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February 2009

Scorpinosis Nightfire: The Man Behind Nightfire Entertainment

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is here to give you what’s hip and what’s hot in the different areas of fashion, business, human interest, news, and entertainment. SL Vibe supports the different endeavors in both in and off world. In the succeeding issues we will introduce to you the editorial team of the magazine...

but for now I won’t bore you with the formal and stuffy introductions...just flip the pages and enjoy reading what we have to offer :) - Ariel Lingiuan Editor-in-Chief SL Vibe

The longer I spend time in SL the more I am struck with how interesting it is that the creators decided to call this social network Second Life. Now being a person that likes to get philosophical every now and then, I occasionally ponder whether this place is a game or if it’s what the makers dubbed it, an actual Second Life.

formed an opinion on what SL really is and the majority is always right, right? However as I found myself taking more and more of this reality into my offline reality, I began to take a second look at the popular way of defining Second Life and wondered if the creators didn’t actually realize something most of may not have realized about what’s real.

Another Game or Really Second Life?

By: Scorpinosis Nightfire

I must admit that even though my goals were commercial profit when I arrived here, I started my journey considering this just another online form of entertainment. A very fancy game where all is fair since everyone knows you can’t take a cartoon world as serious as our real life. I definitely noticed that real life (or RL) was the term that almost everyone used to refer to everything they did offline during my early days. Hearing people go as far as saying that real life comes over this game definitely reinforced my realization that the vast majority here had already

My quest to re-examine if SL was just a game or not brought me to case reports where some of the same questions were being addressed that were at the root of my desire to answer that same question. It didn’t take me long to find news pieces on individuals and families that were both helped and hurt during their involvement in SL. From in world relationships (that rocked 1st life ones) to people getting therapy that assisted them in leaving phobias and addictions, Second Life was impacting 1st life reality in ways Monopoly never has. Still the question of whether SL is

Second Life Orientation Island

just a game was not fully answered by all the pros and cons it has had in the lives of other people. I believe the answer lies in the fruits or results of that SL is producing in our own lives and the lives of those we share our SL with. So finally after having what I considered to be a solid litmus test ( to answer my question about being SL just a game or something more ), it was time to look at why so many make it a point to stress it is just a game. If SL is merely a game then we can feel off the hook for our conduct

here because everyone knows it’s not to be taken seriously. Much can be excused if we are doing things in the name of make believe that we claim we would never do in RL. Of course not everyone chooses to consider SL a game because they are looking for a free pass to be irresponsible but I think from the number of broken hearts, bad business deals and griefing in general, that more people do use this excuse than any of us believe or are comfortable admitting. So a game or not a game, I started

Photo by: Evangeline Cortes

this piece thinking that was the question. However, in viewing the news coverage on youtube, the stuff in print and my own experiences here I realize, there is actually a much more relevant question to ask. The real question and answer is not if SL is fact or fiction in general, it’s what is it to the people you work with and care about here. If for some it’s a game and not real then keep that

in mind as you interact. Equally when someone says SL is simply an extension of my 1st life then know what that means to them before promises are made or partnerships are formed. All in all for the record Second Life for me is........ Dang! ran out of ink!!...LOL

Business Spotlight In this section of the SL Vibe we are going to take a look at the best, worst and even the in between business efforts here n SL in each issue. By looking at what works and what does not, we hope to help companies improve the quality of their goods and services. Now when talking about successful business in SL you can’t help but include Elegant Gothic Designs and it’s designer Cuddles Dassin. Specializing in furnishings (and decorative furnishing accessories) Elegant Gothic Designs offers very detailed and stylish pieces for the home as well as an eye catching new office line. We recently caught up with the busy CEO and got quite candid about her competition, her new lines and much more. So Cuddles, please let our readers know how you got started in the design business here in SL? Cuddles Dessin : I have always been fascinated by how people in SL

are able to express themselves and I could not help but start a business myself, with my keen interest in furniture and fabrics. Where did the brand name “Elegant Gothic Design” come from? CD: Well I have been on SecondLife a while now and I have studied the gothic people and noticed that they have very fine castles and homes but there are very few elegant pieces to put inside these castles. So I set out for them to find and step up in elegance. So the name was born... Elegant Gothic Designs. Who are the business owners here in SL that have inspired you or that you admire? CD: Luvly Hal, one of the builders of the shadows, Kyran Nyak, also one of the best SL builders. In SL before, I’d would love to just walk around and look at their builds. Your furnishings and accessories are known for their realistic 3D texturing and design that makes them very high quality. So why not offer such high quality products at a much

price like some designers do? CD: I know I put a lot of hard work into my designs and only the best textures and poses and they are way behind their cost, but I also believe people will buy more if the price is more reasonable. I will not sell my Designs cheap but I will still be within the range of the higher cost items of the similar designs. The new items on your show room floor are different from what you have done in the past. You have office and kitchen items that are very eye catching. Are these new pieces signaling new direction or division within EGD? CD: My new lines of office furnitutes and also my new steam spa’s are all part of my original plan. What are some of the benefits that come with being in the EGD group? CD: Well being in the group is the only way to get the discounts that we offer monthly, as well as for sending out gift cards with a range of 10%50% off on furniture buys. Its also

Cuddles Dassin at her Store EGD

the venue for us to announce gift Lastly Cuddles what does the future notices and new items. hold for EGD and what advice would you give to anyone wanting to start What in your first life contributes to a business here in SL? the success you are having as an SL business owner when so many other CD: Well as I have always been saying retailers may not be doing as well? “Put our customers first� and just keep making the people of SL happy with CD: Well in my first life I am a C.P.A the furniture in their homes and castles. and enjoy accounting very much on And my advice to upcoming business my job. But one of my most favorite owners of any kind is to listen to things to do in first life is to visit the your customers and try to have help best and most elegant furniture stores available for them at all times. and just see whats new and what colors work for them as well.

DJ’s Booth By Ariel Lingiuan

Second Life is full of music from all over the world. In my stay in this world, I’ve been to different clubs and partied at them. I’ve met the people behind what makes the music in SL fun and more alive, and some I am proud to have become friends with ... woohoo!!! Music in SL is not just streaming through URLS; there are actual artists behind those streams. It’s the intention of this section to introduce to you, our readers, the men and women behind what makes our partying fun and how we get to hear our favorite tunes while we dance. In this issue, I would like to introduce to you one of the rising DJs in Second Life. I had the pleasure of meeting him when I was still connected with one of the clubs here. He had been quietly in the background when I got to know him, but I did not know that he is one stable and solid person behind his music. I am so proud to know this guy. Let me introduce to you the DJ, the family man and the soul ... Johnathan Hiess ... the man called, “The Marine.” I had the opportunity to visith John at the studio of his wife, Jenna Coppola.

As we sat down, one of his daughters, eventually joined. I worked with Felton Sansa Petrov, greeted her dad and sat Pilot and did some work with Stanley in one of the armchairs by the fireplace (aka MC Hammer).” as we prepared for our conversation. “My parents asked me to get an John, as he is often called by his friends, education so, in the end, I listened. But is one gracious person, loves his craft, I had a longing. I filled that longing and takes it seriously. I asked, “What in the Marines as a volunteer DJ. But I made you decide to be a DJ in SL?” still missed it. Then, coming to SL and hearing other DJs, I said, ‘No, that’s “Well, I have always had a longing for not how you, as a DJ, pay attention to music,” he answered straight away. “I the crowd.’ I finally said, ‘OK, I want a grew up around it and even was part of crack at this’. So, I bought a stream the music industry. At 16, I was already Win and SAM.” playing professionally and was even featured on stations like KMEL, which I “One thing is SL DJs are all over the

place in music, and I said to myself, ‘You can’t be that way.’ If you are playing a love song and the crowd is in the music, don’t drop a dance tune after it. You have to feel the crowd and how they respond. If they are in love, keep them in love.” John has been playing awesome tunes, and I can attest to that. When I had my wedding here in SL, he was the DJ. Our guests were awed at how good the tunes were during the wedding and the reception. I gave him some song titles to play for the wedding and he did go out of his way to find the songs “OK, there is a small-time artist named and make them sound really, really Joy Luik. She only has three songs, all good. of them incredible. When I play then, Asked what are the common pitfalls sim owners ask me who she is. The of DJs in SL, he mentioned: “Truth, not whole point is she is as important to SL sticking to the genre of music. And they music as Ozzy Osbourne, whom I have repeat the same music over and over. had the pleasure of meeting. No artist People want something fresh all the is less important and their music needs time. That’s why I stay in touch with to be heard. And, as a DJ, I do feel I SL live artists like David Choi, Juliann, have the responsibility to provide it.” Mynekagirl, Scarletta Roux, Ankari “Being a DJ means making a person’s Holder, Coa Cazolet. They have music dream come true or making a situation they will sell or even give you.” better. The greatest honor I have had I learned from John that there are new artists who are good, but struggle to have their music heard. He shared with me a story about when he played someone’s music and the people loved it after:

was walking into the SPHYNX Jazz Club and was allowed to play. And I was told by a gentleman that his wife wanted to leave, but she heard what I was playing and said, ‘OK, after this song,’ then, ‘OK, let me hear this song

too.’ In the end, they stayed the entire night. When I can give you a reason to stay and want to be there, that is what I strive for and that is what being a DJ means to me. The point is to entertain you and not just play.”

unless you play the SPHYNX JAZZ CLUB three times. I played the SPHYNX once and so many more doors opened. If I was good enough for SPHYNX, then I was good enough for CODA and CODA hired me. Then I played a few more venues and some smaller ones with huge loyalty, like Club Amore. Then I played at the SPHYNX a second time. That’s when Franks Jazz finally gave me a shot at a one-time gig.”

“My specialty is in the music seldom heard by all. There are some wonderful musicians in this world, but you never know until you take time to listen. One night, I was playing at the Blue Fusion and I played Benny Mardones’ ‘Into the “Then, the amazing thing happened - I Night.’ The song started out a bit odd met Jenna Coppola. It was at Franks but I knew the ending was incredible. Jazz, but it was so laggy, we went to As soon as the song ended, my IMs were flooded with, ‘Who is that artist? Are they new?’ No one knew that song came out in 1981. I not only bring new music, but all music. Whether it be a small-time artist or a major one, there are people who need to be heard.” “The club that really gave me a break is Holli Hollywood and the Blue Fusion. I walked into that club with Jenna on our first date and also played it at the same time and won Jenna’s heart and become the newest DJ in Blue Fusion. After that, Blue Fusion became a point as I saw other venues come and go and change owners. “My dream, though, was the one with the rumor, and that is the SPHYNX. It is said in SL no one hits the big time

the Blue Fusion where I did my first gig and where, I mentioned, I won Jenna’s heart. Then, in December, to the exact day of that sixth-month anniversary, I got to say: : ‘I was here six months ago, wondering if I was good enough to play Franks Jazz. Now, I stand here to play for all of you tonight, and I met Jenna at Franks and during that time we married and started a family, and here I stand for all of you tonight.’ So, I opened the show with Journey’s “When You Love a Woman,’ dedicated it to Jenna and the club where I stood at

six months ago.”

“Then I returned to play the SPHYNX a third time. After that, SPHYNX and Franks Jazz hired me full time.” John is very much in love with his wife, Jenna Coppola, and is a very dedicated family man. He and Jenna bought a sim with their income in SL from DJing and modeling. It’s a place where they, as a family, bond together. “Jenna has been a breath of fresh air for me. She has been the muse behind my ability in SL. She taught me to look

hang out. I guess it’s a good and bad thing because some people do try to take advantage of it. But there is always someone out there in RL or SL who just needs to be heard and there is no one there to listen. You have to listen to a person’s dreams even if they are wild.”

for music and an awesome attitude to entertain and play the best songs to his followers and listeners. If you want to hear him more, he plays at Franks Jazz Club, SPHYNX Jazz, CODA and Blue Fusion regularly. Visit those places and enjoy his music — you won’t be disappointed. He also plays music in “If I can make you believe and happy RL and streams it through his site — when I play music, imagine the people ask him how to get it. around you and how they are happy, everyone gets along, and it’s a beautiful Well, till the next issue when we will thing. My happiness is found in your feature the next DJ here in DJ’s Booth. in your joy. When I make that just a :) bit better for you, even it it’s slight, it’s worth it.”

for God and trust him again.” He is also proud of his daughters, Laille Guisse, Sansa Petrov, Cambria Galicia and Tylar Vhargon. “My family makes me smile. My daughters are our lives. To us, they are real daughters, not just people behind the avatars. We have developed that level of love for our daughters. It matters not the word adoption; we see them beyond.”

talk to my SL sisters almost daily on the phone.”

“Well, you have to care,” John said. “Talk is cheap. You have to reach out and do something. Why not build a family. You build relationships, but, most of all, you have to care. Real life is still important. I do take time for real life, but it’s nice that I have something tangible, not just a fantasy world in a make-believe world where everything Sansa said: “When my pipes froze at exists on prims.” my RL house, Dad called me and gave me some advice on how to get the water “I love meeting new people. I like to running again. We gained a very strong help people if and when I can to make level of trust with each other. I SL a bit more than just a place where I

There you go peeps, a full interview with the man they call, “The Marine,” Johnathan Hiess, The DJ, the family man and the soul. He has shown us shown us what makes him a real person behind the AV and what makes him a special person to know. He has the family that takes him to new heights. Their bond is beyond this wold - a wife who is the wind beneath his wings, and I am sure that he is also the wind beneath Jenna’s success. A great ear

Cautionary Expectations By: Aristippuss Larsson Former Senetor Barack Obama of Illinois, took oath of office as the 44th President of the United States of America last January 20, 2009. So many hopes ride on this historic occassion, it becomes difficult to expect miracles. Yet, people do. In the first 100 days of his presidency, Obama will face challenges only a few presidents have confronted in their first term. The faltering economy, wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the volatile Middle East, globalclimate change, healthcare, Social Security,and Medicare at home - all demand urgent attention. Can people expect any one man to solve these crises? What can people expect in the first 100 days of an Obama presidency? The easier question to answer would be: What should people not expect? The severity of the problem this nation faces cannot be solved with easy answers. The solutions cannot be

solved with easy answers. The solutions cannot be crafted overnight. Changes do not occur merely because people want them. As John F. Kennedy said in his inauguration speech 48 years ago: “All this will not be finished in the first one hundred days. Nor will it be finished in the first one thousand days, nor in the life of this administration, nor even perhaps in our lifetime on this planet. But let us begin.” Those words hold true today. Those words must temper people’s expectations, for Obama can only begin the long process needed, and he can only begin if Congress and the people who elected him give him and his team the time needed to craft long-term solutions. But he can do some things immediately. They won’t be big changes, but they can pave the way for better solutions in the year ahead, and the years after that. In the first 100 days of the

Obama presidency, people can expect: - With the stroke of a pen, he can do away with the onerous abuses of power these last eight years have brought. - With a willing Congress, he can begin efforts to bring the economy back into balance by helping consumers and the business sector stabilize the financial drain all have experienced. - He can set into place policies that will extricate this nation from Iraq in a timely, but secure, fashion, and

press forward with the battle against extreme terrorism that had been pushed aside nearly six years ago. - He can release federal funds to help agencies cope with poverty, hunger, and unemployment. - He can put into motion policies that will restore this nation’s stature abroad, that will restore the public’s trust in its government, that will cut across partisan lines to help ease the divisiveness that has existed for too many years. Yes he can do all these things and more, but not by himself. And this is

why another question about the upcoming Obama presidency becomes important: What should Obama expect in the first 100 days of his presidency. - He should expect and receive the public’s patience. - He should expect and get a lesspartisan Congress. - He should expect and get the full use of the talents of those he assembles into his Cabinet. All these must work in concert to allow him time to act. Some solutions will come quickly. Others will take months or years to arrive. Obama will likely stumble along the way. All presidents do. The office has

grown too large for any one person or even a team of people to govern without error. He can and will be criticized for any stumble he and his team make. Such criticism must come in a constructive manner or it will undermine the key for Obama’s first 100 days in office - the people’s trust in Obama and Obama’s trust in the people.

Wurlitzer Seisenbacher: Whats your avatar history in Second Life?

Last January 2, 2009, at the very start of the year, Friday Night Talk Show met with one man that has been the cause of buzz in Second Life....talks about the SL Owners Alliance and other ventures he started. Find out as the famous Wurlitzer Seisenbacher interviewed.....

Scorpinosis Nightfire: The Man behind

Scorpinosis Nightfire: I came to SL in Feb of 08 but was so busy with other projects, that it would not be till Mid April that I would begin to start my life here. WS: What is Nightfire Entertainment and how did you get involved? SN:  Nightfire Entertainment is the parent company for the following business ventures: * THE SL OWNER’S ALLIANCE * CLUB OLYMPIA * CLUB CLEOPATRAS * Nightfire MALL * THE DJ NATION * Nightfire ISLE * THE SL VIBE * Nightfire MARKETING & MANAGEMENT * THE TRAFFIC HOPPERS WS: Where is Nightfire Entertainment located? SN:  The Nightfire Offices and The SL Owners Alliance headquarters are located on Nightfire Island which can be located in the search section. WS: How long did it take to create The SL Owners Alliance?

SN:Well S.L.O.A.N. started with Club Olympia so I would say this has taken about 7 months to develop and honestly we are still a work in progress.

Scorpinosis Nightfire in front of the SLOAN Office

WS:Who are the staff involved with Nightfire Entertainment & what are their roles? SN: The staff complement at the NightFire/ Alliance Headquarters is self explanitory in the job titles and consists of: - iolejanana Chajit  my Executive Assistant/ Chief of Staff - Luscious Giano:  Head of DJ and Entertainment Services - Ariel Linguian: Chief Operations Officer - Holly Joubert: Office Manager and Financial Officer - Misha Sanders: Club Olympia and Club Cleopatras Management The S.L.O.A.N Board of Directors are: - Nadia Felwitch - Aristippus Larsson - Beth McCaw - Kiara Mazi - & Myself Now we are hiring for our clubs and a receptionist for our offices.

SN: In 1st Life I run a national entertainment network, and consumer group thats doing some exciting things because of what happens when people unite in mass numbers like MySpace, YouTube, etc. SLOAN is the SL version of my 1st Life operation and was inspired when an entertainment attorney I work with in 1st life asked if I was interested in doing some promotional events for a client he had that was on MTV’s Making The Band. So I created my account in February but never came in till Mid April to WS: What made you decide to start. market the SL Owners Alliance? WS: What were your desires for

creating Nightfire Entertainment?

with product promotion here in SL SN: My desire for the Alliance and and profit share 1st life currency with members and staff. NF Ent was 3 fold: A. To offer a new level of entertainment WS: Do you possess any backgrounds excellence and options for SL users, in the creative arts field? business owners and staff workers by SN: Yes I am a studio and performance working together instead of trying Bass guitar player and I have run clubs to fight over the same potential as well as done entertainment event customers. promotions. B. To offer goods and services to business and Club owners that would WS: Whats some of the issues enhance their traffic, profits and that you’ve faced with Nightfire Entertainment? operational longevity. C. To market The SL Owners Alliance SN: I think the biggest issue here has to outside companies and individuals been finding people to work with that looking to reach our large groups actually understand the difference in

working for us and the 1st life career potential versus their experience with clubs and businesses that are only recreational projects for people coming here for fun instead of commercial success.

Scorpinosis: There are about 40 businesses and clubs in SLOAN at the moment and the groups and friends lists of those owners, staffs and friends would give us thousands that are still being integrated into our master WS:What are your favorite ways of group to have an accurate count. promoting Nightfire Entertainment? WS: How many times do you hold SN: The best way to promote is word special group events/activities for of mouth or in most cases word of The SL Owners Alliance?

Nightfire Entertainment, what would SN: I think it is full of possibility and you have been doing? wonder but there are also areas that SN: Spending a lot less time here need attention. LOL.

WS: Where do you see Nightfire WS: What do you like to do in your Entertainment 6months from now? spare time in SL away from Nightfire SN: On Oprah LOL. Entertainment? WS: What would you like Nightfire SN: I like to shop and shop for those Entertainment to be known for in I care for. Second Life?

postings. Having staff, other owners SN: We try to meet at least once a and patrons all working together to month for our owners sti down but we make a spot hot is unbeatable. do hop to one another’s events.

WS: How do you see the future of SN: For turning Second Life into a 1st Second life to be? Life income source for everyone that stood with us.

WS: What are your future plans WS: Does Nightfire Entertainment regarding Nightfire Entertainment? have any sponsors?

WS: Do you have any favorite advice you would like to share with the audience?

SN: Our future plans are to see the brands we have created reach maximum potential through working closely with the Owners Alliance and Outside partners.

SN: We have yet to reach out for endorsements yet due to wanting things a little bit more polished.

WS: What are some of your goals for Nightfire Entertainment for the WS: What are some groups that future? members can join regarding Nightfire SN: To take care of the friends and Entertainment? family of my partners, and staff here SN: The most important group to have people join would be the SL Owners Alliance whether they own an SL business or not. We have a special friends tag for non owners that will be very beneficial to patrons.

and in the 1st Life. WS: If you weren’t involved with Nightfire Entertainment, what would you have been doing? SN: Spending a lot less time here LOL.

WS: How many members are active in the Nightfire Entertainment groups? WS: If you weren’t involved with

SN: Well only that SL is so much more than just a game. If we realize that virtual reality is as real as main reality, then it can enhance our entire experience. This is the transcript of that interview of Wurlitzer with Scorpinosis at the Friday Night Live Show last January 2, 2009, and the transcript is courtesy of SL Enquirer.

Club Cleopatras & Luxury Suites The majesty of anceint Egypt is pefectly infused with state of the art club tech to take your clubbing experience to a new level. ROCK LIKE AN EGYPTIAN

Your’s Turly, Ann SLanders By: KathleenK Spitteler Miss Anne SLanders is back!!! She would be giving us more of her lighthearted advice and outlook on how to deal with relationships may it be friendship, romance or any form of human interacton, in this first issue let’s see how Miss Ann tackles a newbie and someone who is distraught..... Dear Ms. SLanders, I am new to SL, what are some fun things to do? Miss Newbie Dear Miss Newbie, SL Can be so much fun! I had a party the other night that got wild and crazy. I dressed in my sexy nurse outfit and my friend dressed as a cheer leader. I got out my gurney and my “brain in a jar” and

offered free lobotomy to my friends. I sat on my gurney and as they came in, I made the offer just couldnt’ figure out why they didn’t go for it. It was free....and virtual...right? (by the way my gurney and “brain in a jar” were made by my good friend Toady Nakamura, one of the most talented builders and teachers in SL). After everybody arrived, I offered brownies and ice cream. Brownies would go straight to my RL hips. But I can have them in SL. But it’s almost the same...right?...(yeah right!). So after the brownies and ice cream I had to put my av on the treadmill. Hey! Who’s SL is this anyhow?...My AV needs exercise too. I was running on the treadmill and eating ice cream... Isn’t SL grand!!?

Now this is the kind of SL experience Dear Devastated, I love a lot of laughs and good times Something has come to my attention with friends. that bothers me greatly. Some people participating in SL, indeed Yours Truly, consider this a game. The only things Ann SLanders i consider games are the variety of SL sports, Ballocki, snail races and hockey. People’s feelings are off limits. There are those that think that devastating another human being is fair sport. I fail to see the glory in this any more than in RL. Maybe some are having a bad RL and this is a chance to get even. But it breaks my heart to see perfectly wonderful human beings, cut to pieces with the tricks and avarice of others. As in RL please be honorable and as in the phrase “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” I know AV’s here look like cartoons but behind each one is a human with Dear Miss SLanders, I have been devastated by my bf all the problems and hurts that we of 6 months. We were very close. each have. Neither of us saw anybody else. We My final advice is treat each other had friends, of course, but we were as if they were your closest friend exclusive. But I found he was seeing and above all be KIND!!! sombody else in an alt. I never thought Your’s Truly he would have done such a thing. This Ann SLanders leaves me... Devastated and Distraught


G ol


on s B y


Sa ti m


Chayanna Thatcher’s Eclectic Eclipse

Let us introduce to you our dear readers Aja Gold, an SL world traveller and explorer. Aja, will be giving us updates and highlights on the popular, exotic and highly recommended places that would be worth visiting. We have named this section “SimSations” to highlight Sensational Sims in Second Life. There are lots of places that we can go to in SL but they haven’t been given enough exposure to increase its popularity or and join Aja as she makes her journey in SL visiting these places and find out how you can further enjoy your SL experience....

As I pondered where I would go first of course clothing popped into my mind. And I found a very elegantly decorated clothing store named Eclectic Eclipse. This clothing store carries a lot of fantasy type attire. Many Persian type clothing, silks, gowns and costumes. I felt as if I was entering a Persian palace. Definitely a place for avid shoppers that love unique quality clothing. I have met up with Chayanna Thatcher, owner/designer of Eclectic Eclipse

and told us what’s her idea and expectation of the place. “I am a detailed exotic designer, and I am looking to bringing passion here in SL. I dream about designs, and draw them in my head. As soon as I wake up, I then experiment with textures. I have been making my own textures to bring the clothes I make more realistic, and I try to capture the moment of passion when people wear my designs. I also believe in making my prims larger enough for the women

my next stop. During my journeys I was feeling a little tense and wanted to relax a bit ( Wish I had some sweet tea from Mcdonalds). As I walked into Meditation Island I was overcome by a calmness and serene feeling. Basically, this is a real life resort with locations all over the world founded by Osho, a mystic. More information can be found on this place at This island is owned by Disha Moo in one of her picks she describes this island Time for a bit of meditating at OSHO as “The Island of Love...Friendship... MEDITATION ISLAND, as this was Meditaiton...Celebration and

Snow Valley Resorts of Zoha Boa

within SL. These women who hate stretching prims that don’t fit, or can’t compliment their outfits. I also design my passion clothes, which are my favorite and are persian. I bring more erotic designs with this theme...nothing like realistic feel to your clothes, with an imaginary mind. I want to make people happy and feel like a goddes in my clothes.” Visit this place at Magik Eclipse 135,121,24

Disha Moo’s Osho Meditatin Island

Silence...Full of Mystery and Magic... But once you find this place in SL and explore with your mind..don’t miss the one in RL to explore with your full being. :))))” SNOW VALLEY RESORTS is an eight ( 8 ) sim full of winter fun and activities. This was my next stop after spending 30 minutes meditating at Osho Meditation Island. This is a place to have a lot of fun with snow mobiling, skiing and ice skating. A must place to visit for all of you ski buffs.

Visit the profile of Zoha Boa, owner of the Snow Valley Resorts to get your TP to this snow filling island. Seeing that I was not dressed in winter attire as I went snow mobiling, I felt it was time to go somewhere warmer. I had just the place in mind, PONDI BEACH in Australia. I absolutely love this place. There are beautiful beaches, surfing, fishing, swimming, and jet skiing. You name it and they have it! Since I decided to pop in I headed straight to the beach to do a little

surf boarding and swimming...but... uh oh...I forgot that the beaches are swarming with sharks!...and I nearly got killed by one when I fell off my surf board...but dont worry...I made it back to shore just in time. I highly recommend this place for beach lovers. Well after my close call with the shark it was time for some music, dancing and maybe a drink. So I decided to head over to Dublin, Ireland. This is a place that I have always wanted to visit so off I go. The BLARNEY STONE IRISH BAR. Ok the music took me off guard, but what could I expect I am in Ireland... and this was a refreshing change. I walk in the bar and was immediately offered a Heineken and then a vodka, and then a glass of wine and afterwards a cup of hot tea. Well I must say I like the atmosphere here and the people were friendly and as I see really like to have a good time...This is definitely a place worth checking out.

Pondi Beach in Australia

Last stop on my journey today is AFRICA... I actually feel like I am in Virtual Africa. They have Giraffes,

meerkats, lions, crocodiles, elephants. It is just like being in the jungles of Africa but I played it safe and took a nice balloon ride. I would highly recommend stopping by Africa and taking one of the tours... In the coming months I will be visiting a variety of places around Second Life. My goal is to find some of the best little known Simsations in Second Life. Stay tuned as my journeys will continue and hope that I can get all of you out to visit some of these little known places... Ciao for now!!! Landmarks of the different places that I have visited. Pondi Beach - 60,128,27 Virtual Africa - 140,90,22 Snow Valley Canyon 242,208,220 Magik Eclipse - 135,121,24 OWOKUN Meditation Island 64,171,21 Dublin - 80,80,25

Virtual Africa , 140,90,22

JCS is not a modeling agency but rather a building block to assist you in creating your career. Modeling agencies come and go, they promise events that seldom deliver. JCS only provides the Model and the Firm looking to hire a model the necessary tools to meet and exceed those expectations. For further information on JCS, please contact Jenna Coppola or Johnathan Hiess in world.

Designer’s Den By:Prissy Price

everything that is prim mod will look good on an apple bottom booty.

styles and fashion in 2009 Welcome to your year 2009 Designers. With the support of your creative community, you now have multiple avatar shapes and skins to dress. Yes, the variety in a more realistic shape is changing your world. Note to Designers: I hear more full figured, vuluptuous women are hitting your stores, can you meet their demands?

Skin creators like SUPERSTAR! SHAPES, has a line called Shapely Lady’s, Roosa/134/24/27 and ALADY BODY is pumpin out some bouncing beauties for you to dress in your best... are you ready. Real Bodies

by Java Laval http://slurl. com/secondlife/Sunshine%20 Daydream/225/58/3725 slogan is “Big Girls You are Beautiful”. How many designers will support this slogan in 2009? This Fashionista is on the watch. Just remember not

********************* Since my research was limited on full figure fashions I made some calls to what we now consider SL Designer Veterans to find out what should we look for in fashion trends for 2009. And the consensus was that Goth was slowly creeping to the top of the designer lines, most likely due to more realistic, challenging combat RP Sims. So immediately I hopped over to LooLoo Beck’s GothiCatz to check out her new additions, just in case this Fashionista was ready to battle with the best...I want to look fierce in some ripped fishnets and carefully placed chains that do not take up too much room for my hip hugging guns. GothiCatz-http:// GothiCatz/121,82/23. And the words I heard coming through my Hot Red Fashion phone was look out for

Yummy Freelunch of BadKatz Designs, when she presents her Goth line. Go check out her piece called “Over the Edge”. And you come back and tell me that leather number does not feel good. Badkatz- secondlife/Radjin%20 3/177/185/22. If your feeling more Goth Casual then stop by SiniStyle Design - SiniStyle/63/91/33, this creepy mansion will wet your appetite for the grunge in you or you can always worship at Refuge-Gothic Church, for accessories and affordable pieces. Gentlemen Goth Fashion for women will present enough eyecandy to last you till Valentines Day. But I have not forgotten you. I had a sit down with Sartoria Designer, Traveller Blade and asked him some questions about his Bond-licious men’s line and this is what he said.

How many ( resellers ) locations carry your line? I have about 20 resellers at the moment but I’m working for a new affiliate program, so I hope to have more resellers for 2009. What are some of the challenges you see for designers in 2009? I hope for new sculpty solutions, in particular shoes. How did 2008 affect your designer/ line business? 2008 was my first year in sl business, and it was great, I’m really satisfied, for the money of course, and for my customers, they really appreciate my work. Do you offer freebies? Yes, I offer boxers and a pack with 3 zip jackets with Italian flag.

Well thanks, Traveller any last It’s 2009, Do you see changes to comments? your clothing line? New additions, Happy New Year, I hope you all will something different? have a great 2009 in Second Life. I’m working on new products, same suit concepts, but I’m adding more And since I’m talking to SL Fashion options, new suits will be having 3 veterans I had to go see what options like, Closed, Open, Double REDGRAVE was offering up Emilia look buttoned, etc. Redgrave’s new arrivals did not

disappoint. On her offering list were even Mandarina Asian influenced clothing and more Haute Couture. There were so many new additions to the Men’s line I could not do it justice with just a few lines. But I will say the Cap and Sweater combinations serves up some Hot and Toasty styles for men. And the new Biker Boots... Oh! Baby. In every rustic shade you can imagine. You can even add to the biker look...she tossed in some biker 1/2 Finger Gloves in bundle pack options to finish the rugged man style. secondlife/REDGRAVE%Mens%20 Fashion/132/83/32. Here is one bloggers perspective on Menswear that I appreciated by Second Life resident Nicholas Shaftoe. His piece on “Nicely Textured Casualware @ Redgrave”, was inspiring. redgrave.

Style should not always be cheap, especially for the man that wants to make a statement of being one of the distinguished. But for these prices, whip out some lindens. Make a woman proud on your arm. It’s no wonder Styles of Edo was awarded MFA 2009 Best Male Fashion Label and VAIN, Inc. Reader’s Choice Award 2008, Best Male Formal Wear. With so much more covering the body and accessories being a staple in the new 2009 Arrivals what about skin? So I sat down with my good friend Cyberwarlock Writer of en Vogue Models Agency and asked him about his favorite places for skin and what as a photographer he enjoyed photographing and he presented me with a list too long to add here, but I will give you a few hotspots for the realistic glow your seeking. So he told me to go check out a few of these skin factories. I must admit my eyes did a dance on the new realistic skins embracing new Hot Bods...Time for an upgrade!!!

Now Gentlemen, I don’t dare not mention Sytles of Edo. Their new arrivals of the M Linden Line makes a man look truly polished with their classic Pocket Watch or Fur Coat made in Russian Sable Flexi. Now Skin Factory, Depraved, RealSKIN

Gentlemen, Design




en Vogue Model Agency ************ This Agency put Mimmi Boa on the SL Map and she soon became the winner of Miss Italia, the most popular Model in SL and the recently crowned Miss Virtual World 2009. I think they know what they are talking about. My discussion concluded with Cyberwarlock on what he suggest wanna be models do in 2009. I read somewhere that when putting together a portfolio for an agency like yours requires models wear diverse designers in their photos, would you agree? Yes, completely. So all you aspiring models out there “Go Shopping” Charge it!, “But be diverse, be you and believe in yourself. This was Cyberwarlock’s pep talk to Mimmi and now you. Well this fashionista has to stop writing. Its time to go shopping. But next month is all about the Hair, Haute Couture Gowns and Shoes for men and women.

So in conclusion of this diddy Trends in 2009 -- Gothic Trendsetters Would you believe its the team of Kirk Claymore and Maddox Dupont, of KMADD Enterprises. KMADD sim offers menswear from many designers in one location. ( Men you don’t want to miss this piece next month ).

SL Vibe Magazine - February Issue  

February 2009 Issue of the SL Vibe Magazine from Second Life

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