heaven, She’s guarded by an angel, no, make that seven: Three on her right to help her hold on tight, Three on her left to help her have hope in the stars so bright, And one in front of her to help her see the light, Your light… Please, let her know how precious she is In our hearts even if we’re not showing this. Let her know we’re always there To help her out through our prayer. We may not feel what she’s passing through, But let her know we try our best to do. Let her know that whenever she’s down, We can feel it without a frown. Help us see Your goodness through her, Through Your words wherever we were…” That’s my prayer for you every night. May this give you hope in everything in sight. And please, know that wherever you are;

know that we love you and care whether we’re near or far…

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“Disneyland isn’t designed just for children. When does a person stop being a child? Can you say that a child is ever entirely eliminated from an adult?” - Walt Disney

Human Interest

A Second Look at Childhood By Marianne McCann Photos by: Pam Astonia 18| VR Style May2010 Issue

In 2006, three separate friends of mine had raved about Second Life, enough so that I finally opted to open an account. When I got here, I discovered that two of the three were playing child avatars. Initially, I was suspicious of this, particularly seeing one of the two in a family with virtual strangers. I was uncomfortable, and wanted little to do with it. It was only after spending some time amongst these friends and others that I realized that this was nothing sinister at all -- and decided to join in. It wasn’t long until I was in a family, the cousin of one of the friends who I initially followed onto the Grid. I opted to be a kid for a few reasons then. For one, it was fun. Unlike First Life, I could go play on the playground if I wanted to, and enjoy this incredible world through the eyes of a virtual child. It is a way to recapture some of the spirit of youth. We can run and play without feeling encumbered by the responsibilities and expectations of an adult. By the same token, I could take a second look at childhood, a look without whatever difficulties faced me in my first life childhood. As they say, it is never too late for a happy childhood -- and Second life gives one the option to make that very literal. You look at a sim like Little Wonders, Funky Town, or Willowdale and find yourself in a world of innocence and even perhaps a overly-rosy view of a child’s reality. The lawns are all clipped, the houses freshly painted, and everything feels almost hypernormal and nice. if anything, one can be put off about how saccharine-sweet it all might be at times. It’s not the neighborhood you VR Style May 2010 Issue|19

lived in, but the one you wanted to. It is the perf This is what many want: they want a family, siste family. For two years I also had a close family w others. I am still with my siblings in a little suburb

But this is only one slice of the pie that are child a and some relish in a more “Peter Pan” or “Pippi Island are worlds where kids rule, like Paradise transformed into donkeys.

Child avatars end up fitting in nearly every niche to the children of the Wild West role play sim of T kids of the Undercity, and members of the “Kid

As of this writing, the largest and oldest of the boasts over 900 members. many kids belong t found in their family or special interest groups. there, but the community is only small in stature.

That said, it is not for everyone. Due to those w avatars in 2006 and 2007, all child avatars t one can often be the target of griefers. You mi child avatars that are unsavory in some of Seco interested in having a family, know that there ar good one can be difficult and time consuming.

Yet in spite of all that, I personally have found b continue to do so four years after I first ‘”grew d

Child avatar Marianne McCann has been a voice within S on and advocating for SL kids and their families throug blogger, she can be found on the web at http://marian

20| VR Style May2010 Issue

fect community for a perfect family. ers, and brothers, parents, and the perfect little with my parents, Brother Pygar, Sister Robin, and ban house in a quiet virtual neighborhood.

avatars. Not all are parts of Second Life families., i Longstocking” lifestyle. Many sims like Goonie e Island in Pinocchio without ending in everyone

e, from the urchins of New Babbage and Caledon Tombstone. You’ll find the post-adult-apocalypse Scouts” all over the grid.

e SL child avatar groups, Second Life Children, to other such groups, while others may only be It’s hard to say how many child avatars are out

who opted to do inappropriate acts with child tend to be looked at with some suspicion, and ight still find people who want to do things with ond Life’s back alleys. Finally, for those who are re only so many families out there, and finding a

being a kid in SL to be fun and rewarding, and down.” I don’t see that changing any time soon.

Second Life’s child avatar community since 2006, writing gh groups such as Second Life Children. A journalist and nne.secondlifekid

VR Style May 2010 Issue|21

22| VR Style May2010 Issue

VR Style May 2010 Issue|23

Human Interest

SL Family Values

By Sherrie Shepherd Photos by: Pam Astonia Families are the heart of any community and SL is no exception. Many SLers choose to enjoy their virtual experience as a part of a loving and nurturing family engaged in wholesome activities in the comfort of a traditional family structure and lifestyle. VR Style visited two such families, one an established family together for quite some time, the Gilmans, and one family more recently formed, the Knaves. They shared with us some insight into the workings of a virtual family and the benefits reaped by each member involved in the Role-play, although the word ‘Role-play’ seems to somehow diminish the value of the true feelings associated with these family relationships. THE GILMAN FAMILY The Gilman family is led by Patriarch Gattz Gilman and Matriarch Jill Caldera. Not only are they the parents of five SL children, they owned the Hardknock Elementary School for a few years and still own the Hardknock Camp where child avatars are able to safely continue their SL childhood activities outside of the confines of the family structure. While the school continues to service SL’s children, The Gilmans gave up running the School to spend more time with their 24| VR Style May2010 Issue

Gilman Family:

VR Style May 2010 Issue|25

growing virtual family. The Gilman’s live at 13 LIL Wonders Way on the Little Wonders sim created by Caldera, Gilman and Kiesa Nicoletti. The environment is truly conducive to family living in a charming suburban neighborhood with well appointed homes and neatly manicured lawns on lovely tree lined streets. The Gilman parents have been partnered since 2006 and began to form their SL family three years ago when they adopted Romeo Cookie. Over the years they adopted their other children Liliana Putzo, roman Poleni, Daisy North and McKenzie Halfpint. Their RP ages range from five to ten years old. Caldera describes each of their children as being a “perfect fit” for the family. The Gilmans have had other adopted children over the years who have not continued to actively RP as part of the family. These children still refer to Caldera and Gilman as their parents, come to them for support and are regarded as family by them and the other Gilman siblings. Caldera and Gilman hope that they bring to their family in Caldera’s words, “…a sense of belonging, a soft place for all our kids and family members to fall on. We try our best to be loving and supportive of all their choices, with their SL and RL. We do not believe the moment we close SL for the night, that it stops us from loving one another. This is certainly not a game to any of us.” Caldera described the attributes of each of the Gilman children, “Romeo is a well rounded person in SL and RL and the son we wish we would have in RL. He radiates love, compassion and support and is always respectful. He appreciates everything done for him and we truly appreciate him. Liliana is an amazing daughter. She brings character and lots of color to our family, especially pink! As much as she is a “princess”, and wears the crown, she works for everything she has and there is just this beautiful side to her. She is loyal and warm and funny and just our pride! Mckenzie has been a shining star in our family. She is the most spunky, carefree, loving child. She is very shy at times but is always the first one to extend her hand to help out anyone in need. Daisy is our little sweetheart. She 26| VR Style May2010 Issue

makes you laugh at just about anything and in her laugh; you realize that SL shouldn’t be taken so seriously. She is motivated and even has her own clothing store called “Boo Boo Kitty”. She is an absolute wonderful addition to our family and makes each day in our home so realistic and fun. Roman is our oldest son and is just that, he makes sure to watch over his brother and sisters and is always there if they need him. He is very much into being Roman and makes being his parents a joy, unless he is jumping off a roof and breaking his leg (smile).” A day in the life of the Gilman family begins with the Gilman parents checking on each family member to see how their day has gone. There is usually some quality time together as a family, perhaps just gathering to chat and exploring. There is always a family dinner at home for any family member who can be there and the Gilman parents always tuck the children in at night and end the evening with a story. Sometimes the family will take drives, watch movies or cook together as well. Each member of the family draws something special from their experience. Son Romeo sums it up by saying that being a member of the Gilman family is to him, in one word “Everything”. Liliana says that her virtual Mom and Dad are “both so kind and thoughtful that no words can express how much I truly feel blessed to have them both in my life.” McKenzie and Daisy think that being a Gilman is, “… the coolest feeling ever!” and share the opinion that the “role-playing is amazing. You feel like a real kid and not just adults in a midget body. They (the Gilman parents) make the experience so real and let you feel what it’s really all about. We love being Gilmans!” Oldest son Roman says of his virtual Mom, “She loves us and you can really feel that. She is soft and when she is around you can’t help but smile.” He says that his virtual Dad is “cool”, keeps everyone in line and makes sure that they all have what they need at home. He goes on to say, “They (the Gilman parents) have given me a brand new world here in SL and I love being with them. I can’t wait to log on to see them. I love them both and can’t imagine not being their son and part of the Gilman family.” VR Style May 2010 Issue|27

Caldera would like the SL community to know that, “Having a family is the most rewarding experience that you could truly have. Being able to affect someone through SL, so that they log off each day feeling happy, or a sense that they are loved and complete, is priceless. That comes with a great responsibility though and having family is not an easy task, it is something that you have to recommit to every single day. You cannot just dismiss someone’s feelings or look down on them, because our children are adults in RL as well. It is a very hard to find the right balance but if you have kids like we do, then with a little patience we all learn and grow together. THE KNAVE FAMILY Harrison Knave and Britain Knave, who have an SL and RL relationship, began to form their virtual family just five months ago with the adoption of their five year old role-play daughter Chelsea, soon followed by the adoption of seven year old Babydoll (a.k.a Dolly). When Harrison and Britain first joined SL, they met a virtual family and observed that 28| VR Style May2010 Issue

the virtual children were just decent, wonderful people who wanted to have innocent fun without, as Harrison said, “Any of the more seedy aspects that can be present in the game.” He felt that for a lot of people, “it’s a chance to live a childhood they never had and for people like myself and Britain, it’s an opportunity to not only share the wealth of love we have, but to see a side of each other that we haven’t and it has made us all the more closer.” Mom Britain says of daughter Chelsea, “We met Chelsea by pure luck at her store and found her so enchanting. We trialed with her for a month then made it official. We immediately saw what a kind heart she had and how she helps everyone. This is something we both admire in her as we are people who strive to help others as well.” They came to know adopted daughter Dolly as camp counselors at the Hardknock winter camp. Britain said of Dolly, “We realized how much like us she was and would fit perfectly. We asked her to join the family. She has a heart of gold and would do anything for anyone.” The Knave’s live on a quaint and beautiful farm in the country on a Homestead sim where their comfortable family home sits on a wooded landscape with a lovely stream flowing through it. The dirt roads wind around the farm leading to a barn and beyond to a picnic area where the Knaves enjoy countless hours of family time together. Britain spoke of the uniqueness of each family member. “Harrison (the Knave Dad) is the funny one. He makes us laugh so hard we can barely breathe every single day. He is also the creative one who thinks up fun activities for us to do. He cheers us up and is always there to listen to anything that might be going on. He is very supportive, helpful and keen to help others achieve their dreams. He is the perfect SL father and husband. Chelsea takes pleasure in helping others learn more about SL and is generous with her time to assist others. She has a great sense of humor and is a willing fall guy for Dad Harrison’s jokes and silly tricks. She is a very talented clothing designer, and has excellent taste and high standards that are highly admirable. She is a great motivation to log in every day. Dolly is very feisty and wise cracking. She runs an amazing clothing store for her line of awesome designs, and is extremely good at being business- like yet maintaining a sweet and helpful disposition. She is extremely sassy and funny, yet will do anything to help other people.” Daughter Chelsea describes virtual Mom Britain as “…a wonderful, caring mother who is there all the time for the kids and for Dad. She is very popular with a lot of the kids in SL, and listens to and helps them all. She is also an amazing designer in RL and SL, and has high standards that keep our sim looking awesome. She is very compassionate, and as beautiful on the inside as the outside both RL and SL All of the Knaves are creative and a big part of their time together is engaged in chatting while one or the others is designing or building. Britain explains, “We like to create things and spend lots of time together. Usually we have at least one project on the go, for business or pleasure. It’s really good way of spending time together and being VR Style May 2010 Issue|29

creative.” Mom Britain does enjoy picking out Chelsea’s clothing for the day. They play games and generally just have some fun hanging out with friends. Toward the end of the evening, Dad Harrison will play guitar or read stories to the family while both virtual parents put the children to bed. Other family activities include exploring and watching movies. In general they like to talk about all things, SL and RL. Of family living Harrison Knave feels that, “It’s a great way for Britain and I to see how we would be as a family and what we have found out is, we are awesome. We get a very rewarding feeling having these people want to love you and care for you.” Britain Knave said, “For me personally, I have always wanted to be a mother in RL, but just not ready for that yet. However, it’s great to see how Harrison and I would be together as parents. It’s also great to spoil the kids and be there for them and to love them.” Chelsea equates her virtual family life to “a dream come true”. She went on to say, “I’ve been in SL for a long time and I’ve seen a lot. And I know it’s very rare to find people that genuinely care about others and have a strong moral fiber about them, as well as having real character on and off SL. They really do care and have good hearts. I couldn’t ask for more in SL parents.” Dolly Knave considers herself to be lucky to be in the Knave Family. She explains, “I have been a child in SL for over 3 years now and have mostly worked in SL to build my business. When I met Harrison and Britain at camp they made me remember why I originally became a child in SL. They were fun, loving and kind and made me want to 30| VR Style May2010 Issue

Knave Family:

VR Style May 2010 Issue|31

be a kid here and not just work all the time. Being in their family is such a blessing to me.” She has great admiration for her virtual parents saying that her virtual father makes her laugh and that her virtual mother is sweet, kind and a great person to talk to. She says of her virtual sister Chelsea, “She is the most magical, sweetest person I have ever met in SL in three years. She always has kind words and thoughts and she is lots of fun to be around!” The Knave family hopes that people will be “encouraged to have a family in SL because it is a wonderful, funny and rewarding experience. We also hope it will discourage people from being prejudiced against child avis, because we have found that they are usually the most decent and caring people in the game.”

32| VR Style May2010 Issue

VR Style May 2010 Issue|33

Carey’s Corner

Pregnancy in SL By Carey DeCuir

Robinnurse Rowlands 34| VR Style May2010 Issue

Ok, I admit that I was skeptical about the idea of conception and birth in “Second Life”. I also admit that I was entirely wrong! It turns out that there are a number of good reasons to engage in this activity. In fact, getting virtually pregnant has become a very popular form of role-play (RP) in “Second Life” (SL)and there are a growing number of people choosing to experience the virtual family life style. Several tools and groups are available to assist in the family RP experience. Huds are available that simulate the ovulation cycle and provide the challenge of timing your sexual activities and then finding out you are pregnant, or have to keep trying. There are also are a number of maternity clinics offering a full selection of birthing options including tummy talker huds, to communicate pregnancy related feeling between the growing baby and prospective parents (hunger, nausea, kicking feet and tiredness). Huds are also available to take you through the experience of labor and birth. So, starting with getting pregnant, what is available and how does it work? Women can use Huds which include such things as: realistic cycles, realistic odds of getting pregnant (with different settings, depending on if you really trying or not), birth control options and automatic pregnancy determination. This offers many opportunities for RP, from the excitement of an approaching ovulation to the anticipation of waiting to see if you got pregnant this time. It sometimes takes awhile.... so you might have to keep working at it ;)) Of course one obvious question is why would someone come into SL to have a baby? I spoke with two women who own very well-run and professional maternity clinics to get a better understanding of what the experience is all about. Robinnurse Rowlands, a nurse in RL, runs the ABC maternity clinic. Robin points out that her staff consists of RL physicians and nurses who work with individuals or couples in SL who want to experience the process of pregnancy. Robin noted that “RL same sex couples or couples who are infertile will often come to experience a pregnancy in her clinic”. She also offered that “people who fall in love and want to take their relationship to another level may want to go through a pregnancy together.” Puddin Afterthought, owner of Marina Medical Group and Maternity Resort, points out that “some RL couples experience the birth process for the education. We offer doctors visits, lamaz classes, sonograms and make tons of information available about the RL process” Puddin also suggests that “pregnancy is a very romantic experience and it is a very powerful way for people to bond. So, ‘she’ suspects that people want to go through a pregnancy to experience this level of closeness and bonding”. When asked how long a virtual pregnancy lasts, Robin said “there are several options ranging from a few weeks to the entire nine months”. VR Style May 2010 Issue|35

Puddin added that “ actually, most of the time its the man in the family who asks for nine months ;))) it is the number that they know” Puddin, you are obviously pregnant, are you doing the nine months. Puddin laughs and says “no, 8 weeks is enough for me.” I visited an obstetrician to get an idea of what patients experience at a virtual maternity clinic. I was directed to step on the scale and asked if I had had any nausea or heartburn during the week. I was reminded that eating crackers would quell the nausea and was asked about my other dietary habits.. such as drinking enough fluids and eating properly. My temperature and blood pressure were taken and samples of prenatal blood were drawn. A fetal monitor was used to monitor fetal heartbeats. I was informed that a 3D ultrasound viewing would be given during my next visit and I would be provided with an explanation of what to expect during the labor and delivery. People were very helpful and answered all of my questions. I spoke with several couples who were very excited about their pregnancy. They were all engaging in “nesting activities” and very much anticipating the arrival of their prim baby. Sharing pregnancy with someone in SL was obviously opening many doors for RP activities.

36| VR Style May2010 Issue

Puddin Afterthought VR Style May 2010 Issue|37

38| VR Style May2010 Issue

VR Style May 2010 Issue|39

Travel - LOG

School Days at Hardknock By Marianne McCann Photo by : Kimmie Rayna 40| VR Style May2010 Issue

k Elementary

The life of many child avatars is that of many first life children. Spending time with their families, playing in their virtual backyards, weekend scout meetings, summer camp, and, yes, school. In the Autumn of 2006, a child avatar named Cricket Nelson came up with the idea of HardKnock Elementary (HKE), a virtual school for virtual children. Borrowing some of the land of her virtual parents -- as well as their support and assistance -- her virtual school opened its doors to the public. Initially, HKE was a one room schoolhouse within an otherwise featureless box, but it quickly outgrew its humble beginnings, eventually dominating the Secrets region before changing regions and owners. In June of 2007, HKE finished its first school year. In that time it went through three buildings, three regions, and four principles. It continued into the 2007-2008 school year under Gattz Gilman and Jill Caldera, and continues today under the leadership of Stevo Arkin and Helena Geiger. Many other schools have formed in the wake of HKE, including the recently created Basset Elementary and Mieville Magical Academy taking place in a more fantasy steampunk setting. Yet HKE, soon to finish up its third full school year, remains the biggest and longest running. At its heart, HKE is a role play environment, giving child avatars a structured role play environment. It allows child avatars to interact outside of their families, and adds a component familiar to children from all over. It has the components of all schools, regular VR Style May 2010 Issue|41

42| VR Style May2010 Issue

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48| VR Style May2010 Issue

classes with teachers, a gym for sports, a cafeteria, library, and yes, even a principal’s office. As well as class time, the school has after school activities like dances, junior cheerleaders, student government, and even sports teams to fill out the time. Teachers dole out assignments and projects, educate students in the finer arts of prim crafting, or have story times over voice chat. Meanwhile, free time is given to hit the playground or otherwise hang out with the rest of the student body. There’s also a few things you won’t find: homework is minimal, and many allowances are made for the busy first life schedules of those behind the school’s students. You also won’t find some of the other issues modern, real life schools face today: weapons, drug use, and anything remotely sexual is outright banned and will lead to a swift expulsion. Its principal, vice principal, and teachers do all they can to make the school a safe environment for child avatars, including locking down the school to members during classes and keeping a vigilant eye out against griefers. Likewise, field trip locations are carefully chosen, with an eye towards fun and safety. You’ll find HardKnock Elementary in the Funky Town region, one region over from Make A Wish adoptions and sharing the region with HardKnock High School and a handful of stores geared towards child avatars. VR Style May 2010 Issue|49

50| VR Style May2010 Issue

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52| VR Style May2010 Issue

Last year we were in group chat just discussing various ideas, and the Paint Second Life Purple Day was born. A day that was dedicated to showing our support, of raising awareness for Relay, through the simple act of using the color purple on as much as we possibly could. When Paint SL Purple Day rolled around, there were purple avatars, purple sims, purple ribbons.....but then it was over all too quick. This year, we’ve decided to stretch out the fun. Instead of a day, we’ve made it a week, May 1st through May 8th to be exact, which gives us more time to spread our Purple message. The main purpose of Paint SL Purple Week is to promote awareness, to spread our message that there is hope that we WILL find a cure. A special gift box is being made up right now of some items that will help you paint yourself, you house, your land.....whatever you can, purple. I’ll be sending that out soon. But right now? Start planning now... purple events for the week of May 1 - 8. ! Talk to people and ask them to join you in showing your support for Relay and Paint SL Purple. Expand this beyond our volunteers and truly help us to bring this to the whole grid. Wouldn’t it be amazing during that week to look at the map and see it ALL purple? Let’s make that our goal! We’d also like to visually document this week, so I’m going to ask that you take lots of pictures. Send the pictures to IshtarAngel VR Style May 2010 Issue|53

Micheline and we’re going to make them into a slideshow to post up on the website so everyone can see how proud we are to be a part of Relay! So, get ready to take those pics of your funky purple hair, your fun purple events, your freshly painted purple house.. If its purple, we’re going to want to see it! So there you have it folks, May 1st-8th, Paint SL Purple Week! Help us make it HUGE this year! Keep an eye out for your special Paint Second Life Purple package coming at you soon !! GOOOO RELAY!!!!!!! Jasmine Night Paint Second Life Purple Chair

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VR Style May 2010 Issue|59

No issue about Second Life family fun would be complete without an article about a very special place. The Willowdale Sim is an amazing community of people and places that devote themselves to being entirely family friendly. I had the opportunity to sit down with Kya Muircastle the owner of Willowdale and talk with her about the community that she has formed there. Kya who is 30-ish in RL plays an 11 year old little girl in SL. When asked why she decided to create Willowdale she told me “I love role-playing as a kid in a realistic world. A lot of the places for kids in SL are cartoony, or decorated with very bright colors, or have an attitude that’s hostile towards adults. I didn’t like that. So Willowdale is an attempt to capture the real feeling of being a kid, which means having relationships with adults and growing up in a world that was built by people a lot older than you.”. Willowdale was formed in December 2008, but had their grand opening on February 1, 2009. It took several months to build the community that is so detailed that it truly is its own town within Second Life. Jess Patton built most of the distinctive buildings. Among the many buildings in Willowdale is the School, Firehouse, Church, Orphanage, and a Movie Theater just to name a few. There is also a playground and soccer field where regular games are played. Willowdale currently consists of a single Sim , Old Willowdale. Originally, Willowdale consisted of Old Willowdale (the town), and Willowdale Farms, which was a countryside with horseback riding, water sports, and a cave system to explore. Unfortunately, Willowdale Farms sunk into the ocean in a giant earthquake about 4 months ago. When you first teleport into Willowdale there is a tour bus that you can take that will drive you around the town and tell you about the buildings and areas that are there. It is definetely worth taking the trip. The future of Willowdale is full of change starting with the launching of an effort to create more things for family-friendly adults to do in town. There is a place opening some time soon that will have live music, coffee, a bar, and a matching service for parents looking to form families and adopt children. Children won’t be allowed in the bar, but it’s for adults that want to experience SL in family friendly ways. 60| VR Style May2010 Issue

The second big change is with the school. There will be a new way of running the school, where classes will be spread out around the day so that more kids can find classes on a schedule that fits. So instead of scheduling the same time consistently, various different teachers will schedule their own classes, and kids can mix and match. And finally, the community is going back to the way things were at the beginning. Instead of renting houses, housing for families will be available rent free in exchange for taking on an active role within the community. Though it’s not so much trading hours for rent... it’s being part of the community, and taking on responsibility for Willowdale, making it your own and stepping up to be part of the town itself. For some people, that might mean helping to pay tier, but for someone who can’t afford to help financially, there are other ways to become involved and offer your own brand of support. After speaking to Kya I walked away from Willowdale with a deeper appreciation for those who choose a family friendly enviroment for their second lives. Whether they decide to do that by being a child avatar, or by being the parents of one or more, the residents of Willowdale are a remarkable community of people.

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Travel - LOG

Spring Surfng at the Mori Pwa By Rusty Seisenbacher

62| VR Style May2010 Issue

Photo by : Ki

ami Beach

immie Rayna

VR Style May 2010 Issue|63

It may be springtime, but our minds are never far from the ocean, so we were thrilled that we visited the beautiful Mori Pwani Beach. Pwani/132/231/22 Mori Pwani is Swahili and means “Friends”, an apt name for this mellow, laid back slice of Second Life. Mori Pwani is very popular with the surf set as the myriad collection of surfboard shops and the huge breakers crashing the beach will attest, but we came here to see just how family friendly this beach is. Mori Pwani is owned by Lissa Pinion and VW Sands and is part of a 3 sim group dedicated to sun, sand and surf. Mori Pwani is the middle sim and is shaped in a U shape which allows for big waves and a long ride in on your board. To the west is Mahali Mechi which means, “The Place for Games”. To the east is Tuli Bahari which means, “Tranquil Ocean.” There is a deep sandy, white beach, perfect to let the kids frolic and play while you dangle your legs in the inviting blue warm water, shutting your eyes to the world while the sound of the surf, wind and seabirds take you far away from all your cares. Not to worry though- the lifeguard shack gives you the security to know that the kids are watched and safe while you doze the day away. No need for blankets or towels here as the line of beach chairs affords the family the opportunity to work on that virtual golden tan together. Of course, playing in the ocean isn’t the only activity here. While working on your tan, (don’t forget to grease those kids up-- this beach is sunny) you can shoot some hoops on the basketball court. If enough people are around, you might find the family involved in some beach volleyball. Both activities are scripted and interactive, so all are guaranteed to have a great time. Forget your swim wear? Stop in at the surf shop for some fashionable attire, grab a board from one of the many beach side establishments and it’s SURFS UP! Several visits to Mori Pwani always found it to be generally quiet and peaceful with some serious yet very friendly surfers. One time we spoke with Travis Couffer and Desire Wahwah, a young couple who had just moved out of the city. They find Mori Pwani to be generally laid back and quiet, and even though its a sim with a mature rating, find none of the activities that families would generally shun. After a long day of surfing, playing and toasting in the sun, what could be better than a visit to The Deck? The Deck is the beach side venue where Mori Pwani has live music and dancing. Slake those thirsts with some adult beverages, maybe a virgin daiquiri for the kids. Just remember--don’t tp drunk! So load up the minivan and bring the family down to Mori Pwani. Friend’s Beach may just be the antidote to the spring blahs that you’ve been looking for. 64| VR Style May2010 Issue

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Designer’s Den

The Perfect Playground By: Nadia Felwitch Photo by : Nakari Tolsen 72| VR Style May2010 Issue

A little boy’s dream wardrobe is to put on his father’s trench coat and his oversize boots just as a little girl’s dream wardrobe is to put on her mother’s dress that drags the floor and her stilettos and then clomp around modeling them, but we know that children look much better in clothes that were made especially for them and not for a much heavier and taller adult. Picking out clothes for children is always a challenge for parents as you don’t want to go with the stereotyped fashions but it’s hard to define the individual personality of your child in colors and patterns. Thankfully though, there is a lot of variety out there to choose from and in SL some talented designers are working to create that same variety and abundance of cheerful and stylish colors and patterns that make the cute little tyke look even cuter. In this special issue I want to introduce you to 2 great designers who support one fabulous fashion banner called – Larnia Kids. Rory Larnia and Heath Pevensey. Two very charming SL kids that design especially for all the other kids! Not only do they create fabulous kidswear, they also design toys, furniture, and more. Larnia Kids is the perfect playground to find it all! Nadia Felwitch: Tell me a little about yourself. Where are you from? What’s your educational background? What are your general professional and nonVR Style May 2010 Issue|73

professional interests? Rory Larnia: Me four years old and me lives on Forever One wif mine mama, daddy, baby brudda and sissy and mine older brudda and mine business partner Heath. When mama and daddy not around tha aunties look afta us and we loves them bery muches. Me goes to school at Hardknock Elementary School and am ins Miss Lena’s class. Mine pronessional goals is ta be a fashion designer rock star princess tinkerbell. Mine non pronessional goals is to marry Justin Bieber or Edward Cullen when me grows up. Heath Pevensey: Well originally I from Raven City, dat where i met ma sissy but we was just best friends den, afore mama n daddy adoped me too! I attend Hardknock Elementary but i gets straight A’s so I pretty smarts i think. I likes to hang out with ma sissy and spend time wif family like all ma aunties n uncles n cousins n mama n daddy and nanas. I also likes building and makin stuff for our store, I loves pets and we has bunnies, a kitty, a doggy, hampsters and turtles! NF: How long have you been designing and what was the first article of clothing 74| VR Style May2010 Issue

you made? RL: Me habs been disigning since tha summa ob 2008. Mine first clothes was 4 dresses me named afta minself. HP: I been designin since fall 2009, I mades a few chairs and laptop computers afore i made ma first clothes, which was just a tshirt. Then I started wif jeans, and went from dere! NF: What inspires you? RL: Mine family inspires me cause thems is so supportive. Colors and seasons also inspires me, making breezey tops for summa in bright colors and cozy warm sweaters in da fall in dark snuggly colors for examples. HP: Ma family is inspirin to me, also if i eats cookies it like Popeye eatin he spinach, and i get all pumps up wif ideas!! NF: How would you define your fashion? RL: Mine fashion is mostly what little kids would actuallies wears, not grown up peoples clothes shrunk down for kids to wear. Cute and trendy but kid appropriates and afforable. HP: Fun! I always aims to make fun clothes and items for kids, dat they could wears for many occasionals! NF: What sets your style apart from other designers? RL: Me wouldn’t take nuffin away from other designers cause we all works bery hard. All me can say is me trys mine best to make the best stuff I can, me not likes comparin mineself to otha places. HP: Well me n Rory like to make differnent things alot, so we has a super varied line of clothes. We dun work to set ourselves apart, we does it because we loves to design and we wants to make quality and affordable items for kids. NF: What matters to you most as a fashion designer? RL: Making tha best quality stuff we can for prices that kids can afford is bery importants to us. If me is not happy wif it and wouldn’t wear it me dunt sell it. VR Style May 2010 Issue|75

HP: Dat I havin fun while doin it, that i get to spends lots of time wif sissy, and that I is puttin out tha best quality but still keepin everything affordable. NF: What’s your favorite part about conceptualizing a design? RL: Playing with colors and patterns and seeing how what was in mine head looks when it’s finally dones. HP: Well, I not sures I eva constatuflated a design, but watchin sometin i mades actually be finish and worn or played wif by othas is awesome! NF: What do you believe makes a quality article of clothing? RL: Time put in to makes sures things line up good, tha colors matches, prim attachments when needed and that them looks good on. HP: Quality is puttin in you best time and effort into somethin, tha best you can and you bein proud of you accomplshment is what real qualities is. NF: What kinds of projects do you have going on for the future? RL: More furnitures and playhouses, new toys, summer seperates and accessories. me not always plan too muches ahead, just design in da moment. HP: Me n sissy would likes to expand our lines of stuff at Larnia Kids to have more of all our varied items! We also just builded our very first full size house, and I would like to builds more and more playhouses too! Really whatever tickles ma fancy bone 76| VR Style May2010 Issue

is what I makes! NF: What advice can you offer to our readers who are new to the design scene? RL: Me would tell they to tries they best, work hard and hand in there cause it not happens ober night. Me beened at this almost 2 years and prolly still hab so muches to learns. HP: Dun get discouraged. Sissy started Larnia Kids as just Larnia, in a small shop in our nana’s mall. It takes months of times, efforts, advertisin and hard work to make you designs a success, but you can does it! We did, and now we has a big store and enough room for a house and our family too! Now that you know a little bit about the designers, I am sure you are eager to go and check out their creations. Go get lost in their playground and see what you find! The link to their store is : Happy shopping!

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VR Style May 2010 Issue|81

Designer’s Den

Motherwear By: Nadia Felwitch

Photo by : Kimmie Rayna Formalwear, casual wear, business wear, Lingerie…. I wish there was a clothing section called Motherwear. Why are mothers so blatantly ignored by the fashion industry? Do mothers not need clothes made especially for them? We can’t all go out wearing miniskirts and camisoles, can we? Mothers should feel as special as they are and have a special line of their own Motherwear. Well I found the answer to all my questions at Pea-in-a-Pod. In this issue of VR I am going to introduce you to a designer who has impressed me with her creativity and talent in the field of Motherwear. Her name is Melody Parks and she has created some wonderful designs to the delight and relief of mothers all over the grid. Her designs can be worn before, during and after pregnancy. So now there is no need to buy special clothing only to be worn during the pregnancy months. Her designs are versatile! Nadia Felwitch: Tell me a little about yourself. Where are you from? What’s your educational background? What are your general professional and non-professional interests? Melody Parks: I’m Melody Parks and Owner and Designer for Pea-in-a-Pod Maternity . I’m happily married and have 2 beautiful children with one on the way. I’m from Chicago Illinois but currently reside in Minnesota. Graduated from a Illinois University with a Major in Sociology. In general my professional background is in Customer Service. Non Professional is Music, Computer Science and just socializing in general. NF: How long have you been designing and what was the first article of clothing you made? MP: I’ve been designing since July of 2009. My first outfit was a dress I made that consisted of a Top , shorts and a flexi skirt prim. It was hideous, but at the time I thought it was gorgeous and My family and friends inspired me to keep at it. NF: What inspires you? MP: I’m inspired by my family that have believed in me when I didn’t. When I first decided to design, I had no clue on how Photoshop worked. It was very frustrating trying to get 82| VR Style May2010 Issue

someone to just teach me the basics. My longtime friend and daughter on the game Little Pussycat finally came online one day and spent 8 hours teaching me the basics. Promise Day , Owner and designer of “ Scandulust Designs suggested I buy “ Adobe Photoshop Classroom in a Book”. Which I did and thank goodness I did. It was very helpful and I still learn things from it and carry it with me where ever I go. NF: How would you define your fashion? MP: My fashions are Colorful, Innovative, and designed for women that want to standout. NF: What sets your style apart from other designers? MP: I believe what sets my designs apart from other designers is I love color. I classify myself as a Maternity Designer who designs to accent the pregnant women’s body, not hide it. NF: What matters to you most as a fashion designer? VR Style May 2010 Issue|83

MP: I love when women appreciate my designs. As a business owner in SL my main focus is on Customer Service. I realize women have a huge choice here in SL when they shop. So I want women to feel as though “Pea-ina-Pod “ actually cares and I am available whenever I’m on. Also if you purchase one of my outfits and your not satisfied for any reason, Ill refund your money. NF: What’s your favorite part about conceptualizing a design? MP: My favorite part is playing in Photoshop. That program is amazing NF: What do you believe makes a quality article of clothing? MP: I believe making sure it flows correctly when you walk. Making sure the seams match. Getting the textures to match. Being able to wear it without the prim if you so desire. The main thing is a fabric which is fresh and exciting. NF: What kinds of projects do you have going on for the future? MP: After long consideration I have decided to branch out and start a line for the Nonpregnant woman. I design my clothing for Non-Pregnant women as well as Pregnant, but the majority of Non Pregnant women don’t even glance at my designs because they believe they are only for Pregnant women, But actually they are designed to fit all. So with that said, I’d like to reach a wider spectrum, so near the end of the year… I am coming out with Designs By Mel...designed with YOU in mind. Also I will be expanding the Outlet store... where you can find designs that are 84| VR Style May2010 Issue

discontinued.....with the same funky flair. NF: What advice can you offer to our readers who are new to the design scene? MP: So glad you asked that question. My advice is Customer Service comes first!! Make yourself available . Be appreciative that someone is buying your product...and let your attitude reflect! Time to pamper yourself ladies! Go check out her designs, here’s the link to her shop Island/248/209/30 I hope you are as impressed as I was when I first saw her designs. Happy shopping!

VR Style May 2010 Issue|85

Model : Cierra Emor Outfit : Cami Pea-n-Pod Skin: Light Brown 103 Accessories: Bangles Simple Silver, Bling Hoops Silver 86| VR Style May2010 Issue

Model : Mercede Kenin Outfit : Burst Pea-n-Pod Shoes: Sascha Ogg Design color change pumps Accessorys: La Pearl Funkie Bracelet Hair: LAQ Champagne Body : T&A Body Worx Skin : Laq Jewell N ouget

VR Style May 2010 Issue|87

Model : Alicia Chenaux Outfit: Black On Black - Pea In A Pod Skin: Elle #14 - Belleza Hair: Giada - Truth Shoes: J Flip Flap & Barefoot Bracelet: Gypsy Bangles - EarthStones Ring: Heavenly Ring - Flirt 88| VR Style May2010 Issue

Model : ToniT Oh Clothes: phoenix Pea-in-a-Pod Hair: >TRUTH< Gypsy 2 - dawn Skin: Glance-Bruna Jewelry: CCD- Pure - Nikki Shoes: Stiletto Moody Bare Ingrid

VR Style May 2010 Issue|89

Model - Amber Quinzet Outfit - Tempura, Pea in a Pod Hair - Truth Skin - Atomicbambi Accesories - Shoes from Truth, JCNY Sweetheart Necklace Bracelet from Purple Rose Necklace from Virtual Impressions 90| VR Style May2010 Issue

Model: Kimmie Rayna Name of Outfit: Donna Skin: Redgrave Hair: Truth Jewelry - Earthstones (necklace, bracelet and earrings), JCNY (wedding band) Shoes - HOC Apparel

VR Style May 2010 Issue|91

92| VR Style May2010 Issue

VR Style May 2010 Issue|93

And The Winners Are.... The Second Annual Mr and Ms VR International Finals took place on April 16, 2010. Nine male and nine female contestants strutted the runway showing off their best stylings and answering the final on stage question. There was a buzz of nerves and excitement in the air and two sim crashes later we had our winners. The new Mr and Ms. VR International where called forward and they where none other than Dragonbird Amiot and Laetitia Vella. Dragonbird rezzed into SL on March 9, 2008 and is a professional model that represented his native country of Sweden very proudly. Laetitia comes to us from Canada 94| VR Style May2010 Issue

and rezzed into SL on February 17, 2007. Although it was her first time walking the runway, her confidence and hard work earned her the crown. When we started this pageant last year we wanted it to be something special. We intended not only for it to be attractive to the modeling community but also to anyone that considered themselves a risk taker, someone that had a dream of being able to experience something they never had before and to put themselves out there. Our contestants ranged from models to builders to business owners. But what they all do have in common is the want of something bigger and better, and we hope we have been able to provide them with that. We wanted to make the prize big enough so that we would feel we had invested in someones dreams. For some this money can mean the start of a new career here in SL for others it can mean being able to pay a bill in RL. Our intention has always been to impact the winnerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s lives in a positive way and I think we can proudly say we have achieved that. I had the distinct pleasure of getting to know each of our finalists on some level and it was a fun, loving, professional and very competitive group we had this year. But mainly I saw a comraderie grow between them that has inspired me and made me very proud of knowing each and every one of them. As competitive as each one of them where, they put that aside and enjoyed each other and created a very fun and loving environment, which is rare to see in most competitions. I look forward to next yearâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s competition and the new batch of winners.

VR Style May 2010 Issue|95

Horoscop M

By: R

ARIES: A short trip, or at least a lot of activity and movement, is very likely now. A significant conversation, learning from another person, and getting your own ideas and perceptions across to others is also likely. You may hear from someone who has important information for you or feel a pressing need to write or call someone else in order to bring some matter in the open. Communications of all kinds play an important role in your life now. TAURUS Increased responsibilities, obligations, perseverance, and hard work are the key issues for this time period. This is a difficult time when pressures and demands can lead to considerable stress. Do not try to run away from the work that needs to be done. This is a time when you may be putting in long hours of work in order to complete a project before a definite deadline or to pay expenses and debts. There is also the possibility of a job change that confers on you added responsibility, obligations, stature, income, authority, and stress. Although the new responsibilities are difficult, you will come out a stronger, more mature person in the end if you do your best to meet them. GEMINI You know just what you want right now and woe to anyone or anything that gets in your way! You are much more likely to become domineering, pushy, or inconsiderate of others now, so it is a good time for you to do what you need to do by yourself rather than with others. Accidents, mistakes made in haste, or ego conflicts may occur due to your impatience and willfulness. Positively, physical energy is high and you could accomplish a great deal. Exchanging information, ideas, and opinions plays an important role in your life now. A significant conversation with someone who has a very different attitude or perspective than your own is likely. Try to be receptive and learn as much as you can from others at this time. 96| VR Style May2010 Issue

pe for the Month of May 2010

Rajeesh Navarathna

Also, mental curiosity or restlessness impels you to get out and about, perhaps take a short trip or visit. CANCER Your friendly concern for others and your willingness to meet people half way benefits your career, reputation, or public image at this time. This is a favorable time to socialize with people you have professional ties with since the positive feelings you generate now are likely to be an aid to you in the future. Beautifying the place where you meet the public and an increased concern about your own physical appearance are also brought out now. LEO Physical thrills and excitement have a strong appeal for you now, and you want to do something new and out of the ordinary. You also have a lot of energy and quick reflexes. A vigorous game of racquetball or tennis or some other fast-moving competitive sport would be a good outlet for you now. Acting on your spontaneous impulses and following through on some of your more unusual or â&#x20AC;&#x153;crazyâ&#x20AC;? desires will yield surprises, mostly positive. Emotional self-control and feelings of distance and aloneness characterize this time. You are coolly objective about your friends and loved ones and their shortcomings as friends or lovers. You are probably being a bit too critical and hard on them right now. This is also a time for belt-tightening and being very cautious about investments and expenditures. Going on a diet is favored now. VIRGO Dedication and commitment to work and relationships are key issues now. Excellent cooperation on important tasks is highlighted. In close personal relationships, you reach an even deeper mutual appreciation and understanding, and you are now able to assist each other more and work VR Style May 2010 Issue|97

together more honestly and sincerely. Business relationships also work well now. Business meetings progress well because the different parties involved better appreciate the deeper concerns and issues at hand. LIBRA: You may have a tendency to get carried away with your beliefs, faith, confidence, and sense of optimism during this period. You can unknowingly set yourself up for a rude awakening or disappointment if you depend too much on your principles and theories. Coming to terms with your inner world and self-development is fine, as long as you avoid pushing your ideas, objectives, and viewpoints onto others, as they are less likely to find your visions and quests meaningful at this time. You may feel set apart from the mainstream as far as your hopes, wishes, and expectations are concerned. Your faith may mislead you to believe that everything around you can be healed with positive thinking, yet much more effort is required to handle any personal hardship or crisis at this time. SCORPIO: This is a positive and fortunate time for business pursuits and career goals. Your goals and ambitions are molded into concrete reality at this time, and you have a vehicle for reaching your destination. Assistance can take many forms, such as a pianist finally obtaining a new, better piano to replace the old one, an artist or craftsman moving into a house that provides a better studio or workshop, or an enterprising business person landing a contract to undertake a major project. In one way or another, this is a time when you find ways to implement your dreams. The benefits do not come to you on a silver platter. It is up to you to use the tools and materials that are made available to you. Now you have the chance to do more and advance. Take full advantage of the opportunity and apply yourself energetically. You can carve out a much better life for yourself at this time. SAGITARIUS: You will feel the desire to make several minor, but significant, adjustments in your work. For example, if you are engaged in a business activity, you may discontinue some advertising, use new sources for various services that you use, assign new tasks to employees, change advertising to appeal to a new market, make changes in the product line, etc. The worst mistake you can make at this time is to procrastinate and not act on your ideas! At this time you have an excellent sense of balance and proportion, of how to efficiently meet goals and objectives, and you should utilize this sensitivity to improve upon existing situations. CAPRICORN: A feeling of impatience and a willingness to make bold, risky changes can cause you to suddenly alter the entire course of your life now. Periodically throughout this time period you get the urge to stir things up and inject fresh, new stimulation into your life. You may feel like itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s time

98| VR Style May2010 Issue

to change your job, move, meet new people, break up old relationships, etc. In fact, it is highly likely that you will do at least some of these things, and others may happen even if you do not try. For example, you may receive a new job offer, find a new home, or be laid off from your job. This is a time to draw new inspiration and fresh ideas into both your career and family life. It is, indeed, time for some changes. Opportunities for discovering more creative ways of approaching life come to you now. It is a good time to experiment. Go to the kinds of restaurants you do not normally go to, try a sport you have never played before, take a new approach to your work, or visit places and people that youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve thought about going to before but have been putting off. This is a time to break your typical, everyday habits and get a taste of something new. AQUARIUS: Feelings of being overburdened with responsibilities makes this a difficult time in a marriage or significant love relationship. You and a mate may find it hard to make time for each other due to career and work-related demands or you might feel uncomfortable from internal pressures within the relationship itself. This period may also involve learning more about or releasing your expectations in an important love union. Regrets or misgivings about the manner in which you have handled past difficulties with your partner may trouble you at this time. Working on old karmic issues and letting go of past assumptions about your relationship is accented now. Restoring a sense of commitment, trust, and loyalty may be on your list of priorities. PISCES: Minor pressures can interfere with romantic, social, or financial plans during this time. There are times and circumstances where you may attempt to steer clear of disputes or disruptive influences in your life, especially if your thinking is cloudy regarding personal issues and close relationships. You may take a less direct approach to romantic encounters or creative projects, as you tend to feel more self-conscious than usual in these areas. You might need to reassess a long-standing relationship or contemplate your values and perspectives on partnership issues. You will have to focus a great deal of attention on getting to the root of problems or blocks in your romantic or creative world so that you can start things running as smoothly as possible again.

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100| VR Style May2010 Issue

May 2010 Issue  

May 2010 Issue